Keira Knightley in Valentino, in Venice: a golden cloud of gorgeous?


These are some Keira Knightley photos from Friday’s Venice Film Festival premiere of A Dangerous Method, which continues to be one of the best-reviewed films coming out of Venice. Keira seems to be getting a lot of credit and a lot of attention for the film too, which is surprising, to me at least. Keira seems like the odd woman out, talent-wise, in a cast of supremely talented actors including My Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen and Vincent Cassel. We’ll see what happens when the film opens in wide release, though. Viggo always gets a lot of attention for his collaborations with Cronenberg, and I suspect that during the awards season, we won’t be hearing much about Keira’s performance.

Anyway, for the premiere, Keira wore this Valentino gown. I think it’s a weird choice for Keira, considering she rarely does this kind of full-on Glamour Girl look. The dress looks like a throwback to a different era, and I like the whole “floating on a cloud of gold lace” vibe I’m getting. I think the whole thing is gorgeous, and it’s probably even prettier and more amazing in person. My only complaints: the gown would be more appropriate for a winter awards show or premiere, rather than a film festival in the first week of September. Also: her eye makeup. I love Keira’s face (I do!), but her features, much like Anne Hathaway’s, easily go “squirrelly”. Keira should avoid really heavy eye makeup.

I’ve also added a photo of Keira in a casual navy shirtdress – she’s really working the Audrey Hepburn vibe in Venice, isn’t she?






Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    I like her. I think she’s lovely and unique-looking.

    But I would like to have her over and feed her a grilled-cheese.

  2. Monie says:

    That’s where my roll fancy Christmas ribbon ran off too. Damn you Keira!!

  3. Rita says:

    “Golden cloud of gorgeous”…nicely put. Her hair could have been a bit less greasy but a lovely gown for sure.

    @Kaiser- Don’t forget your review of Mirren’s “The Debt”. Critics aren’t so hot on it. Need your perspective.

  4. ladyanne says:

    She’s so beautiful, and the dress is indeed gorgeous.

  5. trinigirl says:

    Fell in love with Kiera when I saw Pride and Prejudice…and quite enjoy her in period pieces…so maybe I am biased but I think she is a talented beautiful actress

  6. Kelly says:

    @Kaiser – Please never ever compare my lovely Keira to Anne…yeah they are both brunette and tall, but Keira has a pure classic face and Anne is just…you know what I mean.

  7. Perry Rhinitis says:

    Such a beautiful gown. Keira Knightley’s definitely going for the vintage look.

  8. Call Me Al says:

    An interesting choice for the dress…I just hate looking at her “photo call” face with eyes and mouth half open. Urgh!
    She doesn’t deserve to be with these men.

  9. JoanK says:

    I cannot stand that silly pout she always wears. She didn’t look like that in Bend it like Beckham. I just looked at some old photos and at some point she must have got her mouth/teeth ‘fixed’. I just find her newer ‘look’ completely unnatural and affected.

  10. Leonie says:

    What on earth are squirrely features?

    I think she’s gorgeous and talented, and if this movie gets her noticed for the big awards, I’d be thrilled.

  11. machiavelli says:

    Her stupid pout gives me shortness of breath every single time. Her talent as an actress is overshadowed by that stupid pout. Just lose it already!

  12. boobalicious says:

    I’ve never understood what anyone sees in this spic on a stick. She not pretty, not talented, has no boobs, no ass. Whats the big deal with this anorexic squirrel? By the way i hate it when a woman can’t close her f-ing mouth and shows her top front teeth thinking they look so sexy chic. I wouldnt bone her if she paid me to do it.

  13. tracking says:

    Adore the dress on her, but what do these actresses have against bras??

  14. jinni says:

    I can’t stand her in period pieces. There’s something too modern about her face and mannerism for me to believe she comes from any time but the present.

    To me, her profile is reminiscent of Rumer Willis and from the front she has that Olivia Wilde lantern jawed look going on, which constantly juts out to the point of distraction in every movie I’ve seen her in.

    I’ll watch this movie only for Fassbender because I have enjoyed his performance in other period dramas.

  15. Calli Pygian says:

    Why the hell is she forever possessed to use that stupid mouth posture in every. single.picture.?

    Does she have a bit of an overbite, or is it her idea of sexy/toned down ducklips?
    Either way, fail.

    The dress is glamorous and refined.

  16. kiko says:

    i really don’t like this dress!it just looks huge and not flattering at all.if you are going to be that skinny at least rock the right dress..

  17. oh dear says:

    dress looks cool but i think someone’s had a tiny sweating problem :S

  18. the original bellaluna says:

    Loved her in Atonement. Good movie. Kind of intense.

  19. Kimbob says:

    I love both dresses. Fashion pass! Fashion A+. Also, regarding Keira’s acting…I think she can quite hold her own w/the likes of Mortensen and Fassbender. I think in reality, she’s probably a twit, but her acting, I feel, is above reproach.

  20. Sinder says:

    She is lovely. She needs to stop with the lip fillers. Just looks wrong.

  21. Micah says:

    I like Keira from the neck up in these pics…

    Hair and makeup are both look great….

    I have a problem with the dress though.

    I do think the dress is gorgeous, but it’s looking more like a costume more than anything.

  22. luls says:

    I <3 my gorgeous Keira!!! And that pic of her with fassbender is giving me mental images of them together! Sigh…….. i think my panties just melted off! <3

  23. bubbleglass says:

    You’re going to eat your words come awards season! Early reviews say Kiera steals the show!

  24. wendy says:

    I find she often looks as though she is suffering from an eating disorder.

  25. neve says:

    the high neck works on her because she has teeny breasts, but it looks too victorian with the sleeves- i think she should lose them and go for more of a grace kelly vibe. but its still lovely.

  26. says:

    I love the more casual look (navy dress). McWaity, take note: this is how you do large buttons!

  27. kibbles says:

    I usually don’t say this about designer dresses, but I really want this dress! It’s something a non-celebrity could absolutely pull off as a wedding dress or as a ballgown. I agree it looks Christmasy and I would love to wear a version during the holidays.

  28. Estella says:

    I have liked Keira ever since I watched The Duchess. “But you have Besssss…” and then she is raped by her husband (played by a delicious Ralph Fiennes). I agree that she is a bit too sharp-featured to be believeable in period films (I think she is a great actress but her thinness distracts from her performances). Having said that, this dress could have come from the wardrobe of The Duchess. Beautiful and delicate but it doesn’t seem quite right for the season and venue.

  29. Hellen says:

    She looks very Renaissance princess, but she could have done better with the hair. Or maybe worn a pointy golden dunce cap with a long floaty scarf trailing off it.

  30. Jackson says:

    Do not like that gown at all. It looks frumpy and it ages her. Very grandmother-of-the-bride looking. Bad color choice for her too, it washes her out.

  31. whitedaisy says:

    Pose with your mouth closed, please.
    Thank you,
    the world

  32. snapnhiss says:

    “But I would like to have her over and feed her a grilled-cheese.”

    And you could use her jaw to cut the sandwich in half.

  33. cailinos says:

    It’s a terrible thing to say, but you need tits to carry off a full skirted gown like that, for visual balance. (You also should be getting married, for Gawd’s sake.) The plain short dress did more for her, I thought.

  34. Turtle Dove says:

    Saw these pictures yesterday and I thought she looked gorgeous and elegant.

    For those commenting about her size, weight, she does NOT have an eating disorder. This is what a normal, healthy weight looks like. We’ve been inundated with fatness and whenever a normal weight person is seen people start with the anorexia.

  35. Alix says:

    Love the dress — she looks like a glam Jane Eyre.

    As for her mouth — girlfriend gets regular lip fillers (I’ve seen before-and-afters); her top lip is naturally very, very thin.

  36. trh says:

    Love her. A very talented actor imho. I don’t get the detractors. Also she looks healthy to me. That is NOT what an eating disorder looks like. Not even close. And I love that she doesn’t have implants.

  37. salma says:

    Shes messed up on this. I cant quite put my finger on it, but something somewhere is not quite right. She doesnt deserve this dress bleurgh.

  38. Lisa says:

    I think both dresses look really good on her. I think she’s a very good actress. Did you see her in the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice? She was great.

    I do wish she would wear her hair LONG and down, though, because it helps to compensate for her super-strong jaw line.

  39. RocketMerry says:

    I love the gown, I love her and she’s the only celebrity that has really rocked the shirt-dress as of late. Pretty sight.
    I think she’s a really good actress, but she needs very particular projects to fully shine. Can’t wait to see this one!

  40. richie says:

    The dress is lovely in it own way-say if the era was in the early 40′s! she looks gorgeous! i like it!

  41. Jayna says:

    Beautiful dress but too ornate for Venice film festival. I think she is photogenic and can be quite lovely in movies, but when she laughs and the way her mouth is and eyes slant up I just think she’s okay.

  42. Amy says:

    Her face looks flawless, but I’m not loving the gown (or the hair). Is that circular patch of darkness under her pits sweat stains? That’s unfortunate.

  43. Kelly says:

    The dress is beautiful, but GAD, she’s skinny. She’s even doing that uber-skinny model pose – leaning back slightly with hand on hip. That pose says, “I live on coffee and Xanax.” This is how you can tell when a girl is too skinny – her boobs are like little bumps low down on her chest. Not a good look.

    The navy dress, on the other hand – perfection. Skinny girls with no boobs are the only people who can wear a fuller-skirted shirtdress. Everyone else looks chubby in one.

  44. smh says:

    i just love that gown. if only i could wear such classically beautiful dresses…*sigh*

  45. taxi says:

    She’s excellent in every role I’ve seen her play and very pretty, imo.

    The dress is beautiful but doesn’t work with round-shouldered slouch.

  46. Cheyenne says:

    She looks lovely in the gown. Like the shirt dress too. She wears both outfits well.

  47. asslee says:

    anyone noticed the pit stains?? or just me?

  48. RovingLass says:

    She looks gorgeous and I really like that she hasn’t fallen prey to the bigger is better mentality; ie, no fake breasts or bottom implants. She does look like a young Audrey Hepburn. Simply beautiful.

  49. blinditemreader says:

    She looks lovely in both dresses but I freaking love that shirtdress outfit the most. I’ve been on the lookout for a similar style dress.

  50. Lily says:

    Never will get Kaiser’s dislike of certain female actresses. Keira was nominated for the Academy Award, she is certainly in the same caliber as the rest of the cast. Really, I always though she was beautiful and talented if a bit obnoxious in interviews. Anyway, I would take Keira over the new crop of actresses-Jennifer Lawrence, Carey Mulligan, Blake Lively etc.

  51. Jaded says:

    She’s actually gained a bit of weight since she broke up with whats-his-face. I have to give her kudos for not f*cking with her body. She has a very lean upper body with virtually no boobs but instead of rushing out and getting some fake 34Ds, she just says take it or leave it. She’s actually quite a bit bigger from the waist down, sort of like Audrey Hepburn. Anyway, I think she’s a good actress and keeps under the radar, doesn’t pander to the press, so no compaints here.

  52. Annie_Grey says:

    That dress is GORGEOUS.
    I know Keira is flat, but bra’s exist for a reason.

    I wonder if it’s difficult to close her mouth. Big teeth with an overbite like that, could get in the way.

  53. carrie says:

    to every one,Audrey Hepburn was anorexic

  54. Truthful says:

    she looks like she is dressed to play in one of her period pieces, she’s famous for, nahh, I’ll pass on that one.

    LOVE the navy look, she looks young, flirty and chic.

  55. Jen34 says:

    Ugh. She is such a plain looking girl. Her features are sharp. Her hair looks limp and dirty as usual. The clothes wear her instead of the other way around.

  56. lama says:

    asslee, no it’s not just you! It was one of the first things I noticed, and oh dear mentioned it above

  57. Grace says:

    Love the navy shirt dress, hate the gown. It looks like an opera singer’s costume, or something from a Gone with the Wind revival.

  58. Erinn says:

    The girl looks healthy. It wouldn’t kill her to gain a few pounds, but she certainly doesn’t have to- this is what a HEALTHY person looks like.

    Mind you, she has a slim frame. I do not. Even when I lose weight I don’t look tiny because unfortunately I’m shorter and wider.

    I don’t understand the comments on her breasts automatically relating to anorexia… not everyone has large breasts. They are relatively proportionate to her weight, but they are on the small side. Could just be her genetics.

    Unfortunately, since so many people are obese now, a lot of people will look at someone like Knightley and think they are too thin. Look at her legs and arms. There is nothing shockingly thin about them. Go take a look at Angelina Jolie’s. They are sickly looking. Knightley’s are not.

  59. bappi says:

    I don´t think Keira is out of her league at all in this film, in terms of talent. She is obviously less experienced than her co-stars as she is very young, but I find her incredibly talented and brave in her choices. To me, she is much better than Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway for exemple.
    If the film is marketed right, I think she, Viggo and Fassbender will all get attention for their work in it

  60. Claire78 says:

    Never had time for her until Atonement and Pride & Prejudice (I refused to watch that until my sister told me it was actually pretty good). I love her in period dramas. She is gorgeous but the lips annoy me. I wish she was still with that Rupert guy – he is very cool

  61. corey says:

    soooo glad she gained some weight. I love love love Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, it has made me a sucker for gold dresses.

  62. foozy says:

    she is by FAR the most talented of that group! i don’t really understand your comment on that. she also looks amazing in that dress..

  63. Sue says:

    Like Keira and she is a good actress. She looks good in the dress. Unique dress only a few people could wear. Her body is perfect for the dress. Really want to the movie and glad Keira is the female lead.

  64. ZenB!tch says:

    I like Keira and I like the dress but unlike most of you I don’t like the dress on Keira. It seems too loose in the waist and it needs someone with boobs to fill out the top.

  65. jane16 says:

    She looks like Juliet Capulet here.

  66. really says:

    She looks good no matter what she wears! Love her!!!!

  67. Ally says:

    She looks gorgeous.

    I’m surprised you haven’t commented on the adoring look Fassbender is giving her in that photo. I’m not a Fassy fan, but he would be preferable to that rocker-boy (emphasis on boy) Keira’s been with of late.

  68. Nick says:

    Hi gays she looks your All if you love she.

  69. Blithe says:

    It’s a great color on her, and I think she’s remarkably beautiful, but the styling of her dress and her hair remind me of an 18th century 10 year old.

  70. Blithe says:

    @Lily: I SO agree with you! All but the last part: Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress from what I’ve seen so far. Check out Winter’s Bone. She’s incredible in it. I think she was nominated for an Oscar for that…I only hope her career won’t be utterly ruined by her starring in the new Hunger Games franchise or whatever. And Carey Mulligan has shown some great acting chops as well. Off the top of my head, she was excellent in An Education. In fact, I think she earned a nom for that, too. To have such work under their belts at so young an age is promising. Blake Lively I really won’t defend. She’s a clothes horse and she’s easy. And she’s into fashion. Consequently, she’s Leo’s flavor of the year.

  71. ShanKat says:

    Not a fan of the gold dress, it”s dowdy as hell, but the navy shirtdress is fantastic. Accessorized perfectly, lovelovelove the shoes. And the gold necklace with the buttons…fab.

    She’s missing one key accessory to pull it all off…even girls with teeny titties need a bra, honey.

    And what’s with that haircut? It’s the most shapeless expensive hair I’ve seen in ages. With that jawline, chicky needs an incredible cut. This looks blobby.

  72. Meg says:

    ‘Keira seems like the odd woman out, talent-wise, in a cast of supremely talented actors including My Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen and Vincent Cassel.’
    have you not seen pride and prejudice? keira is shockingly talented since i thought she was just ‘the girl’ in the pirates movies

  73. Suzie says:

    The material is gorgeous, would make beautiful wedding dress material in ivory or white. I think the material sells itself and would have looked much more elegant in a more body hugging creation without that defined waist line, as the dress waist up shows. Below the waist the material’s allure is lost. The full skirt looks mismatched with the dress above.

  74. Sheigh says:

    Love her too, with this dress, she looks like a beauty perfect lady lost in the Victorian era!

  75. Glyrics says:

    Dress is gorgeous, blue thing is ocean cruise-y.
    Don’t see a weight gain. Agree with up topic she needs a bra. Imagine how awful she’d look if she did have breasts to sag!

  76. Samihami says:

    That would be a great dress on someone with the body to fill it out properly. It was not meant to be worn by an anorexic.

  77. Samihami says:

    “For those commenting about her size, weight, she does NOT have an eating disorder. This is what a normal, healthy weight looks like. We’ve been inundated with fatness and whenever a normal weight person is seen people start with the anorexia.”

    Actually, that is not true. I was raised by an anorexic mother and am intimately familiar with that horrible disease. There is no doubt-she IS anorexic.

  78. smh says:

    @50 whoa, now that you mentioned it those are some horrid looking pits! i guess these dresses weren’t made for indian summer :( or maybe if she used an anti-perspirant deo on her skin…

  79. coucou says:

    Ditto 31 & 76…this girl can act…she’s one of those talented actresses (like Portman) who goes so deeply into character, she makes you forget how utterly gorgeous she is, her beauty is there, but it is not distracting, she’s an artist first who happens to be exceedingly lovely, not someone who knows she’s hot and then tries to be an artist.

  80. Awake says:

    Oh for fecks sake. In which film was she great?

    None. Just ok, at best.

    She’s overrated. Her & Cate Blanchet are cut from the same cloth — they’re both heavily mannered and disingenuous.

  81. Glyrics says:

    YAY Awake! Just saw LONDON BOULEVARD (to see Colin Farrell tbh) she was blah… even nekkid MAKING LOVE with Colin Farrell!!! If that doesn’t put life into a girl, she’s dead. Don’t even bother sticking a fork in her.

  82. HotLatino says:

    She’s very talented and I love her, her body is so much better than Adele’s and you all said she was supposedly gorgeous! GIMME A BREAK! Gorgeous looks like Keira!!!

  83. feyish says:

    God, but she is stunning, isn’t she.

    I’m not really a huge fan of her acting. I feel like she recycles characters a lot and I feel like her range is quite limited, but I’ll admit that I clicked this link again because I just wanted to see her again. She’s so pretty; you just want to keep looking at her. Love that dress too. She looks like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

  84. Autumnstars says:

    That kind of dress normally isn’t my style, but I think she looks amazing.

  85. kimmy says:

    its classy and elegant and DIFFERENT. Venice is kind of a lush/golden place, so its very fitting. i don’t think many could pull off a dress like this, but i love it on keira.

  86. Magsy says:

    Yes the dress is gorgeous but is it hding little spindly legs> She always looks like she has consumption.