Lagerfeld on the royals: “Bad proportions, ugly hats, short skirts on fat legs”


I kind of love how accessible Karl Lagerfeld has been recently. I feel like he’s really beginning to enjoy the press aspect of his job, and he enjoys the response he’s getting to his now-frequent interviews – which just proves that Karl surrounds himself with ass-kissing sycophants, because Karl‘s interviews are famously INSANE. Anyway, Lagerfeld gave a new interview to, and it is epic. I can’t even cover all of the parts I love, but you can read the whole thing here. Here are some highlights:

On his collaboration with Macy’s, and his thoughts on department stores: “I learned a lot of things, [but] the work of the American department store is something I knew quite well from the past. They made European designers in America, because [these designers] had no advertising. It was not like today. They made the shows, and really promoted them, and educated the American public about European design. That was another world, another time. But that does not diminish my sympathy for department stores… People don’t shop the same way. There was no Internet. We live in another world. It’s a new start. What I love best in life is new starts.”

On people seeing behind the sunglasses: “You don’t ask a marionette what a marionette really thinks. I’m totally myself. I became 100 percent my image, so maybe there’s nothing else behind it. It’s like talking heads.”

High/low fashion, and middle-class fashion: “I loved to do H&M because it was an experience. People like me were supposed to be into exclusivity, unapproachable. That’s what I hate most. I think it’s very démodé. T-shirts for ten dollars are even more fashion today than expensive fashion. But the middle has more problems. That’s a point we don’t talk about. The middle has not so much class, in terms of fashion.”

Does Lagerfeld “try” to create an image for himself? “I don’t even try. From you to me, I don’t know anything myself. I am flattered, because I don’t understand. I don’t sing, I’m not an actor, I have no scandals, I am a decent working-class person and people are interested in me, which I think is extremely flattering. I can say what I think. Maybe I should think deeper and open my mouth not as quickly.”

On boredom: “I’m not scared. How can you be scared of being bored? Only boring people are bored. When they say they are bored, the only thing I can say is, “It’s right, you’re boring, too.” Because there is so much to do, to read, to know, the idea of being scared of being bored doesn’t even enter my mind, because the day only has 24 hours, my dear.”

On TV: “I like if I’m on TV; watching it is not my specialty. I prefer what I see in my mind—I get second-rate images delivered there for free. But I’m not too bad on TV. I commented on the English [royal] wedding for the [French] state channel. Normally they don’t have a huge audience, but with me doing it, we had nearly 50 percent and the others had only 30 and 20 percent. An event like that is fun to do because I can make jokes, and jokes of the lowest kind are not against my mentality. But I don’t want to do it all the time, hmm?”

The fashion of no-fashion: “That is a fashion, too. The fashion of no-fashion is another fashion. I agree. But I think it’s horrible that people have to be told. Don’t smoke! Everybody knows it’s bad for the health. But they have to forbid it. But I’m a bad example. I never smoke, I never take drugs, I’m never drunk, because I like only what I’m doing—work, reading, learning, sketching, taking photos. For the rest, my lack of passion or interest for this kind of thing makes it perhaps too easy for me to judge others. I’m surrounded by people who drink and take drugs. It doesn’t bother me at all, even when I know it’s bad for them. I’m not teaching them.”

The royal wedding of Kate & William: “Sure, sure, sure. I do the things they ask me. But this was not a collection, this was the choices of this kind of woman for this kind of ceremony: the bad proportions, the ugly hats, the short skirts on fat legs. [When asked about the “fairy-tale” aspect of it]. But royalty is very trendy, no? Now it’s in. It goes back to the very values you talked about before, you see? The old game coming back. People are excited by it. There is no political ideology for the moment, so they have to turn to something they can identify with.”

On empires: “I don’t want an empire. I work for several empires.”

On Dominique Strauss-Kahn: “I love DSK. I love his wife. They are great people and when they came back to Paris I sent them flowers. But you know, for people in politics, it’s very embarrassing. On the left they had hoped he wouldn’t come back, because I think other people want his job. And on the other side…but even in America, Clinton survived his blow job.”

On DSK and whether his actions were consensual: “They all do it in the political world. They get horny from politics, from power. And he had unbelievable charms. He is really charming. He’s fun, he’s great. He’s a sweet guy—as long as you’re not a woman. That’s the problem.”


My favorite comment is the one about the royal wedding - “the bad proportions, the ugly hats, the short skirts on fat legs.” It seems like Karl hates the British royal family – but he’s down with Monaco! He’s friendly with Princess Charlene. The worst comment was all of the stuff about DSK, though. I hate when people gloss over sexual assault like it’s the same thing as a consensual act, but maybe Karl was offering us a hint of DSK’s character – “He’s a sweet guy—as long as you’re not a woman. That’s the problem.”



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  1. malia says:

    He’s like a running zoolander skit that never wears out.

  2. Hellen says:

    I get a kick out of Mr. Working Class Everyday People and his love for fingerless studded gloves. But I miss the geisha fans.

  3. Jackson says:

    Oh Karl. True, he is never boring. I wish he were my next door neighbor. The crazy little man that everyone gives the side-eye to who makes fresh berry scones and espresso. And has a room in his basement you never want to see.

  4. jc126 says:

    Mixed feelings; I have no use for the “royals”, but Karl shouldn’t be making comments about fat legs. I don’t like it when people who lose weight start to hate fat people.
    Fascinating comments about DSK; that’s the first I’ve ever heard of someone making a comment like that about him.

  5. It is ME!! says:

    He’s right about the British royals. They are pretty boring and ugly….even your beloved Kate and Prince Harry.

    Honestly, the only British royals I would even hang with are the Queen (something tells me she is feisty), and Zara. That girl looks fun.

  6. secret says:

    I suppose he thinks he is nice to see!!!
    To be honest I prefer Sarah’s daughters (in my opinion the worst dressed contest winners) to this ridiculous and pretentious mummy.
    I like part of his work, some of the outfits he creates – not everything. But I find he is gross, gross, gross.
    Besides, the fact he chose Flake Lively as a muse says it all!!!

  7. Christine says:

    He is a caricature of a fashion designer, and I could totally see him as the insane murderer in some horror flick.

  8. Heavenbound says:

    Ha ha, Word! love Karl.

  9. hairball says:

    “But the middle has more problems. That’s a point we don’t talk about. The middle has not so much class, in terms of fashion.”

    Yes, Karl, that IS one of the societal problems we need to talk about. Thank you for having the courage to talk about this.

  10. hairball says:

    I will never understand people who are hideous but somehow have declared themselves THE person for making comments on others’ appearances.

    He’s a fashion designer and dresses himself…..ok. Maybe for people who’ve had a tracheostomy and wish to cover the hole in their necks.

    God, is this man repulsive on every level.

  11. gg says:

    Silly, silly man. Nosferatu with Lady Gaga gloves.

    Karl? You’re a joke.

  12. Ell says:

    @hairball…ha ha, best comment, totally agree. He always comes across as a sad little man who trying to hold on to some kind of relevance.

  13. velourazure says:

    re: dsk- nice to know the creeps stick together. yuck.

  14. Kellie says:

    Go Karl! Kate is NOT a fashon icon and I personally appreciate his honesty.

  15. Munkey says:

    @hairball: You took the words right off my keyboard! Totally agree with both your comments.

  16. kieslwoski says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I love Karl!!!

  17. The Original Ashley says:

    hairball – the most profound thing I’ve ever heard him say.

    He’s right about the British Royals. Hideous bunch with hideous taste. Though Harry is the oddity (thank you Diana), but one has to wonder, is he really hot, or only hot because we expect much less from the House of Windsor?

  18. chris says:

    Love Kunty Karl and his priceless comments. But I’ll never forgive him for handpicking Lively as a Chanel spokeswoman. Just…no.

  19. Me says:

    I dont think Karl and his squarehead should be talking like that.

  20. Pyewacket says:

    He is a repulsive human being!

  21. dorothy says:

    I find it hard to take someone that is wearing gloves and looks like Lon Chaney seriously. (still laughing….)

  22. Jayna says:

    I love the interview. I’m tired of all these PC police. Go Karl.

  23. Cleo says:

    Have you seen Akihito’s retinue of spinsters (I include Masako who married her own brother)??

  24. sauvage says:

    The DSK comment makes me slightly uncomfortable.

  25. Turtle Dove says:

    hairball – Deadpan humor… love it.

    “He’s a sweet guy—as long as you’re not a woman. That’s the problem.”

    Holy f*ck. What a statement. Yet she was raked over the coals with the usual blame the victim sh*t. Karl seems to have tales to tell, but I don’t recall him being involved in any proceedings.

  26. Beatrice says:

    Love him!! He says what he really thinks and what he thinks is never boring!!

  27. SueAnn says:

    OMG he is gross! I have no clue who he is, but if I saw him on the end of a grocery store isle, I would turn around and make sure to get as far away as possible….and FAST!

  28. SueAnn says:

    What is up with the weird glove things? Does he think he lives in TRON???

  29. penquin says:

    The royals look borderline deformed

  30. laylajane says:

    I thought Karl was refreshing:-) He is saying his honest whacky opinion. I’m glad no one asked him what he thinks of Blacks, Jews or Gypsies he may have went into a Galliano rant….smh

    He’s like that racist old lady that sweetly calls all black people monkeys and is surprised when we get pissed and slap the hell out of her.lmao

    Sadly, I liked Karl’s answers tell it like it is. At least you know where you stand with him. I’ll take that anyday:-)

  31. carole VOLLh says:

    he is the most ugly man in the world…snob, old fashion, short, his legs round,and always wearing gloves, why…..bad hands too…………

  32. jam says:

    @Ell: Okay, I completely get why people wouldn’t like him because he IS a jerk and not exactly pleasant to look at, but the LAST thing you can call Karl Lagerfeld is irrelevant. Come on. He is a legend and always will be.

    And the royals are borderline deformed because of all the inbreeding! It catches up after a while… Besides that, yes, their clothing is so hum drum. Blah.

  33. Rose says:

    The nerve of her, being born a woman! I mean talk about getting what she deserved!

  34. CanCan says:

    Thank God he said what I’ve been thinking. The royals are ugly and have no style. Prince Toothy and his anorexic sidekick are odious. Harry is the only attractive one. He won’t age well but at least he can claim he was good looking at some period of his life. Duchess Nervosa looks like some plain woman pushing perfume at a department store.
    Come on folks. They ain’t IT.
    Karl may be batty and have early onset dementia but his fleeting moment of clarity was dead on.

  35. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    @SueAnn – Google is your friend. If you don’t know who someone is, look them up. Problem solved.

    I think Karl’s inhaled too much pressed powder over the years and it has addled his brain.

  36. BooBooKitty says:

    Go back to ruining Chanel and paying boys young enough to be your grandson to touch that wizened leathery body, Karl.

  37. Basketca says:

    God, he is SO uo his own ass. I love his interviews and he makes beautiful clothes, but I wouldn’t want him near me. Doesn’t sound like the best human being… And he’s a hipster!

    The “as long as you’re not a woman” comment is just unfortunate. You can belive DSK’s version of the story or not, but that comment is just meant to provoce. Also, DSK has the same charms as Karl: none. Seriously, a sex maniac (rapist I don’t know, but it was clear that he has a *special* sexual taste), old and let’s his wife run his life. Where’s the charm in there?

    P.S.: Karl’s mouth is hipnotizingly creepy. Is like a 90 year old’s. And that hair is like the Targaryen’s. That makes sense, cause he can’t be from this reality, and he dresses in black… OMG, he’s Maestre Aemon from the Night’s Watch!

  38. Luise says:

    OMG Can Can! Love your calling Kate “Duchess Nervosa”.

  39. Kelly says:

    I think he’s hilarious. Most people in the public eye (celebrities, designers, musicians – ok, not so much that last one, as musicians can say incredibly foolish things) talk in platitudes and pabulum. Bland, bland, bland. They all sound alike, probably because they’re all reading from the same script. It’s refreshing to hear from someone with a strong personality and strong points of view – even if you don’t agree with everything he says. I especially agree with what he says about boring people being bored; if you know anything about him, he is a connoisseur and incredibly well-educated, reads constantly, and is aesthetically oriented (Google his houses).

    However, I also question his choice of Blake Lively. She seems kind of bland too… I’ve never really forgiven him for dumping Ines de la Fressange, although apparently they have finally made their peace.

  40. ALady says:

    It’s none of Karl F*cking Lagerfeld’s business whether somebody with fat or fatter legs would wear a short or shorter skirt. It is their right and their business to wear whatever they want whereas Lagerfeld can teach his own family circle about fat and short. After all, that’s what not being Lagerfeld is…you can bloody wear whatever you wish and you won’t sh*t your pants if some Karl full of his misery thinks short outfits are only for models. maybe Karl should learn that people are entitled to all aspects of freedom in this world especially the one to wear whatever clothes they wish and feel just fine about it.

  41. Incognita says:

    Any old coot who wears ponytails, mullets, and orthopedic gloves is a bit suspect to me. Clearly, Karl is surrounded by others who kiss is wrinkled behind on the regular and co-sign for his special brand of crazy. I must admit I found his interview to be hilarious though..

  42. ZenB!tch says:

    I actually found the DSK comment refreshing. He was honest, DSK is nice as long as you aren’t a woman. He is telling us what DSK is. Un cochon!

  43. Katy says:

    Dare I say that I actually LIKED his comments about DSK? Honestly, I don’t take sexual assault lightly, but COME THE F*CK ON, the alleged victim has changed her story multiple times and has even been reported to have had a motive for her complaint.

    DSK was branded with a scarlet “R” before any proof was provided. Honestly, I hate women who allege rape for personal gain – it diminishes the credibility of REAL victims!

  44. ZenB!tch says:

    Harry is not hot. He is an average ginger but our expectations of the House of Windsor are so low that we take it as gospel that he is hot.

    Then again, rumor has it that he is no Windsor.

  45. starling says:

    I agree Katy and ZenBi!ch – he’s being honest – he admits that dsk is a good guy to him but how he treats women is another matter. And for all of you saying ‘he shouldn’t say such things about people look at him’ … hmm isn’t that what WE all do? we look at what celebs wear ie Beyonce’s ridiculous white ruffled bikini and comment ‘umm noooo Miss B’. But let’s be honest if the fashion police came knocking on my door I’d be charged with ‘baggy sweatpants in the first degree’!

  46. corey says:

    I don’t agree with anything he said, but I actually find it really refreshing to hear someone actually say what they think. I don’t get what everyone is getting so defensive about. Would it be better if he was saying these things behind your back and smiling to your face? Sick of passive agressive nonsense.

  47. Ruffian9 says:

    To all the commenters who think this old bat is ‘refreshing’, just keep in mind he’d say you were fat and ugly.

  48. smh says:

    he is a caricature, and he sure knows it. he has zero self confidence underneath that “image” so he tries to make everything he says sound like a punchline. people do not tolerate his crazy ass because they genuinely love him, it’s because they find him entertaining. zoolander ass clown. oh and chanel’s current collection and everything on the website-save for some handbags- absolutely sucks.

  49. eternalcanadian says:

    Karl is one strange person. He always wears those turtleneck-style collars which makes me wonder how bad his neck looks. :o

  50. Thea says:

    How many times has he risen from the dead already?

  51. GrnMtGirl says:

    When ever my kids told me they were bored I would say to them “Only boring people get bored.” It’s true. I’m never, never bored. Restless…maybe, but never bored.

    Also, is it just me or could Tommy Lee Jones play Karl Lagerfeld in a movie?

  52. Lol says:

    You people do realize Karl wasnot talking about The Queen, Will, Kate or Harry ?? He was talking about the ones HE dressed and we know who that was LMFAO. He totally outted the douche DSK.

  53. I am Legend says:

    Who doesn’t this old bitch complain about? This is what I hate about the fashion industry – it’s controlled by men who hate women because they wish they were one.

  54. tmbg says:

    I want to know whose legs he thought were fat. If he means Kate, he’s more insane than I ever thought.

  55. Rubenesque says:

    Ha! I live in the south & evidently WE’RE quite fashionable! Just like Karl, the guys have mullets & studded driving gloves. They do make it easier to open a beer at the dirt track races. Bless his heart.*

    *For those unfamiliar with the south- you can say anything about anyone as long as you follow it up with a “Bless your heart!” As in- “Your mama is a two-bit truck stop whore! Bless your heart!”

  56. sc-wha-tt says:

    is K*nty Karl being played by Tommy Lee Jones?

  57. DarkEmpress says:

    I love this article. He has a sense of humour that I thoroughly appreciate. If I were the lawyer of the French woman who accused DSK of sexual assualt, I would subpoena Karl tomorrow! I can imagine the testimony! France has an attitude towards sexual advances which as a North American (Cdn) I find jarring. I was in a small restaurant in France when the owner came over, stood behind me and started sniffing my hair and touching my neck!!!! Yeah, I left quickly.

  58. Phoenix says:

    I have never heard of the guy before, but he really scares me. He dresses and looks like a vampire or some kind of Hannibal lecter type character.

  59. Kaiser, I read all your posts on Karl Lagerfeld. You are extremely funny and brilliant. Keep up the excellent work. I hope to see more posts on Karl and his wild quotes!