Heidi Montag celebrates her 25th birthday in Vegas, her face looks awful


I haven’t written about Heidi Montag in a while, for good reason. One, who cares? Two, many media outlets stopped reporting on Heidi and Spencer, so there wasn’t that much “news” about them. Three, Heidi actually seemed to take her famewhoring down a notch. These are the first new photos we’ve had of her in a while (months). Heidi was photographed in Las Vegas, celebrating her 25th birthday at a club called Vanity. Yes, this is the face of a 25-year-old. Can you believe it? Heidi looks like hell. If you told me she was seriously sick, I would believe you.

Heidi is still with Spencer, by the way. He was helping her celebrate her birthday, and you can see photos of him at the Mail – he’s looking pretty rough too. My guess, for him, is drugs. Something really hard too, like meth. As for Heidi… I think it’s a combination of things. One, she’s gained some weight, which isn’t a big deal or anything, but the weight gain with all of the plastic surgery… it’s made her look stretched and puffy. Plus, she’s probably on drugs too. Her eyes look really glassy. The Mail says that she was drinking heavily too.

As for how Heidi and Spencer have been spending their time… last I heard, they were still “broke”. I think they’re still living in LA, somewhere, perhaps at the beach. Oh, and they were charging people $20 to $40 a ticket to party with Heidi for her birthday. Sad.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. teehee says:

    She does look ashen ill. I really find her so much more beautiful when she was natural.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Plastic surgery in the 20′s is just plain crazy.

  3. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Heidi looks awful! This poor girl had no center and ruined a very cute face and body. She has to live with this plastic mess of a mask for the rest of her life. I feel badly for her poor choices.

  4. Jezi says:

    Wow she doesn’t look good. Sad what she’s become.

  5. Luise says:

    I think her face looks good but not the huge boob job.

  6. CIdee says:

    Since you can’t say it without getting beaten up I will- She looks FAT. Those tits are deformed. What a mess. Ironic that there are 50 year olds in Hollywood that look better than Heidi. Hell, I’d even say there are a few 60 year olds that kick her ass in the “youthful and fresh” department.

  7. Rita says:

    The fast life, botox, and surgery will cause one to lose that youthful appearance that made her attractive to degenerate at an accelerated rate. She and her dork have been hanging on far too long. Time to find a life out of the lights.

    Morning Jezi!!

  8. Rita says:

    If she were a brunette, she’d have a little Rumor Willis thing going on there.

  9. Original Tiffany says:

    Why do these women think white hair is flattering?

  10. Toe says:

    C’mon, she does not look fat, but DAMN!! did you see the before picture at The Mail?!. Shame!!!

  11. Lauralee says:

    I believe that it’s mostly brcause of the mess she takes for back pain and other things. You just cannot expect having all these surgeries done in one day and think your body will handle it without a hitch. She might be hooked on painkillers ..

  12. corey says:

    Last pic: It looks like someone punched her between the eyes. That red eyeshadow is everywhere

  13. Liamarie says:

    it’s so sad because she was once so very pretty.

  14. LL says:

    I think she looks bloated too.

    And sort of like Brooke Hogan.

  15. lizzie says:

    I wonder what would have happened if Heidi had never met Lauren Conrad?

  16. RocketMerry says:

    What’s with the surgery/extremely-long-platinum-hair combo all these starlets are sporting? It’s plain ugly.

  17. brin says:

    Cautionary tale. *waving at Rita & Jezi*

  18. heb says:

    I read the mail article first and boy were they nasty–they must really hate her.

    She’s crazy for wearing a dress that covers up her boobs, makes her look fatter than she really is.

    Hair looks straggly, loose the last 4 inches.

  19. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    She’s got the Blohan face bloat going on, maybe she’s dabbling in the same stuff.

  20. Jaye E says:

    Saying she looks fat is an overstatement. Sheesh, I woman gains 5lbs and suddenly she’s ‘fat’. That’s silly. She does, however, look a bit bloated and very vacant behind the eyes.

  21. e.non says:

    ugh … just consider how toxic the hollywood environment must be that these young women all slice and dice themselves and all end up with a variation of the bleached out, bad-boob-job, duck lips girl. they’re all indistinguishable, and therefore interchangeable, and therefore expendable. that they don’t understand they have a shelf life of 15 minutes if they’re lucky is sad and should hold on to every dollar earned.

    what’s this girl going to do? she’s dumb as a brick; i’m sure has no marketable skills. it’s almost like professional sports and hollywood should have basic finance classes for the newbies who’ve just signed contracts. they all think they’re going to be earning those paychecks forever when it’s highly unlikely they will.

  22. wresa says:

    Truly a cautionary tale! For me, plastic surgery and all those little injections should be about maintenance, not a complete overhaul!!! She didn’t even do a few enhancements. She wanted a completely new look and she got it. Too bad, she used to stand out against all the cookie-cutter HW girls, but not any more.

    I also agree about the over bleached hair everyone’s sporting lately. Not a good look.

  23. Nina says:

    From the book ‘Girl, Interrupted’ by Susanna Kaysen:

    ‘One morning somebody was crying, but mornings were often noisy: fights about getting up on time and complaints about nightmares. Polly was so quiet, so unobtrusive a presence, that we didn’t notice she wasn’t at breakfast. After breakfast, we could still hear crying.

    “Who’s crying?”

    Nobody knew.

    And at lunch, there was still crying.

    “It’s Polly,” said Lisa, who knew everything.


    But even Lisa didn’t know why.

    At dusk the crying changed to screaming. Dusk is a dangerous time. At first she screamed, “Aaaaaah!” and “Eeeeeh!” Then she started to scream words.

    “My face! My face! My face!”

    We could hear other voices shushing her, murmuring comfort, but she continued to scream her two words long into the night.

    Lisa said, “Well, I’ve been expecting this for a while.”

    And then I think we all realized what fools we’d been.

    We might get out sometime, but she was locked up forever in that body.’

    For those unfamiliar with the book (and movie!), it is a memoir about the author’s time in a mental institution. Polly was a patient who had attempted suicide by setting herself on fire, becoming disfigured as a result. She was described as very calm, happy and content in the hospital.

    Until she stopped being in denial about how she looked.

    I kind of feel like Heidi will go through this at some point. Someday she will get some therapy. Someday the curtain of her body dysmorphia will be pulled aside and she will see herself as she’s really become.

    She’ll realize that there will be no escape from the mentally ill choices she made in her youth. I feel very badly about what she’s done to herself.

  24. melissa says:

    Well, believe me, I hate to say it, but most men would still say she was very attractive. The blond hair and big boob thing, I guess. Gets ‘em every time. Women have a more discriminating eye, and we see how jacked she looks.

  25. Denise says:

    Who cares? Seriously, their 15 minutes were up a long time ago.

  26. miss_bhaven says:

    She screams PORN! She has that trashy, slutty, on your knees type of look.

  27. Alix says:

    Those boobs! It looks like she’s trying to smuggle a watermelon inside her dress!

  28. Laurie M. says:

    Wow – she looks awful! Those gigantic fake boobies make her look fatter than she probably is. Why does a 20 something think giant stripper boobs are a good thing?!
    She will carry a very heavy burden of regret one day soon. It’s sad.

  29. BigHair&Pearls says:

    Don’t know what she does exactly but I’ve seen the before-and-after photos. She should’ve just fixed her teeth, dyed her hair and got a decent gel bra! All this extreme surgery is gross.

  30. the original bellaluna says:

    Agree – she is Blohan-esque in the face. Without the visibly collapsing nose. She definitely looks like she’s on a few somethings. And that hair makes me grateful I embraced my natural brunette as a teenager.

    Mornin’ brin, Rita, jezi!

  31. I asked my husband (who had no idea who she was) “How old does this woman look to you?” He glanced at the pictures and said “I don’t know…maybe 45?” True story.

  32. anne_000 says:

    She’s recently been on VH1′s “Famous Foods” show, where she tried to win a restaurant partnership. She lost.

  33. Alex says:

    She’s horribly insecure. She had it all, a great fledgling career (which she let her partner ruin) and a part in a tv show following her career & she destroyed it all by going backwards, not forwards. She’s been going backwards ever since. It’s easy to blame the man, but she’s so insecure that if it hadn’t been him, she’d have let some other twerp lead her. She’s so unhappy but she’s blaming everyone except her own inability to stand on her own two feet and make the right decisions! Sure it might’ve been painful to put her work first and ditch the idiot, but not nearly as painful as her life now.

  34. atlantapug says:

    Ok, now that I read this I’m going to go do something that will raise my IQ back up a few points. Like clean the toilet.

  35. evon says:

    she looks like jessica simpson from the neck downwards and her lips look to big for her face.

  36. lucy2 says:

    She and her freak husband are both completely awful, but I can’t help but feel bad for her now. Look what she did to herself, and she’s only 25 and has to live with that forever. She needs help.

  37. Seal Team 6 says:

    Heidi Montag has always been annoying as hell, but she used to be so cute. No more. Ugh.

  38. Pix says:

    That poor girl. She looks terrible and its so sad. I hope she never realizes what everyone sees – that she ruined her beauty and youth. BTW – Spencer looks like HELL.

  39. Penguin says:

    Still looks a million times better than Lohan

  40. Cherry Rose says:

    Like many things, plastic surgery is addictive. That’s why people like Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian continue to get work done, even though they really don’t need it.

    I’d rather see Heidi with a bit of weight on her, then seeing her super skinny, like at the beach party with Crystal Harris.

    But yes, she truly did mess up her face, and probably her body, getting so many unnecessary surgeries done.

  41. shalibali says:

    The plastic surgery makes her look older in the face. And her boobs are too big for her petite figure. She was so pretty before. What is wrong with these young girls? Be happy with what you got from Mother Nature and make the best out of it. Now she looks like a Pamela Lee lookalike and not like who she was supoosed to be.

  42. Cheyenne says:

    Nobody under the age of 40 needs plastic surgery. Nobody.

  43. jen says:

    I hope she never looks at old photos of herself…she’d be suicidal.

  44. stella says:

    Based on the interview I just read, Heidi sounds like she has come down to earth a bit admitting she made a mistake with the surgeries and claims that she now feels like an Edward Scissorhands. She and Spence look to have gained some weight which could mean they are off the drugs (due to lack of money?) they were on that got them into the mess they created. I’m sure the two of them had a scheme going, and believed they were ‘investing’ in their futures by puffing Heidi up like a Pamela Anderson blow-up doll, thinking they could become action characters for TV or film with their self-produced audition reels. Heidi’s attempt at becoming a singer/dancer was also another loss to the pocket book. Their book was stupid. They wanted too much too soon and will now have nothing. The murder-suicide is all that’s left of this train wreck.

  45. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    What is up with the eyeshadow?! It’s everywhere except where it should be.

  46. Carolyn says:

    Co-sign what #22 said. Tx CB for posting the link to the Mail article. She looks like most partyhard girls do at that age. The photo of her before her plastic surgery is heartbreaking -she was gorgeous waaay back then. Hooking up with Spencer was the biggest mistake of her life. Was she contractually obligated to have a relationship with him as part of The Hills or did she do this of her own accord? That relationship was toxic right from the start.

  47. Stephanie says:

    Wow I feel bad for her. She looks like hell.

  48. Shannon says:

    I feel bad for her now because now that the money is gone, so is the ego. She’s humble and realizes what a huge mistake she made. I read that she doesn’t even like to look at herself naked. That’s really depressing. If anything, I think she should make a career out of talking to people about the risks of plastic surgery, and become an advocate for better information on the reality of procedures. You know, something that actually helps people.

  49. KatScorp says:

    25 years old? You’re pulling my leg, right?

    Gosh. I’m to saddened by this one to snark :( Thumbs up to Nina @25 for the ‘Girl, Interrupted’ reference – think I’ll track that book down today.

  50. Hautie says:

    Maybe this is a plan for them both to end up on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity rehab. They need that check!

    I am surprise Heidi has not tried out for Dr. 90210. Simply to have those unfortunate implants removed for smaller ones.

    Let this be a warning to anyone desiring huge implants. They always make you look fat. Even when you are 95 lbs.

  51. Belle Epoch says:

    Toe – thanx for reference to Mail photos


    She looks completely un-animated until she’s drunk

  52. Memphis says:

    She is starting to give Lohan a run for her money.

  53. Judy says:

    When did she borrow the Bruce Willis chin?

  54. jover says:

    Excellent comments all; i agree lizzie and e.non; next time some hollywood type ponticates on politics, this sad girl can remind us of what hollyood’s essence really is – you’re nothing to lotusland if you can’t make a buck for someone – heidi is completely off the radar; she can’t sing, act, dance, play a musical instrument, her best bet would be to go back to school, get a degree, and forget hollyweird, but i don’t think she’s able to do that.

  55. Amanda G says:

    Wow, that is some bad eye makeup. She sure doesn’t look happy at her own party. Remember how spunky, happy and youthful she was during the first season of The Hills? Totally unrecognizable now.

    Interesting that she has to charge people to come to her party. It’s probably because she has no friends.

  56. lilred says:

    Bitch fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  57. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Hautie, uhhhhh. Please don’t give her any ideas (celebrity rehab for plastic surgery addiction). No doubt she reads EVERYTHING written about her! If I see her on there next season I’ll know where she got the idea.

  58. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Just when you think Speidi is over…If she was 40, I would say she looks great!

  59. LeeLoo says:

    I actually have to agree with the idea she is on drugs. She looks really glassy eyed. But I think her face looks rougher because she no longer is getting any botox done but if she is a drug addict is it honestly surprising? With all of that plastic surgery she probably became addicted to pain killers. I hope she gets her life together WITHOUT the need to be on television.

  60. iwannarock says:

    getting thicker. bad makeup. but f**** bad… needs an eyebrows clean up! needs an hair cut. needs a publicist….needs help.

  61. Jen D says:

    @Alex – Well said.

    I think she’s messed up from plastic surgery, but I don’t think that’s why she looks so awful. I mean, Megan Fox looks way more jacked than she does (in the face, at least). It’s more the terrible makeup (I’m guessing she applied it herself) and the dead look in her eyes.

  62. gg says:

    I think she mostly just looks drunk and has bad eyemakeup on. The dark brows and eyeshadow is wrong on her.

  63. Dani says:

    Ugly she is not, but she would have looked so much better without the plastic surgery. She was a beautiful girl.

  64. dahlia1947 says:

    she looks terrible. Shes let herself go like shes not working out anymore and she looks drugged up. Very sad.

  65. Tazina says:

    The shape of her head is off or something, too big a chin perhaps?

  66. Isa says:

    Her boobs make her look fat. Which she isn’t.

  67. Charlotte says:

    DListed has more pics-thought it was Tamara Barney from RHOC (sorry, Tamra) at first. Such a same. I thought Heidi was beautiful when she was her original and natural self. She looks ragged now.

  68. Booboocita says:

    This is so tragic — and yet so unremarkable. As I looked at the photos, I kept thinking about Monica Lewinsky and Dovima. Dovima was a supermodel back in the 1950s, and one of Richard Avedon’s favorite models. She made millions, and should have had a comfortable retirement, but pissed it all away on high living, bad marriages to abusive men, and lousy investments. She spent the last years of her life working as a restaurant hostess, and not in swank restaurants. And according to the Daily Mail (UK), Lewinsky is living a quiet life in obscurity, shuttling back and forth between houses owned by members of her family. Her handbag line was unsuccessful, her speaking engagements dried up, and despite earning a degree from the London School of Economics, she’s unemployable due to her notoriety.

    I can’t help but think that a similar fate is what awaits Heidi: jobs as a hostess or waitress, and those difficult to come by because she’s too infamous to employ as an ordinary worker. I find it hard to believe she’d ditch Spencer (she seems to be codependent), and find it more likely that he’ll leave her once time, age and lack of interest strip her of any ability to make money in “entertainment.” Poor thing.

  69. HeiN says:

    Ever wonder what that will look like in 2030?

  70. Annie says:

    I thought she got her chin reduced? It looks like she made it bigger to me. She already had a prominant chin, but now it’s into Bruce/Rumer Willis territory. Seems very odd for a woman to request a lantern jaw. Her whole face looks very hard, smug and masculine now.

  71. Lady Satan says:

    I don’t know if she really looks as bad as it appears. OK her nose job looks like hell (her nose looks glued on), but I think the rest could just be bad make-up.

    If she got rid of that awful bronze-y/gold eye shadow and went with a more flattering colour in a matte finish she would probably look a lot fresher. A bit of finishing powder to get rid of the shine and she’d probably look OK.

  72. anjasmomma says:

    It looks like she put her makeup on while driving on the way over. She’s looked much better.

  73. Kelly says:

    OMG, the FACE! Mad props to Nina – Girl, Interrupted is one of my all-time favorite books, I reread it about every 6 months and recommend it to people all the time.

    I think her body looks good; the added weight balances out that huge fake rack, which looked absurd and a little frightening on her skinny frame.

    What in tarnation is going on with the bridge of her nose, though??? Someone please look at the pics and come up with some theories. It kind of looks like the skin is pulled too tight so it’s making a sort of bridge?? Also, it kind of looks like she can’t close her mouth anymore. Could this be a surgery side effect, or just Jessica Simpson syndrome?

  74. Faye says:

    Ok so she trashed her face. I think she could still find ways to look pretty and make something out of what she has now. First, take out the giaganto fake boobies and God-awful hair extensions. Next, find a hair style and color that suits her face and plays up the pretty aspects of what she has left. Her eyes are still pretty, if not vacant. I think there’s still a way for her to find a way to be happy with how she looks now, because there is no going back, so she might as well move forward.

    My 2 cents.

  75. Stubbylove says:

    Sucks having your best years behind you at 25 – famewhoring is tough on the ‘ol looks! Absolutely NO empathy for either of them.

  76. mzjask says:

    i feel sad for them. dang, she looks pretty harsh.

  77. womanfromthenorth says:

    wow… her hair is straw! Her face is frozen! Yep that’s her…

  78. MJ says:

    I feel bad for her. That Daily Mail article is overly harsh, and totally incorrect. She did get a nose job, boob job and implants in 2007, but it wasn’t until late 2009 that she did the 10 surgeries in one day. The “after” photo they show in the article is from after the first batch, but before the 10 surgeries.

    I hate that I know this crap!

  79. Str8Shooter says:

    She’s got a GREAT future ahead of her at Vivid Video…

    Just sayin!

  80. B says:

    The makeup is awful. The undefined eyeliner and smudged bronze eyeshadow looks like utter crap. If that wasn’t bad enough, she paired it with a unflattering foil tube. Ick.

  81. Hakura says:

    Her face (which is very oddly puffy) reminds me of the way a diabetic person’s face can swell. It just doesn’t look like the natural result of gaining weight.

    Her body looks disproportionate (but not ‘fat’ as someone else said), & after repeatedly screwing around with the natural tissue in her breasts, I’m sure the implants are too heavy to support (thus making them lumpy & uneven).

    I never thought I would feel sorry for her, but I stand corrected.