David Beckham gets ladies to smell his leg at Target (video)

David Beckham posed as a Target employee testing out his cologne on unsuspecting shoppers during a bit shown on and arranged by the Ellen show. Off camera, Ellen directed David on what to say to the ladies who inevitably started surrounding him. He sprayed the cologne on his leg and had them sniff his knee. He told them his name was Ricky and that he was Australian. When one lady said he sounded like David Beckham, looked like him and must be him he answered “I wish. I’m not David Beckham, stop spreading rumors.”

Ellen got a little too bossy with David, but the result was funny. There were about 10 women clustered around him when Ellen had him call out to a random woman with a shopping cart who didn’t want to have anything to do with him. (That’s at 2:30) He started singing “if you stink, come and buy cologne,” although he first said “if you think,” because he didn’t understand what Ellen was telling him. Ellen made him spray everyone indiscriminately and she told him to tell one guy to steal the cologne. It got kind of dumb at the end but David was game for it.

I hate cologne and perfumes and I would have avoided this dude. Beckham really looked like a dorky sales guy acting crazy. I think it was the hat and the glasses that helped disguise his hotness. Plus let’s face it, even if a guy had Beckham’s body, face and accent, if he worked at Target and acted like that would you even give him the time of day?




Beckham is shown in July and August. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. Dominique says:

    The answer to that last question is a resounding HELL YES.

  2. Lantana says:

    I can’t believe that there aren’t many comments on this. I saw this on Ellen and it was funny, but not as funny as his previous massage gag, and definitely not as funny as “DENNIS QUAID IS HERE”…but Beckham is f’ing gorgeous. I think he might have the most gorgeous body in the world and be the most handsome man alive! So…he can dress however he wants and it would be hard to pay attention to anything but that body.

  3. Blueflier says:

    To your last question: Ohhh, Yes. A Target shirt and goofy glasses cannot disguise the awesomeness that is David Beckham.

  4. BerMan says:

    I like it and it was funny. I’m also glad he’s not one to sit on a high horse.(being a celebrity) – He did this routine well and it makes him more humble to be able to laugh at yourself. I’m sure his boys got a good giggle and won’t let him live it down.

  5. Kim says:

    Love Ellen and love David! This was hilarious! Posh & Becks seem more down to earth than most celebs & make fun of themselves which you have to appreciate.

  6. Christine says:

    I’ve never found him hot at all, BUT given his performance, I find him kind of cute now. Any man that does what Ellen tells him to do is ok in my book.

  7. Joanna says:

    I’d smell his crotch, i mean, leg.

  8. monette says:

    This is not appropriate for work, too much LOL :) he is gorgeous and crazy funny with that sexy accent of his, this made my day.

    Ps: I bet the perfume smells better on his leg!!!

  9. Dave Plummer says:

    Will there ever be another Football Superstar like David Beckham.

    What do you Think?????

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