Zara Phillips’s husband Mike Tindall’s cheating scandal gets worse


Less than two weeks ago, Mike Tindall was outed as a cheater. He just got married this summer to Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne and granddaughter of the Queen. Mike was “caught” with a busty blonde in New Zealand – there was video of the blonde and Mike flirting, kissing, nuzzling and more at a bar. Mike was in New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup games, and the cheating incident occurred before Zara, his wife, traveled to New Zealand to meet up with him. When the news broke, Zara continued with her plans to meet him, and they did a few photo-ops in which they looked kind of grumpy, but like she has probably “forgiven” him. But it’s gotten worse. There are new photos (screen caps from a video) of Mike flirting and getting sexy with the SAME blonde on the same night. He took his side-piece to a second location!

Zara Phillips smiles broadly as she strolls hand in hand with Mike Tindall, hours before it emerged another humiliating video exists of her husband’s flirty night with a mystery blonde. A second CCTV video is said to have captured the England rugby star with his female companion two weeks ago.

The images are from Cowboy Bar in the New Zealand resort of Queenstown, 100 yards from the Altitude nightspot where footage seen around the world was taken. The pair are said to have gone to the bar after leaving Altitude.

Tindall’s only hope of saving his bride of seven weeks from further heartache is the promise by Cowboy’s manager, Mel Latu, that the video will not find its way on to the internet.

‘We don’t want to ruin this guy’s life,’ said Miss Latu. ‘Similar to what they say about sports lives and private lives, what goes on in our bar, stays in our bar.’

Tindall and his blonde companion reached the Cowboy Bar around 2am, after he had been seen hugging and kissing her in Altitude.

Miss Latu said she has seen the CCTV footage and it is much the same as the Altitude video. ‘My boss doesn’t want anyone to see it,’ she insisted.

Meanwhile a man associated with the Heritage Hotel, where the England team were staying in Queenstown, has told the Daily Mail Tindall arrived there alone in a taxi some time after 3am.

‘He was very drunk, fell down in the road and I had to help him to his room,’ said the man. ‘But I can assure you he was alone. There was definitely no blonde with him.’

The news of a second video is likely to heap further humiliation on Zara, who appeared to have forgiven her husband’s cavorting when she met up with him in Dunedin at the weekend.

They enjoyed lunch with two friends on Friday and Zara watched Tindall play in England’s 67-3 World Cup victory over Romania on Saturday.

The couple celebrated with a meal in the town’s Bacchus restaurant last night.

[From The Mail]

Well, at least it’s not a new girl, and at least the photos and video were taken the same liquor-soaked night. I’m not saying it’s a good situation – but the damage is more containable if you use the excuse of “It was just one really bad night.” I do feel sorry for Zara, though. She and Mike dated for years without this kind of exposure and press, and now that they’re married, they’ve found themselves under a microscope like never before. I wonder if Zara is thinking, “Damn, he might have been screwing around on me all of this time.” Because he probably was, and he just got away with it because no one cared.




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  1. Eve says:

    When I compared him to Sloth (from The Goonies) on another thread, I forgot to mention that Sloth was the prettier one.

  2. DarkEmpress says:

    well this is an unfortunate, messed up situation. How embarrassing for her. Shame on him. Blame it on the alcohol? Yeah, that’s not good enough.

  3. Chris says:

    Wow…that dude is one ugly meathead. If she was smart, she would kick his ass out immediately. I’ve learned once a whore (man or woman) always a whore.

  4. L says:

    Apparently according to Hello and some other UK tabloids, it’s a girl they are actually both good friends with. Who was at their wedding.

    I think it’s alot of upset over nothing. Those grainy videos screen shots don’t look like affair to me. More one person hugging another.

  5. Embee says:

    He looks and behaves like an animal. Disgusting.

  6. foozy says:

    i really like zara considering how ugly her mom is, she’s turned out quite special. i hope mike gets his s… together coz he’s damn lucky!

  7. brin says:

    It’s time for a royal scolding from the Queen.
    I’m sure she is not amused.

  8. hairball says:

    Why is it always the wife who is ‘humiliated’? Try the *ss who was doing the actual cheating.

  9. Callli Pygian says:

    Jeebus, that nose… it’s a face only a mother (or a gold-digging barfly) could love.

    Such embarrassment for ZP. She should release him immediately- which is more scandalous- keeping & defending a cheater or rejecting him?

  10. Leticia says:

    Upper classes in Europe usually do not care about cheating, they just want to avoid being publicly embarrassed.

  11. atorontogal says:

    People who have commented here about his looks should be ashamed. Children are killing themselves because of bullying yet here you are doing the same thing. Is it your children who are the bullies? Sure sounds like they’d learn it in your home!

  12. gloaming says:

    I agree with L.

    I think this is a big kerfuffle about nothing. The guy was drunk with a bunch of friends and a few screen shots of him with a mutual friend of theirs doesn’t translate into him cheating on Zara.

    But whatever floats your boat…………..

  13. no thanks says:

    errm its not his looks its just that god awful nose it does make him look like the dude from goonies lol, sorry if its offensive but thats just what i see.. he wouldnt be so bad if he fixed the nose

  14. Dot says:

    Well, Princess Anne even talked to him about his nose, and it was her kid who married the lug, so maybe comments made on a gossip site don’t reflect how parents raise their kids. I actually thinks he’s cute except for the nose, but according to him he’s waiting until his rugby career is over to fix it.

    But, who thought it would be Zara and Mike, instead of Will and Kate in a cheating scandal?

  15. Pyewacket says:

    Like how he looks has anything to do with his cheating. Geez!

  16. Violet says:

    Initially, Zara’s camp claimed the blonde was a friend of Mike’s from his university days. The problem with that statement is that he never went to university.

    Plus, there’s apparently far more damning footage floating around out.

    I hope Zara kicks him to the curb. Life is too short to put up with a cheater. Especially one who can’t hold his booze and uses that as an excuse for sh*tty behavior.

  17. Bad Fairy says:

    Wow guess what someone looks like is the only thing that makes them special. Brave new world isn’t it?

  18. Linnie says:

    @Waldemar, the Princess Royal was not classically beautiful when she was younger, but she was very striking. Thank you for linking that pic. It is very unfair of anyone to call her ugly. But what’s up with the guy beside her with the kerchief on?

  19. Ann says:

    “People who have commented here about his looks should be ashamed.”

    Women’s looks get trashed here ALL THE TIME and with much harsher language, too.

  20. Sweepea says:

    Personally I don’t believe whatever damage control they’re doing right now. I agree with Violet, the facts just don’t add right up.

    I would just put it down to drunkenness and the woman involved was a stranger.

    Rugby players are no angels, they get to all sorts of things post-match. Zara would’ve known things like this would happen.

  21. tapioca says:

    I’d be careful Mike – or Zara’s grandfather might organise a midnight drive through Paris in a chaffeur-driven car like he did with the last “embarrassment”….

  22. 4Real says:

    I doubt Zara is hardly shocked. His nose is the real tragedy here…

    P.S. This is a BITCHY site…get over it!

  23. Melody says:

    Do people really think Zara didn’t know he was cheating? 7 years together and not one whiff, not one niggling suspicion that Mike is fooling around behind her back? Zara doesn’t strike me as an idiot, she must have known he has cheated on her before.

    But she still married him. I also don’t think she’ll kick him out or split with him…I don’t think she’s a doormat, but she’s probably one of those women who stay with their men thinking they could change them (men) and their habits.

    That’s also the “risk” of marrying an athlete. They have big egos, especially after winning a match, and there are always women available for them. Women who don’t care if they’re married or in a relationship. Their friends would cover up for them and make excuses. The media will not report the story if said athlete is the media’s “darling”. The British press seems to have it in for Mike, and won’t leave him alone.

    Mike won’t be able to behave foolishly without the press following his every move from now on.

  24. palermo says:

    Gee, a professional athlete who cheats, how unusual and shocking

  25. Jen says:

    WTH is up with that nose?? You’d think he’d have the money to do something about that.

  26. It is ME!! says:

    People, people, about his nose: he is a RUGBY player. Have you ever seen a match? They practically beat the sh*t out of each other! LOL!

    Zara is the prettiest royal, by far.

  27. layla says:

    Seriously – there is no point in getting his nose fixed until AFTER he stops playing professional rugby. End of story.

    As for the cheating… all I see is a guy hugging a woman. What? You’ve NEVER hugged a male before on a friendship level????

    I hope I don’t get called out for cheating every time I hug a male friend. Besides, if something doesn’t “add up” with their story, that’s for THEM to figure out. Not the masses pointing and screaming “CHEATER!!!!” on some very grainy, completely circumstantial, taken out of context pictures.

  28. L says:

    Yea he’s a rugby player. No point getting it fixed until his career is done-it’s just going to get broken again.

  29. bluhare says:

    He didn’t cheat on her. He was drunk on his ass, and went back to his hotel alone, in fact a hotel employee had to help him to his room he was so drunk.

    If it was worse than originally reported, the British tabs would be all over it. I was just reading over there and there’s nothing.

  30. atorontogal says:

    @ Anne…This article is about him, hence my comments about bashing HIM.

  31. Kloops says:

    Not sure the royals really care about cheating but they do care about being made fools of. He’ll be expected to be far more discreet next time

  32. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    Oh @tapioca,

    It’s been a while since someone made a comment that made me spit out my drink laughing! As much as I hate to laugh at anything to do with anyone’s death – your comment was just too funny…….

  33. kibbles says:

    As to this video, everyone has a price. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike sent Cowboy bar a big ol’ fat check to keep that video under wraps. I’m waiting for someone with the a good memory and investigative skills to dig up photos and grainy video from Mike’s previous exploits before he and Zara got married. If this guy can cheat during the Honeymoon phase of the marriage, does anyone really think he didn’t hook up with women during his long courtship with Zara?

  34. Reece says:

    1. The pictures and video need to be better quality for me to go off. They suck. You can’t really see anything.
    2. Maybe he actually knows her?
    3. MAYBE their marriage is like that? And she’s ok with it when he’s away. Not cheating if Zara gives her consent.

  35. maggie says:

    He sure is ugly though. She could have found better looking rugby player to marry.

  36. Original Tiffany says:

    I’m kind of amused that this was the royal wedding everyone was rooting for and thinking it had the least problems, they were the most in love and likely to stay together.
    If your hubby was caught in this circumstance would you laugh it off as post match drunk? Not.

  37. anne_000 says:

    Zara knew like Princess Charlene knew about their respective partners. They’ve dated these men for years, so they must have known that these guys were cheaters & womanizers. They might as well have played Britney’s song as the wedding march.

  38. LAK says:

    people PURLEZE…..i’ll start by saying that i don’t advocate cheaters, but i will defend rugby players and Mike Tindall. Anyone who knows rugby culture will see this as a storm in a tea cup whipped up by the media because of Mike’s new found status as a member pf the royal family. If you date, marry, socialise whatever with a rugby player, expect them to have ridiculously alcoholic fuelled shinanigans, most of which they will not remember the next day, after a match. At least they were weren’t nude. I’ve been to bars where the guys stripe as part of the celebrations and continue drinking and running around the bar etc.These guys don’t hide their behaviour, from their bosses, WAGS, parents etc. I will say, that even if a flirty situation happens, very rarely is it followed through. Rugby players are not like footballers.

    On the subject of his nose, given the position he plays on the team, he would be an idiot to fix it while he is still playing rugby. At least he doesn’t have matching cauliflower ears. As he has pointed out in an interview, he has repeatedly broken it during the course of play, and will only fix it when he retires.

  39. Ally says:

    The real-life Shrek and Princess Fiona.

    With more wrinkles and cheating.

  40. Feebee says:

    The only pic I saw was the chick with him kissing him on the top of his head so I don’t know about anything more graphic than that but it hardly constitutes cheating and screwing around. I’d be giving my hubby a one-off riot act if in Zara’s situation but I wouldn’t think it was anything other than what it appeared to be.

  41. Cherry Rose says:

    How about he fixes his teeth while he’s at it? Ugh.

  42. Jane says:

    I live in New Zealand and the statement from the royal couple is that the blonde is a friend of Zaras. It is a little overly flirty but nothing is too graphic. The bouncer stole this video to exploit the footage and he is in court over here. There were loads of people at the club and nobody has come foward to mention they did anything crude.

    Who ever before said Princess Anne was ugly has probably only seen her older.
    She isnt ugly in this cover for vogue!

    or here!

  43. FingerBinger says:

    LOL he does looks like Sloth from “The Goonies.”

  44. mimi says:

    Zara doesn’t strike me as the type that would be fooled or messed with. Plus, they give off the vibe of really being in love..

    Some people are more touchy/feely than others and if this is a mutual friend all the more understandable.

    No story here.

  45. Sweepea says:

    #47 Jane -

    Oh my, that’s Princess Anne in the second picture? She’s B-E-A-UTIFUL!

  46. Victoria says:

    Zara is the prettiest royal? Hmmm…I disagree. If she weren’t a royal and was a basic bish no one would give her all that love. Just saying. She is thin and tallish and blonde and “royal” (though not in title since her parents didn’t want to have patents issued to their kids). I think that Eugenie is actually prettier than all of the princesses by blood in that generation in terms of pleasant features. But because she is thicker, no one will see that. And the prettiest of all the royal family is definitely Gabriella Windsor. I think she is one of the most naturally pretty women I’ve see come out of England.

    But LOL at the Sloth comparisons. Had a Goonies fest in spring and I definitely can see the comparisons because Mike is fugs.

  47. WestValCalli says:

    OMG — just realized who she reminds me of … the brunette on Absolutely Fabulous

    That aside .. he’s a turd.

  48. Andie B says:

    The English Rugby team and Zara have just left my town, where the team were based for the last two weeks. In some countries, such as NZ,Rugby is almost a religion, and the people who play it do go on boozy nights out after their games. Zara will be used to this as she has been with Mike for 8-9 years. It is for her to decide whether she trusts him. The press blew the bar CCTV footage out of all proportion. Yes, he was being a bit touchy feely with a blonde, but he did go back to the Hotel alone. I saw England play Georgia 8 days ago, and though Mike was not playing, he was on the sidelines. He is actually better looking in the flesh than what photos portray. I would say he will get his nose fixed AFTER his Rugby career is over.

  49. Callli Pygian says:


    He is a RUGBY player, do you think he was BORN with that nose, for god sake??? Christ, that sport is reputed to be one of- or THE- toughest, roughest sports in existence.

    This is an opinion site, and if you are uncomfortable in this forum, you should find another. And your presumptions are ridiculous. One might infer that you, in fact, were the victim of bullying at one time. If that is the case, I am very sorry for you pain, but you should find a way to excise it, not project it.

    Good luck to you.