Terrifying Walking Dead webisodes give the bicycle woman’s back story (warning)

The Walking Dead is coming back for a second season on October 16, and I can’t wait. I’m not a horror fan, but it’s such a fascinating show. (If you’d like a quick recap, here’s a link to last year’s finale recap. I loved the episodes leading up to it, but was disappointed in the ending.) To publicize the upcoming premiere, AMC has released a series of webisodes that show the backstory for the zombie woman that Rick Grimes killed in the first episode, the one that was just a torso crawling around. Grimes felt sorry for the disgusting-looking zombie, and he apologized to her before wasting a bullet basically. It was a way to humanize the monsters of the show, and to recognize that they were once just like us. Having seen that zombie’s backstory, they’ve done a masterful job of picking up where Grimes left off.

The webisodes below are scary as hell and I got that familiar sick feeling in the pit of my stomach watching them. We know how it’s going to turn out for this poor character, but that doesn’t make the lead up any less creepy. In some ways these clips are worse than the show, since we get to see a bunch of new characters dealing with the immediate aftermath of the zombie apocalypse and coming to terms with it. These were scarier for me than a full length show because they’re so condensed and heart-wrenching.

Without giving away the ending, I’ll just say that this story is incredible, and so well told in a short period of time. I’m looking forward to the show coming back, but I know I’ll end up sleeping with the light on.

Webisode 1, “A New Day” (Alternate link for non-US visitors)

Webisode 2, “Family Matters” (Alternate link for non-US visitors)

Webisode 3, “Domestic Violence” (Alternate link for non-US visitors)

Webisode 4, “Neighborly Advice” (Alternate link for non-US visitors)

Webisode 5, “Step-Mother.” The ending is awesome. (Alternate link for non-US visitors)

Webisode 6, “Everything Dies” (Alternate link for non-US visitors)

Highlight below for spoilers for these webisodes.
So this mom gave her life for her kids. I hope we see these child actors again, and that we learn they got out alive. It would be cheesy and against the odds of course, but those type of things are always happening on this show.

Note: These videos may not play for non-US audiences.


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  1. AcornPaste says:

    Dagnabbit, the videos aren’t available in my country!

    So are the videos ONLY about the bicycle woman? I still want to know what happened to that father and son duo in the first episode…

  2. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I’m a huge Zombie fan, and I have to say Walking Dead is one of the best show’s on television to me, because it has heart, the zombie code and you start caring about the characters. Thank you so much for posting these!!!

  3. Eve says:

    “The video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location”.


  4. madpoe says:

    Omg! Omg this poor family! i love this show can’t wait!!

  5. Celebitchy says:

    I added links to the videos on YouTube for those of you who can’t see them. Sorry about that!

  6. The Original Ashley says:

    For some reason “28 Days Later” really made me scared of zombies. No problem with them before but now they scare me. They’re the only horror genre that creeps me out (and I saw the Exorcist at 7 with no problem), but I LOVE this show. It’s so well done. The effects don’t look cheesy and there’s just the right amount of suspense at the end of each episode, but you also come away from each episode fulfilled (unlike Breaking Bad and True Blood). I really hope it didn’t peak last season because I’m excited for the new one.

  7. Mari says:

    Wow!! So good!!! Can’t wait til Oct. 16th!!

  8. Eve says:

    @ Celebitchy:

    Thank you for that, I’m going to check them right now.

  9. Messenger Of Truth says:

    How fun was that! I’d forgotten how much I like this show.

    Actual webisode viewing order is confusing though. If you’d prefer to view in an “exact” timeline of events – watch them in this order 4,3,1,2,5,6.

  10. megan says:

    I watched the first couple of episodes of this and I’m just too scared to watch more. The Walking Dead is so well done but it makes me worry too much about what I’d do if we had zombies. For example, I realized that I would not survive very long because I have poor eyesight and in the zombocalypse, you need to SEE what’s coming at you well before it’s there.

  11. I can’t wait. The show scared me last year.I made the *Hub Hub* watch it with me.(he’s good with the bow,firearms,axes and knives)I hope he never turns into a zombie.

  12. I’m eating icecream right now,sooo I’ll have to watch the clips later.

  13. MoMo says:

    You can watch the entire 6 part web series on Walking Dead’s official AMC website. Enjoy.
    The trailer for Season 2 looks killer

  14. hatsumomo says:

    I really want to love the show. I really do. But I just cant. Its not that I’m scared of the violence and gore, but its the characters and the romance plots that killing it for me. Dont get me wrong, I also really like the comedy breaks in it too but I couldnt finish season 1 with the key players acting like hormone-driven horny teenagers looking to have as much sex as possible. I really loved Celina in 28 Days later because she wasn’t a weak woman who needed to screw the first available man to come her way. Ugh. I’ll give this new season a try but I dont have high hopes for it. I wanna see survivalism! Not the adults acting like petulant children.

  15. Sanka says:

    Re: Hatsumomo
    I didn’t get that at all from the first season, maybe from Shane but then he’s a guy. I think Lori was going through the motions in her marriage and when she thought she lost her husband, and with the world coming upside down, she was looking for solace.

  16. Twez says:

    @AcornPaste – In the comics, Morgan and Duane (the father and son from early in the show)are implied to have survived indefinitely by holing up in the small town. Of course, the tv show has veered significantly from the source material all along, so they may show up again and be cast regulars. Who knows?

    I found the scene where Rick shoots this zombie woman to be deeply affecting when I first viewed it. For some strange reason, it reminded me of having to have my cat euthanized, which sounds blackly hilarious now but made me sob buckets then.

    Speaking of blackly hilarious, these clips are “presented by Pizza Hut.” I can’t think of a food I’d less want to be eating while watching The Walking Dead. hahahaha

  17. launicaangelina says:

    Thank you so much for posting these. I really appreciate AMC humanizing the zombies.

  18. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I love this series, I think anyone who is a fan of the zombie genre who hasn’t seen this show, is missing out. Great writing, acting, and they put a lot of heart in this show. Glad for Season2. Already got my DVR set :-)

  19. Sam Wenger says:

    I saw Night of the Living Dead by George Romero in the moves in 1969 this comes closest to that primal fear,nicatero who does the makeup here does same for Romero. What makes these and the series so good is unlike the most zombie movies is it follows most of Romero’s ‘rules’. There is no explanation that holds up…implying the Creators plague as in the Jewish Passover story where the Angel of Death passes over…the other Romero thing that I love here that goes against the modern zombie genre.the Zombies dont run. I think it makes it scarier because they seem well dead, as opposed monsters running the marathon..These really do feel like Romeros trilogy that so many of us idolize. Shoot now it’s bed time and I just watched those.

  20. AcornPaste says:

    Thank you for the info Twez!

  21. Twez** My thoughts exactly (Dear PizzaHut: You may have scarred me for life…)

  22. RFB says:

    Thank you for the posting! Just remember keeping the light on is also bad. In theory just like a firearm rapport, light is a dinner bell for the undead. I first disagreed with Rick’s actions on using a firearm to dispatch bicycle girl since the firearm rapport does attract attention. I don’t know, maybe he was safer from the hoard because of the earlier shooting of Rick’s former moronic colleague at the police station. Although, he did leave a safer mobile position (his patrol car) to an exposed and slower position when he was hunting bicycle girl down. Then again, morons do make for a more exciting TV drama. If bicycle girl was no where to be found, I would have left the area. I do agree with the dispatch since, in theory, a soul should not be stuck in an undead prison and that is one less crawler zombie to bite the living in the ankle. In my most humble opinion, Rick is just plain lucky like Wyatt Earp in the legendary movies about him. Of course Rick has to be, after all he the main protagonist.

  23. Rikk says:

    Finally got around to watching these. Sadly, they’re much better than Season 2, but that’s not saying much.