“Cele|bitchy growing pains” Links

Yesterday I moved the site to an entirely new dedicated server at a company that’s nice to their customers, has an actual tech support phone number, and doesn’t treat you like you’re stupid for asking why your expensive server is down half the day.

This was not a simple feat, and I did not have to time to do much more than scramble. So here are the gossip links a bit late. Let me know if anything isn’t working right. Some of the characters in the quoted text are looking strange, and I will fix that shortly. I worked hard to try to preserve all your comments during the move, but the site was bounced around between two different servers before finally settling here so if you left a comment and it’s gone now I’m sorry about that.

Thanks for helping the site grow so quickly and for bearing with us during the outages. I love your comments – keep ‘em up! Props to millie, Jude, Angelika, Chic Mommy, Mr. T, Marines, AgentBedhead, xiaoecho, and everyone else who has been commenting lately. Also thanks for your encouraging e-mails. If you have asked for a link exchange give me a little time to catch up as I was working on this.

If the site is still slow for you, please comment here. I will not hesitate to look into other options if this isn’t working out.

We need writers, so if you have a blog you would like to promote in exchange for some quick content, please e-mail me at info@celebitchy.com. (If that doesn’t go through, keep trying. I just asked to have my mail set up.)

- What the hell are Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy, Tim Allen, and John Travolta doing getting naked together? [Socialite's Life]
- Lindsay Lohan is looking really beat lately [Mollygood]
- Lindsay Lohan probably didn’t hook up with Keanu Reeves [The Trixie]
- Rosie O’Donnell declares war on heterosexuality by appearing in a sex scene on Nip/Tuck [Agent Bedhead]
- Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham in Paris. [I'm Not Obsessed]
- Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham looking like fierce 1950s lesbians. [DListed]
- Rehashing the “Lost” season opener (Spoiler alert) [Celebritology]
- Sienna Miller says “we’re f*cking animals.” Is she talking about herself and Jude Law? Because everyone agrees . [Celebrity Nation]
- Jude Law and Sienna Miller are wasted [Egotastic]
- Victoria Beckham on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar [Celebguru]
- Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s romance still circling the drain [Celeb News Wire]
- Nick Carter thinks with his man parts [Glitterati]
- Paris Hilton tries to bring leg warmers back [Haute Gossip]
- Ryder Hudson-Robinson rides a horse [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
- Jessica Biel working out. Maybe she should wear pink next time so we know the pictures are new. [Hollywood Tuna]
- Republicans are blaming Clinton for the fact the representative Foley’s pedophilia was ignored for so long [Metadish]
- Hello! magazine to have a spread on celebrity philanthropists like Brangelina [ecorazzi]
- Kevin Federline harasses the paparrazi [ICYDK]
- Jessica Simpson in a see-through top [Jordan is your Homeboy]
- Jessica Simpson is Ashton Kutcher in drag [CityRag]
- Jessica Simpson looks like Edward Scissorhands [IDLYITW]
- Beverly Hills 90210 flashback. [Wampoon]
- Do Eliza Dushku’s droopy eyes make her fug? [Bastardly]
- Prince tries to convert strippers to his Jehovas Witness cult [yeeeah]
- Janet Jackson looks like a half-dressed alien [Gallery of the Absurd]

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  1. The husband says:

    You did a great job by moving everything so fast to your new server at a better provider. Good luck with them. Everybody out there, I can testify, those people at hostingmatters (superior sevice and so on …) are a bunch of rude and incompetent MFs.

    By the way, the picture of the naked celebs is scary. It should have been labeled NSFSP (not save for sensible people).

  2. Celebitchy says:

    Thanks honey! You are so supportive and help me out so much, I really appreciate it. That’s William H. Macy’s ass, so he kind of balances out the rest of the ugly celebs.

  3. leisa says:

    celebitchy is loading great now. you’ve done an amazing job!

  4. Celebitchy says:

    Thanks leisa,
    It was really slow today but the new hosting company moved me to yet a better server within a few hours. There was a lot of stress but hopefully it’s all set now.

  5. Viv says:

    Hey, I thought this was interesting, but I wasn’t able to send it to you…