Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt donate $340K to Somali refugee relief


Last week, Angelina Jolie was in Geneva to pick up an award in recognition of her decade with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees – she’s been goodwill ambassador since 2001. Jolie also helped give out a prestigious award to a Yemeni humanitarian organization. Later, we found out that Jolie was also in discussions to take on a new role at the UN – that of Special Representative to the Afghan Refugee crisis.

In between all of this diplomacy and awards-receiving and giving, Angelina also took a moment to issue a statement on the ongoing crisis in Somalia. Now, putting her money where her mouth is, Angelina (and Brad) have donated $340,000 to Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid, an organization that provides “health services to Somali.” Apparently, Jolie and Pitt are directing the money specifically to woman and children who have been left refugees by Somali’s long-standing inner-turmoil, and the organization’s spokesperson said that the money will help expand “the Badbaado health services clinic which helps 300 people per day.” Here’s Angelina’s statement on the Somali crisis from last week:

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie on Tuesday urged the international community to scale up its efforts to deal with the crisis in the Horn of Africa, saying the lives of hundreds of thousands of refugees depended on it.

In a speech in Geneva to the annual meeting of UNHCR’s governing Executive Committee, or ExCom, the celebrated Hollywood actress described the situation in Somalia and surrounding countries as “the humanitarian crisis of a generation” and said further help was urgently needed.

“Today, three-quarters of a million people are at risk of death in the next four months in the Horn of Africa,” she said. “The work we are doing needs to scale up to meet the needs of these individuals. How we continue to respond to this period of malnutrition and famine is going to define the work of those NGOs, governments, and international organizations working in the Horn of Africa. It will, quite starkly, determine whether a huge number of people live or die.”

Her remarks came as news reports from the Somali capital, Mogadishu, said dozens of people had been killed in a suicide bomb blast near a government ministry. Jolie also urged the Executive Committee’s member states to remain committed to helping the world’s refugees despite the global environment of increasing economic and financial pressures.

“The challenges that UNHCR confronts to provide for refugees are immense and growing. The rich countries of the world are increasingly feeling budgetary constraints at home. They face pressures to reduce rather than maintain their current and promised levels of aid funding,” she said during her first address to ExCom, which reviews and approves UNHCR’s programmes and budget, advises on protection issues and discusses a wide range of other topics.”

“Nevertheless, we hope that these governments will remain committed to the cause of the world’s most vulnerable people, while we recognize and are grateful to them for their generosity,” added Jolie, who also expressed gratitude on Tuesday to countries hosting refugees.

[From the UNHCR’s press release]

I believe it was also confirmed by the UNHCR that Jolie will definitely be taking the “Special Representative” position, which honestly does make her the Richard Holbrooke of refugees. The position should also get her significant face time with all of the NATO leaders, which should be interesting.




Photos courtesy of the UNHCR & Fame.

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  1. teri says:

    I’m sure this money will help those who truly need it.

  2. Addie says:

    Good for Angie. Glad that the UN knows her worth and are giving her more to assist them with.

    Brad’s only redeeming qualities in my opinion that he put his money where it can be used by people in desperate need and where Angie directs him to.

    2.Also Brad’s probablly an alright dad.

  3. the original bellaluna says:

    Good on them. It is desperately needed.

  4. Sakyiwaa says:

    Awwww! See! This is why I’m a Brangeloonie 4 evah!

  5. folly says:

    angie walk the talk,i am proud of her

  6. islandgirl says:

    the money will go to great use. WTG Angelina and Brad, things like that is one of the reasons I like this couple so mucg

  7. Nancy C. says:

    well good for them. there are a lot of people who donate to charity and don’t get any recognition. never mind the free travel she and her family get for this work.

  8. Green_Eyes says:

    Love that Angelina never asks others to help w/o personally doing so herself. Truly a giving woman w/ a heart big enough to fight for the world, intellectual enough to know what matters are of importance, and articulate enough to work side by side w/ Govt Leaders…. All that plus beauty and talent w/o fussing about how she fair:).

    I do love that Brad has become giving and concerned about world affairs..think Angelina did bring out those redeeming qualities.:)

  9. Toot says:

    Angelina has always paid her own travel for her humanitarian work.

    Anyway, I’m glad they gave money, but I’m not surprised.

  10. Iheartlasagne says:

    Well I’m sure it’s just a publicity stunt; they don’t really care about anyone but themselves. *facetious eye roll*

  11. DottieDot says:

    At least she puts her money where her mouth is!

  12. Bermuda Blues says:

    I wonder if this is the same clinic run by Dr. Hawa Abdi, the female Somalian doctor who has famously stood up to the Islamic extremists and war mongers in her country.

    More here:

  13. Scout says:

    @Toot – I thought she paid her own way….thanks for confirming. :-)

    It is really not their doing that this info is made public – it is that way for most celebs – they cannot do anything without it being “announced.” I can find NO fault with anyone giving to those less fortunate and can’t imagine why anyone would. I am sure those who have or will receive this aid don’t care if the givers of it got “recognition!”

  14. whome says:

    I love when those who can step up!

  15. whome says:

    I love when those who can step up!

  16. lisa says:

    It looks like this is a specific amount for a particular thing.

    and I agree with an earlier poster. I like that they give their money. Not asking others to do what they have not done themselves.

    OH and the organization announced the donation. NOT them. She was there a week ago. If she wanted to announce something she could have done so during her speech and interviews that came after.

    I am a fan..and this is one reason. Not because they give money. they are not required to do that. No one is. But I appreciate that they do.. and so do the people this money will aid.

    Nothing wrong with that.

  17. werty says:

    Bermuda Blues:
    Thanks for the link. That was quite a story. People like her is why we arent battling out WW3 yet.

    And as usual Angie and (sometimes) Brad is walking the walk instead of just talking.

  18. mln76 says:

    So inspiring what a wonderful lady she is.

  19. yt says:

    Brad and Angeline are famous. Announcing their donations encourages others to do the same, no matter the amount, and their donations are good PR for the charities they support. Great use of their fame and fortune.

  20. tahoe says:

    Any one of us could write a check…and she/they do. But it’s also the time she devotes to humanitarian causes, the energy this work takes, and passion she exhibits which is obviously very real. She also educates herself and understands the political and social issues (which is more than I can say about most of us and other celebrities who pipe in only for the attention and never seem to add any SUBSTANCE to their comments). With respect to the publicity, lets be real, it is a wonderful thing that her efforts are so widely publicized by the media; it draws our attention and engagement into a worthy cause, even if all we can give is a voice. Personally, I’ve been hoping she would speak out about Somalia because of all the attention it would garner to heartbreaking situation. No one is asking you to like her, but not to like her work as a humanitarian is simply ridiculous. We should all be so publically judged for our PAST, but I admire her.

  21. Astrid says:

    She’s a true hero…using her influence to help others.

  22. Astrid says:

    She’s a true hero…using her influence to help others.

  23. F5 says:

    Good for them!
    Now some gossip, please! -_-

  24. rudypatudie says:

    It’s amazing how much she’s spending to improve her reputation.

    Going from a drug riddled, tattooed, bisexual, multiple husbands stealer , promiscuous anorexic to a humanitarian is VOILA! so easy if you just keep on writing checks.

  25. Quack! says:

    Yay! This money is greatly needed,it seems like everyone has forgotten there is still a drought going on.Maybe this will encourage others to donate.

  26. smh says:

    how can anybody hate these people? anyone who still hates them must be inherently evil

  27. Jayna says:

    Jen spent her money on a state of the art tanning bed. LOL

  28. Chloe (not chloe) says:


    aren’t you a sunshine

  29. Cheyenne says:

    Dang, 25 positive comments before a troll finally shows up. Is that a record on here?


    @Jayna: Probably spent it on a tanning bed plus a few kilos of pot, but hey, it’s her money.

  30. Nymeria says:

    I’m glad they donated, and I am sure the money will be put to good use.

    Having said that, these people have a combined net worth of $270 million. This donation was approximately the equivalent of buying a $7 meal at Wendy’s on a yearly salary of $70k.

    For the record, no, I don’t care for JA, either.

  31. Jolie-Pitts= Talkin’the talk,Walkin’the walk!!!

  32. Chloe (not chloe) says:


    Fair’s fair. I’m sure, though, it’s not the only donation they’ve made in the last years, and I’m guessing the exact amount was needed for some direct purpose. And for the people who needed the donation it probably means more than a meal at Wendy’s to you or me, so a casual comparison like that seems a bit off the mark.

    No one’s saying, give them the Nobel prize for this particular donation. People are cheering, cause they keep up the good work, and have been for years now.

  33. serena says:

    She’s amazing.

    @rudypatudie: yeah try that, some checks et voilà? You think it’s that simple? Maybe you should read better.

  34. casey says:

    Bravo Angie and Brad .Youa re both wonderful peoplewhat you have.You have big hearts and so admirable.You will be blessed more for what you are doing.

  35. Cheyenne** #26 is spoken like a true jenhen. This is gonna give her a headache all day.At least she finally quit picking on Heidi. In fact after this good deed,the ‘ocean’ may not be big enough for the jenhens to ‘scream’ at…

  36. CaroleS says:

    Can anybody tell me who’s behind this pee drinking story?

  37. Julia says:

    I am glad and proud of Angie’s involvment in that matter. She is a true inspiration and a woman with her priorities in check !

    Now back to politics, ever since i was a kid i remembered those famine crisis in tiose east african countries where desert eats up fertile ground each year.

    My point is, those famines are endemic and preventable and i don’t understand how governments of those countries act only when the crisis hits.

    When i was studying international economy, i remembered that there was enough food to feed each and every one on planet Earth and that there was waste and deliberate constraints in rich countries to keep the price higher while in many african countries it’s more about a problem of planning crops and keeping the excess for poor years or like in teh Congo, a problem of channeling the food because of the poor infrastructures like roads, ect. Crops are n,ot funneled and are spoiled.

    The UN and other governments should :

    1) Put pressure on the somali, ethiopian, djibouti governement to ensure they put in place a policy in coordination with donors to prevent those crisis before they hit as fixing it cost more than preventing them.

    2) put pressure on the somali different warlord factions to stop wasting their energy, innocent lives in war games while that energy should be put into lasting economic development as people will get back to work instead of fleeing warzone.

    Those wars accelerate the endemic famine crisis and cost a lot to the international community who can put that money in economic efforts that would prevent them to invest more in the future.

    It’s time to responsibilize those governments that are more into looting and enslaving people than making sure their people have a good life, can eat everyday and produce excess of wealth and food to face future famines and crisis..

  38. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    @damon (39) my first google search on your source:

    let’s not dig deeper, or shall we?

  39. Joe's Mom says:

    Regarding a few of these comments, how can people despise someone so much that they have never met? Also . . . How many people would gladly tell the world about their most “forgetable moments” and stupid choices during their teen years or early twenties? We’ve all done dumb things we’d rather forget, but as far as AJ is concerned, some people refuse to let AJ’s past mistakes remain in the past. Why?

  40. Green_Eyes says:

    #26… bitter and envious much? Must kill you that someone can turn their life around and help on a grand scale in world causes as she does…. Obviously because I swear your foaming at the mouth there

  41. zara says:


    What you list as Angie’s liabilities, I see as her triumphs. She has been able to overcome those destructive tendencies that once got the better of her. That, to me is what is so amazing about the resiliency of the human spirit. No matter how far you fall, there is always the hope of redemption and renewal. I applaud her just as much as I applaud my cousin who was also once drug riddled and happens to be tattooed as well. My cousin went on to earn a PhD and is now principal of a high school helping young people not to follow the same destructive path he once did. ALL of his experiences, good and bad, make him the awesome son, husband, father, brother, grandson, nephew and cousin that he is today.

    There is nothing wrong with having tattoos and there is certainly nothing wrong with being bisexual. These things do not inhibit one from leading a full and productive life. They most certainly are not indicators of the measure of a person. Being gay or lesbian does not make one any less human, so why are you attaching a negative connotation to being bisexual?

    As for the husband stealing, I believe many psychologists will tell you relationships end because of the two people within the relationship. All humans are endowed with free will. Some exercise their free will and walk away. That to me is not stealing.

  42. Rudypatudie says:

    Nope. Nope, not jealous at all. Would never want to do heroin, get tatts, have been married to billy bob , be bisexual. Nope. Not me. Am quite happy with my dr husband, my houses and my kids. And my life.

    Just like stirrin it up a little bit for the Angeloobies.

    You all take someone so seriously, who is , in essence a Hollywood celebrity.

  43. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    @46 Thanks for making it so abundantly clear what kind of person you are.

  44. Julia says:

    @ Rudypatudie.

    Being a Hollywood celebrity is part of her persona not her sole persona, not her sole job and doesn’t define her solely nor discredit her work in her other core business.

    As for taking her seriously in a job she has been praciticing for ten years, what is wrong with that ?

    The irony is discrediting her seriousness in her field in a country that has already elected a Hollywood B list actor as president of the biggest power in the world and another one as governor of one of its biggest state without past experience in the field whatsoever.

    Those two positions require much more responsability and thorough experience in civil duty positions than being appointed a representative of an international organisation you have been working with for 10 years and in which you got your good credentials as a good employee.

  45. #46** Keep cluckin’ hen,cause your about to lay an egg…

  46. Rudypatudie says:

    Ooooh. Were going political now jooooleeeeah?

    Then why don’t these celebrities decry these third world country’s leaders? Their politicians? Why is it our fault that they have corruption at the highest level, and their citizens don’t get taken care of ? Why doesn’t anyone ever espouse the policies and practices of these corrupt countries? Hmmm?

    Maybe, because giving the money is so much easier than really getting to the root of the problem.

    Don’t ever bash Reagan again. It makes you look inadequate.

  47. tahoe says:

    To rudypatudie (#46)
    I echo the last poster. “my dr. husband” “my houses” — I can see that you think you are a better person than all of us, good for you, keep up the delusion. It must be such a relief knowing you, your dr. husband and your children go through this life never making one human mistake. It must be how you developed such compassionate, deep character. I truly feel sorry for you.

  48. anne_000 says:

    So, according to the JenHens, it’s bad that Brangelina gave $340k to Somalia, but it’s GREAT FANTASTIC SUPERHERO-TIME when Jennifer pays off her boytoy’s $450k bid at a charity art auction for Haiti?

  49. Rudypatudie says:

    Tahoe, it it you who feels Inferior. . Not I , who thinks I am. I do not.

    We work hard, pay a LOT of taxes, which a portion as you know, goes toward the tremendous foreign aid this country issues each and every year.

    We are humble people, our children are all either in college or private school, not because we think were better than anyone else, but because that is our choice.

    We donate a lot to our own charities of choice ( mostly animal related ones, rescues, etc. )

    You don’t kbow me, and you my dear, sound like the bitterest of them all.

    I cone here for a kittle lighthearted fun.

    Anyone who can’t spar a bit, and not attack needs to lighten up.

    Go take a walk, or pet your dog or hug you family.

  50. Julia says:


    Again, Jolie is a UN goodwill ambassador, when she is working on those matters, she works on behalf of her employer not as jolie the actress, hence she is apolitical and must say apolitical.

    You extrapolate in your quest to discredit someone who does good while you are sitting here whining.

    Corruption exist in all countries, including in the US. It’s more prevalent in those countries where regimes are dicatorial.

    It doesn’t stop countries like thE US to back some of them for political purposes, just like it doesn’t stop citizens all over the world, including you to buy and eat something made in China, a corrupted dictatorial regime.

    It also never stopped the US to let china buy a great deal of their financial debts to releive them a bit as the US is virtually financially bankrupt and holds together with assets detained by petrodollars and china. This is the ‘Real politics’

    But this is another debate.

  51. Rudypatudie says:

    No no no.

    My husband and I try very very hard to buy USA made as often as possible. This is a good site if anyone is interested.

    We also live outside of Philadelphia, and buy locally as much as possible. Meat, produce, etc. It’s easier because we are in a more rural area.

    Of course there is corruption everywhere.

    And I am not discrediting her per se, I just think that these celebrities should really call out the root of the problems in these countries. Call it out in the press. Make a stand for the corruption.

    It is my opinion that she does a lot of this to raise her own awareness and reputation. It always seems like these humanitarian efforts precede a movie opening. Just my opinion.

    And I do think the tatts and the scary skinny are creepy.

  52. tahoe says:

    Out of respect for all of us, use spellcheck please. I really hope your “dr husband” is a psychiatrist. You began all the small minded talk when with the nasty, hateful comments at people in general in your first email, you insulted many of us on this board. I attribute that to being a small minded person. As far as being bitter, that pretty much spews from your comments. I know what my life is like, I don’t feel the need to validate it for myself and everyone on this board like you do. As I said, I feel sorry for you. Just a suggestion, don’t ever travel to Amsterdam; while there are some of the best museums in the world, and the Netherlands are known for their tolerance of individuality, the tatoos and bisexuals would freak you out! I’ll now go back to my real, pathetic job since I leave on a business trip to Madrid tonight. Sometimes it’s hard to focus when you work from home. Breathe deep and enjoy!!

  53. #26,46,and 54** Now aren’t you just a ‘humble’ Mary Poppins…

  54. Julia says:

    @ Rudypatudie.

    You probably do your best to buy made in US but if you have a computer or any musical device, CDs, mobile phone, clothes, it’s sure at 99.99 % that a great part of it is made in China.

    Even some typical so called french made product are fake and are partly made with Chineze basic food, including tomatoes shipped straight to France to make their pizza cause it cost less to ship it from China than to use tomatoes grown in France.

    You have no ideas how far the world has been invaded with chinez made or chinez contribution made products..

    The whole world, let it be, sportshoes, clothes, musical device, TV, computer, furniture, is partly made in China cause the production cost is much less.

    They also masterize the ‘copy paste’ concept and imitate any device. I have seen great fashion name in cosmetic, clothes, electric device invading african markets at 1/10 the price, all made in China.

    Your clothes may be home made, the thread used, the coloring product used, the material is chinese cause it costs 10 times less.

    At this point, western enterprises don’t hesitate anymore to make allegiance with the chinese government, the US governement stay mute about their human rights problems and will never back Tibet while it does major business with China, pushed by certain lobbies like Boeing versus european Airbus.

    China is set to become the number one power in the next decade and foreign enterprises are now redirecting their main business there to be ready.

    If you think it’s economical reign isn’t a reality, that you are not an unaware consummer of chinse products wether partially or not, you are kidding yourself.

    Hell, evertim you get a loan, it’s because China and some other Middle East government with petrodollars have bought US loans. You cooperate with them one way or another.

    The thing is no country is innocent and no country has friend, just interests. They will deal with the devil himslef if it’s in their interest. And no power has ever got into that position by playing it nice. they compromise, they coercize, they get dirty, they can murder if needed and get cruel and tough behind close doors because.

    I am glad that there are people who counterbalance that real politics by having more interest about human rights and refugees, something real politics doesn’t take into account and should at time be reminded of being compassionate towards the more vulnerable than them.

  55. rudypatudie says:

    HA Ha.

    The haters are cracking me up.

    I use an ipad. I am 42 yrs old. I don’t have my readers.

    Horse poor hanna , you don’t make any sense. And Tahoe , tatts are disgusting. especially visible tatts. They identify you immediately , and not in a good way. Not just my opinion.

    Gotta run Girls! It’s been fun!!!

  56. minnie says:

    First, we are in a celebrity blog, hence we are discussing about a celebrity… not a full time politician, etc.
    Among the celebrities -actors, singers, etc, that compose whatever we call “celebs”- AJ is one of the few that stand up for her commitment to the causes she supports not only with money and appearances at parties and auctions. This post is about her, and I still do not know what other celebs have donated to the famine, I am interested in knowing about her, hence, here I am. Some haters probably are interested in her, and look for news about her mostly too.
    I find pathetic to attack someone who actually does something (regardless of whatever mistakes she made in her youth). And on top of that complain that she does not do enough.
    Some of these countries she visits are not democracies, or have huge problems,problems that SHE won’t solve: famines, piracy, revolutions, dictatorships, female or human rights not taken into account, illnesses, etc.
    She and any celeb can only do so much. Beyond that, it is the diplomats’ territory. She canplead to those governments, but she cannot say what she thinks of them…how could this help the people that need to eat today in a refugee camp? She would be risking the entire help the organization she represents gives to those people in need because of saying something that the politicias do not want to hear…
    How can that be helpful? And also AJ is not the World bank nor Superman to give away and help every problem in the world. She’s human and it’s her money and she has a life and family…
    It would be a good idea to email to Johnny Depp and other very rich stars and ask to also give a little of the much they have.

  57. Cheyenne says:

    Rudypatudie: Am quite happy with my dr husband, my houses and my kids.

    Or, which is much more likely, the illusion thereof.

    (Everybody posting online has a dr husband, six houses and three beautiful genius kids, don’tcha know?)

  58. fancyamazon says:

    You guys are feeding the troll, that is all I have to say.

  59. Rhona says:


    Note to all – don’t feed the trolls.

  60. Cheyenne says:

    @damon: I’d ask Thomas C. Mountain, whoever he is, the same question Angie’s co-star asked at the end of Wanted: “What the f*ck have YOU done lately?”

    BTW, the same goes for you.

  61. minnie says:

    Some typical jen fans=hens, as superficial as their idol (probably even more).
    Cannot see beyond the past (and speaks lies as truths), don’t want to acknowledge the good in the people they follow post after post. And can’t read either.

  62. Julia says:

    A troll of 42 years of age at that.

    No wonder our youth is in a bad shape when mature mothers troll to this extent.

  63. Fancyamazon** Thanks I needed that.I don’t know what I was thinking…LOL

  64. Julia says:

    @ Cheyenne

    She can have all of these. It doesn’t define who she is as an individual, on a personal nor professional basis or her worth as a good individual.

    It just defines what she has/possess not what she is.

  65. Cheyenne says:

    @minnie: You have to make some allowances for jenhens. As a group, they aren’t very bright.


    @Julia: I’m aware she can have all of that. I’m also aware that the odds are 100 to one that she has none of that. Which means she’s not only a troll, she’s a bullshitter. Very bad combo.

  66. javagirl1 says:

    Angelina’s work is very admirable. If doofus wants to tag along and help, more power to both of them.

  67. Green_Eyes says:

    @ Rubypatudie.. Not a loon here hon, sorry to disappoint you. As a Dr”s wife I would think you would have compassion for someone who has been down a ‘that dark w.wmw

  68. Green_Eyes says:

    Sorry darn iPad commect is interfering todayl going haywire today message sent before I was done.

    @Rubypatudie- anyway given your “status” as a Drs wife most would have compassion for a fellow human being that had been in such a dark place to come out in the light, turn their life around and help all those in dire need as Angelina does. NO she doesnt have to do it. She doesn’t get any perks or monitory for what she does. She flies her own planes into countries w/ supplies, she gives large generous amounts of money to women and children in need., and last but certainly not least she helps physically/mentally she has matured immensely and she has build hospitals where there were
    None. So as a Dr’s wife… Do YOU

  69. Green_Eyes says:

    Ugh! Getting frustrated w/ iPad now lol.. So Rubypatudoe What charities have you volunteered and helped physically?? Have bogey to generously?? W/ my handicaps I am sure I have still done more than you..just from your attitude. As for Ang…she has come a long way from her wild child days and she has grown into a wonderful human being. I would say that even IF she wasn’t a celeb. I believe in giving credit
    where credit is due. She has made her weathered the stormy past and doing what she loves..all while helping others.

  70. AM says:

    why do celebrities have to publicise their donations it just screams “look at me aren’t I wonderful”. It’s soo fake and tacky. There are lots of billionaires who gives to charity and don’t have this self publicising attitude.

  71. minnie says:

    @ AM
    this is for you:

    Now, if you can read it says that they did not promote it:

    The head of a Somali aid group says that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have donated $340,000 to help it expand its health services to the displaced mothers and children in Somalia’s war-ravaged capital.

    The Horn of Africa nation has been suffering from its worst famine in 60 years, and the United Nations says 750,000 people are at risk of starving to death in the next few months.

    The U.S. estimates that the drought and famine have so far killed more than 29,000 children under the age of 5 in southern Somalia.

    Mohamed Dahir of Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid said the donation from the Jolie-Pitt Foundation will allow his group to expand its lifesaving health services that serve 300 women and children each day in Mogadishu’s Badbaado camp

  72. Runs with Scissors says:

    @tahoe: “I really hope your “dr husband” is a psychiatrist.” HAAAHAAAA, that was awesome!

    and the “don’t ever bash Reagan again.” comment was priceless. Says it all really. Hate hate hate. So insecure and creepy. She can pile all the money in the world around her, but she’ll still be fearful, bitter and evil. I truly feel sorry for her (fictitious) children. *shivers* With an angry, hate-filled monster like that, they don’t stand a chance.

  73. rosalee says:

    Gee weez..she donated enough money to run my non-profit for one year. Consider the amount of work done by one non-profit per year. Staff logging hundreds of hours in dangerous situations, negoiating with armed rebels to deliver food for starving children..people who spend months and years in war torn countries trying to assist innocent citizens. But who gives a damn when you have Angelina Jolie – oh I agree 100 percent she deserves her award and all the other celebs who donate their time and face to causes. But if you spent your time in a place with people who live moment to moment in fear – who really gives a damn, but this blogger seems to get it. I am surrounded by people who really live it 24/7

    Well quite. Where you won’t find those people, however, is on a stage picking up an award with the same frequency that Angelina seems to accrue such baubles. Time and again, that honour is reserved for actors and singers who devote a comparatively minuscule amount of their time to the same causes, in between taking home vast paycheques for their day-jobs in the entertainment industry.

    At the same ceremony that honoured her on Monday night, Angelina presented an award to a Yemeni, but of course they garnered precisely none of the headlines, and nary a mention in the celebrity dispatches whose readers Angelina’s UN appointment is presumably supposed to engage. Indeed, Angelina’s full-spectrum dominance in those accounts forces Lost in Showbiz to once again question the received wisdom that celebrities “raise awareness” of causes. Frequently, they eclipse them, and even more frequently they crowd out expert voices who devote 100% of their time to the issue in hand.

    As we’ve noted before, aid drives and movements for social change are increasingly unable to generate their own quasi-celebrities, as they did in days of yore with Suu Kyi, or Desmond Tutu, or any number of folk heroes who didn’t spend the majority of their time working as entertainers. And yes, driving it all is the media, whose wretched insistence on telling stories via the prism of celebrity has given rise to a situation in which every cause feels they must have a celebrity figurehead or they will be denied any purchase on the discourse.

    The customs of showbiz have been imported into the humanitarian world. And so it is that Paris Hilton has not only presented humanitarian awards at these bizarre ceremonies designed to honour celebrity philanthropists – she has now even started winning them. Do take a moment to savour a news story from March this year, which began: “Paris Hilton was moved to tears as she was handed a prize for her humanitarian work …”

    I know how she feels.

    It would be entirely wrong to place Angelina in the same category as Paris or the idiotic Geri Halliwell, whose secondment to the cause of sub-Saharan maternal healthcare merely underscored how little of a toss we give about the issue. But I can no more go along with the UN dignitary who, at one or other of the award ceremonies honouring Angelina, claimed that she had given “an entirely new meaning” to the words “global humanitarian action”. Has she? I’ve no doubt that Angelina minds very much about these causes and applies herself very thoroughly when she is able. But Lost in Showbiz refuses to accept that in a year in which Angelina also makes a couple of movies, there are not 365-day humanitarians somewhat more deserving of recognition.

  74. NM9005 says:

    There should be more famous people like Angelina advocating for human rights. Even though she is starving for attention and fame just like any celeb, her UN work is legit. She spends way too much time and puts way too much effort in it to be fake and contrived.

    Ever since I was young child I wanted to help people and reading about Angie’s work when I was a teen certainly helped shape my goals better so if she can inspire more people like that and urge them to do something (financially or fysically by volunteering), more power to her!

  75. mln76 says:

    It’s really sad that a person would be so crass as to refer to their spouse as if they were a designer bag they’d picked up at the mall. ESPECIALLY on a post that concerns people who are living through famine. ‘Spiritual union’ my arse.

  76. rosalee says:

    @ESPECIALLY on a post that concerns people who are living through famine. ‘Spiritual union’ my arse.

    Crap..this is about Angelina Jolie not about the people who are living through a you see pictures of starving children?

  77. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    @rosalee: “Crap..this is about Angelina Jolie not about the people who are living through a you see pictures of starving children?”

    Uh. Sometimes words are used. In the process of writing. Instead of images.

  78. Cheyenne says:

    mln76: ‘Spiritual union’ my arse.

    Ten will get you twenty that the “spiritual union” is a fabrication, along with the “dr. husband”, the houses, the private schools and the children.

    One of the best things about the internet is you can be anybody you want to be. At least until somebody calls you out on it.

  79. Katherine says:

    rosalee, I’m sorry where in your post do your words begin and end and where do the Guradian’s gossip columnist’s words begin and end?

    Just a bit confusing.

  80. fancyamazon says:

    @horse poor hanna It is so easy to do, I do it myself from time to time. That’s why they do it though, unfortunately.

  81. Rudypatudie says:

    Oh, children. I just came on for laughs.

    I can assure you, my husband and my children and my albeit suburban life is all real. Exactly the same way your bitterness, pettiness, shallowness, liberalism and patheticness is real. You are the ones going on and on and on for hours while I am out doing things that matter.

    Step away from the computer. I know i am.

    And in the deepest part of my soul, I truly feel sorry for you empty people. Being a knight of the keyboard is actually transparent.

    Sad lives.

    Goodbye bitter women.

  82. Rudypatudie says:

    HA HA H A

    Just went over to Tyler Durdens much more entertaining site.

    People have a sense of humor over there.

    This is highlarious.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie proved once again they they’re among the nicest people in Hollywood by donating $340,000 to pay for health care for homeless kids in Somalia, who is suffering their worst famine in 60 years. Too bad there isn’t a large body of water around. With some fish in it. Like an ocean. Somewhere below India. An “Indian Ocean”, if you will.

    (seriously, how can you be in a famine? You border an ocean, EAT THE FISH YOU FINICKY BASTARDS!!!)

    (daily mail)

    Tahoe, Julia and a few other jealous wench’s keyboards are probably On Fire right now. Lmmfao

  83. Cheyenne says:

    Run along, Rudy. You’ll be late for your Teabagger meeting. And mind the doorknob on your way out.

  84. rosalee** I agree with your comment #75 on the ‘Angelina Jolie to be named UN Special Representative on the Afgan Refugee crisis’ thread. Your comment on this thread seems to be arguing what you said earlier.(maybe I’m just misinterpreting something)I do not think that because Jolie is awarded for her services that it takes away from the hardwork others are doing.She brings awareness,and has mentioned the hard work of many in her speeches.The hard work of others is not lost on her.And,because of Jolie,I now know of your commitment.So,stay safe and God Speed

  85. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Her humantarian goodwill can’t be discounted so in comes the silly gossips to complain about her awards. Really?

    I guess they never heard how no good deed goes unnoticed. She believes in what she has dedicated her life to. And although I am not living in those conditions, I believe her and donate to help because of her. She is not forced to go on missions for over 10 years, but I appreciate the light she shines on it.

    What PR is she after? Her movie comes out December 23 which is over 2 1/2 away. She will have done much more by then or does she just have bad timing? See how silly this sounds? Her heart is in it, not her ego. But I understand for those who don’t want to help or even hear about someone else helping, it makes you feel terrible and inadequate. Angie does her part, now you do yours.

    I was inspired to donate and will continue to do so EVERY time she heads out on a mission. I can do something to help. She is a reminder for those whose voice I don’t hear or face I don’t see. I won’t knock that. Her man is smart enough to support her efforts too and honestly don’t we all want a supportive partner. That’s more than enough. To be able to get behind someone’s fight. Got him off the couch too. Maybe that’s another RAW nerve being exposed. She has that locked too. Good on her.

    Maybe the Dr husband and college and private school educated children have learned more then the one stirring up mess on a blog for a response, by not falling prey to the nonsense. Maybe the multiple homes that you WILL leave behind will go to good use and it will be NO thanks to you and your nasty attidude.

    Hope you had fun getting a rise out of JP fans, never the less Angie rises and continues on in her journey of helping others. She takes her past and moves forward, something we all need to do. She learns better and does better. Those that receive her offerings, gladly do so without judgement. Can’t say the same for those that sit on the computer and do nothing but judge her. That’s a losing battle, since YOU can’t convict her. You never learned that you won’t stop her. You will only drive her to do more. They will shout, that the Jolie-Pitts gifted their cause. They are proud and honored enough to put the money to good use. It could inspire others to give. Why hide that? Because someone does not want to hear it? You don’t control that either. Loves it.

  86. minnie says:

    Sancho said:
    “Master! Master! Speed up. These dogs might bite us’ … ‘Be quiet, when the dogs bark it is because we are working.”
    Go ahead, Brad and Angelina, old hens do not bite, they just can bark…

  87. Jen says:

    Lurker here… but I just have to say about this rudypatwhatever… she says people don’t have a sense of humor in this site or that she’s just stirring up the pot to get brangeloonies riled up? WHO DOES THAT at 42??? I mean it’s easy to talk disparagingly about a person and spew hate and negativity you just need a computer to do that. But if you really are a decent person wouldn’t you be at the very least responsible about things you say? In the age of internet where everybody thinks that they have the right to say their minds even if it’s all hateful where does good manners stand or the basic decency of a person? No matter how well off you are money cannot buy class or breeding. I believe that everybody should think before you click when using the internet.

  88. lisa says:

    @christian girl.

    It’s not that they don’t want to hear about Celebrities helping. It is only Angelina.

    Countless other celebrities have their contributions announced. Leo, Sandra have all had donations announced. And these same people screaming about Angie/Brad just go on and on about how wonderful it is that they are giving.

    Thing is if we didn’t hear about any of the donations they make the same people would be screaming that they make so much money and don’t give any of it away. They would be bashing her for going to these camps and not getting off her case.

    She is not asking people to buy a bracelet or tshirt or going to a luncheon and having her picture taken then walking away until the next event. She doesn’t do that. Never has. She and Brad through their foundation have given money that is never known about. She has built several schools all over the world. Given people opportunities to help themselves. Given them a way to provide for themselves and their families. That is what these people want. A chance. And the are doing that.

    She said along time ago that she knew that people would question her motivation and maybe even find something negative. But she continues. She and Brad continue to do what they think is right.

    If only everyone had that kind of drive and could shut out the silliness of people that hide behind a computer screen to post lies and falsehoods. Maybe one day the cowards will be held accountable to prove what they rant about.

    In the meantime.. Angie and Brad will do as they have been doing for year. Living a full life and giving other the chance to do the same.

  89. Flan says:

    @Julia. Angie would be a great secretary of state.

  90. Cheyenne says:

    Rudypatudie: seriously, how can you be in a famine? You border an ocean, EAT THE FISH YOU FINICKY BASTARDS!!!

    People in Somalia are literally dying of hunger and you think this is funny?

    You’d probably crap yourself laughing if you saw your neighbor’s car back up and run over a toddler.

  91. Whothefiis says:

    She needs to donate 340k to my “pay off the poor college students loans” fund because I’m going to be in debt until I die.

  92. Camille says:

    @Cheyenne: Girl stop. You are just feeding a very worthless little troll. It is probably some bored kid on school holidays or some such.

    Guys, don’t feed the trolls.

  93. Addie says:

    Never mind being unnessesarily cruel about Angie, why be so cold hearted to populations that are dying??

    Anywho @Javagirl. Bwaaaahaaa! Spot on.

  94. Katherine says:

    “Rudypatudie: I can assure you, my husband and my children and my albeit suburban life is all real.”

    But, of course, a suburban frau living in her own “reality.” What else?

  95. mln76 says:

    @rosalee you can read I am assuming? The story is about her charity work involving Somali FAMINE. The ‘ugly Americans’ have sure come out to play.

  96. Cheyenne says:

    @Camille: You’re right. Her momma’s probably 42. This is probably some neglected kid who doesn’t get enough attention at home.

  97. Sakyiwaa says:

    @julia. Your facts are awesome.

    The ‘troll’ is so lame. I just kept laughing at her! Oh, and parts of the iPad are made in China. Source: Newsweek issue on Steve Jobs: article titled Exit The King, Sept. 5th, 2010.

    Plus, I keep seeing Angie’s LV ads in Time, Newsweek and The Economist. My immediate thoughts: Man! Every CEO in the world knows Angelina Jolie :-D ! Legend-in-the-Making!

  98. Sakyiwaa says:

    @julia. You’re awesome.

    The ‘troll’ is so lame. I just kept laughing at her! Oh, and parts of the iPad are made in China. Source: Newsweek issue on Steve Jobs: article titled Exit The King, Sept. 5th, 2010.

    Plus, I keep seeing Angie’s LV ads in Time, Newsweek and The Economist. My immediate thoughts: Man! Every CEO in the world knows Angelina Jolie :-D ! Legend-in-the-Making!

  99. katy says:

    she is great, but she also need to care about herself, she is so skinny…

  100. rosalee says:

    @mln76 – oohhhh! By the way I am not an “Ugly American” and all the Americans I know are not ugly in the true sense of the word. I’m a Canadian, and my country through donations from everyday Canadians has contributed over 70 million dollars to East Africa, our government will be matching the amount. The organization I am involved with will be sending medical supplies and volunteers to the refugee camps and a partner group will be sponsoring as many families as they can afford and raise awareness of the situation to ease resettlement in Canada..I’m not sorry for being too “ugly” for your taste.

  101. Runs with Scissors says:

    Rosalee, you just sound plain jealous of the attention Jolie gets.

    If you’re doing ANYTHING for the attention, stop and do something that really matters to you.

    If you aren’t doing it for the attention, someone getting honored (along with so many others) wouldn’t bother you.

    Any attention she gets helps YOUR cause as well– you’re on the same team for god’s sake. Maybe you should find new work you can be sincere about.

  102. rosalee says:

    You don’t get it obviously, I have posted in the past Jolie has raised awareness to individuals such as your self who follow celebs and would not realize their was a global crisis unless someone such as Angelina Jolie was committed to such a cause. Now with that said, there are thousands of people who devote their lives to work directly in the field, in the camps, raising money, advocating with governments to ensure the food reaches the people who need it. However, Jolie has been awarded honours that question the UN’s commitment to the unsung volunteers such as the Mennonite Central Committee, Food Grains Bank and CUSO – they are the ones who walk the walk and for attention hell – I get all the attention I need try sitting in my office for a day and you’ll receive more heartbreaking attention for more than a few life times. You can take a stroll in my sensible shoes honey to rally people to give and give a bit more, so we can ensure child soldiers can recover a small piece of what was ripped away, so mothers can feed their children, and medical aid reaches those in extreme need.Thanks but no thanks my casework is filled this week but maybe next week I may have a cancellation-

  103. Lucky Charm says:

    Sheesh! I’m 44, so I’ve been around the block once or twice. It’s been my experience that the people who brag the most or complain the loudest, and often, about the same person or thing do so because of plain and simple jealousy. They don’t have what the other person has or the lifestyle they hunger for. In order to make themselves feel better they have to demean and diminish the other person or thing and exaggerate what they have to boost their own ego and self-importance.

    Seriously, having a Dr. (that should be a CAPITAL “D”, btw!) husband and several houses does not impress me at all. The fact the Angelina Jolie overcame her past difficulties and grew up into a responsible, productive, valuable member of society? Now THAT impresses me. It does not matter whether or not her name is Angelina Jolie or Anne Jones. If a person can grow, and grow up, and leave their past in the past and move forward, that is something to be proud of.

  104. tez says:

    Funny when Nadya Sulemon was all in the tabloids about her multiple births and her enhanced looks it came out about her multiple surgeries to look like Angelin Joli…at this point Angelina looks so distorted she now looks like Nadya Sulemon! Those cheeks once a feature that many women longed for now look like a bad silcone job that slipped below their intended location!

  105. tez says:

    Funny when Nadya Sulemon was all in the tabloids about her multiple births and her enhanced looks it came out about her multiple surgeries to look like Angelin Joli…at this point Angelina looks so distorted she now looks like Nadya Sulemon! Those cheeks once a feature that many women longed for now look like a bad silcone job that slipped below their intended location!

  106. Eve says:

    @ Chloe:

    @rudypatudie: aren’t you a sunshine


    @ Mln76:

    It’s really sad that a person would be so crass as to refer to their spouse as if they were a designer bag they’d picked up at the mall.

    I thought something similar. One can be proud of being married to a truck driver too, as long as he’s honest and provides for his family. Don’t get why the “Dr.” had to be mentioned.

    @ 87:

    Oh, children. I just came on for laughs.

    Judging by this particular thread…indeed. You come on for laughs (of others, at you). LOL!

  107. sandy#1 says:

    what a great and caring couple, the children are learning a lot about life through their parents.

  108. Shawna says:

    “Going from a drug riddled, tattooed, bisexual, multiple husbands stealer , promiscuous anorexic to a humanitarian is VOILA! so easy if you just keep on writing checks”
    Rudypatudie, you’ve been corrected so many times, yet you keep spinning lies. 1. Angelina has never been ‘drug ruddled’. Trying drugs like 99.9999% of hollywood does not equate to being ‘riddled’. 2. You are really narrow-minded and bigoted if you judge people with tattoos, and homophobic if you think being bisexual is actually a ‘bad’ thing to list. 3. Angelina has never been a ‘husband stealer’. She has never had an affair with 1 married man, let alone ‘multiple’, and the FACTS prove it. Nor is she promiscuous, certainly not like Aniston, Hilton and Lohan are. Being in a 6 year monogamous relationship is a lot different to banging every one of your co-stars, like a certain town bike romcom sitcom actress does. Lastly, she has been doing her humanitarian work for a decade and a half. A third of her entire life. Well before Brad or anyone else.
    Is there any more lies, homophobia and bigotry you wish to spew?

  109. Shawna says:

    Rudiepatudie isn’t even married, let alone have a Dr husband. That part is obvious from its postings. It is so full of pettiness, spite, hate, homophobia, bigotry, and just plain allround black hearted repulsiveness that I have no doubt the only partner it can attract is battery-operated.

  110. Annachristoff says:

    I concur with Rudie Patudie.

    I believe that a lot of this is about A J and A J only, trying to clean up her image by signing as many checks as possible.

    The point is that for many years, up until recently, she had a very reckless lifestyle that was ugly. The vials of blood, the promiscuous lifestyle, the ELLE photoshoot french-kissing her own brother…I mean, I do not consider myself media saturated, but all of sudden it was adoptions and humanitarian relief? And all these accolades?

    And by the way: to criticize “bisexuality” is not to be a so called “homophobe”. Bisexuality is very very very controversial sexual behavior, usually the sign of deep personal/psychological confusion, I don’t care what the “trendy” view is today.

    Keep in mind, AJ receive a…what is it $10 million paycheck for each of her (forgettable) films. That in and of itself is obscene. No one talks about Hollywood greed, and maybe these donations are a good idea in light of such pay. I understand the “market”, but let us face it: people go to see her (I do not) because of her “controversial” image, and not for the acting.

    And she has had loads of surgery.