Miranda Kerr: “Becoming a mother puts everything into perspective”


Miranda Kerr covers the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia, and these are some of the photos from the shoot, as well as some of the behind-the-scenes photos, courtesy of Bazaar’s slideshow here. The shoot is also notable because Miranda flashed her post-pregnancy bum – go here to see it. She looks great! In the interview, Miranda discusses baby Flynn, and posing nude and how she’s confident. As I’ve said before, I’ve really started to like Miranda. I consider her the anti-Gisele – Gisele is all about patronizing non-mothers and mothers alike with wide generalizations and judgments. Miranda seems more like a “this is my experience, other ladies have other experiences” kind of person. Here are some highlights:

Kerr on her happiness: “I’d say what makes me happy is having this little man. I’m the happiest when I’m surrounded by those I love and we are in a natural environment … It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Becoming a mother puts everything into perspective. You become more comfortable in your own skin.”

On balance: “I always say life is about balance, not about depriving yourself. If you want something then I encourage you to have it. When you deprive yourself, you naturally crave it more.”

On possibly trying to become an actress: “If someone approached me and it sounded interesting, I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but it’s not something I think about.”

[From The Mail & the Free Press]

Miranda also says that she’s still breastfeeding Flynn, who is now ten months old. While Miranda had a rather triumphant return to the catwalk for Paris Fashion Week (she walked in several of the biggest shows), she talked about the push-pull of breastfeeding while working: “I’m still breastfeeding so I have to express milk and send it back to him, and then try and see him on my breaks. I was up for hours last night as he’s teething. And when he’s crying, he just wants Mommy! It’s such hard work.” She also said the Orly Bloom “loves it! But seriously, he’s very hands on. I really couldn’t ask for a better dad.” And she couldn’t ask for a better husband either – Orly adores the hell out of her.





Photos courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

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  1. Addie says:

    Well ..Glad she didn’t generalize and just let it say “me or my expirience”

  2. islandgirl says:

    oh I like her she is so sweet and I agree, becoming a mom puts everything in perspective. Having my baby, who just turned a year, is the best thing I ever done as well. She is everything to us

    I love love this quote:

    On balance: “I always say life is about balance, not about depriving yourself. If you want something then I encourage you to have it. When you deprive yourself, you naturally crave it more.”

  3. Acorn Paste says:

    She’s very pretty. Hope she doesn’t lose her post-pregnancy figure, she looks a lot better with more weight.

  4. crys737 says:

    Shes lovely and all but its still tiring to hear these celebrity moms exalting the wonders of motherhood. Being a mother is not the only thing that makes you a strong and great woman…just saying.

  5. Auds says:

    I don’t understand why they had to airbrush the dimple on her chin (on the cover).
    Honestly, these stupid magazine editors are annoying.

  6. PrettyTarheel says:

    Love her-and totally sympathize with the expressing milk! Working full-time makes breast-feeding a bit more effort, but my son is SO healthy, so for me it’s the right choice.

  7. Pyewacket says:

    I have always found her to be a bit odd looking. I am by no means saying she isn’t pretty, just IMO, she has a strange look to her.

  8. tapioca says:

    In the famous words of Crocodile Dundee: “You call that a ‘bum’, this is a bum!!”

    She’s a pretty lady but, barring her breastfeeding-pumped boobs, the woman has no curves at all (like Gisele). Then again, Orlando Bloom likes ‘em meatless!

  9. Turtle Dove says:

    crys737 – Agree. Women are capable of childbearing and MORE. A woman’s worth is not based on her biological functions.

    PS – Lovely girl, but I am tired of hearing about her childbirth and I wish she’d stop baby pimping for the press. He’s a baby not a new accessory.

  10. Bev says:

    I’ve noticed that on this website, mothers aren’t allowed to be proud about having children. If you read her comments, or any of the other demonized celebs, they were talking about their experience of motherhood. If you don’t want to be a mother and see no fulfillment in it, then more power to you. But why are you so offended by others’ pride an happiness. For some women, being a mom is thee epitome of achievement… why is that not okay and how does that diminish you and your goals?

  11. islandgirl says:

    Bev: Great Post and ITA. It is just crazy how some people act when a woman or women said that having a baby brings so much into their lives etc. I am a proud mama and it is the best thing I ever did, no offend to others. Having my baby changes my life is so many ways and I love it.

  12. Skinnybetch says:

    She’s my favorite model and I’m happy for her and her adorable family. I hope I can find some perspective in my life without having kids because it’s just not for me.

  13. Jezi says:

    @Bev I agree!!! Being a mother is THE hardest thing. There are times you want to rip your hair out. You’re exhausted and are always “on”. But it’s such an experience. This morning I woke up to my son laying in bed next to me, starring at me and touching my face with his hand. That was the best feeling ever. That’s unconditional love right there, nothing can compare.

  14. MikeyAngel says:

    Bev and Island Girl I absolutely agree! Being a mother has changed my life. I work 45 hours a week as a professional, but that is just how I make a living. I make a living in large part for my daughter, as does her father (my husband). Our daughter is the apple of both of our eyes. We thought we had a full and complete life before her, but for us, there is no comparison to how awesome our lives are now. I can’t imagine life without her. If you don’t want to have kids, that is your choice, but many women choose to have kids, and we are damn proud of that. Plus if you haven’t carried a baby, or waited on an adoption list, you can’t understand the agony and patience it takes to give so much of yourself as a woman, so don’t knock it!

  15. Embee says:

    I don’t think that she’s any less bloviating than the rest. This is clearly a “global” statement regarding motherhood “Becoming a mother puts everything into perspective. You become more comfortable in your own skin.”

    I’m a mom and I’m glad for her that is her experience, but mine (and many mother’s) are different. I don’t identify or appreciate her words, because they drip with privilege and self-satisfaction.

    “Becoming a mother puts everything into perspective” actually says to me that she lacked perspective before because her life was frivilous. Great – good on her, but some of us had perspective/serious obligations before/without becoming parents.

    “You become more comfortable in your own skin” is just one of those statements by people with lots of resources (who is couriering those expressed bottles of milk to her child?) that bugs. I’m happy for her that she is no longer self-conscious, but again, many of us were “there” before children. Besides it’s a little “too too” in a feature where she is pictured half naked and tiny.

    I don’t think she’s an awful person and I think motherhood is great and something to enjoy/be proud, the above statements bug me.

  16. jc126 says:

    #16-MikeyAngel – if you don’t have kids or adopted one, you don’t understand the agony and patience of giving so much of yourself as a woman – I don’t think everyone without children doesn’t understand “agony and patience”. In fact, I think some of them understand those all too well.

    #17-Embee – yes, I am SO tired of “everything gets put in perspective” or “I was so selfish before I had kids” – just because the person saying that was selfish or didn’t know the proper perspective of things before they had kids doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone.

    I really don’t mind at all when people talk only about themselves and how happy they are about their lives. It’s the generalizations that are tiresome.

  17. Tiffany says:

    I don’ think it is so much as talking about being a Mother, so much as it dripping in sanctimony (Garner, Paltrow and Bunchen). I think that Kerr is adorible along with the rest of the Kerr-Bloom clan. She is speaking for herself and not lechuring others that their way is the best and only way. As for commenter who says that she pimps out her kid, has she done a campaign or layout with him. Or put her kids on parade almost everyday and then bitch about paps. No, put a photo on Twitter. So, eh on the pimping.

  18. MikeyAngel says:

    JC126, I have not adopted but literally giving my body up for 10 months (not 9) was an exercise in patience. My body was not my own. I can imagine being on an adoption waitlist and being totally at someone else’s mercy is quite the same. I am not saying no one knows, but many do not.

  19. BlackMamba says:

    @Bev you are totally right! I’m not a mother and I’m even sure that I want kids(maybe later) but I’m not offended by mothers saying it’s the best thing that happened to them. I think the women on this site who get so pissed off from people expressing the joys of motherhood have probably gotten judments in their lives from pushy family members, noisy friends, snobby moms etc and that’s why whenever somebody expresses their happiness about having children they feel that this person is judging them and telling them that their life is incomplete without children.

  20. Bev says:

    Oh definitely @Blackmamba. I recognise it for that! I have no desire to get married and I come from a community where it’s treated as the holy grail of female existence. I get how easy it is to become defensive over society prescribing for you what you should want and find joy in. But I think a lot of people here are crossing the line and irrationally jumping at every giddy celeb mom. it defeats the whole ‘I’m so happy to not be a mother’ stance they’re going for. If you’re so happy, why are you so raw?

  21. mln76 says:

    I love this family they are sooooooooo beautiful and stuff. But if I actually met her I might go postal. I mean how did this bitch get those looks that sweet hubby and gorgeous baby with zero problems.

  22. bluhare says:

    I think what annoys non moms about mothers talking about having their children is that a lot of the time they make it sound like women without children can’t possibly understand True Love and True Contentment. It’s off putting, as it makes us sound like we are less than fulfilled and have no clue about loving someone. Just my opinion.

    But her baby is cute on legs. I just want to skutch him all day.

  23. ladybert62 says:

    She is very pretty – I dont like that outfit and think the poses are too tacky and porn-like.

  24. kristen says:

    I cosign what @bluhare said. A former coworker of mine was insufferable when she came back from maternity leave. She talked about how insignificant her life was BEFORE baby, and by proxy, made me feel like mine was/is too. When we’d compare notes about our weekends, she’d kind of laugh about what I did and make some off-hand remark about how she “can’t do that now that baby’s in our lives! But I wouldn’t trade it! This is the best!” Ugh. Thanks? Sorry for ranting… I just had a moment of clarity about why I was relieved when she quit.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    No, becoming a mother does not put everything into perspective. What puts everything into perspective is becoming a GRANDMOTHER. The first time you become a mother, you think the world revolves around you and your baby. Having a generation in between you and the youngest generation in your family helps put the entire parenting experience in proportion.

    (Posted by a very proud and happy Grandma!)

  26. Rita says:

    I think Miranda is one of the prettiest women on the planet. She seems a nice person as well.

    The first time I saw her was several years ago on my first trip to Australia. A life size poster of her was on the wall on the other side of customs. She was as stunning then as she is now. I whispered to my husband:

    “If they all look like that down here, they won’t let me in.”

    To which he replied,

    “You don’t mind if I stay for a while, do you?”

    I then had to explain to the customs official that while trying to keep my shoulder bag from slipping, I “accidently” hit my husband in the face with it as my elbow seperated two of his ribs.

    They finally let us in and we had a great time.

  27. UKHels says:

    she’s utterly gorgeous so why the need for the airbrushing on the front cover, it makes her look like an alien!

    Miranda’s comments are fine – it’s when celebs act like they’re the only ones in the world who have ever had kids that piss me off

    I’ve got a 15 year old and a full time job – what advice could you possibly give me gwyneth/gisele/et al, seriously???

  28. original kate says:

    i don’t think anyone is saying to not be proud of your kids, but when some famous women say things like “it is the most important thing a woman can do” it rubs me the wrong way. it also sounds very rush limbaugh, as in keep the little lady pregnant & in the kitchen where she belongs. is it a hard job? yes. is it the hardest job in the world? personally, i think not. watching barney, reading to a toddler and finding lost binkies doesn’t seem as difficult to me as being an ER doctor, or in combat. i guess it just depends on your definition of “hard.” also, when you have lots of money and a nanny i’m sure motherhood is MUCH easier. right, celebrity moms?

  29. alma says:

    “You become more comfortable in your own skin.”

    if i looked like her i would be comfortable too! after two kids i’m still struggling to lose these 20lbs!!

  30. Anahata says:

    Well, that’s it for me. I know this site is called CeleBITCHY but I’m sick of moms being attacked here. We are LOATHED beyond all comprehension for being mothers and proud of it. See ya.

  31. Boromir's bytch says:

    I think she’s exactly like Giselle, with a side of Goopy wannabe added too.

  32. Becky says:

    Wow-she’s gorgeous. Being born that beautiful is like winning the lottery. She’s a very lucky lady!

    I have no issue with her comments about becoming a Mom as she doesn’t come across in a sanctimonious manner (unlike Gwyneth). However, I agree with @kristen and @bluhare…some mothers have a tendency to make derogatory, condescending statements towards non-mothers. I know the opposite is true, too (non-mothers making derogatory comments about mothers) but for whatever reason I don’t hear them too frequently IRL. As someone who is 39 and childless, I’m definitely in the minority amongst my peers and it gets lonely sometimes. I wish women would respect each other’s choices (or life situations-some things really aren’t a choice) and quit with the judging. There’s so much of it out there…Moms vs. Non-Moms, Working Moms vs. Stay at Home Moms, etc. Men don’t do this to each other. Why are women so hard on one another? Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  33. Kloops says:

    Cosign @Bev. It’s Miranda’s personal experience and she’s entitled to it. It doesn’t make her less of a woman. I’m a mother (also a working professional) and having kids is the most amazing, wonderful, fulfilling, life altering, frustrating, demanding, annoying, boring, exhausting, mind numbing, mind blowing, disgusting, sad, joyful, hilarious, hopeful and purposeful thing I am currently doing. But that’s just my experience. And as a woman, I own it.

  34. Isa says:

    I’m less comfortable in my own skin now. I have a linea nigra, c-section scar, and stretch marks thanks to baby number 2! Her baby was a few ounces bigger than mine. Lucky woman.

  35. Rita says:

    We always think of these celebrities as being very wealthy but in picture #3 it’s obvious she’s not doing that well. She still can’t afford a flat screen TV or cable.

    @Isa- Something tells me you could hold your own standing next to Miranda…stretch marks and all. You always sound so lovely.

  36. Alison says:

    I really wish she would stop with the self congratulatory rubbish about motherhood. It’s like a self starving actor saying that they don’t diet. We’re all supposed to say ‘OMG, wow … she’s so lucky … blah blah blah’ She’s boring and she’s JUST A MODEL! Not a doctor or medical researcher curing diseases or actually contributing ANYTHING useful to the planet. Just contorting her body to be photographed.

  37. Naomi says:

    I hate American culture! Our culture worships mothers. We put them on a pedestal and pregnant women can do/say anything they want. It is very cult-like here. In Europe and most other parts of the world, it is no big deal. Here it is “empowering” “puts everything in perspective” “I want to be a young mom.” So much for the womens movement when our culture worships babies. Fathers get zero credit and are always portrayed as dumb and women have to put up with them. I doubt having a kid is THAT great! Every mother I know looks like she hasnt had a greatlay in a long time and just the very well off ones actually enjoy motherhood, because they have all the resources. Im 23 and fresh out of college. I want no part of babies for the next 15 years. I avoid pregnant people and people with babies/kids altogether. They have a superiority complex. In our society, a woman only has respect once she has a man or a kid. We are going backwards more than anything. Hollywood’s baby culture has to end soon! Kids are not trophies. Not to mention the work, time and expense. I love kids/animals but my friend just got married at 23 and wants to start a family like rightnow! Fresh out of Boston College, what a waste of a degree. Im sorry but chicks just go to college to get a husband and the feminists end up looking bad. What a world. There isnt one celebrity that doesnt have a kid, and everyone else has a kid in America/Europe on welfare/benefits.
    Is there no other news in the world? Miranda Kerr had her babay like a whole year ago! Seriously and she is just a model and not even a good one like Gisele. Talk about boring…or her baby. Stop publishing this crap and women will get off their butts to get real men, with real lives, so they can have real marriages with real kids not sperm donors lol

  38. Rita says:


    “Every mother I know looks like she hasnt had a greatlay in a long time…”

    To each his own, as far as motherhood is concerned but after that rant, I might suggest getting a “great lay” yourself….and soon, just don’t get pregnant.

    Just kidding dear. Enjoyed your comment.

  39. B says:

    She’s a little better than most obsessive, patronizing, holier-than-thou mothers, I’ll give her that.

  40. Lindy says:

    Look, I’m a mom–I have a two-year-old little boy whom I love more than the whole universe. And I BFed for 13 months while working outside the home full-time, and yeah, it was really tough. And my experience as a mother has totally shifted my ideas/perspective/priorities. Big time. But…. Why do comments like these from celeb moms about motherhood always make me feel like having a kid is the bestest thing ever–as if women are not also defined by many other things. I dunno… It just sets my teeth on edge.

  41. Sue says:

    She pretty but I don’t like her and I don’t find orlando bloom attractive what so ever.

  42. Isa says:

    Rita- My favorite commenter! You need a gravatar! And I wish…oh I wish! :)

  43. DetRiotgirl says:

    I don’t particularly care one way or the other about anyone else’s opinions on motherhood. If you have kids, I hope you love them and that they have a profound effect on your life. All children need loving parents, and I think a great parent deserves all the props in the world.

    However, if you don’t want kids, that’s great too! The world is grossly overpopulated. I think it’s a good, needed thing that some of us don’t reproduce. There’s no shame in it.

    Just as the excellent parents out there do the world a service by giving their all to raising their kids, us childless folks do the world a service by keeping our population growth in check. I respect everybody, and everybody wins!

    Anyway, about Miranda. I always thought she had this oddly childlike quality to her face that sort of gave her underwear modeling a bit of an unpleasantly strange vibe to me. I mean, she’s gorgeous and all. But, something about her never really worked for me overall.

    But, holy cow, she looks great in these shots! I don’t know if she maybe put on a little weight or if something about motherhood has given a more mature look to her face, but I think she looks absolutely perfect here! Wow.

  44. the H says:

    Oh noes. Not the kid topic again.

    M looks great tho.

  45. me! says:

    @ Naomi. You’ve brought up feminism, so I feel I must clarify – to me feminism is about choice, and as a feminist I support women’s right to choose. I might not agree with your friend wanting to have a baby at 23, but if she is making a considered choice for herself, I think she should go for it. I also support women who wish to pursue modelling as a rewarding career, but to say “she is just a model and not even a good one like Gisele” is judging beauty by a very narrow lens, and that’s really not on.

  46. Ramona Q. says:

    Comment #24 by Bluhare: Yes! And I didn’t even realize I agree with you until you said it so well.

  47. Kay says:

    Oh, for god’s sake. Giving birth was not the hardest/most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. I was pregnant for nine months, only 3 of which were really uncomfortable for me. For 6 months, I just felt really bloated and tired.

    Putting myself through college at an older age once I already had a family was the hardest – it took 5 years.

    Yes, I love being a mother and yes, it is exhausting and rewarding, but I have other things in my life that I love and that exhaust me – the rest of my family, the career I worked so hard for. And when my child is grown up, I will be satisfied with the fact that I raised a wonderful human being but also that I had a life outside my kid, that I have a wonderful husband who is my best friend and that I have a job that is fulfilling and lets me make a difference in other people’s lives. Gain some perspective, mothers. Not everyone who is tired of hearing how motherhood is the greatest human act is attacking motherhood itself, just the sanctimonious blowhards that act like motherhood should be the ONLY want in a woman’s life and that people who can’t or don’t feel the need to have children couldn’t possibly understand what it is to have a full life.

    I can’t possibly understand what it is like to be a police officer since I have never done the job, but I think I can say my human experience will not be less complete or fulfilling because I have not.

  48. smh says:

    she resembles frodo a bit, on this cover. so is that why orlando married her hmm? slash fanfiction come true lol

  49. Turtle Dove says:

    Kay, Lindy and Naomi – Hats off to you. Great comments.

  50. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I just can’t get the rose quartz out of head. I mean, she seems like a sweetheart in interviews but, did someone hit her in the head? Like, a lot? Or am I hater because I realize she’s not really a competitor for the Fullbright? Seems sweet, but holy…

    If I say the motherhood statements are trite, a war could break out, so I’ll sound cover model chic and simply say, ‘jejune, dahling’. I never knew I could another person so much, and then this bald little person just looks up at you, and… Ha! It’s fun being more correct than nasty at the moment. You can’t judge a book by its colour, but at least judge it by its contents.

    Me and my sky-high, unfulfilled tits are gonna hit the grocery store, and we’ll just see what all of you strangers have to type about it.