Princess Charlene looks more alert, happy with Albert: cute or still busted?


These are some new photos of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene doing something charitable in Monaco yesterday. I don’t know what, and I don’t really care, honestly. It involved Charlene wearing a little black dress and posing with a child and some flowers. I’m still not loving her “I’m in a terrible marriage” bangs trauma, but ever since Charlene was “allowed” to do some public events on her ownplus go to Paris for Fashion Week – she’s been looking better. Not so druggy and zombie-like. Her face is actually showing emotion and she doesn’t look nauseous while standing next to her husband. VICTORY. Now Charlene just needs to get knocked up, right?

Charlene, Princess of Monaco has only been married to Albert II of Monaco for three months, but she already looks every inch the modern princess… and mother. The South African former swimmer, looked natural and relaxed at a recent charity event in Monte Carlo.

The Prince and Princess were attending the Monaco Humanitary Group Presentation yesterday, and when asked to pose for photos with a group of children, Charlene warmly chatted and joked with a pretty little girl before lifting her into her arms. The overwhelmed youngster looked unsure how to react, but Charlene took the whole situation in her stride, smiling straight at her little fan before turning to the cameras.

Monaco’s newest princess looked beautiful in a simple black dress with her trademark low bun and minimal accessories. Her husband proudly rested his hand on Charlene’s back as she held the child.

There is a lot of pressure on the 33-year-old to produce an heir for the House of Grimaldi.
Albert II’s two sisters Caroline and Stephanie have seven children between them. But the Prince’s two children, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Alexandre Coste, were born out-of-wedlock and are therefore ineligible for succession to the throne.

Adopting is therefore also not an option for the couple. Fifty-three-year-old Albert will also be keen to have a child as soon as possible.

[From The Mail]

I’m not Eyes for Lies or anything, but the feeling I keep getting from photos of Albert and Charlene together is that HE isn’t even into it. Like, obviously, Charlene feels the vom when she thinks about sharing a marital bed with him, but Albert isn’t even interested. He’d rather be on his yacht, boning cocktail waitresses or whatever. Besides, how is Charlene supposed to conceive when (as she admitted in a recent interview) it’s not even a matter of staying in the same bed – they aren’t even in the same home. Albert is staying at the palace, while Charlene stays at the royal country home, Roc Agel. Maybe the heir to the Grimaldi throne will be conceived in a lab. If so, good for them.

I’m including a photo of Albert and Charlene from last week, just because they look nice together and Charlene looks great in green.






Photos courtesy of WENN.

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17 Responses to “Princess Charlene looks more alert, happy with Albert: cute or still busted?”

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  1. Liz says:

    nope. still all a pretend game.

  2. ladybert62 says:

    Dang, I LOVE the way she dresses! Absolutely classy – always.

    She does look happier – maybe she stopped taking some kind of medication?

    Anyway, they dont need to be in the same bed to get her pregnant – modern life has shown us that science can help with that one – he goes to the lab one day and she goes to the lab the next day – and wham, pregnant!

  3. Hautie says:

    A comb over? Really.

    He is combing over those 6 hairs as if it really hides anything.

    Love the little girl dressed in orange. Just giving all kinds of side eye to the public.

    But Charlene does look relaxed. Good for her. Maybe she finally moved all his jump-off’s out of the Palace. Now he can find time to be pleasant to her.

    And I could have swore he had at least 3 children. From the jump-off parade.

  4. Addie says:

    Nope, not happier with Albert, just getting better at acting.

  5. Bermuda Blues says:

    Guarantee their heir will be lab made. The sooner, the better – for Charlene.

  6. Call Me Al says:

    She always looks great. She is a beautiful girl with a great body. Nice clothing choices. Get out of there, Charlene!

  7. smh says:

    her eyes look smaller. maybe procedure caused it because i don’t think she would have bad eye-make up applied on her.

  8. Acorn Paste says:

    I love that green ensemble.

  9. Christine says:

    I hope Albert is starting to feel old, fat and bald next to her. He’s not old, but I hope he feels “less than” next to her. He’s such a slimy asshat.

  10. Rashiel says:

    She’s looking happier and more relaxed.

    But damn, the plastic surgeries have done a number on her face, and it’s bad. I hope she stops with the botox, cheek implants, etc. because she’s starting to look cartoon-ish and freaky.

    She was a very pretty girl, too bad she (or whoever told her) felt she needed to mess up her face and body (she has breast implants, too). Her face looks so old and ‘tough’ now. Nothing left of the natural prettiness she had before she had 2 nose jobs, face lift, and whatever else she’s had done.

    I hope all this is worth it.

  11. V says:

    She always looks like she’s trying to appear smaller. She should straighten her posture.

  12. jane16 says:

    I think she looks pretty, but she’s a ringer for one of my sisters, so I’m prejudiced. btw, she def looks like she’s got botox going on, but my sis has her same face shape, nose, eye shape, and coloring for that matter, and my sis has n e v e r had plastic surgery. Also, don’t think she looks particularly happy with this creep, but she seems to be making a better effort. Agree with the poster that said she should stand tall.

  13. Firecracker says:

    I love that green dress too! Another poster on another thread said that maybe it’s just the way she looks (regarding the sad expression). I think I agree with this.

  14. Vanden says:

    She looks so much happier! Part of me suspects that someone on their staff alerted them to how the press have picked up on how miserable and out of it she looked and she’s stepping up her game. But i hope that it’s genuine and she’s actually happier

  15. eternalcanadian says:

    Still a faker. All hunched over and tentative. Quite pitiful, imo.