Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Kingston Rossdale are in the midst of a grand romance


There are lots of tabloid stories about the Jolie-Pitt children this week, for whatever reason. Most of the stories are pretty dumb and/or completely unreliable, but there are a few gems of hilarity. First, one of the more reliable stories: according to Life & Style, Knox and Vivienne (who are three-years-old) are now enrolled in school! While Brad is finishing up the interminable World War Z in Budapest, L&S claims that Viv and Knox were enrolled in the Lycée Français Gustave Eiffel. It’s the same school that the older kids were enrolled in last winter and spring, when Angelina was shooting In the Land of Blood and Honey. A source tells L&S, “The twins are really excited that they’re finally in preschool. They have long seen the other kids pack up and head off to school and yearned to be a part of it all. Now they can finally join them!” But… it would be preschool, correct? It’s not like three-year-olds go to school all day like the older kids, right?

Next story, from In Touch Weekly, of course. And wouldn’t you know, it’s a story about how Angelina Jolie is a TERRIBLE mother who abandons her children:

The Jolie-Pitt family have been living in Hungary while Brad Pitt works on his new film World War Z, but the actor put everything aside to care for his youngest daughter!

According to In Touch, Brad and Angelina rushed Vivienne to a Hungarian hospital for a stomach bug. Angelina Jolie took her daughter to the hospital, but then she had to go to Libya for a UN humanitarian mission — leaving Brad to take care of his sick child!

Always the doting father, Brad cared for Vivienne, in addition to her five brothers and sisters, while Angelina was away. In Touch reports that Brad was exhausted and stressed without Angelina’s help — he is “cracking under the pressure” while Angelina travels.

The family will likely be in Hungary through Christmas, so we hope little Vivienne is feeling better!

[From Holly Baby]

Did this really happen? Eh. I bet Vivienne probably did get sick, and maybe they did go to the hospital. I’ll buy that Viv was even sick just days before Angelina’s trip to Libya. But I doubt Angelina would have “abandoned” one of her children if they were really, really sick. Or maybe she would and she just figured that Brad could handle it and her plane tickets were non-refundable or whatever.

And now, to end it with the funny story – once again, this comes from In Touch. They claim that Shiloh J-P and Kingston Rossdale are in the midst of some kind of epic romance. They were born within days of each other, and they moms (Angelina and Gwen Stefani) have “played matchmaker” and encouraged the love affair between the two five-and-a-half-year-olds. That’s probably why Angelina and Gwen met up for a playdate in London – they were allowing love to blossom. A source tells the mag, “Shiloh and Kingston love playing the same games, watching the same movies and even dressing up in the same silly costumes.” And they have a “very special bond” and Skype when they’re not in the same city. Is it weird that I think Kingston might be more into Empress Z?






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  1. normades says:

    Viv is so cute. They all are

  2. ShanKat says:

    Meanwhile, Suri quietly builds her arsenal of room service steak knives.

  3. Tina says:

    Why is it not ok for a mom to leave her child in the father’s care? Sometimes my husband stays home with my daughter when she is sick, sometimes I stay home. It’s 2011. Sheesh!

  4. mln76 says:

    At the same time that I say those kids are adorable
    I think these stories are a bit creepy.
    I would rather they just make up
    stories about the adults thank you!

  5. Callli Pygian says:

    So silly. Kids get gi viruses all the time. Our entire family has been sick simultaneously once (pretty awful, but we survived). It’s not unheard of to have one parent pick up the slack when another is unavailable. That’s called parenting, and surviving.

  6. NM9005 says:

    Are those children going to get haunted their entire childhood with dumb stories like this? It would also help if Jolie would keep their quirks (like Shiloh likes to dress like a boy, their personalities…) for herself until they decide she can blab about it. And the suggestion that Kingston might be more into Zahara, that’s weird. Their children, why would you think about this? Because it would be cute and their famous? It’s like we act like we know them (thanks Jolie) and making up scenarios already. It’s getting creepy. I think we already know too much anyway.

  7. Dibba says:

    REE-DONK-U-LUS. Much ado about nothing. Glad the kids are in school. I must admit I find your fixation on Zahara creepy and annoying! Angie might need to tone down the charitable work until kids are older. Raising a family takes alot of out you.

  8. melanie says:

    5 year olds – love affair? This IS sick and creepy and low – even for a sleazy tabloid.

  9. Ashley says:

    Kingston digs blondes. Sorry. Also, they’re 5! Of course Kingston won’t be into the prissy girly Z. He wants to play boy games, just like Shi.

  10. pwal says:

    Yeah… it’s a bit of a leap to call Angelina a bad mother for leaving her sick child with her father. After all, BRAD IS HER FATHER, and it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Brad could handle it. Plus, it’s also possible that lil Vivi is neck deep in the Oedipal stage, i.e. wanting Daddy and only Daddy. Then if this hypothetical situation happen and Vivi cried and clung to Brad, while Angelina just stood there (missing her plane or whatever) she would still be accused of being a bad mother.

  11. Toot says:

    In Touch has a straight up hate going on for Angelina. That story about Angelina leaving a sick Vivienne at the hospital to run to Libya is such a haters dream story, I know who they’re selling to.

    I guess since we haven’t been able to see the family since they went to Hungary, the tabs have to really make up even more outlandish stories out of their asses.

    Ending on a positive note, the kids looked cute in the pics posted.

  12. NM9005 says:

    @mln76: exactly! Some bloggers talked about how “cool” it would be if Shiloh and Kingston would start dating when they grow-up since they were born. Totally rock n’ roll dude, umh no…It’s dumb and childish and goes too far, I mean they’re children. It’s worse enough that Jolie gives fans and bloggers too much info, the people actually use it to make up stupid scenarios. I think they are just obsessing about it as fans but won’t admit it =).

  13. Pyewacket says:

    I really get tired of adults snarking on Suri. Let’s remember, she is also a CHILD, and there is no need to paint her like a deranged knife collector.


  14. texasmom says:

    I so agree with Tina and Callli — how can leaving your sick child in the care of A LOVING PARENT be “abandoning” him or her???

  15. Jenny says:

    I have said many times that children, all children should be left the hell alone in tabloids and blogs. It is creepy that folks are interested in the supposed “romantic lives” of children anyway. Wasn’t she called a lesbian by the same creepy writers and since that did not pan out, now she has a romance with a little boy? Leave them all alone!!!

  16. Mac says:

    Ange looks hideous, is she ill??

  17. Praise St. Angie! says:

    aw. love Vivienne’s little red shoes.

    pre-school is a great thing. I think that kids who do it sort of have a leg-up on kids that don’t. daily social interaction with a large group, exposure to the classroom setting, etc. and some kids need that extra “prep time” in order to flourish once they get to “real” school.

  18. disgusted says:

    Sick, sick, sick. Picking on little kids about their wardrobe is bad enough, but “love affair”? Perverted.

  19. kwanitaka says:

    Your Empress Z has a hairline that starts at the back of her head.

    What is with the blankets? My son never had one.

  20. pwal says:

    October 20th, 2011 at 9:41 am

    5 year olds – love affair? This IS sick and creepy and low – even for a sleazy tabloid.

    Well, this isn’t first time they painted possible puppy love as some epic love affair. They did that with Zee years ago. Adam Pearl, Marianne’s little boy was Zee’s alleged object of affection. Alleged, in that Zee was around two years old at the time…

  21. Ashley says:

    I am sure that Brad and the nannies coped with Viv’s illness and the other kids just fine without Angelina.

  22. Original Chloe ) says:

    Making up stories about kids does verge on creepy.

  23. Julia says:

    Why should Jolie tone her charitable work until the kids are grown ? Plenty of women have one or two jobs and don’t see their children as often and can’t take care properly for them. Plus they are enganged in a single parent family, which makes it worse.

    One of my mother’s best friend who was an international official just like mum used to travel (like my mum who had 5 children and we are all well educated, all have multiple college degrees, all are multilingual and were able to cook like pros, do the laundry, the dishes at 12 between our homework while she was away even when dad was off at night as a doctor) on missions for days and weeks.

    This friend’s husband was working for the brittish government abroad and was back home two week every 6 months. They had a single boy, 12 when i first met him, extremely well educated and precocious, always the best pupil in his class, multilingual who could talk about various mature subjects including politics in a way that would put most adults to shame. He was able to handle himself properly and lived with the neighbour in her home each time his mum was abroad. He is now a young diplomat and well around person from the elite who has a close relationship with both of his parents.

    Women should be able to work and go on with their activities while having kids. Taking care of children doesn’t mean overprotecting them by being present constantly as to preevent anything that could go wrong, it also includes to responsibilize them when you are away. Jolie more than anyone of us in here (except those who don’t work) spend more time with her children that we will ever do, has plenty of help and can count on her man, family to cater for the children when she is away for a few days.

  24. silken_floss says:

    Shiloh’s my favorite! She’s seems like such a happy child :)

  25. MarenGermany says:

    I LOVE SHILOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    god, that girl is gold.

    agree with @ Original Chloe / disgusted.
    Those are kids. Leave them alone.

  26. Original Chloe ) says:

    Also, how on earth is a mother going to work while the kid stays with their *dad* a bad mother.

    Eh, no tab love for La Jolie.

  27. Pat says:

    I agree creepy. However to stop the cycle blogs like celebitchy have to stop posting on it as well. Problem is that the fans of Brad/Angie are so obsessed with this family that they buy this stuff up and love it. This unfortunately keeps this crazy cycle of tabloids talking about children going.

  28. munchies says:

    its called security blanket. i still have mine, faded pink now well kept in cabinet.

  29. Addie says:

    It is NOT ok to speculate about children’s “crushes and love lives” They are 5 years old!
    This is the time of their lives that is innocent and romance free, let them play as buddies for now geez.

    Hate how they vilify Angie and make Brad look like he is a victim.
    She is a very capable mom and most people know this, proving that stories like this are bogus.

  30. islandgirl says:

    I have a 1 year old and me and my husband take turns staying at home when she is sick. InTouch have a serious hate on for Jolie. It is creepy

  31. Anna says:

    I think because does not have pictures of them in this days so the tabloids invent. It seems that a site has some photos of Budapest Angelina with Maddox and Pax in their house in Budapest

  32. jinni says:

    #29 Pat: Precisely. The paps and tabs aren’t just stalking these kids for their own health; this is business. If it weren’t for people like us ( yes every last one of us , even the lurkers)that go on these sites and read/post on these blogs creating a demand for pictures and stories like these than there wouldn’t be any stories or pictures. Even if you come on here to say you’re against this kind of thing you are adding to the problem because any kind of attention given to these stories/pics increases there likelihood of being posted which increases the likelihood of these kids being stalked.

    If you really want these kids to have peace you wouldn’t post or read these stories, nor would you buy any magazine (even the ones that their parents have personally allowed their kids to be photographed)in the first place, so until than all of you guys complaining need to get off your high horse and stop being a part of the problem.

  33. Ashley says:

    @ everyone thinking a love story is perverted – Seriously?

    I agree that the tabs go to far, but you guys are delving way too far into it thinking anything less than innocent thoughts.

    Most parents joke about their little daughter/son’s boyfriend/girlfriend at 6 months old. and it lasts until the kids start noticing that boys and girls are looked at differently by them all of a sudden. It’s a harmless story that’s kind of super adorable.

    I think Z would be perfect for Prestion, and I’m rooting for Viv and Jayden

  34. really says:

    Shiloh should slap him now, because Kingston Rossdale looks like he is going to be rather annoying!

  35. sharylmj says:

    such cute kids!! love them… I get that Kingston would rather play with Shiloh than Z… but that’s all it is when you are 5, play.. not a love affair, give me a break. I agree that Brad is completely capable of taking care of his kids, both Brad and Angelina are hands on parents, plus they have a bunch of nannies to help out.

  36. STOPGOOP says:

    I can’t tell whether I don’t care or I don’t like this story. I wish tabs would focus on the adults, not the kids. The headline actually made me gag

  37. Kloops says:

    Those kids look so happy, well adjusted and normal. Kudos to the Jolie-Pitts & nannies et al for pulling that off (so far).

  38. smh says:

    @37 well, he IS gwen and gavin’s son.

  39. judyjudy says:

    Wait…I thought they were raising Shiloh to be a lesbian. Are they going for the “bi” angle now? How progressive!


  40. isis3 says:

    The person who runs this blog everytime that the mags make a cute story about Shiloh , she turns always in favor to her adopted sister zahara.
    Like someone said since kingston and Shiloh born , fans and bloggers always mencioned the fact that if in the future they falling in love that will be the most amazing couple. They have a lot in common so its possible that they can be close friends or more, who knows: )

    For the person who run this blog i would like to say that is better you gonna be prepare to acept that the star of joliepitt family are Shiloh and the twins. The interesting of the media and ppublic is on the biological kids. Especcially Shiloh, she is the most famous of the joliepitt kids. You have to accept that. So is better you begin to forget the empress z because no one is interesting.

  41. mln76 says:

    I actually don’t think the story is perverted just invasive and part of a pattern of the tabs to make shit up about their parents. And yes I admit we the fans are a big part of the problem. The Jolie-Pitt kids (ALL OF THEM not just the biologicals) each have such distinctive personalities and we as a public have watched them grow up. We want to be a part of the party. But they deserve some privacy. There is a big difference in looking at pap pics of them going into a store etc then looking at pap pics of them on their property and speculating about their love lives. Also the story about Viv is probably made up or sensationalized and it’s creepy that the tabs want to make her sick in order to create another Angie is a bad mom story.

  42. yep says:

    Nah, maybe she figured her nannies could handle it cause I really doubt brad Pitt has ever taken care of Angelina’s kids on his own.

  43. Cheyenne says:

    If In Touch ever printed a positive story about Angie they would lose half their subscription base. Go figure.

    @Ashley: Co-sign. I remember when my son had a mad crush on a little girl in his kindergarten class. By first grade they had both outgrown each other.

    Viv is really cute!

  44. Tabliods are nonsense.The kids are cute,and the family looks happy.

  45. Reece says:

    Well they’re 5, so for now it’s about Shiloh cuz she’s a tomboy and rough and tumbly. But later Empress Zahara walks in and BAM!…mind blown. Just like her mama.
    Poor Kingston, he never had a chance. LMAO!!

  46. lucy2 says:

    I wish the tabloids would stop writing stories about all celebrity kids. It’s so unfair to them.

  47. fuefina mccormick says:

    Knox looks a lot like Jon Voight …

  48. Cheyenne says:

    @lucy2: Those stories sell the tabloids. A tabloid editor with a sense of decency is about as rare as a two-headed giraffe. The only thing they care about is their bottom line.

  49. Belle Epoch says:

    #2 Shan Kat – BRILLIANT. Suri is the most publicized child on Earth, and has been ever since they bought her and put that weird baby picture on the cover of PEOPLE. L’il Tom apparently went to great lengths to get Suri, and she is a vital part of his public image. If the parents are going to publicize her every move – which they do – then they turned her into fair game. Same thing with Sarah Palin – once you parade your kids in front of the country and make them part of your publicity campaign, it’s silly to turn around and pretend you care about their privacy. Other celebrity kids are kept out of the limelight, so it IS possible.

  50. Emily says:

    When I first saw this item, I thought I was going to read about how they were in a play together, 1. because of the make-up, and 2. because I mis-read “romance” as “performance”. Because how on earth could two 5 year olds be in a romance?

  51. Tazina says:

    Silly headline. I trust you’re joking but it’s not really funny.

  52. pwal says:

    52.Belle Epoch:
    October 20th, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    #2 Shan Kat – BRILLIANT. Suri is the most publicized child on Earth, and has been ever since they bought her and put that weird baby picture on the cover of PEOPLE. L’il Tom apparently went to great lengths to get Suri, and she is a vital part of his public image. If the parents are going to publicize her every move – which they do – then they turned her into fair game. Same thing with Sarah Palin – once you parade your kids in front of the country and make them part of your publicity campaign, it’s silly to turn around and pretend you care about their privacy. Other celebrity kids are kept out of the limelight, so it IS possible.

    Hold on… Suri’s ‘debut’ wasn’t on People’s cover – it was Vanity Fair. And the Cruises weren’t compensated for it. I don’t think they paid Annie Leibowicz (sp) to snap it.

    As for children being public domain, I say no. And yeah, it’s messed up that many, including me, enjoy seeing pics of celeb kids. But then again, those who like celeb kids’ pics will likely enjoy seeing baby pics in their own life. And I seriously doubt that those of us who see kids’ pics in their parents’ cubicle will demand to know every aspect of their children’s lives.

    Myself, I don’t need to know which celeb child is playing with or crushing on another celeb’s kid or a civilian child. But it bothers the hell out of me that some celeb children are only afforded respect and privacy if and only if some tragedy is involved. Matilda Ledger, Daniellyn Smith, and Phil Hartman’s kids come to mind.

  53. Freya says:

    “….I really doubt Brad Pitt has ever taken care of Angelina’s kids on his own.”

    Why do you say “Angelina’s kids?” Aren’t they also his kids?

  54. Camille says:

    Meh on the Tab Tall-Tales.

    AJ is beautiful, love seeing pics of her.

    And my son is 4 and still has his ‘blankey’. I also had one when I was a kid. Kids outgrow them when they are ready, its really nothing for people to ‘stress’ over. :roll:

  55. pwal says:

    56. Freya:
    October 20th, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    “….I really doubt Brad Pitt has ever taken care of Angelina’s kids on his own.”

    Why do you say “Angelina’s kids?” Aren’t they also his kids?


    That’s just residue from last month’s hen-powered fcukery. Because for a few days there, when the press was sure that Angelina was mad at Brad, the hens were willing to take Angelina into their hearts (temporarily).

  56. Kim says:

    Im ready to boycott In Touch for them putting an exclamation mark after saying Angie left Brad to care for THEIR daughter!! WTF?? A father cant take of his own child? The mother has to or is a bad parent??!! So sexist!!!

  57. Sakyiwaa says:

    Really inappropriate.
    Incredulous stories. Both of them are BS. The day In Touch actually knows what goes on in the J-P hsehold, it’ll be the Apocalyspe.

  58. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Camille – re: the blanky, I agree it’s not a big deal. My 21 yo son still has his favorite blanky, too. He keeps it folded at the end of his bed now, but he won’t let me get rid of it. (PS, please everyone, don’t say anything, he’d probably kill me if he knew I told anyone, lol!) But then again, I still have my favorite teddy bear from when I was a baby, too. It just sits in the closet now, but it’s special to me.

  59. mcmiller says:

    I know it’s not nice to say, but I gotta say it: Knox and Shiloh look like there is something wrong with them.

  60. Original Chloe ) says:

    @Ashley (36)

    I don’t *seriously* think that this particular story is perverted, what I think (and say on regular basis) is that there’s in general much too much speculation going on about these kids and their lives, often performed under the false pretense of care or compassion or whatnot, by the tabloids and by the blogosphere, and this is just another example of the industry making money by (most probably) simply inventing stuff about children who are absolutely powerless in the process. Kaiser actually points out how much is written about the Jolie-Pitt kids and refuses to report on the majority of it.

    It’s not an occasional photo here and there (which you could somehow excuse because they have famous parents) that I’m talking about and objecting to, it’s the whole gossip industry created around these children, a large part of which is actually pretty malicious: toxic family, bad parenting, neglect, speculation about their sexuality, or their supposed Down syndrome (with pretty horrible comments on all that, just browse some gossip blogs) – to name but a few examples.

  61. DD says:

    omg they are only 5! give me a break.

    Really cute kids though all of them.

    @mcmiller – the only thing that looks wrong with those kids is your jealousy.

  62. Anon says:

    The tabloid writers see a picture and make a bunch of crapola up. Who actually gives these foolish tabs a penny of your hard earned money? Stop.

  63. sandy#1 says:

    i don’t think the stories are true, but i agree, the stories are not appropriate, i am a fan of this family, without going into the creepy factor.

  64. Fritzi Schniter says:

    Beautiful families! Lucky kids to have two loving parents who seem to have their priorities straight.Gwen,Gavin, Angie and Brad IMO are doing a great job.

  65. eternalcanadian says:

    I really dislike when parents try to make a “rommance” or matchmake their children of opposite genders. What are parents trying to do or prove by doing such things? Do they immediately presume their children are heterosexual? No wonder parents are always devastated when their kids end up going the same-gender way. Let’s all just assume our children are homosexual and be devastated when they aren’t, eh?

    And shame on those tabloids and blogs for writing about such ridiculousness. Let’s focus on people that are old enough to date in the first place. :)