Beyonce’s Deflated Bump of the Day: why does she keep doing this?


Seriously, Beyonce? I feel like she’s just trying to get us to talk about her endlessly at this point, and that’s why she continues to play everybody’s favorite new game, The Magical Inflating and Deflating Bump. These are photos of Bey from Tuesday (in that silver-grey sweater) and Wednesday (in all black). The difference in bump sizes is RADICALLY different in just two days’ time. And it’s not like her baby bump is growing consistently, either. On Tuesday, it looks like maybe she’s five or six months pregnant:


And then yesterday, she looks like she’s maybe just got out of her first trimester:


WTF, Bey? Is it just a matter of her wanting to bumpwhore (famewhoring the real or alleged bump)? Or is it a matter of laziness on her part, like she gets bored with always padding it, and sometimes she just wants to go natural? I have no idea.

Tina Knowles is talking about her daughter’s pregnancy too. Tina told Life & Style that Bey and Jay do know what they’re having, but they don’t want the gender out there. Tina also says that Bey has already gone through morning sickness, “but she’s got past it now… She’s doing really good. She’s busy. She’s craving waffles. The normal – just wanting to eat!” You can read more here.

Do you want to see the video of Bey’s deflated bump again? I love it so much. I’m also adding an update from that Australian show, which showed a new angle.




Photos of Beyonce on October 18 & 19, courtesy of Pacific Coast News and Fame.

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  1. tapioca says:


    So people will keep posting about her, because being constantly in the public eye is the only thing that validates a certain type of celebrity.

    Mind you, I much prefer the shameless fame-hos like Wonkybump Beyonkydonk to the poor tormented souls that hate every second of being famous whilst simultaneously posing for the cover of UK GQ magazine in a bikini…

  2. Addie says:

    I’m stumped.

    Why is she not staying “in character” and keep padding until her bump grows on it’s own?

  3. paola says:

    This is getting ridicolous now. i really like beyoncè but now she’s crossing the line. the right word now is FAMEWHORE!

  4. Dibba says:

    Do we really have to endure 8 months of this?

  5. Kellie says:

    It doesnt really matter if she is or isnt. The proof will be once the child is born. Knowing her it will be a “manufactured” baby and look nothing like Jay-Z and well all know that dude has some strong genes.

  6. anemoneblue says:

    Can’t stand her. Never could

  7. Sue says:

    Are we still going with she actually pregnant? Just checking……

  8. Quest says:

    Famewhoring much. (It is actually working) Next time Bey has a public outing she should walk with the bicycle pump just in case the belly deflates in public

  9. lilibet says:

    Neither outfits are tight against her so it’s just based on how baggy her tops are not how big her bump is!

  10. glyrics says:

    @Addie. She can’t act.

    Hasn’t the baby Mama told “Bey” what sex the baby she’s carrying for “Bey” is? Is “Bey” in her life at all? Or is she some clueless pregnant who thinks her baby is going to a good home?

  11. konspiracytheory says:

    On the plus side, she must be feeling well – God knows I was so sick with each of my pregnancies that I wouldn’t have had the energy for these shenanigans.

  12. CT says:

    Apparently Beyonce and I are having the same pregnancy craving: waffles. Ugh. (My husband says our house smells like maple syrup now. Oops.)

    Step off, Bey. I have to actually, you know, give birth in less than two months. I win. :-P

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    Because she’s a (non-pregnant) fame-whoring jack-ass.

    “Her baby” will be Jay’s from his little French side-dish, with an ample pay-out for said services.

  14. mel says:

    I cant believe this she didnt want the world to know when she got married but teasing the world about her pregnancy. Her credibility is zero now.

  15. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    How can one wear those high shoes when pregnant, don’t the feet swell up and isn’t Beyonce afraid she’s going to trip, I guess not since she has people to hold her up.

  16. sarah says:

    The last video is of a better quality than the other ones and finally it’s clearly seen that it’s just the dress which is deflating. Watch it one more time

  17. lucy2 says:

    I think she’s pregnant (looks like she’s gained some weight), but added a bit of padding now and then to emphasize it. Don’t know why anyone would do that, but that’s my guess.
    Both of those outfits are baggy, hard to tell anything from them.

  18. DeeVine says:

    @sarah: totally agree, in the better quality video there is no doubt that it is the fabric that folded. It folded instead of draped cos she put her hand down in front between her legs as she sat down.

    I don’t like Beyonce but sorry folks, there is no bumpgate.

  19. Bev says:

    Okay, so I’ve been laughing off this whole conspiracy thing because really … who can be that twisted right? Now I just don’t know. I see no traces of bump in these all-black pictures.

    What horror festival is she trying to stage? This sort of thing always comes out… you can’t just fake a pregnancy. I swear this is a never-ending episode of the Twilight Zone set somewhere in Texas where the people inexplicably walk on stilts and outsource their babies.

  20. ViktoryGin says:

    Not to burst any conspiracy bubbles, but I’m not geting much from these pictures. They don’t look that different to me.

  21. Winnie says:

    Not sure why I’m defending her (and I’m not conviced either way at this point), but it could just be clothing choices and food. When I was at that stage of pregnancy, I could eat a big burrito and look a month further along. Even now (at 36 wks) I look more pregnant on some days than others depending on how clingy my clothes are. Today in a dark wrap I could pass for 7 months pregnant. Yesterday in a light colored tight nursing tank I looked like a whale.

  22. hateonit. says:

    ok go to they have a pic of her at some party sitting foward. you don’t sit like that if there’s a baby in your belly. ii have 13 nieces and nephews I know what I’m saying. she’s a liar. and a loser for lying. the end.

  23. Auds says:

    I don’t care for the controversy and other conspiracy belief style BS.
    She looks rounded. Not only this, it is possible for her to wear a girdle too, or have worn one early on. This is possible and I don’t know why it hasn’t been considered.

  24. mum-to-be says:

    I think Beyonce needs to show her belly, once and for all, to show that she’s really pregnant.

  25. says:

    Inconsistent padding FAMEWHORE

  26. Embee says:

    I obviously have no idea about the real state of Beyonce’s uterus; however, as Winnie said, when I was pregnant my belly fluctuated with what I ate, how much water I was retaining, whether or not I had to pee, the state of constipation, and the outfit. At 7.5 months I could pass for not pregnant in many clothes, or turn around and look like I had a bball in my tummy.

  27. sassenach says:

    I wonder about the mental health of some of these conspiracy theory people. They come off just as crazy as celebs. She looks the same in both sets of pictures. Her face and chest and ass look fuller. It is getting creepy how much people want to believe that she isn’t really pregnant.

  28. Ogechi says:

    In my opinion, Beyonce is pregnant and she is one of the most decent and humble celebrities i have seen. She is a role model to every focused and hardworking woman. She has poise, style, class and world class brand. She also married a man that is absolutely like her. She dated, got engaged and married without selling any photos. I have seen part of the video and i suspect light/shadow caused the whole brouhaha or probably the style of that dress. Her baby would be so pretty.

  29. lilibet says:

    hateonit – Just looked at photo and you can sit like that with a baby bump, I have! Her feet are apart and she still only has a relatively small bump so leaning forward like that is actually quite comfy.

    These conspiracy theories are just crazy…why would she actually make up that she’s pregnant?! If she was going to adopt or use a surrogate then what reason would there possibly be to not just be honest about it? And if you can’t famewhore when you’re pregnant & excited then when can you?!

  30. says:

    At 1:36 on the second video, a sideways shot of Beyonce shows that her belly goes out past her boobs. In these latest pictures, it doesn’t go out nearly as much.

  31. Tami says:

    I usually ignore these Beyonce is faking it post. Not anymore. I’m getting this funny feeling inside that this question was never asked of any other pregnant celebrity! Why was everyone allowed to enjoy their pregnancy but not Bey. Pregnancy is not something that you can hide for too long. Eventually we will know. Until then if she really is these rumors could effect her pregnancy. I wouldn’t wish what you guys are saying about her on any pregnant woman. So sad. Love you Bey.

  32. ZigZagZoey says:

    WOW, I wonder how much they paid them to do this “other angle” that “supposedly” puts the controversy to rest. Rich people SUCK.

  33. Lindsey G. says:

    I believe she’s preggers, but man, this is like a repeat performance (verbatim) of TomKat and I didn’t believe they were with child, until Leibowitz photographed them for the cover of Vanity Fair.

  34. Melissa says:

    I’m not seeing any of this. I’ve been pregnant twice, and both times my bump looked very different based on clothing, how I was positioning myself, etc. And that bikini photo from a few weeks ago clearly says to me that she’s pregnant.

  35. Justaposter says:

    I am still stumped by the collapsing tummy. That was just the weirdes thing ever..

    I have racked my brain, the only thing I can think of is.. she is trying to throw off her ‘due date’ so she won’t be noticed going to give birth?

    *I am reaching right?*

  36. honeybunz says:

    I dnt understand these women who im stating to believe are paid bey stans….but a pregnant belly doesnt go up and down in sizes depending on what you eat….once you reach 4months your uterus is hard…if anything if your tum goes up n down after 4 months due to eating its not a drastic shift….because the 4 5 6 etc month uterus is hard and will stay its shape and get bigger not smaller…so even if you get bigger from eatn a big meal its not gonna make you look 7 months pregnant and then if u have a small meal you look 3months pregnant!! Thats ridiculous!! That new angle video is doctored and best believe bey paid that network…wy a whole wk later it surfaces when they coulda put it 2 rest the very next da or 2 days later?? It was all over so they knew what was being said! Bey is playn yall…she is not pregnant and when the truth surfaces were all gonna hear a collective homer simpson “D’OH” aroundthe world!

  37. Candace says:

    In those pics her stomach does not appear to be big in either. She’s simply wearing a big top. You can’t reallu guess how many months she is in either because she’s wearing lose fitting clothes obviously for that reason. Oh and she’s not the first pregnant woman to wear heels while pregnant.

  38. tmbg says:

    Wasn’t this a whole storyline on Days of Our Lives? Kristen lost John Black’s baby so she wound up getting someone else to have it for her and walked around wearing a pad? And then Laura Horton saw Kristen’s pad peek out and Stefano tried to erase Laura’s memories? LMAO!

  39. Rita says:

    Relax people. In February she’s do to give birth to an 8lb-7oz. baby prosthetic named Goopo or Goopianna if it’s a girl.

  40. E Cross says:

    If you watch the video shown here with an open mind, you can see that it is simply the fabric of her dress gathering up. Get over it people.
    Also – if she is faking it, WHO CARES.

  41. michkabibbles says:

    am i the only one who doesnt see any difference between the 2 pictures? she just looks like a slightly pregnant woman with a loose shirt on. i don’t know how anyone can claim they see such a big difference when her tops are so loose.

  42. truthful says:

    THIS is getting sooo old, I see no difference in the pics and its obvious she is pregnant, she is getting chubby all over–see her back fat??

    I know, folks will say she is overeating to make it appear so..

    that girls boobs,legs and upper body is getting chubby as heck–why would she fake getting fat? may as well–carry a baby like she is doing.


  43. you&I says:

    On the very top picture, I think her assistant looks more pregnant than she does.. hhmmm what if she is B surrogate?

  44. MariPily says:

    She’s enhancing her belly for attention. I think she’s pregnant, but she likes the attention a bigger belly gets you. When I was newly pregnant with my first child, I wanted the world to know I was pregnant, but there really wasn’t much to show, just a teensy round belly that made me look more bloated than pregnant, lol. So I started wearing flowing, loose clothes that made me “look” pregnant…even though I was still able to wear non-maternity clothes, lol. I liked all of the friendliness and interest my belly generated at work and among my family members…I felt like a star.

    I suspect Beyonce…who really IS a star…is doing the same thing. Wearing clothes ( possibly even padding) that make her look further along than she is. But since she ISN’T that big, some of her clothing choices make it obvious she’s not that far along as she’d like us to believe.

  45. Bopa says:

    Most of Hollywood is fake. I doubt bey not being preg and padding is the worst offense cooked up by a celebrity machine.

    We’re talking about an artist that steals songs, fashion designs, and choreography. An artist that stood by as her people leak unreleased songs on the same days her friends and former band members released official albums. An artist whose father has been accused of paying off or trading favors with DJs to keep beys r&b competiton off of black radio.

    Personally I think she’s pregnant and padding for enhanced effect but I wouldn’t put it past her faking a pregnancy not only to fulfill her want for a child but also to help her career.

  46. Jennifer says:

    That second pic does not look like she’s “maybe five or six months” along. The belly hasn’t gone up and down it’s just clothing choices…this rumor is so silly. Haven’t you all seen real pregnant women? Most women, you don’t pop til the third trimester unless you’re a really big lady. How do you explain the bikini pictures from a month or so back? She’s pregnant just like about a million other women on the planet are right now. This rumor is jsut weird. I also looked at that “deflation” video and still don’t get the rumor. Why are folks expecting this big belly pop-out in the second trimester? It’s not like that. If you’re sitting down excess fabric has room to fold. (!) I mean come on have you worn a dress before? This stuff is just silly.

  47. lrm says:

    actually, Tami, this question HAS been asked of other celebs-
    Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, Kelly Preston, AJ, and a few others have been under scrutiny heavily and it’s still alluded to, re: fake pregnancy conspiracy…so not sure what you are talking about Beyonce’s is not the first time this has been questioned by any stretch.

  48. Tiffany S says:

    i think there is a possibility that she could be faking, even though i think it’s the weirdest thing ever i’m not against it, but after seeing these pics i’m inclined to think that sista just knows how to dress when she’s a little chubbier and she knows what clothes hide weight gain, and she’s just wearing stuff that’s loose-fitting

  49. May says:

    She looks the same size in both pictures! I don’t get what all the fuss is about. There’s no difference in size as far as i can tell. And from experience your bump can change dramatically over night. One day i would look huge and the next it had shrunk.

  50. Lbeees says:

    Where’s the birth certificate?!? LOL we are Birthers 2.0. I love the comment that says she should show her belly to settle this matter.

    I had been ignoring this story until today, because I wasn’t sure what was going on. So the deal is she’s not really pregnant? And she has a surrogate? Travolta status?

    Well it’s really no surprise, how old is she? We see stars all the time who finally figure out in their forties and fifties that they want kids, and hey, wait a minute it’s not as easy getting pregnant as I thought. It is very common to see multiples born because of fertility treatments. Now whenever i see older stars coming out saying “its twins!” i figure they had feetility issues(SJP, La Lopez, for example).

    Nothing wrong with it, but twins ain’t that common naturally and it does reinforce a negative aspect of womens lib (things are rarely all good or bad) which is that women don’t want to jeopardize their careers and don’t think about kids until they’re old enough to have trouble conceiving.

  51. Britt says:

    News flash, Beyonce stans, she is not the ONLY celeb contray to what many of you think whose pregnancy has been questioned. A woman last year by the name of Kelly Preston was accused of FAKING a pregnancy. A woman by the name of Tom Cruise’s wife was also accused of faking a pregnancy!! Nicole Kidman, ring a bell too?!

  52. Cynic says:

    I thought it was just padding to accentuate the fact she was just carrying small.

    When I saw the video, it has NOTHING to do with the way the dress wrinkles or clings. Its all about how the entire shape of the belly changes. It goes from an average round baby belly and then collapses into the shape of the head of Stewie from Family guy. THAT is strange. A pregnant belly on someone who is physically fit to the point they had prominent ab muscles wouldn’t compress like that, since the skin is stretched and taut. A fuller person who previously had belly fat yeah I could see it, but I’m not convinced. Also, Beyonce has the same issue I do. Gaining weight primarily in the hip, a$$ and thigh area. As slim as I was, when I got pregnant, my hips and thighs thickened up before my belly even “popped”, to the point where people joked I was carrying in my butt cheeks lol, so being that she has already “popped” her thighs and bootie don’t seem any different. Something in the milk ain’t clean…

  53. Gypsy says:

    If I was Beyonce i’d keep doing it, wear clothes that hide the bump, then next day wear clothes that shows the bump – I’d do it until haters heads explodes.

    Pathetic much?

  54. Esperanza Spalding says:

    you know and i actually use to really like Beyonce, until overtime her lies started to unravel.

    if she is pregnant that child will be the OMEN

  55. Ajanni says:

    “Why does she keep doing this?” Doing what, living her life! Bloggers are soooo stupid!

  56. Kimberly says:

    Really Beyonce how needy are you?

    OMG loser

    btw 4 really isn’t as good as ppl say, they’re just pleasing you b/c they’re sheep.

  57. jane16 says:

    If you watch the 2nd Australian clip, it shows a back side version @ the 2 minute mark. When she sits, her dress is so thin you can see the outline of her derriere crack, and her back looks smooth, like she isn’t wearing underwear. No way would she go pantyless in a dress on a tv show, I think she probably had on a light spanx-type one piece and they probably put the prosthetic in underneath and it moved while she was walking, which would explain why she had her arms on either side of the bump (actually squishing the bump), holding it in place, and sat down in that odd manner, with her head waaay down watching her stomach. (Who sits down on a tv show like that btw?)

  58. jane16 says:

    On the first video, look at the 18 second mark, her arms are on either side of the bump and squished into the bump. Baby bumps are hard, they don’t squish in like that.

  59. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @honeybunz: “I dnt understand these women who im stating to believe are paid bey stans….but a pregnant belly doesnt go up and down in sizes depending on what you eat….”

    Yes, because us moms have nothing better to do than troll gossip sites getting paid to make up sh*t about our pregnancies. I think I just sprained something from rolling my eyes so hard! You obviously have NO idea what you’re talking about. The uterus is NOT hard, and neither is the rest of the body. Even a fit woman’s abs stretch to make room for the uterus, and there are other organs in there getting shoved around fighting for space. Not only does the uterus shift when the bladder fills up, it shifts for digestion. And the fetus moves constantly until very late in the pregnancy–sometimes it’s head down, sometimes up, sometimes sideways, etc. I could literally see my son’s butt sticking out under my right ribs for most of my 3rd trimester (super uncomfy, by the way). Not only did I start showing literally in a few hours with both my babies, the size of my belly changed CONSTANTLY.

    I don’t even give a poop about Beyonce and her damn baby. But there are some people on here that have NO FRICKING CLUE what they’re talking about. Haters gotta hate I guess. And now I’m irritated that I said that, so I’m gonna stop now.

  60. Lauren says:

    Faking a pregnancy? So bloody pathetic. When I was could see it in my face, boobs& belly. (twice). And I worked out every day!! Katie Holmes had stretch marks, and visibly gained weight. NK-fake. Beyonce-maybe her younger sister is preggo again. Pregnancy isn’t even sacred anymore.

  61. Mingy says:

    beyonce disgusts me…shes not even trying anymore.

  62. Madison says:

    The clothes, the color, the angles of the pictures can make her look all kinds of pregnant or not pregnant. She’s pregnant. End of story.

  63. anne says:

    She’s wearing loose clothing, so how is she bump whoring? Should she stay inside and hide for 9 months?
    As someone who is currently pregnant- I can attest to the fact that the bump does vary in size from day to day, depending on how much you eat, how your digestion is (pregnancy slows it), when you last pooped, and of course by what clothes you wear. Ive seen nothing suspicious with her bump, and she has every right to show it off- she’s excited.

  64. Sue says:

    I didn’t want to believe that she was wearing some kid of pregnancy pad (or whateer you call it) but I am really starting to doubt this whole thing. I am really wondering is she has a surrogate who is carrying the baby (for whatever reason). It could be that she can’t conceive or doesn’t actually want to have the baby but wants a child. She is such a fame whore and unfortunately we open every little post about her because… I don’t know why. she’s not that interesting. She’s a singer. Big whoop!

  65. jane16 says:

    Sorry to upset you Scarlett, wasnt my intention. I imagine we’re all different, I had two full term pregs myself and two that ended @ 5 1/2 months. I am 5’8″, long limbed & slim but I could still wear my reg clothes at 5 1/2 months, although I was widening & had a tiny bump. My belly did not change constantly, it grew in a gradual, normal manner and was as hard as a rock. Sometimes of course you could see the movements of the baby, but not until late 2nd or 3rd trimester. My bump never went up and down in size or changed shape dramatically. It just got bigger and rounded as time went on.

  66. jane16 says:

    I will say this, she is smart to wear loose fitting clothing, which I believe I said when this whole fake bump thing first transpired.

  67. Snowpea says:

    There’s something super fishy goin’ down.

    My bet is she is doing a Nicole (i.e. getting a surrogate) but didn’t want her wholesome image tarnished, so is gonna pretend to be pregnant herself.

    Somebody like Beyonce is not going to risk ruining her body for a little thing like pregnancy.

    I dunno, she just doesn’t FEEL pregnant y’know?

    Now, Jessica Simpson, there’s another story. That girl is KNOCKED UP for sure.

  68. JennJenn says:

    Beyonce didn’t deflate anything. In the photos, she was wearing a long loose tunic and a padded bra to make her boobs stand out as the main attraction. In that video, the maternity dress’s abdomen pouch collapsed because her shoulders were leaning forward while her hips were thrust backwards as she was sitting down. I can understand why she might excitedly show her bump at first and then return to wearing fashionable clothes that make her look slim.

  69. riri says:

    IS she even pregnant?

    In the black outfit, she looks like a chubby girl, but not necessarily pregnany.

    I’m not even sure what’s her deal, but she is full of it, and padding a tummy and/ or faking a pregnancy when you are 30 years old (as opposed to 40 years old and embarrassed you had to use a surrogate- and too old to conceive on your own) is borderline mental case.

    Girl has crossed the line and from fame-ho she now needs to see a doctor. Seriously.

  70. Gypsy says:

    You folks have got to be rich and bored, otherwise you wouldn’t spend your time worrying about, if a millionairess is really pregnant or faking it.
    If your not rich and doing this they your category would be pathetic losers.

  71. T.C. says:

    she looks the same in both pics she is wearing big tops so I can’t even tell where her stomach is.

  72. julimonster says:

    Not to stray off topic, but regarding the last pic, am I going to be the ONLY one to one to comment on the shoes? Bump or no, those are just beYUCKE’

  73. JT says:

    My God! This is getting crazy. It’s really actually very simple. She was wearing an empire waist dress and she didn’t fill out the whole thing. If you’ve ever worn a dress like that you know that it extends whether or not you are actually pregnant. The extra fabric simply creased when she sat down. Judging from her bikini pics her belly isn’t huge. Are you actually suggesting that she what? Covered her belly with a prosthetic baby bum for those pictures? There was never any real reason to suspect she was faking and there still isn’t. Time to move on it’s getting pathetic.

  74. smh says:

    to garner more attention of course… she is -that- pathetic…

  75. Shannon says:

    Her body is part of the package. She makes money off her figure. I’m not saying she isn’t a talented artist by any means, but my wild guess is that (as quite a few rich people do) she outsourced her pregnancy to India or some comparably distant location. This means no stretch marks for Beyonce. She and Jay had a fertility specialist mix their gametes together in a petri dish and emplant the embryos in a formerly poor woman who has hit the jackpot, baby. They paid her extra to sign a confidentiality agreement. Chances are good there will be twins.

    Or the law of parsimony says Beyonce just got knocked up the old-fashioned way. She does have that glowy look to her.

  76. anonymous says:

    Most of the comments are shocking, can hardly beieve it is coming from educated people right here in America, some people believe the stomach and the uterus where a baby grows is one and the same and it flutuates according to how much you eat. Say no more, not only that there is no hormonal changes. My guess Beyonce is not pregnant why should she if she has the money to do what ever she wants, and she has done just that, got herself a surrogate. There is no physical change in her features even before a person shows stomach wise, the face of a pregnant woman gives away her secret, some people can tell if a person is even a few months pregnant just by looking at their facial features, that is how much hormones plays a part of pregnancy, Bey has none,nadar, nothing only sports a false gut.

  77. theaPie says:

    ‘Most of the comments are shocking, can hardly beieve it is coming from educated people right here in America, some people believe the stomach and the uterus where a baby grows is one and the same and it flutuates according to how much you eat.’

    Nice try at shaming, but I am an educated American who was pregnant at one time and I can definitely tell you that at the end of the day, my bowls would BLOAT adding a good 3 inches to my girth.

    I’ve watched the video and seen the pics and I honestly can’t figure out what all the fuss is about. Or why anyone cares?

  78. F5 says:

    Can’t believe she got that cheap fake bump..
    I bet heads were rolling 0__o

  79. Julia says:

    She is pregnant and it’s great but what I don’t like is the fashionista obsession surrounding her new status as a pregnant woman.

    All pregnant women celebrities, even Mariah who is a diva were in that “let it naturally flow and relax attitude ” when pregnant. They just enjoy their pregnancy without putting a show out there every day of the week.

    With Beyonce, it’s seems like she is becoming 10 times more the fashionista she used to be and is advertising her pregnancy like she was on the run away with that “look at my belly” attitude and next pregnancy clothing line.

    I already thought that the super mini dresses on a pregnant woman were kinda obscene.

    Now that attitude of hers is just so incongruous with how I imagine you should live your pregnancy.

  80. MissVJJ says:

    I’d hate to say this about one of America’s biggest sellouts, but I love her bright blue heels!

  81. mel jay says:

    Beyonce is 5 months pregnant…
    Sasha fierce is 2 months pregnant….
    that’s it!

  82. riri says:

    What kind of an excuse is Her “body” is part of the package?
    She is not a model, and no one thinks or ever thought her body was something desired.

    She was a chubby/big boned girl with a vulgar style before “her preganacy” and I doubt a real pregnancy would ruin such figure.

    She is only 30 years old. Having a child didn’t change my body at all. Most chances that nothing will change her body, unless you are having a c section and in that case- yes, once you cut the abdomen muscles…

    So, how bizzare would a 30 years old woman be, had she chosen to use a surrogate for fear of her body changing.

    If an 8 years old child would say something like that, I would mark it under “childish”.
    When a 30 years old woman is faking her pregnancy (or whatever is that she is doing) than, I suggest mental examination.

  83. Augg the Dawg says:

    After looking at these pictures; damn the video thats in plane site and for those who seen the video and says its the dress; you all needs some prayer, but those pictures jus these past couple days blew me away, in one she looks 6 mnts in another she looks like she jus got done working out with Billy Banks and cardio with Richard Simmons, i mean wth! really! somethings wrong her and anyone that thinks these pictures are normal..

  84. mymy says:

    Nothing new for posters here. The truth is to hard for some to take, She is not preggo period. Defend something worth while

  85. Victoria says:


    I can’t stand Beyonce but let’s be real. She was NEVER CHUBBY. She has been thick at times but not chubby. I have to assume you are a Becky.

  86. Lily says:

    I don’t think she’s really pregnant.

  87. sam says:

    I initially believed there was some padding or panelling, but in the the revised footage it definitely looks like the dress.

  88. Cindy says:

    Well there are a lot of opinions all of which I will respect. I have never had a child, so I don’t know about the uterus expanding or hardening. From my past experiences with pregnancies in my family and women I see on the street. Once a woman reaches a certain stage or months in the pregnancy, the stomach does not reduce in size one minute and then expand another. Maybe slightly, but, not go completely flat. Now, if she is due in February, she is approaching the largest she will be if she is beginning to show. Also, you really can’t go by pictures. Depending upon if she is sitting odd or if she is wearing Spanx, she may appear smaller. All I know is, I don’t know. Nor do I care if she is faking. How many of us fake on a daily, yet we find that to be acceptable. We have turned hiding the truth into an art. We lie about the weave we wear, our ages, we tell each other “trust me, you are the only one I’m seeing.” So if she is lying or faking, so? No matter the degree of dishonesty we engage in, throughout our everyday lives the truth of the matter is that we are still guilty of faking. Let her live her life. Congrats to Beyonce and Jay Z, no matter what the truth maybe.