Demi Moore’s weight loss is a cry for help, she’s living on cigs & energy drinks


Life & Style and OK! Magazine both have big stories about Demi Moore’s super-skinny body this week. Life & Style even put Demi’s bones on their cover, as you can see. L&S’s story is basically just people talking about how “scary skinny” Demi is now that everyone knows her husband is a filthy hot tub cheater. Jezebel points out that L&S must have overused the thesaurus, because the cover story features the following words: “swimming in her clothes,” has a “bony chest,” “withered arms,” “gaunt cheeks,” and a “shocking waistline,” also “sunken cheeks,” “bony arms” and “a waist thinner than a child’s,” and she is “painfully skinny” and almost “vanished in her dress.” An “insider” notes: “She’s smaller than a size 0 — her size doesn’t exist.” Kirstie Alley is so jealous right now. She wishes she had thought up the whole “a size that doesn’t exist” thing.

On to OK! Magazine’s story, “Demi’s Shocking Weight Loss”:

Tortured over Ashton Kutcher’s affair, Demi Moore is literally starving for attention For years, from those nude Vanity Fair covers to her recent, revealing Twitter posts, Demi Moore has used her body to get noticed. And so it’s fitting, perhaps, that as her six-year marriage to Ashton Kutcher disintegrates in the wake of his humiliating, Hard Rock Hotel hot tub affair with Sara Leal — a woman half her age — the 48-year-old ex-Brat Packer is reverting to form.

Only this time, it’s a cry for help: Sources tell OK! that as Demi’s weight hovers around 90 pounds — on a 5-foot-5 inch frame — friends fear she is literally starving herself for attention, subsisting almost entirely on cigarettes and energy drinks.

“She’s feeling really abandoned and what she needs more than anything is to feel loved,” one insider tells OK!. “But it seems the only form that love is taking right now is sympathy — so Demi is kind of courting that. The fact that she’s so skinny has everyone clamoring around her and that’s the only comfort she has right now.”

“Demi hasn’t sat down and had an actual meal since this whole thing started,” the insider adds. “She’ll make a salad, and try to eat it, but she’ll wind up having a few bites and then putting it back in the fridge. When she does eat, it’s some kind of sugary snack, like a cookie or something. Most of the time, she’s so sick to her stomach, the last thing she’s thinking about is food.”

Demi has been thinking about trying to save her marriage — after all, she and Ashton have built a family together. Her daughters with Bruce Willis (Rumer, 23, Scout, 20, and Tallulah, 17) have regarded Ashton as a second father, and as OK! reported last week, they are devastated by his betrayal, all the more because Sara is their contemporary.

Trying to salvage their relationship, Demi, who’s still wearing her wedding ring, and Ashton have sought counseling at L.A.’s Kabbalah Centre. But it’s not clear whether or not she has found solace — or, more important, solutions.

“Everyone is advising her to dump Ashton, but she doesn’t want to — she still loves him,” the insider tells OK!. As for Ashton, he is eerily communicating through video blogs; recently, he appeared sans wedding ring while musing about how the media spreads dishonesty — but he did not even mention or deny the Hard Rock hookup.

Observes a source close to the couple: “It’s so conflicting for Demi. On one hand she knows she shouldn’t stand for Ashton’s infidelity and a big part of her must want to just reach for her divorce attorney. And so many of her friends and family are disgusted by Ashton — as well they should be after what he’s done. But the thought of being alone fills Demi with total terror.”

Indeed, adds the insider: “She’s hanging on for dear life.” And so, as her cheeks sink in and her arms turn to bone and stringy sinew, “Demi gets morbid comfort from people feeling sorry for her,” a source tells OK!. “She’ll take whatever attention she can get right now — even pity.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Is it wrong that I kind of believe OK! Mag’s reporting? I think Demi is afraid to end her marriage, afraid to be alone. I think she’s losing weight as a way to get attention, as a public cry for help. Since it is a public cry for help, should we feel bad about noting how emaciated she looks? Or should we just note and say, “Poor Demi” like she’s just a mixed-up kid who can’t take care of herself? She’s nearly 50 years old, for the love of God. I know abandonment issues have no age limit, but enough with the sob stories! JUST DUMP HIM. And then eat something. And then eat something else.



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  1. Luise says:

    My God, she is so pitiful. Let this be a lesson to all you Cougars out there on the prowl for a younger stud to cling to.

  2. smh says:

    umm demi darling you are nor more accomplished for becoming a living breathing skeletor. it makes you look even more aged than you already did. if you don’t hurry up and eat something, all that work with the radio waves and all the procedures and surgery money will be lost for good! you don’t want to lose that tiny bit of youth that you desperately cling on to, do you? at your age once the skin fat and elasticity is gone, it’s impossible to replace. just look at mandonna.

  3. tapioca says:

    Bears will always s**t in the woods, the Pope will always be Catholic and Ashton Kutcher will always be on the look-out for young, dumb bimbos with which to cheat on Demi Moore.

    Right now Demi’s a victim of cruel merciless heartbreak – if she’s stupid enough to take him back and he inevitably strays again she’ll be a volunteer for it, and the well of public sympathy will have run dry…

    Tell him to “Suck [your] d**k!!” and date a producer or someone who can ensure your lousy ex never works in this town again.

  4. flourpot says:

    Poor thing, she must have some self confidence issues. Kick his ass out!

    There’s plenty of good, decent non-famous men out there who would love to love you. In the interim, buy a nice vibrator.

  5. brin says:

    Tough love….she is setting a terrible example to her daughters, whatever the reason that she is starving herself.

  6. Mrs. Darcy says:

    While I wouldn’t rule out it’s possibly attention seeking, heartbreak can make you lose your appetite. Talk about kicking someone when they’re down,I wish people would stop blaming her for being with a younger man – Dude where’s my peen would have cheated regardless of who he was with. If the ages were reversed people would not bat an eyelid or cite it as a reason. Yes they were annoying attention whores and I get the urge to gloat when they put themselves out there for it, I can’t help feeling for the woman though.

  7. I can’t believe I used to idolize this woman. Loved her on General Hospital in the 80s. She was truly something special. Then on to “About Last Night” and “St. Elmos Fire” to “Ghost” to several other powerful and important roles. To let THIS become what people think of her is tragic. It really is. Please Demi…get it together so you don’t become another cocktail party joke.

  8. gee says:

    That last paragraph is exactly what I wanted to say in the comments. Like word for word.

  9. Jacq says:

    I though got was just the “poors” who worried about divorce? The people who can’t care for kids or make ends meet without a partner. People who don’t have handlers and employees and who might truly stand a chance of being alone. People who don’t want to be exposed to a disease or can at least admit they’ve been stepped out on. Not a 50 year old movie star with a family and a career and everything in the world to fall back on with delusions of taming a wandering wang.

  10. Hautie says:

    Just a random mean girl remark… but I bet Rachel Zoe is pissed that Demi is skinner than her!

    Unfortunately, Demi is not going to dump that loser. Mainly because everyone is telling her to and she is out to prove them all wrong. (He is a keeper!)

    And no I do not believe for one moment that Demi agreed to an “open marriage”.

    Simply by how Demi is reacting to this public humiliation, you can see she is mortified by his behavior. He did not have permission to shag other women.

    Especially women younger than her daughters.

    But fear not. Demi is not leaving. I am stunned that they have not walked a red carpet together showing off too much PDA. Just to prove everyone wrong.

  11. Hanna says:

    bitch, your ass is old so stop with the ” getting skinny is going to make me attractive” That ship has sailed. You cant teach old dogs new tricks

  12. spinner says:

    WOAH!! And look at the 2 thumbnails they inserted as examples of other bags of bones. Hmmmm….

  13. Ari says:

    I love how they have that pic of Angelina on the cover about destroying their looks through dieting – she looks fantastic! OK shouldve really used a different pic lol…

    Demi is just sad.

  14. Lady_Luck says:

    It’s very hard not to feel extremely sorry for her and her family. Mrs. Darcy is right, Where’s my peen would have cheated, no matter what the age gap was..he’s just a douche right down to the bone. We don’t want another amy winehouse situation to go down, so I really hope Demi gets her mojo (and appetite) back soon.

  15. norma says:

    the pocahontas weave doesn’t help. grief can make you lose weight rapidly, but the long weave is the sign that something’s not right with the woman. enough of this fake barbie craze already for pity’s sake.

  16. OriginalGracie says:

    Question, and a serious one: we all know that smoking wreaks havoc on your face with lines and old looking skin. How can it make sense then for Demi and apparently Jen Anniston to be smokers?

    I mean, those are two of the most body/face concious women that I know of. How have they staved off the effects?

    I know that Jen said she just quit.

    Can anyone help me with that? Would fillers and such really be able to mask the damage?

    I used to be a smoker. I still have the tiny lines over my upper lip from when you purse your lips together to get a drag. (Gross, I know.)

  17. Eleonor says:

    She is as skinny as Duchess Kate.
    Demi: DUMP HIM, then you’ll be allowed to eat ice creams and get drunk for a couple of weekends,then do some Oprah and get a part in a movie.

  18. Rhiley says:

    Not wrong at all to believe this article. I think this is one of the more insightful articles written by OK in well … ever.

  19. Jayna says:

    Heartbreak/anxiety is the reason. Any sensible person could see that. She was seen at his trailer on set one day last week and also seen hugging. I guess she is too weak to leave him.

  20. Emma says:

    She and Katie Holmes look like death. It really is a sad thing, especially when you consider only they can make the choice to help themselves. And in both cases, it seems it’s a result of the nasty men they chose to settle down with. Sad sad.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    When I was younger and my girlfriends were dating and looking for Mr. Right (years have passed and now they are divorcing Mr. Right), some on them including me would go on and on about what was wrong with a relationship but we would never actually end it. The drama kept us company maybe? But Demi is too old/mature for that – just dump him already!

  22. theaPie says:

    Wow, way to bag on someone in pain. I’ve been where she is, and it wasn’t for attention. I was heartsick and my stomach revolted at food. It was that simple. She’ll start eating again eventually. Everyone needs to stop picking on HER for her HUSBANDS infidelity.

    (This was not aimed at the writer of the blog btw – nice article)

  23. gag says:

    Why does 48 year old demi fear of being alone? Sandra bullock dumped jesse james at 47 ..

  24. Anguishedcorn says:

    Life is so odd; a gorgeous woman with money, career, and fame, and yet she is so insecure with herself that she can’t bear the idea of being alone? It is a good lesson that exterior looks truly don’t tell the story of the person inside.

  25. Diane says:

    How long is this going to go on? Everyone has heartbreak. Has she never heard that looking good is the best revenge?

  26. madpoe says:

    Hmmmph when I went through my hubby’s infidelity I couldn’t eat, but nothing as to what’s Demi looks like. I feel for her.

  27. ahoyhoy says:

    Starving herself for ASHTON KUTCHER? I know break-ups are hard, but Demi could still EASILY find a wealthy, mature boyfriend.
    I fear Bruce having a new baby will tip her even further into the crazy. Especially if it’s a boy. JMO—I have a lot of personal experience with crazy break-ups.

  28. palermo says:

    I think for all the articles to keep stressing how she is so aloooooooooone is ridiculous. She is not alone, she has three daughters that love her and one day she’ll have lots of grandkids. Plenty of women on earth are quite content with that. Not to mention all the money in the world. Save your pity for women with more desperate situations than this one, that’s all I can say. Unlike many who are suffering, she has the ability to end it, immediately.

  29. Darlene says:

    @TheaPie – I agree with you. I am thin. When I get stressed or anxious or heartbroken, I can’t eat. I lose all kinds of weight and it’s sure NOT because I want attention, it’s because my stomach hurts and just chewing food in my mouth makes me want to vomit. In times like those, I manage to down an Ensure a few times a day and just try to get through it.

    Demi is strong. She’ll get through this. I pity her now. Why a woman would marry a man so much younger than she, even for love, is beyond me.

    She loved him with all of her heart, I believe that. Now her heart is broken. It has to heal. It will.

  30. Darlene says:

    ps, @Norma – I don’t think that’s a weave/wig.

    Does anyone else think Demi’s hair is fake? I don’t. It’s always looked pretty much like that.

  31. Justaposter says:

    I said this before, the infidelity/heartbreak diet is the fastest ways to loose weight, but the toughest one to do :(

  32. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I wonder if Katie’s boobs in that pic are for real or if they were photoshopped?

  33. sosuzy says:

    Justaposter my sentiments exactly. What is really sad to me is that Demi was once such a symbol of a powerful woman in Hollywood. I am afraid she has lost that title. Her vulnerability in this situation is so tragic and disappointing.

  34. jc126 says:

    I don’t believe they have an open marriage, either. No way. I do believe she clearly was/is enamored with Ashton K.

  35. Tami says:

    Love is a funny thing. It makes you do strange things. The old adage men will be men remains but marriage I think should be stronger than infidelity. If they still love each other then I say work it out. But Ashton will hurt her again and she must accept that fact if she takes him back. Only she can decide what’s more important, her marriage or her pride. Though that no condom thing should also play a factor, because he’s playing with her life and those girls need their mom.

  36. Pizzazz says:

    She has three daughters. Pining over a complete loser like Ashton sets a poor example for them.

  37. stella says:

    If she wants to die there are other ways to go about it. Starvation is not pretty and definitely not without pain. This happened to me when I was 18, with my first love. Her family needs to whisk her away somewhere far away so she can get some perspective on the situation. Ashton is creepy beyond words. He messed with Brittany and who knows how many other woman have perished due to his narcissism. Look how he treats his so-called friends on Punk’d.

  38. banff says:

    @ Ari :

    Are you kidding?????
    When I saw Jolie in Europe, she was skin and bones with some really unattractive veins popping up all over the place.
    She has a truly stunningly beautiful face, but her body is skeletal at best and it looks about 10-12 pounds thinner than what you see in photos and on the screen.
    Just imagine, not a pretty picture!
    I wish she would gain the weight back she lost after her mom passed away almost 5 years ago.
    She is not setting a good example for her kids and she seems such a loving mother otherwise.
    I don’t know why some women believe that skin and bones is attractive, just crazy.
    There is such a thing as TOO THIN NOT JUST TOO FAT!

  39. theaPie says:

    I just wanted to add, that she may not realize how really thin she has become – I know I hadn’t during one of those periods until I caught an unexpected glimpse of myself in a mirror while I was vacuuming. It shocked the hell out of me, I can tell you. Maybe these pics will do that to her, who knows. It was kind of my wake up call that I needed FORCE myself to get something down or I might end up not being able to care for my daughter.

    @Darlene: Glad someone else can relate.

  40. anonymoose says:

    Anorexia, smoking, insecurity…none are attractive.

    And neither is that super severe hairdo, Demi! Some volume, less length, and a sweet side part would do wonders for you and take 2 decades off your wretched look.

    It sucks that your husby messed up, but that’s what Ashton is made of.

  41. jasmine says:

    to me,i think ashton seems like the kind of guy that wants a curvy woman.she’d probably do better if she gained some weight.and nevermind that, shes DEMI FREAKING MOORE!!! shes a talented beautiful woman.she needs to be putting her foot down and reminding her young man just who the heck hes dealing with!instead of making herself sick like a lovestruck teenager.

  42. Kim says:

    Poor Demi. I went thru same thing after bad break up many years ago. I drank ice tea and smoked and thats it for 3 months. I dropped 20+ pds! Dont anyone go thinking oh this is a good way to lose weight. I had no energy & looked sick!

    Some women binge eat when depressed others dont eat at all. Love makes us do crazy things.

  43. Novaraen says:

    Why reach for a divorce attorney when you aren’t really married in the first place???

    She looks disgusting and needs help…she has NEVER looked like this in her whole life, so you know that shit is bad for her right now.

  44. LeeLoo says:

    1) I think Ashton’s made up his mind that the marriage is over. He’s been spotted without his wedding ring on and his body language whenever he is in a photo with Demi s he’s over it and tired of it all.

    2) I don’t know why Demi is so insecure. But she needs to do something because if she keeps this up this could literally kill her.

  45. shalibali says:

    I feel very sad for her. She does not deserve this , however who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  46. Feebee says:

    A cry for attention is right. Yes it’s heartbreaking to be cheated on and quite possibly she was blindsided (while the rest of America wasn’t) but she’s a grown woman with three daughters who look up to her. Put down the bloody fag and eat some pasta.

  47. Shannon says:

    Sometimes you *can’t* eat after a hard breakup, especially if you have an underlying stomach condition. Telling someone in that situation to eat will do nothing but make them frustrated. It’s not as simple as just making yourself eat if you know you’ll throw it up again. It’s not something you have control over.

    I’ve experienced this several times. There’s nothing more wretched than being so emotionally upset that you react in a visceral way, throwing up until there’s nothing in your stomach but bile, and you throw that up too. And that just aggravates your stomach problems even more. I’ve almost been hospitalized because of dehydration due to this. It’s not a cry for help. It’s not intentional. The only thing that can fix it is a trip to a gastroenterologist and the determination to keep just half a saltine down, then a whole saltine. Then eventually 5 saltines. Then you can move on to soup broth. Just getting to this point can take a week. Longer if you’re feeling despondent enough.

    I have no idea if Demi has this problem too. But if she does, I’m sure she doesn’t appreciate people characterizing her weight loss as an attention-whoring move. It could very well be a physical illness brought on by extreme emotion. We don’t know. So we probably shouldn’t judge.

  48. Scout says:

    Admittedly, she has lost too much weight. But I saw her on a morning news show and unless it was taped (but I think it was live) she by no means look as bad as these photos. I, too, am starting to feel bad for her – against my own better sense!

  49. Leek says:

    I’m sure it’s quite shocking when your narcissistic 15 years younger husband cheats. What a pity. She knew what she was doing. She was what, 40 and he was 25? She should have known better. Idiot.

  50. Aqua says:

    Ashton is showing Demi his true colours,this is who he really is so she needs to be strong and make decisions that are best for her in the long term.Divorce is never easy but when someone has already emotionally and mentally left the marriage is their anything left to fight for?He is not worth the agony that he is putting her through and she needs to kick his ass to the curb and move on with her life as best she can.I’m sure she’ll be just fine in the long run without him.

  51. Pyewacket says:

    Why does everyone assume that someone with long hair has a weave? I have long, healthy hair and have never been mistaken for having fake hair.

    I also get sick of everyone has to cut their hair after a certain age, because you don’t. Maybe some of you experts like shorter hair on women but some of us prefer to wear our hair as we like.

  52. HotBlade says:

    @ Pyewacket :

    I have no problem with long hair, as long as it is healthy, suits the person and is not too long (you know the ugly hippie look)?
    This hairstyle and hair lenght makes Demi look old, haggard and dragging her face down.
    I couple of nights ago, I couldn’t sleep and came across Indecent Proposal with Demi on TV.
    She looked great with some nice, but still slim curves and really great, but shorter hair.
    Kind of sexy-foxy hairdo.
    Not everybody can wear short hair and not everybody can wear long hair.

  53. mssnarnd says:

    Hey Skeletor! Wake up Little Girl Lost!

    Ashton didn’t bone Leal because she was a bag of bones. He boned her because she has a hot bod. You now look scary. He is probably afraid to have sex with you. Have you ever heard what boyfriends of anorexics (who are usually at the “EXIT DOOR” by the way) have to say about their waif girlfriends? GOOGLE it.

    You’re acting like LeaAnn Rimes and you’re not winning, Charlie Sheen.

    And all that, “I only eat raw foods for excellent health” B.S. You are sucking down over a pack of cigs a day! Have your lungs and the rest of your organs been able to rationalize that??

    You’re setting a terrible example for your daughters. Isn’t your youngest girl just 17? The age where a girl really needs a mom . . . not some child chasing a child. You of all people should know – considering your own childhood. Now you repeat the dysfunction.

    You need to take a big dose of “GROW UP,” gather your self respect and make some smart choices for your future. You have all the money and resources in the world to do this.

    In 5 years, that man child won’t matter. Your daughters will.

  54. runswithscissors says:

    for toddlers and very young children, the food they put in their mouths can be the only thing they can control. it leads to a lot of feeding issues between parents and kids. if the kid’s unhappy with potty training, he refuses to eat, for example. funny how anorexics do the same thing.

    on the other hand, sometimes it’s about self-flagellation. modern self-flagellation, because they don’t feel worthy enough…

  55. Kosmos says:

    Folks, this could happen to anyone, whether their spouse had been 15 yrs younger or 15 yrs older. People cheat and many times, their significant other is extremely attractive. They just want to stray. Demi has had a pretty amazing life and career so far. Now some rain is coming into her life, as it does with everyday people. She will suffer a bit, but then she will recover. It’s human nature, so don’t try to make her different than anyone else who has gone through a breakup. She has enjoyed amazing benefits from her stardom and her two husbands. She will survive.

  56. whatever you want it to be says:

    Yeah if losing all that weight were as simple as just being scheming then nobody would have weight problems. A couple of months ago I went through a similar thing and could not bring myself to eat any more than a few bites here and there of a cruskit per day for a week. (I would have kept on the way I was going but my job is very physical and it kind of forced me to start eating again.)

    I feel bad for her, this sh-t is only brought on by absolute distress and helplessness. You lose your appetite and food becomes so repulsive the moment you start chewing anything that you put it down and walk away from it.

  57. blasted1 says:

    My opinion is she will only humiliate herself more if she takes him back. And I have a question: why do people with eating disorders always go out in public wearing sleeveless clothes?

  58. gina says:

    She needs to love herself, so others can love her.

  59. Chloe says:

    She should get back at Ashton by supporting the BDS movement (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions against Israeli Apartheid). That would p*ss him off and it would be a progressive thing to do.

    Then she should use her wealth to go on a nice holiday and return to looking stunning. She should do this for herself and for all women who’ve been cheated on by douchebags like Ashton.

  60. Lisa says:

    LOL at that picture of Katie Holmes! Are we supposed to believe that’s real?

  61. kesb says:

    She looks fine – thin and fit. Demi is half a century old and skinny with muscle and not much fat, however her skin is saggy of a middle aged woman. Peoples’ appearances change year after year as they age – so what? Some get skinnier and some get heavier with age. Sure, criticize her for her weight but to me it just seems like she is finally starting to look her age.

  62. Bruce says:

    Gracie, you should realize that smoking is the least of ones worries when it comes to deteriorating facial looks. Too much exposure to the Sun is far worse and does damage much quicker. As for extreme weight lose, nothing can be more damaging than that!!! You should be aware of this.