Linnocent is “baring all” in Playboy, because she’s desperate for money


I’m sure you’ve probably already heard about this, but since you bitches love a Linnocent post like the Cracken loves crack, here is your forum to discuss the details of LL’s Playboy shoot. Now, a few days ago there was a report that made it seem like Linnocent wasn’t really going to expose anything for her six-figure paycheck. No boobs, no vadge, maybe not even her ass. Which was a weird report, considering Linnocent has flashed all of that (and more) just within the past year. It’s not like her vadge is some secret – we’ve all seen it. Anyway, LL has already done the Playboy photo shoot (Dina says it “went well” of course) and now details are beginning to “leak” out. Much like I’m sure there was some “leakage” at the photo shoot. Ew, I’m sorry. That was too gross. Basically, the Cracken is exposing everything and then some for her paycheck. ‘Atta girl.

Lindsay Lohan didn’t wuss out for her Playboy shoot — TMZ has learned, the actress will BARE ALL in her upcoming spread … i.e. the holy trifecta … or as one source close to Playboy put it, “boobs, ass, and vag.”

As we previously reported, Lindsay recently locked down a nearly-million-dollar deal with PB for a full pictorial — and yesterday, she finally wrapped her 4-day shoot.

Reports circulated Lindsay would pull one of those lame semi-nude fiascos — all sideboob, no fun — but sources close to Hef & co. tell us, that is NOT the case. Lindsay did insist the photos be “tastefully done,” but we’re told she’s still going the full monty.

It’s unclear when Lindsay will grace the cover — but it could be the life-giving jolt Playboy needs for a comeback.

[From TMZ]

I mean… of course. Hugh Hefner might be a doddering old codger who couldn’t find his dick with two hands and a map, but even HE knows that if you’re going to hand LL a $900,000 check, the vadge must be included. Radar also has a report about WHY the crackie decided to go “full biscuit”. Hint: she’s a crackhead mess who is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Lindsay Lohan decided to do a Playboy photo shoot because she was extremely concerned about her financial situation and a possible jail sentence, is exclusively reporting.

The embattled actress is facing up to 18 months behind bars for a possible probation violation in her shoplifting case. LiLo’s probation violation hearing is scheduled for November 2.

“Lindsay still hasn’t signed her contract to be in the John Gotti biopic. Lindsay is extremely concerned about her finances, and she needs the money. Lindsay’s flow of income has been greatly diminished in the last year. With the possibility of being sent back to jail for over a year, she felt that now was the time to do the Playboy photo shoot,” a source close to the actress tells us.

As previously reported Lindsay arrived 20 minutes early for her court ordered community service at the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office Wednesday morning. LiLo was ordered to complete 16 hours per week at the morgue before her probation violation hearing next week. The judge handling Lindsay’s shoplifting case terminated the actresses’ probation last week after she was booted from the Downtown Women’s Center, a shelter for homeless women. DWC cut Lohan loose after she failed to appear on multiple days. Judge Stephanie Sautner had ordered Lindsay to perform more than 300 hours of community service at the Skid Row shelter as part of her probation in her shoplifting case.

Lindsay will be cleaning toilets, scrubbing floors and cleaning up after autopsies are performed.

[From Radar]

It makes sense. I mean… I’ll bash LL for anything and everything, but posing for Playboy for a massive paycheck is one of the most rational decisions she’s made in years. If Playboy is dumb enough to pay her, why not? And it shows a clear understanding on Linnocent’s part that she’s not some in-demand actress and model, that if she wants to have some money and pay her bills, she’s got to make this kind of move.




Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. smh says:

    eeewwww omg god help us all. *prays* you know that this is the internet and the media age, and there is no safe haven from the lihohan nudes. I never wanted to see the M.J. autopsy pictures either and people posted them to other blogs without even a cut warning. her facial close ups are enough to make me want to throw up literally, and this… i think i’ll move to deserted island for the rest of my life.

  2. brin says:

    Your Cracken posts are gems, Kaiser!
    Yes, Crackie will show everything to get her crack $, but the world has already seen everything…yuck.

  3. neelyo says:

    I know she’s not the first 50 year old woman to pose for Playboy but she’s truly the skankiest.

    And what’s that thing on her shoulder in the 2nd photo? It doesn’t look like a freckle or a vaccination scar. The retouchers will be working overtime for weeks on this one.

  4. flourpot says:

    I’m so out of the loop. I thought Playboy was an ‘upperclass’ kind of pornmag that didn’t show vadge.

    I wonder if they’ll be paying their photoshop guy time and a half.

  5. Jackson says:

    The only thing surprising about her posing is that PB is willing to pay her $900k. And LOL at her posing ‘full biscuit.’ I gotta remember that phrase.

  6. tapioca says:

    I don’t think she really appreciates the financial trouble she’s in – didn’t she turn up to her court date in Fendi & Louboutins?!! I’m guessing the labels would be actively trying to prevent her from wearing their stuff, rather than giving it to her, so she’s clearly still burning through cash she doesn’t have.

    Oh, and the Porsche…

  7. dorothy says:

    At this point she’s doing anything for a buck. I have to agree though…thought Playboy had higher standards.

  8. Jacq says:

    I just love a good LL story in the morning. It reassures me that, no matter what happens today:
    A) someone is having a worse day than me
    B) it’s always someone else’s fault

  9. norma says:

    when you read the editorial on this, it just mushes your brain into “and then and then and then and then” chinese takeaway machine thing. surely this satanic saga of hogarthian proportions has to end soon. just lock her up, let her get well, and ignore her until that happens. photographing her body like that is like paying to visit mad people in bedlam. his whole LL situation is like a cross between Rango and How the West was Won, on krack. we should focus on eddie murphy’s threat to urinate on the audience on oscar night, plan ahead by making sure kim kardashian is in pole position. that would be a welcome break from lohan craic antics.

  10. Hautie says:

    If Lohan ends up in jail, it will only be at the county lockup. And probably wouldn’t even be 3 full weeks.

    It would benefit her to be locked up. And have to stop all the crack behavior cold turkey. Flush out what ever she is ingesting daily to keep the high going.

    But lets be real here, her Mother needs that money to pay her own bills. If Lohan only had to financially support herself, there would be no Playboy spread.

    And we all know that Mother Crackhead is talking to Kris Jenner about how to exploit your daughters for cash. So expect Lohan to be out there hustling for more checks. So Mother can stay afloat.

  11. Quest says:

    @Kaiser: you are like my craken pusher and I am addicted to your post on LL. I know I should stop but just cannot get enough.

  12. Poison Ivy says:

    I don’t know how it is in the US but European Playboy issues show “full biscuit (LOL)”.

  13. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I hope Playboy kept another million for all the photoshoping needed to make her even the least bit sexy.

  14. gee says:

    For 1 million dollars, I’d do Playboy too. I don’t think I’d do “trifecta” though. Just t&a. Because it’s completely necessary you all know this information, not at all tmi.

    Regardless, Linnocent is a hot mess, the 600k after taxes she’ll get is probably long gone. And they’ll photoshop the crap out of her.

  15. M3l says:

    If she’s truly desperate for money, I wonder if she’ll take the FleshLight offer.

  16. yt says:

    The “possibility” of going back to jail is not an excuse. Negotiations for this started ages ago, and LL only had to fulfill the terms of her probation to avoid jail. With her track record for not showing up for what little work she does get, I’m surprised she showed up for this one. It’s doubtful she will stop blowing money on her favorite hobbies: shopping, drugs, booze, lawyer’s fees, escapes to rehab, etc.

    I hope she pays off her lawyer first. Holley is the only one who deserves payment.

  17. NM9005 says:

    Since LL is always “hot” news, I beg to differ people won’t be checking out her photos. In the end, we all like the bash her (rightfully) and point out what a mess she is, but that won’t stop the masses of following her every move. Quite paradoxal.

  18. Hanna says:

    I’m kind of starting to feel bad for her… She’s so sad and it wouldn’t be a surprise if she committed suicide

  19. Cathy says:

    The only reason I can believe that old Hugh allowed this to happen is that he forgot to take his dementia medicine….what a skank.

  20. Amy says:

    Oh please, she doesn’t realize that she isn’t in demand.

    She’s so delusional that she is telling herself “I’m going to be in Playboy just like Marilyn. I really am her, reincarnated!!”

  21. LisaMarie says:

    I wonder how long it’ll be before she ends up in porno vids? She could probably get a decent paycheck for that too.

  22. spinner says:

    She is mimicking Marilyn Monroe right down to the Playboy shoot. What’s next?

  23. Hautie says:

    Did Marilyn legitimately pose for Playboy?

    I believe that Marilyn Monroe never posed for Playboy. She had done some nudie calendar pictures that Hefner purchased the rights to. That were done when she was Norma Jean the young girl. Not Marilyn the movie star.

    So Marilyn never legitimately posed for Playboy. Much less got paid from Playboy.

  24. Green_Eyes says:

    After Hef signed up for a reality show I wondered how Classy could PB really be anymore… I can see it now. Mama D working out a deal trying to get Hef to pick up LILO as ome of his PB Mansion Skanks….oh and just because she’s the Queen of Cracken land and well has such a stellar reputation and all of course Mama D will have Hef provide an Engagement ring… Though no ceremony will be performed (unless of course another pub stunt is needed to pulled out to keep Hef and Vag I mean LILO relevant. (why do I have this disgusted sick grossed out urge now to
    call her L Vag)? I mean after all Hef could get off cheap w/ her..she already has the fake boobs…just keep her happy w/ her cracken habit… I think She would need it to keep from gagging playing the games Kendra claimed he liked…but hey MaMa D always gets what she wants and it’s not like it wouldn’t be the first time LILO or Mama D pimpednher out.

    Thanks for the literal LOL on the leakage comment!! After the last few days (Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis, and Parkinson’s are all three literally kicking my arse more than usual.. The first two are trying to take over the bones in my legs and hands and are beyond painful. My left lung has collapsed from Sarcoid blockage and hardening from Scleroderma.. Air intake and swallowing is already complicated from Parkinson’s so the lung collapse is painful as is breathing and laughing..BUT what’s a lil pain or turning blue
    when laughing at such classic lines by our Kaiser as the leakage comment? Though a bit painful… The laughter was definately very welcomed today Kaiser! <3

  25. Dawning Red says:

    In a startling turn of events, when Dina Lohan announced that her meal ticket Lyndzie Lohan was doing a spread for Playboy for a million dollars, word of this reached the Occupy Movement. Realizing that this made Lyndzie part of the 1%, organizers immediately started an “Occupy Lyndzie Lohan” group, and rushed to her palatial home.

    Sadly, they realized that her palace was already being occupied. Hundreds of drug dealers, johns, out-of-work photoshoppers, porn directors, and sea jasper hawkers had already set up makeshift tents and are now starting a bohemian community around Lohans home, much like the communities of crabs and lice around Lyndzie.

    Even worse, the group was almost targeted by the CDC as a potential health risk, as many of her former johns had been in contact with Lyndzie in the past and may be carrying various diseases, some of potential lethal quality. CDC spokeswoman Sara Bellum has indicated that a full-scale delousing and quarantine will occur should Lohan appear in the crowd, but so far no action has been taken. We will keep you informed as further events warrant.

  26. Lenna says:

    I believe Playboy doesn’t show wide leg vag…that’s how they stay “classy”

    She’s a total mess, but I’ll still shell out the $ for the issue she’s in. It’s the curiosity factor, like not being able to look away from a train wreck.

  27. Lil says:

    I think she will die very early,-

  28. Tierra says:

    That 2nd pic is just hideous, whoever loaded her face and lips with those fillers should have his practice shut down. She reminds me of that Madam puppet from the Muppets.

    Im curious how they’ll handle her nasty freckles (nothing against ppl w/freckles really, hers are just really hideous/gross looking from covering them with her fake tanning stuff).

  29. Mich says:

    Five days until the next courtroom showdown. I think it might be the last, great Cracksanity that we all care about…courtesy of Playboy. Really, after the Bunny Club what is there if you don’t follow porn?

    @Kaiser Thanks for getting me to follow this story so closely over the years. And I mean that sincerely! You are awesome. Love your posts!

    We are witnessing the end of an age. Will she or won’t she rebound, we’ve wondered. The question seems to be answered now with a resounding ‘no’.

    Linnocent,I notice you have been very quiet lately. Why? Isn’t the always artful Playboy something worthy of defending for art’s sake?

  30. Mojoman says:

    Yes, it’s definitely vomit inducing to think about seeing LOhan’s trifecta full Monty style but I feel more nauseous reading Dina’s statement on ‘how the photoshoot WENT WELL’! What mother would give consent let alone happily say those words? She doesn’t deserve to be a mother (as well as lindsay’s dead beat abusing father). It’s just a sad sick life those lohans children are living in.

  31. kibbles says:

    If she is already desperate for money then she is going to be in big trouble when she is no longer a tabloid fixture and too old to make money as a high class call girl and nude model. I see her dying penniless and destitute if she lives to be middle aged or older.

  32. Mich says:

    Okay. So ‘the age’ I mentioned in post 29 lasted all of six years (maybe seven). Does that count as ‘an age’? Or has this woman been in my face so much that I have lost touch with reality?

  33. MacScore says:

    I have just returned from my dear mother-in-law’s hospital bed. Somehow these things put the whole Blohan craziness in a very different perspective. What kind of person is Dina?????

    @Green Eyes: so sorry to hear about your pain. True, humor is always a good remedy.

  34. Green_Eyes says:

    @Hautie, No Marilyn never posed for Playboy. PLAYBOY bought the rights of photos that Marilyn did pose for (Calendar) when she was and young.. still going by her own name Norma Jean. However, she did not show her Vag and insisted Photographers wife be present. she did ironically sign the release contract for the calendar photos as May Monroe since she didn’t want everyone to know her real name,.. Hef purchased the Photos after she became the Iconic Marilyn Monroe.

    So sorry Lindsay..your definately not Marilyn incarnate.. It’s all in your crackin encrusted hallucinations!

  35. Snowangel says:

    This is just so sad. The only upside is maybe Hef gave her some business advice. He is an old perv but has stayed away from drugs himself, and I am sure has seen many of his “girls” ruined by them. God knows her own father is no example on how to run your life.

  36. Anguishedcorn says:

    She’s too in love with herself to commit suicide. “Death by misadventure?… ” a possibility. But not suicide.

  37. madpoe says:

    How much money would crackie make if everyone paid $$$ to bitch slap her?

    Probably a helluva lot more than Playboy is offering. Instead of a kissing booth, open a slap a crack ho booth an bam!! She’s in the money!

  38. Green_Eyes says:

    Thank you very much MacScore…humor has gotten me through so much.. I have come to love these blogs. My thoughts & prayers are w/ your Mother in law, you, and family (hope I don’t offend by saying that). I am very sorry about your mother in law sweetie. Your right it does put everything in perspective. Thank goodness for the loving Moms in this world.

  39. Sillyone says:

    Seriously?? Less than 12 hours after being released from jail he is arrested again?? What the hell is wrong with this family?

  40. Bess says:

    I’d be surprised if Linnocent actually realized that she wasn’t an in-demand actress and model. She seems to devour any press attention that she gets. She dresses up for her court appearances like she’s going to a film premier. All of the attention from the paparazzi just feeds the delusion that she’s still “got it”.

    It’s probably more likely that Linnocent feels like she’s been reduced to Playboy because of the unfair criminal justice system and the “mean” gossip press.

  41. MJ says:

    Green_Eyes – I have a close friend with Parkinson’s and it has been a long, tough road for him the past 15 years. He has reacted very well to some of the newer, more experimental therapies, though – there have been so many new discoveries these past 5-10 years. Until they find a cure, let’s raise a cracktini to this blog and the entertainment it provides us all. Thanks, Kaiser and CB!

  42. CooCoo Catchoo says:

    Lindsay looks grimy, like she needs a good scrubbing from head to toe. Seriously. Like she’s slept in her makeup for a week. Maybe it’s that grey blush she’s wearing lately, but she just looks so dirty and corpsy. The stringy hair and bad teeth ain’t helping matters, either.
    She’s got the complexion of a junkie. She could use a good detox, some fresh produce, more sleep and tons of water. She just looks worn out. It’s hard to pull the gravytrain all by yourself, I guess!

  43. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Hautie “It would benefit her to be locked up. And have to stop all the crack behavior cold turkey. Flush out what ever she is ingesting daily to keep the high going.”

    I’d agree, if it weren’t for the fact that she is prescribed adderall (amphetamines). She may not have access to meth or crack, but she can maintain her high while incarcerated (since all three work on the same receptor). I think she started taking adderall for weight loss, became addicted and moved on to something stronger in order to experience that intense high she felt when she started taking the adderall. This is EXACTLY what happened to my sister-in-law. She started stealing my husbands ADHD meds, and then she was on to crack and meth. Adderall is great for those who NEED it, but it’s definitely a “gateway” to harder drugs if it’s taken for purposes or weight loss or “fun.”

  44. Cherry Rose says:

    When will people learn that if you have freckles all over your body, then you definitely do not look good as a platinum blonde?

    Playboy is going to have their work cut out for them in trying to make Lindsay look clean and somewhat attractive.

  45. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @green_eyes, I’m sorry to hear about everything you’re going through. ***sending positive vibes your way***

  46. the original bellaluna says:

    Has anyone noticed that the “Nothing is wrong; everything is FINE, great, wonderful; it’s not my fault; they’re just out to get me” is not simply a Linnocent & WO issue? I mean, I read that whole article on The Mail, and it’s obvious that MiLo is deeply, deeply delusional-in-denial.

    Poor (HA!) little mis-guided Lindsanity has been steeped in delusion and denial her ENTIRE life. So has Ali.

    I’m not TOTALLY blaming the parents in this (because at some point, you have to say to yourself “My parents are unhealthy for me and I can’t just use them as an excuse to be an entitled a$$hole the rest of my life”) but it’s not hard to see the that the Delusional-in-Denial a$$hole (apple, I mean APPLE) doesn’t fall far from it’s tree.

  47. kieslwoski says:

    Wait and see she will be comparing herself to her icon Marilyn Monroe again, and bitching how she should have gotten Michelle Williams’ role in the Marilyn bio-pic.

  48. boo says:

    I read on another blog that Papa Lohan’s ex gf Kate Major had told the court that ML has no respect for the justice system, as he tried to escape the police (because he called KM after being released from jail and told not to contact her!)by leaping onto a tree from his balcony and messing up his foot. So, now we have proof that Lindsay at least gets her “no respect for justice” from at least one source. Now, what does she get from Dina? Delusion I would guess, because according to Dinah, Lindsay is fine, she’s doing wonderful, she’s fulfilling all her probation requirements, blah, blah, blah. This crack drama will end badly I assure you. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop any day now. Sad.

  49. Madisyn says:


    Per your request, the link:

    Its still on the Oct. 21st, “Linnocent is 85 Minutes Late to the Morgue”, Post 102. Put it in your ‘favorites’. That goes for all “Crack Clique Ladies”.

    Now, I’m going to read this article and the Milo Got Arrest AGAIN article and all the comments. Today is just a glorious day.

  50. Green_Eyes says:

    @ MJ thank you sweetie, best wishes, thoughts & prayers to your friend in his battle w/ PD. Due to other conditions I can’t take some of the new drugs or have DBS. I feel for him, been battling since late teens.. I had to chuckle MJ, a lot of friends from the PD Community refer to me as MJ (first and maiden name initials). They used to refer to me as MJK (due to MJ Fox) then it became MJ. Just thought it made the world seem a bit smaller and connected there:).

    Here here. MJ raising glass of cracktini w/ you to CB and Kaiser, Laughter is always the best medicine,also a great escape from everyday things we all face.. To CB and Kaiser w/ their blog and those that comment ..Thank you for bringing laughter and entertainment to us!

  51. ladybert62 says:

    Wow – green eyes – I am sorry to hear about all your pain and suffering – makes my little arthritis complaints seem trivial!

    I am in awe that you manage to get through life with such a burden and you still have the inner strength to laugh and giggle at these threads and posts!

    My hat is off to Green Eyes!

  52. neelyo says:

    Speaking of Marilyn, I hope Cracken is delusional enough to crash a premiere of MY WEEK WITH MARILYN like she did the Gotti press conference. That would be hilarious!

  53. TG says:

    Linnocent’s “It’s always someone else’s fault” excuse shouldn’t really surprise anyone. That is the way this country is going. The way kids are being raised. Always blame someone else for your actions. Just look at the housing industry.

  54. Obvvious says:

    I can be just like Marilyn. She posed for playboy.

    I think that’s is. I’m betting the shoot has a retro/vintagey vibe and she’s styled like Marilyn Monroe knowing her obsession. who’s with me????

  55. sosuzy says:

    Sitting here trying to decide whose physical appearance has deteriorated more Lindsay or Demi?

  56. the original bellaluna says:

    Green Eyes & MacScore – Sending positive thoughts to you both.

    Mad, thank you!

    Off to read the MiLo got arrested AGAIN and tried to escape AGAIN thread.

  57. Green_Eyes says:

    MorticiansDoItDeader…thank you very much sweetie. I appreciate it

    The original Belluna- your so right! at some point (especially 25 yrs old) one has to take responsibility for their actions instead of all of it being on their parents. I think now though she is so delusional and her mind so fried from Crack, that she believes everything Dino tells her as gospel. Sad that no one else will step in and deem Dino unfit to take care of Linds and Linds to far gone to make her own decisions.

    That being said I don’t feel sorry for her..she had the money to get help at one time to get the help she needed. There are so many fighting addictions that have never had the financial or privileged avenues that Linds had yet made it..and they didn’t blame the entire world for their own behavior. Isn’t that one of the steps to recovery..taking responsibility for ones own actions?

  58. Minty says:

    spinner #22: “She is mimicking Marilyn Monroe right down to the Playboy shoot.”

    As Green_Eyes already mentioned, Marilyn DID NOT pose for Playboy. She posed nude for photographer Tom Kelley in 1949 when she was an unknown model and unemployed actress. She said she was broke and needed to pay the rent. Kelley had asked her to pose once before, but she had refused. She agreed the second time, with the requirement that Kelley’s wife be present and that she would remain anonymous. She signed the model release as ‘Mona Monroe’. The photos were tasteful, especially compared to today. Marilyn didn’t show the good china.

    Kelley sold two of the photos (without her knowledge) to a calendar company for $200. The calendar company later made millions off them.

    Marilyn became very famous in 1953, due to the success of Niagara, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and How To Marry A Millionaire. To capitalize on (or exploit, which I think is more accurate) Marilyn’s popularity, Hugh Hefner bought one of the nude photos for the centerfold of Playboy’s first issue, December 1953. Of course, this was done without Marilyn’s knowledge. And so the Playboy empire was born and Marilyn’s image has been exploited for money ever since.

    See how much trivia you can acquire from reading biographies?

    @Green_Eyes: I’m sorry you are having such a difficult time. I hope you feel better soon.

  59. ocean says:

    she’s so fugly and gross. I dont get why play boy would pay almost a mil for some shots of her?!?!?!?! There are better looking and healthy woman out there who will do a shoot with play for way less

  60. NeNe says:

    She had so many fantastic options open to her in her early career, but she went down the wrong path. If she had dumped her friends, her drug/booze filled lifestyle, and if she would have gotten herself impancipated from her poor excuse for parents, there might have been hope for her. She has been given every chance in the world by not being locked in jail forever, why on earth would she still keep trying to push the envelope, because eventually, HOPEFULLY, she will have to face the consequences, and that might be jail time, or worse. She certainly is heading down the same path as River Pheonix, Marilyn MOnroe, Amy Winehouse, Anna Nicole Smith to name a few. Perhaps she just doesn’t give a flying f*ck anymore. To me, that might be able to explain some of her insane behavior.

    It seems that Playboy is certainly scrapping the bottom of the barrel by choosing her!!!!

  61. Happy21 says:

    She is just plain disgusting and I’d have thought Playboy being Playboy wouldn’t cash in on such trash as Linnocent.

    I have nothing nice to say and could go on all day about the different ways this is so wrong so I’m just gonna zip it!

  62. Green_Eyes says:

    Ladybert62, the original Belluna, and Minty thank you all very much for your thoughts and kindness.

    Ladybert62- your pain is not trivial sweetie..but understand what u mean. I try to stay positive because I know there are those far worse than me w/ no roof, food, or taking their last breath at this moment. So life is meant to see the beauty and humor, find friendships in the unlikeliest places,,. Such as a blog where though we mean no harm, we can have a laugh and let off steam thru our comments regarding celebrity’s and their craziness..:)

    • Shannon1972 says:

      Just want to tell you how much I admire your grace and humor. I am sorry for all you are going through…I hate to see bad things happen to good people.
      I really hope you feel better soon.
      *sending positive thoughts your way…*

  63. MIKE says:

    Obviously Lindsay is troubled and needs help.She is however a very attractive women with a great body. She of course would look even better if she would return to her natural red. The pictures shown on this site purposely show her on the worst light and angles possible. In reality how many of the ‘studs’ making negative comments about her looks have been with a woman as hot as her.`

  64. yt says:

    Playboy may have increased their circulation and become more popular by publishing the old Marilyn Monroe photo, but they have signed their own death certificate by doing a photo shoot of LL. Bottom-of-the-barrel trash. At least Playboy’s retouching guys are talented.

    I assume there will an accompanying interview filled with lies. A little bit of “I get it now” and “I’m serious about studying my craft”. She gave up the old line about partying no more than college kids her age. Most of those college kids now have an education, a job, and a family.

  65. Madisyn says:

    I’m going to assume, as I’ve seen no reports to the contrary, that the Cracken didn’t bother to show up for CS? Anyone know different?

    Green Eyes & MacScore

    I’ll have a good thought about you both, God Speed.

    I too, agree with posters who think this Playboy shoot and the ‘reported’ amount of money she received only FEEDS HER DELUSIONS, this has not brought her back down to reality. I don’t think even jail will bring her around.

  66. ShanKat says:

    After you’ve been required to spread it and cough in jail, Playboy is a cinch.

  67. Lady D says:

    Green eyes, I have a disease that is slowly and painfully killing my feet. Some days I just want to put my face in a pillow and scream. Eventually they will be amputated, which really sucks. Like you I strongly believe in the power of humour and I actively seek it out every day. I read comics in the papers, jokes online, lots of fab joke sites, and I recently discovered a show on TV called Just for Laughs. They play practical jokes on unsuspecting bystanders. Its not always funny, but most days I laugh until I am literally crying. I do this 7 days a week for my sanity. I also remain grateful every day that I have a roof over my head, clothing, food, and the luxuries of pets and a vehicle. Even though I am dirt poor and live in agony most days, I am so much better off than so many. I wish I could help you.

  68. angelus says:

    @ #25 Dawning Red:

    Thank you! I think you just made my day. I l-a-u-g-h-e-d-o-u-t-l-o-u-d and long…

  69. Stubbylove says:

    That pic of her smiling w/her teeth is horrifying.

  70. crackho says:

    God, her teeth! What the hell? She needs to scratch that brown junk off her front teeth with some serious brillo pad action, and then try a crest white strip, OR SOMETHING!!!

  71. Kimbob says:

    @Green_Eyes…just read what you’re going through. Sending you “get-well hugs!” Hang in there! About 2.5 yrs ago I completed 62 weeks of chemotherapy, so I do understand how being physically weak/frail can take its’ toll. Have nothing but love & good thoughts for you.

    Edit: @Stubbylove and @crackho, regarding Crackie’s teeth, she got them fixed/repaired after seeing herself & the negative attention she garnered due to her filthy mouth. It’s pretty bad when one is THAT CLUELESS as to their appearance, & the only feedback/barometer they regard is the net and/or celebrity gossip news…un-freaking-believable.

  72. ladybert62 says:

    Occasionally, and only occasionally, I feel sad for crackie-linnocent. She does indeed have horrible parents and her life is seriously spinning out of control – after playboy, I think porn is her next “film.” Perhaps they can get crackie and octomom together to go a flick and call it “Crackie and Crazy do Dallas”!

    Anyway, when I have these types of thoughts I think about how crackie treats other people with her entitlement attitude that all must bow down before the Great Crackie and then my Irish temper rises to the fore and I come back to my senses and remember that she is an adult and is responsible for her life and is old enough to realize how terrible her parents were and that she can indeed redeem herself if she would just make the effort. Other people have had terrible parents and they have maintained control over themselves and not wrecked their lives like crackie has done to hers.

    Finally, crackie is no marilyn monroe. I am not a big marilyn fan but I think that the lovely marilyn respected her body, her mind and other people and did not treat others the way that crackie treats others. Also, marilyn never appeared in public falling down drunk or dirty like crackie does. No indeed, crackie is no marilyn.

  73. ladybert62 says:

    My god – Lady D – that is horrible. If you dont mind my asking, what disease is it that you have?

    These stories that are appearing today from the posters are heart breaking.

    I think it is the intent of the lady judge in crackie’s case, that crackie meet real people and hear similar stories as those appearing here today with the judge hoping that maybe, just maybe, crackie will realize how much she has to be grateful for and will clean up her life after she realizes all that she has going for her.

  74. Alexis says:

    If they still have DARE in school, before and after pics of LIndsay would be very persuasive reasons not to due drugs. I doubt 6th graders or whatever will really buy the fact that they could die, so becoming ugly and prematurely aged is more realistic and scary. You could throw pics of Courtney Stoddand in there– from cute teen to nasty, washed up porn star. smh.

  75. becky says:

    “And it shows a clear understanding on Linnocent’s part that she’s not some in-demand actress and model, that if she wants to have some money and pay her bills, she’s got to make this kind of move.”
    This exactly what said when saw the deadline yesterday. Linnoncent is not so delusional? Even Kim didn’t bear all. You know, I used to hate Lindsay after Mean Girls because she’s such a c***. Now I can’t, she’s too pathetic, though I do enjoy watching her get what she deserves. So I do click on Linnoncent posts first, and i LOVE them. Now I feel like a terrible person.

  76. The Bobster says:

    In reality how many of the ’studs’ making negative comments about her looks have been with a woman as hot as her.`


    Actually my GF’s have been hotter. And smarter. And not addicted to illegal drugs.

    BTW, what the hell has been going on with her face? She looks like she’s put on her witch makeup a week early for Halloween.

  77. Firecracker says:

    Hi everyone,

    So apparently now per TMZ, another company offered Liho $1m. Not believing it for one second. A million bucks for her??? Lies.

    Haven’t had time to read all the posts, so I apologize if someone already said this.

  78. G says:

    “And it shows a clear understanding on Linnocent’s part that she’s not some in-demand actress and model, that if she wants to have some money and pay her bills, she’s got to make this kind of move.”

    I don’t agree that she has this “understanding” at all.

    There is an opinion that a good number of actresses have revitalized industry interest in them with a Playboy spread in the past.

    I think that she believes that this is what she’s doing with this project. Proving that she looks good and trying to re-establish her appeal. That’s the delusion. That this will work and not realizing that she’s getting a cheque for her freak value.

    If she is truly, doing it for the money, that would be the worst possible reason. She’ll be haunted forever with the evidence of the lowest point in her life and career.

    It is indeed delusional and sad.

    As for the Milo drama. They are very very alike, those two.

  79. Orange Cone says:

    Wow! she “blew” $500,000 from her “modeling” job already

  80. lucy2 says:

    Who wants to see THAT?

    Hopefully whatever she earns must go to pay her legit bills, not her dealer.

  81. Ron says:

    She needs to get realisitic and scale back her “lifestyle” She;s living in and 8-10.000 a month condo in Venice for God’s sake. She is just a disaster at this point. After the crap with her father and her mother the pimp, this isn;t going anywhere but down.

  82. Pku78 says:

    Thought you all would like to know, she was also offered a million dollars for a mold of her “lady bits” to make an authentic flesh light. This offer she turned down….IMO she should have taken it. I read this story here


  83. LeeLoo says:

    To Green Eyes, MacScore, Lady D and anyone else who is sick or in pain: Today, I send you all of my positive energy and hope you will have a day without pain or discomfort.

    Now, on to The Cracken…

    I expect we will be hearing reports of Playboy subscribers blinding themselves in order to remove the burned image of Crackie naked. I get the heebee jeebees thinking about it. *shudder*

    This move by Playboy makes me realize that Playboy will not survive after Hugh Hefner. Both have lost all credibility in the last 10 years. This decision is only reinforcing that fact.

    I have no doubt Lindsay is desperate for money but I think the messed up part is not a single dime of this Playboy money will go towards paying off her debt. She’ll blow it all on shoes and drugs.

    “Move that debt! I’m Lindsay Lohan!”

  84. LeeLoo says:

    To Green Eyes, MacScore, Lady D and anyone else who is sick or in pain: Today, I send you all of my positive energy and hope you will have a day without pain or discomfort.

    Now, on to The Cracken…

    I expect we will be hearing reports of Playboy subscribers blinding themselves in order to remove the burned image of Crackie naked. I get the heebee jeebees thinking about it. *shudder*

    This move by Playboy makes me realize that Playboy will not survive after Hugh Hefner. Both have lost all credibility in the last 10 years. This decision is only reinforcing that fact.

    I have no doubt Lindsay is desperate for money but I think the messed up part is not a single dime of this Playboy money will go towards paying off her debt. She’ll blow it all on shoes and drugs.

    “Move that debt! I’m Lindsay Lohan!”

  85. GirlyGirl says:

    It’s a few years too late isn’t it?
    She’s completely lost her looks to consumption

  86. Turtle Dove says:

    An interesting companion article for today’s post:

    tapioca (6) – Here’s a little kicker… brands will often send their competitors’ bags, clothes, etc., so that an undesirable actor will not wear THEIR brand, and also in an attempt to diminish the prestige of the competition.

  87. jullicious says:

    i was under the impression the EVERY GIRL who ever posed for playboy had to screw HH.. EWWWW it was just a given.

  88. logan says:

    Poor ole Linz is always desperate for something. Men, women, booze, drugs, work, jewelry, money, love, goes on and on. Give our little crack-a-lack some credit. She keeps on a crackin.

  89. Green_Eyes says:

    Thank you very much Madisyn, Kimbob, And Lady D i sincerely appreciate all the kind thoughts and words expressed.

    Lady D, I am so sorry that you will face that in your future. I am not sure what illness you have, but Scleroderma and a terrible Lead to a partial amputation already to my moms right foot. My heart goes out to you as I know how hard her days are. It comforting to come to blogs such as this and laugh (will look for that show Just for Laughs thank you). Bless your kind heart..I wish i could do something for you as well sweetie. I am so thankful for the Internet and those I have been so lucky to meet and start to know (or know). I wish I had found this site a lot earlier..but better late than never. I’ve noticed that though we don’t all always agree on feeds, 99% of us enjoy the commodore and laughs. (like you I enjoy comics, comedies, my pets, and modest home… And am thankful). We have spoken before and you have always shown my kindness and grace.. I will continue to keep you in my prayers (hope I do not offend as so many different religious beliefs or none at all and I respect everyone’s preference). Gentle hugs dear Lady D.

    KImbob..I am very glad that you no long have chemo, having gone thru that for OVC yrs ago..know you were in pain as well as facing the unknown. I pray you will continue to have no further need for chemo due to a clean bill of health sweetie and Godspeed w/ you as well:). (i assume and hope you have a clean bill of
    health). :)

    Thank you everyone again..for your kindness and laughs today and everyday…

  90. OhMyMy says:

    Lady D and others….sending good thoughts to you as well. I have a weird form of arthiritis. I had my feet x-rayed the other day to check for joint damage cause my toes have been bothering me. Not as bad a situation as you, Lady D but I understand. It definitely sucks when your body attacks you.

  91. the original bellaluna says:

    Mad – I read somewhere (don’t remember right now) that she showed up 20 min early for her CS today at the morgue. Don’t know if it’s true (if a fame-whore shows up and no papp’s take pix, does it exist?) or not, but whatever.

    I could have lived ALL MY LIFE without knowing about the “vadge mold” offer. What has been read cannot be unread. FFS, how nasty.

    But I guess that would be the SAFEST way to have sex with The Cracken. Because, my God, the Silkwood showers, the sandblasting, the antibiotics…yes, I guess that would be the safest way.

  92. Nina says:

    I feel like I need to get up to date on all currently available vaccinations before even looking at pictures of her.

  93. Green_Eyes says:

    Ohmymy- thoughts & prayers to you also. I agree whole heartily it isn’t good how our bodies can attack themselves… Helps to know we are not alone. But hoping for the day were they are all curable. If not my lifetime then the next generation…

  94. G says:

    I really neeed to say this somewhere…
    20 minutes early at the gate is NOT 20 minutes EARLY. Being ON TIME means that you have arrived, hung up your coat, changed, if that’s what you do and are at your station READY to work.

    20 minutes is again, the bare MINIMUM, just on time!

  95. Hellen says:

    Kaiser, LINDSAY does not care about nor appreciate her financial situation – MOTHER CRACKHEAD is the one who cares. White Oprah is behind all of this pimping because if Lindsay goes away for 18 months, how will Mother Crackie and her little family manage?

    So posing for Playboy was not LINDSAY’S “rational decision” and she does not have any “clear understanding” about anything, except that she’s gonna need another hit in about 10 minutes.

  96. jane16 says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on this one. Almost lost my lunch. The worlds most unattractive sex symbol. In fact, I think her whole family is ghastly.

  97. designerprons says:

    Sorry, but I’ve been waiting years to see this dirtbags pooner. Bring it.

  98. Bess says:

    Oh, I think Linnocent & Mother Crackhead both appreciate the financial situation quite clearly. Linnocent really believes that she’s obligated to “support her family” and Mother Crackhead goes along with that idea instead of getting herself a job.

    Why Linnocent feels obligated to support the family financially is a mystery to me, as there are three other adults in the clan who are able to work.

  99. Andie B says:

    Eeewww! Just eeewwww! Who would pay to see that? Some sleazy perv I guess. She looks older than me and I’m 40 in April..she seriously does.

  100. Madisyn says:


    The ’20 minutes early to morgue duty’ was yesterday on TMZ. Any reports about TODAY?

    Its been noted before, but bares repeating. I would be absolutely SHOCKED if this Playboy issue does OK, let alone WELL. I just don’t see the ‘demand’ to see Blohan nude. She and her family are notorious, infamous, a fvckin ‘dog and pony’ show. There is NOT going to some mad rush to the newsstands to see her nekkid, like say to see Pam Anderson in her heyday. Not to mention all the ‘leaked’ photos before the issue hits the stands. Yes, there will be some ‘curiosity’ factor for some, but not enough for Playboy to recoup their investment. There just will be no need to pay for the magazine itself. Fail!

    I will be watching TMZ in 10 minutes just for giggles about the Loserhans.

  101. Jayna says:

    Good God. She’s 25 and put balls of fillers in her cheeks. They make her look odd. What is wrong with her. She’s only 25 and ruining her face. Get rid of the white hair.

  102. Theresa says:

    Has anyone considered that it’s in PB’s best interest to generate as much publicity around this photospread as possible, before publication? There’s a good chance that LL hasn’t exposed as much as is rumored, but you won’t know until the issue is published (of course, there might be leaks…). I have zero respect for anyone in the LL camp, but don’t be surprised if the photospread is on the tame side, and the public is duped into checking it out all in the hopes of the “holy trifecta”. But then again, if she’s spread eagle exposing all, well, no one will be surprised by that either. It’s interesting though, even Octomom has been able to resist the siren’s call of porn to date! Will LL’s Playboy gig actually pave the way for everyone and anyone to do it and still act like nothing’s wrong???

  103. Lady D says:

    ladybert62, I have a neuropathic disease in my feet. The nerves are all dying. The nerves in my bones, tendons, skin, etc. I also learned I have a severe bone deformity in my feet. All the bones in my feet are crammed into an upside down V. One edge of the V is under the ball of my foot and the other is in front of my heel. There is a massive piece of bone on top of my foot and each time I step I come down on the V, which is causing the bone to fracture and crack. It is starting to crush the veins in my feet. My heels look as smooth as a baby’s bum in the x-rays. I have never ever stepped on my heel bones. Part of the name of the neuropathic disease is Chronic Regional Dystrophy Syndrome. I take the weakest form of morphine, 10 mg a.m. and 15 p.m. I’m in school learning to become a medical transcriptionist. It’s a complicated course and I need my brain, otherwise I would be taking much stronger medication. I expect to be a MT for the next 25 years anyway so it’s going to be a battle. They said I had about 10 years left with my feet. I will be doing my new MT job from home. It’s part of the reason I chose this as a career. That, and I enjoy learning, doing research and I can type fast.

    Green Eyes I am not in the least offended, I’m honoured. It’s God I thank every morning when I wake up still breathing, and again each time during the day when I realize how lucky I am. Thanks, and I’ll do the same for you.

  104. gg says:

    @ GreenEyes, et al. above – prayers to you. I went through my chemo last year and, so far, so good.

    Re LL, She’s going to blow through that money in six months.

  105. yt says:

    @gg, if she pays off all of her outstanding debts, she will blow through the remaining money in one month. If the amount is closer to $100k, she won’t pay debts. There’s no business manager to try to keep it under control.

  106. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Yeah she’s probably going to look great, thanks to photoshop:-)

  107. Madisyn says:


    Days of CS/Jail?/16 hrs Total or Wkly?

    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    LeeLoo – 1/Yes/16 Total
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Sillyone – 2/No/16 Wkly
    Morticians – 2/No/16 Wkly
    Lady D – 2/No/16 Total
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    ladybert62 – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    Seal Team – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    HannahF – 2/Yes/16 Total
    Cathy – 2/Yes/16 Total
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Dawning Red – 3/No/16 Wkly
    Lucky Charm – 3/Yes/16 Wkly
    Bess – 4/No/16 Wkly
    Original Tiffany – 4/Yes/16 Wkly
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes/16 Wkly
    Nina – 6/No/16 Total
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total

  108. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Theresa, the “unholy trifecta.” There, I fixed it for you ;) obviously I moonlight as a copy editor.

    @Lady D, @LadyBert, @kimbob, so sad that so many of you are suffering. My heart goes out to you all.

    **high fives to my crack clique**

  109. Calli Pygian says:

    Wha? I thought Cracken McMethMouth was late for (morgue?) work because she was getting those nasty teeth veneered to appear like lovely little chicklets.

  110. laura says:

    I love this blog and everyone on it. I had no idea so many were suffering. I have many people in my life who suffer with the same illnesses – rheumatoid arthritis, schleroderma, MS….glad you find some relief in this blog. Im not sick but working on a PhD and need a release – we must all be so smart :)

    Anyway….”now details are beginning to “leak” out. Much like I’m sure there was some “leakage” at the photo shoot. Ew, I’m sorry. That was too gross”….funniest line ever!!

    of course she’s broke! how much $ can you make being a prostitute? those rent a porche’s are expensive…so is daddy’s bail.

  111. Camille says:

    A porno is up next. Its probably the next logical or only step left she has to make any money.

  112. the original bellaluna says:

    Mad, dahling, can you add me as TBA? (to be announced)

    LadyD, kimbob, ladybert, Green Eyes – Hearts and prayers to you.

    Mad, what I don’t understand is WHY would anyone PAY to see what is readily available online already. I mean, she’s had plenty of papp vadge shots sans chones getting into/out of vehicles snockered/high. It’s not like it’s a “novelty” thing. We’ve all seen it before.

    Is that what they mean by “tasteful” shots? (i.e. not drunk/high getting into/out of a vehicle)

  113. Madisyn says:

    Belle My Pet

    You want TBA, you got it, your wish is my command.


    Days of CS/Jail?/16 hrs Total or Wkly?

    bellaluna – To Be Announced
    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    LeeLoo – 1/Yes/16 Total
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Sillyone – 2/No/16 Wkly
    Morticians – 2/No/16 Wkly
    Lady D – 2/No/16 Total
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    ladybert62 – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    Seal Team – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    HannahF – 2/Yes/16 Total
    Cathy – 2/Yes/16 Total
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Dawning Red – 3/No/16 Wkly
    Lucky Charm – 3/Yes/16 Wkly
    Bess – 4/No/16 Wkly
    Original Tiffany – 4/Yes/16 Wkly
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes/16 Wkly
    Nina – 6/No/16 Total
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total

    I’ll tell you what I can’t fathom. This is NOT JUST a washed up has-been, who got in a ‘little’ trouble and everyone sympathizes with, who is soo popular Playboy just couldn’t resist. This is an unattractive, drug addicted, bleached straw haired, meth mouthed, duck lipped, fvckin SLAG.

    For the life of me, I’ll never figure it out either.

  114. Boo says:

    Sending out love and hugs to everyone here who is suffering…wishing you all the very best. <3

    And laura, that PhD–I have one, but the process of getting it totally sucked the joy out of me for years! Hang in there!

    And this new LL stuff with Playboy and sex toys is just ewwwwww.

  115. Seal Team 6 says:


    I bet that since smoking can mess with a person’s vocal cords and voice, smoking crack and meth really can.

  116. David says:

    @Green_Eyes & Lady D- hats off for sharing your stories, and true, absolute wishes for pain free days/ treatments to come. My weird skin disorder (pompholyx) seems so petty, and your bravery and strong attitudes are absolutely inspirational.

    As for LL- UGH! I see “normal”, every day women (with, um, actual jobs?) on the streets of San Francisco, every day, who are more worthy of $1M, yet, somehow, some way, she’s doing what she’s doing and getting paid, when its clearly out of pure desperation. Guh- ROSS- just gross!

  117. jayne says:

    wtf happened to her face?!?! is that from injections? she looks bizarre and old.

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  119. Kaleb Jacks says:

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  120. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog. Much obliged.

  121. Shannon1972 says:

    I have nothing to say about Lilo that hasn’t already been said.
    Just want to send warm vibes and positive thoughts to all of the brave people on this post who are suffering. Your attitude and humor is inspiring, and humbling.