Kelly Osbourne was “humiliated” when Luke cheated with a transsexual


Ordinarily, with this kind of complicated story involving back-and-forth BS from multiple sources, I make an effort to simplify and clarify, so it’s easier for the you, the reader, to understand. I won’t be doing that here, mostly because Kelly Osbourne is a pill. I’m usually on her side about stuff, for whatever reason (mostly because I feel bad for her), but not today. Kelly has given a new interview where she’s talking about her failed engagement to Luke Worrell, the blonde, femme dude seen above. They were together for something like a year, and they broke up in a storm of dramz involving Luke’s wandering eye and wandering dong. What makes it worse for Kelly is that Luke was screwing around on her… with a transsexual. Kelly talks about the trauma, in graphic terms, and then she gets called out for it:

Kelly Osbourne has had perhaps the most embarrassing celebrity break-up of all time. After gushing to the world how in love she was with ex-fiancé Luke Worrall it all went wrong when she found out he had allegedly cheated on her with a transsexual who is awaiting gender reassignment surgery.

Kelly claims that she was absolutely humiliated when she had to tell her parents Ozzy and Sharon that the love of her life had reportedly cheated with Elle Schneider. The 27-year-old told Glamour Magazine: ‘Having to tell them my fiance had cheated on me with a tranny who sold his/her story to the press [was the most uncomfortable moment]. It was so humiliating.’

Osbourne explained how she found it difficult to understand why male model Luke would cheat on her with a man after being together for around a year and a half.

She added to the magazine: ‘Everyone kept telling me that Luke was cheating on me, but I never believed them. It’s hard enough to get your head around someone cheating on you, but when someone is a chick with a d**k? Up until then, I’d always thought that the worst way to get cheated on would be with an ugly girl. Don’t you think?’

The singer has come under fire from for her choice of words to describe transgender model Elle Schneider., which was created by Marti Abernathey, recently posted an article titled Kelly Osbourne’s Transphobic Rant: Humiliated by Chicks With Dicks and Trannys.

The author of the article called Osbourne’s words ‘hate filled’ and also took to Twitter and said: ‘@MissKellyO People die because people talk like you did of us. You should learn what being an ally is. Seriously.’

Kelly replied: ‘@transadvocate I APOLOGIZED words can be misinterpreted please stop this it brakes my heart to think i have ever offended any1 that is lgbt (sic).’

After several more exchanges on the social website Kelly realized that had called her a ‘bigot’ and pleaded to be left alone.

She said: ‘@transadvocate all u r doing is spreading more hate this needs to stop! i apologized you accepted now please move on and stop this ugliness (sic).’

[From The Mail]

Is the “chicks with dicks” label bigotry? Is it bigoted to say “tranny”? I feel like it’s how you use those terms, and while Kelly’s comments weren’t complimentary, I’m not sure she crossed the line into hate speech either. Am I wrong?

As for Kelly’s humiliation and the whole “I’d always thought that the worst way to get cheated on would be with an ugly girl” – I couldn’t disagree more. One of the worst breakups I ever had was one when the guy I was seeing cheated on me with a really, really anorexic girl. Like, she took pride in her eating disorder. And she was super-annoying too. THAT was the worst… for me. For Kelly, the worst is being cheated on with a transvestite or transsexual. But… that’s kind of how she looks too, so at least Luke had a type, right?

UPDATE: I should have identified Elle as a transsexual, as should Kelly.




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  1. Kim says:

    Kelly honey you look like a tranny anyway so… what is the different?

  2. cr says:

    His Bieber-like hair is very distracting.

  3. Shannon says:

    A transvestite and a transsexual are not the same thing; the words are not interchangeable. Transvestites are people who dress up as the opposite gender at times, but generally live their personal lives as the gender they were born. An example of this would be a drag queen. Transsexuals are people who were essentially born in the wrong body, and consistently feel like they are the opposite gender on the inside. They tend to live their public and personal lives as that opposite gender, dressing as such. They are likely to desire hormones and gender reassignment surgery, while transvestites do not.

    Calling a transvestite a “chick with a dick” is crass, but correct. Calling a transsexual a “chick with a dick” is incredibly disrespectful, because that person wishes to be identified as a woman and likely has very negative feelings toward her male genitalia. Considering the person in this case is awaiting gender reassignment surgery, she falls into the latter category. So yes, it was bigoted and cruel of Kelly to say that.

  4. You Dont Know Jack says:

    Maybe if someone told her she looks like a transvestite she wouldn’t be so humiliated and surprised that he was gay.

  5. Heatheradair says:

    This is a tough call…..are the terms pleasant? Nope. Should they be used conversationally? Nope. Would I have called her out for it since she was describing humiliation and heartbreak? Nope, wouldn’t have used THIS precise opportunity to call her a bigot. Girl was heartbroken — she was speaking emotionally……..just, very….PUBLICLY. So, poor choices all around, but none of this feels HATEFUL, at its core.

  6. Zigggy says:

    Does he have his own name tattooed on his hand? What a douche.

  7. Str8Shooter says:

    Here’s a thought: stop tweeting your bullshit apologies and expecting everyone to just accept them cuz you say so.

    Oh, and for the record: You LOOK like a drag queen.

  8. Rita says:

    It’s not bigotry if you call out someone pretending to be something they are not. However, it’s extremely difficult for a chick with a dick not to pretend she’s something she’s not….she/he is both, apparently.

  9. Kimbob says:

    NEVER thought I’d be typing such….but I can really relate to Kelly. After 8 years of marriage I discovered my husband was into transsexuals. Not identical, but similar situation as Kelly’s, but mine was a bit more tragic because I was married to the poser.

    I don’t have a problem w/gays. I have many gay friends. However, I DO HAVE A PROBLEM when a gay person misrepresents themselves to someone & robs them of years of their life…thinking they were married to a heterosexual, when they weren’t. Disgusting!

    After discovering such, I went to a psychiatrist because I needed to make sense of it all. The psychiatrist told me my husband was gay, and that his attraction to transsexuals specifically was somehow in my husband’s (now EX) mind an “acceptable way” to be gay. My now ex-husband is still very much “in the closet,” married again to a gold-digger that knows of his “preferences.” Apparently my ex feels that he has too much to risk by being openly gay.

  10. Tuppiv says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty bigoted language. Akin to calling a gay guy a faggot.

  11. bigchili says:

    Kelly needs to go away. The more she opens her mouth, the more annoyed with her I get.

  12. lee says:

    thank you shannon! i was about to make the same statements and i’m relieved i didn’t have to!

  13. Artisan says:

    *stares at Elle Schneider picture* Um, she kind of looks like Kelly in my opinion. So I would have to agree with Kaiser, at least he has a type. *nods*

  14. Samantha says:

    It’s bigoted because of the differences stated by Shannon above. Luke did not cheat on her with a man. He cheated on her with a woman… who happened to be born into the wrong body. And Kelly, as an advocate of the LGBT community should know better. She may have been hurt, and no one can deny her that, but she shouldn’t spread misnomers and bigoted labels that hurt the transsexual community.

  15. lem says:

    well while i agree that the phrase may be hurtful to the transexual community as a whole, as far as caring how the words might have hurt Elle, I think Kelly is right to care less. Elle slept with her fiance and then sold the story for $$.

  16. LCRIME says:

    I love the pit stains in the last photo. This would happen to me. She should know fabrics -fashion Police. I kinda like her but she has recntly said things about other celebs I dont respect. I usually find her witty and funny. I think being cheated on is terrible and very hard to go through. Hope she is ok

  17. The Original Mia says:

    She is entirely too caught up in looks/appearances. She acts as if she’s a supermodel. She’s an average-looking woman herself. Look in the damn mirror, you fucking troll!

    I’m so sick of this chick and her hate-filled speech. I am beyond thrilled she got called out on Twitter. I don’t care if her words were bigoted or not. It’s about damn time someone told her to STFU & STFD.

  18. MJ says:

    It’s pretty disgusting language. I appreciate that it would be hurtful to find out that your fiance had cheated, but to imply that ES was less attractive and that it reflected poorly on Kelly is even worse than using the slang terms she chose. ES identifies as a woman, and apparently, Kelly’s ex thought so too.

  19. K says:

    I’d also like to ditto what Shannon said. Kelly’s choice of words was very ignorant and disrespectful at best.

  20. Audrey says:

    She is such a jerk. And that’s more energy than I care to expend on this chick.

  21. Nicole says:

    So, he cheated on her with Christina Aguilera?

  22. Dani says:

    She got cheated on. Of course what she has to say about the situation is not going to be complimentary.

  23. kay says:

    I think I understand why they were upset with her.

    to be cheated on is terrible, of course, but why is it the worst ever that the person was transgendered? like, that makes it worse somehow? what if her ex just cheated with a guy, is that better for her, less humiliating?

    I would think being cheated on would be hard to take, no matter who or their circumstances.

    edit: my head is a bit spinny with all the chocolate, so I’m not thinking I was clear. I mean it like this:

    she was cheated on- terrible! but then she says “and the girl was black! isn’t that the worst?”

    same thing, to me, if the person was a “tranny” (ugh to that word) or not. what difference? cheating is as cheating does.

  24. Beatrix says:

    Kelly: “please stop this it brakes my heart to think” – It BRAKES your heart, Kelly? I am frustrated about these privileged people running around with all of the resources in the world and misspelling break with brake. I’m nauseous.

  25. Iggles says:

    Her words were disrespectful.

    That said, girlfriend brought it on herself! It sucks that her fiance lied and cheated on her. BUT Kelly keeps dating a number of femme looking dudes! Most of them are attracted to other guys!

    Personally, I wouldn’t date a guy with any lip or mouth piercings. A high percentage of guys with that are bi or gay.

    Now, I’m not equating “all femme and/or pierced guys are gay”, but PROPORTIONALLY there is a higher chance of them being so!

  26. Dani says:

    She will keep getting cheated on if she insists on dating guys who are better looking than she is.

  27. fabgrrl says:

    @Kimbob, A psychiatrist told you that your husband is gay because he is into transSEXUALS? Sounds like a quack. Are you sure s/he was board certified? Now if your ex-husband was into transVESTITES, the psychiatrist may have been correct.

    And by the way, a transsexual person is not necessarily gay. Sure, there are MTF who are lesbians, and FTM who are gay men. But, for instance, a MTF who dates males usually identifies as a straight woman.

  28. Kit says:

    It’s a poor choice of words but I understand it in this case.
    Elle Schneider knew this guy was in a relationship but still went ahead and then made money by selling the story so i don’t feel any sympathy towards him/her. Of course it was humiliating for Kelly O, it would have been for anyone regardless of gender or celebrity. Whether the person is a transexual, transgender or whatever is not actually relevant, that’s where Kelly Osbourne is ignorant but still, hurt feelings make people say stupid things

  29. Zoe says:

    ::I don’t have a problem w/gays. I have many gay friends. However, I DO HAVE A PROBLEM when a gay person misrepresents themselves to someone::

    You always know someone has a problem with a particular demographic when they preface it with having “friends” of that demographic before telling their story. The incident suggests Luke is most likely bisexual, at which point he may or may not have disclosed that to Kelly. However, cheating is never OK, period, no matter who it was with.

  30. ZenB!tch says:

    @Kit there is the cheating aspect which is always wrong – thank you for reminding us.

    So I googled this Elle chick and s/he looks like a dude in much nicer make up with a much nicer wig than Kelly’s so yeah this girly-man has a type.

    Kelly looks like Ozzy in a really bad wig with really bad make up (or just like her mother).

  31. ZenB!tch says:

    One more thing – I’d rather be cheated on with a dude of any kind (dude = person with a penis). If I’m cheated on with an ugly woman (say Kelly Osborne) that is humiliating. If I’m cheated on with a pretty woman, it means he thought she was prettier. If its a person with a penis – it means I don’t have a penis. Can’t help that.

  32. Shannon says:

    I might buy that she was saying something she didn’t mean in the heat of the moment when she was feeling emotional over finding out about this. But the split happened in July 2010 and she made these comments yesterday… a year and a half later. There’s just no excuse for that. Call Elle a bitch, a homewrecker, or some other word commonly used to describe someone who helps someone in a relationship cheat. Say you felt inadequate as a person who was born with female organs. But bringing the other person’s body parts and gender into it in order to humiliate her is not something that I find acceptable, no matter how bitter or hurt Kelly might still feel. She has a habit of holding on to grudges (hello Christina Aguilera) and it’s making her into an acrimonious young woman. I can’t imagine how crotchety she’ll be by the time she’s middle aged if she’s already this bad.

  33. wunder says:

    Just bcuz someone gets thier dick loped off and then gets some boobs stuck on, does not a woman make! . . . That person does not have the life long social process of actually being a female. He will only ever be a ‘female impersonator’ with expensive decorations/costumes/makeup but can never be a woman. . . They can only imagine what it is like. They play act.

    Just like you can’t really get a race reassignment either. You would always be missing the important social dimension of having grown up with certain conditions which can’t be imagined or play acted.

  34. mln76 says:

    I dislike the terms she used because I only hear those terms used in an exclusively derogatory way isn’t she supposed to be all for Gay Rights? I guess as long as they stay away from her boyfriends. On the other hand I understand that it is harder if a guy is cheating and it’s not just the traditional ‘other woman’ situation. It would make me question if they ever had genuine feelings for me or if I ever actually knew what was going on behind the scenes. Of course someone as superficial and stupid as Kelly is also going to be easily duped by someone with disingenuous motives as long as they stroke her ego. Oh and just to add in my bitchy comment it would be really hard for him to find someone uglier than Kelly.

  35. Kim says:

    Cheating is cheating whether its with a pretty girl, an ugly girl or a tranny. This girl is not very smart. She is to young to be as bitter as she is. She’ll be just like her bitter, unintelligent mother when older.

  36. blc says:

    i realize this is an unpopular opinion and i have plenty of issues with stuf KO does, but this doesn’t really seem that bad to me. Any time a woman gets cheated on she will call the other woman horrible names. “oh he cheated with a fat bitch”, “he cheated with an ugly woman”. I feel like this is just something that women who are cheated on do, and I bet any woman in that situation would say the same thing. not that I’m saying it’s right to say things like that, but I don’t think it’s fair to pick on KO like she is the only one who does it.

  37. Eleonor says:

    Kelly made an unfortunate choice of words, but I don’t want to bitch at her, because if this happened to me, I don’t know if I would be able to deal with it with calm, even after one year.

  38. BerMan says:

    Seriously this is old news. WGARA. Wasted good blog real estate.

  39. Jess says:

    Oh, some people just need to relax. It’s hard to be politically correct when you’ve been cheated on and humiliated. Give her a break.

  40. Embee says:

    VERY poor choice of words by Kelly. I do feel that she used these epithets as a result of being very hurt, as opposed to her inherent prejudice. As others have said, you might point out the bad breath/unfortunate nose/etc. of the parties. The transsexual thing was really just the easiest thing to point to becasue it is a socially vulnerable element of Elle’s identity. That’s the real problem, IMO, exploiting someone else’s vulnerability. It’s just cruel.

  41. teehee says:

    I dont really see whats wrong with it. I meanit can be interpreted as demeaning to those who are transexual or gay or whatever but she is just making a contrast to express the shock she felt about hiim having that preference. I dontthink she meant it to demean them but just to indicate what a total slap in the face it was to realize not only did he cheat, but he wasnt even the sexual orientation she had believed.
    I dont even think she did it to pick on Elle in particular but to show how disappointed she was, maybe in herself.

  42. MK821 says:

    Why does anyone care what this person has to say, who she goes out with or who cheats on her with whom?

    I’m so sick of these pseudo-celebrities who are children of celebs or reality tv stars (or both) making news. This girl has no talent and no class.

  43. JaneWonderfalls says:

    She should be and that should tell her something about herself. She is a horrible and insensitive person. Since she lost weight she talks and acts like her shit don’t stink. She’s a stupid and ugly person inside as well as out.

  44. The Original Mia says:

    Didn’t care about Luke Worrell or the cheating when it happened, so I had no idea Elle Schneider was the daughter of John Schneider.

  45. Melissa says:

    Ugh – I just can’t with this one. It would be awful to be cheated on with an ugly girl??? What does she think, she’s a beauty queen?

    As to the whole calling a transexual a tranny – I can see someone who was cheated on being really upset and calling the other woman or man really bad names, but she should know that she is a public figure and is making these statements in a public way. I might be a little more forgiving if she’d made these comments immediately after the break up when everything is still raw, but it’s ages later, and she needs to learn to deal!

    Also – I disagree with the poster who said that Luke cheated on her with another woman. This Elle person may consider herself a woman and live like a woman, but since she was pre-op when this was going on, Luke cheated on her with someone that has a penis – i.e., a man. Maybe not from Elle’s point of view, but from anybody sleeping with Elle, she’s a man. If I knew Elle and she wanted me to call her “she” or “her” and use the ladies’ room – that’s fine. But actually having sex with someone that has genitalia other than what is typically seen on someone of that sex? That’s a whole different ballgame, and at the very least you’d have to say that “it’s complicated” – you can’t with a straight face just say that Luke had sex with another woman. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong (outside of the cheating aspect) about having sex outside of the typical gender binary setup, but it is certainly different than a hetero man and hetero woman having sex.

  46. Carolyn says:

    Oh puhlease. Is this the most interesting thing about Kelly? Didn’t this happen ages ago now? Maybe it is the most newsworthy thing about her. She wouldn’t be on Fashion Police and be in the media if she wasn’t Ozzy’s daughter.I get that her ego is healthy now that she has lost all that weight. Is she taking a leaf out of Joan Rivers’ book in thinking that the only way to get coverage is to be mean about people? She doesn’t have the charm, wit or longevity of Joan to do that. She’s boooring. And nasty. Not a good combo.

  47. Andie B says:

    What a would be worse for her if her partner cheated with an ugly chick. Has she looked in the mirror lately? Just because she lost 15 pounds it does NOT make her a Supermodel. Kelly is a spoiled entitled rich little cow who gets a kick out of being mean to others. I just cannot believe she is in her mid twenties. She behaves like a bratty 15 year old. I used to like her, but as you can tell my iopinion of her has taken a dive.

  48. Kimbob says:

    Poster #30…@Zoe? Is that right? You can requote my words all day long. I do not have a problem w/gay people at all. Maybe I should rephrase…I have a problem w/any person who marries a person of a gender that they are not attracted to…how about that? That is deceitful…that is FRAUDULENT.

    I am in recovery. My sponsor is a gay woman…a lesbian. I am straight-up heterosexual. You quoted my words VERBATIM. According to you…these are your words verbatim, ‘You always know someone has a problem with a particular demographic when they preface it with having “friends” of that demographic before telling their story.’

    My sponsor is a gay lesbian. My best friend is a gay lesbian. What am I supposed to do….LIE about facts of my life? Your alleged “armchair psychiatry” and flippant/indifferent assessment of my statements, and your conclusion that I have a “problem” w/a “particular demographic” not only hurts my feelings…but you are wrong.

    It was painful for me to comment about this post, but I did so because it’s therapeutic and cathartic for me to come clean on such a public forum. But MY FIRST PRIORITY in revealing such personal information, is that if this has happened to someone else…another poster that reads my experience, it may help them to know THAT THEY ARE NOT ALONE, and should not be ashamed….BECAUSE IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT.

  49. hi says:

    way is the media acting like being transexual is ok? they are mentally ill, and its not ‘hate’ to point that out.

  50. Incredulous says:

    What if you call them “A dick attached to a chick” or Ashton Kutcher?

  51. Kimbob says:

    @fabgrrl…thanks for your response. The psychiatrist I saw came upon recommendation from a friend of mine that works at a treatment center. My friend is a dual addiction specialist, so I think he (my psychiatrist) is legit.

    I went to see a shrink because after learning of my ex’s desire of transexuals, I didn’t know at the time what they were/are. Also, at the time, the gay friends of mine (see my response to poster #30, @Zoe, I believe) I had not met yet. Anyway, the shrink explained that a transexual is a man that looks just like a woman, but still has a penis. The shrink explained to me that my then-husband was attracted to such because the transexual was, in actuality, a man…and that my then-husband was most probably gay, & that his attraction to transexuals was, in his mind (my ex-husband’s mind) “acceptable/palatable,” because they “looked” just like a woman.

    I know this is all kind of confusing….it certainly was to me…still is sometimes. Sorry my response is so long-winded.

  52. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Kelly rocks that green nail polish :)

  53. UKHels says:

    the story would have been better had it been a tranny who dressed as Xtina Aguilera

  54. Shayla says:

    I feel for Kelly but strangely enough when my ex-boyfriend in college(who I thought was straight) cheated on me with a man, I just figured hey he wanted something I didn’t physically have so strangely enough it didn’t hurt me as badly as it would have had it been a woman he was cheating with.

  55. taxi says:

    Just don’t date a guy who’s prettier than you are. Kelly is kind of a beast, in the face.

  56. irishserra says:

    I agree with many posts here regarding Kelly’s mental state at the time. In general, I don’t think the terminology she used was appropriate, but this is based on a “new” political correctness and decrease in freedom of expression that has emerged of late. Many in the LBGT community, or in minority groups tend to blast others’ comments made in jest or ignorance as hatred, when that is just not the case.

    Ten years ago, I could have easily used the words “retarded” or “gay” (CALM DOWN, I’M NOT SAYING THE TERMS ARE INTERCHANGEABLE, JUST USING AS EXAMPLES) in goofing around with friends with little to no consequence, whereas if anyone dares to utter the words now, angry mobs engage to proclaim how hateful or phobic one is for using the terms.

    It’s all so exhausting. Anyway, I digress. Kelly was angry and like she admitted, humiliated. Of course she is going to spew less-than-politically-correct terminology regarding someone involved in destroying her relationship. It’s a given. Like someone mentioned before, if it had been a girl and she had referred to her as fat, bitch or a whore, nobody would have said a word, because it’s still okay to say those words without everyone going batty… for now anyway.

  57. ol cranky says:

    I know it’s horrible to be cheated on and the humiliation isn’t the worst part. That being said, telling her parents her fiancee cheated on her was the most uncomfortable moment of her life? Really? I would have thought, after watching the hell her family went through with Ozzy’s (and Jack’s) addictions, that telling them she’d gone so messed up with drugs she needed rehab would have been much more uncomfortable and humiliating.

  58. Violet says:

    Kelly had my sympathy — being cheated on is just awful, no matter what gender her boyfriend’s lover was — but then she opened her bigoted mouth and spewed all this garbage. The worst part is that she’s not even saying all this in the heat of the moment, since she and Luke broke up over a year ago.

    She’s a really hateful, bitter woman who’s throwing shade on an entire demographic. Shame on you, Kely!

  59. F5 says:

    She’s beyond gross. That’s all I’ve got

  60. kay says:

    @ Mia

    she’s not. she was born Reynaldo Gonzalez.

  61. littlemissnaughty says:

    To those who think Elle can’t possibly be a woman: There’s a difference between sex and gender. She identifies as a woman; just because others can’t grasp the concept of this or accept it doesn’t mean she’s a man. Biologically speaking maybe. But that’s not what defines gender. And none of us know what exactly this ex-fiancé person is attracted to, maybe he’s into men, maybe into transvestites or transgendered women or whatever. Sexuality is fluid.

    That being said, it’s not what this dumb girl said that’s so horrible, it’s what she implies. That simply because the woman is transgendered (or transitioning) she is less. Less worthy of anyone’s attention I assume. Kelly may cry and apologize all she wants but in a moment of pain (over a year later btw? as if) she spewed out what she real.y thought. That nothing could be worse than her guy cheating with a woman who wasn’t born one. I agree with everyone who said she could’ve called her other names. Homewrecker is just one. Names that speak to her behavior, not to something she can’t help.
    Someone mentioned race, I think that’s a good analogy.

  62. Worlds Laziest Ninja says:

    Kimbob – I was just watching a google talk on male vs female sexual arousal. The researcher addressed the popularity of “shemale” porn with hetro males. Basically men are visual – the top four things that turn them on are: the chest, feet, bum and the penis. (I think that they tracked search terms for males). Even true for straight guys!

    The theory is that the because a shemale is female in form except for the plumbing, then straight men are turned on. When they gathered info about GAY men they couldn’t find any that were turned on by shemales. So your ex isn’t “gay”.

    He was a jerk if he cheated on you though.

  63. PyCaramel says:

    @ZenBitch in theory that makes sense and I’ve always felt that way. But in reality if you truly LOVE a man there is no going back from knowing he is gay (unless you don’t mind being with a gay man). I would be WAAAY more devastated if my fiance cheated with a man! To come to grips with your man being gay is sad and traumatic. I know b/c I have a friend who has been there.

  64. ZenB!tch says:

    Transrace is a whole other can of worms but it is a valid point. A transgendered female or whatever the term du jour is has no idea what it is to grow up female anymore than I have any idea what it is to grow up transgendered.

    I also don’t know what it is to to grow up male, black or monoracial since I am a multi racial female

  65. serena says:

    How dumb is she.. I can’t stand her.
    And anyway does she thinks she’s beautiful or pretty? She’s ugly as hell, so yeah, take a breath and look in the mirror before talking.

  66. Isa says:

    I never can remember what each means-transgender, transsexual…etc.
    So I just refrain from using those words.

  67. The Original Mia says:

    @kay Thanks! I just saw a picture of them together and that was the case.

  68. Auds says:

    Well a nicer way to say chick with a dick is to say transvestite. And tranny is short for transvestite, so I don’t see it as being offensive, if you’re referring to an actual transvestite. It only becomes offensive if you’re using the word tranny and referring to someone who is clearly not a tranny.
    I have male relatives [from patriachal cultures] that say that the worst thing for a man is for a woman to leave him for a woman. It’s considered an insult to the ego. So the same would apply to a woman, whose male partner would be unfaithful with a transvestite.
    As for Osbourne. Don’t get me started, but wait, I’ve started…
    There are many transvestite and transgender people that are more attractive than her, on the inside and the outside.
    I don’t even know why she is relevant. She is basically evolving into her nasty mother.

  69. kris says:

    you know what, if my boyfriend cheated on me with a woman, a man, someone transitioning in-between i’d be furious no matter what. i’d probably say horrible things about that person and i really wouldn’t care.

    im pretty sure her humiliation stems from the betrayal of the situation, not disgust towards the third parties lifestyle.

    also thinking you know someone so well and then they totally blow you out of the water by not just cheating, but cheating on you with someone that you would never ever expect. its shocking. and for kelly, who thought she was in a stable, heterosexual relationship with this guy for him to all of a sudden go this route…

    i dont think i’d react any differently.

  70. Kelly says:

    Everyone, say what you will, but I love Kelly Osbourne. She is a refreshing change because she is herself. Yeah, it bugs me that, (well, I am an English teacher), that she mispelled “brakes” instead of breaks, but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps her spellcheck went crazy. I don’t know, and there are worse things a person can do, especially in Hollywood, but I really think she has a lot of spunk and energy, and I enjoy her unique and free spirit.

  71. Miranda says:

    She thought that the worst way to get cheated on would be with an ugly girl? Is she implying that she’s not?

  72. The Original Mia says:

    I wonder who’s next on her grudge list. She’s bashed Christina. She’s bashed Luke & Elle. Who else has done her wrong? I expect another round of Luke/Elle barbs before she moves on to someone new. Who will it be?

  73. Callumna says:

    Looked it up. When you’re young and cheated on you’re supposed to call the cheat and the cheatee the most unflattering versions of whatever they are you can.

    If one tells the tale to a tab all the more.

  74. mzfilo55 says:

    It’s funny that there was no one uglier than Kelly so he had to go for a tranny…What a sour BITCH!!

  75. Kimbob says:

    @Worlds Laziest Ninja…thanks for the info. I’m certain that what you say is true. Actually, I posted on this article because of the subject matter, my experience on such, and for any other woman (or man) out there that finds themselves in such a situation…that…1)they’re not alone in their suffering, and 2)it is not their fault. Sharing such may help any such person move on w/their life faster than I did.

    Suffice it to say that my ex is one F’d up individual. Not only after we married did the sex life stop ALTOGETHER, apparently the gold digger that he is married to presently is experiencing the same thing I did. No sex, and his omnipresent fixation on the transsexuals.

    I can say this much w/complete confidence….my ex is one whacked out dude that has an atypical sexual preference for his situation. “His situation” is that he is extremely secretive about his sexual preference, & he has this compulsion to be married to someone (a unknowing beard…@ least @ 1st) so that he appears “normal” to his own family, friends, and business associates. I just couldn’t bear it one minute more once I discovered it. The gold digger could obviously care less….because he does well financially, and she doesn’t have to work. Go figure.

    Again, thanks for that info, though. My fervent wish is that I won’t ever have a need to delve into this issue any more. It was devastating and painful. Still is sometimes.

  76. Genevieve says:

    Your gender is between your ears, not between your legs.

  77. Annie_Grey says:

    Kelly’s been through a lot, and come through it a pretty normal person. I’m giving it a few years. I think she’ll mature.

  78. Isa says:

    Also, I think it would be worse to be cheated with a woman prettier than yourself, not someone uglier.

  79. jill says:

    Kelly obviously has a hard time getting over stuff. She holds grudges for a long time and is very full of hate. I think she’s a narcissist who acts like 16 when she is at last 10 years older than that. Pitiful.

  80. Knotstu says:

    This is mind numbing nonsense, shame on him & his transexual partner as he was already in a relationship , kells is not in the wrong here, the promiscuous young Luke is. As for transadvocate shame on you for trying to make your point the way you did, you just made a hurt person feel worse , some of you have no empathy and really should take time to forgive instead of blame.

  81. Ashley says:

    The worst thing would be an ugly girl? No hon, that’s keeping with the same. The worst thing for you would be that he cheated with a semi pretty chick, with personality. Then you’re screwed 7 ways til Sunday

  82. tripmom says:

    I really don’t understand all the hate toward Kelly here. Let’s get something straight. Her fiance cheated on her. The person he cheated with with presumably knew that Luke was engaged, and she participated anyway. How would any of you feel about someone your significant other cheated with?

    Kelly gets to call Elle Schneider a skank, a whore, and any bad name she can dredge up, because it’s exactly what most of us would do. I would not be politically correct about ANYONE involved in having an affair with my fiance. She’s also allowed to call Luke any bad name she can think of. Would I respect her more if she took the high road? Sure. Doesn’t mean I don’t understand how she feels, and that she’s not doing what most of us would do. I’m sorry, but I think Kelly gets a pass on this.

  83. Victoria says:

    team kelly. she was scorned; female rage which i am sure the tranny understands.

    but i’m also team bitchareyoublind. how kelly could be shocked is beyond me because his aura screams fruity pebbles.

  84. mln76 says:

    If her boyfriend cheated with a black girl(or any other minority) would it be Okay to call her derogatory names because they cheated? I’m not saying it’s the equivalent of saying the N-word but I do think that people are making light of how unfair it is to use derogatory terms concerning sexual orientation. Oh and it’s even worse because Kelly likes to march in LGBT parades so she knows that these terms hurt that community.

  85. bored says:

    She was in a funny sort of transition period at the time of that relationship. I’ll bet it was an arrangement. She gets to walk around with a male model on her arm and he gets a beard and a little noteriety. The ignorant talk from her is just to save face.

    And yes it is hate speech. Marching in a few parades doesn’t make up for selling out your values for her new female hetero talk show audience.

  86. Laura says:

    Bit late on this one but my boyfriend went to school with Luke Worrall and said he was a douche all the way through school! Kinda get the principle behind what Kelly says but choice of words could’ve been much better. I don’t think she meant to genuinely offend though

  87. leetruth says:

    Elle is the other woman and deserves to be called out.

  88. faker says:

    i adore kelly, she just has very poor taste in men. which i find highly funny due to the fact she gives her brother so much shit for dating the women he does.. when sadly every guy she has dated practically has been the epitome of a douche bag.

    i think kelly is absolutely beautiful when she isnt caked up.. during the osbournes reality show i couldn’t get enough of her naturalness.. but lately she has really been getting dolled up for whatever reason.

    i will say though she was gorgeous on the new imrpov comedy show “trust us with your life” but…

    its sad to see her end up in the majority she so hates herself, she is a really awesome person which is why i like her so much. not really because of her looks which i also really like but its her personality that really reels me in.

    hopefully she finds someone who likes her for who she is.. but that is the problem with celebrities dating other celebrities.. i really don’t see how they expect that to end in any other way then bull shit.

    i guess im late as well but i heard she was getting her own reality show with this douche bag. so i had to read into him more because as soon as i saw him.. i was like oh god.. you’ve done it again kelly.

    low and behold i thought that before i even knew he had cheated on her as far as i knew i thought they were still together.. anyway..

    i just think these people really need to look outside the realms of hollywood douche bags and maybe just maybe they might have better luck.

  89. faker says:

    i’ll always adore her. :(

    wish she would give me a chance i wouldn’t treat her wrong.