Madonna’s biographer: Guy and Madonna only speak through their lawyers

Hello! Magazine has some insight into the Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorce from biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, who wrote Madonna: An Intimate Biography, published in 2001. It’s generally reviewed as a well balanced but somewhat sensational take on Madonna’s career and personality, gleaned from interviews with friends and colleagues. Madonna did not participate in the book.

Taraborrelli lets us know how Madonna and Guy are moving toward a monetary and custody agreement after nearly eight years of marriage. He says that they’re not speaking and are only communicating through their lawyers. He does support the common view of Madonna as a control freak, but claims she’s trying to go easier on the kids after the separation. This sounds like more positive spin from Madonna’s camp, but it’s still interesting to read.

Nowhere near a settlement
There was a great deal of haggling about [custody] last week, with Madonna upping Guy’s settlement to more than £20 million in hopes that he would acquiese. Sources say that negotiations are still going strong between the Ritchies and that they are nowhere near a settlement.

Madonna and Guy don’t talk and only communicate through their lawyers
Madonna and Guy are not even speaking to each other. They communicate only through lawyers.

Children wonder what will happen next
“I think the kids’ main question these days is, ‘What’s going to happen now?’” says a confidant of the former couple. “Madonna used to always have the answer to that question. She always had the weeks and even months planning uot in advance for them. This is the first time in the children’s lives that when they ask what is going to happen next, no one really has an answer. Madonna doesn’t know – and neither does Guy. So, yes, it’s a scary time for everyone.”

Madonna is trying to be less strict
“In the Ritchie household, Madonna had always been the bad cop to Guy’s good cop. She was tough while Guy was playful. So, Madonna and Lourdes have sometimes been at odds.”

Now that Guy is not in the picture in the same way, the method by which Madonna parents Lourdes will have to change. I’m going to have to give her much more latitude, now,” she admitted to a source last week.

Rocco talks to his dad every day, misses him
Lourdes [12]… is taking more of caretaking role with Rocco, eight. “She is being gentler to him,” says another source…

Certainly because of his age and the fact that Guy is his natural father, the divorce is bound to be difficult on the eight-year-old…

Rocco speaks to Guy every day, as does Lourdes. One source said: “I have actually been present to see Madonna hand a mobil to Rocco and say, ‘Call your father. I know he misses you.”

As for David, three… “Well, he’s a toddler,” says the source. “He has no idea what’s going on.”

Madonna didn’t like Guy’s friends, they don’t have many common friends left
“Madonna was never very found of Guy’s pals. She found the majority of them uninteresting and dull. She even used the word ‘common’ to describe them. And, for his part, Guy always felt the conversation was forced and pretentious with many of Madonna’s friends. So, no, they never really commingled their friends.”

On their futures with other partners
“[Madonna] has always been very vague about her relationship with [A-Rod],” says someone who knows Madonna quite well. “Whenever I have asked her about him, a huge grin comes over her face but she never really shares much.”

As for Guy, the director’s friend in London says: “Look, he has been unhappy in his marriage for a long time. He needs affection, too, like most men. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in something romantic very soon – much sooner than Madonna. My sense is that Madonna doesn’t need a man. Not really. But Guy is used to being coupled up.

[From Hello! Magazine, print edition, November 4, 2008]

Taraborrelli’s source thinks the divorce will “get nasty” and adds that Madonna and Guy have a lot of animosity toward each other but says that they will try to work it out for the sake of their children.

Yesterday the news came out that Madonna had a list of rules drawn up and posted on the wall from her Kabbalah advisors on how she and Guy were to conduct themselves as husband and wife. It included provisions for sex, how they were to argue, and that they were supposed to study Kabbalah materials together several hours a day. When Guy got out of line, Madonna is said to have nagged him by saying “contract, contract.” It’s surprising these two even lasted as long as they did, and I just hope for Guy’s sake that he gets a hefty contract and a very easy-going hot young girlfriend after all his trouble.

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  1. Ron says:

    Don’t buy anything that Taraborelli is selling. Bottom feeder.

  2. mel says:

    Sad that you can only communicate thru attornies after being married so long. I hope they can hurry up and settle and move on with their lives for the sake of the children.

  3. Kaiser says:

    :lol: … she described his friends as “common”?!?!? Look in the mirror, Madge From Detroit!

  4. geronimo says:

    What I find hilarious is that Madge’s ‘positive spin’ is almost as f*ked up as her negative spin. No matter what way she spins it, it still screams bizarre, self-absorbed control freakery.

  5. Codzilla says:

    I love Guy, but that outfit in the header is tragic.

  6. SolitaryAngel says:

    In every single photo I’ve ever seen of this man, he looks like a little kid caught doing something wrong–good grief! Maybe now he’ll be able to grow a spine for himself.

  7. Jeanne says:

    That’s the best way, thru lawyers. It’ll be interesting to see just how loyal and devoted Madonna is to her faith. Will she listen to the rabbi and settle quickly now or will she be greedy and let it drag on thru lawyers.

  8. josee says:

    Madonna Ciccone calling her husband’s friends «common»? I don’t even know where to begin with that one …

    She deserves all the shit that’s going to rain down on her.

  9. mojoman says:

    The header picture is so classic. Looks like Madonna whispering (with gritted teeth), “contract Guy, contract”!

    *edit*I mean the second picture

  10. Shane says:

    Good one mojoman. Exactly what I was thinking.