Masochist Robert Pattinson is “desperate for affection” from Kristen Stewart


For a few months now, while Kristen Stewart has been filming Snow White and the Huntsman in England, I’ve been loosely keeping tabs on how often Robert Pattinson visits her. It hasn’t been very often – he’ll come in for a weekend every so often, but mostly K-Stew is without her boyfriend as she works in England. This lack of being-stuck-up-each-other’s-bums has caused me to often wonder if they are close to shutting this romance down. Robert isn’t working right now – he finished production on Cosmopolis weeks ago – and he just seems to be hanging out in LA a lot. I would imagine that he’s taking meetings, hanging out with friends, and gearing up for Breaking Dawn promotion, but it’s weird to me that two young people aren’t spending more time together if they’re in a relationship. Isn’t that what being young is all about?

Anyway, Us Weekly has an interesting take on what’s REALLY going on. Hint: it involves K-Stew being cold and withholding and Sparkles eating it up like a masochist.

In real life, Bella and Edward’s roles are reversed.

Insiders tell the new Us Weekly — on stands now — that Robert Pattinson is “desperate for affection” from Kristen Stewart.

“He is always worried about her leaving him,” a confidant of the 21-year-old actress tells Us.

“She will blow him off, and it makes him crazy,” adds the friend. While Pattinson, 25, admits he’s eager to settle down, Stewart is far from ready to walk down the aisle.

A friend of both the Breaking Dawn stars chalks it up to Stewart’s youth: “Don’t all people her age play games?”

For more on Rob and Kristen’s tortured two-and-a-half-year romance, check out the new Us Weekly, on stands now.

[From Us Weekly]

Do you buy this dynamic? I used to think this was what was going on, and I think Sparkles probably still feels like he’s the one more prepared to “settle down” – that boy seems like a nester. But I don’t think Sparkles is sitting around, waiting for whatever crumbs of affection K-Stew deigns to drop. At least, I hope he’s not.

Meanwhile, Sparkles has a new interview in The Guardian, which you can read here. I’ve done some highlights below – he’s as neurotic and charming as always. I love his interviews. He’s like a pasty, English version of Woody Allen:

The Mark Hamill Career Trajectory: “It’s like being compared to people who’ve been in massive movies who just sort of disappear afterwards, even though they probably had incredibly fulfilling and successful lives,” he says, nibbling on a fingernail. “Like Luke Skywalker.” He scratches his head. “What the f–k’s his name?” Mark Hamill. “Yes! People are like: ‘Oh, the Mark Hamill curse.’ And poor Mark Hamill. Jesus Christ.” He tilts back in the chair and laughs, apparently oblivious to the state of his T-shirt. “I mean, I’m sure he did fine.”

Twilight was his safety net: “In career terms Twilight was like a security blanket,” Pattinson continues. Then he furrows his brow for a moment and corrects himself. “Not a blanket – a safety net. I had a three- or four-month window between each one during which I could do another job. But whatever I did I knew that I’d have another Twilight movie on the way, which is theoretically guaranteed to make a lot of money. So I could always afford to fail.” Now the net is gone. The stakes have been raised. He once described choosing roles as “crippling”. “After the last one comes out, you can kind of have two failures – and they’d better be low-budget failures. Because if you have one big-budget failure you’re pretty much done in this environment.”

He admires Kristen Stewart’s career: “It’s different for Kristen, for example… She doesn’t think about it like that at all, because she grew up gradually, doing independent movies and stepping up the ladder, whereas I was doing progressively smaller movies in England, after Harry Potter… to the point where I was doing nine-day shoots for, like, 20p and a packet of Space Invaders. And then this happened. So I’m not just another actor who’s around and jobbing. When you hire me for a job, you’re hiring…” Twilight guy? “Yeah. I’m now this ‘thing’ that’s supposed to be something. And if you then don’t fulfill that expectation, what the f–k are you?”

Being cast in Twilight – and the audition was his first time with Xanex: Apparently he had the X-factor Hardwicke was looking for: as far as Pattinson was concerned, that X stood for Xanax. “I’d never had a Xanax before,” he says, looking guilty for a moment. “But I’d started getting so paranoid about messing up auditions all the time that I would actually mess them up. So I took like half a Xanax. And it went really well, so when I had to go and meet the producers I thought: I’m just going to take another Xanax!” He laughs and rocks his chair. “And then I went in and almost fell asleep.”

In the end: “If I do decide one day to stop acting, I just hate the idea of people going: ‘Oh, did you ever do anything else besides that Twilight thing?’”

[From The Guardian]

Poor Sparkles. I don’t think he’ll be Mark Hamill’d. I think after Breaking Dawn, he’ll have a few off-years where he gives solid performances in small films and weak performances in bigger films, and then the second wave will occur when he gets a good part that’s well-written and it will be his second big break. Now, Kristen, on the other hand. I have no idea what her career future will be, but it will be interesting to see if she’s still relevant in five years.






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  1. Janet says:

    He seems like a genuinely sweet guy, I hope he has success in future projects!

  2. Julie says:

    He hasn’t been in London for months, only tabloids and Stewart’s PR team are feeding the public with these stories about him being crazy about her while she drops hints in magazines about their relationship. He on the other hand admitted in an interview not even to know her birthday. At the Twilight convention someone even dared to ask him if he’s in the closet.

  3. Cheyenne says:

    I like him. He’s funny and self-deprecating and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Can’t stand her for some reason.

  4. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Young or old people need space. When you are busy working on other projects this happens. I’m sure they talk over the phone every chance they get. But I can appreciate a couple who realizes space is just as necessary for a relationship as spending time together. Nobody likes a clinger.

  5. Blankverse says:

    You know what makes great news – a couple in a REAL relationship (see Tucci/Blunt). Not sure if I’m just feeling jaded and cynical after that whole KK/KH debacle, but so many of these celebrity news stories feel so planted and fake that I’d love to see some real lovin’ for a change. I know they are part of the whole Hollywood machine, but feels like they are trying too hard.

  6. lisa says:

    She will be bigger than he is. His audience is female. young female and older women for some reason. The problem right now with he and the other twilight guys is they don’t have a male audience. You can be female heart throb, but you have to have that role that pulls the male audience in. Some famous actors started with the female base, but they did a role that made the guys take notice. Taylor L found this out with his last film. Guys don’t want to be him or be like him. And the female audience won’t carry them. One would think that the HUGE Twilight fanbase would make all three of them superstars outside that franchise. But none of them have been able to bring that audience to their other projects. Their fans only seem to see them as B, E, J.. I really think the reason Taylor and Rob have been cast in some of their latest roles is because Studio heads actually thought they could bring that Twilight money with them. But nope..

    It will be interesting to see what happens when the series ends but what happens if Rob and Kristen are not a couple anymore.. That will be a big test to their fanbase. because unlike other big couples.. they began together.

  7. KaneQ says:

    Stewart has no fans, middle aged Twitards don’t care for her when she isn’t Bella, that’s why everything else flops with her. She is using him to stay in the media. The only attention she gets is in relation to him. Neither can act but she tries to come off as some indie actress yet she can’t act no matter how much her publicist sells her as such.
    When is she mentioned: when she insults rape victims, fans or teachers and when the relationship with Pattinson is brought up.

    People don’t like her. Don’t confuse internet fandoms with real popularity.

  8. Reece says:

    It’s US Weekly. Next week she’ll be preggers again and after they’ll be getting a divorce from their real/not real set wedding. blah blah blah…US Weekly (like Vanity Fair) needs some new blood.

    I am looking forward to his next too movies. I read both of those books years ago and neither of the characters are Edward-ian. Which I think is good for his career.

  9. hairball says:

    I am so over if they are a couple or not. The real story is how pathetic and sad are these people whose happiness is based on if they are together. They will f*cking shank you in the eye if you suggest R and K are not together.

    A long time ago I went on a few RP blogs and I just couldn’t anymore. The depths of insanity and being pathetic on these sites can’t be described. I have never seen anything like it.

  10. Mouse says:

    I like him and I like them together for some reason, maybe because they are both stoners and when they are together their awkwardness kind of compliments each other?

    When he does an interview, he seems genuinely sweet shy and approachable. When she speaks, she comes across as a bitchy, holier than thou brat that needs her ass kicked. Nice crotch shot, that unhemmed skirt looks really tacky.

  11. Cat says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but, she looks good in those pictures. Healthy, NICE, happy, not too greasy, smiley, NICE, in a somewhat tacky dress but hey, can’t have everything.

    I honestly don’t see her being relevant other than in bit parts popping up here and there, at least I hope she just fades away.

  12. lisa says:


    I agree about the internet. People on line think that internet chatter translate to what the general public is saying or thinking.

    I just think their longevity should be measured after the franchise ends. So we have a couple of more years to really see how they all fare. Hunger Games is up next.

  13. argirl says:

    I still don’t think they have ever been together for anything other than this series. Watch. They will break up right before the release of the last movie so that massive attention is paid to all mutual appearances. The gossip blogs will go crazy!

  14. Marianne says:

    I dont see Rpattz going down the Mark Hamill route….I can see Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene and pretty much the rest of the Twilight cast disappearing.

  15. iseepinkelefants says:

    I don’t find either one likeable but really I hope that annoying little brat isn’t around in 5 years. She’s a horrible actress and she’s unappreciative. She doesn’t deserve a career.

    If he was a masochist and desperate for her attention why isn’t he in England? Doesn’t he live there?

  16. valleymiss says:

    I love her dark hair and pale skin combo, and I covet her legs. I like RP. I don’t think them only seeing each other on the weekends means anything is winding down. She IS working, and probably working 16 hr days. What would be the point of him flying to see her during the week?

  17. zesty says:

    He seems like a nice guy.

    I’ve never seen him in anything, so this is based solely on his looks, but it kind of looks like he could go the Jason Priestly route–popular with teen girls when he was younger but then ages in a weird boy-man kind of way before dropping off the radar.

  18. Jenn says:

    I like Ted Casablanca, and he seems to think that they’re a solid and happy couple. They have a lovely chemistry, and aren’t clingy. They’ve been together for a few years now, so perhaps they’re not desperate to be together every second. I have only seen “Twilight” in bits on cable and none of the other movies, but they had a terrific spark, from what I saw. I agree with one of the posters, though- she comes off horribly in interviews, whereas he’s really charming. And I think he’s a good actor, especially with good material.

  19. Lois says:

    I love him, his interviews always crack me up!

    I hope he’ll be around for a few years after Twilight, because I really like watching him and I think he’s a decent actor. Can’t stand Kristen, on the other hand. But meh, we’ll see what happens after Twilight, I guess!

  20. NotEmo says:

    Both KS and RP will face career challenges. He will need to choose his next couple of rolls carefully to illustrate range. Cosmopolis is a good start. KS, whether she wants to admit it or not, will need to work on public perception. Her acting has become too wrapped up in her public persona and mannerisms. She needs to show the movie going public that she is able to transcend her own personality to actually act rather than wrap her performances into her own distractingly quirky personality.

  21. RocketMerry says:

    I really think Kristen should try directing or producing, more than acting. She’d probably be good and feel much less uncomfortable.

  22. Sophie says:

    I am a huge twilight fan, and my worship of the series has totally translated into wanting to see every other movie that Kristen, Rob or Taylor has been in. What I can’t figure out is why the other twihards don’t feel the same way. My friend and I went to see Abduction and there was like one other group of three or four girls in the entire theater.

  23. Elizabeth S. says:

    I’m with BlankVerse @5.

    I’ve never really paid them any attention as a “couple” because I’ve never really believed it was real.

    They really *are* trying too hard, aren’t they?

  24. munachimso says:

    I tink she is BEAUTIFUL nd dey luk soo happy 2geda too.


  25. Cheyenne says:

    @Jenn: Whatever Terd Casablanca says about anyone is irrelevant and immaterial. He hasn’t had an inside track on anything for years. He just tries to make people think he does.

    I’ve seen the three Twilight movies on cable TV and I can’t see any chemistry between them on or off the screen.

  26. aquarius64 says:

    The Twilight 3 have to prove they can make money for a studio outside of Twilight. TL learned the hard way that rock hard abs will only bring in so many fans (see Adduction). He also learned dating his co-star will not put butts in the seats. RPattz’s Water for Elephants made over 100 million in NINE WEEKS. (and he was 2nd billing.) The gold standard is 100 milliom in under four weeks.

    KS is up at bat. She was paid 15 million for Snow White, so she is really under the gun to deliver. If her movie doesn’t win its weekend the Twilight curse is sound.

    Frankly, with all the publicity with Breaking Dawn Summit must be running scared. The studio wants to beat the last Harry Potter numbers. Also, BD’s competition is Happy Feet 2. If Breaking Dawn loses to an animated dancing penguin, watch the blogs and the gossip columnists blow Taps on the Twillight 3′s careers.

  27. almond says:

    I can’t see how anyone can take these faux-stories seriously. It’s obviously tabloid drivel.

    As to these two kids’ future relevancy and rate of success, I have more faith in Pattinson simply because he seems more charismatic and endearing. All he has to do is show that he actually has range. Stewart, on the other hand is an odd one, because the next project she ups and chooses after she wraps up Twilight is another high profile, big budget blockbuster. Not exactly in keeping with her serious actor, hipster schtick. Maybe she’ll go back to small, obscure indies where her lack of talent wasn’t quite as noticeable.
    The crux of the matter is that neither of them has proved capable of drawing the twilight fanbase towards any of their individual projects. I guess the twihards don’t want to seem them as anything but Bella and Edward.

  28. retyah says:

    I don’t find Stewart to be too terrible, but I could see her getting fat in a few years. She has that ‘I don’t care attitude’ that could go too far.

  29. The Original Mia says:

    I’m with Elizabeth S & BlankVerse. I’ve never believed they were actually together.

  30. Criss says:

    English guys are usually good boyfriends. Very mild mannered and taught respect.
    It’s hard to break up with them.

  31. Jen D says:

    I’m sure these two will be in a few films, but the others in that franchise? Except for Anna Kendrick, I doubt they’ll do much. People make such a big deal out of the other vampires in the series, and I thought they all had these big roles, but you barely see them in the movies! They barely have any lines! Plus, I don’t think anyone else in Hollywood takes them very seriously, or even knows who they are.

    I just really want the one who plays the head werewolf (not Taylor Lautner, the one who plays Sam I think?) to do well because I think he’s hot.

  32. normades says:

    Am I the only one who still thinks they’re not a couple?

  33. Crimson & Clover says:

    We’re believing US Weekly now? Really? Ok.

    Here’s my take–they’re really dating. But I don’t think this is epic love for the ages. They’re young, attractive, and living in an isolated Twilight-bubble. What they’re going through right now is crazy and not reality and they turned to literally the only other person who gets what their lives have become over the last few years. It makes sense they’d start dating. How many of us date co-workers and classmates? It’s the same thing.

    That said, they will break up, probably within months of the final movie being released. Not because they were “faking it” (I don’t get how you can be a fan of either one then claim you believe they’ve been actively participating in this elaborate, fame-whorey ruse for *years*, because that’s gross), but because the bubble will have popped and they’ll realize their need/attraction was based more on a common experience, which is now over, than on actual things they have in common.

    And their inevitable break-up will probably be a lot less dramatic and angsty than the fans and tabloids will make it out to be.

  34. pinns says:

    What about the state of his T shirt?!

    I was intrigued!

    So I googled it and unfortunately it’s not a Star Wars shirt he was wearing, it was just ripped: (cut and paste from the Guardian if I’m allowed)
    “When he shows up, however, he’s a mess. His famous hair is ungroomed and his T-shirt has a gaping hole all down one side. It’s not even a fashionable tear – the stitching has just gone. He looks as though he’s just been mobbed by a gang of rabid Twihards.”

  35. Kloops says:

    He seems like such a nice guy. Hope he can act. I tried to watch the first Twilight but hated it so much I gave up. None of the cast struck me as particularly talented but maybe it was just the shoddy script.

    Still don’t believe they are a real couple. They will be over when the last Twilight is released.

  36. Shannon says:

    Spending every moment together just doesn’t make sense for some couples. If anything, you have to be more secure and independent if you’re not seeing each other every few days, and that could make for a good relationship. Or they could be growing apart as their careers take them in different directions after Twilight.

  37. Cheyenne says:

    @normades: Still not a couple? I never thought they were. Classic Hollywood fauxmance to sell movie tickets.

  38. Cheyenne says:

    @aquarius64: Enough is enough. Summit is pimping this movie beyond all sense, tying it in with one product after another. I’ve made up my mind not to buy anything associated with this film.

  39. Lila says:

    I am more of a Stewart fan than Pattinson. I don’t get why people think she must be treating him like crap, he has sure hung around a long time if she has. Plus, it is from US Weekly which isn’t exactly a bastion of truth. By the way, Julie, there are pics of him in London and he said on French TV he was there another time. He obviously has been there twice in the past month.

  40. Saddie says:

    I think Robert will become a fine actor in future years – but I have to agree with what you’ve said about how KS plays with RP affections. If it persists I hope he moves onto someone who will be a more fully participating partner. It looks like he’s on edge most often, unsure of where she is int eh relationship, at some point he’ll get tired of the dancing and demand a comittment. Time will tell~

  41. beanie says:

    I generally think she is a moody, ungrateful bish. But I actually like her looks and vibe in these photos. As for Sparkles – he seems like a friendly, down to earth everyday bloke who could be your brother. I avoided the Twilight movies like the plague, but finally gave in and view them and I must admit I liked. *hides*

  42. Callumna says:

    Yeah, young or new love is a bit more on top of each other. The best. Being apart just doesn’t work unless you’re umm mature (old or older) and happily on your separate tv’s but still in the same house.

    Don’t care about the girl but I do hope this guy has a career. Great vibe. I loved Orlando Bloom and he kinda got the Skywalker curse. But Pattinson, watch what Han did. There’s hope.

  43. Ming says:

    Something completely new, women smiling at the handsome man and demonizing his girlfriend.

  44. EscapedConvent says:

    @ retyah, post #28–What a bizarre comment! Her “I don’t care attitude” translates into “getting fat in a few years”? How does that work, exactly? What a charmer you must be.

  45. Lalala says:

    RPattz’s Water for Elephants made over 100 million in NINE WEEKS. (and he was 2nd billing.) The gold standard is 100 milliom in under four weeks.

    Actually, my understanding is that WFE was always expected to be a slow burner because the target audience was older women, who don’t run out to see a movie on opening night. So WFE wasn’t a blockbuster but still had a respectable box office and will likely do very well as a rental. Not a career killer for Pattinson at all.

    ETA: In a way, Pattinson’s unlucky that Twilight hit so early in his career. When you look at pretty boys like Depp, DiCaprio and Pitt, they all did a lot of TV and ad work before they made it big. They got a chance to learn how to act before being expected to carry a $40 million movie on their shoulders. Pattinson hasn’t had any training period at all, so if he can’t get up to speed in a hurry, his career is fucked.

  46. Adrien says:

    Alternate headline:”Masochist Robert Pattinson is “desperate for facial expression” from Kristen Stewart”

  47. emma says:

    Rob is just a sweetie. A very respectful, funny, charming, wonderful person with a good heart. He’s also a very strong minded person if people paid attention under all that sweetness. It’s not even remotely possible that he’s taking anything from Kristen unless it’s the type of thing he wants. She seems incredibly awkward and weird and he understands and accepts. The director of Breaking Dawn said they are incredibly close. She has assimilated herself into Rob’s life. His friends have become her friends and not the other way around. Fans often think that when they don’t see Rob Pattinson that means he hasn’t moved since the last time they saw him. He can fly in and out of London all the time without being spotted so just because you haven’t seen him doesn’t mean he hasn’t been there. He mentioned in an interview that he’d been in London during a time when no one even knew he had left L.A.

    As for his career, Rob is a good actor. He’s now worked with Cronenberg and who knows what’s next. All his movies since becoming a big star have been successful. They haven’t been as successful as Twilight but they have all made profits for the studios and that’s what counts. He’s being smart about this and that’s what is important. I think he will be very successful in the future. I’m sure Kristen and other members of the cast will be successful as well.

  48. Chrissy says:

    I think he will probably be a bigger celebrity than she will. Like the writer of the article, I see him having a few slow years, then getting a role in a well-written action or sci-fi type movie and successfully attracting male and female fans. I don’t this Kristen’s very popular outside of really avid Twilight fans and she hasn’t come off that well on the red carpet or in interviews. She might be improving a bit, since she looks very cheerful and pleasant in these photos. Still I think he has better chances for a longer career as male actor usually fare better than women.

  49. katia says:

    No one knows how often he’s visited her. There’s been rumors of him on her set several times this summer, but most chucked it up to crazy shippers lying. But then Rob himself admitted to being in London when everyone was sure he wasn’t a couple weeks back. So no one really knows how often they see eachother, both can lay low and under the radar when traveling at this point.

    I don’t really get people thinking they are fauxmancing at this point either. No one gives two shits if they are together or not at this point, it’s not a selling point whatsoever like it was two or so years back. My guess is that they are dating but probably take “breaks” like many in their position do when they are away from eachother for long periods of time.

  50. katia says:

    and ps: Summit doesn’t want to beat Harry Potters’ numbers, give me a break. Summit is well aware that they have limited sources of ticket goers. They can’t bring in the male demographic, and at this point the only takers are the enthusiastic fans of the series/franchise. Harry on the other hand attracts a much broader audience. Summit’s under no delusions of competing with those types of numbers, their main concern is mantaining as many twihards as possible with the last installments.

  51. kikay says:

    I’m sure off camera Kristen treats Rob fairly well the same way Rob treats Kristen on camera.There are just people that doesn’t flaunt their affection to someone they love to a lot of people.We’ve seen Kristen embrace Rob in Montreal when she thinks nobody’s looking,and shes always reaching for his hands as well when she thinks nobody is watching at the MTV awards.I like them better like that than seeing them pawing each other like Justin and Selena.

  52. emma says:

    I agree Katia. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone mention that Summit is trying to beat Harry Potter’s numbers. I think they’re trying to ensure they haven’t lost any of their fanbase. It’s the Harry Potter fans that are starting that rumor.

  53. louby says:

    i belived in robsten relationship i m sure they love each others and they will stay together after the last movie and kristen is good actress but her problem she is so shy but i understand why all girls hate her becuase her great relationship with her boyfreind rob and the most twilight fans are girls so they actually envy her
    fuck all the kind of girls

  54. Abby says:

    LOL at the people who think these two are in a fake romance to sell movie tickets. Hello? This is the Twilight series. Their built in fanbase will always secure high ticket sales whether the two leads are dating for real or not. Don’t you think if they were faking it, they would try harder to convince people they were legit together? Instead these two shun the public, refuse to discuss their relationship and don’t engage in any PDA at all. If they are faking it, they are going about it all wrong. I think they are the real deal because they have that comfortable couple vibe and
    subtle body language that doesn’t scream obvious couple trying too hard to convince the world what lovey dovey, super loved up lovebirds they are. They both seem to hate all the attention they receive on a daily basis. It seems to me that their relationship is the only thing they can keep for themselves. They don’t have to share it with their fans like they do their movie careers.

    I think both will still be making movies five years from now. Kristen has been in the business since she was a little girl. Panic Room she did when she was still in grammar school. I think she’ll continue alternating between big and small films. Rob will end up being the next Leo DiCaprio. His acting will improve over the years as he passes the heart throb baton gladly to the next generation of hottie newcomer.

  55. dahlia1947 says:

    She always looks sooo cool and unaffected. He obviously likes that.