Linnocent’s Playboy shoot was “classy” & had a Marilyn Monroe theme, of course


Time for our daily Linnocent post. And I’m trying not to gloat, because it’s unattractive in a woman my age to be all “I was right, SUCK IT.” Plus, I was right about the most obvious thing in the world. When I first heard that Linnocent was posing for Playboy, one of my first thoughts was, “Oh, I bet she’s totally doing a Marilyn Monroe theme for her photo shoot.” Yep. I was right. Hugh Hefner confirmed to The Insider:

Earlier this month, Dina Lohan confirmed to The Insider that her daughter Lindsay will be featured in an upcoming issue of Playboy. Now, The Insider’s Brooke Anderson is the first to get Hugh Hefner to spill even more salacious details on the highly anticipated spread.

First things first — Hefner confirmed that Lindsay did go fully nude for the photo shoot, which he called “classy.”

“It’s a classic tribute inspired by the original Tom Kelly nude pictorial of Marilyn Monroe, a portion of which was the original playmate which was in the original issue of Playboy. Oh yes. And classy, very classy.” Hefner said.

Lindsay’s Playboy spread will appear in the January/February 2012 issue.

[From The Insider]

Page Six had further details of the Playboy shoot, and why there needed to be two shoots after Hef hated the first one. According to a source, “He felt the initial shots looked too much like a Kate Moss-inspired fashion story — Lindsay’s choice — where he wanted more of a classic Hollywood Marilyn Monroe feel.” So for the second photo shoot, Linnocent brough along “lawyers, agents and publicists” who, according to a source, “gave their two cents about what was considered ‘nude’ and what was not.” The Cracken will definitely be naked in the photos, but in some she‘ll be “strategically covered up.” Radar’s source says that “The pictures Lindsay took last week are much better than the first set.” So… from (Even More) Crackie Kate Moss to Crackie Marilyn. This is going to be terrible.

Meanwhile, Crackie Von Cracks-A-Lot’s delusional, insane rep went to Radar to pay more lip service to Linnocent’s commitment to her community service. According to Steve Honig, “Lindsay is highly motivated to fulfill her community service obligations so she can put all of this behind her and continue to move forward with her career.”

Last story: Fox News has an interesting story about how Linnocent’s four-year-long crackie legal catastrophe is a huge waste of time and money, and taxpayers should be furious:

Lindsay Lohan flitted in and out of her 30-day jail sentence in a mere four hours early Monday morning. The 25-year-old actress was booked into the Century Regional Detention facility in Lynwood at 8:50 p.m. on Sunday evening, and was home in Venice Beach by 2 am. Lohan was released due to jail overcrowding.

Given her years-long saga in the California court system that led to her hours-long incarceration, Lohan could have cost taxpayers over $250,000 per hour of the jail time she just served, experts say.

“This should cause an outrage,” criminal defense attorney Joey Jackson told “Why should Lindsay Lohan’s hand be held? Why should she be given umpteenth chances and everyone else the book gets thrown at them? It doesn’t seem to be fair.”

Lohan was sentenced to report to jail for her 30-day sentence after failing to complete a court mandated community service that had been ordered for drunken driving and theft charges. The judge gave Lohan the option of taking community service at the county morgue and mandated psychotherapy, or risk serving an additional 270 days in jail.

Not only that, the judge gave Lohan a week to report to jail so she could complete a nude photo shoot for Playboy magazine. Had she been unable to complete the shoot, she could have been held in breach of contract by the men’s magazine, which reportedly paid her almost a million dollars for the spread.

Jackson tells Fox411 that if Lohan were not a celebrity, she absolutely would have been booked for the full 300 days without lenience this time around.

“The real issue is the normal Joe Schmo who doesn’t have her clout, her money, and her fame which gets a judge to cheer for her,” Jackson said. “For a normal person a judge would say, ‘You’re going to jail for a year.’”

And while Lohan can afford to pay her attorneys to keep her out of jail, her consistent bad behavior is costing California taxpayers hundreds of thousands – and possibly millions — of dollars, all while gumming up the state’s overloaded justice system. Since Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles began with a drunk driving arrest in 2007 she has made more than 20 court appearances stemming from additional arrests, violating probation, failing drug and alcohol screenings, and failing to follow court orders.

“From logistics to the transcript reporters to the clerks, it is exorbitantly expensive to have a court appearance. It is important we understand what a waste of time this is,” former federal prosecutor Michael Wildes of Wildes & Weinberg told “It costs tens of thousands of dollars per court appearance for all the clerks, the security, and those court reporters who get paid by the page, not to mention all the collateral support for something like this. Plus it diverts the administration of justice for other matters.”

“It has likely cost taxpayers millions of dollars,” attorney Vikki Ziegler contends. “This has been a four year ordeal that taxpayers in California must foot. That includes salaries for judges, prosecutors, court officers, court reporters, clerks, [and] other law enforcement professionals, who must all be paid, to have touched the Lohan case directly or indirectly in one shape or another.”

[From Fox News]

Linnocent: Because Crack Is Worth It! Do you think that if you really add it up, she’s costing taxpayers millions? I think it’s more like “hundreds of thousands” – which, incidentally, what I hope Shawn Holley’s legal fees cost too. But yeah… Linnocent is a huge sucking void of money, time and crack shenanigans. We know this already.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Tierra says:

    I read somewhere else that Hef wasnt going to pay her a dime until she reshot the pics.
    “more classy” or not the only thing these pics are going to do is jump start a lot of vomiting.

  2. margaritachum says:

    marilyn is rolling over in her grave right now.

  3. dorothy says:

    By classy they mean after they pressure-washed her.

  4. fabgrrl says:

    Is Hugh Hefner ever going to pick a theme besides Marilyn Monroe. We get it, you loved her, she made Playboy possible. Now let the woman rest in peace!

  5. Samigirl says:

    There is nothing “classy” about posing nude in a magazine that millions of people will be looking at. Nothing at all.

  6. Sue says:

    Okay, am I the only person whose skin is crawling thinking about this old man looking at naked pictures of anyone that young? I’m sure he finds them very classy all alone in his bedroom looking at them……. Shiver….. I can see it now Lindsay and Dina are going to be Hef’s next “twin” girlfriends.

  7. gee says:

    @Quinn, A+

    I think Linnocent needs to go to jail. She’s never going to do her community service. And I love how she/her rep makes it sound like it’s totally her choice and her call to be doing it.

  8. brin says:

    So she brought “lawyers, agents and publicists” to tell her what’s nude and what’s not?! Dumb crazy crackhead!

  9. Marjalane says:

    Excellent assortment of photos accompanied this story. She looks like a painted cadaver in that courtroom shot.

  10. Addie says:

    It was kinda obvious that it would be a MM inspired shoot.

    People need to stop throwing the word classy to very de-classy things, it grates me, just like people using the lable ‘icon’ to just about anyone famous these days.

    With the Justin Bieber results, Kardashian devoice (and hopeful family demise) and Linnocent photo’s coming up soon, it’s gonna be a good few weeks ahead.

  11. wunder says:

    The Crackawacka doesnt even know what ‘nude’ means???? . . . oh yeah, forgot: She’s ‘special’ that way.

  12. Pyewacket says:

    NOTE TO MAGAZINE EDITORS- Give the Marilyn Monroe themed pictorials a rest FFS!

  13. V says:

    I feel sorry for her. she has been abused by the industry, her family and the media in some many ways. I hope she finds some happiness eventually….

  14. Elina says:

    Oh em gee that last pic of her screams “I want your brain!” YIKES

  15. yt says:

    Hefner keeps saying Playboy is classy, but that does not make it so. Who were the “lawyers, agents and publicists” who attended the shoot and got to see LL under the bright lights? Surely Holley would not want to be involved. Honig would.

    LL would like to be like Marilyn Monroe, but that does not make it so.

    I wish they would throw her in jail and end this stupid drama. LL has been playing this out far too long. At least there is little chance she will stick to doing her community service on time.

  16. JaneWonderfalls says:

    She looks terrible in the blog main pic, Gosh CB were do you find these. She is just ugly to me, not just physically but inside. She really needs to get help.

  17. Scott says:

    It’s logical. Marilyn was one of the kind. She was beautiful, classy and sexy. But she had a lot of problems. Lindsay is our generation Marilyn. Let’s face it. She is beautiful and talented. She has/had some problems but there is big chance that she will win in the end. Lindsay is very sensitive girl and we need to help her. Haters need to stop hate her and start to support her. She deserve it. Tragic end of MM should teach us something. Go Lindsay it could be huge step in your career. MM also appeared in Playboy and it was her breakthrough moment.

  18. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Love the photo in the pink fluffy jacket and gold dress – that is what Linnocent really looks like beneath all the fillers & botox!!!!

    Its about time somebody took a look and made a stand at the expense Linnocents arrogance & inept starstruck judges have caused…

    Oh & Kaiser/CB pls pretty pls can u post the playboy pics when they are published as I really really want to take a look at the MM ‘classy’ inspired nude shots!! ;) Can u pls???

  19. Jeanette says:

    Leave it to playboy to think exploiting 2 young, troubled women, on drugs, with obvious mental instabilities and esteem issues, naked, meat curtains out..Classy.

  20. yt says:

    Marilyn Monroe never posed for Playboy. Hefner bought the rights to an old photo she did for a calendar and used it in Playboy.

    LL may look beautiful in the Playboy photos, but she will have the photographer and Photoshop team to thank for that.

  21. BabyCakes says:

    Nothing is beautiful about her anymore. She just looks dead in the last pic.

  22. Jeanette says:

    Scott are you freakin serious..MM died at a tragically young age, on most days she was barely functioning because she was so high, trying to dull the pain of her life. Her sheer beauty and tradgedy are what makes her memorable, she was not a brilliant actress at all. Thats not winning.

  23. Lady D says:

    Hey Scott? I don’t hate her. I find her despicable, dishonest and arrogant. I would not waste my time hating her. And by the way, there is no way in hell that this skank is our generation’s MM. She’s not beautiful or talented and sensitive is the last word I would use to describe her. She has the sensitivity of a glob of mud. Also, the tragic end of MM should teach Crackie a lesson should it not? Why should we go all out to support someone who uses everyone and destroys everything in her path? That our fault too Scott?

  24. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Scott, I can’t actually tell whether you are being really sarcastic…

    “She is beautiful” she WAS beautiful many eons ago, but not so much now, she just looks plastic and dirty…

    “Lindsay is very sensitive girl” Ok now I am actually rolling around on the floor in fits!!!

    Scott – lurving your sarcasm, you got us good!!

  25. The Original Mia says:

    Lindsay Lohan is not this generation’s Marilyn Monroe! Stop. Do not pass go.

    Lindsay Lohan is a narcissistic, entitled brat, who envisions herself as an icon, when really she’s just a spoiled, hedonistic woman who needs to spend an entire year in jail and then rehab and then self-awareness classes before she’s allowed back in public.

  26. Pamela says:

    I;m kind of shocked at the level of hate LL gets. I mean, sure–she is a total mess. And she is getting away with murder as far as the legal system goes.

    BUT–she did not stand a chance. She started out as a young talented beauty. Her mother is a MONSTER. Her father is a trainwreck. And here we have the results. Sure-she has the resources available to pull herself up by her bootstraps—resources MANY people do not have. But that doesn’t change the fact that she is a damaged person with addictions and (seemigly) mental disturbances. It is really tragic to see what has become of this girl. A lot of people want to joke about the fact that she looks like a rough 40. But sadly–it really is true. This is a 25 year old girl that started out BEAUTIFUL and she really is all dried up and wasted. It’s really sad.

  27. Praise St. Angie! says:

    what Hef thinks is “classy” and what the gen pop thinks is “classy” aren’t quite the same, I’d guess.

    He thinks it’s “classy” to have as many as 6 “girlfriends” at once, all of them young enough to be his granddaughters.

    so, him calling her photos “classy” doesn’t mean much.

    “LL may look beautiful in the Playboy photos, but she will have the photographer and Photoshop team to thank for that.”

    you make a point here…how many people are going to say, after viewing the Playboy pics, “she doesn’t look like that! and hasn’t for YEARS!” they’re going to inspire more laughs than anything else.

    and people…DON’T FEED THE TROLLS.

  28. Lee says:

    A little word play:
    For Hefner to even have the word “classy” come out of his mouth is a classic oxymoron. Oh, and the word “moron” is also applicable here. And in its plural form, it applies to all parties involved in this photo shoot. As does the descriptive “low” placed in front of “classy”. Low-classy. That’s all I’ve got here.

  29. badrockandroll says:

    I feel sorry for her. she has been abused by the industry, her family and the media in some many ways.

    I’ll grant early abuse by her family, but she’s 25, and she must take some responsibility for the last four years of her behaviour. I would love to hear though how you feel she has been abused by the media and by the industry. Do tell …

    @Scott: I don’t even know where to begin with your post … surely the pictures above belie your claim of lindsay’s beauty, and if I could think of a movie that she has done in the last 5 years, I’d be in a better place to spar with you about her talent.

  30. L says:

    “Lindsay is our generation Marilyn.”

    MWHAHAHAHA That’s hilarious. Wrong and hilarious.

  31. danielle says:

    At this point, she looks too old to do a Marilyn tribute. She looks mid 40s. Chelsea Handler looks good in comparison. Kids, look at this and just say no to drugs!

  32. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Marilyn never was a playmate…he bought those pictures from a old calender shoot……

    But they do have a few things in common.
    Both are hollywood whores, who own their careers more to who they have screwed in hollywood then to their so called talent…

    Both are drug addicts who can’t function at all without being higher the a kite…

    Both have or had (in marilyn case) IQ’s no higher the 70 which is barely functional in society..

    And both have No sence of shame, decency or respect for others…

    So I would say they were more alike then not….

    Which lets to the conclussion that Lindsay will end up like Marilyn
    facedown Naked in her bed dead from either drugs or murder which every theory you believe in…..

    I vote for murder…Marilyn was screwing the wrong men at that point in her life….

  33. SLP says:

    I can’t tell if the first pic is Crackie or Dina….that’s pretty sad!!!!

  34. GirlyGirl says:

    They still print Playboy?

  35. skuddles says:

    Scott = Dina? Naw, that sounded like it came straight from the horse’s mouth, or in this case, the horse’s freckled twat.

  36. TrollyDolly says:

    @29 Pamela. I agree with you. A bit more compassion wouldn’t go amiss!

  37. Kitten says:

    god… how old does she look. 25 going on 50…

  38. only1shmoo says:


    Thank you for continuing to post Crackie’s most unflattering pics. I don’t want to forget what she really looks like under a thick coat of primer & foundation. You make the little kid in me smile : D

  39. angelus says:

    Am I the only one who dreads the photos coming out? I hope they can be avoided. They’ll probably be wildly successful. It’s sickening.

    I agree with other posters: she’s so repulsive inside that it’s irrelevant if she was ever ‘beautiful’ outside. All that privilege and she repeatedly flaunts and abuses it. At best she’s a self-destructive narcissist, at worst she’s a raging sociopath. I think it’s the latter. I also think she’s a joke and a loser — who the hell wears fu on nails or trashy condom dresses to court? What kind of total moron goes out partying all the time after multiple stints in rehab? What kind of delusional ditz claims to be an icon or speculates on a major award by 30 for doing nothing of merit, ever?

    I always found her looks to be of the trashy Long Island mold. They tend to age prematurely, but the drugs certainly contributed in her case as well.

    She’s utterly reprehensible.

  40. Beatrix says:

    @hillbilly in the corner : I’ll add that some men of questionable character were also screwing Marylin; she didn’t make anyone of them do anything. I agree that she is held up to a level of respect as an icon who I’m not so sure deserved that title – not because of her sexual activities but because there wasn’t much that she did for culture aside from pose pretty after some tasteful cosmetic surgery and a well-advised name-change. She didn’t say anything too remarkable. I think the significance of her existence was the mere frivolity of it.

  41. Praise St. Angie! says:

    to those saying that we should feel sorry for her, or we should show more compassion…

    we DID feel sorry for her…we DID have compassion for her. as did a number of hollywood big-wigs, who tried to help her.

    but according to her, she didn’t need their help, she was fine…

    you can only have so much compassion or sympathy for someone…once they throw it back in your face repeatedly, you stop feeling it.

    there was a point in time, I believe, that people DID feel very sorry for her, what with her upbringing, and she had a lot of public compassion.

    but her unwillingness to take any responsibility for her situation or her actions, her sense of entitlement, her playing the victim constantly…has KILLED any good will she had.

    she’s had more opportunities in the past 10 years that most people would see in a lifetime and she pissed on all of them. she’s had the repeated chance to redeem herself, and she chooses not to.

    so, no…NO SYMPATHY HERE.

  42. MarenGermany says:

    I dont hold my breath for those playboy pictures.
    it will be same old same old. photoshopped to hell,she will maybe show a nipple, arm wrapped around her tits, vadge blurred with some kind of curtain or thick glas or something, raised eyebrow (thats so sexy, Linds), finger in her dirty mouth thinkin “yeah, I know, you all wanna piece, dont ya?”
    when we are all like “ugh, crackhead. we have seen all that before, and probably every dealer in hollywood. So put away your ladyparts, and maybe tonite go to sleep at 11 p.m. for once. Might even do you good”.
    rinse and repeat

  43. logan says:

    This twit wouldn’t know class if it knocked on her door and introduced itself. On to more important news: Michele Dugger is preggers with her 20th kid. Now that is a lady with class!! Her lady parts still don’t see as much action as Crack-A-Lacka.

  44. Quest says:

    Classy and Linnocent don’t belong in the same sentence let alone anything Marilyn Monroe inspired.

  45. Stacia says:

    At 25 she looks so USED UP and has TOO MUCH MILEAGE. This chic must be hard up for cash to do Playboy.

    One only does Playboy either when your trying to start a “Hollywood” career or when your career is washing up. And I think hers is the latter.

  46. Stubbylove says:

    Damn I love the pink fur coat pic.

  47. Cathy says:


    Time for someone to take out the garbage. Put her in the dump with the rest of the trash. But then I’d feel sorry for the poor trash for having to put up with the likes of her. So forget it.

  48. Nina says:

    “Oh yes. And classy, very classy.”

    Is it just me or did anyone else read this as sarcasm? I imagine Hef rolling his eyes and giving the ‘yeah right’ nod.

  49. OhMyMy says:

    Yes she needs to get her act together and finally do what she needs to do to get the legal issues behind her. Yes she needs therapy for her issues to better herself as a person. She’s the one that has to do that for herself.

    That does not….does not guarantee that she gets her career back. She’s done way too much damage by herself, her family and whatever twits she lets speak for her. In IMHO her Hollywood career may be irretrievably dead and gone. With both the industry and the public that pays for the movie tickets. She has no respect left for her and she’s way too overexposed herself for anyone to be able to believe her as a character.

    Sorry to say it but I don’t think the PB cover will do much to restart her career. Instead it may be used as a glossy full-color brochure to pimp her out in the future.

  50. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Stacia, totally agree, a few years back Linnocent turned down playboy as she was a ‘serious actress’ then…hmmm hmmm, ‘nough said!

  51. yt says:

    I doubt this Playboy shoot had much to do with restarting her career. With no appreciable income in the last few years and none in the foreseeable future along with her lavish spending, she needs the money.

  52. Sillyone says:

    New story at TMZ, team Pitbull!! Sue the shit out of the bitch Pit!

  53. Happy21 says:

    Ick! Why do people keep encouraging this chick on? She is NOT marilyn monroe, has zero appeal wheras Marilyn had plenty. She does not look like her and will never be like her (unless she dies young). Why would someone like Hugh Heffner or Playboy encourage her to be her best Marilyn. Its a joke and its sick and twisted.

  54. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Sillyone…interesting!! Hopefully someone can actually win a legal battle against her!!

    Love this quote:

    “calling out LiLo for being a liar with a rap sheet longer than her movie credits.”

    LOL!!!! ;D

  55. juju says:


  56. duncecap says:

    @ angelus:
    —I agree with other posters: she’s so repulsive inside that it’s irrelevant if she was ever ‘beautiful’ outside—

    So true. I’m TIRED of people saying Linnocent is a poor damaged kid. Yeah, she was a damaged kid. But now she’s a damaged adult. It’s fine if she kept that damage to herself, but she keeps spewing it outwards in every direction and you just gotta hope you’re not in the warpath.

    I don’t think her mental issues extend to at least a few of her choices. She is cognizant enough to know when a sycophant isn’t being ass-kissy enough. When someone dares criticize her or remind her of reality, she is aware enough to recognize what they’re doing. Those people are out the door. If she were as spaced and doe-like as people claim, what they say would go in one ear and out the other. She’s fully aware of some things. Hence her efforts to filter it.

    “You know Linds, stealing that necklace was wrong. Maybe you should say sorry and give it back?”

    Cracken. “AWAY WITH YOU!”

    Understand what I mean?

  57. Annie says:

    Kill it with fire? Looks like someone already tried. I absolutely do not idolize Marilyn Monroe, yet to suggest that Lindsay is in any way shape or form like her other than substance/sex addiction issues is laughable. Lohan has ZERO physical, mental or psychological resemblance to Monroe. And Marilyn did NOT have an iq of 70 where do people get this garbage. It’s obvious to anyone who knows anything about her at all that she was of normal, most probably above average intelligence.

    And duncecap I agree, Lindsay is no doe eyed lost girl she’s a con-artist of used car-salesman proportions. I think she knows exactly what she’s doing.


  58. Tierra says:

    Im with Sillyone,

    Just read TMZ’s piece on Pitbull’s case.
    TEAM PITBULL All the way!
    I hope he counter sues for wasting his time and for lying claiming she is a resident of NY.

  59. duncecap says:

    I reverse my stance on LL’s efforts to be like MM. Like Monroe, she insulates herself with people who’ll nod and smile to whatever she says. Like her, she’s a nightmare to work with, and when she does land a role, she holds it up and puts the whole project in jeopardy, (and all the other employees as well).

    But I do believe MM was sweet and good-hearted. Maybe a little socially inept and confused, but well-meaning.

    When was the last time LL was well-meaning or earnest? If ever? Maybe in that Burger King commercial when she was five? No wait, that was Sarah Michele Gellar. So never.

  60. the original bellaluna says:

    Thank you, Faux News, for saying on TV what I’ve been saying online for at least a year now.

    Pressure-washed? No. I think you mean sand-blasted. And then dis-infected.

  61. Sillyone says:

    I just hope Pitbull sticks to his guns and doesn’t settle out of court (E*Trade). I want to see him just knock the herpes right off of her.

  62. duncecap says:

    Does anyone wonder if maybe she’s got a wall with butchered pics of say, Emma Stone somewhere?

  63. Embee says:

    2 things:

    1. whenever someone describes something as “classy” it almost certainly is not.

    2. I assume the magazine will need every bit of the 3-4 months between shooting the photos and print to photoshop that creature into something resembling an attractive woman.

  64. the original bellaluna says:

    “Hate” is not the proper word; it is DISGUST.

    We are disgusted with her antics; her sense of entitlement; her having been given multiple chances by EVERYONE (the court system, the industry, etc…); her blowing said multiple chances; and her wasting of tax-payer money, as well as the court’s time.

    Spare me the “she never had a chance” bullshit. At some point in one’s life, one has to accept responsibility for being an adult, no matter the circumstances of one’s upbringing. There are certainly people who were way worse off than Linnocent but have managed to go on to become fully-functioning adult human beings. You know, with jobs and a sense of responsibility and maybe even families of their own!

    After a certain point, the whole “it’s my parents’ fault I’m an entitled asshole” defence falls flat.

  65. duncecap says:

    amen, the original bellaluna.


  66. Kelly says:

    @hillbilly in the corner – you say Marilyn and LL both have IQs in the 70s??? The original description of IQ ranges says that 70-79 shows borderline deficiency,” which means someone who is certainly learning disabled – and probably perceived as “slow.” (70 and below means impaired, i.e. may not be able to live on his/her own.) I don’t think that description applies to either one. Lohan is not stupid, she’s just STUPID, if you know what I mean. Apparently MM read actual books and stuff, and wanted to be taken “seriously.” I have also heard that she had an IQ of 160+ (in the Einstein range), but I”m calling BS on that one.

  67. kaligula says:

    At this point people who criticize her are just kicking someone when they’re down. To me celebrity gossip is only fun when I can laugh at someone who is so clearly riding high on life that they’ll never come down to a “mortal” level, if you will, at least not enough to be touched by bitchy stuff like this. Gisele, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian come to mind. Or someone like Madonna who has shown her inner ugliness on multiple occasions and makes no secret of it. But someone who is desperate and in a state of severe confusion like Lindsay…. man, you all are not right.

  68. Bess says:

    Not trying to defend Blohan in any way, but I don’t think she’s ever openly blamed her upbringing for her current legal or career problems. She’s talked about how scary and abusive her father was during her childhood, but to my knowledge, she’s never blamed him for causing her addictions or bad behavior. Blohan is always full of praise for her mother (in public anyway)

  69. Ms. Candy says:

    As much as I use to like her.
    She doesn’t look very pretty anymore.. good lord…

  70. Kim says:

    Playboy/Lohan classy? Now that gives new meaning to the word oxymoron.

  71. angelus says:


    That’s funny about LL’s wall of butchered Emma Stone photos!!! I’ve wondered that too.

  72. gg says:

    But she’s ALREADY DONE THAT SHOOT for another magazine! They can’t think up anything original?

  73. JuliaDomna says:

    What a waste. A very pretty young woman who was a pretty solid actress at one point.

  74. JB says:

    I read she is not showing any skin in the new pics. What is wrong with that stupid judge. 4 hours in jail? What kind of message does that send?

  75. JB says:

    How can any of you idiots judge someone you don’t know and have never met. You only know what you have read and heard. Anyone who puts down this poor girl is a piece of shit!

    • Lettie says:

      @JB: I’m pretty sure that we know Linnocent. she has told her story to the world and to countless paparazzi, she wants everyone to know her then wonders why every one ‘thinks her life is so interesting.’ Because she’s a freaking crackhead and can’t sit still anywhere for longer than a few minutes and probably cannot hold a job, and has had to do next to no jail time that any other normal person would have to do. She is being unfair and using her money to get her way out of tough situations and she needs to learn to grow up and start paying the consequences for her mistakes. I wish her luck for that.

  76. MacScore says:

    Are those recent pics of Blohan (top one, shocking pink top?) – if so – look at her expression: she’s basically giving the entire world the finger; she got off scot-free from any sort of repercussions for her behaviour; and now she’s laughing all the way to the bank with her “classy” (*hurls into toilet*) Playboy shoot.

    I’ve been full of righteous indignation about her for a long time now, but now I’m just tired of her cracknanigans. Fuck off, Lynzeee.

  77. Boo says:

    God knows I hate to agree with FOX on anything, but here and only here, I do:

    And JB, you’re so right. WE are all the bad guys here. You probably don’t want to hang around here with all of us loathsome haters, right? You’ll probably want to check in over at the Lohan Celebration Page instead. Adios, amigo.

  78. Sillyone says:

    @JB Who lit the fuse on your tampon??

    Lindsay has given everyone reason to judge her, as do all the other celebutards. If they did not want to be judged they should have picked a different career.

  79. Katie says:

    AS of today, the word “classy” ceases to have meaning. Thank you Hef and LiLo for sending it to an untimely grave.

  80. ViloDeMenus says:

    Marilyn, while troubled was a very smart woman, she wrote beautifully and in the last few years many letters of her personally correspondence were released. She was brilliant, funny, witty, and beautifully written. Lohan, can barely tweet a cogent thought. Why this person who has decided to just co-opt another persons life and achievements is even being allowed to happen just sickens me. LiLo is nothing like Marilyn, we still watch her movies, do you think in 70 years anyone will be watching a Lohan movie. No.

    Just because you bought some blond rat hair and had it sewn into your head does not make you an iconic talent. You are a failed child actress, not a someone who is the standard for an entire era. I mean LiLo is such a pig she always has dirty fingers and hands, she’s not even capable of basic hygiene and washing. Stop trying to take a woman’s life who worked so hard to get where she got, and paid dearly for for it. It almost makes me hate her for doing this, and Hef should know better, to besmirch Marilyn’s memory. He knew her and knows these two have nothing in common.

  81. notafan says:

    was lindsay at the morgue for cs today? judge said first business day after you check out of your suite at the jail. i wish this chic would disappear. playboy is her final seal her own fate choice. yuck yuck yuck. so if she didnt report at morgue today isnt she is violation?

  82. atorontogal says:

    Isn’t calling total strangers idiots judging? JB I think you have some serious anger issues. @ Sillyone…@JB Who lit the fuse on your tampon?? …..LMAO!!!!

  83. Adrien says:

    I thought I read that as Marilyn Manson theme.

  84. yt says:

    @notafan LL had to report to her probation officer immediately, not the morgue. She will then schedule her work days at the morgue so the required number of days will be completed before her next court date.

  85. notafan says:

    yt #87 thank u for clearing up morgue probation LL mess. either way she will eff up.

  86. Dawning Red says:

    Regarding JB:

    “How can any of you idiots judge someone you don’t know and have never met.”

    “Anyone who puts down this poor girl is a piece of shit!”

    Anyone else see the contradiction here, or is this just a bizarre example of a post-modernist argument?

  87. yt says:

    @Dawning Red. I ignore anyone who refers to that woman as a girl. It’s hard enough keeping track of LL’s delusions.

  88. Bess says:

    I’m actually surprised that the paparazzi didn’t manage to catch LL going in for her first visit with her probation officer.

  89. Andie B says:

    Oh dear..that is the hardest looking 25 year old I have ever seen. She makes me look like a fresh Spring flower, and I’m 39. I guess I’m a piece of shit, but I’m just calling it as I see it. People are going to pay to see nude pictures of her. Wow!Gross!

  90. the original bellaluna says:

    Linnocent is an entitled piece of shite. PERIOD. FULL STOP.

    Linnocent is full of bull. Her publicist is full of bull. Her “spokesman” is full of bull.

    Anyone who believes said spouts of shite is ignorant.

  91. Trashaddict says:

    If they’d just keep her in jail long enough she might be able to dry out. Might save her life. That last picture looks like the downhill side of the trip…

  92. Sunny says:

    Anyone else notice how scary thin she looks in the first picture?

    Also, I’m hating myself today for actually praising Fox for reporting on something, and actually getting it right.

    Secondly, I have a new found respect for whatever judge it was that threw the book at Paris Hilton and gave us those priceless photos of a spoiled brat in hysterics being hauled back to jail.

    “overcrowding” is a baseless term used to triage offenders. If the judge had pushed for it, room could have been made. Plus, giving her “special considerations” because of her status? Oh please, of COURSE she’ll possibly be a target, it’s JAIL for godsake! It’s not supposed to be a happy, fun place. Celeb meet consequence…maybe she’d be more of a target because of the crap she’s gotten away with, but if she were put into general population and treated like the criminal she is, “overcrowding” would not be as big an issue. Is that placing her in additional danger? Maybe, but that’s not mine, yours or anyone else’s problem but hers. That’s what happens when you get sentenced to prison. California should be absolutely infuriated by this….

  93. hebrokemyheart says:

    at one time she was pretty. now, she is hideous-and will never get her looks back. either way, she never has or will compare to mm in any way shape or form. it is offensive for her to advertise herself otherwise. she really does look about fifty, it’s scary.

  94. frank says:

    damn…she looks like a corpse, or one step away in the photos wearing the cartooned pink dress.

    I feel sick, she looks like she is getting very close to death.

    so sad.