The Duggars defend new pregancy, say they spend time with their kids

Yesterday Michelle and Jim-Bob Duggar and their 19 kids, daughter in law and two grandchildren were on the Today Show to gleefully announce Michelle’s pregnancy at 45 with what will be her 20th child. The collective response seemed to be “give it a rest already,” “don’t you have enough?” and “this family is a cult.” It was bizarre to see how happy the parents were compared to how understandably dazed all of their children seemed during the announcement. Plus Michelle acted like it was no biggie to her that both she and her last baby almost died while giving birth the last time. She had the time to work out an hour a day, she explained, and this was the longest she’d ever gone between pregnancies. Well now Michelle and Jim-Bob are defending the fact that they’re having even more kids. They say, predictably, that every child is a gift from God, that they spend a lot of time with their kids since they homeschool them (and ensure they’re not exposed to any scientific concepts that would put their beliefs into question) and that there’s no reason not to have another baby just because Michelle had so many medical problems during her last pregnancy.

“Every child deserves to be excited they are a part of life,” Michelle tells PEOPLE after just revealing that she is pregnant with her 20th child. “Even when we were having our 5th and 6th [kid] … we would celebrate each pregnancy.”

The reality stars have faced mounting criticism over the size of their family and the risks of Michelle’s new pregnancy following the premature birth of their daughter, Josie, in Dec. 2009. But the couple insists that Josie’s frightening premature birth and Michelle’s life-threatening preeclampsia were not enough to convince them that 19 kids were enough.

“If we felt that way, we would have stopped back with our second birth,” insists Michelle, 45, who experienced preeclampsia during her second pregnancy with twins John David and Jana, now 21. “There are many women who have experienced preeclampsia and have gone on to have more children.”

“That whole mind set that you stop after a problem pregnancy isn’t realistic,” she continues. “You may encounter struggles along the way. You may not have a perfect pregnancy, but each child is a precious gift.”

The Duggars, who star on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, live debt free in a house they built themselves in Tontitown, Ark. They have also come under fire from those suggesting that their older kids have too much responsibility caring for the younger ones and that they don’t pay enough individual attention to their kids.

“We homeschool, so we are around our children day in and day out,” says Jim Bob, 46. “Because I am in real estate, I am home and can be with the children a lot. When we go to the store or run errands, we take the kids one on one and we get to spend more time individually than a lot of parents do.”

Michelle, who is under the care of a high-risk pregnancy doctor, agrees: “The beauty of being in a large family,” she says, “is that everyone works together as a team and it is about teaching our children responsibility.”

And, she says, the family doesn’t take their critics to heart.

“There are a lot of good things we can learn from our critics,” she says. “We really believe we are following our faith and there are sometimes going to be people who don’t agree and we aren’t going to worry about the negative things stated.”

“We are thankful for those out there who are happy,” says Michelle, “and we are grateful for each and every gift of a child.”

[From People]

Michelle is not fulfilled unless she’s pregnant or currently has a baby under one. It makes me wonder if she’ll have some sort of breakdown after menopause, or if she’ll finally start to pay attention to her older kids. Maybe she’ll become more self-centered and get a new hairstyle for once. As I’ve said before, I do hope that this pregnancy is a healthy one for her. I just hope it’s her last. She surely doesn’t feel that way.




All photos are from The Duggar Family website, where you can learn all about creationism.

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  1. Marjalane says:

    As bizarre as I find their choices, I have to say that everytime I’ve seen the show or an interview with the family, they all seem very happy. It doesn’t seem fake or forced. I mean, there’s probably a lot to be said for a life without the Kardashians and CrackyLohan!

    • Lisa says:

      Have you ever read any comments about celebrity women who have children at the same age? Why does Celebitchy put negative connotations on the children being well behaved and paying attention when they are interviewed as a group? Michelle knows the risks and chooses not to use birth control because she values the lives of all of her children. The Duggars could “handle” a dozen more children because they parent and discipline their children. When was the last time, Celebitchy, have you felt the joy Michelle has everyday despite being “burdened” with all those children. Sorry, they aren’t burdened by their kids they are blessed.

  2. Bermuda Blues says:

    They do spend time with their kids. The kids are home schooled, socialized primarily with their siblings, and the parents are home all day. I would say this family spends more time together than any family I know.

  3. gee says:

    I always thought they had a serious sex life and just didn’t use protection. Like, if sex minus condom equals baby, so be it, and that’s why there are so many Duggars.

  4. Bermuda Blues says:

    I think that Michelle’s miscarriage early in their marriage deeply affected both her and Jim Bob. Their subsequent fruitfulness was a result of that early trauma, as though having more children would fill that grief for them.

    I also think that Michelle and Jim Bob do not have to justify their children to anyone. It’s certainly questionable in terms of Michelle’s health, but if she decideds its okay that is HER CHOICE. This is a debate about choice.

    The kids aren’t on welfare, the kids are clean, healthy, respectful, and hard working. I see no problem with this family.

  5. Call Me Al says:

    I really think they are good parents. They do take care of their children and teach them good values. I personally would have stopped a long time ago, but it’s their right and no one can claim that any of of these children are neglected or wanting for anything, so I try not to criticize them. We need to focus our attention on children who are abused and helping them.

  6. Samigirl says:

    There aren’t enough hours in the day for them to eat, sleep, and spend just 1 hour of alone time with each child. There just isn’t. This is ridiculous. I understand celebrating pregnancy, but I also understand keeping it in my pants, or wrapping up. 20 children, no matter if you’ve got the means to take care of them, is absolutely ridiculous. They are child hoarders. It’s disgusting.

  7. keri says:

    There are more than enough “parents” in this family. The family just delegates the older sibs to watch over the young ones, completely robbing any one of them from any sort of childhood. Lame. I’ll bet we’ll see some mugshots of the famed Duggar children in the coming years.

  8. Jayna says:

    Those older teenage girls are going to be so burned out on raising kids I doubt they will ever want a large family.

  9. Talie says:

    “and ensure they’re not exposed to any scientific concepts that would put their beliefs into question”

    Yeah, they don’t sound like a cult at all! What idiots! Morons! How are these people able to raise children like this? Taking away their ability to expand their horizons and see the world in a way that isn’t dictated by their parents. That’s abuse, in my opinion.

  10. Seal Team 6 says:

    Well, no, they don’t. They spend as much quality times with their indentured servants… errr…. children as Royalty used to, which is a few minutes a day.

    They have been very vocal about how they don’t raise their children, including schooling, but rather the older siblings do. Michelle brags about how she works out and naps every nap. She raises whatever infant she has until the child is weaned.

    A 14-year-old daughter cooks all the meals for 20+ people.

  11. Addie says:

    In this case,when menopause hits I do hope she goes all self centered and get herself a new hairstyle and image ala Kate Goslin.

    If anyone needs it– it’s her.

    Oh and in the first pic, they look like a serial killer couple in the movies posing for a ‘coming soon’ poster

  12. serena says:

    I hope this is their last baby, enough it’s enough. Those poor children.
    I bet when she’ll be in menopause she’ll be all like ‘give me grandchildren!!’.

  13. N.D. says:

    I agree with Samgirl. Even with them being always home it’s still physically impossible for them to give each kid alone time, because between sleeping/meals/chores/schooling and other to-dos that fill the day there just isn’t enough time to be there for each of their 20 kids.

    But it’s their kids and they are allowed to raise them as they see fit. If they think it’s more important to tech kids how to be part of the group, valuable member or your circle etc it’s their prerogative. Don’t know if it’s such a bad thing really. Not very American maybe, but otherwise…

    When menopause hits she’ll be a grandma of about 40 little ones so she won’t know the difference.

  14. Flan says:

    Disgusting. There are already way too many people. Look at America, people are fighting over shitty jobs.

    Too bad some will always have far more than they should (and let others take care of them). See also Mariah Yeater.

  15. kay says:

    I don;t spend an hour a day alone with each of my 2 kids. and I am a SAHM, ffs.

    too much time with my kids makes me a little buggy.

    I could never home school. and so what if the older kids help? is there a link where we can read they hate it? are complaining? perhaps one fall of modern society is that extended family/siblings don’t help out enough.

  16. Dani says:

    20 kids ……24 hours in the day. Give me a break!

  17. dorothy says:

    I wish I had, had the foresight to have many, many children. I could have had all kinds of minions cooking for me, raising and schooling the younger ones..which would have left time for “me”. Excercising, napping. What was I thinking only having 3? Oh wait, I don’t think it’s right to make your older children responsible for your choices.

  18. Jules says:

    It’s a vagina, not a clown car.

  19. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I think this family underwent fertility treatments in order for Michelle to conceive and carry at 45 (however, they’ll never cop to it because they don’t believe in “science”). Admitting to fertility treatments would mean putting your faith in something other than God’s will. I put my faith in science (clomid) when I had trouble conceiving and I have two beautiful boys. If I prayed on it, I’d be childless.

    Also, The Duggars admitted that Josie was late reaching milestones (but aren’t admitting to any developmental disability, last I heard). However, she has the appearance of a developmentally challenged child. I am in no way snarking on this child, I’m merely pointing this out because I believe her age and physical condition contributed to the child’s disability and that she’s at a higher risk of having another developmentally disabled child (which is a selfish move on her part, since the child will be the responsibility of the older girls).

  20. lin234 says:

    Awesome! They’ve got homemade cooks, cleaners, caregivers etc. Is this new one a future masseuse? It’ll come in handy in twenty years when they are both bedridden. Thinking ahead. lol

  21. Kit says:

    My mom was the oldest of 12 children and she spent most of her life before marriage helping to raise the smaller ones, and that was without my gran taking naps or working out. Yes, it’s great to have a large family (loads of cousins etc) and luckily they all get on but I’ll never forget she told me she hated my grandad at times because of it. Constant pregnancies like that take their toll on a womans body, it’s just not healthy, physically or mentally.
    She vowed to only have 2 kids. I’m sure the older Duggar kids feel the same way. The husband creeps me out BTW.

  22. maggiegrace says:

    “It’s a vagina, not a clown car.” Funniest thing I’ve heard all week.

  23. Annaloo says:

    Even still! It’s gross! What is she to have that many kids??! A dog?

    I would have Lorena Bobbitted my husband if I were her.

  24. CG says:

    I remember reading once on their website (it might have been removed by now) that their goal was to spend 10 minutes of quality time with each child each week. TEN MINUTES EACH WEEK!!!!! I don’t have kids and don’t particularly care for them, but even I know that’s not anything even remotely approaching good parenting. Give it a rest, Duggars!

  25. Blankverse says:

    In all honesty, I can’t find fault with this family. Compared to a lot of the trainwreck families out there (hello Lohans!) who can’t raise 1 or 2 children properly, it seems that quality of parenting trumps quantity. All the Duggar kids seem to have good values, work ethic (Dad has the girls help in their renovation business and boys help around the house). And yes, my age is showing because I kind of envy their old-fashioned home life that is centred on family and not TV.

  26. msshuffleupagus says:

    Poor Jill Duggar, she raises all of those babies. I hope some of the older kids have a moment of clarity when they’re older and realize that their mom was a brainwashed b*tch for making them raise her horde of jesus babies.

  27. Jackie says:

    shameful. hopefully, precious hospital resources won’t have to be used again to save the lives of these selfish people.

    by that, i don’t mean i wish harm to anyone, but that a society may have to pick up the tab again when something goes wrong for these irresponsible parents, is sickening.

  28. Joanne says:

    Why does Michelle, Kate and the Octomom receive such scorn for having to many kids, and Angelina gets off scott free?

  29. constance says:

    I don’t care about the face they show to the cameras. They live for the scrutiny and attention, the sponsorship money that pays for the Pepsi dispensers installed into the huge compound they never leave (unless they are paid to.) They believe in what I consider very narrow, archaic beliefs from Quiverfull that disregards anyone’s intervention in their life except for their god. (I was raised Catholic and that bit my mum in the bum when I was a teenager working mother in HS.)

    They bar outside socialization for G’s sake.
    They live comfortably on tax money and medicare b/c jim bob ran for local government as if their tax free church offering plate, the crap used car lots, and slum lording wasn’t enough.

    Science kept them both alive last time. Speak truth and give thanks when they are well deserved. I don’t see them thanking their doctors and the hospital who keeps this woman “in business.”

    • Amanda-Beth says:

      Please never compare michelle to those other 2 who are by far creepier. They each have their reasons and how got their I do agree michelle should think about having jim bob snipped so they could have their fun and not have more kids for her health. Trust me if you watched show you know who rules the roost.

  30. You don't say says:

    Angelina Jolie had two pregnancies resulting in three children and adopted 3. Where is that close to 20 and however many those other women have. Plus she has a loving and supportive partner in Mr. Pitt and is not on TV bragging about it.

    Steven Spielberg has seven, Kevin Costner has seven (from three women), and many others have more than six, so why are they not included in the scorn.

    Still love the clown car sentiment though, made me laugh out loud.

  31. Samigirl says:

    Joann, you really, REALLY can’t compare having 6 children (half of which are adopted) to having 13 or 20 kids. It’s not even in the same TANGENT. Kate AND Nadya both had all sorts of treatments to have the multiples. Kate had 6, Nadya had 8 (in addition to the 6 she already had). It really is a vast difference.

    Nadya gets hated on because she’s living off the government getting welfare and food stamps, but she somehow could afford all the treatments to get those 8 babies, and plastic surgery as well. Kate is a bitch and terrible to her children. And the Duggars, I’m sure they love their children, but for Christ’s sake, 20 is about, imo, 16 or 17 too many.

  32. Nymeria says:

    @ Joanne (#30) – I can think of 2 reasons:

    1. Angelina adopted three kids from impoverished backgrounds and gave them a golden chance at life.

    2. Angelina can PAY for her own kids without having to stoop to reality TV bullshit.

    I can’t attest to how much mommy / daddy time is allotted to each of her children, but I am willing to bet Angelina’s children are living incredible lives – seeing the world, learning multiple languages, and in general developing the perspective that “here” (wherever “here” may be) isn’t the be-all & end-all of Planet Earth. It sounds tremendously exciting to me, at any rate.

  33. Kit says:

    Angelina has 6 kids and several are adopted. It’s a totally different scenario IMO, I really can’t see any similarity between her and any of the moms you mentioned???

  34. Lady D says:

    @Kit, “Constant pregnancies like that take their toll on a womans body”
    My mother had my older brother at 21. Two weeks after his birth, my mother was pregnant with me. The day I turned one my mother died. She was 8-1/2 months pregnant at the time. Neither she nor the baby made it. It was a ruptured spleen that killed her. Three babies in 2 years. I think her body just gave out.

  35. Cindy says:

    @Joann, if those three had been happy with 2-3 bio kids and adopted the rest, it might be different. But either way 20 kids – Michelle’s more like a public school teacher than a mother. I’m not a fan of Angelina, but there is a huge difference.

  36. Sunny says:

    Since all of these children have lived what appears to be a pretty isolated life (home schooled, surrounded by family) it’s probably all they know…even the older ones lived a majority of their lives out of the spotlight. So yes, they probably do appear to not mind a lot of things and seem relatively happy, but once they start to branch out and get older I would bet everything I have there will be some major problems. Especially since they’re so public about everything now, the younger children will see this and pick up on it, and probably be very resentful. Just because you CAN have kids doesn’t mean you should (i.e. neglectful parents, or parents with 5-10 kids on welfare who keep popping them out). Sex minus protection equals kid (in most cases)…this isn’t religion, it’s effing biology. Amazing you have to go through testing and get a license to drive a car, but not to have a kid. When it comes to having a child no one wants to talk about what’s best for the other kids or society in general (how the hell are these kids going to go to college? Oh yeah….”scholarship” and financial aid because it’s not like there aren’t already an ungodly amount of students vying for help). I really do wonder how much money they’re getting to sustain this “compound” either from the gov. or from the show, or from “donations”.

  37. Jag says:

    I will say that I agree with one thing she said: just because a woman had preeclampsia, it doesn’t mean she can’t have more children. My mother had it with me, and I was premature. I don’t believe she had it with my sister and brother, or if she did, it wasn’t as bad.

    That said, I’ve read from commenters here that he was an elected official, so everyone saying that they’re not on welfare might want to realize that their healthcare is being paid for by taxpayers – just not in the welfare program.

    They are a cult because they won’t let the children have any outside influences. If they were like the Amish, and would let their children go out and experience the world – then decide for themselves if they wanted to return or not – I would feel differently about them.

    They made their home a church so that they don’t have to pay taxes on it. What else is there to see to make people realize the Duggars aren’t all sugar and spice?

    Oh, and they spend one on one time with each child while going to the store? Woohoo! I get to go to the store! What about other times? How sad for those children.

  38. Cathy says:

    It makes me wonder where the get the time much less privacy to doodle with all those kids

  39. Seal Team 6 says:

    @Bermuda Blues –

    They belong to the Quiverfull movement.

    And, the Duggars and their kids ARE on welfare. They are a “church,” so they pay no taxes, and they get about $66,000 in child tax credits, and we pay for their medical insurance. They would also qualify for public assistance if they weren’t such famewhores.

    They do not pay for their children, we do to a large extent.

  40. constance says:

    ST6: ever the wisebeard you doth hath.

    @Lady D double on the hugs. Sorry to hear that.

  41. Joanne says:

    It doesnt matter where/how Angelina got her children from. She still has 6 children.

    As ‘time’spent with their children seems to be the theme of criticism towards the mothers I already mentioned I fail to see how Angelina, or any other celeb with many children doesnt deserve the same scorn.

  42. Samigirl says:

    And, once again, 6 kids is nothing compared to 13 or 20. I mean, do you really think you can spend as much time with 20 kids as you could with 6? If so, you must not be a mother.

    @Lady D-that’s so sad. I am so sorry for your loss.

  43. Jayna says:

    They have some type of narcissistic disorder regarding having babies. Why not adopt a couple of children in need?

  44. Susan says:

    I understand that there are people who love having lots of kids. I’m cool with that, especially when the parents can afford to provide for their children’s physical and emotional needs.

    But, I hope that these people are not breeding a horde of kids with the sole intention of preventing them from exercising free choice (especially for the girls).

    Almost all of the families I have met that adhere to the Full Quiver mentality teach their children from a very young age that females are only useful when having as many babies as possible and males can’t do women’s work and have to be the stereotypical man’s man.

    When a child grows up and doesn’t resonate with that narrow mindset, it can create a crisis of identity for the child and manifest in really strange ways. Not to mention the women who have become embittered from having to do all the hard work of child rearing with out much help from their spouse because they naively believe God wants them to be a mother to a huge family. It’s an unfair and sexist set up in most cases.

    Considering in this day and age that women no longer need to identify their self worth with who they marry or how many kids they have. It’s an outmoded familial structure.

    I really hope the Duggars do not perpetuate that kind of BS onto future generations. I hope that all of their children grow up to be productive and contributing members of society. I really hope they get it right.

  45. Sumodo1 says:

    When I heard the news, I thought: “That’s one tired vagina….”

  46. Seal Team 6 says:


    I am hoping that’s a compliment!!!

  47. Susan says:

    @ Jayna

    I agree wholeheartedly. I have been criticized by women who do the Full Quiver thing for wanting to adopt instead of having more of my own biological children. Cause evidently God only cares about you when you have biological children. They claim that I am not “doing god’s will”.

    But I have always believed that true religion is helping those who are helpless (like orphans).

    There is a clear cultural and highly racists (I know, I hate to even go there) underpinning to the Full Quiver mentality. I don’t know the Duggars, so I don’t know their intentions, but from the awful books women who practice this have suggested I read, it’s basically a movement to create an Army for God here on Earth (as well as subjugate women). It’s a disgusting mindset. Gah. My blood is boiling now just thinking of all the ignorant BS I have heard from Full Quiver adherents.

  48. Seal Team 6 says:

    Someone yesterday said they would love to see a TLC about parents with a huge ADOPTED family. I would, too. These are also the people who could really use the money.

    I had a Facebook friend post this story a while back, and the selflessness of the two men has stuck with me. These are the people who I wish would get some of the sponsors and money the Duggars get (if you have time, read the entire article, it’s a good one):

  49. Trillion says:

    Quantity over quality for the Duggars! They’re the McDonald’s of families. Gross.

  50. barbi333 says:

    Wow. I have never watched their show. I’m not a “reality show hater”, just have no interest in that one. That said, I think the fact that they do not have kids that are in and out of the court systems, like some families who only have FOUR,and you kknow who I’m talking about, they must be doing something right. By the end of the day, I am exausted, and I only have 3, who leave to go to school! It’s their choice. Back in the day, families helped out around the house, and I think the majority turned out fine, so quit your whining and go hug your kids! Or yourself, if your choice is to not have any. Oh, and they are paying their own way. Reality t.v. or not, they aren’t on the side of the highway, with their dog, holding a sign.

  51. lucy2 says:

    Have to laugh at this woman talking about anything being “realistic”.

    I would guess that a risky pregnancy is different at age 24 vs. age 45, especially when her body has been through so much already, so the idea of it being OK to risk it again doesn’t make much sense to me.

    There’s no way each kid gets more than 10-15 minutes alone with a parent each day. I bet there are days, if not weeks, when it doesn’t happen at all.

  52. Cheyenne says:

    Joanne: It doesnt matter where/how Angelina got her children from. She still has 6 children.

    Have you completely lost your marbles? Are you seriously suggesting that raising six children is the same as raising 20 children?

    In case nobody ever told you, there is a population bomb ticking out there and one of these days it is going to explode. Having 20 children is the most irresponsible thing I ever heard of. If you want to raise 20 children, there are a lot of children out there in desperate need of families.

    @Susan: It’s been predicted that by 2050 whites will be in the minority in the United States. I think the Full Quiver people are breeding like rabbits in a desperate effort to delay the inevitable.

  53. You don't say says:

    Then Joann, why not mention the other people. You only brought up Angelina. It is much easier to spend time with six children or five or even seven than 20. I don’t think Maddox is raising Knox in any case like the above.

    Angelina has not worked in more than six months and has family visitng frequently and again, has a supportive partner and money so we are not paying for their children. When she works, Pitt does not, so again, not the same thing. Same with Spielberg, Costner and others with large families. Not the same thing.

  54. judyjudy says:

    I don’t trust any man named Jim Bob.

    My Dad is named Jim Bob. Don’t trust him.

  55. skinanny says:

    Just trying to keep attention and the media, and TV show going. Ugh…Freaks

  56. Relli says:

    @ Susan and Jayna

    YES i seriously did not care abotu this family and found their need for babies just another reality family seeking attention until while on another site i read a little more about their religious back ground.


    This family may seem all down home and tater-tot casserole but the religion in which they justify their mas baby making by is very dangerous.

  57. LeeLoo says:

    It’s all very weird and I think irresponsible. But these kids are fed and they have clothes and they don’t live in squalor. So I think we can go after these guys when there are no longer any children living in abusive homes, all children have enough to eat and warm clothes.

  58. kay says:

    Thank you to all the posts after mine- I had no idea what their family and values were. I stand corrected, and thank you all for the enlightenment.

  59. Lucky Charm says:

    I admit it, I watched their new episode. They were asked about having so many kids in an over populated world, and their answer was “over population is a myth, it isn’t true”. Then Jim Boob said the population could fit inside Jacksonville’s city limits, because there is so much empty land there! S. M. H. ……….

  60. TG says:

    The people defending this cult family must hate women. There is no way you can say these kids are healthy. The girls are not raised as equals and they limit their education. You probably also support the Taliban.

  61. fabgrrl says:

    I know it would be unethical, but…maybe the OB/GYN could slip an IUD in, unnoticed, during the delivery?

  62. GirlyGirl says:

    The Dad’s creepy smile and helmet hair really do remind me of Jim Jones.

    Something weird is going on here.

  63. bored says:

    I wish a healthful pregnancy for her and baby. Aside from the whole debate about whether it’s right or wrong etc, I have to say I have no idea how she does it. I’m overwhelmed sometimes with one toddler.

  64. LeeLoo says:

    @T.G. These people are crazy but all of these children’s physical needs are met. Emotionally and mentally I see a lot of problems especially with the girls but what bugs me is that we are trying to change what we consider to be abuse and neglect because we all strongly disagree with this family’s values. Why the huge debate? Just get to the point. You don’t agree with their lifestyle. Ok. No need to attack anyone’s character to get your point across.

    @fabgrrrl The doctor needs to take no chances. He needs to “accidently” cause hemoraging and be forced to do a full on hysterectomy.

  65. TG says:

    And you know they are not spending any time with their kids. There is no way someone with 20 kids has the energy or inclination to have sex that many times in order to produce 20 kids. I don’t care how much you love your spouse raising children and other obligations (assuming you actually do something even if it is just take care of the house – but we know this sloth does nothing) is exhausting.

  66. Cleo says:

    I can’t imagine how they do it but their kids all look emotionally well-nourished. I wouldn’t imagine they would have the time, but their kids have such open faces and don’t seem to be deprived at all. I think the Duggar parents have to be really intelligent behind their wholesome expressions to pull this off. I don’t get a Nazi vibe off of them even though the Duggars are basically living the Nazi rule for their German women to be CONSTANTLY pregnant – anyone else read “Eve’s Tattoo”? It has a ton of data on the Nazi policy towards Nazi women.

  67. Jennifer says:

    Her comparing preeclampsia, a relatively common and manageable condition in the US, (some women always get preeclampsia during pregnancy), to what she and her 19th preemie baby went through at 43 (or 44) is delusion. Some people don’t spend quality time with just ONE kid. But they *could*, if they wanted to. With 20, you can’t even if you want to. That’s the difference. And just because people don’t like her hair doesn’t mean she’s not self centered. Her focus is not her children, her focus is her ideology. That’s selfishness. I know the deal with Quiverfull people – raised in it. It is a delusion that they sacrifice “for their children”. The women either love (some) or are forced to or obsessed with seeing themselves as martyrs, and for one of those reasons they are drawn to or forced into Quiverfull. Making babies –not motherhood– but making babies– tends to be their identity. Quiverfull women remain in breastfeeding/toddlerhood stage of mothering up to 30 years. The (new) baby always gets to be the center of attention. The older children fade. Mothering a baby or toddler — a new one every two years for up to 30 years — is the deal with many Quiverfull women. It is the most physical, exhausting part of motherhood, and it is all-time consuming. THAT is what Quiverfull women excel at. And who sacrifices for that ideology is the already born children.

  68. TG says:

    @LeeLoo – I guess I find the duggars to be very creapy people and restricting education and limiting creativity, intellectual and emotional development is child abuse in my mind at the very least you are not allowing a human to grow to their full potential. I speak a bit from experience. I was raised in a weird religion and my mom had 11 kids and she was very active in the community and school and everyone told us how lucky we were and how nice our mom was they had no clue that she was crazy and mean. I know she loved us in her own way but her religion turned her into a hypocrate like any religious freak ends up and she was abusive to us and wouldn’t allow us to value our own opinion and she loved to moralize for hours on end about any wrong or perceived wrong we did. Even if I wasn’t guilty of something I preferred to just say I did and and hopefully get a whipping and not have to endure some hour long lecture about morals, etc. Just spank me and STFU. And we weren’t allowed to take health class growing up so we wouldn’t learn about our bodies. Oh, and we lived too far from church to make it most times so we had sunday school/church at home and guess what that means? She taught us so we could never ask questions that might disturb her. It wasn’t until I was an adult and got that I started to realize all of this. I am only telling the half of it so there is much more and it is much worse.

  69. Cheyenne says:

    Lucky Charm: They were asked about having so many kids in an over populated world, and their answer was “over population is a myth, it isn’t true”.

    Jesus please us, do these people have a clue about anything that is going on the world? Anything at all?

  70. Sadie says:

    This is what happens when you live in a free society. Some women are going to have lots of children, and they are going to use your tax dollars to raise them. Suck it up ladies. There is a price to pay for freedom of choice.

  71. Belle Epoch says:

    Glad to see some FACTS about this family and where all their money comes from. The kids are barely educated indentured servants – the parents even make the older kids do the “homeschooling.” Their beliefs are medieval and their goal is to re-populate the earth with white babies. Michelle is mentally unbalanced and brainwashed into serving Jim Bob, who clearly doesn’t care if she dies. He probably has a new young breeder lined up already. If not, he can always do the Motherless Children show and make even more money.

    I am so sick of people saying the kids are well behaved on the Today Show, therefore they are a lovely family. The kids are not allowed to have any thoughts that haven’t been pre-approved by the parents. No school, books, videos, games, music or TV from the real world – just servitude and Bible stories. They must be intellectually vacant. Think about it

    Is it true they had fertility treatments to get the last one? So God’s will is to give them what they want through science.

  72. Criss says:

    They really do a good job raising their kids. They live in happy ignorance. Maybe they know something I don’t. That said, for her to be willing to die because “the lord has blessed us” is the part I don’t get. As a mother, I ensure from the moment I wake, till I go to bed, that I will take all precautions to be there for my kids. If there is a chance of something taking me away from them, I don’t do it. Once again religion has blinded sound judgement. For her to take a chance on leaving all of those beautiful kids orphans is questionable. It is not a blessing, it’s called sex. They need to stop throwing the word “blessing” around. Josie surviving her premature birth was not a “blessing” it was modern medicine. Getting pregnant at 45, which now a days most women can get pregnant up to their 50′s is not a “blessing” it is called your husband had sex with you. Anyway, they’re freaks and fun to watch. I just hope she and her baby are healthy.

  73. flourpot says:

    Her husband is the definition of creepy creeper.

  74. Kloops says:

    Selfish and irresponsible.

    #19 clown car…. lololololol!

  75. the original bellaluna says:

    So, if the kids aren’t supposed to be “exposed to anything scientific” how does that work with baby Josie? Because if she wasn’t “exposed to anything scientific” she wouldn’t be alive.

    Conundrum much?

  76. original kate says:

    “They are a “church,” so they pay no taxes”

    how the hell are they a church?! wow. that and the child credits explains how they can afford all those kids.

    hmmm…maybe i’ll start a church with mr. original kate and our dogs. the doggiefull movement.

  77. Incognita says:

    Maybe if we ignored them, they would go far far away. I really believe Michelle and Jim-Bob get a rise from the media attention they receive. Instead of striving for Guiness World Records, they need to quit lying about the so-called individualized attention they provide their children and shirking their responsibilities on to the older children.

  78. You don't say says:

    @original BL–That is an excellent point. If they truley believed in was God’s will and he would take care of her, they would have just taken her home and prayed over her. That machine she is hooked up too and all the medical personnel and knowledge that saved her life are from science. How do they explain that one.

  79. the original bellaluna says:

    OK, here I go: I was an “only” not by my mum’s choice, but by her physical concerns. I always wanted 4 kids. Like, from the time I was 4 or 5 years old, I knew I wanted 4 kids.

    I had my 2, at a relatively young age. Hubs (when I got re-married) had one with his ex. We decided that was good. 3 was good.

    Got pregnant with our “Surprise!” baby at 39. Laboured for 36 hours and nearly died. Had a lovely (sarcasm) week-long stay in the hospital after delivering my healthy little 3-week-early boy. Was told by the docs that I needed to ensure I never got pregnant again.

    As much as I’d love to have another baby, I’d love to be around to raise this little one more. I’ve got my 4.

    We’ll foster or adopt when the timing is right.

  80. Christine says:

    Original bellaluna – amen!

    I had preeclampsia and was hospitalized for 2 weeks with no. 1 before a c-section 7 weeks early, and with no. 2, delivered full term, and no preeclampsia. So it’s possible.

    But it’s just creepy. The pictures of them leaning over Josie are creepy and something out of a horror show. I fear for the new baby, and I fear for the girls in this family – who aren’t allowed to wear pants or cut their hair AND no one is allowed to dance. Because, you know, of Satan and dance.


  81. Reece says:

    No, no, no, no, no…
    Two, I think three but I’ll say two, of Steven Spielberg’s & Kate Capshaw’s seven kids are adopted. One is Kate Capshaw’s daughter from a previous marriage, Jessica Capshaw. (wasn’t she an IT-girl for a minute) Another is Spielberg’s son with Amy Irving. That’s four each from Capshaw & Spielberg.
    Not the same.

  82. the original bellaluna says:

    @You don’t say – A lot of times (and I’m not judging here, just stating fact) religious folk choose to adhere to the stuff that applies to them at the time.

    I don’t think it’s right, because if you’re going to stand on your mountain and yell about “God’s will” I think you should stick to your “sticking points” (as they were) and stay on your fraggle-rockin’ mountain.

    Don’t be all coy about coming down your mountain when it’s convenient. It’s bullshit. Either stay on your mountain and shout, or don’t. But don’t think the rest of us are as conflicted about God and science. (God gave us brains, which developed birth control, the ability of free thought, and the “scientifical measures” that kept your kid alive. Please don’t bullshit us about having 20 kids is “God’s will.” PLEASE.)

    ETA: Christine – I had NO pre-eclampsia nor any complications until labour. Sometimes, stuff just “pops up!” (Yes, apparently Satan, hair-cuts, and dancing go hand-in-hand. Who knew?) ;)

  83. HannahF says:

    Why criticize the Duggars, Octomom and the Gosselins but not the Jolie-Pitts? It’s simple. Octomom is a single mother who is financially and emotionally unable to adequately care for 14 kids. I think that the Gosselin’s problems arose after they gained some fame and fortune. At that point the kids stopped being priority one. I have no problem with the Duggar’s religious beliefs with ONE exception—-the older girls do the BULK of work raising the family. They cook, clean, do laundry, teach, baby sit, do manual labor for their dad and will have their spouses chosen for them by the family. They do not get to be children.

    In contrast, the J-P’s have 2 parents neither of whom has a 9-5 job. That means that each parent can spend quality time with the kids. Yeah, they have nannies, cooks, etc. But that also translates to more time to spend with the kids.

    I learned so many life lessons from my parents. It is sad that the Duggar kids don’t have that.

  84. HannahF says:

    To extrapolate upon their reasoning that certain physical conditions are God’s will—doesn’t hair type (straight or curly)fall into that category as well? Therefore, perms should also be prohibited. Ditto for orthodontia.

  85. Callumna says:

    These people make me realize I forgot my

    What century is it again?

  86. Smokey says:

    I used to think Eugenics and China’s One Child policy were bad things. Not so sure anymore.

  87. Kim says:

    They dont take into consideration the hell that put that baby thru & the health problems it will have the rest of its life because Michelle is to old to be having babies.

    The Duggar parents are the ultimate example of selfishness. We WANT therefore we dont care about the risk to the baby, what our other kids think or the fact that they are forced, yes forced, to care for their younger siblings.

    Ill never forget when they were on a talk show, I think Oprah, and she asked the older kids if they liked raising their siblings and they ALL said they wished they had more friends/time to have friends & time just to themselves to be normal teenagers but they dont because of their “chores” which is cooking for, cleaning and schooling their younger siblings. Each older kid was assigned 3-4 of the younger siblings to basically raise! And the moms response (said while shooting daggers at her kids for saying this-honestly you could tell she was not happy w what they said) was “Oh they love their siblings”. Yeah no duh but this isnt the issue.

    OBVIOUSLY the Duggars DO NOT care about their children. If you loved children you wouldnt have them at high risk and put their health in jeopardy and you wouldnt force your older siblings to raise the babies you had.

    The Duggar mother needs major therapy because she is a sick human- there is something seriously wrong with her and i say her & not him because she is the one having the babies & could chose to say no more.

    They are both addicted to fame and to them having more babies equals more air time. They are both VERY sick in the head- those poor kids.

  88. Alexandra says:

    The Duggars can continue to be “blessed” with more children because of the indentured servants known as their oldest 4 daughters. These young women are being denied further education (College Plus is not an accredited institution) and any opportunity to have lives of their own in favor of them taking on the majority of the childcare, housework and cooking. Of course in any family the older ones will help with the younger ones but how many families have daughters in their 20′s sharing a massive room with toddlers? Nobody I know. They are not allowed to have ANY privacy, ever. Michelle will now hand off Josie to her “buddy” so that she can focus on the new “blessing” and her older daughters will be the ones getting up at night with her and dealing with her obvious special needs. She is still on oxygen for gosh sakes. The homeschooling program they use that focuses on character qualities, ATI, is under the “authority” of Bill Gothard. It is considered to be a Christian cult and graduates are not in any way prepared for further education at real post secondary institutions. Only certain careers are deemed acceptable by Gothard and the organization has courses the members can take that adhere to strict gender roles. People wear bracelets that say things like “I am above self pity” and “we are a smiling family” to keep up the brainwashing and families like the Duggars and Bates are celebrities in this cult. Daughters are literally not allowed to leave home until their Father hands them over to another man. There are so many controversies related to this group it is crazy that TLC sugar coats it the way they do. They believe in an “umbrella of authority” and that once a boy is 13 he is the authority over his sisters and Mother. It is a very misogynist group where the Father is the spiritual leader of the family and his vision for the family is all that matters and disobedient teens are sent away to headquarters where they can be locked in a “prayer room” for days on end until there will is broken and they submit. I am not talking about drug use or promiscuity, I mean talking to a member of the opposite sex without permission, wanting to wear jeans, wanting to go to school rather than marry someone their Father thinks is a good match but they don’t like, or simply feeling exhausted with the amount of work expected of them and not smiling like zombies on demand. It is really screwed up.

  89. novaraen says:

    Um…so each kid gets some one on one time when they go to the store. Which is maaaaybe like once a week…and with 20 kids…that means that 1 kid gets some one on one time once every 3 or 4 months?? LOL…oh dear.

    These people are a joke and they will continue to talk this bullsh*t until her uterus finally falls out or she finally gets menopause. Or what I like to call menoSTOP.

    Yes they are probably NICE people…but there is something seriously wrong with their line of thinking.

  90. Violet says:

    First and foremost, I feel sorry for the older Duggar children, because they’re the ones actually raising the younger children. And they’re doing it all in the public eye. (Don’t even get me started on the fact that their religion raises females to become indentured servants without rights.)

    I’m sure that Josie’s medical care cost a bundle and most families would be facing bankruptcy. As others have pointed out, the only reason the Duggars are debtfree is because they exploit various tax loopholes, so they don’t pay taxes and yet they’re entitled to child care benefits. I hope the proceeds from the show pay their medical expenses, but I doubt it.

    I personally think having more than a couple of biological kids is irresponsible. There are already 7,000,000,000 people on the planet, FFS.

    Incidentally, there is a world of difference between the Jolie-Pitts with their two pregnancies (which happen to naturally result in three kids without any sort of fertility treatments) and three adoptions versus the Gosselins (who already had twins before getting more fertility treatments) and Octomon (who had SIX kids before she went for more fertility treatments).

    Moreover, the Jolie-Pitts don’t have to rely on government handouts or reality show proceeds to make ends meet.

    One last point before I get off my soap box: Reality shows that feature children are a form of child exploitation and should be banned. Furthermore, they certainly shouldn’t have let the cameras into the hospital to film little Josie. Preemies, especially ones that are struggling to survive, shouldn’t be exposed to all the germs, lighting and noise of having a film crew traipsing in.

  91. Sarah says:

    If a couple had 20 cats it would be considered “animal hording” and would more than likely have them removed from the premises. This is just sick.

  92. Silk Spectre says:

    No wonder our country almost ran bankrupt weeks ago. Half of the taxmoney is spent on these sick weirdos heathcare and the other half is spend on Blohans countless court appearences…DISGUSTING

    • L says:

      Actually, that would be the case if we all had ObamaCare. But because this is still a free country, and will remain a free country, the Duggars are free to pay for their own healthcare and not steal from other hardworking families.

      So you can just rest easy.

  93. Jennifer says:

    I don’t see what’s good about people who adopt endlessly, either.
    If you adopt your kids, *especially* high needs kids (which is any child adopted past age 2, or who has a disability) — you don’t have any more time in your day than anyone else. It’s the same for those adopted children as being a Duggar kid — very little mom/dad time. They would feel the same in that way. The fact you aren’t contributing to overpopulation is great but beyond that, too many kids is too many kids. By the way two Quiverfull families ended up killing their African, adopted daughters in the past year. Hanna Williams, 13, adopted from Ethiopia, and killed by her Quiverfull parents in Washington state, and Elizabeth Schatz, 7, adopted from Liberia and killed by her Quiverfull parents in California. Very little media on either case, sadly, as both girls truly suffered.

  94. TP says:

    grossly irresponsible, grossly selfish, grossly destructive of the earth’s limited resources

  95. Jennifer says:

    @Kim that is so sad re the Duggar kids on Oprah. :< I relate as I am the 3rd of a huge Quiverfull family. (I’m an adult now, and not religious anymore.) M. Duggar is blinded by her ideology and religious beliefs. JimBOb, to me, is JUST as much “to blame”. In Quiverfull, the wife must submit to her husband. YOu cannot say “NO I won’t have sex with you unless we use protection.” NO way. In Quiverfull, also, you are dependent on the man’s income. Michelle is not some “independent woman”! What man risks his wife’s (not his) life like that? BUt JimBob is blinded by the same ideology as Michelle is. I have had alot of anger at my mom, and many adults of my childhood, for being Quiverfull. But they meant no harm. Nor do the Duggars. To me it is a form of being brainwashed and for that I can’t condemn.

  96. ... says:

    To all of the Duggar supporters, remember they live tax-free as a “church”, something us responsible, hardworking people don’t have the luxury to do. And as taxpayers, we pay for every birth and the emergency surgery she requires by procreating so late in the game. I would kill for one healthy baby I could take care of, focus all my attention on, love. But I’m not able to conceive and when I have these people in my face, proud of their irresponsible choices I get ill. I guess I must be silent and pay my hard-earned tax dollars for their new births.

  97. TG says:

    @Violet – I agree with your arguments completely, but I think the Jolie had some kind of fertility treatment. I don’t belive those twins were conceived naturally. But, then again, I am suspisious of all celeb multiple births since man of them seek treatment so they can have twins. Not saying she was trying to have twins but it could have just been a case of not willing to wait for her and Brad’s schedules to match up.

  98. Madison says:

    Idiots. It’s so high risk for a woman whose 45 to have a baby and this idiot almost died last time.

  99. TexasRN says:

    As a visiting nurse, I took care of a woman who had 23 children. She and her husband came from Mexico and were given amnesty in 1986, and have never worked – so all of their children have been paid for through the welfare system. Their children were also having children, but the small community did not have many jobs – so essentially most of those on Medicaid were the children or grandchildren of this one couple.

    The Duggars have maintained their financial independence, paid for their medical insurance, and appear to be very self-sustaining and productive. As long as a family can afford to have their children and provide for them, I see no issue and we should butt out.

    Yet when a family chooses to have children at the expense of the welfare system, when they can’t afford to have a child or provide for them? Whether it be one child or twenty? Then it becomes everyone’s problem.

    Just my $0.02.

  100. Firecracker says:

    “Michelle is not fulfilled unless she’s pregnant or currently has a baby under one.”

    CB, excellent point! I think this woman is addicted to having kids.

  101. Stacia says:

    @ Jules – That made me laugh almost to tears.

  102. blinkblue says:

    #19: brilliant!!! Cracked me up.

  103. Marianne says:

    Although I think it’s great that they raised kids who are kind and considerate and not getting into trouble…not too mention the fact they can financially support their children.

    However, I don’t believe they can substantially give each of their children quality time. Not too mention the fact their last baby was born premature and could have died…would you want to risk that again?

  104. Devon says:

    I have issues with a family having that many kids, in terms of how they can have healthy relationships with all of their kids and if all of their emotional needs are truly being met but it really is their choice. They *seem* happy and adjusted.

    That photo with all of them is amazing. I love how the daughter-in-law looks like she’s so over it and all I can see is her foot. LOL

  105. Lady D says:

    @MeMyself, constance and Samigirl. Thank you. It’s kinda amazing how sometimes an ihug feels just as warm as a physical one.

  106. Cheyenne says:

    TG: I think the Jolie had some kind of fertility treatment. I don’t belive those twins were conceived naturally.

    Why not? There are twins on both sides of the family.

  107. Seal Team 6 says:

    I’ve decided the Duggars are as annoying as Linnocent, but nowhere near as entertaining.

  108. Bobbie says:

    What burns me about this family is that they don’t admit ANY downside to a large family. That’s what is freaking crazy to me. I’m a working mom of four. I love working but I would totally admit that there are down sides to working- like not seeing my kids as much a I want. It makes me so freaking suspicious when people only state the glowing part. OF COURSE they don’t spend as much time with their 19,0000 kids as they would if they only had 2. Why can’t they admit it? I only have four kids and I work my arse off trying to make sure I take the same number of pictures, make the same celebrations, read the same books etc for the fourth kid as I did for the first. There is no way any of those 20 kids are anything really special in that home. Sure, they’re taken care of and not abused but they are not doted on. Maybe that’s fine. Maybe its not. But at least they should admit it. The fact they cannot admit any downside to their ridiculously large family is dishonest and therefore suspicious.

  109. Seal Team 6 says:


    LOVED your story about the Hispanic Welfare King and Queen vs. the Financially Responsible White Family.

    Of course, as many of us have posted on several threads, the Duggars are HUGE Welfare Queens, mainly supported by us. Also, there is a strict time limit to how long people can be on welfare, so I think you have some facts wrong in your Hispanic Welfare King and Queen story.

  110. the original bellaluna says:

    Seal Team – :D Thanks for diffusing the situation.

    I don’t like the Duggars, I think they’re ignorant, and I feel sorry for the older (child-care providers) I mean KIDS!

    (And NO. Jim-Bob was a something-or-other in the Guv’ment, so the fams health-care is paid for by US. The lovely and charming tax-payers.)

  111. Elena says:

    I wonder if Michelle and Jim Bob teach their children they should be following in their footsteps or there is a choice to not be like their parents. I know their oldest son and his wife are determined to breed crazy but what about the others?
    Does anyone know?

  112. ma rados says:

    great good for you God honors families.2, 4 or 100. one man one wife and never gave a limit on children. The heart not the looks. May you be blessed in every way. Thank God they are living in a healthy country. All the best

  113. ma rados says:

    great good for you one man one wife doesn’t say how many kids. may you be blessed. Thank God you live in a healthy country.

  114. Agnes says:

    These people are awful. Religious fanatics are the worst. They will never reach any level of self-awareness. Once she hits menopause and can no longer breed, he’ll move onto someone younger (saying that Jesus wants him to) and she’ll have a nervous breakdown. Oh, and of course they’re all happy all the time (well, on-camera) – got to sell the perfect gigantic family and keep those sweet checks from TV-watching sinners rolling in. Gross.

  115. Violet says:


    “If they had been conceived through IVF we would have been happy to discuss it. But we have been fortunate enough never to have had fertility problems.”

    This was a direct quote when the twins were born, and I believe them.

    After all, they’d already conceived Shiloh without problems and Angie was still only in her early-30s, so there was no reason for them to resort to medical intervention.

    Nor do I think they’d resort to something as drastic as fertility treatments to get their schedules to match up.

    From day one, their approach to work has been to alternate jobs, so that one of them is always free to be with the family fulltime. That would’ve still be the case no matter when Angelina got pregnant.

  116. Mari says:

    @texas rn
    The hispanic large families usually happen in rural/farming settings where the educational level and income is very, very low. Many times the children have to actually work so they can eat.
    I am mexican and my mother, who was from a rural setting had 9 siblings. 5 of them died in infancy or due to accidents or illenesses that could not be taken care of because of living far from the city.
    My mother was snarked on by other women when she was a principal at a small village school because she ONLY had 3 children. Of course those mothers were poor and the children worked. Very slowly that culture has changed a little, and yes, many young mothers end up having more chidren than they can feed. In the cities, families with over 4 or 3 children are a rarity. I remember hearing about a well to do small town family where there were 20 or more children, all alive and they had like two stove and cooked a lot. A friend of mine had 13 siblings, the father worked hard but could not support them all through school, so the eldest worked to help the younger study… Theywere very proud of what they did, because they were very poor and most of them did study and good jobs with great sacrifice. I was always envious of those united large families were they have lots of fun when they get together.
    Not envious at all of these Duggars. I spent a while in CA in the late 80′s with a relative who was a tad Christian fanatic and a hypocrite, and i could not even listen to the radio in their house (can you imagine no U2, no pop music, only approved movies?) was some kind of a sin, and he harassed me into becoming a christian myself, gah!
    And re the comparisons with Angelina Jolie…
    Why her? Why not call off Brad Pitt? He wanted the biologicsl kids and she had only 1 when she met him. They seem to do just fine. Leave them out of this please. Even Mia Farrow who adopted i think more that 10 childre, some of them withdisabilities deserves my respect, even if they seem a lot of children, they were in worse conditions before.

  117. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Octomom should just hand over her unruly children to the Duggars (who can brainwash them into behaving. Then Octomom will have none (since she said she “hates babies”) and Michelle and Jimbob will have 36. Problem solved!

    @the original Bella, we’re kindred spirits. I’m on an “only.” it took my mom 11 years, 5 miscarriages and 1 stillbirth before she had me.

    @Violet, I took clomid to conceive. Chances of fraternal twins are increased with clomid since you typically produce two or more eggs when you ovulate. The Jolie-Pitts specifically said they didn’t use IVF. However, they never said they didn’t use injectables or clomid. Maybe the Jolie-Pitts didn’t NEED to use clomid or injectables, but did so for purposes of timing (ie, they wanted to increase their chances of becoming pregnant at a certain time-during breaks in filming etc). Also, just because you were able to have one child without medical intervention does not mean you won’t have a problem with subsequent attempts to become pregnant. I have no dog in this fight, other than the fact that I’ve taken clomid but wont disclose it to people (other than anonymously on the Internet) because I believe there’s a certain stigma associated with infertility (which is why I think stars like Mariah, Kelly Preston and J. Lo don’t own up to it).

  118. Alix says:

    There are clearly several kids in the household who are 18 or older. Will none of them go to college, get a job, move out of the house? Or do they only leave their parents’ home upon marriage? What a very limited view of life, and limited options, they’ve given their kids.

  119. jamie says:

    seriously when your children start having children it’s time for middle age parents to stoppppppppppppppp! she’s a grandma now ! get them tubes tied darling,you got your army for god already lol sheshhhh some people do not know when to quit shes 45! her husband is creepyyyyyyyyyyyy actually the whole family is creepy!

  120. Gigohead says:

    I almost died of preclampsia in 2009 and delivered a 3 lb baby at 31 weeks. I was 39 at the time. The long term affects is felt. My son has speech delays and needs early intervention. I was told by doctors never to risk it. My placenta was tearing and I was within hours of dying if I hadn’t had an emergency c-section. My pressure was 210/115. I should have been dead. Not sure how Michelle was given a clean bill of health. How do the rules not apply to her. I think she’s full of it and I hope she doesn’t foolishly risk her health again.

  121. Jaxx says:

    I get so tired of hearing the criticism that the older kids are raising the younger ones. That is such utter crap. I think the idea of assigning an older child to be a “buddy” to a younger sibling is a fantastic way to bond two children who are so far apart in age they might not draw close otherwise. The older child is NOT the parent. The young ones know the difference between a sister and their mother. I’m certain there are times when the younger child wants mom and dad and no one else will do. And I’m also sure when those times come their parents step in and parent that child in whatever way it needs. Just because an older sibling sees to it they are dressed for the day and present and accounted for when they go out does not mean this child is the parent. It just provides a way to bond. I’m sure the “buddy” they are assigned to form life long bonds that won’t ever be broken. In a large family this is an excellent way to bridge the age gap.

    I have seen this family in action. It is amazing that every single child is playing a musical instrument, is well adjusted and bright. Each has a generous and engaging personality and clearly feels loved and accepted. I’m also sure that every one of these children will go out into the wider world and give back to their community since they’ve been raised with that focus.

    People may not accept the Duggars or their philosophy but there is no doubt in my mind that the world needs just the kind of individual they are raising. Grounded, well educated, well rounded individuals who put others first and are eager to give as they have been given to all their lives. This is a happy family. What’s wrong with that?

    I just pray that their faith in Michelle’s body is as grounded and that she doesn’t leave 19 motherless children behind. After her last pregnancy I sure would not have rolled the dice again. But seeing 19 healthy children gives them confidence I guess.

  122. TG says:

    @Cheyenne – Are there really twins on both sides of the Jolie-Pitts family? Or is that just something they put out there to convince everyone? I’m just saying and also who can ever believe any twins are conceived naturally even for non-celebs these days anyway? And @Violet – Your arguments are sound but still I guess I am just too jaded to believe it. I do indeed think the Jolie would resort to some sort of treatment to get kids faster. Like someone said above just because you conceive the first one easily doesn’t mean the second one will come as quick. I know quite a few people who have tried for 4 or more years consistently to get that second child and some of them resorted to IVF, understandably and fraternal twins were a result in some of the people I know who did this.
    And I just want to make clear I am not against IVF treatment at all, my heart goes out to anyone (deserving of course, not people like Khate or octomom) who have fertility issues.

  123. Deb says:

    @Belle Epoch, the kids being well-behaved could have nothing to do with them being such a “lovely family”. Sometimes, kids are “well-behaved” out of fear of what will happen if they aren’t. I’ve seen some instances of kids who were raised in homes where the parents believed in not sparing the rod. These kids seemed like they were constantly walking on eggshells. They would just not do anything for fear of raising their parents’ ire.

  124. minnie says:

    I feel for you.
    A dear friend of mine had a premature little girl who died within a week because she was too tiny (premature birth probably caused by an infection), then se had a miscarriage.But… the last straw was when she was on her third try and had no symptoms of preeclampsia, when it was detected she was 7 mos. and had an emergency c-section and again another baby girl. The baby had lower weight due to the poor quality of blood of her mom with high pressure, therefore had less chances. She struggled for a month before dying. My friend, she had liver and kidney failure and took long to recover too.
    Doctors told her there were 50/50 chances she would suffer preeclamsia ain. She vowed never to bring to the world another baby to suffer like she saw her girls suffer. They would probably have had a lot of health issues . One never knows.
    I find the top picture sad and invasive for the little baby.

  125. Lily says:

    This family disgusts me. Yeah it’s really healthy to raise your kids on t.v. And it’s really healthy to have a gazillion kids…I guess they learned nothing from their youngest one being born so prematurely and nearly dying.

    I can’t believe people are actually supporting and applauding this idiocy. Common sense isn’t so common these days.

  126. Memphis says:

    I hope this baby is healthy but I hope it’s her last!

    Oh, and I have seen her version of “homeschooling”…Yeah, teaching them to cook, clean, pray and count to ten isn’t really preparing them for anything other than being a Duggar.

    If she was REALLY secure in how she raised her children, she wouldn’t mind them choosing their own path in life.

  127. Rant says:

    @TG #63 Sure, and people suggesting (even in a joking manner) that Duggar be forcibly sterilized or “have an IUD inserted” without her consent, also hate women. Women have fought long and hard to have the right to make choices about THEIR bodies. No, I don’t agree with the fact that her main hobby is to hoard babies, but it is her right. And to infringe upon that right is exactly like the pro-lifers, who continue to make it their business to to tell a woman what she can or can’t do with her body.

  128. Violet says:

    @TG and @MorticiansDoItDeader

    With the exception of Maddox, who was adopted by Angelina before she and Brad became a couple, they had all the kids back to back — Zahara in 2005, Shiloh in 2006, Pax in 2007, and the twins in 2008 — so I really don’t think that scheduling was much an issue, since they’ve made their family priority one in their lives and basically just set out to add to their brood as quickly as possible. If they hadn’t had the twins in 2008, they probably would’ve just adopted a child that year.

    Furthermore, they’d already had one biological child so I don’t think it was all that important to them to have any more since they don’t appear to distinguish between the ones they adopted and the ones they have biological ties to. I suspect that they just wanted the experience of pregnancy and childbirth, and left it to fate as to whether Angie would conceive again.

    I don’t know about Angie, but multiples run in Brad’s family; his sister Julie has twins.

    Also, don’t forget that Angelina lets it all hang out — no topic is taboo with her! — so if she had used fertility treatments in any form, I’m sure that she’d have been forthright about it.

  129. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    @ MorticiansDoItDeader – I thought the very same thing concerning the last baby from photos of her after a few months of age.

  130. Mario says:

    Both of those so called parents belong in a mental hospital, they’re both crazy. It’s pathetic that she only finds value in her life as long as she’s knocked up and having babies every chance she gets.

  131. eli says:

    Mario, I agree. I do think they do not just “let it happen”, but most probably do actively try for a new baby. Probably with some science help, too if they need it. Like if they did not have anything else to do.

  132. JD says:

    I recall reading somewhere that Michelle doesn’t teach the kids algebra or any other advanced math, because she claims the kids won’t need it.

    If that is true, I feel bad for the children. Seems like there are big gaps in their education.

  133. Flan says:

    How can anyone even start to compare their 20 kids to the 6 of Angie and Brad (half of which were adopted)?!

  134. Linda says:

    I think they are entitled to their own religious beliefs..and they beileve every child should be a welcomed child, and what is wrong with that? I love Michelle. The children are the only reality show kids that are well grounded, happy, unspoiled and a real pleasure to watch. The love between her and Jim Bob is so very authentic, and her last pregnancy difficulty had nothing to with her age. The older children are free to do or be or go or stay anywhere they want to, without having to ever fear the loss of love of their family, so they are not being forced at all. Michelle never raises her voice and does not dicipline, just “teaches” as she puts it. I cannot believe peoples judgmental, small minded remarks. They could learn a lot from the Duggers. Like don’t judge others who are different from you. I find them a joy even though my belief system is not exactly the same as theirs, I can see they are doing something can see it in the unspoiled happy faces of their children.

  135. mia says:

    This is a little disrespectful but funny sort of. I saw a bumper sticker the other day and it said,”The vagina is not a clown car”.

    I do not really have an opinion about people having babies every year.

  136. lew says:

    I think the real issue is that they’re Christians.

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  138. guest says:

    I think there is alot of jealousy in here folk’s. Here are 2 people who have a lovely paid for home in the sparkling clean and well ordered. 19 lively and joyful kid’s with a gleam in each eye.Well behaved kid’s with MANNER’S who learn about their world everyday without tv nor video games.These parent’s have been able to take their children to europe.south america for missionary work and to Isarel.They are able to provide their children outside of home activities that are exciting.Parachuting..horseback.paintball.disneyland.disneyworld.Each child plays a musical instrument.And these children LIVE their motto.Joy..Jesus first.other’s second and yourself last.I think the daughter’s find it truely is more blessed to give than to recieve. Most teen’s these day’s have it time’s and are the most miserable ppl. in life always chasing something to fill their emtiness. How can one critize this?

  139. Amanda-Beth says:

    Its duggar’s cuoice they handle it fine. My concern is jorydan is it just me or in show dose she seem devolpmentally delayed?