Justin Theroux’s asking price has gone up to $10 million since dating Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are back in NYC after a brief stint in LA, where they were rarely, if ever, pap’d. Now that they’re back in NYC, of course they’re getting photographed regularly, although we don’t have those photos – go here to see. They look the same as always – Aniston really is giving this hipster girlfriend look a good go. Poor thing. You know she just wants to be at the beach in her flip-flops. Anyway, Star Mag has an absolutely *fascinating* story about Justin and what he’s getting out of this relationship – MONEY. As in, ever since he started up with Jen, his per film asking price has gone way up – to $10 million.

Dating Jennifer Aniston certainly brings more fame, and for Justin Theroux, it may mean more fortune too! Justin, 40, quickly became a household name mere weeks after he started seeing Jen – and his asking price per movie just went way up too.

“Justin is now considered an A-lister, and a lot of it is because of Jen,” a friend says. “He hopes to command at least $10 million per movie since he’s suddenly famous.”

Says the friend, “Justin’s been working for years, but now just about everyone knows who he is – and who he’s dating.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Would you pay $10 million to see Justin in a movie? I mean, is he worth that? Are you going to see a film just because he’s in it? No. Besides that, he hasn’t been working so much ever since he and Aniston started up. He’s a kept man now! But I really do find the money thing interesting – I’m sure it’s partly true, and partly because he switched agencies. He’s now being rep’d by CAA, Aniston’s agency (she’s like the CAA princess over there).

Meanwhile, The Enquirer has a rough story about Jennifer Aniston “wicked mean streak” and crazy “mood swings”. Girl, it’s the change (actually, it’s probably quitting smoking):

Jennifer Aniston’s fiery outbursts are driving a wedge between her and fed-up boyfriend Justin Theroux, says a longtime pal.

“Jennifer has awicked mean streak and wild mood swings, and Justin is bearing the brunt of them,” revealed the pal. “I think her temper is taking a toll on their relationship.”

The pal says Jennifer throws temper tantrums when Justin leaves clothes on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink overnight – and when he leaves the toilet seat up.

“She even gets annoyed is moves her beauty products around and disorganizes them. Jen can be sweet and nice one moment, and then ranting, raving and throwing things the next.

Insiders say that Jennifer has been under enormous pressure lately. Not only is she worried about the ticking of her biological clock, she’s also dealing with the slow recovery of her 75-year-old mom from a devastating stroke.

“I think Jen is super stressed-out… she puts up a public front that she’s all Zen, calm and cool, peace, love and yoga. But behind closed doors, she can be a shrew – and it’s creating problems with Justin.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Basically, she’s annoyed because he’s such a dirty hipster and he’s all “You’re such an immature drama queen!” and she’s all “You’re such an immature douche!” And then they put on their matching black outfits and hold hands during one of their daily outings. Meh. The only thing I really believe is that Jennifer isn’t so “peace love and yoga” when you really get to know her. I think she’s more “maniac workouts, vodka and dirty sex.”




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. lisa says:

    I call total BS on that 10 million. The man has never been in a movie that was a BO hit. Jennifer doesn’t even get 10 million per movie. One of the things her fans have talked about is that her films don’t cost much to make. So if a film budget is 30+ million. Do you really think that a 1/3 of the budget is going to her salary. Justin is not a headliner so how in the world would anyone give this man 10 million to star in a film. First they would have to explain to the audience who he is. I don’t care what script he wrote or helped to write.

    Total BS. I would ask the Aniston fans what project does she have coming up. I never hear about her being signed to anything or sought after. I know she took the year off, but you see other actresses on Deadline and such regarding future projects. Just curious. Is she going to finance that movie Goree Girls. She has the money to make an independent. George Clooney made Ides of March for 12.5 million (cough) but if she wanted Jennifer could finance a film to star in. Don’t know why she won’t. She has loads of money to buy homes and such. Why not finance a good film to star in.

  2. Sadie says:

    I am going to preempt the Jen, Brad, Angie comments by saying this Jen wins. She wins because she had Brad first. Angie has Jens sloppy seconds. This ladies are the facts.
    That being said I am not a fan of any of them and the sooner they all fall into gossip oblivion the better. (Especially for Angies kids, it must be terrible having to grow up in the spot light.)

  3. Addie says:

    I really don’t get what the issue is here.
    It’s winter in US now right? In NY too..what is she supposed to wear, summer beachy clothes.
    She will wear that in summer.

    She has never been one for too much colour and it is cold, that is what many non hipster types would wear too.

    Good for Justin for demanding more,he could have just been a ‘kept man’ but he enjoys what he does, is good at it and should be paid well for it. His stake in Hollywood has gone up. Fact.

  4. Kaboom says:

    Well all the tabloid attention certainly made his name more visible. He has a decent number of roles under his belt as well as the writing credits for Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2 and now Rock of Ages. I see him getting more screenplay work though rather than on the acting side if he really asks $10 million to be on screen.

  5. samira677 says:

    The sloppy seconds comment is dumb. It doesn’t make sense whenever somebody says it because everybody is somebody’s sloppy seconds. Jennifer is Brad’s sloppy seconds.

    Jennifer doesn’t even make $10 million a movie so I can’t imagine how Justin could. I don’t know how much writers make but I doubt no more than a couple of million. Just a really dumb story.

  6. carrie says:

    I don’t buy this story even Aniston is NOT paid $10 millions

  7. Mel says:

    I agree with Lisa. I don’t buy that story for a second. He may be (partly) with her for the publicity but even he can’t be THAT delusional – or transparent.

  8. Kassie says:

    @ Sadie

    Lol, everybody is someone’s sloppy seconds. I mean Jen had Goop, Sinita, Givens, Juliet Lewis’s sloppy seconds so how does that make her a winner? Isn’t she with Heidi Biven’s sloppy seconds as well? *SMH*

  9. Mika says:

    I think it’s worth nothing that, if we’re judging who is whom’s sloppy seconds, neither of those women are going to win. Dame GOOPY got there first.

  10. Sadie says:

    @samira677 @Kassie
    You are correct, Jen picked up Gwens sloppy seconds etc. It still doesnt change the fact that Jen had Brad before Angie. Since most of the drama in this triangle is about Brad, Jen still wins.
    You would have to agree though for the well being of Jolie/Pitt children it would be better if they all dropped of the gossip radar.

  11. Julia says:

    Hollywood is a serious business not a gambling game. It doesn’t act that way, it does give you a raise in your asset if you prove your bankability not by association.

    Plus if it was the case, he would strike while the iron is hot and would have movies lined up now. Fact is he has nothing in store so far and teh one one movie he is with Aniston isn’t out yet to give credential to a possible raise after a great BO success where he would be perceived as the true incentive and star off the movie.

    @ Kassie

    LOL. So true she had also Jessica Simpson, Minka kelly and Perez Hilton sloppy ends. That’s not something to be proud of.

  12. Addie says:

    @ Sadie, I think I get what you are saying.

    Jen did have Brad when he looked the best, before their relationship, he kind of looked like a kid.Now he kind of looks dirty with no real desire for even general grooming.

    Brad is no prize, infact Jen and Angie were the real prize for him, he should be grateful for the years he had with Jen, and the life he now shares with Angie and the kids.

  13. Katherine says:

    Sadie, are you TRYING to sound like a 13 year old boy trying to gross out people? Seriously when is the last time you heard an adult or anyone experienced in sex using such a term? Sloppy seconds indeed.

    This is a total BS story. I’ve said this before but directors and screenwriters do not make big money compared to actors unless they are very BIG and this guy ain’t even medium yet. Not saying he can’t someday become big but he’s nowhere near that. With the critiques of his past solo screenwriting efforts I’d say the only way he is getting bigger is through collaborations with bigger names. It’s rare that most people go to movies based on the screenwriter, less rare based on director but that’s reserved for only a handful of names. And that draw is the only reason you pay big bucks to anyone in the industry – their draw.

    Looks like the Anthrax PR campaign continues in overhype.

  14. Marjalane says:

    The only one who’s going to give this hipster coolie ten million might be Jennifer just to keep him around. I don’t even understand why J.A. continues to get big bucks! The only thing she’s ever been good in, (after Friends) was Horrible Bosses. Reading an article like this causes me to put Justin Theroux in the same catagory as a Blake Lively: “I have importance and prestige because of who I date”. He’s the male equivalent of Elisabetta Canalis.

  15. mln76 says:

    As everyone has pointed out Jen doesn’t even get 10 mill per movie more like 5-7. All the years she was on Forbes list she did 3 movies and they counted her Friends revenues from syndication. The little secret is she’s not a real A lister in terms of prestige or salary in Hollywood only name recignition which is why by her own admission she can’t get any of the parts she wants. She’s valuable to the studios because she can get press for mid-level movies at a relatively modest price.

    Oh and Sadie that’s honestly one of the most all-time pathetic comments on CB.

  16. flourpot says:

    Skinny jeans on a guy is just meh.

  17. lisa says:

    It’s sad that so many of her fans or non JP fans say that. that she had Brad when he was “hot”. Um yeah.. Well I think having a man when he is at the height of his career, a father and family man is way better. This sounds like a very young girl talking. A girl that has no idea what makes a MAN desirable and a MAN.

    It is also so demeaning to Jennifer. That this is her crowning glory. Not her accomplishments or life, but when she “had Brad”

    Besides Sadie talks about the JPs and gossip. well you were the FIRST one that brought Brad/Angie into a thread that had nothing to do with them. Maybe you should start by NOT talking about the JPs when the story has nothing to do with them. that is the way to begin getting them out off the gossip radar.

    But I think your point and purpose was to make this about them so that you and others could get in some cheap silly shots.

  18. N.D. says:

    In sloppy second game Goop definitely wins because she was first to get her current husband :D

    Besides, I don’t know if it’s so important to be somebody’s first. I’d rather be my husband’s last ;)

  19. Mac says:

    It’s great that Justin has such a high opinion of himself, and it will be a pity when he returns to obscurity.

  20. Elle says:

    Exactly N.D., I also would rather have a great family man last than first! It is abuit the future, not the past.

    Jen had him once, but not anymore. Now her terrible dating conquests have ranged from Vince Vaughn, to John Mayer (hahah), to now this fame climber Justin with his receding over-dyed hair, short legs, bad bad nose in profile, and he dresses like he is trying too hard.

    She will probably end up alone while Angelina has a great man in her life.

  21. spinner says:

    I think this story is total bullshit. I really like these two together. I think Justin is a very good looking man & together they make a totally hot couple. No sloppy seconds here…I hate that terminology.

  22. Sadie says:

    Thank you for proving my point.
    ‘..while Angelina has a great man in her life.’
    Many of you AJ/BP fans think of Brad as a Prize. If you are going to win a Prize better to have it first than second hand. (I say this in the context of the unholy triangle. We all know that Brad/Angie/Jen has been around the block.)

  23. pwal says:

    So the thread goes on a tangent about Brad and Angelina? That’s curious, given that it’s about Aniston and her new boyfriend.

    But then again, I understand why none of her fans want to broach some of the glaring claptrap in the tabloid articles like the whole being erratic/overly emotional because of her mother stroke. Given that the chick was on a plane to the East Coast within a week of her mother having the stroke; staying in NY, attending parties, award ceremonies, having pics taken by Terry Richardson, and jetting back to the West Coast, where she attended more award ceremonies, endured dress fittings and prepared speeches tributing people she only knew for 5 minutes… one’s nerves would be frayed due to stress… in avoiding dealing with her mother’s current predicament.

    Doesn’t have to be her mother’s nursemaid, but pretending like she’s fully engaged in her mother’s recovery… no.

    But carry on about the ‘sloppy seconds’ crap – it’s on par with the depth and breadth of Aniston.

  24. Bite me says:

    Can we please stop feeding the troll

  25. Deltona lakes says:

    Jen didn’t have him first try Goop, Juliette Lewis, Robin Givens and others. And she really didn’t have him didnt Brad say he was in a pretend marriage

  26. ladybert62 says:

    Oh where to begin?

    (1) He is now an “A” lister because of who he sleeps with? I dont believe that for a minute.

    (2) He wants $10million for his nasty mug to be in a movie – keep on dreaming Justin as you wont get it.

    (3) She throws tantrums because he is a slob? Good for her!

    Just last month I told my husband of over 20 years that if he left me another of his dirty dishes (he teaches at night so gets home late) that I would take each and every dish in the house and throw them all out – then he could use paper plates and just throw that in the garbage. He knew I meant it (I did!) and he has not done it since. Never underestimate the power of a hissy fit!!

    (4) Leaves his dirty clothes on the floor? My philosophy applies there to – if he doesnt start to pick them up, throw them out! ha ha

  27. Lee says:

    I think the 10 mill figure is exaggerated, but it’s certainly not incorrect to assume that when a celebrity’s name recognition goes up, so does the money people are willing to pay them.

    The same thing applies to Brangelina – that relationship resulted in the skyrocketing of both Pitt’s and Jolie’s media & public profiles. And that absolutely had an effect on how much they are paid – the NY Times had a great article last year on the business side of Brangelina.

    That doesn’t mean that these relationships are fake or that these people don’t genuinely care for each other. It’s just economics: if you’re casting a movie, you’d rather have someone whose name & face is well-known and that people seem curious about. And one measure of this is how many tabloids a celebrity sells when s/he appears on the cover.

    Brad, Angelina, and Jennifer can bitch all they want – the truth is, the Brangelinaston “scandal” did wonders for all their bank accounts. And now Justin is getting in on the action.

  28. mln76 says:

    Ha Sadie you are the one who is referring to Brad as a prize/piece of meat. You are the one who brought Brad into a conversation about Jen because you are the one who believes the highlight of Jen’s life was getting Brad when he was hot. Because having a hot husband is the only measure of happiness in your pathetic world. You are the one with a screw loose.

  29. NotaBitterBetty says:

    @ Sadie – Jen “wins”? Interesting concept there.Here’s how I see the ‘winning’ though – Brad was dissatisfied with his marrige and his life in general, met someone he thought he could build the life he actually wanted with, got out of his marriage and got on with building that life he wanted. Jen could have been unhappy too but she didn’t bail before he did but it could easily have been her meeting someone else. It sucks and life’s a bitch but it’s LIFE! Not black and white and sharp edges all the time. The very fact that Brad is STILL with the woman he left Jennifer for and has the kids that he has always wanted, tells me this was a risk worth taking for him. The end. Now with that perspective the person who “wins” is the one who went out there and actively changed his life to be what he wanted. If that isn’t a definition of “winner” I don’t know what is.

    As for Jennifer, why is that when she and Justin are constantly snapped just walking aimlessly around, no one screams “she called the paps!”?

  30. T.C. says:

    I predict a breakup after their movie is released.

    @Sadie: girl you need to start dating REAL men. Your concept of Jen “winning” by dating Brad when he was “hot” is classic 1st wives B.S. when their husbands leave them for a younger, hotter woman. It cracks me up to be honest. As everyone said GOOP had him before Jen when he was at his “hottest” (since that’s what you consider important). All Jen gets are other women’s left-overs.

  31. Marni says:

    Long time reader first time poster.

    It amazes me that the posters here always and I mean always have to bring up Angelia in a Jennifer post and visa versa.

    I dont know if you ladies realise that you sound like a bunch of 12 year old twihards.

    I love Celebitchy and understand that it is a place to leave bitchy comments but enough is enough.
    Let it go, the people involved
    Jennifer/Brad/Angelia have, so why cant you?

    Edit: @Sadie Its obvious you were baiting and you got lots of hooks. The ladies that replied though were just as bad with their Jen/personal insults.
    Please dont let this become like the E! online boards, those who used to read them know what I mean.

  32. kwanitaka says:

    What no maid to pick up the clothes and wash the dishes?

    Jen takes Angie’s former co-stars… Vince Vaughn and Gerard Butler.

    Posters are right about movie budgets and salaries for Jen!

  33. lucy2 says:

    Lee, I agree with you – raised profile probably raises asking price and interest a bit for anyone, but not the amount that article is saying.
    Come on, people, it’s the National Enquirer! Why is anyone taking any of it so seriously?

  34. Original Chloe ) says:


    Oh where to begin?
    (1) He is now an “A” lister because of who he sleeps with? I dont believe that for a minute.


    Well, my first reaction to it was “hahahahahhahahahah.”

    Then I’ve realized that JA became an “A lister” (according to some, mostly her PR team) by sleeping with Brad Pitt. So maybe she’s trying to spread the good karma and all.

  35. Lee says:

    Actually, bragging that you got someone when they were “hot” is more of a man’s way of looking at things.

    Typically, it’s men who brag about having gotten with a woman when she is young & at the peak of her good looks. Men generally do not brag about having snagged a woman at the peak of her career or when she’s achieved emotional maturity/stability. Women, as we can see from this thread, are more likely to value these things over physical beauty.

    It’s quite funny to see the gender difference in action – if you go on sites targeted at men, it’s Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina’s ex-husband, who’s the “winner” in all this because for them, “A Little Crazy but Really Young & Hot Angelina” is a far better “prize” than “Mature Older w/ 6 Kids A-List Actress Angelina”.

    One thing I have noticed, though, is that men & women often agree that childless, single women in their 40′s like Jennifer are to be pitied in some way (childless, single men in their 40′s are okay, of course).

  36. allie says:

    Jen gets at an average 8 million per movie. 6 million for Horrible Bosses. Yes she has gotten 10 million for JustGo With It.why do you people try to cheapen their relationship. Jen and Justin are in love. Every couple have their own problems, its a matter of do you want to work it out of not. Yes Justin’s salary would probably got up. I doubt 10 million though. Be nice people.

  37. pwal says:

    And as for Theroux commanding $10M for a film or script – come on! With all this talk about how there’s no real stars anymore and the studios would risk that much money on him – please!! He’s neither RDJ nor Aaron Sorkin and Aniston’s vaj ain’t gold-plated nor enchanted.

  38. mia girl says:

    Further correction on the “sloppy seconds” argument, GOOP would not beat both Jennifer and Angelina, Juliette Lewis would be the winner of the original plate of Brad.
    That said, dumb argument… and why oh why do you guys bring up the triangle in every single effin post that involves either of the parties. LET IT GO!

    BS on this whole $10M story.

  39. spinner says:

    @ Lee #30 – nice to read intelligent comments. Well said.

    I am one of those gals who never thought Pitt was a prize. Never really got his appeal. Loved Jen in Friends. She is a great TV girl. On the other hand, I think Justin is much hotter & he & Jen make a better match as do Jolie & Pitt.
    To each their own.

  40. Michel says:

    HELP!! I don’t really care too much about Jen but does anyone know what her handbag is?? I’ve seen it in a lot if her pics now and really really love it!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  41. valleymiss says:

    I like JT and JA together. I think they’re an honest to god real couple and I hope this one lasts. JT is a really good writer. Tropic Thunder was a well-written movie. Is he $10m great? Who knows. But I think he’s very handsome, and good for JA.

  42. Cheyenne says:

    ROFL @ poor Sadie! Getting kicked to the curb for a better woman is not “winning” by any definition but yours. Well, cheer up, maybe she will find her true happiness with Theroux — if she can overlook the obvious fact that he’s using her to push his stalling career and fatten his bank account. But as someone said upthread, she has no business complaining on that score, seeing as how she used Brad just as Theroux is using her.

  43. Toe says:

    @44 Michel
    The handbag is Tom Ford

  44. Mac says:

    A couple of quotes from the old “anti-establishment” Justin Theroux:

    Justin: “It’s like, once you’ve seen Tom Hanks win the Golden Globes, the Oscars, you’ve seen his wife, what kind of car he drives, when you watch his movies, you can’t fully get really lost in them. I watched the movie Cast Away (2000). It’s a perfectly fine movie. But you can never fully believe that movie. How can we believe this man is being cast away? We know it’s Tom Hanks and we know the color of his couch in his house in L.A. because we saw a picture of it in People magazine. His celebrity has corrupted his art form.”

    Justin: “Fame is something I think happens as a result of trying to do good work. If you’re trying to be famous, your work usually suffers.”

  45. Svetlana says:

    Oh, lord, Star Magazine. As Brangelina fans should know (fans of anyone, actually) it’s hardly the bastion of journalistic credibility. He’s not dumb enough to demand that much – as had been pointed out, his lady doesn’t even get that much, and he knows she’s the bigger commodity. And even if he was, CAA would know better.

    I like Jen’s skinny jeans better than the rolled up boyfriend jeans.

  46. Thea says:

    Celebitchy aims to be a friendly, welcoming site where people can discuss entertainment stories and current events in a lighthearted, safe environment without fear of harassment, excessive negativity, or bullying. Different opinions, backgrounds, ages, and nationalities are welcome here – hatred and bigotry are not.

  47. Madisyn says:


    Is water wet in your world?

  48. Emma says:

    @Sadie, #3 … “I am going to preempt the Jen, Brad, Angie comments by saying this Jen wins. She wins because she had Brad first. Angie has Jens sloppy seconds. This ladies are the facts.”

    Sorry, Sadie … Jen had his body first, but nothing else. Angie actually has the whole package–body, soul, and mind–so she wins. :)

  49. Choyce2020 says:

    Who cares who has so & so’s 2nds…the difficult part is making the relationship work & being their last IMHO.

  50. The Original Mia says:

    Nice, Emma!

    Yeah, CAA would be laughed out of negotiations if they asked for a $10M payday for Theroux. Nothing he’s done, not even his writing credit on Tropic Thunder, would warrant him making as much. Daniel Craig got $6M each for Dream House & the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies. Tom Cruise gets $12.5M for his films plus backend. They are both CAA clients with mega-hits under their belts. And we’re to believe that Justin would get $10M based on the fact he’s sleeping with Jennifer Aniston. Right…

  51. GirlyGIrl says:

    This guy is an actor? I thought he was just another dumb model…

  52. blonde on the dock says:

    @Lee #30: thanks for an intelligent comment.
    @spinner: I agree.

  53. lisa says:


    Wow.. so his role as a hippy in a romcom is a higher form of Art would he say then Tom Hanks in Cast Away or his other outstanding performances.

    this was some time ago, and maybe he is just spouting off like a lot of wouldbes and wannabes do at the start of their careers. Mainly because they are on the outside looking in.

    He is 40 years old. For the most part his major acheivement has been behind the camera (writing) nothing big in front. He is not being talked about or sought after for major roles. His role in Wanderlust is supporting at best. Time will tell if what he will be in the future. As I said before, I’m interested in what he gets next. Script wise in front of the camera. Her too for that matter.

    They seem to be seen around at a lot of events lately. Maybe networking a bit.

  54. Emma says:

    @Julia, #13 … “Hollywood is a serious business not a gambling game. It doesn’t act that way, it does give you a raise in your asset if you prove your bankability not by association.”

    Why not? It worked for Jennifer Aniston. Her stock rose significantly after she married an A-List movie star. Do you really think she would have gotten that 5-picture deal if she hadn’t been Mrs. Bradley Pitt at the time? I’ve said this before … there is no way Jen would have the attention and Hollywood rating she has now if she hadn’t married and divorced Brad Pitt.

    It’s been proven over and over again that it’s not always about how talented you are, but who you know, to get ahead in Hollywood. So yes, I think Justin Theroux can raise his worth by being connected to Jennifer Aniston, especially since her PR guru is now ‘his’ PR guru as well.

    Oh and where is Courtney Cox during all of this love on the streets of NYC?

  55. tracking says:

    Yeah, don’t believe this. Besides, his primary cred is as a writer not an actor–famewhoring won’t do all that much for you if can’t write good scripts.

  56. rissa says:

    jen this.. angelina this.. omg how old is everyone?

    soon someones gonna say “sadie started it!”

  57. Cerulean says:

    She looks tweaked in the photos. Her forehead and eyes look funky.
    She looks a bit Try in these pictures. She’s always been one to try to be whatever the man wants. I totally believe she’s a shrew in private. She hangs out with the vile Chelsea Handler.

    Justin…can’t abide this hipster fool. His jeans make his legs look 2 inches long…not a good look. Skinny jeans on men just don’t do it for me. Too feminizing. He can try to butch it up with the leather but…leave them for the struggling musicians. 10 million dollars my left butt cheek.
    He will be lucky to get 100,000 per role.

    Jen’s star is on the wane. You can’t do middle aged bad romcom forever. She does not have the chops for anything more. She raised his profile but not in the way hers was by her ex. She was already well known. I’d never even heard of this man before.

    On the upside, notice she’s all about cleavage now. Sexing up her image isnt a bad thing. Too bad she’s not sexy. But heck it’s an effort.

  58. Mr. Smurf says:

    Am I the only one who has always thought that Jennifer Aniston is a terrible actress. She’s okay for tv, but when I tried to watch The Bounty Hunter, I turned it off after ten minutes. The only reason I even know who Justin Theroux is that he was in Charlie’s Angels…..as Seamus O’Grady. Maybe he’s a good writer……..not enough for ten million.

  59. Heine says:

    This thread went way off into tangent land. Can we get back on track? High five Sadie, you’ve managed to derail an entire thread with one slightly unhinged comment.

    Anyway, I don’t believe he’s demanding any kind of salary anywhere near that. He can’t. As others have said, even Aniston doesn’t make that much. This sounds like a fabrication.

    And I like the idea of ‘manic workout, vodka and dirty sex’ Jen. I’d rather hang out with her than ‘America’s Sweetheart’.

  60. Sadie started it!! Nana nana na na!!(Risa** couldn’t help myself,lol)

  61. Bernice says:

    Aniston has made $8M per movie since 2005, with the exception of “Just Go With It”. She was paid $10M for that movie.

    Theroux has 2 films in production and 4 in development.

  62. lisa says:


    so you are saying with the budget of her films she is being paid 1/3 of that.

    Do you seriously think she is making 8 million on all her films. hmmmmm uhhhh


    regarding Justin’s upcoming projects..
    None of these look like a 10 million payday.

    Zoolander 2 2014
    Chief Ron 2012

    Untitled Air Guitar Project
    Space Invader

    But who knows

  63. Emma says:

    @Lee, #30 … “The same thing applies to Brangelina – that relationship resulted in the skyrocketing of both Pitt’s and Jolie’s media & public profiles. And that absolutely had an effect on how much they are paid – the NY Times had a great article last year on the business side of Brangelina.”

    I wish I understood the fantasy people have that Angelina Jolie and (especially shocked by this) Brad Pitt weren’t popular until they hooked up. Have you ever read a George Clooney or Matt Damon interview in which they discuss how amazed they were to discover how crazed the Paps and reporters were over Brad Pit when they started–and as they filmed all of the–”Ocean’s” films? It baffles my mind that you say such a thing, so I’ll just leave it there. However, I will take issue with their salaries. First Brad.

    Salary before “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”:

    “Meet Joe Black” 1998 – $17.5 million

    “Fight Club” 1999 – $17.5 million

    “Spy Game” 2001 – $17.5 million

    “The Mexican” 2001 – $10 million

    “Ocean’s Eleven” 2001 – $10 million up front plus ‘back-end’ deal for a total salary of $30 million

    “Troy” 2004 – $17.5 million

    And for “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” 2005 – $20 million

    Angelina Jolie:

    “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” 2001 – $7.5 million

    “Lara Croft: The Cradle of Life” 2003 – $12 million

    “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” 2005 – $10 million

    “The Good Shepherd” 2006 – $10 million

    “Beowulf” 2007 – $8 million

    “Wanted” 2008 – $15 million plus ‘back-end’ deal

    “Salt” 2010 – $15 million plus ‘back-end’ deal

    I don’t really see a big difference in salaries for either of them. Angie got more money for the action films, I would assume, because she does a lot of her own stunts and her action films make a lot of money. But it looks like she’d established her $10 million per picture salary before “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

    But the big question is this: do the people harping on and on about how the Jolie-Pitts (particularly Angie) don’t give any of their own money to charity, saying it’s all from the sell of the children’s pictures, know that Angie donates 1/3 of her salary–from each and every paycheck she’s gets per film–to charity? She donated $7 million of her $15 million paycheck for “Salt” to charity.

    @Mia Girl, #42 … “Further correction on the “sloppy seconds” argument, GOOP would not beat both Jennifer and Angelina, Juliette Lewis would be the winner of the original plate of Brad.”

    No, that would Robin Givens when she had Brad when they were on that TV show. Was it “Head of Class?”

  64. Julia says:

    @ Emma

    Yes It was when Robyn was the IT girl and married to Mike Tyson and the new wild thang, starting in movies such as A Rage in Harlem’ with her explosive sex appeal.

    It was crazy. Pitt was the relative anonymous newcomer in that triangle. Robyn was the hot IT starlet who was into a hot relationship, freshly separated from Tyson, the crazy kid and young champ.

    And yes she was hot as hell so was Pitt and I remembered Tyson being jealous of Pitt and saying that he would whoop his ass for dating Robin. He was always stalking and harrassing them.

    But I beleive he dated the singer Seleta before Robin and that co star in the show ‘Dallas’, the girl that played ‘Charlie’, Prescilla Beaulieu’s daughter in the show.

  65. ZenB!tch says:

    I still have no clue who he is. I could never pick him out of a line up. I only remember his name because it ends in an X.

  66. Lee says:

    @ Emma – Who said Brad, Angelina, or Jennifer “weren’t popular” before Brangelinaniston went down? Not me.
    I don’t know what it is about those 3 that makes people see insults when none are made.

    I said it significantly RAISED (not created) their public & media profiles & fame worldwide, making them more attractive as casting choices, which = more $$ & more opportunities being offered to/created for them (though I agree that Jolie & Aniston benefited more than Pitt). Look up the Times article I referenced – it lays out very well how celebrities, particularly B, A, & J, whose personal lives seize public attention & receive massive, constant publicity in the press often see corresponding increases in clout & offers in their professional lives.

    You’ve heard of showmances? Of publicists planting stories in tabloids? Of celebs staging photo ops of supposedly “private” moments – why do you think celebrities bother to do all that? There is a tangible professional benefit to getting publicity.

    Don’t know why you find it shocking that movie execs consider public interest in an actor, their fame level, the drama surrounding them, and, oh, whether they happen to be part of the most famous celebrity couple on Earth when salaries are determined & casting decisions are made.

  67. Kassie says:

    Brad Pitt ex-girlfriends

    Clair Forlani?
    Katja von Garnier
    Uma Thurman?
    Demi Moore?
    Nicole Appleton
    Julia Ormond?
    Thandie Newton
    Christina Applegate
    Jitka Pohlodek
    Juliet Lewis
    Gina Davies?
    Jill Schoelen
    Robin Givens
    Shalane McCall

    Good God Brad!! I know some of them are questionable but still.

  68. Emma says:

    @Lee, #70 … “I said it significantly RAISED (not created) their public & media profiles & fame worldwide, making them more attractive as casting choices, which = more $$ & more opportunities being offered to/created for them (though I agree that Jolie & Aniston benefited more than Pitt).”

    And I was only trying to point out that neither Angie or Brad ‘needed’ enhanced public awareness (did you note that Angie was offered $10 million for “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” prior to the hookup?). Brad and Angelina were already International stars prior to M&MS. Nothing has really changed for them in that aspect, which is separate from the International attention and gossip resulting from the breakup/triangle. Jennifer Aniston, however, was helped enormously by her association with Brad Pitt, and still is to this day.

  69. NM9005 says:

    That’s how it goes. Showbusiness. Perfect name for that world no? It’s all about showing off for the purpose of making money. How clear can it be =). I do think they are a legit couple but in the end they both gain some publicity and business offers along the way. How do most hook-ups happen? It’s not like you can bump into a star on the street and start dating. That rarely happens. It’s all very planned out and discussed (well most of the time, sometimes they hook up while working) who fits best with who in order to make a power couple that generates a lot of buzz. Hustling…Nothing wrong with that, they (and many) choose that world and now they have to roll with it.

  70. hanh says:

    Why does Jen always have to ditch her regular style to match her boyfriend of the moment? Can’t the woman even handle making decisions on her own clothes? Its kind of sad she tries to morph into her boyfriend of the moment. Shows how much personality she really has.

  71. Shy says:


    …Dear Justin. Dream on. You are not even “B-” lister. You are “C” lister with “B-” name recognition. And when Jennifer will dump you in few months or 2 years then you will just vanish and we will never hear about you again…

    It’s hard to believe that he REALLY IS asking $10 millions. More like $3 or $5 millions. But then again remember how that kid from I Am Number Four Alex Alex Pettyfer thought he was worth $10 millions. You never know with those celebrities. They see their name in tabloids and press every day and think that they are now movie stars. No you are not.

    Zac Efron is the best example. He thought that he is new heartthrob, new young movie star… And then Charlie St.Cloud tanked. Taylor Lautner is the most fresh example. And Ryan Reynolds. And Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. And don’t forget Blake Lively.

    And when Justin Theroux joined this media circus with Aniston he basically buried his career as serious actor. Before he was actor Justin Theroux. From now on he will only be known as Jennifer Aniston’s ex. Because obviously they will broke up one day. And even in five years ordinary people and people in industry will refer to him as Jennifer “Brad dump me” Anison’s ex. Just ask Vince Vaughn.

  72. TabbyCat says:

    How juvenile, Sadie. If you want to play that game, Brad was Gwyneth Paltrow’s sloppy seconds. And now cheating douchebag Justin is heidi’s sloppy seconds. Angie wins, because she has a handsome heartthrob who cares about her and gave her a family. Aniston has a balding drity greaseball who lets her get wet while he takes the umbrella himself. No contest. Case closed. Angie wins and you know it.

  73. Heine says:

    Hanh: You’re thinking of Brad-he morphs into his woman of the moment, it’s well documented. Aniston has had the same personal style for years.

  74. Bernice says:

    Info came from imdb.com PRO. I’m not saying it, they are.

  75. Iggles says:

    Ok, here’s my one ridiculously shallow comment of the day:

    The lower half of his body is unappealing — chicken thighs, stubby legs. Eww!

  76. Lee says:

    @ Emma – Being a star is an ongoing process that requires keeping the public’s interest year after year. Being A-list in 2005 doesn’t mean you won’t be old news in 2011. Having a personal life that provides you with tons of free publicity helps a lot with that.

    Secondly, their relationship made them bigger stars, especially Jolie. You can always be a bigger star. Jolie’s “familiarity” Q score went up about 35-40% in the aftermath of the “scandal”. That’s a big bump. Also, the nature of her fame changed – her association with all-American golden boy Brad Pitt helped her transition from her edgier, wild woman persona to one that was more palatable to middle America.

    These things matter when execs are deciding whether a risky film like Salt, an action movie starring a 35-yr-old woman that needs to succeed with mainstream U.S. & international audiences, even gets made. They matter when companies like Louis Vuitton & St. John decide to pay Jolie millions to endorse their products. Endorsement deals are 100% about the endorser’s image & being 1/2 of Brangelina is a major part of her image. An Angelina that is married to Billy Bob or Jonny Lee Miller is still a star, but simply not as talked about, as famous, or as powerful a star as an Angelina that is with Brad Pitt.

    Also, Angelina is a 36-yr-old actress in an industry that is very hostile to aging women. I’m a fan and don’t want her to go the way of Nicole Kidman, who was on top of the world just 5 years ago. I think the buzz, glamour, and public fascination with the Brangelina brand will help Jolie successfully compete with younger actresses for leading roles. More power to her.

  77. Overrated says:

    This ‘couple” will break up after their movie and the Oscars. Mark my words.

  78. Canuck says:

    @Emma: I’d have to disagree that Jolie was an International star prior to hooking up with Pitt. Granted Lara Croft 1 and 2 did well abroad, but that was probably mostly due to the international popularity of the video game. The rest of her films during that period pretty much tanked abroad, excluding cartoon voice work. Original Sin, $18 abroad, Life or Something Like It, $2.5 million, Beyond Borders, $7.2 million, Taking Lives $32 million, Sky Captain, $20 million. It wasn’t until Alexander that she actually had a film break $100 million abroad but she wasn’t exactly the main star in that, so I don’t know how much of the international appeal could have been credited to Jolie. Especially as there were a number of well known European actors in it as well, which tends to up the Europe numbers. It wasn’t until MAMS that she can legitimately take credit for the foreign numbers, which had started moving into the twice as much or more as domestic range. I actually find it interesting that since MAMS (again excluding cartoon voice work), she’s only had two films break $100 million domestically. Pitt, three. Aniston, three as well.

  79. Julia says:

    @ Canuck

    The kids from Twilight and Harry Potter have even more better track record in that regard.

    Thing is, Jolie may have had two movies(outside animation) passing 100 millions domestically but she has put out there much less movies than Aniston (6 against 10 !)or Pitt (6 against 8!) post divorce.

    The rest are either independant artsy movies with sometimes few theaters, either as supportive role where she is even less visible than two other supportive actors (like in the Good Shepard) or the main character or either anime.

    Basically she did reach 100 millions at home (and 275+ millions worldwide in three) in all movies she was supposed to rack in the dough, all by being the lead, Which is better than 3 out of 10 for Aniston (since 2006) and usually in a supporting role in an ensemble cast or a movie supported by a famous book where she cannot decently pretend to have contributed alone that its success.

    It’s all about ratio and 2 movies out of 6 non animate ones, is still better than 3 out of 10 for Aniston and more or less in par with 3 out of 8 for Pitt outside animation.

    The ratio is even better for Pitt and Jolie worldwide because they are the only ones who have past 275+ millions for three of their non animation movies out of 6 for Jolie (+ two artistic ones and a supportive role) and out of 8 for Pitt with diverse roles in different type of genre at that which is impressive.

    The less performances being for both awarded nominated in two occasions for major ceremonies (SAG, GG, Oscar, NAACP) in the past 5 years..

    Personally I think their careeropast is the best roof their generation : being systematically awarded for the intellectual stuff where they underperform BO wise but still are better than most in the genre BO wise and being BO monsters in blockbusters WORLDWIDE without support of a major team of a listers, without 3D incentive, without robots, without comic character to support a possible franchise, without the help of a successful book upon which they could maximise, without the movie being a sequel of a successful one, and in the case of Pitt, at times with artistic venture like the CCOBB and with diverse type of chracter (Aldo raine in IB).

    Much more impressive career path since 2005 if you ask me when it comes to those two compared to their peers of the same generation.

  80. Original Chloe ) says:

    Yeah, half of the comments wouldn’t even be here, were it not for the troll at the beginning.

    Kind of sums up both JA and the whole fuss.

  81. Gelina Whiddon says:

    I agree with your statements: “Would you pay $10 million to see Justin in a movie? I mean, is he worth that? Are you going to see a film just because he’s in it? No.”

  82. Canuck says:

    @Julia: So then you agree that Jolie benefited from her relationship with Pitt much more than Aniston ever did, right? Because before 2006, Jolie wasn’t getting anywhere near those numbers.

  83. Canuck says:

    Btw Julia, how are you counting 10 movies for Aniston? She’s done 8 if I’m not counting “The Break Up” which I probably should since it was post-divorce. But then that would also give her 4 out of 9 at +100 million domestic. Pitt has also done 8, excluding cartoon voice work. Jolie 6, also excluding voice work. Don’t bother excluding the “artsy, independent” films for Pitt and Jolie if you aren’t going to exclude the same for Aniston, even though it appears you added two non-existent ones.

    As for international numbers, as I said in an earlier post, Jolie greatly benefitted from the extra visibility she received because of hooking up with Pitt. But you can’t really tell me that Depp played no part in the international numbers for The Tourist. Or that The Changeling was supposed to do so poorly, especially given the $$ that was spent on it to promote it for an Oscar. Eastwood’s own film “Gran Torino” in which he directed himself and which came out the same year grossed $150 million domestic for a budget of $33. Against $36 million for a budget of $55 for The Changeling. So no, I doubt that Eastwood was counting on barely doubling the production budget worldwide in gross.

    My main point being, it’s not rare to see people here going on about how Aniston isn’t really A-list, or how all of her films are miserable failures. Yet, her average domestic BO per film is on par with that of Jolie (and that’s WITH KFP2 thrown in) and in a genre that is more difficult to have big numbers in, because smaller budgets = less $$ spent on promoting the film. And if you take worldwide gross against production budget (again, excluding cartoon, but including indies), Aniston’s ratio is $1.07 billion gross for $300 million budget (357%) whereas Jolie’s is $1.09 billion for $400 million budget (275%) and Pitt’s is $1.430 billion for $420 million budget, or 340%.

    Source of my numbers: Box Office Mojo if you want to check those… And I counted $40 million for all films with no budget listed, except for the last Ocean’s one that I counted at $60 even though the other two were considerably more expensive.

  84. Reece says:

    @ Marni
    You forgot the 45 yr old twihards. No joke.

    I choose not to believe this. He wasn’t a household name before they starting dating. He still isn’t away from her. However,it wouldn’t surprise me if he did start asking for $10 mil. Dude makes want to go take another shower. Skeevy!

  85. Julia says:

    @ Canuck

    No I don’t agree with this because basicly the two movies where she gets the most are action movies and she was already the successful action movie star before Pitt ever was and was already top billed in them.

    Nothing has changed, it’s her normal rise in the genre she always mastered and always was successful in it long before Pitt

    She was also the most acclaimed of the two for artsy movies 7 years before she met him.

    By your logic, it’s Pitt who has risen his level artsy wise in par to Jolie who did it at the beginning of her career and hence been there done that, then did successful action movies at 25 then some massive bombs that were neither artistic, neither action movies.

    If anything, Jolie is totally in par in what she was doing before, except she does less movies and concentrated nearly exclusively on artsy or action nowadays, two genres she was ALWAYS successful long before Pitt, wether critically (for the art one), wether financially for the action genre.

    She seems to chose better projects than before as she does also less movies than before. She can be Pitt’s girlfriend all she wants, no exec will give her a 100 millions flick without any support if she can’t bring in. She is the only female today who are given that type of huge investment and they know why.

    I mean when a movie like SALT does nearly 300 millions worldwide and a movie like THE EXPENDABLES with a dozen of former superstars of the genre does less than 250 millions, while out during the same time frame, when Denzel action movies with the same investment struggle just to cross 180 millions, it’s clear that it’s Jolie bankability in the gnere, something that was always there for those type of movies that justify her salary in them.

    She doesn’t get the same salary for arsty movies cause she brings less.. That too were always there.

    Again, it’s more Pitt who has stepped up his game since they met on a recurrent basis, with a rise in critical, diverse movies coupled with financial successes.

    BTW Canuck, I take all the movies that were made post 2005, after the divorce, since this is the date that is really AFTER the divorce and since 2005 is the date where they all moved with another person.

    After 2005, hence 2006, Aniston has made 10 movies, jolie 6 (out of animation). And since you like numbers, 2 of the 3 movies where Aniston reach 100 millions at home (not abroad) are her last 2 during the last 6 months with teh usual Adam blockbuster and the ensemble.

    If you don’t want to take 2006 into account then it makes 5 movies for Jolie and 8 fir Aniston. 3 out 5 where Jolie reached 275+ millions worldwide for big productions, another artsy one at 18 millions and the last one at 110+ millions.

    Pretty impressive if you asked me.

  86. Emma says:

    @Canuck and Lee …

    LOL!! So you won’t give Angelina Jolie credit for “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” because you think the $131 million Domestic ($143 million Overseas) box office was due to the popularity of the ‘game’ and not Angelina Jolie. Yet Jennifer Aniston gets full credit for the the $143 million Domestic ($99 million Overseas) box office for “Marley & Me,” which actually ‘was’ due to the popularity of an International best selling book about the dog Marley. Right. Seriously though, what has changed for Angie and Brad? They both opened films to Domestic success ‘before’ 2005, and they’ve both opened films to Domestic success ‘after’ 2005. On the other hand, Jennifer Aniston has never opened a film to Domestic success, ever.

    I tried to convey in my earlier posts the fact (or my own opinion, if you must) that Angelina and Brad haven’t really changed that much in their ‘movie star’ appeal or salaries since 2005. What ‘has’ changed for them–for all three, actually–is their notoriety worldwide. But on that end of the spectrum, the name recognition is based upon the love triangle more so than their fame as movie stars.

    My opinion is that Angie and Brad are recognized more around the world for their movies first and the triangle second, whereas Jen is recognized more for being the ‘woman that Brad left for Angie’ first, and her movies second … or third, as her naked magazine covers and those short dresses with low bodices she wears are probably noticed second. And that’s why ‘I’ don’t consider her A-List.

  87. Canuck says:

    I’m taking into acount the movies post scandal bump, so after MAMS and after The Break Up, as the BO for both of those benefitted from the furor. However, as I said above, if you want to include that one in Aniston’s count, then that makes 4 over $100 million domestic. That would bring her 10 pic ratio up to 360%.

  88. Julia says:

    @ Canuck

    Fair enough.

    Still Jolie’s path is the most impressive one on a global point of view and considering that she leads in all her movies and carry them on her small frame, she is still more impressive, especially in action genre where she beats male veterans like Stallone or Denzel (who never really blow in that genre, though still offered 80 – 100 millions action projects), action movies that don’t benefit comic character or sequels.

    Few males are in par with her in that prospect : Cruise, Damon and Smith, that’s probably all and that’s probably why she was offered to replace Cruise. No Pitt influence in it. She was the action star before him and long before him a dramatic acclaimed actress.

    He was more into romantic or drama movies. Not to say that he could not pull of action movies (he was offered the Bourne flick before Damon but refused), i just think Pitt isn’t attracted to action movies as much as Jolie, though he would have been great in them.

    I also think that him being a parent has tremendously influnenced him in his choice of movies that are mainly drama today.

    As a fan of Jolie, I am glad that she now focus on art movies like Changeling and action genres and doesn’t indulge anymore in the stupid movies she did after Lara Croft like this horrible Original Sin.

    I also think that her having a family that is her priority makes her consider movies differently. She does less but chose better and mainly in the two genres she was always successful in either financially wise either critically wise.

    She is more cautious and it pays.

  89. Javagirl1 says:

    Jen probably does get all nasty in the bedroom – which is cool because she looks so innocent. Angie probably gets nastier though ;)

  90. Munkey says:

    I’m not at all being sarcastic when I say that both Canuck and Julia each deserve a gold star for having a civil and rational discussion, despite their differences of opinion. Hopefully, some of the more aggressive posters here will follow suit.

  91. Canuck says:

    @Julia: she does her action films because those are the ones that make money. Her dramatic roles, not so much. The way I see it is that she’s been trying to move away from the action stuff since as someone else here pointed out, women have a short shelf life in HW and she’s looking to expand into something that relies on talent more than looks. As someone else here pointed out, movies by “former action stars” don’t do as well as movies by current ones and it won’t be that long until she’s in the former category rather than the latter. However, it’s not so easy to have huge returns on non-action films as we can see from the BO of her dramatic efforts. To be honest, it kind of floors me that she’s never set up her own production company in preparation for that day. It would seem, especially as a woman, kind of a no-brainer to prepare for the day that HW drops someone younger into your niche, which is not a matter of if, but when.

    As for Pitt, he never did much for me and the only films I’ll ever see him in are the ones he does with Clooney. The day he can pull off something like “L’Artist” with Jean Dujardin, maybe I’ll go watch it. I just don’t think he’s all that talented.

  92. Canuck says:

    @Emma: The press releases at the time, announcing that Jolie got the part, were reminding people of who she was, as in: Angelina Jolie, the daughter of Jon Voight. She was a virtual unknown to the grand public, so yes I think that Lara Croft’s success was in large part due to the 35 million copies of the game that had been sold worldwide. It would be hard to put it down to Jolie having an established fan base because at the time, she didn’t. “Lara Croft” did though.

    “On the other hand, Jennifer Aniston has never opened a film to Domestic success, ever.”
    Well, don’t let a few factual numbers get in the way of a good delusion. And since I can see it coming, yes she has co-stars. Comedies need interaction unlike action films where the co-star is a weapon.

  93. crtb says:

    What no maid to pick up the clothes and wash the dishes?

    I was thinking the same thing. Since when do mvoie stars clean their own houses? There is someone there to clean up as soon as you mess up. How long would his clothes be on the floor before the maid picks them up? a minute? How long would the dish be in the sink before the maid washes it another minute? Do you really believe she hangs up her own clothes and wahses her own dishes? I really doubt it

  94. Canuck says:

    @crtb: why would anyone who is well off enough to easily afford a maid NOT hire one? Would you rather clean toilets or go for lunch with your friends? Spend a few hours ironing or in a spa? Spend a couple of hours vacuuming and dusting your house, or playing nine holes of golf?

  95. mln76 says:

    First off Jon Voight was never that big of a star box office wise. He was never an action movie phenomenon He was an acclaimed actor in the 70s and 80s but not a worldwide sensation. Your argument would only work if she was the daughter of Sylvester Stallone or someone exclusively known for action films.No one was going to watch an action movie to see what the guy who did Midnight Cowboy’s daughter is like. The small scene Jon Voight has in the movie advertised as being ‘emotional and touching’ to humanize a woman who was known for only playing extreme characters in more psychological faire of course.
    Second Angelina wasn’t unknown when she was picked for Lara Croft. She had just won the Oscar and three consecutive Golden Globes. After Gia and Girl Interrupted there were no doubt that she was going to be a superstar so they gave her a franchise(a similar case is Michael Fassbender people in the industry know he’s going to be huge but he’s not a household name).

  96. Mac says:

    Jennifer Aniston has always had a reputation for being neat & tidy.

    The entire time she lived at her LA mansion the master bedroom & bath were considered off limits to the cleaning staff as Jennifer preferred to maintain those areas herself.

    As such Jennifer probably feels that Justin is being an inconsiderate prick.

  97. Cheyenne says:

    @Emma: Aniston achieved recognition first for being the woman Brad Pitt dumped, and second for a hairstyle a bajillion women copied. Her films were a distant third.

  98. Cheyenne says:

    @Canuck: Since November 2005, 10 months after her split with Pitt, Aniston has had 12 movies released, not eight.

    Source: http://www.the-numbers.com

  99. Katherine says:

    “The entire time she lived at her LA mansion the master bedroom & bath were considered off limits to the cleaning staff as Jennifer preferred to maintain those areas herself.”

    I’ll bet anything that had more to do with wanting to safeguard her privacy and I don’t blame her one bit.

  100. Camille says:

    “she puts up a public front that she’s all Zen, calm and cool, peace, love and yoga. But behind closed doors, she can be a shrew”


    “The only thing I really believe is that Jennifer isn’t so “peace love and yoga” when you really get to know her. I think she’s more “maniac workouts, vodka and being bitchy”

    And this.

    Those quotes pretty much sum up what I think of Aniston. I don’t buy the image she tries to sell to the public. Never have, never will.

    *Just my 2 cents. Don’t get your panties in a bunch lol.

  101. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne: correct me if I’m wrong (which I’m not), but it seems to me that she first gained recognition for playing “Rachel” in Friends, during which time her haircut “The Rachel” became popular and it was only after the series ended that she kicked Pitt out. Changing glasses isn’t supposed to mean replacing them with beer goggles my dear… It’s a bit telling when you are forced to rewrite history in order to make the facts fit into your world view of Aniston. Seriously, you do realize that people like you who are so desperate to diss the ex-wife in any and everything just because she had the gall to be married to Pitt when He and Jolie got together are the reason why so many people take up the defense of Aniston don’t you?

  102. Heine says:

    Camille: The quotes sum up what I think of her as well and I like her for all those things. I don’t think she puts up any public front. I think she is at once yoga/zen and vodka/bitchy.

    The two sides are not mutually exclusive, especially in a person. Personally, I like that she isn’t so pious all the time and has different sides to her personality. She would be infernally boring otherwise.

  103. Canuck says:

    @cheyenne 102: So what? See 91.

  104. Freya says:


    So silly. Please stop it. Why not say they all had Juliette Lewis’ sloppy seconds, and JL had somebody else’s sloppy seconds.

  105. Canuck says:

    @mln(99): I’m sorry, but your argument doesn’t make any sense. Who cares what genre Voight was known for, it makes no difference to the fact that his name was being used because HE was better known than SHE. Then while dismissing Voight as unimportant (4 Oscar noms, including one win, 1 BAFTA win, 1 Best Actor win at Cannes, 2 Emmy noms, 9 GG noms of which 3 were wins and a SG nom), you’re going to cite Jolie’s lesser awards as some sort of proof that people knew who she was prior to Tomb Raider? You’ve got to be kidding me…

  106. Canuck says:

    @ Heine: I’d kind of have to agree with you. She didn’t exactly hide that she and Pitt smoked a lot of dope, she doesn’t exactly hide that she sucks back margueritas in Mexico. She’s gone out with guys like Mayer, who doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being a roses and vanilla kind of guy. She’s got this “wholesome” reputation because of a character she played for 10 years on TV, but like Mary Tyler Moore or Elizabeth Montgomery, she is not her character. And while she may not be “in your face” about her means of entertainment, she doesn’t seem to actively hide it either.

  107. Emma says:

    @Canuck, #96 … “@Emma: The press releases at the time, announcing that Jolie got the part, were reminding people of who she was, as in: Angelina Jolie, the daughter of Jon Voight. She was a virtual unknown to the grand public, so yes I think that Lara Croft’s success was in large part due to the 35 million copies of the game that had been sold worldwide. It would be hard to put it down to Jolie having an established fan base because at the time, she didn’t. “Lara Croft” did though.”

    Before Angelina Jolie landed the role of “Lara Croft,” she had already earned serious acting creed on her own, without (or beyond, if you prefer) Jon Voight’s name. She was in a very popular cult film called “Hackers” in 1995 and then “Foxfire” in 1996. Afterwards she won a Golden Globe in 1998 for “George Wallace,” and the following year (1999) she won a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for “Gia.” And the following year (2000) she won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for “Girl Interrupted.”

    I remember how excited people were–hardcore gamers, and others, including my nephews–by the news that Angelina Jolie had been chosen to play Lara Croft in the film, because everyone thought she was the ‘right’ actress for the role. They wouldn’t have thought that if they hadn’t known who she was, would they?

  108. Camille says:

    Heine: Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz ;) . It would be a boring world if we all liked/disliked the same people etc. :)

    There are also other reasons to dislike Aniston, not just those that I quoted/added, but I just don’t care enough to post more about it lol.

    Have a great day :) .

  109. Emma says:

    @MLN76, #99 …”Second Angelina wasn’t unknown when she was picked for Lara Croft. She had just won the Oscar and three consecutive Golden Globes. After Gia and Girl Interrupted there were no doubt that she was going to be a superstar so they gave her a franchise(a similar case is Michael Fassbender people in the industry know he’s going to be huge but he’s not a household name).”

    Sorry! I didn’t realize you’d already posted this information. That will teach me to respond before reading all the posts. :) (Blush)

  110. siska says:

    good job canuck..your defend for jen is really make sense and intelegence..unfortunetly..her haters..will not understand it..

  111. siska says:

    i dont believe the story JTx asked the 10 mil price and sort of believe that jen not all sweetheart..she has her bitchy side..and its normal,,,she’s only human..thats why I love her..all her strength and weakness..make us felt related to her

  112. leetruth says:

    I think Justin is pi*sed off. This post was supposed to be all about him hitting the big time; not pesky Jen and Angie!

  113. Canuck says:

    @Emma: Acting creds do not necessarily mean international visibility. Neither Hackers nor Firefox were even released abroad, they would have been useless from that point of view. I’m not saying she was only getting her jobs because of Daddy. I’m saying that Lara Croft did well abroad because Tomb Raider already had an international fan base of horny teenaged gamer boys and Jolie stepped right into that. Not because she was already well known on an international scale. She wasn’t. Honestly, what percentage of the people who went to go and see Tomb Raider did so because it was an Angelina Jolie film? And what percentage because it was Lara Croft brought to life onscreen?

  114. Heine says:

    Camille: Hey that’s cool :) Different strokes, indeed.

  115. honeybunn says:

    this writer should be fired for telling that lie on justin theroux. I don’t believe that justin said he want a 10,000 raise because he is dating Jennifer aniston.Justin you need to correct that statement just like you’ll correct everything else.Just like any job you get a raise on your merits alone. Dating Jennifer should boost your popularity but good acting or writing or whatever you do great will boost your career and etc.

  116. Illnana says:

    maniac workouts, dirty sex and vodka. like that’s a bad thing?

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