Lottie Moss, 13-year-old sister of Kate, is a model now: way too young?


Legend has it that the legendary Kate Moss was discovered (by the late photographer Corinne Day) in JFK airport at the tender age of 14 years. Now Kate’s very own half-sister, Lottie Moss, has also been plucked from obscurity after popping up in photographs as one of the bridesmaids at Kate’s July wedding to Jamie Hince, and 13-year-old Lottie is ready for her proverbial closeup. How does she fare?


Lottie has posed for her first modelling shoot (test shots, actually) with photographer Andrea Carter-Bowman, which was arranged by Storm Model Management (the same agency that’s represented Kate for decades). So the hot button question here is this — is Lottie too young for this sort of thing? That’s a tricky question to answer, for this shoot certainly isn’t as offensive as, say, Kendall Jenner modelling bikinis at age 15. Mostly, Lottie is covered up in these outfits although she certainly looks a lot older than her age would reveal:


Overall though, I feel surprisingly “meh” about Lottie Moss, which is strange because I’m such a huge fan of Kate. While there is a notable family resemblance (those doe eyes and some bone structure), Lottie doesn’t really jump out visually as a face to remember. Give her a few years, perhaps, and that might change. Actually, waiting a few years would be a wise thing all around, and I hope that Storm and Lottie’s parents encourage the girl to grow up a bit more before entering the industry.





Photos courtesy of Fashionising


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  1. Bite me says:

    Right … Catalogue model for sure

  2. erin says:

    i did not look like that when i was thirteen. jeez!

  3. teehee says:

    Its just freaky how they make these young things into the “image” of adult women- when there is a huuuuuge difference between the two. A 25 yo will never look like a 13 yo but yeah, they can do it the otehr way around– but how much sense does that make?
    How young will they keep going, since its apparently an endless reversing trend? And why?

  4. Leigh says:

    Really? I think prettier than Kate.. huh.

  5. Riana says:

    I’ve never really found Kate visually appealing, I do think she has a fairly cute look about her though. Lottie has a face that would likely be more versatile for modeling.

  6. lucy2 says:

    She does NOT look 13!
    It amazes me that after seeing the bad stuff Kate got into, the parents would allow a 13 year old to step into the same industry. That’s just wrong.

  7. yt says:

    @erin You did not have the benefit of great makeup and lighting at 13. It makes a difference. Sometimes bone structure looks better in a photograph than in real life.

    I think there is a “eww” factor when models are that young. They are children.

  8. Lenore says:

    I hate to go all ANTM on a child, but: I see a pretty girl. I do not see a model. I mean, there’s nothing there – no posing, no life in the face, just a pretty (young) girl standing in nice clothes and makeup.

    If she didn’t have a supermodel sister, she’d be (at best) modelling knitwear in a catalogue for some local shopping centre – and maybe that’s the best thing for her. Walk before you run. She’s a kid, she’s got time to learn.

  9. Raz says:

    Very very pretty girl but nothing unique or unusual about her, I prefer models that look almost weird but so beautifully weird..almost alien like, so they stick in your mind and can never be replaced- one of a kind. She is gorgeous, especially in the face close up..but I don’t think she will make it as big as Kate

  10. Estella says:

    So it is the Moss’s father that has the beauty? Interesting. This young lady is perfect-looking IMO. In the pic with a hat she looks like young Jessica Simpson (in the face) and in other pics she looks like Kate. I think this shows versatility. She will go far in the modeling world.

  11. I.want.shoes says:

    She looks cute and aren’t models nowadays starting at around 13 years of age? I don’t think she can afford to wait a couple of years- she might be too old!

    How much do you want to bet that she loses 10 lbs soon?

  12. BigHair&Pearls says:

    I am at a point where if a product is being modelled by a child, it turns me off and I WILL NOT buy it. If you’re aiming your product at a woman, pick a woman to promote it. I don’t want to dress, smell or look like a teenager. This madness has got to stop.

  13. khaveman says:

    I think it was a really nicely done shoot. She is young but she is not wearing anything provocative — in fact she is very covered up. I think she has a very pretty look.

  14. mel says:

    wow she’s looks wayyy older than 13 but a pretty girl.

  15. fabgrrl says:

    Well, she is quite pretty and looks like her sister. But I thought that, while models do start young, and have ALWAYS done so, they were usually 16, 15 at the least. Kids change a LOT between 12 and 15. Signing a 13 year old, as an adult model seems short-sighted, as she could look much different in a year or two.

  16. spinner says:

    Pretty girl. She looks like a cross between Kate & Sienna Miller. The element that is missing is the “it factor.” She does not have ‘it’

  17. Cait says:

    I’m with you BigHair&Pearls. It’s so insane that clothing being marketed to -women- is being modeled by children.

  18. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I don’t thnk Lottie has the same ‘wow’ factor as Kate, yes she’s very pretty and slim, but thats it, nothng unique really.

    I read her mother wont let her start properly until she’s 14, which I still think is far too young, and u only have to look at Kate to see how that is probably a mistake -would be a shame if Lottie goes down the drug/drinking lifestyle like Kate – alarm bells!!

    Tho saying all that I can’t wait to see how Lila Grace looks when she is older, she is a stunningly beautiful girl already and may def have potential with Kate as her mother if she chooses the model route

  19. NM9005 says:

    Top picture: she looks like a skinny JSimp.

    As for her age. Obviously too young to be objectified and gawked at pure for aesthetic reasons. I think people should grow up, live and experience life first before they are put in a position where other people judge them and decide what personality/image they have before they figured it out themselves. Also, all that talk about pedophilia these days but putting increasingly younger undevelopped, underaged girls on beauty magazines in provocative poses for the world to see is just fine. Riiiight…


    How far can they go before people will open their eyes?
    Such a shame. If my child would want to become a model, I would put education first, then send him/her out in the world to travel (volunteering) and then at 20 or 21, you can say to me what you want in life and how you want to achieve it and I will listen. If a 13-year old comes up to me and wants to be a model I would say “Who wouldn’t? Now go watch Cartoon Network or play with your friends”

  20. Erinn says:

    I’m 21, and she definitely looks older than I do!

    I’d say that it’s a bit early. I know 14 is only one more year, but at that age every year you’re growing so much mentally and physically, it would make a difference.

  21. Delta Juliet says:

    She’s beautiful. 13? Criminy. To think of what I looked like at 13……it’s like night and day lol

  22. Franny says:

    she looks like jessica simpson in that top picture!

  23. Bermuda Blues says:

    She’s a really pretty kid, but still a kid. The camera loves her, but the camera should wait. Give her a few years and she’ll be a gorgeous woman.

  24. mln76 says:

    Well she’s beautiful and ‘prettier’ than Kate. But Kate was a better model. Kate’s an icon and they don’t make em like that anymore.

  25. Cerulean says:

    She’s pretty but in a plain way that isn’t striking. More actressy than model. Too young too. What’s the rush?

  26. Lisa says:

    I think she’s got “it”…I can see shades of Kate in her face…and the camera loves her…I’m more impressed with her face in these shots though…I think the clothes are kinda…not working with her body…

    I always thought 13 was pretty much the standard age for girls who want to make an impact in the modeling world…that’s been happening for decades…I do not like it…unfortunately, it hasn’t changed…I keep hoping that it will go back to the way it was back in the early 70s and before (and that brief time period in the 80s early 90s) when you had to be “grown and sexy” in order to sashay down the high end run ways…

  27. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Though she looks like Britney Spears hope lottie doesn’t go down a similar path. I’m in agreement with Bighair&Pearls.

  28. dovesgate says:

    She is beautiful.

    Unfortunately, if a girl wants to be a model when she grows up, she has to start at 13/14 because the average shelf life for them is over and done with in their 20′s. The top models can stretch it out longer and the Supers can stretch it out for decades if they choose their careers carefully.

  29. laylajane says:

    Very pretty, I would have never guessed 13. I wonder how tall she is? So, is she not gonna finish school?

  30. truthful says:

    she’s a pretty girl for sure.

    fresh faced

  31. Original Chloe ) says:

    She definitely does not look 13.

    I dunno how I feel about all this (I tried to say it in the Dakota/Elle Fanning thread). In my head a 13 year old is still a kid.

    Dakota was surprisingly mature and articulate as a child, so she seemed like a grown up, an old soul in a child’s body, which was a bit odd, but also endearing. Elle, on the other hand, talks like a child who can barely form complex sentences but she looks and poses like a mature, experienced, self aware adult and this kind of contrast is a bit disturbing.

    I know little about this girl but I feel weird looking at those pictures and knowing she and Elle are 13. Something’s just vaguely off.

  32. F5 says:

    It’s her half sister and I think she’s waaaay prettier than Kate..
    btw, nice to wake up to fresh gossip CB!

  33. Criss says:

    She’s beautiful and from modeling royalty. I’m sure Kate will only allow her to do as she says, not as she did. She should be allowed to make as money as she desires.
    These pictures aren’t even suggestive so what’s the big deal.I’m not sure if she’s tall enough for runway, but, neither was Kate.

  34. midnightmoon says:

    @NM9005 – EXACTLY – Jeanne Shrimpton to a T, but only in one shot. Either the photog isn’t that good, or the kid doesn’t have ‘it’. she’s attractive but has no sparkle at all-at least none that this photographer can find. i think the shots are boring, and the kid really needs to learn to pose. but she is only 13, and that’s part of the problem with our whole image-oriented approach. i don’t think she has a huge career ahead of her, but she might make some $$ if she doesn’t get all caught up like Kate. cannot BELIEVE Kate is only 37, but in modelling years, that’s an oooolllldddd doggie.

  35. jen says:

    She reminds me of the sister in 16 Candles who takes pain killers on her wedding day.

  36. Cinderella says:

    Pretty in an Abercrombie & Fitch sort of way. Nothing like Kate, who is high-end all the way.

  37. Happy21 says:

    I think she’s pretty but I don’t know if she is supermodel pretty. Maybe clothing ads. I’d like to see her in colour though too. I find B&W extremely flattering for pretty much everyone so I’d be interested to see how pretty she is in living colour.

    There are millions of pretty girls out there for only a few have the chops to be bigtime models.

  38. ruby says:

    She’s very pretty, lovely face, she’ll probably do very well as a model. I wonder if she’s tall enough to do runway though ? Kate was always one of the smaller girls out there…

    I just don’t see the wow factor her sister has though… So, model ? Yes, and probably a good one too. But not supermodel like Kate.

  39. iseepinkelefants says:

    She’s really pretty, but I’m not sure about her becoming a Kate type supermodel. But then again name really does get you far, and with Kate’s connections, assuming she’s not jealous of her younger sister and really wants to help her, she might be huge.

    Question though, how is she related to Kate? Step sister, or full blown sister? She’s so much younger, and I don’t remember hearing that Kate had siblings.

    She’s got to change that name though. It’s so blue blood, like Bunny or Muffy, ugh. If all else fails, maybe she’ll have a shot with Hot Harry?

  40. Kim says:

    In real life yes to young BUT not by industry standards-not at all. She is WAY prettier than Kate I think.

  41. lily says:

    13 year olds modelling is fine with me as long as they’re modeling clothes for other 13 year olds. For tweens to be held up as the physical ideal that women should aspire to look like is absolutely ridiculous, and is dangerous for both the girls modeling and the women the product is being marketed to.

  42. Shelly says:

    Lottie is absolutely stunning.

  43. lulu says:

    Wow all those comments and no one says anything about the mascara? Yuck!!!

  44. Lee says:

    Interesting – I think she’s technically prettier than Kate, but her prettiness is more conventional. Kate has a far more striking face – when she first appeared on the scene, she seemed unusual & different from her contemporaries in a way Lottie Moss does not.

  45. Gigi says:

    She looks like a youthful 30 year old. Bizarre.

  46. Sophie says:

    Gorgeous. It would be a crime NOT to photograph that girl.

  47. Camille says:

    She’s lovely. Much prettier than her sister IMHO, who I always have found to be over rated as model or a beauty. Just my opinion.

  48. Maripily says:

    She’s stunning. I think she is much more lovely than her sister, actually. I also agree that 13 is still too young to be modeling these types of clothes. Why isn’t she modeling for children’s clothes?

  49. taxi says:

    Gorgeous! Young Catherine Deneuve or Jean Shrimpton. Don’t know how tall she is but Kate isn’t very tall & neither is Christie Brinkley. They did fine.

    This girl looks far older than 13 but there’s nothing inappropriately provocative in these shots. I don’t see much resemblance to Kate. Kate has small, almond eyes, thinner less-defined lips, and a completely different nose. Only similarity I see is in the chin.

  50. sandy#1 says:

    she is very pretty, i never got Kate’s appeal, not at all, i think her sister will go far, she is a looker, just be careful, proceed with caution.

  51. kimberly says:

    she’s prettier than Kate ever was!!

    no not too young, but highly doubt she’ll be 18 w/o becoming a drunk, cokehead, or an eating disorder.

    those are the facts and it’s sad.

  52. dragonlady sakura says:

    Damn! What the hell are we feeding kids today when that’s what a 13 year old looks like. She’s pretty though.

  53. Emily says:

    I think she has a prettier face than Kate, but Kate has a far more interesting and attractive face.

  54. Sue says:

    Kate is unique. Not typical mall pretty, and little rough around the edges. No one currently can come close to Kate, not even her sister. Know one thing, their family have great ‘beauty’ genes in it.

  55. Niamh says:

    Lottie is a ‘meh’ name. She’d be hotter as anything else

  56. hillbilly in the corner says:

    She a pretty little girl alright but that all she is a “pretty little girl ” dressed up…I would say you could take about any 13 or 14 year old girl with the fresh faces and puff their hair and put makeup on them and they would be just as attractive. because young girls that age are all natural beautiful… I know try doing hair and makeup for about the entire female population of a junior high school for a fall pomanade and formal ball….well not all it just felt like it..hee hee hee……they were all so fresh and beautiful it made you cry….
    Their seems to be a trend developing of pushing younger sisters, daughters ,etc of so called stars into the modelling field even when they don’t have a remote chance of making it…Ali Lohan, the Kardashions girls, and others by media hungry mothers and managers….It really sad that these girls buy into it and never look at any other options open to them…with their money behind them they could go to any school or college anywhere for a wonderful education and career….So sad…

  57. skinanny says:

    she is prettier than her sister.. She will be a big, big model!!

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