Pippa Middleton ordered by the royal family to keep a lower profile


Yesterday, we discussed Pippa Middleton’s breakup, and the current round of rumors claiming that it was her old-money boyfriend Alex Loudon who did the dumping, because his family didn’t approve of such a new-money, good-time-girl “celebutante” even considering entering their fold. The story inspired a lot of conversation, and at the end of the day, I’m still kind of rooting for Pippa. Yes, she’s kind of a famewhore and yes, everybody knows that she’s trying to “uptradey” her way into the best marriage with the most titled and moneyed aristocrat she can find. But I find myself admiring her hustle and her ability to work for everything she gets. If even half of that stuff in yesterday’s report was true, than Alex Loudon is a douche and Pippa could do much better. Duke of Northumberland better.

Anyway, The Mail has a follow-up story on the whole “Pippa got dumped” thing. I should mention that the British papers are just so desperate for Pippa to “happen” that they kind of miss the real story – that the future queen’s sister just got dumped she’s sad and it has nothing to do with her famous ass made of lies. And of course, they’re not talking about what this story really means – how can the royal family “order” Pippa to do anything?

She’s one of the most eligible women in the country. So it must have come to a great disappointment to party planners when Pippa Middleton pulled out of a glamorous City event at the last minute.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister was due to attend the Square Mile Masked Ball this month. But following orders from Clarence House to keep a low profile, she has cancelled, the London Evening Standard reported.

The party, taking place on November 25th at the Royal Courts of Justice, is a charity event in aid of the the Mayor’s Fund for London. There will also be an after-party at Bungalow 8.

If the brunette did attend, it is likely her presence would generate world media attention. But friends are said to have claimed she has been told to stay out of the spotlight following her break-up from Alex Loudon. The pair reportedly split last week after a one and a half year relationship.

According to a friend of both Alex and Pippa, the 31-year-old former England cricketer could no longer cope with the ‘circus’ that accompanies his girlfriend everywhere she goes.

The friend said: ‘The plain truth is Alex adored Pippa but he couldn’t stand the circus that now surrounds her. Nothing is straightforward anymore.’

Inordinately private, with impeccable manners, the Old Etonian simply hated the attention . . . attention that Pippa appears to rather enjoy.

Another family friend said: ‘Pippa sees the connection with the Royal Family as a golden opportunity but she knows she cannot afford to look vulgar. She now gets invited to every show in town, every door is open to her but Alex hates parties. He loves his cricket and has a very close-knit circle of Old Etonian friends. Alex comes from a very well-to-do and discreet family who do not relish the spotlight. He hated the fact they were followed by paparazzi and he avoided going out because of it. Alex is very strait-laced. He loves his family and his friends and has no time for celebrity.’

An official Clarence House spokesman refused to comment.

[From The Mail]

Perhaps it was less of an “order” by Clarence House and more of a “royal suggestion”. How does that even work? Clarence House is code for Prince Charles, by the way – not the Queen. I hope the Queen has more important things to do with her time than worry about Pippa Middleton. But perhaps Charles and William and Kate worry that Pippa’s public uptradey act will start to look desperate? To that I say… that’s a bit rich considering Pippa’s sister basically did nothing for nine years while she waited for William to propose, which to me still reeks of desperation. I’d much rather a girl in her 20s to be out on the town, dating, having fun, working, making professional and personal contacts and living her life than sitting around perfecting her geisha routine.

So what’s the future for Pippa? Will Kate continue to thwart her little sister’s ambitions for a smart, wealthy marriage? Will the royal family attempt to pull rank on the Middleton family in the months and years to come? Is Pippa the weak link? Or is she the most strong-willed Middleton?




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  1. Luise says:

    Poor poor little Pippa. Whatever will she do?

  2. brin says:

    I’ll say it again….she should come over here where she won’t have to deal with orders/suggestions from the royal family. Free Pippa!

  3. Larissa says:

    I dont find neither her or her sister interesting, by any means!

  4. Dany says:

    Male or female…left or right handed…the poppy should be worn on left side…as in above the heart…

  5. kazoo says:

    i like her more than kate…she seems to have more of a personality.

    if this is true, i wonder what happens if pippa disobeys their orders?

  6. GoodCapon says:

    Why would Loudon be a douche? Maybe he just wanted a lower-profile woman as his girlfriend – someone who doesn’t court the publicity?

    I don’t think it’s about her lack of wealth – aristocrats didn’t always marry from their class. But they always choose someone who have the same set of values as they have. Good behavior, in and out of the public eye, is paramount. This means not courting the publicity.

    Unfortunately for Pippa, she loves the publicity. She has always looked gleeful when faced with the paparazzi. No woman who wanted privacy (or so the Middletons say) would appear in the front-row of a fashion show.

  7. Jacq says:

    Yeah, Clarence house probably needs to soften her up a bit, make it seem less like a mission. But, even if there is competition, why would Kate not want for her sister to have a nice life? Be able to just be royal and play, go to events and live a life together that marriage to a commoner couldn’t provide? However, I don’t see her sticking up for Pippa at all in any commentary that may revolve around her.

  8. SolitaryAngel says:

    OMG I love the belted black coat–anyone know who makes it?!?! Must. Have.

  9. Agnes says:

    It’s crazy that anyone would listen to an order/suggestion from a group of people who are, well, completely useless and outdated, play silly dress-up and make it like it all matters, and live off the poor British taxpayers.

  10. Canuck says:

    I don’t believe for a second that the Royal Family is in any position to “order” Pippa to do or not do anything. They can’t even keep their own members in line, never mind trying to tell Pippa how to live her life.

  11. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I don’t buy this story. Pippa is laying low after her breakup, plain and simple.

  12. Pyewacket says:

    Certainly not a fan of Pippa, but what right does the Royal family have to tell her what to do? Her sister became a royal, she didn’t, and unless she is pole dancing, doing porn or stealing from Harrod’s, why should she keep a low profile?

    Is Kate that boring, that they have to take focus off of the others around her?

    So tired of this bunch, AND YES, I am posting on a thread about them.

  13. Sue says:

    So she shouldn’t walk down the street anymore????

  14. Emily says:

    Pippa wasn’t the one who chose to marry into that dysfunctional family. I hope she tells them to f*ck off!

  15. Talie says:

    It’s really interesting that The Royal Family is so concerned with the Middletons embarrassing them when the last time I checked Kate’s mother, father, sister or brother were never caught wearing a Nazi uniform, having crazy affairs, talking about wanting to be someone’s tampon, getting their toes sucked in public, etc…

  16. Micki says:

    Pipa’s connection in the Royal Family is her ticket to everything.Sure she’ll get ordered and a lot from now on.´She either follows or she’ll be “Fergi-ed” out. Some commenters mentioned it immedeately after the WEDDING -the plan to “freeze out” the Middleton clan. What’s new?

  17. Diane says:

    I like Pippa, always interested in seeing what she’s wearing and OMG I love that black coat!

  18. Dusty says:

    The Royal Family is working hard to regain favor in the eyes of British subjects, Commonwealth citizens,etc. Before and after Princess Diana’s death, there were many missteps that continued until not that long ago. The Family went into damage control, a little too late, yet they are recovering. Better late than never. Celebrity fascination aside, it is worthwhile to revisit the long history of the United Kingdom and Royal Family. It is far more complex than this matter with Pippa. Hold back your comments on trivial matters like Pippa, until you refresh your memories about world history. Think globally!

  19. florrie says:

    Clarence House is the team that handles William & Kate’s affairs.I doubt they ordered , they may have advised to keep a low profile to handle the press.I personally think that its good advise , the more she courts the press the more free game she will be for them.

  20. JulieM says:

    Geez, now I’m starting to feel sorry for Pippa, too. She is way better than her sister; more personality, more gumption, a detectable work ethic. Still trashy, though.

    Talie: Good point. Double standard.

  21. just a patsy says:

    I don’t think any of this is true. As everyone else had said– what right do the royals have to boss Pippa around.

    I bet Pippa pulled out of the masked ball because she didn’t want to go alone, and its too soon to be seen with another aristocratic suitor. I’m sure Pippa is well aware of her public image, and she doesn’t want to add fuel to the uptradey fire. The Middletons are quite capable of sculpting their PR image (as we witnessed with the white washing of good ol Waity).

  22. DavidBowie says:

    Oh Pippa will live to famewhore another day.

  23. Hmmm says:

    Pippa seems like a vacuous partygirl. They’re a dime a dozen. She doesn’t stand out.

  24. Emma says:

    Well, if she is going to be Kate’s “Lady in Waiting” as the publications have recently been suggesting, then she does have to act with a certain level of decorum. Doesn’t mean it;s right though, especially while she is not yet working for the palace/RF and she is still single.

    They need to be focusing on Kate right now anyway. How is she passing her time? One event every couple of weeks? Yeah, maybe she is just jealous her sister is the one on the town having all the fun while Kate is locked away.

  25. eternalcanadian says:

    Pippa is the total media-skank now. Look at her parents and brother who have stayed in the background and out of the media’s glare. Not Pippa. She thirsts for the spotlight and comes across as worse than Catherine’s “Waity-Katie” label. She’s lost what might have been a very nice long-term relationship because she can’t not stand not being the focus of attention. She’s always been competitive with Catherine, and this “look at me, take a picture of me, invite me to this ball” is her way of showing up big-sister and trying to get the same kind of attention if not social status. Do any of us remember what Pippa was like before Catherine married William? She sure wasn’t the media-skank she is now and people are only interested in her simply because of her arse broadcasted around the world and that her big sister married the future King of England. :|

  26. mika says:

    Kaiser, I love that you keep calling out Kate Middleton. Not enough people do it.

    Pippa works hard and plays hard, but she’s never done anything racist, sexist or classist, which makes her a hundred times better than any royal. Team Pippa.

  27. laura says:

    love the red dress—not enough cute long-sleeved dresses out there.

  28. Kara Ann says:

    I’m so perverse because the more people that dislike Pippa, the more I like her. I don’t think she arranges the media to follow her or to take an interest in her. It’s just something that happened after the wedding that no one could have foretold. I do think that she enjoys the attention but that is not a crime. Hope she continues to enjoy it because I doubt that it’s going away especially now that they can play, “who will pippa date next”. Lastly, Kate and Pippa have been reported to be very close. I believe both wish the besr for one another. And yes, maybe, “Clarence House” suggested a lower profile but it’s just as likely that Pip decided to sit this one out. And, I love the black coat.

  29. Hautie says:

    I don’t believe this story either. But the Daily Mail loves their self created drama. So Pippa is their new girl to spin these crazy stories about.

  30. GirlyGirl says:

    “how can the royal family “order” Pippa to do anything?”

    As a british subject they can actually “order” her to do stuff.

    There’s a down side to having a royal family in a country

  31. NancyMan says:

    @ Hautie I’m with you. This is complete BS.

  32. diana says:

    @GoodCapon: I think you are perfectly right. The problem with your statement is that has too much common sense and reality in it. In order to make this interesting people have to call someone “douche” or…whatever! I think Pippa’s new found fame and her inability to stay low at all times (and who could blame her?) end up being the end for them. Alex wants a different life. Period. It looks like she did try to not be too visible and stay within the limits and not act crazy. But when all eyes are on you and you are still young and want to have fun, things can easily go south. I am not found of her style nor I think she’s pretty, but I like her a million times better for the life she seems to have in her. She dated a few guys, all looking good and rich, good for her! So what? She does seem to work, and do something with her life. Kate on the other hand….what a clown!! She even paints her face like one! Eyebrows slapped with a paint brush. She even has the mimic of a clown: upset, happy, interested, giggly happy….OMG!

  33. The Original Mia says:

    I’m about to do something that goes against my general dislike of the Middleton sisters. I’m going to defend Pippa. She has the right to do whatever she wants to do with her life. Unlike her sister, she didn’t marry into the Firm. They can’t tell her a damn thing. She isn’t embarrassing anyone. She’s doing what most 20-somethings do. They date. A lot before settling down. Unlike her sister who gave up her life in hopes she’d have the one she has now. And that will be the last time I defend Pippa.

  34. danielle says:

    Dude – the poor girl isn’t doing anything! She’s walking around on the street – she’s not allowed to do that anymore!?! Also, I love the last coat she is wearing. I want it.

  35. Kloops says:

    Pippa will never be good enough for the upper level blue bloods. If she gets a title I’ll be surprised

  36. P.J. says:

    If Loudon can’t handle the media attention Pippa is getting, they shouldn’t be together because it’s now a permanent part of her life. Pippa is young, pretty, active and her lookalike future-queen sister is incredibly popular. So the media attention is not going to stop — and it will never stop. It’s just a fact of life for the Middleton family, and maybe that’s one reason why William waited so long to marry Kate, because he likes the Middletons and wanted to be sure they knew what they were getting into. You can’t resign from the royal family. Even if you get divorced, you’re still of interest to the media–especially if your’re young, good-looking and dress well.

    Regarding Pippa’s behavior, it’s impeccable. Compare her with Mike Tindall, newly married to Princess Anne’s daughter Zara, who behaved so badly with a girl at a bar that he was kicked off the rugby team and is now unemployed. Now there’s a scandal!

  37. jamie says:

    I honestly don’t get why people call her a famewhore who wants publicity. Seriously, I don’t get that at all from her. Someone explain.

  38. Kellie says:

    Good for him and his family. The Middletons are a prime example of “new” money vs. “old” money and class. Prince William dated lots of females and all of them had the class and breeding to not covet the lime light. In walks new money Middleton, she wants her “privacy” when they are together but the minute they break up she’s all smiles for the camera trying to make him jealous. Shame on the Royal family for letting this low class second rate family get their claws into the royal lineage. So sad.

  39. Maya says:

    I don’t really have much of an opinion on Pippa one way or the other…I like her name. But I actually think Kate is much prettier.

  40. Cerulean says:

    Methinks they are afraid of her becoming a cartoon. She is headed that way.

    So just for gossip sake I hope she tells them to screw themselves and rebels. I hope she becomes the party girl of the century.. I want drunken club hopping and inappropriate clothing.
    A rockstar boyfriend and drama drama drama.
    Go ahead. Buck the system! She can get cozier with Chelsy Davies to begin her new crazy party life. Then move on from there to Kate Moss. From there a few weeks with Peaches Geldoff ought to show her the way.

    C’mon Pippa, do it.

  41. bluhare says:

    Pippa doesn’t work. She writes a newsletter for her parents company (how often?), lives in a flat they paid for, is supposedly trying to start her own party planning business, capitalizing on her parents and probably hoping that her sister will spur on the smart set to use her, ISN’T working with George Percy despite all the crap posted about it, and spends a lot of time going to parties.

    Please. Not exactly Executive Career Woman.

  42. Tiffany says:

    It this instance, I like Pippa. She is young and doing her own thing. I also think that I would like Kate more or believe she had a personality if she spent her 20′s raising hell or you know, dating between the times her and Will were split up. I will say that I am glad to not have a camera in my face all the time and have the whole world know that I am the girl that was settled for because someone with better lineage showed no interest. It happened with Kate and will also with Pippa. Sad but true.

  43. just a patsy says:

    @ Girly girl – the british monarchs are figureheads, they can’t order anyone around except their staffers. They’ve no political power and no authority over their “subjects.”

    The power they have over Pippa is limited to her desire to be invited to Royal events and included in the inner circle.

  44. bosc says:

    That red dress is cute but OMG what is happening with those suggestive folds around her nether regions?! Darling, it’s called a SLIP – look into it!

  45. Amy says:

    I know the wedding made Pippa famous in the US but hadn’t the British tabloids already been following her for years? I recall seeing pictures of her and Kate out and about in London way before William ever proposed. She is used to the paparazzi attention, but it definitely increased after the wedding.

  46. snoots says:

    Kate probably told Pippa to stop embarrassing her & this has turned into an order from the royals. Pippa seems like she has a flair for drama.

  47. Quest says:

    Keep a low profile equals running to the arms of *gasp* “George Percy?”

  48. iseepinkelefants says:

    Jacq – please I doubt Waity would care if Pippa’s happy as long as she keeps her in-laws happy. Waity probably sees it like Pippa’s poor behavior is a reflection of her.

    Not to mention their uptradey game is so in your face now those few who didn’t see through Kate have seemed to turn on her for being a social climbing waster. There were like 600 comments on that story yesterday and all the ones favoring the Middleton’s were red arrowed, while the ones applauding Loudon and calling the Middleton’s golddiggers were green arrowed.

    Micki – that’s what’s normally done but these are the Middleton’s, they will not be ignored! They’re already planning Christmas at Sandringham (no other in laws have gotten to do that), as well as going to pony races in the Queen’s procession and spending weekends at Balmoral. If Pippa doesn’t fall in line she could wreck everything Carol’s worked for. And I don’t think Pippa wants to fazed out either, so she’s no better than the rest (the only likable one in that family is “piss in the street” James).

  49. Kate says:

    I like how it’s considered high class to inherit your money and beyond tacky to have made it yourself. Sigh.

  50. Feebee says:

    I don’t see why Loudon can be considered a douche for ending it with Pippa. I think the old money/new money thing is overused and exaggerated. I think it’s more private/public that’s the problem.

    Clarence House wouldn’t be so STUPID as to order Pippa to do anything would they? Have they not learned anything from past royal relationships? They’re dealing with an even more common commoner (no offence). I don’t see how Pippa won’t tell them to shove it. Unless Kate publicly disassociates herself from Pippa (won’t happen) the connection to royalty will be enough to get Pippa invited to as many dos as she can handle.

  51. Iggles says:

    P.J. – Whoa! I didn’t know Mike Tindall got fired!

    Celebitchy, how come you guys didn’t do a story on that? Wow, that’s terrible fallout for him and Zara. They tried to sweep it under the rug, but it didn’t play out that way…

  52. Carolyn says:

    #15 & #17 are right. A lot of Americans don’t understand the British Royal Family. Aussies & Canadians do because we’ve grown up with it all these years. There is no normal rationale here. Kate wanted to be Queen so she played her cards right and snagged a future King. She played by their rules. You can like Pippa for her apparent independence and smarts (?) but if she peeves the Family off she’ll be cut off just like Fergie & Diana and the media will have a field day. It’s the modern equivalent of “off with ‘er head!”. Chelsy was allowed to carry on with Harry all these years because he’s the “spare” and the Family like their men to appear macho. Charles and Andrew had macho playboy reputations back in the day. The Middletons will play by the Family’s rules otherwise there’ll be trouble in paradise. Pippa could very well have been ordered/ suggested to not go to a party to protect the overall image.The British media are extraordinarily selective in what they print/don’t print about the Family. The Queen can still do whatever she wants. She’s monarchy.

  53. SueAnn says:

    She looks like David Carradine

  54. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    She’s a fame-whore like the Kardashians.

    Pippa won’t tell the royals to shove it, and her sister won’t stand up for her either. Pippa will tow the line, or she’ll be cut off from her sister, which means she’ll be cut off from her access to other titled men. She won’t risk that.

    Kate will tow the line also, or the royals will boot her out of there so fast it will make her head spin. If unpopular Charles can divorce hugely popular Diana, William can divorce Kate. And I’m sure Kate knows that. She’s a simpleton, but she’s shrewd.

    If, on the other hand, they both behave, they can have happy lives. The royals won’t deal with Kate (I think she’s lonely, and her cry-for-attention eating disorder will only be ignored by the royal family, as they ignored Diana’s). The family would be content to let Kate console herself with Pippa in lieu of having any real friends, since it’s not likely any members of the royal family will befriend her. So Pippa can continue to ride her sister’s fame, with the royal family’s blessing, IF she behaves.

  55. anne_000 says:

    Didn’t Pippa’s vagina show during a fashion show? Wasn’t there pictures of it a couple of months ago? Or am I mistaken?

  56. Charlottean says:

    Meh, I still don’t get the hype with this girl, she’s very average looking. Not bad but not extremely pretty or shapely either.

  57. nicole says:

    Ok…..seriously? The only time she is papped is walking to work or shopping. Oh, except that one dinner she recently attended in that red dress. She’s totally changed her lifestyle since the royal engagement. She dresses fairly conservatively, there are no picts of her sunbathing topless (those floated around a few yrs ago) or leaving a bar drunk (again…was standard weekend fun not too long ago). I’m not a fan but give the woman a break.

  58. LondonLady says:

    OMG- she totally just needs to get a job at a fashion magazine in NY and be done with it. Come on Pippa, take a bite out of the big apple!!!

  59. Alexa says:


    That was just her legs pressed tightly together in a skirt which rode up when she sat down. There were some shots which proved she had underwear on – the ever-obliging paps made sure they had their cameras aimed exactly at that point. The girl was trying very hard to keep her dress down and her legs together.

    She spent last weekend with young George Percy btw. Shot grouse and went to church – how jolly!


  60. daisie buchanan says:

    Pippa reminds me so much of Jackie O… the shape of her face and her hair, her athleticism. They each have long torsos that make their legs appear proportionately short. I hope, as Jackie O never gave interviews, that she never gives an interview. The pictures of Pippa with George Percy make me think that, should they realize that they belong together, their children would be beautiful. I have my fingers crossed.

  61. bluhare says:

    @daisie buchanan: Methinks if Loudon’s family think she’s a bit twee, the Percy’s certainly will.

  62. Fue McCormick says:

    Their clothes always look so damned cheap. I think these 2 girls are fashion plates at Walmart …

  63. mln76 says:

    I guess I am one of the few on the side of the royals. Yes they are stiff jerks and yes they have no right to judge considering the skeletons in their closets. But Pippa needs to reign it in. To my eyes she exposes just how predatory the Middleton family is. I bet Kate is the one begging the loudest for Pippa to behave respectably. The best that Pippa can hope for down this path is Weight Watchers commercials and a slot on the OWN network if she keeps acting as tacky as Fergie.

  64. lin234 says:

    On my part I find her super annoying simply because she’s being touted as this great beauty and she is incredibly average. I will be the first to admit when I find another girl drop dead gorgeous. She doesn’t fit any of the criteria.

    She really does have game though. Dumped by her long time boyfriend and jumping immediately into the arms of Percy? You’ve got to wonder if she started acting a certain way on purpose just to get the Alex guy to dump her, as in going off on trips with her ex and dancing it up with another ex, until Alex couldn’t take it anymore. It would have looked super bad on her end if she dumped Alex but if he dumped her, it would make her look more sympathetic.

    I think a large part of why Kate was so appealing to Will was because of her close family.

  65. anne_000 says:

    I agree that Pippa should have been less public in at least the first year of her sister’s marriage. Too much too soon. She should have let this be her sister’s year, not hers. She shouldn’t have attended all these paparazzi-ensconced events. I think it makes the Middletons look like fame-whores.

  66. Jane says:

    I love Pippa. She looks like a character from Wallace and Grommet.

    Also, does the Palace (or Clarence House or whatever) really think they can “ask” her to be more low profile? None of them behave, why should she?

    Isn’t marrying up an English sport among the upper class?

  67. benny says:

    Did someone compare her to Jackie? More like poor Marilyn.

    If she doesn’t watch out, she’ll be passed around among the boys, who will compare notes at the next shooting party. It must be hard for them to respect her when she walks around town in thin, flimsy dresses without underwear. What was her excuse? She was going to be waxed?

    The thing with boys who inherit money (versus earning it) is they kow-tow to their parents’ wishes. No parent wants Pippa for a daughter-in-law.

  68. kibbles says:

    Pippa is a typical rich party girl but why should this be surprising to the Royals who have known the Middleton family for a decade? Both Middleton sisters are boring and nothing out of the ordinary but at least Pippa seems to be more connected to reality and real life activities such as having a 9-5 job and dating. I don’t have anything against Kate dating William for 10 years. Many people don’t need to go through their 20s sleeping around and dating a ton of people. But they also work or go to graduate school and form their own interests and activities which are separate from their significant other. I haven’t seen Pippa go overboard with the party lifestyle. She’s not Paris Hilton. So the Royal family needs to just let her do her thing and find her own path and future husband without any interference from her in-laws because Pippa won’t be as easy to control.

  69. Goofpuff says:

    Wow a lot of snobby people on here. I don’t recall her doing anything famewhoring like giving interviews.

    I like pippa because she’s living her life versus her blank boring and seriously vacuous sister Kate.

  70. NotaBitterBetty says:

    What exactly does Pippa do that makes her a attention-seeker/famewhore? All we ever see her do is walking on the streets. The height of famewhoring no doubt! I think that criticsm is so silly.

  71. imelda says:

    LOVE her taste in handbags!
    Please please please can someone tell me any idea who makes that black bag in top picture. (or something resembling it)
    I need this bag in my life!

  72. Carolyn says:

    To #66 you’re right. These boys of old money are too lazy/untalented/self entitled to make any of their own and certainly go along with whatever mummy and daddy say otherwise no trust fund money for them chaps! They hook up with society girls that are a dime a dozen. And eventually marry someone their parents approve of and get their wedding mentioned in some toffy mag like Tattler. Zzzzz….
    PS to those criticising Kate for being boring…that’s how the Palace want Will’s wife to be. They don’t want a feisty independent challenging Diana or Fergie again.

  73. Miladie29 says:

    More likely she was told by Kate and Ma Middleton to lie low for a while and to stop hogging all the attention for herself. Her ass is more popular than Kate in some websites. LOL.

    Kate is supposed to be the STAR of the family, she should be getting all the spotlight since she was the one who bagged the future King of England.

    But Pippa is a wannabe celebrity and she loves the cameras. She’s courting the press wherever she goes, that’s why she’s attending many parties and sitting front row at fashion shows. She doesn’t want a quiet life away from the press, quietly going to work. She doesn’t want a life in the country, away from all the social happenings in London. She doesn’t want a husband who is wealthy but is a nobody in the elite circles in England.

    No, she wants to be just as popular/well-known as Kate, if not more. And she wants to bag a titled, rich husband like Kate has done…perhaps a man even richer than William.

    As for Alex dumping her, it’s not about money. It’s about values. Pippa behaves like a common, tacky, B-list celebrity. She’s cashing in on her connections to Kate and the royal family by writing a book about party planning. The timing is suspect, IMO. She could have written it way before Kate got married and before she became popular for her butt. Certainly her family had enough money to be able to afford publishing Pippa’s book.

    But no, Pippa’s doing it now because she’s now connected to the Windsors via Kate and is using her new found popularity/connections and the media’s attention to further her gains. She’s a famewhore just like Kim Kardashian is a famewhore.

    There’s also been reports that she’s been spending time again with George Percy at his house right after Alex dumped her, and sneaks away to go home at 3 o’clock in the MORNING. What kind of ‘guest’ or good friend does this, unless she was only there as George’s booty call?

    She certainly proved the Loudons right, didn’t she? She’s not “wife material” for an Old Money family. She’s too ‘wild’ and loud for them.

    She moves on fast, too. Just 2 days after her breakup with Alex, she was already with George Percy. Did she actually “love” her ex at all?

    While Kate stayed low and didn’t do anything but revolve her life around William until she got the ring, Pippa is being bold as to actually parade her life around for the media and the public to see, and doesn’t think twice about being seen as a scheming opportunist when she lets the rumor mill go crazy about her love life and her future.

    It’s interesting how the press, who have built Pippa up as “Her Royal Hotness”, is also the one who is starting to make people sick about seeing Pippa’s face everywhere and is driving potential matches from wealthy families away.

    I guess she’s not as hot as her “HRH” title implies.

    And now she has to keep a lower profile for some damage control.