Adriana Lima swears she really eats cake before Victoria’s Secret shows

A couple of weeks ago, Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima, caused some controversy by claiming she didn’t eat solids for nine days prior to a VS runway show and just subsisted on protein shakes. The 30 year-old mother of one also said that she didn’t drink anything 12 hours before the show because, as the article explained “No liquids at all so you dry out; sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from that, she said.” Only now Lima is saying it’s all a “misunderstanding,” but she didn’t really elaborate or claim she was misquoted or anything. Lima showed ET Canada a piece of cake she was supposedly eating (although she didn’t actually eat it from what I can tell) and she claimed that she ate healthy and exercised, pleading “Those teenagers out there, don’t go starving yourself or only drinking liquids. Don’t do that please!” Here’s more:

Adriana Lima wasn’t too pleased to hear that reports of the extreme diet Victoria’s Secret Angels must adopt in order to prep for the annual fashion show were swirling around the media.

The Telegraph wrote in an article that Lima testified to being on a pre-show nine-day liquid diet consisting of protein shakes and egg powder, after which she was banned from drinking water for 12 hours leading up to the show. They also reported that Lima worked out twice a day for the three weeks before.

However, Adriana is insisting that the details of the “crazy diet” are just a “misunderstanding.” She spoke with E! Canada to set the record straight. She even showed E! Canada her piece of coffee cake prior to the show, saying, “I have my Starbucks coffee right there… it was a misunderstanding.”

Like anyone whose body is her source of income — or who poses in her skivvies for all to see — the model says she’s conscious of her figure. She admits, “You can’t eat everything, of course… I eat healthy and work out a lot.”

The new mom also hopes to set a good example for others, saying, “Those teenagers out there, don’t go starving yourself or only drinking liquids. Don’t do that please!”

We’re glad Adriana is trying to be a healthy role model, and we’re relieved to hear those extreme diet rumors were one big confusion.

[From Huffington Post]

She probably wasn’t misquoted, she probably does only drink protein shakes for over a week and it’s likely she doesn’t drink 12 hours ahead of time either. There was a lot of debate in that post as to whether that was healthy under a doctor’s supervision (some of you said it was and that it was similar to medically supervised liquid diets) or whether it was unsafe and dangerous. I tend toward the “unsafe” camp, but I’m not a supermodel and I enjoy and need to eat on a daily basis. It would make me sick to eat less than 1,200 calories a day.

Someone schooled Lima that she needs to clam up about the way she prepares for a show and retract her statements about it, so she did. In her mind, it’s probably perfectly normal and likely isn’t half as extreme as the things other models do to lose weight.





Most photos credit: WENN. One photo credit Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures

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  1. gillie says:

    In the header photo on the main site…she looks like Spaz de la Huerta.

  2. Sara says:

    The scary thing is that even if she doesn’t eat solids 9 days before a show she still isn’t scary skinny like some models.

  3. Jacq says:

    Show me a model that skinny who claims to have become and maintain such in a healthy way, with medical supervision, and I’ll show you a liar.

  4. Mu says:

    Whatever Adriana does, it works for her. She’s got a great body. A body that doesn’t look like someone with seriously / permanent unhealthy eating habits, but someone who works out a lot and maintains a healthy diet.

  5. Lem says:

    The no solids to no liquids thing isn’t so much about dropping lbs, it’s more about having the muscle drape and hang more defined visually. It sounds similar to how a body builder or fitness model would prepare. The weight is regained literally in minutes, after ‘ the show’

    Why does everything VS fashion show look so incredibly cheap this year?

  6. NM9005 says:

    Even if she goes ultra extreme before a VS-show than she still would be under a very strict diet throughout the year otherwise she would get fat, really fast. A lot of these models seem to be on a strict diet, with the help of some sniff and a finger in the mouth of course. I guess it’s choice, either be superskinny but age quickly or have a more healthier (the fact that they’re trying to minimalize what she said speaks volumes) approach to weight and not look worn out by the time you’re 35.

  7. blc says:

    i had way more respect for her originally when she was just being honest. Of course it’s not easy to look the way she does. It’s her job though and she makes sure she keeps her job. Now doing an about face and saying, “oh no, no i eat cake!” – that is ridiculous. Of course she isn’t scarfing down cake and then walking down the VS runway. I wish she would have just let her original comments stand.

  8. constance says:

    They all lie about the horrid things they put themselves through for the sake of money and half as$ adoration.

    Eat cake hoe, you need it to balance all those empty words. lol

    VS keeps looking cheaper and cheaper. I don’t buy there anymore. They’ve used inmates in the past to switch their 3rd world country labor tags. I’ve found a lot of better brands if I want to purchase high end lingerie. Otherwise I get most my undies custom made from Etsy artist brands. I often pay less with shipping for a garment that is twice the quality and durability than normal VS products in the stores.

  9. jazz fabulous says:

    Everytime she opens her mouth, I just dislike her more and find her less attractive. Why are so many supermodels stupid and vapid?

  10. Micki says:

    I liked her better for the harsh truth.

    Not everybody can have such body without the work behind it, however the models try to sell it as “ah, nothing special indeed, I’ve just had a BigMac AND fries…”

    There was a photo of Paulina Porizkova (not sure about the spelling) having half a tomato on a plate for lunch because she had a show in the afternoon.

    This kind of retracing your own words is sad.Either think wether to say it at all or stick to it once said.

  11. RocketMerry says:

    The Victoria’s Secret shows are tacky as hell. Honestly, they sell the most unrefined pieces of underwear I have ever seen!

  12. tapioca says:

    “Why are so many supermodels stupid and vapid?”

    Because they start so young they never finish school and 90% of their brainpower is used up desperately fighting their evolutionary urge to eat high-calorie foods, leaving only 10% for actual thought.

    Still, whatever she does she looks fab. Who really cares if she gets brittle bones and has a bulemia-driven heart attack at 35 – the media will say it’s a tragedy, then they’ll be another equally beautiful “decoration” along in a minute…

  13. Juu says:

    I guess someone called her out and now she’s trying to take back what she said. The bosses don’t want us to know the truth about their dirty bussiness.

  14. Ruth says:

    I prefer that if she does that she says so. Yeah its not healthy but they are victorias secret angels -one of the biggest modelling gigs in the world. They are not going to do anything halfway normal because looking halfway normal would not be enough. Its better to say- to look like this you have to act crazy rather than- yeah you too can look like this- far more accessible-seeming and so far more tempting for say a teenage girl to diet to look like that.

  15. danielle says:

    I agree. VS called and said “don’t say that – say you eat steak and cake everyday, you’re destroying the fantasy!” Eye roll – good for her for speaking out – and for not lying and saying she’s misquoted! It was a very vague “I take that back”.

  16. GirlyGirl says:

    Are the photos from a fashion show? or some kind of Comic-con fanboy wet dream?

  17. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I actually appreciated that she admitted that she has to practically starve herself to look that good. Then the rest of us can say, “Ya know what? It’s not really ‘normal’ to look like that all the time.” Knowing that even lingerie models don’t have that body all the time makes me feel not so bad about my stretch not-quite-flat tummy. I’ve always admired celebrities who’ve said, “Yeah, I have a great body but I have to sacrifice and work my ass off to get it.”

  18. Cerulean says:

    Models starve themselves. It’s no big secret. Cigs, coke, purging and pills. Its not worth it.
    Once you start then you have to keep it up or you balloon to 200 lbs eating normal foods. Not to mention the abuse your internal organs have to take. I can see the 12 hour fast before a show. But the other part is a little scary for an already skinny woman.

  19. The H says:

    Everyone don’t be so negative. Are you really surprised? It probably was forced on her to lie after. And to me, she looks radiant and healthy. I give her props for her insane determination!

  20. jamminatorr says:

    what bothers me is that the VS models are usually considered “curvy” or “healthy” by model standards. God knows what the rest of them do but its certainly not what anyone would consider healthy.

  21. Ari says:

    I agree with some posters here. I liked her more when she told the truth. Why lie now? So dumb. Eat the cake and STFU.

  22. umabrasileira says:

    Serious, before that statement, did anyone really believe she had a normal diet like the rest of us, normal people? Please! Look at those bodies… you don’t get that on a healthy, 2000 calories a day!

  23. dave says:

    @#21 Not that Im a expert or anything, but I assume these VS models are sort of role models for young female teens. As such she needs to give proper advices. Even though her last “honest” interview was much more close to the truth, it was simply a bad advise. I guess she is now trying to fix that or maybe she is told to fix that, Who knows, and I pretty much don’t care.

    I do believe she eats somewhat normally, but she does intense sports to maintain that body. If she would keep her super diet and still do that intense sport, she would be skinny and unhealthy looking, much like Zaldana. But to me she looks fabulous and healthy. Must be a combination of normal food/light diet and sports on daily basis.

  24. lin234 says:

    Yea, I liked it when she told the truth. It’s never pretty behind the curtains but she’s getting paid millions strut around in her underwear. The show is one of those things that millions of people watch it would be weird if you didn’t hear the girls going on extreme diets and workouts beforehand. Since it’s live tv it’s not like they can photoshop anything.

  25. Lairen says:

    I liked that she told the truth, instead of just giving us another “Oh, I do daily yoga and eat fish and vegetables!” quote like so many other celebrities/models do. But I agree, she probably didn’t think she was being brutally honest – she probably didn’t think it was abnormal.

    And I understand why she feels the need to backtrack. Publicity affects her career. Plus, maybe she really doesn’t want young people to be influenced by what she said and develop eating disorders.

  26. Turtle Dove says:

    There is NO way that she’d be able to have the muscle mass that she does if she was a constant starver. If you go to the gym regularly and eat healthy, of course you can look thin.

    I do not think that she’s scary skinny at all. This woman works out and has a fairly balanced diet.

    People who gorge themselves on cookies, chips, pop, fast food, etc. are WAY, WAY more abusive to their bodies than some who reduces calories by ingesting protein shakes for a week.

    If you’ve had your cholesterol tested… you fast and take no liquids for at least 12 hours… most people get this done once a year. Let’s put it into perspective.

  27. HoustonGrl says:

    All that work and for what?! To look like a muscular pre-pubescent boy? I really don’t find this look attractive. Of course, she has a pretty face and interesting features, but when did unattainable thinness become inextricably bound with femininity?

  28. Isa says:

    I wish she wouldn’t have tried to backtrack.
    Look at her boob in that pink robe-the last picture. Weird.

  29. Joanna says:

    Wow, I bet she got in a lot of trouble, telling the truth like that! B/c that’s part of the fantasy, women thinking they can look like that in the lingerie! In reality, I’m sure they work out a lot, and then go on a crazy diet right before the show. And plus, VS bras have so much padding and uplift, you can be skinny with tiny ones and wear the extreme push-up bra and look boob-a-licious!

  30. elizabeth says:

    I didn’t read all the comments in the previous thread, but I’m shocked that no one has mentioned that Adriana Lima is GENETICALLY GIFTED.

    Lots of average looking, anorexic looking, and plump looking women exhibit a wide array of eating/lack of eating habits, workout regimes, and drug problems. Supermodels are first and foremost TALL and SLENDER. That is a body type, not a health assessment.

  31. thinkaboutit says:

    In the photos in the pink robe, the stylist is clipping extension into her hair. Now, onstage her hair isn’t particularly long or full…which leads me to believe she doesn’t have much going on in the natural hair department. That could be a sign of nutritional deficiencies. I know models come tall and slim, but I think she looks unhealthy and way too skinny for a grown woman. Yes she has muscle but what does that prove? Even naturally slender women naturally have some FAT too. Not much but some. Look at her thighs — nothing but muscle. That isn’t a sign of health, it’s a sign of something extreme and probably the opposite of healthy.

  32. Penguin says:

    Agree with Lem. One of my friends participates in bodybuilding/figure contests twice a year and this is what she does to get in shape. It’s actually quite common. It’s clear that adriana doesn’t eat like this all the time or else she’d have muscle wastage and bad skin. She looks very healthy and athletic to me. The only thing that worries me about this diet is that young girls will try and adopt it as a way of life and get sick.

  33. Ranga says:

    I can only see drag queens wearing and pulling off these stupid Victoria Secret undies.

  34. Penguin says:

    @ thinkaboutit – muscle like that is only achieved by eating plenty of protein. If she had an eating disorder she’d probably have a body like Tara Reid, skinny but flabby with loose skin and muscle wastage. Like an old woman basically.

  35. dan says:

    No woman at that height should weigh 100lbs. Super models are between size 0 – 2, the anorexic look has to go, it’s ugly in so many ways. The BMI of someone my height 5’1 is 110 – 132lbs, average model is 5’8 and up so anyone who says she has a killer body and looks healthy, they need to get their eyes and head checked. Have you ever seen someone at that height and weight in person? I have, it doesn’t look good. I personally believe that models have caused women to do so many horrible things to their bodies (not to mention theirs emotions) to try to live up to unrealistic standards. Good god, what happened to women like Liz Taylor, now that was a gorgeous woman with a killer body.

  36. akua says:

    I have to disagree with the comments about having muscle basically means no eating disorder. I have one and at my worst was eating about 1000-1200 calories a day and exercising 4-5 hours a day. I was very muscular and had little body fat – and got lots of comments on how great I looked. Meanwhile, on the inside my muscles were wasting away, getting sick very easily, constantly in pain, and on and on. You can’t always see it on the outside, she may or may not have issues like that, but you can have an eating disorder, be of normal weight, and die from it.

  37. JT says:

    Normally eating around 1200 calories a day would not constitute an eating disorder, but it depends on how much your body is burning off. Girls with very serious eating disorders will only eat a couple hundred calories and still work out for hours. Those are the ones that look like their wasting away to nothing and have no muscle mass. Adriana is clearly not in that category. There is a big difference between people that are thin because they are drug addicts and fast then those who exercise and eat protein shakes. It wouldn’t be possible for the body to maintain the muscle mass for any length of time if they were starving themselves. The first thing to go would be the muscle.