Brad Pitt: “I wasn’t actually putting an exact deadline on my expiration date”


These are new photos of Brad Pitt arriving in Seoul, South Korea, and then attending a press conference and a premiere solo – no Angie! Shall we talk about his look? I’m getting so tired of the shades. Brad thinks he’s Jack Nicholson these days, like his shades are his signature. It makes me wonder if he’s self-conscious about his eyes, which really so show his age (and no, I don’t think he’s had eye work – his eyes look 40-something). But! I do like Brad in all-black, which he wore during each promotional stop. It makes me think that Angelina is dressing him, and I like the idea of Angie packing his bag. I especially like the way he looks in that black button-down. Mm, nice. His hair is a problem, though. I don’t mind the length so much (I like some long-haired dirtbags, so it’s fine), but the overall grooming is too lacking. I feel like Brad needs a good shower and some hair product.

Yesterday, we talked about Brad’s recent statements to an Australian TV show in which he seemed to be saying that he would be quitting acting in three years’ time, likely to spend more time producing and being a dad. During the press conference in Seoul, Brad corrected himself:

Brad Pitt, who is in Seoul to promote his movie, “Moneyball,” explained that he saw himself retiring from his acting career to focus on producing.

“I wasn’t actually putting an exact deadline on my expiration date [in Australia's 60 Minutes interview], but I see it coming. I just have other interests and I do quite enjoy the production side,” he said.

He also added that given the choice, he would take the wisdom that comes with ageing, over youth.

“Me, personally I like ageing. With age comes wisdom and I have said it before and I say it again, I will take wisdom over youth any day. I think certainly, being a father has changed everything for me as far as perspective and interest, taking care of myself and wanting to be around for them,” he said.

[From The Telegraph]

I really like “I will take wisdom over youth any day.” I don’t particularly feel the same way (I wouldn’t mind having my youth back, personally), but I appreciate that Brad is happy where is, and that he feels like his journey has been worth it to get where he is. As for his career and whether it will end… meh. I think he was just chatting, and he didn’t mean it as a major announcement or anything. Whatever.






Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Ari says:

    omg yes i totally see the jack nicholson vibe he is giving off LOL

  2. I RUN NEW YORK says:

    He’s gotten really unattractive in his old age. I miss how he looked in Troy.

  3. jex says:

    Sad how gross looking he is now.

  4. lucy2 says:

    Er…didn’t he flat out say 3 years?
    He does not look good here.

  5. toto says:

    he is a wise-man in my books and i am huge fan of him as he get elder ,, hes more fun, daring , free from Hollywood frames and borders and i like so much his love for his kids ..hes a fine american man ..

    i love his smile here ,, seems from all his heart

  6. Celebitchy says:

    I actually think he looks really hot here, and I normally don’t like scruffy guys!

  7. katyalia says:

    Isn’t this guy getting tired of his own backpedaling?
    He said 3 years. Not ‘I can feel it coming’, ‘soon-ish’ or ‘who knows exactly’. He said 3 years.

    ETA: Lucy2, your comment wasn’t there when I left mine…

  8. toto says:

    i agree Cb ..i find him carelessly sexy

  9. Dee says:

    Thank you CB! I also think that he looks oh so hot there. I’ve never been into him that much to be honest *gasp* but he’s aging like a French fine wine would. HOT.

  10. donnamae54 says:

    Nasty comments about how scruffy Brad Pitt looks is just silly. Notice almost all Hollywood’s leading men grow these scruffy beards for a while for some reason to be radical a change of look or something. Brad is still is sexy, pretty self when he shaves, it’s his business to look how he wants to when he wants to. He has a beautiful wife and beautiful kids who else does he have to impress.

  11. constance says:

    I’m not a fan of the greasy, messy look. I never thought he’d give up film or working. He’s got a whole mess of kids that are accustomed to living off more money per year than some countries.

    Just like her, the money train will never end. They like being the popular kids with things to promote so they can be “Reasonably” visible. Nothing wrong with that.

    Less LeeAnn RoughFace promoting herself without a product, and more Brad Pitt with movies is a better tradeoff. LOL

  12. NM9005 says:

    The only thing he ditched is shampoo and scissors!
    Yuk, that long hair is gross. Like I already said, that “Legends of the Fall” thing never worked for me.

    And I have to admit for his age? He looks good, normal. Never found him super hot but he’s sure isn’t ugly either. I do think he’s really conscious and aware of aging though, I mean, even for regular folks it can be hard to see the years fly by and reflecting that onto your looks so why wouldn’t Brad be scared to age. ON friggin’ SCREEN no less, with millions of people watching. Because actors are totally not vain huh…

    As for his change of hearts: I’m in stitches. That man chats himself into a pit of ridiculousness sometimes just because he wants to come across as deep or intellectual (not that he’s dumb but try less hard dude). Just stop with the half-assed excuses. Just say: “Academy bitches, just gimme mah damn Oscar already” and then all this chit chat about quitting will be forgotten and covered with a layers love and sycophantry…

  13. Rhiley says:

    I likes my Brad cleaned up, tanned, and buff.I think he is too skinny. Brad is usually pretty thin but he also has a lot of muscle tone with broad shoulder and narrow hips. But lately he has looked like he is on some kind of drugs (which aside from the occasional joint I don’t think he is) or like he is sick or maybe Angie has talked him into not eating. He did look good in Moneyball but that was filmed a couple of years ago I think. He has the body of an elderly man who spends his time sitting around eating SPAM and drinking jack and coke. Oh, and Ashton Kutcher has kind of ruined the scruffy star look.

  14. des says:

    The glasses are prescriptions. He talked about it one of his recent interviews.

  15. Toot says:

    Brad looks hot as hell in that black shirt.

  16. Yep says:

    His forehead sure does look shiny. Lol I definitely think he’s tryin to hide his eye wrinkles…he probably ran out of Botox because he used it all on his forehead. I just read that Jolie signed with an agent. Hmmm now that’s interesting.

  17. Lizzie says:

    For the love of god….CUT YOUR HAIR!

  18. tapioca says:

    So I guess someone pointed out to him that the “I’m quitting Hollywood so give me an Oscar”-ploy didn’t work out so well for Clint “Gran Torino” Eastwood!

  19. Katherine says:

    I was going to suggest that the shades may be prescription. Thanks, des, for the skinny.

    I wear my prescription shades all the time. They’re perfectly easy to see through for me outside or indoors and I rarely take them off unless I’m inside for good. Brad’s glasses appear to be the kind that automatically adjust to the light.

    It’s amusing how people make such ridiculous and usually negative assumptions about others and their alleged motives for doing the most simple and mundane things. That seems to speak more about the assumer than the object of their assumptions.

  20. CloudSailor says:

    He does not look good with this stupid haircut. It ages him.
    Looks aside, I find it a little annoying that he says things in interviews and then goes on to explain himself the next possible occasion. Same thing with the Aniston/90s comment he had made, and now this. It is annoying and feels unpofessional. Like he just goes to appearances without any prior knowledge of what would be asked, and makes up the answers on the spot. And yeah, he said 3 years, but did not make it sound like it is carved in stone. There was nothing to misunderstand IMO. Oh and noone said that it was an expiration date either, just a different phase in his life. This part of his exlanation sounded vain.

  21. Sahara&Co. says:

    Just go away you old prick. Stop talk about it and JUST DO IT.

  22. constance says:

    @tapioca. haha! So true! The shiny gold men don’t give a sh!t what media stunts you think will work.

  23. Katherine says:

    That Australian interview was ratgher lame. She barely asked any interesting or intelligent question. Just the same old same old.

    So typical that Brad’s musing about retiring eventually from acting has been taken to be some Edict from above. LOL! It makes sense that he relates it to turning 50. I say things like that all the time but I’m not so anal that I think I have to be wedded to some projected timelines or plans. But I think we know that the naysayers would take anything Brad (or Angie) said and try to make it something negative.

    Angie’s signing up a Talent scout to hunt for smaller projects for her is very wise and probably because small, independent projects may think they can’t afford Angie or wouldn’t even dream she’d consdier them while the studios throw everything at her. Good for her. She is just like Brad – proactive and in charge of making her life and career mean something. She is such a good role model – as is Brad.

  24. Katherine says:

    ” I find it a little annoying that he says things in interviews and then goes on to explain himself the next possible occasion”

    He explains it in a subsequent interview because he is asked about it. And asked about it. And asked about it. He probably just thought he was discussing possibilities and now learns it’s become “a BOMBSHELL.” Seriously who among us have every word we utter or gesture we make hyper analyzed by the world? Same with the comment about his marriage.

    Why do people make such a fuss over these things? Seriously that’s just too obsessive and too negative about nothing to be healthy.

  25. bellebeesting says:

    Thanks @ Riley ‘Body like an elderly man who sits around eating SPAM and drinking jack and coke….’ LOL. Sums up the look. And @ NM9005 “Academy bitches, just gimme mah damn Oscar already”. Sums up the shame game. Brad needs to sit down. And stop talking.

  26. olivia says:

    lol :) the most powerful woman in hollywood, who can greenlight any movie by her shoulders is seeking jobs through talent agency??? :) :) but….but…..i thought she could greelight by herself. what happened?? now she’s like all other actors!!

  27. bellebeesting says:

    I rarely comment on here but I do scan through the comments and I’m wondering: what happened to “Love Angelina”? Katherine? Anyone?

  28. katyalia says:

    @ Katherine: “Seriously who among us have every word we utter or gesture we make hyper analyzed by the world?”
    We don’t.
    But moviestars give their interviews (in front of cameras, etc.) explicitly in order to be seen & heard by the public (world).
    And most of them manage to either think before they speak or only say non-committal things.
    When Pitt says ’3 years’ and the ‘world’ understands it as ’3 years’ I don’t think you can fairly critize the world’s hyper analysis.

  29. T.C. says:

    Sue me but I like the glasses on Brad. It gives me something else to focus on instead of that disaster of a a beard. LOL. I like Brad, I think he was just talking not trying to make a national headline. We need more non-stop movies so if he wants to produce quality movies instead of acting I’m all for it.

  30. NM9005 says:

    If the man says he plans on quitting acting in three years while he is in the run for an oscar for two important films, of course he knew he was dropping a bombshell. He knows that people follow his life because he’s hustling and promoting it HARD. He’s been out there and putting himself out there to be seen, to campaign whatever to snatch that oscar and then we he detracts a huge statement within a matter of days, no one can call him out on that? Oh, yeah poor celebrities huh, always so misunderstood…If he gives such a clear statement on his acting life (you know his multimillion dollar job that made him famous, the reason why we are here reading about this in the first place) than why are we the one misunderstanding? We read what he says, it’s simple. But apparently not so simple for him.

    “I wasn’t actually putting an exact deadline on my expiration date”

    No, but you did on your acting career.

    Of course it’s “the haters” who want to take him down and turn it into something negative.
    Puh-lease, Brad put his foot in his mouth again and yet it’s the interviewer her fault or we didn’t understand what he was trying to say or the haters are just hating and being negative blablabla… Yep, Brad, the smart adult, isn’t responsible for his own words. Shees louis…celebs get attacked all the time for saying stupid shit (hello Adriana Lima thread) but you can never be skeptic of Pitt-Jolie.

    AND being in this business for more than 20 years, you could expect from him to know the interviewing game already. It’s not like it’s new to him and he can’t adjust himself to weird/dumb questions and divert them into a direction that benefits the promotion of his film.

  31. lizzief says:

    I don’t care for this circa 1992 Val Kilmer look.

  32. Criss says:

    The mediass always jumps on quotes when celebs say anything. He’s an artist and will always be. I’d love to see him as an old man acting the part. Leave the poor guy alone. He’s not football player.

  33. Katherine says:

    NM9005. LOL! You’re funny and soooo exercised over this. Why in the world do you care when you obviously don’t even like the guy?

    Those who really know Brad have been pretty clear that Brad is probably one of the few actors NOT all that interested in winning awards. And there has been plenty of real proof about that in the past and now as opposed to your speculative mind reading and photo analyzing – and I do mean anal.

  34. spinner says:

    He is definitely not looking his best. He has crossed the line from scruffy to scraggly. It just looks like he is not taking care of himself.

  35. Katherine says:

    Olivia, give it up. You have zero understanding of the industry. I cannot imagine that Angelina has the time to hunt for small projects and that is why she hired someone to do it for her. This seems like a real indication that she is tired of the big projects that are offered to her and, as someone above said, she is looking for smaller, more meaningful and maybe even better film projects to add to her options. Those ARE the ones you have to hunt down. It’s a smart move by someone serious about her career and filmmaking.

  36. Canuck says:

    Seems more like an indication she’s not getting any “big projects”. So she’s letting it be known she’s willing to lower her sights. Lol

  37. sandy#1 says:

    i think we know where i stand, i agree with Katherine, every single word is analyze, i also think, he is constantly asked the same questions over and over, one would get really tired and bored, but this is brad pitt, people really, apparently admitted or not, listens when he speaks, and critique to the max, hoping to find something negative, i think he knows exactly what he wants and does it, and hell yes, the man looks mighty fine. don’t go brad, make the naysayers sweat. ignore or keep watching, he’s not going any where.

  38. Canuck says:

    Pitt has quite obviously been chasing the little gold man for years now. I suspect he’s green with envy over George’s. Those two are sniping at each other via the press at the moment, George talking about the injury he sustained while filming his Oscar winning role (take that Pitt) and Pitt saying he’ll be past his sell-by date at 50 (which George just happened to turn this year).

  39. sadie says:

    I would cross the street if I saw this coming my way

  40. sandy#1 says:

    oh i forgot to add, pitt knows whats being said about him, his looks, etc, it’s really funny to me that he just does what he wants and does not care what people keep saying about his looks, shaving, long hair, not bathing, he is content with his life and choices he’s made and screw whoever doesn’t like it, wise indeed brad. there is more to him than his looks.

  41. Cheyenne says:

    @Canuck #36: C’mon now, you already shot yourself in the foot over that “concubine” silliness on the other thread, now you want to shoot yourself in the other foot? Angie can get a role in any film she wants any time she wants it. Her movies sell tickets, or hadn’t you heard? Total worldwide gross for all her movies is $4.7 billion. Studios like numbers like that.

    As for Pitt, I don’t think he’s nearly as fixated on getting an Oscar as you are on hoping he doesn’t. He’s where he wants to be professionally and he has nothing else to prove. What’s an Oscar going to do for him that he doesn’t already have? Not a damn thing. Ask Hilary Swank how much an Oscar is worth. She’s got two of the things and her career is in the toilet.

  42. Maya says:

    Dude needs to shave and cut his hair. He looks a million times better that way.

  43. hammer says:

    katyalia: “Isn’t this guy getting tired of his own backpedaling?
    He said 3 years. Not ‘I can feel it coming’, ’soon-ish’ or ‘who knows exactly’. He said 3 years.”

    Exactly. Always backpedaling.

    Katherine: “Those who really know Brad have been pretty clear that Brad is probably one of the few actors NOT all that interested in winning awards. And there has been plenty of real proof about that in the past and now as opposed to your speculative mind reading and photo analyzing – and I do mean anal.”

    Hmmmm, really? Some people who know Brad have actually said “Brad’s not interested in awards”? Well blow me down. Nevermind that he would feign disinterest given that, you know, he hasn’t won one. I recall seeing him on an Oscars roundtable w/ Robert Downey Jr., Ann Hathaway, and others. The host asked if they Google themselves on the internet. Brad said no, he’s never done that, Ann said no, and Robert Downey said, YES I DO, all the time. So Ann turns around and admits, yes, she had….and what do you want to bet that Brad really does, too? My guess is, hell yes.

    He looks a mess. But I’ve never found him particularly attractive. He was pretty, yeah, but there was nothing about him that ever pulled me in and caused me to lust after him. Never been blown away by his acting, either. I never bought his and Jennifer’s relationship…it always seemed fake to me. I’m equally disinterested in his and Angie’s union. I mean, good for them and all, but I don’t worship it. It’s just two people that happen to sharing their lives….it’s happening all around the world.

  44. Cathy says:

    This current look of his is distgusting, he looks like something my dog vomited on my kitchen floor the other day.

  45. SkyNet says:

    I can do without the hair. Maybe if he washed it. He looks good with longer hair, but in this set of pics, I don’t know. Something is off. Other than that he still looks good. I think he looked the best in Interview With a Vampire.

  46. N.D. says:

    He didn’t say “I have a plan to quit in 3 years”, it was “dunno, like 3 years maybe, haha, when I’m 50″. You should watch interview and see that it wasn’t by any means a serious announcement of a long before thought out plan. Just some random here and now musings in response to random question.

    Just because some of you decided to take it as a major announcement and part of Oscar conspiracy doesn’t make HIM an idiot. Mostly it exposes how hateful and obsessively paranoid some people are about Brangelina.

  47. Heine says:

    Katherine: Every word he says is analyzed by everyone-even people who like him including yourself. He’s a world-famous actor. His words are sent around the world for the purpose of being seen and heard by as many people as possible. It’s part of his job. Most of us aren’t famous so our words aren’t analyzed.

    But there is nothing to analyze here. The moron said he’d give up acting in three years. That is literally what he said. There was no way to interpret it. Dude is back pedaling yet again. You’d think after all these years he’d know how to keep his thoughts in order during an interview and not have to constantly correct himself.

    He’s just campaigning for that Oscar. And it’s total BS that he doesn’t care about awards. He’s been making Oscar-bait films for years.

    What would an Oscar get him? More respect from an industry of which he is unfortunately the tabloid king (he’s a decent actor but he’s no Robert Redford in terms of being respected for his acting/directing abilities-we know too much about his private life) a title to add to his resume, to be forever know as ‘Academy Award winner’ Brad Pitt, and since he’d be getting it when he’s a tad long in the tooth, it could be seen as a ‘breadth-of-work’ Oscar which are really the kind you wanna get since its seen as redemption from all the years the Academy ignored you.

    Dude wants it bad.

  48. Emma says:

    @Rhiley, #13 … “He did look good in Moneyball but that was filmed a couple of years ago I think.”

    “Moneyball” was film during the Summer and Fall of 2010 … just one year ago.

    Why do people keep forgetting that Brad Pitt is ‘still’ filming “World War Z?” He won’t lose the hair style until the filming and (if necessary) re-shoots are done.

  49. Cerulean says:

    I think he looks hot. Never was my type as younger man. But with some marinating and the right seasoning, he looks good. Loving older men
    on this site.

    He may be sensitive about his eyes. Maybe he’s getting a little work to depuff them a bit.

    Geez, can’t the man clarify an earlier statement?
    Just shows he’s a person not a PR machine. Just chatting like Kaiser said.

  50. Cheyenne says:

    @Heine: Dude doesn’t want it nearly as badly as you want him to want it. Like I said, what’s an Oscar going to do for his career? He’s already pulling down $20 mil per movie plus backend. So he gets an Oscar to put on his bookshelf, so what? Angie’s already got one and she’s probably got it stored away in some closet.

    God, you Jenhens crack me the hell up. He said he plans to retire from acting in three years. PLANS CAN CHANGE, yanno? Hell, I’ve got long-range plans of my own but they’re not set in stone because anything can happen to derail them. You hens are just looking for something else to bitch about.

  51. NM9005 says:

    @Katherine: I can discuss many things but I won’t do a repeat over something that I made clear in a post from one day ago (my feelings over Brad as an actor).

    The ones that pretend they care the least about an Oscar, are the ones that campaign the hardest (also looking at you Leo D.). If you can’t see how hard he is campaigning then you need some of those glasses Brad is wearing.
    Do I think he deserve an Oscar? Does that even matter? That was not my point, so don’t try and make it as if I have a personal vendetta against him. You’re on this thread too defending a complete stranger, you’re no better than anybody else on here.

    Besides it’s proven many times in the past that the Acadamy is full of shit (as if Hilary Swank deserved the oscar twice over the great Annette B.).

    “Those who really know Brad have been pretty clear that Brad is probably…”

    Wow, people gushing over other people, haven’t seen that before. Why would I believe that? I don’t know Brad but if you do than good for you but don’t try and quote or refer to people from inside the bizz that I know jack about because it’s all sycophantic bullshit to maintain the image.

    Sidenote: I’m glad I amuse you…

    And co-sign with Heine’s comment. I’m so lazy right now I just want to be entertained by this site not discussing everything.

  52. TG says:

    I don’t believe a word that comes out of either of their mouths. Isn’t she always saying she is quitting too? Just do it already. I can’t stand long and protracted retirements. Athletes, singers and actors are famous for this. Why the need to make an announcement.

  53. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne: hardly my problem if you are “inculte”. (Oh wait! Another new word for you!) And willfully blind…

    As for Pitt getting an Oscar or not, maybe one day he’ll deserve one. So far he hasn’t. It doesn’t look like he’ll get one this year either, oh well. All the “I’m taking my ball and going home if you’re not nice to me” whining isn’t going to make much of a difference. I personally don’t think he’ll ever win one as an actor unless he’s competing in a weak field, because there are many more talented men than he putting out films every year against who he has to compete. Maybe he’ll get one of those “Lifetime achievement” ones when he’s 70.

  54. hammer says:

    TG: To get an ego boost over the Brangeloonies losing their stuff at the thought of Brad leaving the biz. Personally, I think he’s emotionally needy.

  55. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne50: What would he gain? What does anyone gain by winning a top industry award, given by your peers? Recognition of your talent / brains / skill etc, depending on your industry. It would be entertaining to see just how often everything comes back only to money in your posts, if it wasn’t such a sad commentary on what you obviously think is the only thing that counts.

    I suspect that Brad might have a bit of a complex about being successful because of his looks rather than his talent. You know, the “you love me, you really love me!” acceptance speech type of complex… Has he even been invited to be a member of the Academy? I don’t think he has.

  56. Camille says:

    Brad Pitt is still one very sexy man, he is one of the hottest men in Hollywood. (In my opinion :) ). They don’t measure up and comers in Hollywood against Brad Pitt for nothing lol.

    As for what he has said in recent interviews; meh.

  57. Emma says:

    @Canuck, #55 … “I suspect that Brad might have a bit of a complex about being successful because of his looks rather than his talent. You know, the “you love me, you really love me!” acceptance speech type of complex… Has he even been invited to be a member of the Academy? I don’t think he has.”

    LOL!! Wow, that is SO Jennifer Anitson. You really nailed her!

    Brad doesn’t care sh$t about his looks. If he did, he’d have reverted back to the pretty ‘Ken Doll’ image he maintained prior to his divorce from stumpy. They may not keep up with the Tabs, but obviously they know what’s being said about them (probably when the Paps following them scream it out). If Brad were as ‘weak-willed and needy for approval’ as his ex (and as you paint him), wouldn’t he be doing the plastic surgery, filler, facial, tanning, hair, ‘well-groomed and dressed’ thing to ‘get’ that approval? I’m just saying.

    LOL!! He’d look just like Justin Theroux does now, after Jen hooked him up. :)

  58. Turtle Dove says:

    Papa Pitt needs to take a nap cause he’s all about the “clarifying” of his statements. I know that he’s got 6 kids, but Brad… sit down and take a little time for yourself…

    I think Brad’s at a turning point in his career. He is looking tired and worn out. He rarely smiles and usually gives a toothless grin. All in all, he looks very unhappy to me.

    The glasses, I believe, are to give himself some privacy and distance from what I suppose is constant attention.

  59. Cheyenne says:

    Canuck: Has he even been invited to be a member of the Academy? I don’t think he has.

    Oh sweet Jesus, Canuck, you’ve got your feet shoved so far into your mouth they’re about to exit out your butt. Brad is an academy award nominee. He’s been in the Academy for years, as has Angie. She’s an academy award winner as well as a multiple nominee. I keep telling you, do your homework before you come on here making yourself look stupid. I realize it’s second nature for you but damn, you could at least make an effort.

  60. Heine says:

    Cheyenne: I find it odd that you think wanting an Oscar is somehow bad or negative. Lots of actors want them as a sort of validation of their talents from their peers. There is nothing wrong with wanting an Academy Award. And saying that he wants one isn’t a negative comment either. It’s a comment on his career path and film choices. He seems to make Oscar-bait films pretty consistently.

    What would it do for his career? Give him more respect from his peers and his fans. You can’t tell me that if he won one, Brangeloonies wouldn’t be metaphorically celebrating in the streets and rubbing it in everyone else’s faces on every blog. His peers want to work with him and all, but he’s not Robert Redford or Paul Newman.

    I also find it odd that Brad can change his plans and you are so understanding of that when it’s him talking but other people are liars and fakes when their plans have changed. Hmmm.

  61. At least Canuck moved on from the f-in’ concubine bullshit. I like Brad in black,don’t like the glasses.

  62. SpankDong says:

    I don’t know. I kind of like his look. Or maybe it’s his vibe. He’s clearly comfortable in his look—sketchy though we may find it—and to hell with everyone else! It’s refreshing.

    Now if only he could transfer some of that joie de vivre to Angie, he’d be set…

  63. Orange Cone says:

    he’s so Asston Kutcher…or is that Kutchering? Hahaha yeah- whatever.

  64. erica says:

    He looks great. This is what men his age are supposed to look like. If long hair is not your style fine but he’s hardly gross. And thankfully he’s not concerned what most of us think about whether he’s aged gracefully or not.

  65. G says:

    Gee, Why get hysterical over every passing comment? Sheesh. Can a guy not speculate on how he sees his career evolving? It was an interview and he wasn’t required to swear an oath.

    Also, he clearly stopped trying to be a pretty boy some time ago and doesn’t care who likes it or not.

    As for the glasses….it’s called turning 40 and it happens in the best of families.

  66. Canuck says:

    @Emma: Sally Fields. That was her actual acceptance speech. As for Pitt being “needy”, it’s not at all uncommon for people who succeed “too easily” to feel they don’t actually deserve it. You see it all the time… The incredibly bright kids in school who never get less than A’s and who never actually work for it.

  67. Sakyiwaa says:

    the insane analyzing over this is unreal…
    what? unfamous people get asked about their future plans by loved ones all the time… sometimes, you get people’s opinions and myriad forms of nitpicking… just because that’s not televised, it can’t be picked apart…

    obviously, he’s thinking about retiring…
    what’s wrong with saying, “I’m considering retiring at age 50…” as opposed to “I think non-Americans like dumb movies” like Johnny Depp said.

    i actually THINK Brad wants an Oscar though i’m sure he’ll still ‘fare well’ in the biz without it… it is not a BFD!

    He produced THE DEPARTED which won an Oscar for Best Director… i’m sure he really enjoyed that.

    Plus, ditto the Hilary Swank analogy, Even Angie has actually said she doesn’t know the exact location of her Oscar and it was probably still in storage with her mom’s old stuff.

    fuh real! Brad just do you. People just like to hold grudges…

    I think he’s effing hot in black! And i love his long-haired look. my fave BP movies aren’t LEGEND OF THE FALLS and INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE, for no reason… :)

  68. Canuck says:

    @HPH: Honey, I wasn’t the one who didn’t want to let it go. As far as I’m concerned it has a precise legal definition that doesn’t leave much wiggle room. If certain people want to spend a whole post’s worth of comment space questioning what the word means because they’re determined to take offense, that’s hardly my fault.

    Besides, it’s quite obvious from comments like the one you just made that some of you not-so-secretly look forward to arguing with me. Which post was it not so long ago where some of you were “rubbing your hands together with glee” in the hopes of verbally sparring with those who don’t agree with you? Would you like me to link to it, just in case you forgot?

  69. Cheyenne says:

    @Heine: Where in the world did I say winning an Oscar is a negative? Obviously it’s a big achievement. But I don’t think it means as much down the line as you think it means. Hillary Swank is just one case in point. As for respect from his peers and fans, Brad Pitt already has all the respect he needs. He’s not asking for adulation. He knows where he is professionally and he’s comfortable with that.

  70. Heine says:

    Canuck: They are always itching for fight *eyeroll*

  71. Hypocratia says:

    He´s a pompous a**, not an actor!
    Retire now and take that skinny woman with you!
    Leave now and don´t come back!

  72. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne: from their website: “Individuals nominated for an Academy Award® who are not already members will be considered for membership.”. Ergo, a nomination does not give you automatic membership. Cough…homework…cough

    So, are they and do you have some concrete proof, or are you just making incorrect assumptions as usual? Surely it can’t be that hard to find som e evidence that they are.

  73. Canuck** Ouch!! I had a feeling you’d hit me in the head with a novel.

  74. N.D. says:

    Celebitchy, we really need an ignore button. It’s extremely tiresome to keep scrolling down through this constant insane bickering between the same people.

  75. G says:

    “Membership in the Academy is by invitation only. Invitation comes from the Board of Governors. Membership eligibility may be achieved by earning a competitive Oscar nomination or an existing member may submit a name based on other significant contribution to the field of motion pictures.

    New membership proposals are considered annually. The Academy does not publicly disclose its full membership, although press releases have announced the names of those who have recently been invited to join.”

    As a former nominee, he would be a member.

  76. Canuck says:

    I have to ask… How many of you who keep going on about Interview with a Vampire read the book beforehand?

    Whoever cast that movie should have been drawn and quartered. That book (and not the following ones where Rice totally sold out) was like bathing in a pool of decadent sinful sensuality when you read it and whoTF thought to cast Pitt and especially Cruise in anything requiring that sort of ambiance? The only people who half lived up to their roles (book wise) were Dunst and Banderas. Granted it’s rare that a film is as good as the book, but that was like using Pop Rocks to depict the Blitzkrieg.

  77. Gelina Whiddon says:

    I think Brad Pitt has the talent to act until he is a very old man. No expiration date on his acting abilities at all!

  78. Canuck says:

    @HPH: OMG, do I detect a hint of a sense of humour peeking through? ;)

  79. ZenB!tch says:

    He looks like an old dirty hippie who someone dressed up in nice clothes but forgot to bathe.

  80. Canuck says:

    @G(74): As a nominee, he would have been eligible for membership consideration without having to have been sponsored by two existing members which is what you need if you haven’t been nominated. It does not make you a defacto member.

  81. Sakyiwaa** The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Jesse James for me. Oh,and Snatch is my guilty pleasure.

  82. Canuck** Humor?? Nope,not me. I don’t have a funny bone in my body…

  83. G says:

    No, Canuck as a nominee, he would be invited to become a member then, if not earlier.

    Also, the idea that there aren’t two members who would be willing sponsor him is rather churlish.

  84. mln76 says:

    @Canuck I love that you are arrogant enough to claim to know more than Anne Rice who proclaimed that she thought the Brad Pitt casting was great. Obviously she should have consulted you first about what her characters are really like :)

  85. mln76 says:

    Don’t you think it’s rather silly to claim that the Academy has no respect for Pitt or Jolie. If they didn’t want either one to be honored they wouldn’t have nominated both of them more than once or given Angelina an Oscar.

  86. Heine says:

    Cheyenne: Um, read my comment over and comprehend what I actually said i.e. it isn’t bad to WANT an Oscar, not WIN one.

    Brad has adulation (from his fans like you) but not respect from his peers. They like him, sure. But there is no hero worship, no ‘his breadth of work is astounding’ or ‘his talent is extraordinary’ from other actors or directors for that matter.

    I think the fact is that he’s a good actor and all but there are many many better male actors who are doing much better work than he. Him being a movie star/leading man works against him. I don’t think he’s ever done professional theater.

    He’s like Leonardo DiCaprio. They both started their careers as pretty boys who banked on that for awhile but now want to be taken seriously as talented men who are more than good-looking. Winning an Oscar is one step on that road-another would be directing a great, groundbreaking film.

  87. SMH says:

    Whatever. I’m done with this tool. Please, there are so much more hotter guys out there. His days are done, and he knows it. That is why he is campaigning for this Oscar so hard. Its now or never for him.

  88. mln76 says:

    @Heine Are you actually IN the industry? Have you talked to directors, producers, and others in Hollywood or are you using your own biases to back up your opinion?

    Stating that Brad isn’t Daniel Day Lewis so therefore he doesn’t have respect for his body of work is sort of silly.

    I think the industry view is closer to articles like this

    or this

  89. Canuck says:

    @HPH: Shame, I suppose that joking with you is like beating a dead horse then.

    @G: Do we really have to argue semantics because you think that “eligible” and “defacto” mean the same thing? They aren’t, not even in the twistiest sense of either of those words…

    @mln: Pitt and Cruise sucked in those roles compared to the book characters and do you really think Anne (I sold out as soon as I had the chance) Rice was going to diss what she hoped would be her meal ticket if it were to become a franchise a la Twilight? Hardly. So you didn’t actually answer, did you read the book beforehand or not? I’d guess not, judging from your lack of discussion on what you thought of it.

  90. Cheyenne says:

    @Heine: I very much doubt Brad Pitt is as insecure about his profession as you seem to think he is. He’s said several times he’s achieved what he wanted to achieve as an actor and has nothing left to prove. If you want to believe he’s losing sleep over not having an Oscar, that’s your lookout. He’s reached a point in his career where he can do just about anything he wants.

  91. mln76 says:

    @Canuck actually she publicly decried Tom Cruises’ casting and in the same breath said Brad Pitt was perfect for the role. (she later recanted and said that she did think TC did a good job)

    Oh and Canuck now I am supposed to submit the books I’ve read for your approval too?
    YES I READ IT!!!!
    I thought Pitt was good casting at the time. Just like Ann Rice.

  92. Cheyenne says:

    @ #52: No, TG, Angie never said she was quitting. She said she was cutting back to make more time for her family. Which is exactly what she did. She didn’t work at all from November 2007 to February 2009. Since then she’s made exactly two films, Salt and The Tourist, and she did the voice-over for KFP2. And she doesn’t have to answer to you for how much or how little she works. So what’s your problem?

    @Sakiywaa: Must be a full moon out tonight. The coven is going crazy.

  93. Joanna says:

    I think he looks better cleaned up but I think he has more important things to do than worry about whether somebody thinks he’s hot. He’s been busy building houses in LA, donating money to his hometown (Joplin), etc. I don’t think he cares if anybody thinks he’s hot and for that, I give him props. People care too much about looks these days.

  94. Yessiiirrreee says:

    Well if he doesn’t get an Oscar for The Tree of Life or Moneyball, he sure the heck isn’t going to be in the running for his roles in Cogan’s Trade or that Zombie movie….so possibly this is his last chance at his grab for that golden statue..could be why he’s heavily promoting Moneyball…..

  95. Canuck** I swear-if I catch you beating a dead horse-I’m calling Peta!!!

  96. Katherine says:

    Canuck modestly suggests,” . . . some of you not-so-secretly look forward to arguing with me.”

    ROTFLMAO! Well, smell you.

    Whatever gets you off, my dear.

  97. Canuck says:

    @HPH: I swear, I see the trace of a sense of humour in there…

  98. Canuck says:

    @Katherine: shame I can link to the post in question where, despite my not having been around for a few weeks, I was not only being mentioned by name, but some were saying ( in general) “bring it on”. Shall I link? It’s right here on this very site and as I recall these people were even called out about spoiling for an argument. In fact, it was probably the same where you were on about the miraculous lobbying, tendering, building timeline from NeverNever Land, because it’s somehow offensive to you that they donated their own money rather than the taxpayers. Or so the foreign press reported…

  99. sandy#1 says:

    mln76-#88 honey, you better go!!!! shut these hens down with those articles, i kinda think they forgot who brad pitt is.. he is Hollywood, why do you think that ex- and her bickering jealous fans are still pissed that he dumped her, how many men have this fame seeker dated since pitt? what 10?, 12? in 7 years? he has improved in every area of his life, her? well.. move on, there is no, hear me? no comparison. be happy for his ex and her stolen boyfriend, why can’t you?

  100. NM9005 says:

    I read the Pajiba article.

    Of course Pitt is talented and hot (I guess for the majority) but maybe if he spends more time letting his craft speak for him instead of blabbing about his personal life and staging photo-ops for the audience to drool over aka being the epitome of a film star then he would be in the same category as DDL (who is not a film star but an actor). After all, they can both act and they are both hot looks wise (I prefer DDL!) so the difference can be found in the way they carry themselves. And DDL does it in such an astounding breathtaking way that illuminates through his performances and interviews. When he acts, he’s that character, he becomes it because he keeps his personal background as much as possible to himself. He acts and that’s all you should know. You like him, you watch his films but don’t expect him to sell it like film star. Don’t expect him to lure you with his film star charm and quirky interviews. There’s no other reason to go to DDL’s films than to watch him take over the screen and to see him emerge and become that character. R-e-s-p-e-c-t. Hah, I love him.

    Pitt could still be a DDL but then the Pitt Porn as Lainey calls it, has to stop. Stop gushing in interviews about your love life and children and let the art speak for itself. If you have to rely on your personal life to sell a film then you have not reached that certain kind of respect that DDL has (and others like Goldman, Rickman..). And if he would become that kind of actor than the chit chat about the Triangle would stop too. If JP ain’t talking then why should we? He would become a boring but respected and legendary actor. Until then I will keep on criticizing them because they put themselves out there, selling everything they got, so expect to defend him until he becomes an actor because scrutiny will always be following him/them =).

  101. Katherine says:

    Canuck, seriously can’t you rise above some of this or get a sense of humor about it. I can’t even figure out what the hell you mean in that post about me. We do get it though – you don’t like the Jolie Pitts, as individuals or as a couple, and I cannot imagine anything they ever do or say will ever meet with your approval.

  102. sheri says:

    It just makes me sad. I loved me some Pitt and Clooney back in the day. Now, both of them have lost all of their hotness. Geez, they need lessons from Redford and Newman. Kept the hot, always. Redford, still. Eastwood also looks better than Pitt and Clooney. He’s old, but still got it.

  103. Heine says:

    Mln76: yea I do, actually. And I’ve been around industry people my entire life.

    I read the two articles and the pajiba one is pure personal opinion about his acting abilities and the second is about him and George Clooney playing the Hollywood game and who is ahead. I’m not understanding how either of those articles prove that most of the people in the entertainment industry respect Pitt and his body of work.

    Cheyenne: Nothing left to achieve but win an Oscar which he might be able to do with Moneyball if his campaign is successful.

  104. mln76 says:

    @Heine whatever I am not going to question you about your connections….Personally I don’t think that’s true that he doesn’t have respect within the industry. If looks alone make an actor and success then Richard Greico or Jason Priestly would still be huge stars.
    I see the LA times article as opinion on Brad’s body of work in the last few years not just his ‘game’. Films like Jessie James and Moneyball have been unanimously acclaimed and unlike Tom C who still has a lot of power in the industry but zero prestige he is still sought after by the best directors out there…Fincher, Miller, McQueen, the Coen Brothers. Now I am not about to claim he is the most talented or acclaimed actor of his age but I am going to say he has more skill than he gets credit for.

  105. mln76** I agree,it seems silly to say that Pitt doesn’t have respect in the industry. I mean who is it than that doesn’t respect him?? Hell,if that were true he wouldn’t even be working.I’m not saying he’s the best actor,but to say he doesn’t get respect from people in the industry is just ridiculous.(I believe he has grown as an actor.No more pretty boy)

  106. Debby says:

    @min76 thanks for the links! I enjoyed both articles immensely. Particularly the second one, which was really bang on.

    Group me in with Kaiser on this one…hot hot hot! I am often amazed at how slender he is, as he seems to spend a lot of time in clothes a size or two over his requirements. I have noticed he has a “thing” with un-linked cuffs – I adore that look and the black shirt? YUMMMMM!

  107. samira677 says:

    I find it bizarre that people are claiming Brad is campaigning for an Oscar. He’s doing just as much if not less promotion with Moneyball than his other movies. Funny enough Johnny Depp has done more interviews than Pitt but nobody is claiming he’s begging for an Oscar. I also have to LOL that people think his “retirement announcement” will gain votes. It’s similar to how the haters claim they pay the paps for photo-ops to get people to see their movies.

  108. LucyOriginal says:

    I love Pitt’s flip flop and yet he is not even aware what people write about him. Imagine if he were?! hahaha…

  109. Sadie says:

    I think he’s trying to look like Justin Theroix, and is failing.

  110. pamela says:


    Ding, Ding, Ding…you have won the prize for the most stupid comment of the day. Why in hell would Brad want to look like Theroux?

  111. Charlottean says:

    I think Brad’s trying to dress like Justin too with this all-black look but unfortunately it’s not working well for him…it just makes him look even older. Ug. Time has not been kind to him.

  112. Heine says:

    Mln76: Its an opinion of his body of work in the last few years as it relates to Clooney’s in terms of who is working the Hollywood game better-’throwing their weight around to get all sorts of difficult movies made’ (direct quote from the article). ‘Let’s play a Hollywood parlor game…that they’re both playing the game is what they [Clooney and Pitt] have in common. What they don’t have in common is who’s winning it…’

    Clooney has had a pretty bad streak where Pitt has had a good one and is winning the ‘game’ by a ‘surprisingly wide margin’.

    To me, that article is just enumerating how Brad is doing better projects than Clooney, specifically, even though they are of similar stock and both have similar ‘influence and desire’ to ‘get any movie made, at any reasonable budget, with pretty much any director…’

    Tom Cruise was doing great films for awhile there and then he destroyed any semblance of prestige with the couch jumping and Scientology weirdness. Plus, like Brad, he’s a movie star first and then an actor.

    I agree with you that he has more skill than he gets credit for. I enjoy his performances and I looooved him in Inglorious Basterds (‘Bon jor-no’) and I fell in love with him after Interview With The Vampire like lots of other girls.

    The trouble is now he’s a tabloid king and movie star first and second and then an actor third. Most people, if you ask them what they know about Brad Pitt, I would venture to guess they’d say he’s with Angelina Jolie, he has a bunch of kids and oh yes, he’s a movie star. That doesn’t get you respect. Popularity, sure.

    No one is denying that everyone in Hollywood would give their left foot to work with him. Just that he hasnt earned the type of respect that an actor such as Daniel Day Lewis has. He just too open and talks too much about himself and his personal life.

    Jason Priestly and Richard Greico had limited appeal outside of their very specific television roles. It happens to some actors who get trapped in a role that makes them famous and no one wants to see them doing anything else. It’s also possible they had bad agents or just didn’t have range. Brad was never attached to a tv role so he was able to be seen as just another actor not Brandon Walsh or Officer Dennis.

    These are just musings, by the way. I’ve just never heard anyone say they would like to work with Brad Pitt because of his great artistic mind or how he becomes the character on screen or anything. They want to work with him because anything he works on gets attention and money.

    Please feel free to prove me wrong.

  113. Pat says:

    “Better to be quiet and let people think you are a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt” Brad really needs to just stop talking and be the pretty boy he is. All I can say is that I feel sorry for Angie – this guy is so pathetic with his wanting attention.

    As for the above discussion about his being respected in hollywood. You can bet that actors and actresses who keep their family life and children private have no respect for him. They all rub each others backs in the press – but behind closed doors you can bet that these two are made fun of.

  114. tmbg says:

    I’ll never understand the draw of going out in public with shaggy, dirty-looking hair and a scraggly beard. Angie must like it though. I have a feeling the only reason he was fairly well-groomed at one point was because Goop and Aniston liked him that way. Have you ever noticed he seemed to match his appearance to his various girlfriends? I remember when he had the same haircut as Gwyneth.

  115. wunder says:

    We are seeing what Angie wants him to look like. . . She wants to make sure he is unattractive when he’s not working. . . BUT he does clean up well when he has a part which requires it. Brad’s still HOT, but I’m not into Scruffy Brad. Clean Brad is much hotter. . . would be great if he worked out a bit more. His arms are sorta spindly.

  116. Emma says:

    @Sakyiwaa, #67 … “He produced THE DEPARTED which won an Oscar for Best Director… i’m sure he really enjoyed that.”

    “The Departed” also won the 2007 ‘Best film of the Year’ Oscar as well. Even though Brad was listed as one of the Producers of the film, only one of the film’s five Producers–Graham King–was deemed eligible by the Academy Awards Committee to be nominated for/and to receive the ‘Best Film’ Oscar (I wonder what rules govern the eligibility for Producers?).

  117. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Of course the industry respects him and Jolie. The only people who don’t, are the ones who like someone the industry regards as a nice comedic actress. No real power there. They are NOT industry people, but only hit websites to chat.

    He is not campaigning hard for an Oscar, he is the ONLY one promoting his movie that he starred in and produced. Simple as that. Did you see anyone else there? Not needed apparently.

    As for his look, it is how he chooses to for roles he also chooses. His glasses are to see, not for cover. He was wearing reading glasses on set of Jolie’s film, so he has a right.

    Jolie can’t get parts is beyond crazy. Cleopatra and Maleficient are hers if she approves. She seems too busy to deal with smaller films, so having an agent do it is smart. She wears alot of hats and juggles multiple things, so this is a good call. How long she keeps them is anybodies guess. I am on the shortside, say until ITLOBAH with the heads at FilmDistrict leaving and her not wanting to mess around is priority #1, runs its course. They promised to see it get its proper push and updates are dropping and it is a positive go.

    I can’t put them down for looking down the road. That is the smartest thing to do. Why wait till you have to leave and are not prepared. He can produce, she can write and direct. Once again, what a formidable duo. She is said to be a planner, so she wants to take care of her family. He is head of said family and wants to do the same and then some. Is it really too hard too understand. 6+ kids is asking for another 15-18 years of support and their parents got that. I can respect that forward thinking. They are no fools. His comments are just that comments. He is not writing a life journal for people to follow. Folks take this as some sort carved in stone speech. He can say what he wants about his life as we all can, except we are not criticized and have not had the nerve to get a divorce and partner up with Jolie. His fault, it seems to stem from these past years.

  118. Addie says:

    Oh god..this guy and his back tracking again.
    @NM9005 always sums things up perfectly.

    The being wise cracks me up.
    He seems to imply that he is not trying to attain wisdom, but already is wise.LOL.
    Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood could be cosidered wise in their field, but Brad. Really Brad Pitt – wise.

  119. Freya says:


    You’re right, Katherine. My husband has glasses like that. When he is outside, the glasses turn into ‘sunnies.’ The lenses turn dark. The brighter it is the darker the lenses. Inside they turn ‘normal’ again.

    Brad looks fine. His hairstyle is in vogue now. I think he will always be attractive. Like Redford.

  120. Freya says:


    Why should it be carved in stone? It’s what he feels and plans now, but he can always change his mind. Don’t we all make plans, and don’t we all change our minds sometimes?

  121. Freya says:


    I agree, samira. People just love to slam him. He isn’t retiring. He plans to go on producing movies.

  122. Freya says:


    Good question, pamela. LOL Sadie is being silly.

  123. Emma says:

    @Canuck, #76 … “I have to ask… How many of you who keep going on about Interview with a Vampire read the book beforehand?

    Whoever cast that movie should have been drawn and quartered. That book (and not the following ones where Rice totally sold out) was like bathing in a pool of decadent sinful sensuality when you read it and whoTF thought to cast Pitt and especially Cruise in anything requiring that sort of ambiance? The only people who half lived up to their roles (book wise) were Dunst and Banderas.”

    I think Kristen Durst and Brad Pitt were well cast, but they missed the boat in casting Antonio Banderas as Armand and Tom Cruise as Lestat. Anne Rice gave us pretty vivid descriptions of Louis, Lestat, and Armand.

    Brad was perfectly pouty, broody, and pretty as Louis… and I just loved him with brown hair and green eyes. I adore Antonio Bandares, but in the first three books, Armand was described as if he were killed when he was not much past puberty (I got the impression that he was somewhere between the ages of 14 to 16 when he was ‘made.’ I thought that was one of the reasons why he was so frightening … appearing so young, but being so old and powerful (and bat-sh$ty evil to boot). Wasn’t Marius tormented by the fact that he’d made Armand a vampire at such a young age? I would have been okay with it if they’d cast an actor in his early twenties, but Antonio was too mature for the role (he was older than both Cruise and Pitt). Tom Cruise was SO miscast as Lestat, I hardly know where to begin. The only thing they got right about the character was the blond hair. Here are some interesting tidbits about the casting.

    1) Anne Rice wanted actor Julian Sands for the role as Lestat, and the film’s Director agreed with her. The Studio, however, wanted Tom Cruise for the part (and as I recall, Tom lobbied hard for the role, too). I am simply sick now, knowing that Julian Sands–who was in his prime and would have been an absolutely ‘perfect’ Lestat–was passed over in favor of Tom Cruise.

    2) The role of Claudia came down to a choice between two promising child actresses: Kirsten Dunst and Julia Stiles. Julia Stiles has since said that she was devastated when she learned that she didn’t get the role.

    3) River Phoenix was originally cast as the ‘interviewer’ (how awesome would that have been?). They wanted him so badly, they held production in order to wait until he finished the film he was working on, but he died a couple of weeks before the time he was scheduled to start filming his scenes for “Interview With the Vampire.”

  124. Lady D says:

    “It’s extremely tiresome to keep scrolling down through this constant insane bickering between the same people.” Gotta agree, especially when the name calling starts. No intellectual debate which is usually the norm here at Celebitchy, just slurs.
    @Canuck, I read all the books and I agree completely with your assessment.
    P.S. I think both you and HPH are pretty fricken funny tonight.

  125. Ami says:

    I read that story on Brad retiring and I swear to God I thought how long before he takes every word back. Brad needs to be relevant and that he wouldn’t be if quits acting or if he quits his circus family. Another thing someone above commented brangelina would not be invited to the Academy if they weren’t respected. Really? Let me tell you a secret commentor they are invited as a spectacle for the viewing public.Brangelina is the mascot of the academy awards! Oh and ang won an Oscar a long time ago before she suddenly became a sex symbol for hooking up with a married man playing herself which is one crazy bitch.

  126. Canuck says:

    @Lady D: Shhh don’t say that thing about funny out loud, HPH might sic Pamela Anderson on you…naked ;)

    @Emma: River Phoenix would have indeed been awesome. And judging from photos of Julian Sands, perfect. Pitt, well yes he did pouty, broody, pretty. But failed completely at capturing the whole internal complexity that Rice gave the character in the book. And Cruise… well, the man has the sex appeal of an ice cube.

    That, imo, is where I think they chose well with Banderas. Age wise, you’re right. But in ability to project the air of dangerous sensuality that the character possessed, Banderas nailed it.

  127. Clara says:

    He simply looks BAD, this site is very kind to him, and he lies a lot. And why does he say that happiness is overrated? I think he is not happy. He shouldn’t have any more kids.

  128. imelda says:

    I agree with those saying we know too much about his “private” life to ever fully immerse yourself in his character – whatever movie he’s in.
    It is exactly like NM9005 says about DDL or even Christian Bale.
    I cannot imagine Brad having the depth to play Christy Brown in My Left Foot – c’mon girls even you guys who support him can see he wouldn’t have the capability to play such a role.
    Ya gotta separate and with BP its always about the kids, angie, the wisdom he’s attained (though I personally cant see it through his interviews)blah blah.
    We all do that ie achieve wisdom as we get older (hopefully!) have kids and a partner so stop banging on about it – its the human condition man for gawd’s sake.
    Ypu dont hear DDL constantly going on about wisdom – he just is (wise that is).

  129. Addie says:

    @Imelda: Agreed.

    Brad can never be a character in a movie that you can get lost in.

    What is even worse is that he talks about being hounded by the press about his personal life, but he is the one using his kids and Angie as a point of discussion ALWAYS, FOR EVERY MOVIE.

  130. Emma says:

    @Canuck, #126 … “@Emma: River Phoenix would have indeed been awesome. And judging from photos of Julian Sands, perfect.”

    You don’t have to judge Julian Sands from pictures along to get the full effect … try DVD. Those of us in the U.S. first became aware of the British actor in his 1989 breakout film “Warlock.” The primary casting for “Interview With the Vampire” was under way at that time, so Anne Rice (and everyone else) would have been aware of the film and Julian’s stellar performance in the title role. Sad, really. It would have propelled his acting career in a totally different direction.

    Again @Canuck, #126 … “Pitt, well yes he did pouty, broody, pretty. But failed completely at capturing the whole internal complexity that Rice gave the character in the book.”

    (Blinks) I think Brad captured and portrayed the emotional pain and suffering he felt over the loss of his family–and, just as keenly, the loss of his humanity–exceptionally well.

    @Ami, #125 … “I read that story on Brad retiring and I swear to God I thought how long before he takes every word back. Brad needs to be relevant and that he wouldn’t be if quits acting or if he quits his circus family. Another thing someone above commented brangelina would not be invited to the Academy if they weren’t respected. Really? Let me tell you a secret commentor they are invited as a spectacle for the viewing public.Brangelina is the mascot of the academy awards! Oh and ang won an Oscar a long time ago before she suddenly became a sex symbol for hooking up with a married man playing herself which is one crazy bitch.”

    (Double Blink) Why do you hate Angelia Jolie so much? How do you know that she’s a ‘crazy bitch’? Have you met her personally?

  131. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Horsepoor Hanna: oooooh! Love those too!

    @Cheyenne: It certainly does… ;)

  132. Catty says:

    I disagree about Interview with the Vampire. I read the books long before the movie came out and was outraged that Tom Cruise was playing Lestat. But I admit I was dead wrong – I thought Tom was perfection and acted circles around the rest of the cast. Brad was boring – he didn’t bring any of Louis’s angst to the screen – he was just dead and boring. Kirsten was amazing also. Even Ann Rice admitted she was wrong about Tom in the end. I guess we all have our own opinions about this.