Is Kris Humphries just pretending to be sad about his divorce?


It’s time for today’s post about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’s divorce. Today, we’re going to come at from a different angle – from Kris’s angle. Kris has just returned to New York. Apparently, on Monday, he had dinner with friends and sources say, “Kris looked so depressed. He looked like he was going to cry in his pizza, sat at the same table he used to sit with Kim. He looked so sad and gloomy. Not the happy Kris who used to tease and laugh with Kim at that table. His friends looked like they were giving him encouragement…they were trying to cheer him up.” To make matters work, Kris is being heckled when he does go out – Page Six reports that a passerby shouted “Where’s Kim?” on Monday, and Page Six’s source also said that Kris looked especially devastated.

But a Kardashian source tells Us Weekly that Kris is just pretending: “Kris and Kim spoke about breaking up many times…He was not blindsided by the divorce, just by the filing on that exact date.” I think Kim is pissed off that Kris is a better actor than her. Anyway, OK! Magazine has an exhaustive cover story about all of this:

Some were shocked that Kim Kardashian’s marriage lasted just 72 days — but it’s even more outrageous to discover that Kim had all but given up on Kris Humphries less than two weeks after they were wed!

“He really thought she just gave up too quickly and didn’t even try,” an insider says. “It came out of nowhere — he really didn’t see the divorce coming. He’s angry and also very sad.”

Kris, 26, also feels like he’s been unjustly tagged as the bad guy in their marriage. “He feels like no one cares what he has to say or wants to hear his side of the story because Kim is a bigger celebrity,” says the insider. “People care more about her.”

“It’s been painful. Kris said that he never thought in a million years she would file for divorce without giving it a chance,” the insider says. “He wanted to try. He thought in a few weeks things would be smoothed over.”

Kim had different ideas. She asked Kris not to accompany her on a previously planned promotional trip to Australia — and then left without letting him know their marriage was over. “All of a sudden, he woke up to a divorce — and then no one would return his calls,” recalls his friend.

In retrospect, Kim realizes she could have been more honest with Kris, according to an insider. “Kim wanted to call and tell him herself, however, her team thought it was best to let them handle things,” says the insider. “They were trying to keep it from getting out of control, but it did anyway. That is when she reached out to Kris.”

Kris reportedly wanted to try marital counseling. He even brought in his family friend, Joel Johnson, the pastor that married them, to speak with he and Kim for nearly three hours. But there is nothing he can actually do to stop the divorce if Kim is determined to end their union.

Since Kim’s visit on Nov. 6 to Kris’ home in Minnesota, “Kim is still talking to Kris,” says the insider. Although, Kris would like to believe they stand a chance to fix their marriage. “Kris is a little bit in denial about the whole thing,” says one pal. “Their relationship is strained at best,” adds another Kim pal. “She knows she wasn’t perfect and he was a pretty big jerk. Kim is taking a break from everything.”

Since Kris arrived back home in Minnesota, he’s been keeping a low profile — going to the gym, playing basketball and sticking close to his family. With the NBA still on lockout, he’s without a job to keep him busy. He has been photographed, of course, but he’s trying to stay out of the public eye.

Friends say that although his relationship with Kim taught him that fame is truly a double-edged sword, “Kris was never really prepared for what he got into with Kim,” says his pal. “He thought he could turn off the celebrity whenever he wanted — that he could just ask people to give him space and they would. But it doesn’t work like that. It grated on his nerves until he started to snap.”

Though Kris may still harbor hope, Kim’s friends say it’s unlikely that the two will reconcile or even reunite for an interview. “Kim’s not about to go on a talk show and air their dirty laundry — this isn’t The Bachelor.” Episodes of Kourtney & Kim Take New York are being re-edited in the wake of the couple’s split. Kris will be written out of the show — the same way Reggie Bush was when he and Kim split up, explains the insider.

“They will wrap this divorce up with a neat little bow in an episode and then move on,” predicts the insider. “Kim will start dating someone else, another scandal will happen and everything will even out.” Like Kris, Kim is also staying out of the spotlight and trying to avoid photographers. “Kim is still so sad and is not sure what the future holds for her,” says the insider. “She is trying to be strong.” But Kris’ words ring in her ears. “He thought Kim would give him a chance to work things out and for the dust to settle,” says the insider. “Kris really did love her and he still does.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Do you feel sorry for Kris? Meh. He was already screwing around on Kim with club girls just weeks before Kim filed, so whatever. Plus, Kris’s ex-girlfriend Bianka Kamper went to In Touch/Hollywood Life to tell ALL about what Kris is really like (hint: he’s a douche). Bianka claims that Kris “used to hate Kim, her show and her family and would make fun of the Kardashians all of the time. Bianka believes that Kris married Kim just to promote his own fame. He would call the Kardashians garbage. He would never watch the show with me. He always bad-mouthed it and said it was trashy. He would ask, ‘Why are you watching that?’ Kris was a penny-pincher. He would do anything he could to save money, and he definitely did not buy expensive clothes. If I were in Kim’s shoes, I would be embarrassed and ashamed.” There’s more stuff here. Bianka has an axe to grind.



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  1. Rita says:

    If he was really sad, when asked about the divorce he would not have replied:

    “I’m going to Disneyland!!!!”

  2. Maya says:

    The line “He looked like he was going to cry in his pizza” made me laugh.

  3. ShanKat says:

    Does he look sad? I’d die of shock if he showed any emotion other than “duuuuuuhhhhh.”

  4. palermo says:

    Kim was “going to tell him” but “her team” decided blah blah blah. Can this moron think for herself, apparently the answer is no.

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    Well, if it’s OK for her to pretend she’s “sad” it should be OK for him to pretend to be “sad” too.

    I believe my mother calls it “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

    ETA: If this is her “team” keeping things from getting out of kontrol, she needs to fire them & hire a whole new team.

  6. ladybert62 says:

    It is all a big fat facade – I dont believe anything out of his or her mouth.

    Lies, lies and more lies – the show must go on even if they have to create fake situations like marriages and divorces to entertain the masses.

  7. Alejandro says:

    Yes he’s pretending, I’m sure his new publicist is directing all of this. Wasn’t he always partying with strippers during these last couple of months? I hate that I know so much about these nobodies.

  8. WillyNilly says:

    WHO CARES?! Please, please, please just stop writing about them. Its such a complete waste of time.

  9. Tierra says:

    I was so hoping we would be done hearing about this bs. DO people really care that much about this sham of a marriage and KK’s fake butt that it’s in the news every day?

    I think wht is more newsworthy is this petition to get the worthless Kardashian trash off the E Network.
    Its up to 60,810 sigs. now but the site keeps going down due to high traffic.
    Keep checking back and sign it if you can.

  10. brin says:

    Who here thinks Kris will be the next “Bachelor”? He’s perfect. *eyeroll*

  11. Belle Epoch says:

    The US magazine story is a huge PR piece for Kim. It’s so over the top I wonder if SHE paid THEM to publish it. She flew out to MN to make sure he would sign the papers and promise not to talk – but the mag says “leave it to people-pleaser Kim to think about Kris, even in her darkest hour.” Oh sure.

    However the article is priceless because it concludes: “it’s almost like real reality has set in.”

    Real reality! Who knew?

  12. SoCalGal in FL says:

    He was very passive aggressive towards her during the wedding prep and my guess is that he really turned up the nastiness once the deal was sealed. I’m sure he felt like he was being all manly and wearing the pants and all, but he chose the wrong person to dominate and change into his ‘ideal’.

  13. Lisa says:


    With ALL of the horrific crud that goes on in the world…I have so loved SIPPING THIS HOT TEA!!!

    I have watched the KK shows that highlight Kris and Kim and I have got to say…NEVA in my life have I seen a man so NOT into his romantic partner than Kris H! I mean, his main emotion towards Kim was pure and utter disdain…and my favorite was the pure and utter hatred he always had for Khloe…

    The fact that this is backfiring and folks are calling for the whole family to just…fade away…is just TOO DELISH!!!

  14. Lisa says:

    This Bianka character seems a little salty over the break up and while I don’t doubt Kris hates the Kartrashians, Bianka seems to have her own agenda. The revenge of an ex-girlfriend!

  15. fabgrrl says:

    Bianka with a “K”? Ug! That is just bad. The “C” is not your enemy, people!

  16. Criss says:

    I hate that he says he was blindsided. That is so stupid, Like duh “I was such a jerk and started partying and acting like a douche to her and her family” then I was blindsided when she left me.” Like a guy that beats his wife and then says “she left me”

  17. Lynne says:

    I think the arrangement was contractual from the start. Those two had zero chemistry together and with the divorce, he knew what was going on. But one thing is true, he is a better actor than Kim and he played it much better than she did.

  18. constance says:

    Let’s do a Kar-wreck Wrap-Up post
    Once a Day.

    Link them up in a single place and CB writers can go back and forth commenting on each “story.” (Much more entertaining)

    We can keep the comments relevant and let’s face it: These posts are All the same sh!t, different day.

    I like to trash these fools much like others on the site, but I think we should corral the krazy together to be more entertaining. They just aren’t as entertaining as, let’s say, numerous posts about the Lohan’s. At least the Lunatics drama tends to be new acts of fu#kery as opposed to one topic over the covers of 5 rags.

    I second @Rita. Where is the Disneyland?! lol

  19. Gone with the Wind says:

    I refuse to watch the show whether they edit him out or not. Kris was giving a girl his autograph and now Kim spins it that he was flirting. Grow up Kim

    I hope everyone boycotts that show nov.27 Called Slut Sister and Sluttier Sister take New York

  20. anne says:

    I have to think initially it was all a big thrill – but the marriage so quickly? What a joke. He has to be so happy to be away from all of the fakeness of everything Kartrashian!

  21. Dawn says:

    I don’t believe he cheated and I don’t believe she is sad. I think for Kimmie it is all about money and nothing more.

  22. Marjalane says:

    Remember when Phil Hartman would play the “Bread Good” Frankenstein on SNL? Kris Humphries could easily step into that role. No costume required.

  23. Bleuladi says:

    Can I start by saying he is a Frankenstein mess. If he thought that she was going to stay married somebody like him and everything he did,her family had a problem with? She was stupid to get married because both of her sisters have a man. Let them have what they have and you stick to being you, Kim. Now, Kris, maybe Kim will leave you enough for that much needed facelift because you are an ugly, silly dude. SN:two dumb asses never need to be in a relationship.

  24. Orange Cone says:

    hey gals and guys, there’s an online petition to have E! pull all things Kuntrashian.

    Hoping it reaches a million or more!

  25. DarkEmpress says:

    Kris seems like a jerk but that is no excuse for Kim. She admittedly knew even before the wedding that they were incompatible, but she couldnt call it off because she would lose her millions. Disgusting. As for having her team contact him to inform him of the divorce. Even more disgusting. That one action shows she didnt take the marriage seriously and it was a business decision for her to marry him.

  26. bee says:

    Anyone believing that Kris Humphries is sad is an idiot. Kim and Kris had absolutely no chemistry and he only dated/married her because of fame. Kim was with Reggie Bush for years and he did not propose to her. Kris Humphries, who was an unknown until he started dating Kim knew what he was doing.

  27. tina Donahoo says:

    Please we have so much more news going on. The way theyCHEATED ON VOTING FOR ROB WITH DWTS. THEY HAVE SO MANY ACCOUNTS U CANNOT BLOCK THEM ALL. PEDDLING A BOOK &the younger Jenners with a expensive 16 party &the car. Pimping them out now like the older ones. Brody Jenner should teach them less is best. Who wrote the book they peddle now about 3 selfishness sisters with no talent who screw the public with nonsense. Why didn’t kim in spite gifts give to charity. That’s right kris jenner is the charity it starts at home. What is bruse but a window dressing

  28. MellaYella says:

    They both did it for money. His faking and she is to

  29. BELLA says:

    Im soooo happy for him!!! He has the whole world and women at his finger tips!!! He will do great,she has failed
    Bye kim and family

  30. Gone with the Wind says:

    Tina, right on! Bruce is aware Kris Jenner is pimping and whoring out Kendall and shes the one that didn’t want to model and Kim forced her. Kim is too short so she pushed that kid and made her cry.

    I will not watch that show they will put on E! about Kendall & Kylie Jenner, maybe she can go back to being just a kid if we don’t watch that show. Moms out there- boycott Jenner show

  31. Kim says:

    Kris obviously has good managers since he landed this whole fake marriage thing for money & fame to begin with so he will milk this divorce and his “sadness” for any tabloid he can while the topic is hot & he can get paid for his sad story.

  32. skuddles says:

    Of course he’s faking it – this whole thing has been nothing but a big sleezy sham from day one.

  33. Tristyn says:

    Maybe? His sadness is more embarrassment.
    What’s worse ? Admitting to a fake marriage or having to admit to a fake kartrashian marriage??

  34. Maggs says:

    I just signed petition, up to 66,400 now.

  35. MellaYella says:

    @Maggs WoW! I signed when it was at 5,000. They are collecting, maybe it will work. Hope so.

  36. truthful says:

    “a kardashian source revealed????”


    Trash bag Kim brought this all on herself, she can’t stand that Khlo is married..

    yippe, I’ve had 15 friends sign the petition!!

  37. Tierra says:

    the petition is at 73,161 right now.
    Im sure there is going to be tons more by tomorrow b/c its tough to even get to the page.

  38. Ron says:

    He has got to be thrilled to be done with all of them.

  39. Cerulean says:

    What a gross spectacle. I like the bad press for the Kraptashians. Keep it going until they go away. Keep oversaturing. Daily posts about them until even their most die hard fan waves the white flag!

  40. CloeT says:

    When Reggie refused to marry into the family, Reggie was around long enough to know how fake they were.
    Kris not being as smart as Reggie had to marry into the family to realize that they are just a fake money making machine.
    Lamar being more mature than Kris and Reggie knew how to not get chewed and spit out by the fake Kardashian money sucking machine.
    I do think Kris (mid-western boy he is)developed a disdain for the all the fakery he was surrounded by.

  41. Eleonor says:

    If he married her for fame well..they truly diserved each other. She is the one who bought her own ring, and wanted to stage an engagement.

  42. Camille says:

    I don’t feel sorry for any of them. They are all disgusting people.

  43. Zigggy says:

    I started to read this article, but then realized I just don’t give a f*ck. haha

  44. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    I don’t know. Lurch could be just as bad as she is, but he just comes off as really innocent and naive. Hope he’s finally taken off his rose colored glasses and sees how he was used, manipulated, and tossed aside by Kim and her entire greedy, shameless, and manipulative family.

  45. judyjudy says:

    I am sure his contract dictates that he act sad, mad, flirty, aloof, dumb, etc.People don’t really believe this is real, do they? ???

  46. Boxy Lady says:

    So he’s cheap and he hated the Kardashians’ TV show even before he met Kim; how does that equal “douche” exactly?

  47. Tammi says:

    He is as fake as kim. How much did he profit from the wedding? How much did Ryan Seacreat pay him to keep his mouth shut and play along? All lies!

  48. Kata says:

    I love that in Bianka’s litanty of why Kris is a bad person is that he’s a “pennypincher” and wouldn’t spend all his money on clothes. It sounds like she has some demented priorities…and what kind of megalomaniac watches a show about his girlfriend that he appears on?? Once again, everyone around the Kardashians is CRAZY. Including Kris.

  49. gwen01 says:

    If she was sad about getting a divorce she wouldn’t have tweeted on the 28th of October how she had slept in till 1 pm and had the best sleep ever, the next time you hear from her is a day or two later announcing her divorce and how sad and conflicted she is..but she had the “best sleep ever.” Oh and a nice mani/pedi before flying off to Austrailia because she made a commitment to her fans, the commitment to her husband wasn’t important.

  50. gwen01 says:

    this is echannel website and of course the No More Kardashian petition is online just google it.

  51. WTF says:

    bottom line – Kim watched the Royal Wedding, Kim thinks she’s a princess.ergo Kim wanted a big splashy wedding. The groom didn’t matter – it was ALL ABOUT THE WEDDING…marriage didn’t figure into it.

    as a LOL..she tweeted the other night she was babysitting and the kid didn’t want to go to sleep….i replied”
    DIVORCE THAT KID..Babysitting is HARD “

  52. womanfromthenorth says:

    I did not read any of it, just the pics say to me ” I “pig face” am happy to be off the Kardash ride now”
    I think they could have shoved any dude in as groom and it would have still took place… idiots

  53. hillbilly in the corner says:

    He’s sad all right……Sad he didn’t hold out for more money before signing that contract to be the fake husband in this Kardashion show…….

    Like trying to pair a Great Dane with a Yorkie with a big butt…..He can sniff all he wants but it ain’t going work no matter how bad they want you to believe…..

  54. boo says:

    The Kardashian train wreck continues to chug along. I signed the petition and I hope they go away soon!