Justin Bieber’s accuser still wants a DNA test, but new texts might blow her case

We recently heard that Justin Bieber’s accuser, Mariah Yeater, has dropped her paternity case against Justin Bieber. Yeater initially claimed that Bieber was the father of her four month-old son, Trystan, and that little Trystan was conceived during a backstage bathroom quickie she had with the 17 year-old pop star after one of this concerts in L.A. last fall. Bieber has steadfastly denied ever meeting Yeater. A lot of you smelled a payoff where this case was concerned, and I disagree with that take on it. I just think this woman was out for some easy money and never thought this case would get as much media scrunity as it did. She came across as a total whack job in the one interview she did, and she couldn’t answer simple questions about the night her son was allegedly conceived.

Yeater’s first two lawyers have quit, probably after realizing that their client was a scam artist, but she still has one lawyer on board and he’s pulling for her. (read: trying to earn his fee and some publicity.) Yesterday we heard from Yeater’s new lawyer, Jeffrey Leving. Leving said that he was hoping to keep the “negotiations confidential” with Bieber’s lawyers and that he was still trying to secure a DNA test. I believe this is Yeater’s camp trying to save face. Leving gave similar remarks to People today, but he backtracked on Yeater and her earlier lawyers’ claim that there was some additional evidence to prove her story.

With her paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber dropped, Mariah Yeater now is trying to pursue her claim out of court.

“We’re negotiating with Bieber’s counsel, to reach a confidentiality agreement and to get private testing and results,” one of Yeater’s new lawyers, Chicago-based attorney Jeffrey M. Leving, tells PEOPLE.

Yeater’s previous lawyers filed a request to dismiss the paternity suit in a San Diego court on Nov. 9, says Leving, who had been involved in the case earlier on and is now back, along with Los Angeles attorney John Carlson.

The attorneys for Yeater, 20, are negotiating with Bieber’s camp for him to privately take a DNA test in the next few weeks to determine whether he’s the father of Yeater’s child.

“Yes, of course I believe my client’s allegations,” says Leving. “I can’t comment on whether she has physical evidence or not.”

Leving adds that he fears for his client’s safety.

“I just spoke to Mariah today, someone was recently stalking her,” he says. “She is happy that she changed her number so she’s not getting death threats by phone. She’s a young 20-year-old mother who now has to worry about her safety and her child’s. It’s a lot for any woman that age to handle.”

[From People]

TMZ has a bunch of text messages allegedly from Yeater to an unnamed male recipient in which she asks him to “Pleeease ERASE ALL MESSAGES from my mom where she says Trystan is Robbies son,” adding “I’ll kick u when we get paid.” So I guess this baby’s father is a guy named “Robbie,” and that it isn’t the first ex that Mariah accused and then allegedly smacked, John Terranova. It takes a real piece of work to continue pushing this story after all that’s come out about her. It makes you wonder why her lawyer is still granting interviews. Did she get a lawyer who was fame hungry enough to keep the story going, even after his client’s credibility was completely shot? Of course it’s still possible that she’s telling the truth, that she got nervous and flustered during her interview, and that these text messages were fabricated by Bieber’s people to discredit her. It’s easy enough to fake some text messages. A DNA test could put all of this to bed pretty fast, or it could ruin Bieber’s career. I’m still thinking he’s innocent.



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  1. Jane says:

    Don’t forget to include the part where Bieber’s lawyers so there has been no settlement and there will be no settlement in the future.

  2. Seal Team 6 says:

    As I said in the other thread, anonymous texts sold to TMZ don’t mean anything, unless a court determines they mean something. If she was there that night, ten a DNA test should be done.

    It seems alot of public sturm und drang by the “Pro Bieb” folks, when a private, confidential test would prove the truth in three business days.

    I actually think Bieber’s people are handling this badly, because every story on here, on TMZ, on Radar is just keeping it in the news.

  3. teehee says:

    DNA test will say everything; at least she was aware that this could potentially harm her case– were it not true. Even if it is true, well of course it will hurt her case- but the best thing is to get the damn DNA test done and over with.

  4. Girl says:

    Meh, they may want to keep it in the news to counter some of the “sissy” type perception around him.

  5. LittleFATMe says:

    This young woman, who IF this is true would be guilty of statutory rape in my state, has a real air of Rielle Hunter about her. Right? Just a bit off, left of center, not quite right. Rielle was telling the truth, but she is still bat sh*t crazy.

  6. Mandy says:

    I honestly believe that if he was positive it was not his child he would just take the paternity test and get it over with. He’s got millions so it isn’t like he couldn’t afford the test…so why not just take it.

  7. gg says:

    I halfway believed her before I saw her interview. They asked her, since she was backstage where there were lots of other people, could anybody corroborate her story – she fake-cried and then got up and walked out, came back in and then said “I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into”. That behavior is very telling. She wanted to be famous and then this happened.

    Young unwed famehungry ladies with babies – beware, this is what happens when you lie just to be famous.

  8. Christine says:

    If there is no chance he’s the father, the quickest way to deal with this is DNA testing. But this whole thing smells like he really might be the dad or it’s planted by JB’s camp to make him grown up.

  9. LeeLoo says:

    Bieber’s people need to stick to the original plan. Have Bieber take a DNA test and when it comes out negative sue the holy hell out of her and/or have her investigated by the FBI for fraud and extortion.

  10. Seal Team 6 says:

    Exactly, Leeloo.

    @LittleFatMe –

    I get a Rielle Hunter vibe, too. And, as you noted, she was telling the truth. John Edwards also had to be browbeat into admitting paternity.

  11. fancyamazon says:

    I still think that he could possibly be the father, but there is one HUGE reason why Beiber wouldn’t just take the test. If he just rolls over and takes the test, how many other women would be right behind this one? As for her flustered appearance and all, she is not a professional in the entertainment industry, and we have gotten so used to believing things just because they are smooth that the public is dismissing her on the basis of what could be nerves.

    I don’t know one way or the other, and I don’t think you can tell anything by the actions of either side.

  12. Eve says:

    Bieber should follow Keanu Reeves’s lead here. When a random woman accused him of being her 20-something year old son’s father, he took the test, it came out negative and nobody talked about it anymore (except me, now… :) ).

    EDIT (@ Fancyamazon):

    I think that if he takes the test and it comes out negative, he can counter-sue her — that would stop a lot of women from trying to do the same.

  13. Seal Team 6 says:


    Kudos for a really succinct and rational post!

  14. badrockandroll says:

    My take: the bigger deal on the texts is not that they are anonymous but whether they are authentic or not. Let’s face it, they are not anonymous to the folk at TMZ (they know who they paid for them), and if they are real, they are certainly not anonymous to Mariah.

    If I was Bieber’s counsel, and was reasonably satisfied that he is not the father of the child, there is no way I would agree to a sealed paternity test, which is what Mariah’s counsel are insisting. If she had not withdrawn the court case, and had the court ordered a DNA test, it would have been sealed. So why did she withdraw the court case? And if she is concerned about her safety and her privacy, why is her counsel talking to the press? Why is she posing for pics with the kid in a park?

    They may not be probative, but the texts sure are intriguing, because IMO, they are one more part of the house of cards that doesn’t fit. The ones that she wants deleted are said to be authored by her mother, harassing a third candidate for the baby’s father. Mariah said that she went to the concert with her mother, and went home with her after the whole alleged sex in a toilet escapade. Where was the mother while her daughter was backstage? Where is the mother now? Why isn’t she screaming from the rafters about how her daughter is not the crazy money and fame hungry slut that she appears to be?

  15. tapioca says:

    Private and confidential = staged photoshoot with baby in park. Hmm…

    Justin Bieber can’t take the test until he’s back in the country – to stop John Doe doing the cheek swab in his place – and can you imagine the uproar from the Bieliebers if he cut short his personal appearances to do a DNA test?

    And if JB regularly “f**ks the s**t” out of girls backstage, how come no-one else has come forward? I can’t believe he did it once, was mortified by his 30 second perfomance and never had sex again – all the teenage boys I’ve known think they’re John Holmes.

  16. Jackson says:

    Awww. I was pulling for this little famewhore. Maybe next time.

  17. Eve says:

    @ Jackson:

    Awww. I was pulling for this little famewhore. Maybe next time.

    LOL! Me too, I must admit.

    EDIT: The one thing I find really sad is that if he counter sues her…it’s her innocent baby that may ultimately pay the price for her actions. That is really f*cking sad, if you ask me.

  18. sharylmj says:

    He will take the test when he gets back, his point is that he won’t let her accusations make him change what he’s doing, he will do it when HE’S ready, not on her terms. I seriously doubt he’s the father, but he could be. We will see very shortly.

  19. madpoe says:

    Is it woman like this that makes it hard for fans to get close to their idols? In another turn it just makes me wonder how waitresses etc end up dating celebs. Beiber should sue that crap out of her when the truth comes out. make an example out of gold diggers i’m tellin’ you! She’ll be eating beans til she’s in her 60′s.

  20. Passingby says:

    The truth is, not of us knows at this stage where the truth lies… It’s also very possible that MY’s lawyers where paid off by the Bieb’s people, and that the texts were fabricated.
    So many people stand to lose so much money if JB were proven to be MY’s baby daddy, that a lot of efforts and money are probably being deployed as we speak to discredit Mariah Yeater completly, regardless of who the baby’s father is.
    And the fact that he’s not taken the paternity test yet to prove his “innocence” is quite suspicious…

  21. constance says:

    I agree with the commenters saying let’s get this over with – swab and test!

    Let’s just find out and save the time lost bickering like children about it. lol

  22. MBT says:

    Here’s the reason I don’t believe this story…No other girl/woman has come forward with a similar tale. Like Tiger Woods and Jerry Sandusky, there would be atleast some other stories of “inappropriate” behavior by now.

  23. Seal Team 6 says:

    Emails and texts are relatively easy to spoof, which is why courts (including Judge Judy!) demand records from the cell provider or ISP to authenticate them. I have no idea if the texts on TMZ are real or not, and if so, they don’t prove if MY is lying or not, or if Bieb is the father or not. Only one thing will do that.

  24. Redheadwriter says:

    While I think it would be hilarious if the Biebs is the baby daddy, I don’t think he is. And I do feel he should sue her for this (if it’s proven his is not the baby daddy) — not for anything financial, as he definitely doesn’t need it, but as a public declaration that you can’t do this sort of thing to anyone, famous or not. No one wants to see the baby suffer, which is what would happen by suing her for monetary compensation.

  25. RocketMerry says:

    Just do the DNA test, Justin. IF you’re not the dad, people will believe you and other girls won’t even try accusing you. IF you’re the dad…well, man up.
    Also, him not being the baby-daddy does not mean he did not sex her. He comes off real douche-baggy to me.
    I’m totally inclined to believe this, but I’ll wait for developments. As in, if Selena dumps him in a short while (’cause I’m also inclined to believe that blind about him using that same “Imma virgin!” crap on Selena), for instance.

  26. LeeLoo says:

    @Redheadwinter then what does he sue her for? Peanuts? Or are you suggesting he sues and never collects?

  27. normades says:

    Wow, amazed how many people still want this to be true. After everything discrediting her and not one person to validate her story and some still think it’s some kind of conspiricy.

    I think the only conspiracy here was her effort to extort money. And I bet her mom was in on it too.

    He hasn’t taken the test because he has prior work commitments overseas. Why change established plans for this wack job who has already wreaked enough havok in his life?

  28. normades says:

    @ #24 and #25: I think he should sue her for a public apology and the monetary equivalent to what she made from interviews/photos. Then give that money to charity.

  29. Iggles says:

    @ tapioca:
    “And if JB regularly “f**ks the s**t” out of girls backstage, how come no-one else has come forward? I can’t believe he did it once, was mortified by his 30 second perfomance and never had sex again – all the teenage boys I’ve known think they’re John Holmes.”

    Excellent point!

    The same thing happened with Jesse James. Usually after 1 accuser comes forward, other ones come out of the woodwork trying to sell their story! And other people come forward to validate it.

    Other than her grandfather, everyone else who has spoken about this has done so to discredit her. Where is Mariah’s mom and how come she hasn’t gone on record about ANY of this?

    This whole case is super fishy..

  30. badrockandroll says:

    I’ve been over-posting on this, because I am fascinated with the idea that paternity is one of the few areas where the person accused of something (ie: being the father) has to prove his innocence. If Bieber was accused of murder, there would be DAs and police and eyewitnesses proving his guilt. This girl has provided no evidence, no corraboration, just her sayso, but her credibility is so impeached in so many ways.

    And I know that a DNA test is not intrusive, but it just seems wrong that this bieber kid (& I’m no fan, so it’s really abstract for me) has to put up with what to me is a patently false allegation.

    Contrast that with someone like Lohan, who is just as much a pathological liar as this Mariah chick seems to me to be – both these girls just appear to coast through minefields. I know, I’m naive …

  31. Happy21 says:

    Well if she still wants a DNA test she should get it because if she truly believes the Beibs is her baby daddy then damaging texts won’t matter one iota!

  32. RocketMerry says:

    @Iggles and Tapioca
    You know, if he sexes young girls up a good reason why none has come forward yet might be they’d probably be mortified to admit it to their parents and friends.
    As in, “He’s my idol, he honored me by choosing ME to have sex with, out of all the girls at the concert and then I should ruin his life and confess to mom and dad I’m not a virgin anymore and I have sex with feminine-looking strangers?! Hell no.”

  33. normades says:

    @badrockandroll: Excellent point. Unlike a real crime, he’s guilty until proven innocent.

    And yes, sorry for the overposting too. There’s always ONE story that really gets me going. It was Bleo, now it’s Beibergate!

  34. Madisyn says:

    badrockandroll and tapioca

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. For ALL those SCREAMING for him to take the test. . .He will, calm down. He’s not going to stop a multi-million dollar European tour to jet back to the U.S. to take a swab because a woman he has never met insists he do so. All these staged pap shots in the park for money just strengthen his case and he’ll have more to sue for after the DNA test comes back negative. Her lawyer is doing major damage to her already shaky reputation and I hope Bieber sues that lawyer for all he’s worth.

  35. Derpy says:

    I’ve been on the fence since this was announced. However, concerts still print tickets, whether they are actual paper tickets or you print them at home. They get scanned when you walk through the doors, either before or after security depending on the venue. I still have concert tickets from shows I went to when I was 16.. all the way up to some of the most recent ones. If dingbat can provide proof she was even AT the show, then maybe I might join some side that says he should submit to a DNA test, even if her allegations are false, just to get this over with, given she was in the general vicinity. From what I’ve heard/seen pics of here and on DListed, Beibers fans… they idolise him, no way some fan went to one of his shows and didn’t keep their ticket.

  36. dahlia1947 says:

    “And if JB regularly “f**ks the s**t” out of girls backstage, how come no-one else has come forward? I can’t believe he did it once, was mortified by his 30 second perfomance and never had sex again”

    Exactly. it doesn’t make any sense. Her walking out of interviews and now these texts don’t really help her case.

    That baby doesn’t look like HER or JUSTIN so one of the other guys has to be the dad.

  37. Janice says:

    This woman is crazy, who would like all of this drama. Not me!!!!

  38. Madisyn says:


    “No one wants to see the baby suffer, which is what would happen by suing her for monetary compensation.

    I disagree with that statement. One, its not Biebers responsibility to allow famewhores to ruin his reputation and profit from such stunts ‘for the baby’s sake’. She can go after the real father for child support and GET A JOB herself. Secondly, if he only sues for public declarations of his innocence, he still has the same problem of allowing potential extortionists to come after him for money. He needs to sue for both.

  39. Meanchick says:

    As we’ve seen time and time again, some people will do (or NOT do) ANYTHING for money. I would hope that there would be at least three DNA tests to make sure there is no possiblity of faked results. I’m tired of this story. JB should be taking the test immediately if he knows he didn’t touch that girl. Either way, there’s publicity for him.

  40. Redheadwriter says:

    @LeeLoo I love @normades suggestion!

  41. Jessica says:

    She reminds me of Mischa Barton… lol

  42. Seal Team 6 says:

    Just a FYI: Biebs isn’t being accused of any crime. It’s a civil matter (Family Law).

  43. theoriginalsisterkitty says:

    I am side eyeing the texts. Why would she sign her name at the end of each text. He should still take a DNA test just like Keaneu did. But I also think he should not sue her if this is not his baby. She doesn’t have any money.

  44. Turtle Dove says:

    Glad to see that my radar was spot on with this loonie chick.

    LeeLoo – I wonder what the consequences would be for attempting to extort a minor? Any lawyers know if that makes a difference?

    Edit – I’m agreeing with the OPs saying that he has to sue her. She made cash off the interviews. It is not Bieber’s responsibility to take care of HER and ROBBIE’s child. I think he should get whatever is left over after lawyers’ retainers are paid and donate it to a nice charity like the food bank in his home town.

    As far as worrying about her child, I counter, did she think about JB’s reputation when she brought forth baseless accusations? I still strongly believe that she was hoping for a quick payout and things got out of hand, but I also think that she’s a victim of the social media me-me-me generation and wanted the attention too. Look at this bitch’s life in her squalid apartment, multiple sex partners, and welfare drama.

  45. Emily says:

    In my opinion, unless Bieber’s people actually sue her (like they were threatening to do) then she’s probably telling the truth.

    This happens all the time with married celebs when they’re caught cheating (ie. Ashton Kutcher). They threaten to sue the tabloids for “lying”, but they never follow through with their threats when the story is true.

    If they don’t sue, then there’s been some sort of secret pay-off.

  46. call_in says:

    uhh… she named her kid TRYSTan?

  47. Cerulean says:

    I totally believe she’s lying. Lawyers quit because they see no money in it for them. If they believed her story and had proof they wouldn’t have quit.
    If she slept with JB, she would have told all of her friends, kept her ticket and maybe even snapped a cell phone photo or had an autograph, t shirt…something.

  48. padiddle says:

    I just wanted to clarify that Beiber is back in the country. He was in NYC this morning on the Elvis Durand show.

  49. dachseb says:

    I’m tending to not think it’s Biebs camp behind the text messages, it’s easy enough for her lawyer to prove or disprove by obtaining phone records to see if she indeed is th author of those messages. Why would Bieber’s team risk the humiliation of trying to cover up Biebs with false records? Also to say the name Robbie is easily proven if there was such a person at the time of her conception in her life named Robbie. I don’t think they would try to discredit her so slopily ….

  50. connie says:

    As a handful of other posters pointed out, the beibs is in Europe touring. DNA testing must be done at a reliable, verifiable place (ie better to come from sonewhere in the states where legal teams have a repetoir with said company) hence the lack of paternity testing yet.

    Sorry if someone already mentioned this, i just had to scroll down and post because people keep bringing it up, and this is a totally legit reason it has yet to be done

  51. beebee says:

    Why is everyone claiming Beiber is “refusing” to take a paternity test? He already agreed to it as soon as he gets back in the States.

  52. Callumna says:

    Not a fan of the Biebs, but poor kid has quite a stalker here and in real life.

    Odd to care enough about a teen Youtuber to thread stalk all day long in support of a fellow psycho. I don’t get hating a teenager for getting a Billie Jean on his hands but psychos of a feather, I s’pose.

    Sue, Biebs. This is malicious extortion.

  53. Turtle Dove says:

    theoriginalsisterkitty (43) –

    Forgot to add this in my other post, but it is possible to put a signature into an iPhone text. I think that the phone might have to be jail broken to do it though.

  54. connie says:

    Also, in regards to questioning her name at the bottom of each text, it’s called a signature, an option on maaaany phones nowadays (email too) usually for business people so they don’t have to end every conversation with it and it’s done automatically. Very rarely used I did have one friend that did it & I remember thinking how lame it was. Also, have done it to other friends and written inappropriate responses. the result wasn’t entirely favorable…

  55. KsGirl says:

    This is still completely up in the air, imo. What happens in the next few weeks will be the tell. Whether or not the DNA test results are sealed (and if so, at whos request), and, most importantly, whether or not Bieber’s team sues. As others have said, if they don’t sue, then I’m probably going to suspect a payoff. If this story just melts away – payoff. The only real way Biebers team can handle this, if he’s not the Daddy, is to openly and aggressively go after MY and her lawyers. Which will have to be handled expertly, because going after someone who will be portrayed as a vulnerable young mother with no assets and a new baby could be looked at askance. (DONT go after me for saying she’s a ‘vulnerable young mother’ – I’m not, I have no idea what MY’s deal is, but there will definitely be commentary to that effect if she gets sued).

    I really don’t think there’s a lot of risk here for a wave of lying females to come out of the woodwork claiming Bieber is their baby daddy – the consequences of a false accusation are bad enough without probably having to go into hiding due to negative media attention and insane ninja Bieber fans.

    Btw, to all you eedjits who think Bieber isn’t talented, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aQNncVwjjc – clearly some kind of rare genius.

  56. ruby says:

    I think she would know how to spell her own son’s name. It’s not Trystan, it’s Tristyn. To me this makes the text messages highly suspicious.

  57. april says:

    I guess we’ll know the truth if the baby starts singing and playing the drums, and has good hair.

  58. okeydokey says:

    This young woman, who IF this is true would be guilty of statutory rape in my state

    * * * *

    So would Selina Gomez…

  59. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Who actually believed that this women wasn’t bat shyte crazy? I told you CB, this heffer was lying from day one, I know believe she knows who the father is and is trying to get money wherever she can…Extortion at it’s worst, actually makes me have more respect for the Biebs!

  60. Seal Team 6 says:


    I didn’t even notice the misspelling of her name.

    I do NOT think Bieber’s folks spoofed text messages. They may or may not be reel, but if they ARE fake, I think someone did it for money from TMZ.

  61. BetsyD says:

    Does her necklace (in the mugshot) say FAME?

  62. adam says:

    @okeydokey, so would miley cyrus’s boyfriend who was 20 when she was 15. and he lived w/ her. no one is calling statutory rape on that.

    besides he’s legal in canada and that’s where he’s from.

  63. Seal Team 6 says:

    Adam –

    And Linnocent and Wilmer…

  64. Biscuit says:

    Hey Justin save your money. Take Ms. Yeater on the Maury Show. It’ll be a ratings bonanza for Maury and you and Yeater will have the chance to visit beautiful downtown New Haven , CT. If Maury says you ARE the father it will to rest those ugly rumors. If you are NOT the father get up and and do a celebratory song and dance!

  65. Erinn says:

    I’ve seen it written Trystan on other sites too… I think that’s ACTUALLY how she spells it.

  66. lc rime says:

    Why wouldn’t JB, just take the test.. If he is or isn’t the father it will come out.- I told you so feels damn good..! He should also pay for it. Just to show how “honest” he is about the whole thing. I think him being kind and core-gel about it would do a lot more for him then being all “I will not stand for this! and when the test comes back, I will sue ..your already broke ass and wreck your child’s life” -I was also hoping this story was true.. We will see how his now gf will respond and that will be the truth! lol

  67. LeeLoo says:

    Lc, this Mariah woman is obviously mentally unfit. If and when the DNA comes back false I would not be surprised if she got a visit from social services (if she hasn’t already). If it turns out she was not telling the truth I would not be at all surprised if she lost her baby. I’ve seen women in SoCal lose their children for a lot less. Botox mom lost her kids for lying to the media, they would at least put Mariah under scrutiny. He’s a 100% caucasian baby, he’d be adopted in no time. If Mariah has any ounce of self awareness she would realize she is not mentally capable of raising a baby and choose to give him to a stable loving family. Personally, I think she’s too mentally ill to make such a decision.

  68. MW says:

    gg: I agree with what you said . . . “She wanted to be famous and then this happened”. Or maybe not so much famous, but rich. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t do any research in advance about DNA, extortion, fraud, the consequences of sex with a minor (and that it can apply to boys, too). Also, I saw Selena Gomez on TV today. If Bieber is dating her, his PR team certainly did not need to dream up some “getting a girl pregnant” story to make him appear like he’s “more of a man”. SG is a beautiful, poised girl with a gorgeous singing voice in her own right, and if she is into Bieber, that’s all the proof he needs, IMHO.

  69. Addie says:

    My take on this: I don’t believe that Bieber is not the dad just cos her actions are suspisious.

    Mariah only has lawyers, Bieber has lawyers and a whole team of handlers to make him look good in the media, so ofcouse there will be a smear champaigne against her. Spin and making him look teen-innocent is what his people do best, it is their job.

    Only dna & time will tell…

  70. normades says:

    HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW PHOTOS with her and “Robbie”???!!! He is tots the father.

    And this:

    “And if the pics aren’t enough — law enforcement sources tell us, Mariah and Robbie were questioned by police TOGETHER just last month in connection with some drug bust in San Diego.

    Neither was arrested or charged with a crime — but it proves the two are still hanging out.

    Four days after the drug bust, Mariah filed a paternity suit against Justin Bieber.”

    Stop defending this woman!!!!

  71. normades says:

    Check out the pictures on TMZ!!! They look sooo wasted. They both look like meth heads with dirty black fingernails. She’s covered in piercings and her tounge is yellow. Ew.

    Why would anyone think Beiber would EVER hit this???

  72. Seal Team 6 says:

    Who cares? This doesn’t decide who is or isn’t the father. Someone’s personal life (including Bieber’s) doesn’t determine paternity.

    And, Yeater wasn’t charged or arrested for anything, which isn’t how TMZ is framing it.

    And, people will “hit” anyone.

  73. badrockandroll says:

    First, please understand that I’m not trying to put you on the spot or anything. Like I’ve said in an earlier post, I’m just trying to understand why paternity is such a different kettle of fish than other aspects of law seem to be.

    You’ve stated two things that I can’t wrap my mind around. One is that this is a family law matter and not a criminal matter. If she has withdrawn her paternity suit and is only in private negotiations with bieber, who decides what standard of proof is being used? And who decides what is best for the child (this whole circus cannot be good for him, imo), and whether the test results are private (like she wants) or public (like he wants)? The second thing is that in most courts the character of the witness is a very important thing in deciding whether s/he should be believed or not. Mariah’s character does not seem to be so great. Why doesn’t that matter here?

    I hope that you don’t think that I am attacking you, I am just trying to understand a point of view that is opposite to mine, and that is expressed well and with confidence, which you have done on these Bieber boards. Thanks!

  74. normades says:

    What we know about Mariah:

    1. Was arrested for attacking an ex “John” and claiming he was the father.
    2. Was called in by the police for questioning about a drug bust with ex “Robbie” who she says is the father in the texts.
    3. That bottom photo is a mug shot.

    She is a very unreliable character and YES it does matter.

  75. DNA tests will show the truth. I hope the fans bieber, knowing the certainty of it. the sooner the better

  76. Turtle Dove says:


    Spot on again. (high fives) We smelled this b*tch out from day one.

  77. Maharani says:

    If Selena Gomez break up with JB, then he might be the father :)

  78. jessi says:

    ha yeah i dont think he did it but were all wondering, so he should just take the dna test and then sue her. this is a very bad way for her to get money cuz if its negative, shell go after a fourth guy who she says is tritians dad. but if the results are positive, she can go to jail for having sex with a minor. this girl needs help…

  79. ruby says:

    @ Erinn

    Just did a google search “mariah yeater baby” and all the news and gossip sites that came up were big names, the sort that verify what they say. All of them called him Tristyn. If you look back, in the first article where we saw his name on here, THIS site called him Tristyn.

    Maybe because it’s a silly way of spelling that name, the smaller gossip sites are getting it wrong. But all the bigger ones call him Tristyn.

    I maintain that the texts having his name mispelled makes me believe that someone fabricated them.