Kim Kardashian dumped Kris H. after he called her “fat ass” and “stupid”

I told you this week’s tabloids featured push-back from Team Kat-Face! Life & Style’s cover story this week is all about how Kris Humphries is a horrible homophobe and a gay-basher, and now Us Weekly has released their cover story, and SURPRISE. Kris Humphries is also a fat-basher. As in, he would make fun of Kim’s weight and call her a “fat ass”. And “stupid”. And then she called him a “booger-face” and a “peckerwood”. And then Kris pulled her pigtails and pushed her and Kim cried and called for the teacher, because apparently we’re all still in the first grade.

Harsh Humphries! Kim Kardashian has been raked over the coals in the court of public opinion ever since she filed for divorce from Kris Humphries Oct. 31. But the real villain in the 72-day marriage, pals tell the new Us Weekly, was out-of-work NBA star Humphries, 26.

After lavishly tying the knot Aug. 20, Kardashian’s hubby soaked up the perks of being married to one of the most successful reality stars ever — staying out late at clubs in NYC and L.A., and demanding free bottle service and more wherever he went.

Even worse? He could be downright cruel to Kardashian, 31. “He belittled her in front of people,” one insider tells Us. “He’d call her stupid. It was truly sickening.”

The source adds that Humphries resented his wife’s fame and fortune. “He tried to control Kim by bring her down…He would say truly terrible things. One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last.”

He even took exception to her world-famous posterior, calling her “fat ass,” the source says.

And when Kardashian (who rarely drinks and tends to go to bed early) asked her man to skip the nights out in favor of quality time, “He would tell her she was acting like too much of a wife and ‘get over it,’” another insider says.

For much more on why Humphries was the husband from hell — he “picked fights” and bullied her closest friends, was caught “scoping out” other women at clubs and more — pick up the new Us Weekly, out Wednesday

[From Us Weekly]

Will I buy that Kris Humphries was emotionally abusive and rude? Sure. He was rude on their wedding special, and I thought he was particularly nasty and immature when it came to interacting with Kim’s sisters. I wonder which insult hurt Kim more, stupid or fat ass? When someone insults my (lack of) intelligence, I just kind of laugh it off. But if someone called me a fat ass, much less if it was my boyfriend or husband? I would cry. I would have a total meltdown. And that dude would never see my biscuits ever again. Because he would be a mean, rude booger-face. Oh, and personally, I don’t like the idea of saying Kim is in any way “fat” – she’s not. She’s just not a size 4 (as she claims).

By the way, just to reiterate the point: Kris is definitely going to be painted as “the villain” as Kourtney and Kim Take New York gets edited and re-edited. Sources have already said that producers are re-jiggering the show in post-production so that it will become increasingly obvious WHY Kim dumped Kris. Meanwhile, I think Gwyneth Paltrow is probably seeking Kris out so they can fat-bash together.

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  1. Redheadwriter says:

    “He would say truly terrible things. One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last.”

    So in other words, he spoke the truth?

  2. lucy2 says:

    Wow, her PR team is working overtime!
    This is all just to paint her as the victim because everyone got disgusted by her and her greedy mother, and turned on her.

  3. Nessa says:

    Bish please, give me a break. So now SHE’s the victim?

    I can’t even roll my eyes hard enough. *yawns*

  4. Marjalane says:

    Sounds to me like the Kardashian tribe gathered and put their collective brain together and came up with “the meanest things we can think of, so that people will take our side against Kris”.

    Even if it were accurate, who repeats stuff like this anyway??

  5. Criss says:

    He was insulting on every show, remember when he burped in her face when she was talking to him? She just laughed, I would have slapped him. He’s gross. I feel sorry for her, he sounds like a bitch.

    • sluggo says:

      Guess she should have shopped around a bit more, then … but perhaps Kris was the only one on sale at the moment. You get what you pay for.

      I’d believe this nonsense a LOT more if there were two sides to it. All we’re getting is the usual Kardashian Krap Koverup (it patches AND primes in ONE STEP: good for faces, reputations, and brand reclamation … BUYITNOW!).

  6. mia girl says:

    America says: “Kim you are a fat ass and stupid”

    So Kim, now can you please dump us all as well?

  7. Cheyenne says:

    What did he say that wasn’t true?

  8. Jam says:

    So what if he told her she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last, it was the truth…Kardashian’s are hard at work trying to get sympathy. I didn’t really care one way or the other about them before the sham of a marriage now I am starting to dislike the whole family. And that skirt and top are possibly the ugliest thing I have ever seen (except for Paris Hilton’s crotch)

    • Jaye E says:

      I am not a Kardashian fan by any stretch of the imagination, but if this was anyone else being verbally abused, folks would be outraged. Just because she and her family are money grubbing famewhores doesn’t mean she should have to endure abuse of any kind.

  9. F5 says:

    She’s not fat but she’s fatazz:D

  10. LeeLoo says:

    If this information came out immediately after Kim filed for divorce I would have no problem feeling sorry for Kim and thinking she was trying to get out of a potentially abusive situation that would only escalate. Now it just looks like she is saying these things in order to save face. Maybe they are true, maybe they are not but letting this stuff come out entirely after the fact is only going to hurt her worse than help her. Many will feel she is trying to malign Kris horribly in order to save what little of her reputation is left. I would be one of those people.

  11. Jenn says:

    I guess he spoke the truth to power and she thinks she got revenge and in his eyes, he gained his freedom. These people (kardashians) are what tabloids were made for. Tacky is as tacky does.

    Tabloids should stop making up stuff about others and stick to this trash. Maybe it is all leading up to the “reconsiliation” show. Creepy, the entire lot.

  12. fabgrrl says:

    He was probably just reading the comment section on a Kim story in Celebitchy out loud.

  13. Quest says:

    Why should it hurt if someone tells the truth – it’s “constructive critisism”.

    Kim already has a mother from hell so why was it so hard for her to have a husband from hell – she bought it wholesale.

    Ah mean, so much for REALITY if producers are “editing the post-production of Kourtney and Kim Take New York” just to make Kim look good

    • Madisyn says:

      Here, here Q. If they’re ‘reediting’ the show to make him look worse than her, so much for ‘reality tv’. The more these stories trash HIM, the more I know they’re planted by HER and HER TEAM. They probably have some truth to them, but since he’s not allowed to speak without her permission, what are we to believe. Personally, I don’t give a f*ck, I used to be soo indifferent, bored actually of her, her shows, the whole production number but I’m getting mighty tired of this trick trying to convince the world she’s so sweet & innocent and he’s the big bad wolf, some kind of monster.

    • Lisa says:

      For Kim…her Mama is her BIGGEST supporter…so its not a hellish “Mama” situation for her at all…

      I will say this…having watched the shows with her husband on it before they got married (HEY, I used to be addicated to the “Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island”…what’s the dif?!? DON’T JUDGE ME!!! LOL!!!)…he treated her like pure CRAP…he OFFENDED me he offended ALL WOMANHOOD!!! I’m sorry, there is NO WAY a man born of woman would open his mouth to say HALF of the things to me that Kris H. said to Kim K!!!

      BTW…if I had to pick a team…SIGH…”Team Khloe”…ALL THE WAY!!!

      This P.R. stunt has SERIOUSLY hurt their “brand” (I typed that, without laughing too)…they’re finding out…THE HARD WAY…that sometimes publicity IS a bad thing…

  14. jessica says:

    The best is the cover line “Why she couldn’t fake it anymore”
    Dear Kim: As Reggie Bush said in regards to you to his new girlfriend, everything about you is fake!!

  15. Jane says:

    It Kim thinks planting these stories is going to help her, she is sadly mistaken. For one thing, he was only telling the truth, which no one else was doing. For another thing, he was running his rude, immature mouth before they got married. Kim ignored his behavior before the walk down the isle, then all of a sudden it makes a difference? She is either too stupid to be picking her own husband or she did it for the money. Either way she comes out looking like an idiot.

    I do think her butt is too big. She may be petite overall, but that butt is big and as she gets older it flatten and sag.

    • DarkEmpress says:

      Yes! I completely agree with you! It is wrong of him to treat her that way, but the fact remains that he was always a jerk. She was well aware of it. She was just willing to accept it so she could have her wedding and her payday. When that was over she is was ready to call it quits and cry victim!

  16. Diana says:

    “When someone insults my (lack of) intelligence, I just kind of laugh it off. But if someone called me a fat ass, much less if it was my boyfriend or husband? I would cry. I would have a total meltdown”

    I don’t know about that, it seems superficial… for me it would be much worse to be insulted for what would be perceived as lack of intelligence. Physical beauty fades, and all you are left with in the end is what’s inside your head… in this girl’s case, not much apparently.

    • laylajane says:

      I must be a mean b*tch. Because if you call me stupid, fat, ugly, talentless none of it fazes me. I know better, I know I can get whatever I want and that takes TALENT, INTELLECT, and a certain amount of BEAUTY.

      No jack-a$$ can EVER tell me different that is a core-belief for me. If you insist on trying to shove that down my throat I just separate myself from you. I’m not gonna cry over another person’s stupidity/jealousy/anger/baggage.

      I have my own issues I can’t carry yours too.(but none of my issues have to do with my brain, talent or looks. Don’t let others break you, happiness is a CHOICE:-)

    • It is ME!! says:


      Beauty fades. Dumb is forever.

  17. Jesa says:

    Here’s a ‘blind’ item about Kim and her friend Brittny G. about how they used to ‘hook’ for extra money. Kim was cut off by her dad when she married the first time.It’s very interesting. I’m sure being married would not have stopped her from hooking considering how much respect she has for the institution.

    Paris described Kim’s rear once saying it looked like nasty jello with celulite.

    They are just trying to get viewers for this sundays show. Not watching.

  18. Firecracker says:

    Spin spin spin! Lie lie lie!

    I love all the nicknames for this family. Kartrashian, Kardassian, Lardassian, etc. What are some of the good ones that you guys have seen or came up with?

    Edit: I saw on another site she was hiding from the camera behind her handbag. Please, no pics! I’m mourning my fake marriage! Hilarious. When has that ever happened.

  19. ... says:

    No, Paris’s quote about Kim Kardashian’s ass went something like “Ewww, it looks like a trash bag filled with cottage cheese.” Jello with cellulite does not even make sense….

  20. Quest says:

    Top 2011 Celebrity Turkeys according to Wonderwall:

    Kim K
    Charlie Sheen
    Ashton K


  21. JPX says:

    How stupid of her to blindly marry someone with so many awful traits. I blame no one but her for this mess. She’s such a fame-whore that she chose a TV wedding over finding a quality person. Of course, she’s not a quality person.

    • Annaloo says:

      AMEN! If your spouse insults you, the EASIEST way to throw it back in their face is to point out how THEY married YOU …so what does it say about them??!

      If anything, this is another point that Kim is total amateur hour when it comes to marriage.

    • sofia says:

      Kim needs to read her blogs, She is not use to her “new” money,Oh pore baby, i want to be married and have babies by now, well learn to be polite to a man, instead of being so rude! The more and more I see your face, I learn that you are NOT a size 2, go to therapy, give some money back. AND wake UP.

  22. Dawn says:

    Well if the shoe fits….! LOL! Yet another weak attempt to put the blame on him and not on her and her whoring family. I’m sure they were all shocked that people were not bowing down at the altar of the pee whiz girl to swallow her crap the way she swallowed her own. Give it up, only the very foolish would believe that you intended to marry and stay married. It was all about the money. She is so sad, useless and a complete Yuk.

  23. Mikamoo says:

    Yah he acted like an idiot on the show.. but really, unless you are comfortable with cameras in your face 24/7, you may or may not be acting like yourself. This whole Kim & Kris thing is beyond ridiculous. We all know the wedding was a stunt… we all know the Kartrashians are fame whores who really only care about themselves… moving on.

  24. Kellie says:

    It doesnt really matter what she says about him at this point, the damage is done. She’s a loser for talking trash about him while he remains silent, she’s a loser for marrying a man she barley knew who happened to be rude and verbally abusive. This is similar to what she said about her other ex-husband. At some point she needs to understand that she is problem if she consistantly picks the same man over and over again.

  25. Tierra says:

    One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last.”

    This^^ sentence alone makes me think Kris is an alright guy. He’s probably the only one in her life who was ever truly honest with her.
    Technically, she paid to have her ass fat so its not the same as saying it to someone who struggles with their weight..she PAID for that FAT ASS!
    Team Kris!!

  26. z says:

    give me a break… this is such a planted story from Kardashian’s spin people…

  27. Kimbob says:

    Oh I’m eating my words as I type. I SWORE I wouldn’t comment any more on Kim K. Fatass stories…but here I go!

    What, pray-tell, was she expecting? Was she expecting to get A REAL QUALITY MAN, full of integrity, impulse-control, honorable..and all that, PLUS athletic and adoring to her…that would agree to a sham marriage to make lots & lots of $$$$?

    Oh COME ON! She got what she paid for…a hollow person like herself that LOVES MONEY too, doesn’t give a rip about marriage vows that you actually have to KNOW/LOVE/RESPECT your mate that met SOME of her criteria (athletic, some black ethnicity in his family tree, a littlebit high profile NBA player, & her thoughts EXACTLY that marriage is just a piece of paper)!

    So what he is not a brain surgeon, so what he lacks impulse control and actually said what he thought regardless of cameras (or not).

    I’m kind of liking it that he said what we all thought anyway! Kim is WELL-COMPENSATED for such. I’m kind of liking it that her shortcomings are now splashed on every rag!

    I know she didn’t bargain for all this…but oh well. Suck it up, Kim & just go and count and spend your money because that’s all that matters to you anyway.

  28. Gigi says:

    OMG are they now trying to make Kim out to be the victim? I really can’t stand their entire family. Aren’t their 15 minutes up yet!????

  29. MellaYella says:

    She is really trying to tarnish this mans name. She doesn’t realize the more she bad mouths him the more people will push away. If he was so bad why did you spend 10 million dollars on a weeding that last 72 days? You are full of it and most people are tired of it. This from a former fan.

  30. GiGi says:

    The Kardashian PR machine should tread lightly here. I think most people are on to their game and if they’re not careful the constant flow of negative stories is going to worsen the backlash against them.

    Say what you will about Kris H., but there haven’t been any negative stories put out about Kim.

  31. Camille says:

    Wow, the media/Kartrashian Klan are really trying to push this image of Kim being ‘the perfect Angel’ aren’t they ie:
    “Kim who rarely drinks and tends to go to bed early” for example. Yeah, whatever Kim *eye roll*.

    And Radar is completely right, they are going to push this villan/victim BS hard aren’t they. But is anyone really buying it/or even cares any more? I don’t. I just want them all to go away. Far far away.

    Oh and also for the most part what Kris said about Kim having no talent etc is true! lol

    I have to stop reading/commenting on the threads of these people, they make me feel angry. lol

  32. GirlyGIrl says:

    This Kardashian crap aint ever gonna end is it?

    The whole family must think we’re all stupid

  33. dorothy says:

    At least he was honest. He said what most of us have thought for years.

  34. Laurie M. says:

    This new PR powerhouse strategy of blaming Kris & editing the show to make him appear to be an abusive monster will backfire even further on this family. WHY do the Kartrashians keep assuming the public is stupid and will gobble up any story about them?! Kim will most likely half-deny these negative stories (since it was planted by her PR people).
    I wonder if the negative footage on the K’s reality show will be “dubbed” in effort to reinforce this mean monster abusive storyline?!!

  35. Pizzazz says:

    She is a fat ass. She makes a living off that super fat ass of hers. It was a fake marriage and the whole divorce drama isn’t going the way she wants so now she’s turning him into a villain. Frankly, I agree with Kris. She’s a fat ass and she’s stupid.

  36. anonymoose says:

    Did he call her SpiderEyes and InnerCheekBiter and WinnebagoHips, too?

    He’s no catch, and neither is she. They were perfect together. O Why o why can’t the fairy tale just continue forever?

    Now go away please.

  37. Sue says:

    The whole K. family is without talent. The three older sisters were on Pierce Morgan and he asked them what their talent was..”we’re good at marketing”. That isn’t a talent – that is a skill that can be learned. How stupid are they? (that is a rhetorical question – no need to answer)

  38. judyjudy says:

    So she had surgery to give herself a gigantic backside and then cries because someone called her fat-ass? Hunh?

  39. Hakura says:

    The only way I could buy the fact that she wears a size ’4′… is if they physically SEW the pants onto her. I’m afraid that’s always been my problem w/pants. The 4 waistline isn’t getting over that mountain, no sir.

    This whole thing is ridiculous.

  40. Kim says:

    She is trying to play the victim which is going to backfire because everyone knows this was an arranged marriage and NO ONE feels sorry for her.

    This is just another fake story planted by the KarTRASHian family to stay in the tabloids.

    I think the whole divorce was as planned as the marriage. They figured they could go with the whole Kris was cruel and garner sympathy for Kim but its not going to happen. No one is buying her victim role.

    Why did she marry him if he was so mean to her? Is she claiming he started being mean ONLY after married? She needs to stop thinking that others believe her lies.

  41. Kim says:

    Hey the truth hurts. She has no talent and whores careers dont last long. Shell be back to hooking in a few years.

    She certainly wasnt very nice to him on the show. She made MANY catty comments about him and his hometown. Minnesotans should hate her because she bagged on “yea haw” Minnesota so much. As if she is so much better – not!

    You reep what you sow and she doesnt deserve someone nice. She is a money grubbing, famewhore with no morals.

    Its not like he loved her or vice versa.

    Im sure he actually came to HATE her & her family after seeing how fame & money hungry they are.

  42. Jover says:

    Sue i saw that episode totally boring all three – I simply can’t imagine the fantasy world they live in where they actually think they have talent in anything. Joke: What’s an easy way to confuse a Kardashian. Answer: Ask her to spell “MGM” backwards. Not the best but not the worst I’ve heard.

  43. hottathanholywatta says:

    let me see here:

    1) shes stupid – check – not investing in her education instead choosing to be a bimbo and shopping around her pathetic reality status
    2) fat ass – check sorry but your ass is fat – thats just a fact
    3) she has no talent – check – she doesnt sing, dance, act or anything with any value
    4) that everyone will get sick of her – check – its already happened.

    So as far as I can see he was doing her some good by simply emphasizing what everyone, except for her already knows so he’s NOT a liar he just finally had the balls to say what everyone was already saying

  44. gemmaa says:

    I really shouldn’t laugh……..

  45. cerulean says:

    She is beginning to look like a wax figure. Her face is very scary. I won’t sleep well tonight after seeing it.

    Boo bloody hoo Kim. I wonder what names she called him?

  46. Jenny Hayes says:

    This all sounds like the kardashian PR team are trying to come up with the most disqusting things about Kris Humphries so people will watch their show “Kim and Kourtney take New York” I hope people are smart enough to not buy into this and sign the petition at:
    The petition ends on November 30th!

  47. Stonegoddess says:

    I could have seen this coming a mile away. The only way they can even attempt to gain sympathy is by making KH look like the bad guy.

    This woman is a conniving, fake, money grubbing grifter that cares only for herself. They go out of their way to destroy/harass anyone they feel is in their way to scamming more cash.

    Perfect examples are this spinning going on w/ KH & the whole Jonathan Jaxson attempted suicide.

    I firmly believe that he got too close to revealing the whole truth about them, they panicked & bulllied (threatened) him into submission. Either that or had someone do it for them. A night or two before his attempted suicidie his Twitter was hacked. Not a coincendence.

    Disgusting family that deserves all the scorn coming their way. Buh bye, pee whore – couldn’t have come soon enough.

    • dahlia1947 says:

      Wow someone hacked into his account? And did he really attempt suicide? Scary. If something would’ve happened to him, I have a feeling that it would have been made to LOOK like a ‘suicide’.

      I would not put it past this family to have something like that done. Mainly Kris and Kim.

  48. wunder says:

    A newfound respect for K.Humpheries!

    Divorced by Kim becuz he was an honest man!!!

  49. palermo says:

    You all know we will never hear the unbiased version, it will all be poor little Kimmy, so mistreated …

  50. fwiw says:

    Whatever happened to Kim visiting Kris in Minnesota to ask him to keep the divorce civil but then she does this to him? She talks bad about him … but yet expects him to stay quiet? Those Kardashians are something else.

  51. Jessica99 says:

    I hope this story is true and he really was mean like that. I’ll never feel sorry for somebody(specially not Kim) who puts themselves in that kind of position.

    If he was really that bad, she shouldn’t have married and if he was, then he was spot on for calling her stupid.

    She’s stupid. A fatass with no talent and I can only pray(even tho I’m not religious) that her fame goes away.

  52. danielle says:

    I do think calling your significant other names is emotionally abusive, and I wouldn’t put up with it. He has said some really mean things about her, just from what I’ve read on CB (I’ve never watched the show). But I wouldn’t necessarily believe anything “her team” puts out there either.

  53. Alida says:

    What a beotch you are Kim. You couldn’t handle how mad people were at you so you once again had to bring out more lies and deceit to make him look bad. Really? GROW UP FAME WHORE.. You deserve every single bit of the backlash you have gotten. And NEWSFLASH.. YOU DO HAVE A FAT BUTT!

  54. the original bellaluna says:

    So, apparently the “peace summit*” was a failure.

    I thought the purpose of the “peace summit*” was to NOT bad-mouth one another in the tabs.

    *”peace summit” equals less than 24 hours in “marriage counseling” with the minister who married them.

  55. Teresa says:

    Their show is scripted. Kris was hired to play as the husband and bad guy. It is common knowledge that she shopped around for a husband to be for the UNreality show. And during the show she said she wanted to get married at this point while she still looks good in photos! It was a publicity stunt just for the ratings. Hope they go away, become irrelevant and forgotten for good!

  56. Ck says:

    Kim..time to stop being grandiose are a porn quality classy man will want you for long. Too many educated pretty women who don/t whore or pee on

  57. Jen34 says:

    I hope he said all those things. It’s called comeuppance and she had it coming.

  58. Firecracker says:

    Dang, no one wants to play my game I mentioned in post 18. I thought we could talk about some hilarious nicknames for the Kartrashians. :( Since there hasn’t been a Liho thread for a looooong time.

  59. truthful says:

    What pisses me off even more, is pointing and placing blame!!




    sign up if you haven’t already

    HER ARTICLE IN MARIE CLAIRE SAYS OTHERWISE, SHE SAID “Kris understands me and let’s me be me”


  60. Scout says:

    Didn’t have time to read any responses, but my “gut” response is that he called her “fat ass” and “stupid” showed he KNEW TOO MUCH. It was either divorce him or kill him!

  61. Laughing Librarian says:

    Not that Kris is a rocket scientist but-the truth hurts, doesn’t it, Kim?
    Didn’t they go through this s–t while they were dating-or did they really even date?

  62. Mia says:

    Hello story planted by the Kardashians. There is no way they are going to spin this to turn it around to get sympathy for Kim.

  63. Tristyn says:

    Kow kakes and the herd are being slowly sent out to the pasture.GO AWAY!!!’

  64. Diane says:

    How much longer must these people be in my life?

  65. Tuppiv says:

    PLEASE for the love of god stop using it!!

  66. laura hd says:

    we’ve all said it, but let’s recap:

    a. she does have a big butt
    b. she doesn’t appear to be intelligent
    c. she also doesn’t appear to have any real talent.
    d. Kris H. seems to have hit the nail on the head

    Watching the wedding special, I can’t believe he even went through with it – they were all such massive b’s to him and he NEVER had any say in any of the decisions about HIS OWN wedding.

    He should thank his lucky stars she’s superficial and egotistical and filed for divorce. I know 1000 girls that would love and appreciate him…as would their families.

  67. TG says:

    Everything he says might be the truth but why would she want to be with someone who isn’t supportive of her? If he thinks all of this why did he want to be with her anyway? Do both of these people only think with their lower half?

    They are both stupid but I will never be on teamkim she and her mom/spouse are disgusting. They should just marry each other that’s what the wedding special seemed to be about anyway. Kim and momma kris. I mean her mom wanted in on the proposal, wanted in on all the wedding planning wanted in on the decision to change her last name or not isn’t all of that a fiance/husband’s responsibilities?

  68. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Wonder how much Mamma Kardashion payed out to Extra to run this little hatchet job tonight on their tv show ? “Kim Call Kim Fat…the true behind the rumors of this touble marriage…” etc etc…Trouble Marriage ? hell two days before she suddenly files she was partying it up in Vagas with the guy….
    and on People Magizine this month
    “Cortneys betrayal by her baby father ” …..
    So they are selling the two woman and their troubled relationsships with men…..Poor little Kardashion Whores……They want that new reality show real bad don’t they ? What a bunch of fakes and con artist….
    The only thing I feel sorry for is that we the public are having to see this acted out in the media spotlight….JUST go away all ready go away….

  69. Luckylilgem says:

    Maybe she should’ve waited to really get to know him before rushing to the altar? Still not buying Kim as a victim. ugh

  70. Meanchick says:

    I think that the Kardassian machine wants to discredit Kris because he’s got the goods on KimmyCakes, pure & simple. If they can discredit him (good luck with that), then they think no one will believe what he says about KimmyCakes and her fake ass, face, attitude, family and existence as a whole! I’ll bet they’re terrified of what he could say if he wanted to.

  71. Celebasshat says:

    Wat a total waste of space dis kartrashian are.

  72. Lisa says:

    Oh please!!! He treated her family like they treated him. Khloe and Kourtney were rude to him especially Khloe’s obnoxious self. If anything he was the only sane one. He called all those fakes out on their f*ckery.

  73. BELLA says:

    I`m really starting to like this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Karen says:

    I think once ole’ Kimmy realized that he didn’t buy into the media’s adoration of her, the relationship was doomed. I LOVE the fact that he said what everyone else is thinking. She seems delusional enough to believe that people wanted to be like her. Yes bitch, the money would be good. You can have the rest…fat ass and all.

  75. Sam says:

    This makes me not want to watch her show on Sunday. Then she’ll get cancelled.

  76. Lady_Luck says:

    Ok, so I don’t like Kim much, never have, but I’m still team Kim.

    Simply because every thing that the douchebag Kris represents: arrogance, non-attentiveness, wandering eye, superficial and cold represents everything in a man that I cannot stand. And this was him in ‘newlywed’ stage when he is supposed to be most doting and in errr…love. The man is more douchey than a million doucheys all wrapped up together. I feel sorry for the next woman who touches him with a 10-foot barge pole.

  77. dahlia1947 says:

    Are they back then? Are people going to believe that she was the victim in all of this? Idk. Kind of scary to think that this family could come back again in full force!

    i hope her ‘fans’ see through these stories of Kim the Victim. She was DESPERATE to get married. I know this because she put up w his rude comments to her family and BURPING IN HER FACE!

    I would’ve socked him!! Yep she just wanted the lavish wedding and she wanted to show Reggie that it could’ve been them. I think she still loves him.

  78. ReadABook says:

    I came here today to see if you would take K.K.’s “press release” and recent media spin in Us magazine at face value. hahahahah My friends, you never disappoint.
    Even if he was a devil worshipper, don’t you think she would have realized that before the marriage if they had a genuine relationship and had spent some time together?
    Finding problems after marriage, doesn’t one usually WORK ON IT first ? Try to fix things ?
    Think a little, judge a little less. In any man vs. woman stories, you ALWAYS take the woman’s side; your bias and probable life-experiences are obvious.
    Last time I visit the site I think, what used to be funny now makes me terribly sad. I wish you the best of luck…

  79. Sam says:

    Just spreading the word I saw on X17online: BLACKOUT KARDASHIAN SHOW THIS SUNDAY.

    Not a bad idea, cause then Kim gets low ratings and we can get rid of her off our tv for good, and we can read about it Monday on the internet without giving her any ratings. Low ratings= Cancelled.

  80. Stonegoddess says:

    Quite the turn around in attitude compared to her comments in Marie Claire. What a lying b*tch she is.

    Just a smear campaign to make him look bad and turn the tide of opinion. These people are so obvious it’s disgusting. Kris Jenner better come up with a new tactic real fast because this little campaign she has cooked up isn’t working.

    She is a fat ass, a liar and a money grubbing skank. If it was so bad before the wedding (which I doubt) then act like a grown woman and do something about it. She’s not a child just an idiot.

  81. whatevs says:

    she looks like a creature from mars

  82. Glenda T. says:

    If I never again heard about these people, who for whatever reason got famous for doing absolutely nothing, I would be ecstatic. I wish that magazines would stop writing about them, people would stop taking their pictures and everyone would start not giving a shit. It makes me ill just seeing all the covereage they get. Make. It. Stop.

  83. Meanchick says:

    Oh yeah, cuz she’s NEVER heard THOSE words before!

  84. Meanchick says:

    It’s not about boycotting the show. Boycott the sponsors. If you mess with their pockets, KimmyCakes and the rest of her revolting family will go bye-bye. No sponsor will allow the Kartrassians to mess with their bottom line: money. I don’t know who the sponsors are, I’ve never watched the show because I don’t want my eyeballs to melt.

  85. Hakura says:

    I think this whole disaster, more than anything else, has caused the rest of the world to join in the true realization that K&Kompany is a complete joke, created purely for the sake of over-the-top-reality-tv, sold for no other reason than being mildly interesting to look at for a while. The sad thing is that she started ‘backwards’, giving it all away upfront with that sex-tape scandal that made her famous.

    The only thing I believed about this whole marriage is that Kris is an asshole. (Mother & husband respectively…)

  86. Str8Shooter says:


    He forgot to call her a WHORE too.


    There. Better :)

  87. alex says:

    WOW Is khloe the only one who is capable of picking A GOOD husband. SERIOUSLY WTF

  88. alex says:

    Kim gets with any guy, as long As thers money to be made.
    Kourtney pretty much got knocked up and was forced to marry scott.
    Khloe actually isnt fake & has some brains.

  89. Criss says:

    I’m glad she left him if he started verbally and mentally abusing her. What a jerk if it’s true, she made her money off of that ass.

  90. Sue says:

    After watching Kim and Kourtney Takes New York, I can totally see that it was Kim’s fault. You can not move yourself and your newly-wed husband into close-knit quarters with your sister, her husband and toddler. That was the dumbest idea ever. All of the problems she complained about were exact reasons why they shouldn’t have moved in with Kourtney. I feel bad for Kris. He was put into a bad situation. Who wants to jump from honeymoon to living with his wife and her family.

  91. Sue says:

    Headline: Kim Kardashian dumped Kris H. after he called her “fat ass” and “stupid”.

    Needs to read: Kim Kardashian dumped Kris J.(her dumbass momma) after she repeatedly misled her and made her look like a dumbass and greedy whore for years

  92. Jenny says:

    Anyone who believes anything on the show is as much of an idiot as she is. The whole family are media whores and will do anything and say anything for a buck.

    Quit watching their show and quit buying their crappy products and they will go away. Remember they are only famous because Kim leaked her porn movie and sold it and made millions! Quit feeding the pig.