Lacey Schwimmer’s new tatas: improvement or too much?

US Weekly is pointing out that Dancing with The Stars professional, Lacey Schwimmer, got some new knockers and is pleased with how she looks now. We’ve covered Lacey in the past, mostly for her terrible fashion and the fact that she’s claimed to be a size four. Now she has new tatas, obtained at some vague point in the past according to US. I can’t say they look bad or disproportionate when she’s wearing normal clothes. In the outfit to the right above, which she’s poured into and busting out of, she looks bad all over but that has nothing to do with her implants. Here’s more, from US:

Notice anything different about Lacey Schwimmer last season on Dancing With the Stars?

The 23-year-old pro — who competed during this fall’s season 13 with Chaz Bono — recently went under the knife for a hush-hush boob job.

A source close to the reality star tells Us Weekly that Schwimmer got plastic surgery to enhance her bust two cup sizes, from a B to a D.

“Lacey’s told friends she got a boob job. She’d wanted one for a while so she went ahead and did it,” the source tells Us.

Having long faced criticism over her figure, Schwimmer — who said she was “happy” to have an athletic build instead of a model shape — couldn’t be more thrilled with her latest look.

Says the insider: “She loves the results and she’s proud of her new shape.”

[From US Weekly]

Here are some older pics of Lacey for comparison. I can’t tell whether she had smaller implants in the past and had them replaced, whether she’s just pushing up and boosting her implants now, or whether these are new implants. I wish Us Weekly would do more than just throw up old and new undated photos and be like “implants!” Still, they’re making our work easy for us so I should thank them. It’s not like I would ever take the initiative to look through photos of Lacey Schwimmer and notice whether her b00bs were different. It takes another outlet and a slow news day to motivate me.

She was so much prettier with dark hair. 11/20/08

On 5/30/09.

On 9/20/10. So did she have smaller implants here, or was she pushing those puppies up?

Also, that full outfit needs to be seen to be appreciated.

So does this one.



And here’s Lacey at a recent event on 11/20/11. That beetlejuice dress and those booties are actually an improvement for her. I hate the new dip dye hair trend.

Photo credit: WENN and Fame

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  1. dena says:

    She should get her crossed eyes and man-jaw fixed.

  2. Reece says:

    I wish the orange/platinum blonde trend would end.

  3. Kimbob says:

    I dunno. I just can’t tell by any of these pics, really.

    But the bigger problem….she turns into a HAM @ the SITE of a camera…GEEZ!

  4. Schnauzers!!! says:

    I think Lacey is gorgeous but I much much prefer her when her hair isn’t blonde. She is definitely a dark haired beauty.

    I love her figure, and would kill to have my body look like hers!! Color me JEALOUS! LOL

  5. 221jazz says:

    Lacey looked so beautiful as a brunette and natural. Women are brainwashed into thinking blonder, bigger fake breast and fake tan the more beautiful you are…no, you look fake and plastic.

  6. RobN says:

    She was actually pretty and now she’s a joke. It’s really kind of sad; how can she not see how much more attractive she was before she started looking like a clown?

  7. JudyK says:

    She looks lovely in the 2008 photo. She looks chunky with the first boob job and fat with the second one.

  8. Anait says:

    The body is the “work instrument” for a professional dancer, they have to take great care of it, just like athletes, so this kind of changements are not really good. I know some professional dancers, neither of them would make this kind of choice even if their boobs are really small. But big boobs can help to have a career in tv shows… maybe, I’m not sure.

  9. mary simon says:

    kind of pretty before – freakish and garish now.

  10. novaraen says:

    Oh goodie…another bimbo-fied star. Blonde hair and big boobs…CHECK! She was prettier with the smaller boobs and darker honey colored hair. Sad that the entertainment industry constantly makes these chicks feel like this is the only way to get noticed and be sexy. :(

  11. brin says:

    She looked so much better before. Shame!

  12. palermo says:

    They look awful, just make her look older and fatter.

  13. Happy21 says:

    I don’t know if she has new boobs or not. In all photos where she looks really busty the top is obviously too small and too tight. An “A” cup can get cleavage and boobs if they push them up right or wear the right bra. In the recent photo she just looks like she has a case of pancake tits because her top is too small.

  14. madpoe says:

    From kinda girl next door to amazon! WTF?!?! Is there a recast for Scary Spice?

  15. Kasey says:

    Being a former ballroom dancer starting back in ’03 I’ve followed her career for a while. I always thought she was cute and since I’ve been in Asia for the past 2 years (didnt get into DWTS) I’m actually quite shocked to see her. She looks SO different. She definitely looks better with darker hair, I’d only known her w/ black hair but the brown suits her as well.
    Also, I’m not sure what happened but she used to be really thin, it seems she’s still too young for it to have been just youth especially if she kept up dancing. Did she go to college & gain weight maybe? I don’t think she is fat she is obviously toned and muscular, but she is significantly thicker, yet toned but for being such a thin person in the past and also a professional dancer, it just adds to the shock of seeing her now.
    I wonder what her brother Benji is up to? I haven’t seen him in the competition circuits of late. Maybe college or his pilgrimage (I think they’re Mormon)?

    • Lia says:

      Haha Kasey you sound kind of bitter and jealous! Hey,you should be she made DWTS with extra weigh at that and you didnt! Next time kiddo! HA!

      • RobN says:

        Did you actually read her post or do you just not have the gift of comprehension?

      • CindyBman says:

        I didn’t take Kasey’s post as bitter as all.

      • Lia says:

        Ha really so the “didnt get into DWTS and saying she was shocked to see how much weight she gained “Did she go to college & gain weight maybe?” She’s being nice/mean why even say anything like that if you dont mean to be mean.
        Robn maybe you not have the gift of comprehension?

      • RobN says:

        Lia, you seem to think that what she means by didn’t get into DWTS is that she tried out as a professional and didn’t get picked and is therefore bitter about it, when in reality, what she is saying is that she has lived abroad for awhile and does not see the show and is not into it like so many fans are. (That’s what I mean about your reading comprehension problem.)

        It is also possible to note the differences in a person in two different time frames without it being mean. Lacey is much larger now, that is a simple fact. Most other readers do not seem to get the nasty vibe that you are enjoying so much.

      • snappy81 says:

        Kasey is saying is that she didn’t “get into” meaning “enjoy” not “get into” meaning actually be on the show. I didn’t take her comments negatively either, she’s just remarking on the differences in Lacey having not seen her for awhile.

        Edit: Posted this before I saw RobN’s comment.

      • Kasey says:

        Wow Lia! I’m both surprised and sad that you thought my comment was malicious or bitter. I was trying not to make my post too long and didn’t elaborate that “I never got into DWTS” b/c I was too busy working while taking classes in grad school at 2 different colleges in 2 different states so I didn’t actually watch the show and then moved to Asia, not that I tried out to be on the show. For that reason I actually have no idea whether she gained the weight prior to or after DWTS but I do know that a lot of people put on a little weight in college and she’s at the age to have just finished.

        I actually think people tend to look better with a little bit more rather than less weight. I don’t think she’s fat or unhealthy looking so IMO girlfriend’s body looks good! But she looks so different (esp. w/big, blonde hair) I didn’t recognize her when she popped up recently. B/c she used to be really thin I attributed it to her genes and frame (like Benji, her brother) and wouldn’t have imagined if she was still dancing that she could bulk up that much (kinda like Kiki Dunst who looks so HOT now but was ‘meh’ to me back in her skinny days).

        Anyway, I wish her all the best and am happy to read reports that she seems happy and content with the weight gain and isn’t obsessing like many women who look perfectly fine and healthy because she looks pretty fine and healthy to me -although I think the black/brown hair should be revisited ;) .

    • Lantana says:

      I think Kasey and Lia are not on the same page. Kasey, I agree with you that Lacey looked better with brown hair. And I couldn’t believe it when I read she is 23! I had no idea who she was, so had nothing to compare anything with other than the above pictures. She doesn’t seem to be aging gracefully, and at 23 she really shouldn’t seem to be aging. Period.

    • Marjalane says:

      Gawd! Some of you are so quick to jump on any little thing! The original post wasn’t mean, and it’s OBVIOUS that Lacey Shwimmer HAS gained weight and DOES look hideous in her fake Barbie hair.

  16. Meggers says:

    This chick claims to be 23?! In Courtney Stodden years maybe.

  17. juju says:

    The before picture is much better. The Blond hair and da new boobs are a not !! Cant stand blond hair, if you werent born blond it just looks gross !!

  18. Embee says:

    I’m not an expert but those boobs look like she “ate ‘em, not bought ‘em” (to quote P!nk).

    Lots of women change body shape in their mid-20s. I’m glad for her that she is proud of who she is.

  19. Mikamoo says:

    Ugg.. awful.. it’s way too much.. she looks better with a smaller bust line… gross.

  20. CindyBman says:

    I don’t think her boobs are “too much” — I think her style is too much!

  21. Brooke says:

    That mid-brown tone (5/30/09)is her best haircolor, in my opinion. And I think her implants are proportional; her dress sense, however, could use some improvement.

  22. Alexis says:

    I think only her style changed. If they’re implants, they fit her frame. Now she needs to stop dressing like a clown and posing ridiculously. Also, I can’t believe she’s 23 — she looks 35. She’s probably lying about her age; there’s no way that chick isn’t in her late 20′s.

  23. Bess says:

    While I agree Lacey looks much better with dark hair and needs to put in an emergency call to a stylist, I give her a lot of credit for her teamwork with Chaz Bono.

    Noe to Chaz: Just because you’re a “man” now, please spare us the neck beard and bare arms /chest outfits. No one wants to see that.

  24. nina says:

    I think sometimes implants on a very short and muscular body can actually make someone look a lot heavier than they are. I think Lacey is a very pretty girl with a healthy shape, I just think the implants throw things out of proportion.

  25. JB says:

    I really like her, but WOW. She looks like a cartoon as of late. She is shockingly more beautiful in 09-10.

  26. amanda says:

    She looked so much prettier in 08/09, that blonde tone really ages her. At first glance I thought the 8/25/11 shots were of Gwen Stefani.

  27. Cathy says:

    She’s definately alot prettier with the brown hair and smaller boob size. Some of the outfits she’s wearing are awful.

  28. alibeebee says:

    she looks like a younger version of patti stanger that millionaire matchmaker lady with the blond hair. she could be a size four she’s not jiggly at all. I have her body type really compact and built and I’m a four … people always say i look bigger than i am .. so it could be possible.
    also the dark hair and simpler clothes on her much more flattering.. that blond hair parted in the middle and those trashy barely there outfits scream Tranny to me.

  29. jay says:

    she would look a lot more sultry with darker hair. Also, who wears a skimpy bikini top and man jeans to the beach?

  30. bagladey says:

    The boobs weren’t necessary, especially for a professional dancer who wasn’t flat-chested to begin with, and I definitely would have worked on the chin first.

  31. Missfit says:

    Awgh f*ck man! I liked dark hair goth punk Lacey better as oppose to this freakin Barbie character. Why Lacey, you were my most favorite, uggh. :/ I was starting to like her thicker figure, but definitely not the tan or blonde hair… :(

  32. ShanKat says:

    I only know her from these kind of pics…but I love the way she looks. (even though she can “look: at 2 cars going in opposite directions.)

    I even love her dip-dyed hair (but I think it might just be because I’ve never seen it and I’m a little obsessed with that very Cali trend!).

  33. gg says:

    Can’t stand the Barbie look. Now she’s just another boring cardboard cutout.

  34. weeble says:

    She looks awful, but now she fits the cookie cutter starlet type everyone seems to love to watch. Already I had to remember who she was, but now she will fade into the legions just like her. And God bless her heart, she’s a bit cross eyed, too.

  35. fabgrrl says:

    Totally thought that was Jenny McCarthy when I clicked on the article. Whoever she is, she was 100% prettier in 2008.

  36. Bob says:

    She looks awful and she never was pretty. Don’t they have a weight limit on DWTS? Not a dancers body at all!

  37. Cerulean says:

    She looks a female wrestler circa 1985. She also looks way older than 23. Like a 40 year old with a pill habit.

  38. Camille says:

    She’s only 23??

    Also, she really needs to go back to the darker hair, for some reason the blonde hair makes her jaw/chin look bigger.

  39. sandy says:

    She actually looked better the old way.. more natural.. now she looks like a porn star like the rest of em… every female celebrity whoring for attention seem to love the drag queen look!

  40. lionia says:

    wow, she is fug as hell with the nasty fake breast and bleached hair. Why do women try to look uglier? I don’t get it. She went from do-able to get that nasty fake looking transvestite away from me!!!

  41. Hakura says:

    She was so beautiful with dark hair, & the makeup palette she was using back then.

    The strong way she’s clenching her teeth (making more than the top row visible) while smiling here is causing her face to look distorted & much ‘sharper/masculine’, & it brings attention to the imbalance in her eyes pretty badly.

    Her eyes really looked fine before, this look is just… horrible.

  42. dread pirate cuervo says:

    This chick is hard to look at.

  43. wresa says:

    1964 Cadillac red bustier bra top with sequins? Yup, Id say its too much.

  44. bold says:

    “having long face” *giggle*

  45. Chrissy says:

    She looked cute in the older brunette pictures. It’s another case of quit while you’re ahead, but for some reason so many women in the spotlight think they need to change themselves.

  46. Jen says:

    I don’t really like posts about people’s appearances, nor do I usually like to comment on them. However, I will say I admit to thinking she was curvy. Then I stood next to her in real life about a year ago. I’m a size 4, and she seemed small to me. I remember thinking she was cute with a cute figure. I think unfortunately she is one who doesn’t photograph as well as she really looks. The red bra, of course, doesn’t help.

  47. MAMAKOWALSKA says:

    She looked so good before, WHY OH WHY would she want to look so plastic???

    She does look VERY pleased with herself.

  48. Meanchick says:

    The 5/30/09 pic looks so beautiful. Why is she intent on looking like every other fake blonde, boob-implanted doorknob in H-wood?

  49. Meanchick says:

    Oh yeah, 23? 23-squared is more like it!

  50. Ginger says:

    I blame this poor woman’s parents for never fixing her lazy eye. My son has one and I have done everything I can to fix it while he is young. As for her looks… she looks so much prettier in the brunette photos. Her hair cut is flattering and her clothes are as well. She needs to keep a stylist on hand to help her. As for the implants… so many women have them in all walks of life I don’t think it’s a big deal. If she wants them and can afford it…why not? However, as a dancer I wonder if they might get in the way somehow?

  51. Luna says:

    Lacey what have you done to yourself. She looks so harsh with that blonde hair parted in the middle and that red bra. She looks very pretty with darker hair but the blonde, yikes.

  52. Daisy says:

    she looked 1000 times prettier with the darker hair. She did not need the implants. It’s sad.

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