Tom Cruise promotes MI4 in Moscow: he keeps looking “younger” doesn’t he?

Yesterday, Bedhead covered the photos of Tom Cruise and Paula Patton at the Dubai premiere of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. These are photos from the Moscow premiere, and once again, only Tommy, Paula and Simon Pegg are around. Where is The Renner?!? Where is Josh Holloway?!? Why can’t Tom Cruise take an international promotional tour with the boys? That is what I live for, not photos of Tom with Paula Patton – who, granted, is gorgeous, but Tom isn’t interested in that. I can feel Tom’s displeasure from here.

Anyway, some of you yelled at Bedhead yesterday because she didn’t talk enough about how Tom Cruise seems to be channeling an ageless, Xenu-obsessed vampire. (I could have name-checked Lestat there, but really I want to forget that ever happened.) Yes, Tom is “ageless” in the sense that he looks younger now than he did four years ago. Don’t you remember that suspicious trip that Tom and Katie took to Brazil? They were suspiciously in Brazil for weeks in 2009, but he was only photographed at certain times. I keep coming back to that – I think that was when Tom went in for a facelift. I give him credit for getting good work too – it was subtle, and he looks like himself only younger. He doesn’t look puffy or waxy or frozen – maybe he should give the number of his doctor to his ex, Nicole Kidman. But enough about Tom’s face. Look at his little overcoat! How cute is that? And his little fingerless gloves. And his little lifts! I love Tom. He brings joy.

Meanwhile, Tom has a new interview with E! News – you can read and see the full interview here, and here are some highlights:

Doing stunts 100-stories high on Burj Khalifa in Dubai: “[Director Brad Bird] said ‘Can we do this?’ And I said, ‘We’re gonna figure out how to do it. We have to do this!’ It was so incredible in seeing what he designed for this scene…We spent months trying to figure out how to do it. I admire the storytelling and athleticism and wanting to entertain an audience and create ways to do it and put them in their seats so hopefully their palms will sweat.”

What Katie Holmes thinks: “That’s why I do it. I couldn’t do it without them but I’ve been doing stuff like this my whole life…For Kate, it’s wonderful to be able to share that with her and all the kids…she knows I do a lot of training. I just don’t go out there and do it. It takes a lot to do it and it takes a group to do it.”

On fame and getting some private time: “I love making movies and being on the set, and being at home, we do have a private life. I’m not the guy who sits there in the trailer…I like being with the crew and being with the cast…and when Kate makes a film, I like being there with her so our family’s together and have that time…it’s times I really cherish.”

On being a struggling actor early in his career: “I was lucky. My first audition I got it. I did Taps. But I remember being on the set of Taps when I was doing it, I didn’t know whether I’d ever be able to make another movie.”

On how his life changed after making Taps: “I remember working on The Outsiders with all those guys and making Risky Business with [helmer] Paul Brickman and suddenly there I am making Top Gun and working with [Paul] Newman. I remember that in 1985, it was incredible to me.”

On Rock of Ages: “Luckily all the training I had done with the [Mission] stunts, I had to apply to this because I was dancing four hours a day and singing three, four hours a day for months and months. I had to also find the voice. What kind of vocal quality that we needed for this rock voice for the character.”

[From E! News]

“I was dancing four hours a day and singing three, four hours a day for months and months…” Oh, girl. You know he loved every minute of that. Oh, and TOP GUN 2 is still happening – Tom confirmed that he was all for it.

PS… Where is Katie, by the way? Why is she on Xenu-lockdown while Tom promotes MI4?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Eve says:

    That is what I live for, not photos of Tom with Paula Patton – who, granted, is gorgeous, but Tom isn’t interested in that. I can feel Tom’s displeasure from here.

    *wink, wink*

    By the way, that is the best haircut he’s ever had. About his shoes…we can see they have normal (men’s shoes) heels, but also that his feet look “higher” inside them.

  2. Jackie says:

    eeewwww. he has definitely had work done on his face and hired a new stylist. creepy vibe.

  3. Julia says:

    He doesn’t look like himself.

  4. lin234 says:

    Wow he looks good and that jacket is to die for. I think I see where his lifts start from that close up of his shoe mid-air.

  5. Marjalane says:

    Does he have a little, private boy’s school uniform on under his sweet little coat?

  6. BigHair&Pearls says:

    He actually looks great here. His face isn’t annoying me as much. Love the coat.

  7. Saskia says:

    I honestly think it’s just the hair. He always ages AT LEAST a decade when he grows his hair long (and yet he keeps doing it… fool). I agree with Eve, this is def one of his better haircuts. He looks so much better when he stops trying to be all DIY with the Flowbee.

    Now all he needs to do is stand around and look cute & kooky & if he keep his weirdo crazypants mouth shut then he should be all set for a moderate career revival.

  8. Kaboom says:

    Simon Pegg looks rather MI6 in that shot.

  9. Sam says:

    He is looking pretty good, actually. I don’t think he’s had work done, if you look at his face you can see wrinkles and such. Maybe he is just…refreshed? Well rested, good haircut/out combo? I dunno, but he is handsome here. Doesn’t look like his usual maniac self.

  10. Happymom says:

    Wow-I’m no fan-(he and his “church” scare me) but he looks really good-better than he has in years.

  11. ShanKat says:

    Say what you will about his crazypants religion, he looks great. The coat is faaabulous.

    I’ve never seen Paula Patton before this press tour. She’s 100% charisma-free.

  12. Jenn says:

    His skin is pulled so tightly across his face, it looks like it might snap. Scientology probably provides the botox and plastic surgeon.

  13. carrie says:

    he looks really great and younger! what he did on his face,it’s great to see!
    Nicole Kidman might be jealous because he ages well

  14. Mia says:

    Um this is seriously good work. Like whatever he recently had done is was excellent work and worth every penny. He looks amazing. So very Top Gun, but he kept the wrinkles where they matter. I love this. I love him. He’s had a great comeback, which is awesome because he makes fun movies and is GREAT to look at.

    Lol and I love the fact that he got freshened up so you guys are covering him everywhere!!! He’s totally my eye candy.

  15. lucy2 says:

    He does look suspiciously young, but also pretty good. He’s a good looking, talented guy, but I just can’t get past the ridiculous amounts of crazy.

    Those lifts! They’re like 3″ heels encased in a men’s dress shoe.

  16. ladybert62 says:

    (1) He looks good
    (2) His hair looks good
    (3) The suit, tie and coat look good
    (4) Those gloves look stupid
    (5) I think every woman in the world is taller than the shrimp

  17. Denise says:

    I love Tom; he looks great! Again, haters stop hating!

  18. Yep says:

    He doesn’t look any younger than brad Pitt . LoL

  19. sandy says:

    To all the haters, Tom looks great! So what if he has a nip and tuck every now and then… it complements him and it doesn’t look so obvious. And he’s hired a great new stylist..

  20. Maritza says:

    He looks really good, I like his coat and gloves too. I can’t wait to see MI4.

  21. luls says:

    Dunno what it is about his outfit, but its cracking me up! :D

    From the neck up though, he looks HOT! wow, I cant believe I just said that.

  22. thinkaboutit says:

    He looks good. But definitely had work done. There’s no such thing as a “magical anti-aging haircut.” I think the new lighter color is more youthful, though.

  23. mia girl says:

    Have you seen this blind?

    Insecure Actor Blocks A Twilight Star
    What handsome, 40-some­thing A-lister was so afraid of being upstaged by a “Twilight” star’s teeny-bopper appeal and good looks that he made sure the actor didn’t land a co-starring role in his upcoming film? Moviegoers still consider the elder star sexy, but he’s so insecure that he didn’t want to take any chances – and the role went to an unknown!

    Older Actor:
    Younger Twilight Actor:

    Majority think its Tom Cruise (for sure) and many think Robert Pattinson for Rock of Ages (apparently Shankman-Director talked about wanting Pattinson for the role).

  24. Gigi says:

    Tommy Girl must’ve reached out to his ex Nic and gotten the number of her plastic surgeon.

  25. Wif says:

    Whatever about Tom Cruise, Simon Peg looks yummy with his glasses and dimpled grin.

  26. yoho_ahoy says:

    but i still throw up a little more in my mouth anytime a pic of his lumpy bumpy topless chest pops up on my screen

  27. Shelly says:

    He looks great. I even like his little fingerless gloves. ;)

  28. Cali says:

    You can say what you want about Tom, but he has always looked great and you can tell that he is aging and has not had any surgery, but still looks amazing!

  29. ruby says:

    He doesn’t look too bad here, but I agree, the aging process seems to have reversed lately – highly suspicious.

  30. Nev says:

    “feel Tom’s displeasure from here..”


  31. Turtle Dove says:

    Tom is channeling the youth alright. He got the more youthful haircut and the bronzer in his face is good and sculpts his face in a way that makes it appear more chiseled, much like it was when he was first starting out. It’s not prefect bronzer to me cause you can clearly see it, and that sort of defeats the purpose of this technique.

  32. Lindsey G. says:

    He looks really, really good here, actually. He needs to keep this look right here.

  33. dahlia1947 says:

    He looks really good. I think I’m gonna get my Top Gun era crush back. ;) Yeah he looks really, really good! I love this hair cut for him. Same as when he was in Top Gun! Yeah my crush is back!

  34. jin says:

    He looks like himself. This guy would do anything to stay on top. Can you imagine how he’s going to handle it when he finally becomes a has been?

  35. Agnes says:

    I think Katie isn’t there because she’s recuperating at home – he sucked out most of her blood in order to regenerate. That’s how Xenu rolls.

    Love the coat – it’s fabulous!

  36. Hellen says:

    “he kept the wrinkles where they matter”

    Agreed. The hallmark of good plastic surgery is looking like you haven’t had any. You just look like you had a long luxurious nap in a clinic in Switzerland with an IV full of sheep placenta and Type O Positive. Bwahaha.

    He looks really REALLY good, and no I can’t believe I said that either, especially after those hot-mess Rock of Ages photos.

  37. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I think it’s the haircut, you can tell he’s aging but he doesn’t look bad here at all. He actually looks like he did when he first came out like in “Top Gun” I can’t stand Tom Cruise but he actually looks rather handsome here and even less annoying.

  38. Ruffian9 says:

    Scientologists have the best doctors.

  39. Victoria says:

    No Tom looked great with long hair in Magnolia and MI2. But he was considerably younger then.

    I love him and I don’t want to, but I do love him. I just don’t go to his movies; except for this one.

  40. Chrissy says:

    He’s obviously had plastic surgery; he looks much younger. However, it was very well done. He looks really good – like his old self. The haircut helps alot too. And he’s not “over-smiling” like he sometimes does, which gives him a kind of half-crazed look.

  41. Gypsy says:

    Those shoes are very expensive but appears ordinary, they might not lifts, lifts tend to have higher uppers.
    It’s Paula Patton who is wearing flats, and she’s also slouching her shoulders

    I personally don’t think he had facial work done, because there are loose skin on both sides of his jaw.

    I plan to be first in Line for MI4.

  42. gab says:

    The only big thing on little Tommy is his ego. And for that he will always be ugly.

  43. Nibbi says:

    kaiser you’re positively evil about his “cute little overcoat” and ” cute little fingerless gloves” bwaaahahaha you’re zo right ;)

  44. theaPie says:

    His face is tan and that haircut looks really really good on him. It takes ten years off, easy.

    And those shoes are nothing compared to what baby Bieber was wearing next to Selena when she was in heels.

  45. MAMAKOWALSKA says:

    His hair is getting longer, and he looks well rested.

  46. Seagulls says:

    I think he lost weight. At least, he looks so un puffy now. If that’s plastic surgery, that is the best work I have ever seen. He looks refreshed, not freakish. Now, if only they could the same for his psyche…

  47. Jombo says:

    Ivo Pitanguy, who he visited in Brazil, is the world’s most famous plastic surgeon – the master.