Kevin Federline makes a classy statement about Britney’s engagement

Many of you may disagree with me, but at the end of the day, I’ve grown to respect Kevin Federline a great deal. I’m not saying K-Fed wasn’t a golddigger or a d-bag when he married Britney Spears, BUT K-Fed stepped up when Britney was in full-on meltdown mode, and I believe that K-Fed is an overwhelmingly positive and stable force in his kids’ lives. K-Fed has never said a negative word about Britney, and I believe he honestly wants her to be healthy and happy, especially for their sons. Anyway, Kevin is down in Australia, filming yet another weight-loss reality show, and he was asked for his reaction to Britney’s engagement to Jason Trawick. Kevin was incredibly nice:

Britney Spears and her hubby-to-be Jason Trawick have Kevin Federline’s whole-hearted blessing! Following a famously bitter 2007 split and subsequent custody battle over sons Sean, 6, and Jayden, 5, the pop star, 30, and her second husband, 33, have mended fences — and now that Spears is ready to ready beau of two years Trawick, Federline is thrilled.

“I’m really happy for her,” the former rapper told Australia’s TV Week magazine (as excerpted by the Daily Mail). “I think he’s a great guy,” he added of Trawick, 40, Spears’ former manager.

Down Under to film reality show Excess Baggage (Australia’s version of Celebrity Fit Club), he gave a great progress report on Spears, who battled dark times following the end of their marriage.

“She’s happy; she’s doing really well. I want to say she’s in a good place,” he explained. “I haven’t spoken to her much since I’ve been over here, both of us have been busy with her being on tour, but I do know from talking to the kids and talking to the kids’ teachers that they’re doing really good.”

Federline has also moved on with his own love life: His girlfriend Victoria Prince welcomed daughter Jordan Key in August — his fifth child overall. (Federline also has daughter Kori, 9, and son Kaleb, 7, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson.)

“It’s really good once you’re able to move on with life,” he said. “I mean, Victoria’s the best person in the world. It took me going through the things that I went through to find a person like her,” he gushed of his love. “She’s more than I could ever have hoped for. Hopefully Britney feels the same way.”

And Federline added of Sean and Jayden’s stepdad Trawick: “He’s a really good guy, I’ve heard a lot about him. . . I’ve spoken to him quite a few times as of now. He seems like a really good guy. The kids speak highly of him [and] her family loves him.”

[From Us Weekly]

I like that Kevin kept bringing it back to the kids – and I think that Kevin probably has the same hopes that Britney’s management team has: that Jason Trawick will be a further stabilizing force on Britney, and that Britney’s next steps into controlling her own life will be taken slowly and gently. Well done, K-Fed.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Is this how he’s going to make money now…do one weight loss show after another? What kind of example is he setting for his kids? Be fat & live off a wealthy woman. We all know that he won’t be getting married anytime soon because he doesn’t want to lose that alimony check.

  2. Lenna says:

    I read this statement earlier this morning and couldn’t agree more. Very grownup of him. I was impressed too.

  3. Happymom says:

    I agree. But really this shows how low the bar has been set: We are pleasantly surprised when somebody in the public eye replies with maturity and class.

  4. Alejandro says:

    Kfed has never said a bad word about Britney because of the prenup and because he had his friends and lawyers do the dirty work for him in years past leaking info to tabloids. However I do think he’s genuinely happy for her in this instance. Probably a load of guilt is off of him knowing he didn’t ruin her completely and she’s been able to turn her life around somewhat.

  5. theaPie says:

    Yes, very well done. And the kids come first – as it should be. Other celebs should take note.

    As an aside: I wonder if he can’t dance anymore and that is why he has gained so much weight? Does anyone know?

    • Hautie says:

      I suspect his weight gain became an issue when he became the full time parent.

      He has to be drugged tested, to keep the boys. He has to stay drug free.

      Not that I am saying he liked to do a little speed. But his weight came on when he suddenly became a full time parent. And part of the deal was no drugs.

      And I bet, the cash Britney has to pay him monthly, is worth packing on the pounds. :) Maybe he should try Weight Watchers next time. And actually learn how to maintain his weight. Instead of a quick fix.

  6. Seal Team 6 says:

    Good for him.

    Much more class than alot of A Listers have about their Exes (yeah, Eddie and Lee Ann…….)

  7. Po says:

    I have always thought he has been pretty decent since Britney’s first meltdown years ago. I mean if you think about it he could have taken full advantage of her mental issues and made it a much bigger court battle than he actually did. As much as people still make fun of K-Fed he’s handled is divorce and custody fight with Britney way better than some of the more older and established people in Hollywood who would probably not even associate with him because he’s not on their level.

    • Katy says:

      Po just said what I was thinking! Too bad being a decent person isn’t what gets you hollywood a-list status. I can’t be cynical- I love to see people treat each other well, and to me a story like this is much more interesting than the latest backstabbing and $hit talking.

  8. RobN says:

    Couldn’t stand him until the meltdown and he’s really been a stand up guy ever since. Great work ethic? No, but there’s a lot to be said for stabilty in this family.

  9. Susan says:

    If he didn’t he might lose all the money that comes his way from Britney. He is living off her and her team. KFed is a nobody who uses Britney to get fame and money. Pathetic.

  10. NM9005 says:

    I’m so not congratulating K-Fed for caring for his children. That’s what you do as a father. You’re there for your children in the good and bad times. He doesn’t do anything exceptional. The dude has five children with three women. He cheated Shar while she was pregnant (good dad huh?!) to be with a richer and more famous woman (who he allegeldy cheated on too), he succeeded and made sure he has a paycheck for the next 18 years. That’s why he doesn’t marry the “best person in the world”. In doing so, he will lose out a part on Britney’s money! Britney is taking care of his lazy fat ass and ALL of his children, he better be happy for her, not that his opinion really matters.
    I mean, look at him. He’s fat of doing nothing. Doesn’t even bother. His ex-wife is supporting him while she has to work on making new albumbs, tours while living with a mental disease and all through the public eye and mister K-Fat is perfectly healthy and does nothing but appear on reality shows and eat. Karma! He’s such a lazy douche. But oh yeah, he’s such a gread dad.

    Also, he was married to her, I’m sure he must have been aware of her problems so instead of babymaking and partying he could’ve really helped her by sending her to a shrink or not using her for his own benefit. If he was the “good one” then he shouldn’t have complied into starting a family with her unless he knew it wasn’t going to last and could squeeze lots of money out of it. He sure wouldn’t have that much money if he was just a dancer (or a pizza boy)! After all, she filed for divorce and it’s well publicized how much she loved him. She has issues but what’s his exuse? His behaviour is less than admirable and he was a father long before he met Spears so when did he change so much that people are giving him a pass? He should thank God on his two knees for the life he has now…He’s still white trash to me no matter how much babies he makes and takes care off.

    • Reece says:

      You totally have me defending K-Fed here…in a way.
      Britney was a full grown adult when they were married. Sure, she must have had problems when they were married but, if she didn’t want to do something he couldn’t make her do it. No matter what was wrong with her. She had to have a full melt down (as she did) in order for someone (dad) to take over her life.

      • NM9005 says:

        K-Fat was 26 when they married, he knew what a “normal life” was until he hooked up with a semi-famous Shar Jackson. He knocked her up twice and the second time quickly moved on to another woman when he saw the fame and money potential. You don’t just leave your girlfriend and babymamma who was heavily pregnant at the time just like that. The adult K-Fed saw no issue in marrying Spears soon after the birth of his second child. He and Britney married after only a couple of months and he didn’t even have the money to buy the ring. As if he protested…

        Britney was “only” 22, had already two breakdowns on national television

        a marriage annulment, a public dispute with Durst and a weird friendship with Farrell. This girl wasn’t well, this girl wasn’t having the best romantic relationships. Plus, she was Britney effing Spears! Already a legend at such a young age. Her whole life was spread in the public since age 16 and they ate it up! She’s bigger than Bieber, Jonas Brothers etcetera will ever be…combined! All she did was work work and work and they didn’t allow her to feel what a normal life was and date a guy who cared for her and not her image. Kfed took advantage of that imo. He was a manchild who was in it for the easy life not because he cared. He was such a MAN that he didn’t mind Spears supporting his ass, even buying the engagement ring.

        You can only be an adult when you’re allowed to grow up and experience life with all its flaws. Spears clearly hadn’t and her problems started when she broke up with Timberlake. Instead of letting her go just enough to make her feel like a human being and not a robot, they just kept on tightening the leash and K-Fed was her escape. She visibly looked more and more like trailer trash and K-Fat was right behind her. Like Matt Rutler and Aguilera. It’s not because they had money that they know how to make good decisions and these guys know it. Just like woman can snag rich men, men can snag rich women. They just push the right buttons. That’s how I see it anyway.

      • Reece says:

        No you are legally an adult in the eyes of the law at 18. Doesn’t matter what type of life you’ve had.

        I’m not saying K-Fed intentions were pure at the time. Never would I say that. What I’m saying is there was nothing he could have done if she didn’t want to do it. You have to prove someone incompetent. They have to act out in some way to show their incompetence. We all know what happened there and possibly some stuff we don’t know about so i don’t think I need to say it. Until all of that went down, there was nothing anybody, including her father, could have done.

        Without going into detail, yes I am speaking from personal experience.

        That being said it’s nice to see her life back together.

    • Victoria says:

      You and I differ on the Jolie situation, but on this we agree.

      He stepped up to the plate AFTER the divorce because those kids were his meal tickets to extra plates at the buffet. He was part of the problem when he was with Britney and he treated his other children that he had with Shar like afterthoughts once he got Brit Brit pregnant.

      If you’re going to be “uptradey” at least do that shit when kids are not involved.

      I don’t like Jason either, all the people in iBritney’s life are “handling” her. they are keeping her drugged up so that she’s basically nothing but a mouth piece moneymaker.

      I honestly believe some of that shit about the darker side of the industry and that if you get too successful and don’t do their bidding they will break you down. And I think Britney’s “meltdown” was a cover up for her breakthrough. I think she was trying to get the hell away from it all. You can tell she doesn’t want to do this anymore.

      • NM9005 says:

        Agreed on all your points.

        I think Spears’ wants to get out and I think this new engagement is the beginning of the end. You can clearly see her spirit for performing and perfectionistic attitude are gone. She just wants to be a mom and a partner and live a quiet life and LIVE. When you dangle “love” in front of her, she’ll do anything. It’s scary but telling at the same time. Once she gets out of that conservatorship (which is good on one hand but on the other, how can her father not see she doesn’t want to be famous anymore? Why let her keep on performing?) I feel like she’s going to step away from the spotlight slowly but surely.

    • Original Chloe says:

      I’ve never followed Britney news so I was unaware of a lot of things but having read your comments and watched those videos, I must say I think you’re spot on there.

  11. Cathy says:

    That outfit she’s wearing in that picture is nasty. But I am glad that they can be good to each other for the kids sake. Some divorces lead to bitterness forever and it’s the kids that pay. I’m glad that theirs isn’t one of those.

  12. AA says:

    His fifth was born? Looks like he’s still pregnant.

  13. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    A classy comment from a trashy d-bag, well that is a pleasant shocker. Good for Brit that she is hopefully moving on for the right reasons and with the right person for her.

  14. Shelly says:

    I like Kevin a lot. I actually don’t think he contributed to her meltdown, except for their split. I think he left due to her “issues” that were starting to arise, as he simply couldn’t deal with it anymore, and he needed to think about himself and his kids. And then we all know what happened with Britney soon after that. I think he’s gotten a bum rap, as he has always seemed like a dedicated father who obviously loves children. Sure, he appeared to be a douche, etc. when he and Brit first got together, as he was a “nobody” and she was a star, so everyone said she was slumming and that he was using her. But seriously, at that time, Britney was the hottest thing in the world at that moment, almost no man, especially a “nobody”, would have turned her down. They would have been pinching themselves unable to believe they were actually dating Britney Spears. I believe that is what happened to Kevin and then he realized there was far more to Britney and he was in over his head. I believe he wishes her well and I believe he has moved on.

  15. Original Chloe says:

    Agreed. (I’ve never thought I’d read the words “classy” and “K-Fed” in one sentence)

  16. The Original Mia says:

    I have no problem with Kevin. Britney chose to marry him and have kids with him. She chose to dump him via text message. When she went crazy, he didn’t take advantage of the situation to take full custody of those kids. He worked with Britney, the courts, and her conservators to keep the kids in her life. He didn’t have to do that. Hell, I don’t know if I would have done something like that.

  17. I think they were both young,and got caught up in the Hollywood fame in a very negative way.They self destructed each other.People can mature and change.

  18. hetekyle says:

    If you’re spending your ex-wife’s money to get fat and getting gigs to lose that fat, you don’t have anything much to say but be nice, right?

  19. MissVJJ says:

    I’m actually impressed with his fatass. Way to be an adult :-)

  20. Dirty Martini says:

    Me too. When they split up, I was Team Britt Britt all the way. When she cracked up, I thought he handled out of that very well. He took care of his kids as a number one priority, and he didn’t try and take advantage of the situation with Brit. He wanted the mother of his kids to be well and get well….because he totally got that was the best thing for the kids.

    His comments are stellar too.

    Now if he’d just get a vasectomy…….

    Cmon KFed. 5 kids by3 different women? Time to STOP procreating.

  21. whatevs says:

    i hope he’s right for once and that her new fiance is a good guy for her

  22. skuddles says:

    Is it weird that I’m oddly happy to hear KFed turned out to be an okay guy in the end?

  23. sarah says:

    Wow. Very grown up of him. I wish all of them the best.

  24. Adrien says:

    He is a responsible parent. I remember when Brit was having a terrible meltdown and he was supportive of Brit for the sake of the kids.

  25. JustMe says:

    Kevin seems to have come a long way, but then so has Brit. Happy for them. Addiction and mental illness aren’t easy maladies to fight.

  26. Micki says:

    He’s lived off her money for years, he should be able to squeeze 1 min of graciousness.What’s the big deal about that?

  27. KateNonymous says:

    It’s quite possible that Kevin Federline only says nice things to ensure that his money keeps coming in. But here are two reasons I think he actually has figured out how to be an at least moderately responsible and respectful adult:

    1) I don’t see tons of stories that say, “Friends say that Kevin has only kind words about Britney, but they know the truth.” Because those stories are never really from friends–they come from the allegedly mature person.

    2) I don’t see stories that say, “Shar Jackson is fed up with K-Fed.” As far as I’ve seen, Shar Jackson–who certainly would be justified in at least snarking the man–has only had nice things to say about him, too.

    Whatever happened before, Kevin Federline seems to have been a reliable source of stability for his and Britney’s children when it became clear she could not be. Yes, that’s what a father does. But we know there are lots of parents who don’t do that, famous or otherwise.