Was Beyonce allowed to fly to Vancouver despite being nearly 9 months pregnant?

I read yesterday that Beyonce had accompanied her husband, Jay-Z, to his tour stop in Vancouver. I didn’t think much of it, not even sure if the story was true – turns out, it is. There were even photos of a very full-bodied-looking Beyonce backstage at the concert. So, it happened. And I started to wonder… is it weird that Bey flew to Vancouver at this late stage of her pregnancy? On September 23, she said she was six months pregnant. Which means that three months later, she’s coming up on full-term, correct? And she’s repeatedly said she’s “due” in January, meaning she’ll be “giving birth” within the next month, probably.

Considering I’ve never been pregnant, I asked Bedhead and CB what the general rule is for flying while in your third trimester, and I got mixed responses – various doctors say different things, but it definitely seems like Bey is cutting it very close. That is, she’s cutting it close if she’s really pregnant. Have detachable pillow, will travel. Apparently, when she was in Vancouver, she also did some shopping too:

While hubby Jay-Z is busy working on his Watch the Throne show with Kanye West, Beyoncé spent her time shopping in Vancouver. The pregnant pop star and her entourage arrived at upscale department store Holt Renfrew where they were met with more security, who ensured fellow shoppers didn’t snap photos or harass Beyoncé. She, meanwhile, stopped at several cosmetics counters, then made her way to the fragrance department. Despite the security, Beyoné went relatively unnoticed, a source says. “She looked so comfortable and quite pretty,” the source tells us, adding that she was “super friendly” with the staff.

[From People]

You can see some of the shopping photos here – I just don’t get how she’s more than eight months pregnant, and the only part of her that’s “showing” is her bump. I know, I know, all women are different, all women will carry differently, but this is just the strangest pregnancy ever. It’s right up there with Katie Holmes’s pregnancy (I do think Katie was pregnant, she just lied about when she gave birth) and Nicole Kidman’s pregnancy (never happened).

Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN, PCN.

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  1. Marjalane says:

    Speaking of Nicole KIdman’s pregnancy, Lainey had some really cute pictures of the little girl Nicole supposedly gave birth to. She looked just like Keith and oddly enough- Nicole’s sister!

  2. rachel says:

    honestly i think if she were TRULY pregnant she wouldnt feel comfortable wearing the fancy clothes and high heels that shes wearing now.

  3. jessica says:

    She is probably traveling with an OB/GYN. Rich people can give birth anywhere! They bring the hospital to them!

    • Bopa says:

      Dr. on board or not I find it odd that someone in their first pregnancy is flying all over the world and wearing 6 inch heels. No dr. can prevent irreparable complications. I don’t want to get on the fake preg bandwagon but the whole escapade has been strange.

  4. phlyfiremama says:

    The boobs haven’t gotten significantly bigger~girl is about to drop, where is the food for the baby???

  5. Jeff says:

    Her pregnancy is fake as her hair. She will do anything to stay relevant. That pregnancy was great move. After flop album she just had to do something. She chose the easiest way. I bet in february we will get People’s covers – child photos and how I got my body back. Fake bitch.

  6. shatzi says:

    I had a very high-risk pregnancy and I was allowed to fly at 34 weeks.

    One of the risk factors with flying during pregnancy is the chance of developing blood clots. I had had multiple pulmonary emboli (blood clots in the lungs) early in my pregnancy, so at that point I was on a huge dose of injectable blood thinners. My risk of developing blood clots on the flight were therefore extremely low. Of course, there are also other risk factors with flying late in pregnancy, but my doctor felt that it was safe enough for me.

    I really don’t buy that she’s pregnant, but whatever. It’s not something I’m going to worry or get worked up about.

  7. courtney says:

    dumb asses you don’t neccessarily need to fly to get to Bancouver you could take a train or a boat. Beyonce isn’t nearly nine months she’s 7.5 due February 15th and most babies are born late unless complications cause an early delivery. but it’s true some airlines stop you from flying as early as 32 weeks when your pregnant with a single baby and from about 21 when your pregnant with multiples. like Remember when Mariah was on HSN back in February at 23.6 weeks along with her twins and they had to go to her LA home because she wasn’t allowed to fly because of complications with the pregnancy including pre term labor hospitalizations a double hernia & toximia which thankfully Bey hasn’t had. but of course Mariah didn’t reveal those complications until her and Nick revealed the twins on 20/20 in October

  8. orly says:

    Her boobs look bigger and her face looks chubby to me. As for fancy clothes and heels, lots of celebs wear them whilst being pregnant. Maybe she’s pregnant, maybe not, but if she was very comfortable in heels prior, there is no real reason why she wouldn’t be comfortable now. Her belly isn’t huge.

  9. sluggo says:

    I’ve said it before and will say it again: When you are getting into your last month or so of pregnancy, your center of gravity shifts. It’s damn near impossible, sometimes, to walk around in flats … much less those extremely high heels Bey’s sporting.

    Anyone who has been there and remembers that last month, when it’s like you’ve got a cannonball taped to your belly (and not a pillow), will know what I’m talking about. You cannot even get up out of an armchair without flailing your hands and trying to haul yourself up, because of that weight throwing you off. And even if you do manage to balance yourself (you don’t always), the spine just curves and distorts.

    And here’s Beyonce meandering around a department store in 6 or 7″ heels, taking her time. THOSE HEELS. It just … well, I call bullshit.

    And apart from the physical difficulties of being in the last trimester and carrying an ever-dropping weight like that, those shoes are dangerous. I can’t see risking the health of my unborn child with footwear like that. One false move (no pun intended … okay, pun intended) and it’s a long way down. Too risky.

    Ridiculous, any way you look at it.

  10. Tierra says:

    Flying isnt an issue when you only have a belly full of pillows.

  11. jc126 says:

    Hmm. The fact she’s not dressing like she’s pregnant makes me think she IS pregnant. But I can also totally see her faking a pregnancy, and that the rumor they hired a surrogate is true.
    Now as for flying, let’s recall that fishy Palin story about boarding a plane leaking amniotic fluid and in labor with Trig, rather than have him be born in a big hospital in Texas.

  12. sundaygal says:

    No way in hell she’s carrying that child. No effing way.

  13. Quest says:

    It must be extremely uncomfortable as hell to wear those kinda shoes at a loud concert and shop around considering you’d be nine months along with extra weight.

    I personnally had to go all flats even for work because I was extra clumsy with all the pregnancy weight.

    Also, being in loud places i.e. a concert is not the best environment for a pregnant woman and unborn baby. *wink*

  14. Blergh says:

    There is no possible way that is 9 months pregnant. No way.

  15. Jacq says:

    Was Kelly Preston fake-pregnant? Did we ever decide on that?

  16. Kaboom says:

    Pillows don’t take radiation damage.

  17. Coby says:

    She probably did not fly commercial….

  18. lisa says:

    Oh goodness. the comments. I wish there was thread just to post the funniest comments regarding this pregnancy or not pregnancy. I have been laughing through them all.

    I always thought Bey would carry her pregnancy the same as Alicia. They have the same body type. Alicia got really huge. And I recall how big Jlo looked. She was so face bloated and just big. Bey has not it seemed gained much weight and not in the face at all. But who knows. The birth will be news and everyone still be speculating when the child comes.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Agreed. They’re both pear shaped and, usually, women with this body type have larger asses and thighs toward the end of their pregnancy. Many carry small in the front, but Beyonce is carrying small all over! She’ll leave the hospital in her size 4 pre pregnancy jeans (since no starlet has ever been larger than a size 4), with a baby in one arm and a pillow under the other ;)

  19. BerMan says:

    We have many celebrities who were or are pregnant who has the physical look of being pregnant; weight gain, swelling, cravings, discomfort, maternity wear, comfy shoes etc. -a real glow.. But to me Beyonce holds it together too closely, not showing anything at all. Very carefree and controlled. Strange…but if indeed she is pregnant then to all good health her and baby. (and baby mommy).

  20. honeybunz says:

    ppl keep mentioning vic beck and nic kid and kat holm as wearing heels when they were preggo but one thing u gotta remember is there naturally skinny practically anorexic **LOL** so how plump would their feet get they were already malnourished so any xtra water weight would fill them to normalcy! hahaaaha and bey is black **whether she liks it or not** and shes naturally bigger….one good meal and her hips and thighs will spread like melting butter! so for her to be wearing heels @ 9 **alleged** months and not be gaining anywhere but her pillowpet bump is proof tht shes either not preggo **my vote** orrrr shes on a cayenne lemon juice diet **dreamgirls** either way shes a disgusting sorry excuse for a human being preggo or not!

  21. Roma says:

    Last night at a holiday party a bunch of the ladies were sitting around speculating about fake babies in hollywood. It lead us to look up pictures of Katie’s “extended” pregnancy and Nicole’s pillow baby. We firmly agreed to add Bey to the list; the only pic we’ve had was her in her bikini and most of my gf’s demonstrated that they can pop their stomachs like that too.

  22. Jenny says:

    If she is using a surrogate then what’s going to happen if she has it early? Or too late? I think there are too many “what-ifs” in that kind of a situation for Beyonce to take a risk in pretending. But I dunno.

  23. mel says:

    At nine months I couldnt effing breathe, my feet were swollen like elephant feet and I could barely walk and Bey is trying to convince women in America that at 9 months, she can fly and were 6 inch heels, NOT BUYING IT!

  24. Cathy says:

    She looks like she’s picking her butt in that picture with the black dress with the blue front.

  25. Paxlee says:

    How did she get past immigration and customs in Canada that pregnant? If you are within 4 weeks of your due date, you can be denied entry to ensure that the child is not born in Canada. She would have needed a doctor’s certificate of due date not falling within 4 weeks, plus proof of means to pay the medical expenses (insurance) before she would have been let across the border. Private plane or not. Beyonce or not.

    • Mllebovary says:

      This is the best argument I’ve seen yet that she’s not 36 weeks by now! She’s either faking us out on the due date (there are so many different reports) or she’s not pregnant at all.

    • mk says:

      I don’t think it’s that simple – I’m not sure, but I think the customs officers have discretion to admit depending on the circumstances – if they suspect the pregnant woman is entering simply to give birth in Canada or if they suspect she is a risk of becoming a ward of the state (ie., incurring medical expenses she cannot pay) they may not admit. I don’t think they have to prohibit entry in all cases.

      Also isn’t she due in February anyway?

  26. Lithe says:

    Can she not afford better fitting and more tasteful maternity wear?

  27. Malificent says:

    She looks @6-7 months in these pictures. Most women don’t really get huge until 8. Each airline has a different rule about flying. You can fly up to 38 weeks on most airlines, if it’s not an overseas flight. I believe a couple domestic-only airlines in the US don’t actually have limits. I flew a short US flight at 34 weeks. I wasn’t carrying very big, and no one questioned it. And I don’t think she’s faking the pregnancy. Why fake it, when she could have gotten more PR mileage out of selflessly adopting a needy child? How you dress has a huge effect on how big you look at a given time, and I’d try to throw folks off about the due date if I was in the public eye….

  28. Cam says:

    i thought she said she was due in february?

    also, im not big on pregnancy conspiracies, but usually when i first hear a celeb is pregnant, it feels like they’re pregnant forever. With Beyonce it feels like she announced her pregnancy yesterday and will deliver tomorrow… i just thought that was weird, but not so weird if that conspiracy about her parenting a Jay-Z love-child is true. ‘cus if so she’s going to want to fake-deliver her baby/pillow as soon as possible.

    …just kidding! lol tho it was fun to feed a conspiracy, i actually do think she is pregnant. However, i also think she’s worn a bump here and there, which is kinda stupid and unnecessary for her to do, specially since its brought on all this speculation.

  29. novaraen says:

    No problem here…she’s not pregnant anyway so flying is nothing to worry about.

    As for her heels…I couldn’t even wear shoes when I got to the 8th month mark. I had these super super comfy special 2″ wedge heels that I would attempt to wear, but usually I couldn’t last on them at all. Then I was told by my doctor that heels are NOT a good idea when you’re that far along.

  30. madpoe says:

    I’m sure her flying has not had any ill effect on her pillow and is expected to deliver a healthy pillow.

    “It’s a pillow…its a pillow pet!”

  31. It is ME!! says:

    Fake bump or not, those clothes and shoes are hideous.

  32. laylajanelovesgossip says:

    Beyonce can rock skyscraper heels, and look fabulous preggo!!She can fly all she wants, the baby is safe!!!Because its at home inside the surrogate and she ain’t going NOWHERE:-)This bitch AIN’T pregnant…smdh

  33. Cowjam says:

    I flew when I was 9 months. Didn’t have a choice, and never even thought about consequences. I had to work as long as I could, then had to get home to my family. If I didn’t, I would have used all my family leave before the baby had even come.

  34. the original bellaluna says:

    “No flying in the final trimester,” per my OBGYN. (Blood clots and such, since your blood volume increases by about 10% when you’re pregnant.)

    And DEFINITELY not clomping around in those hoof-like heels. Also from my OBGYN: NO HEELS! (I wore them to an appointment.)

    She’s not pregnant. She’s FAKING being pregnant. If she was TRULY pregnant, her T&A would have BLOWN UP by now. (She’s too vain; has had to work too hard to “mess up” her body with a pregnancy. What else does she have going for her?)

    And do NOT reply to me with some lame “H8ters gonna hate” BS. Not. Interested.

  35. Redheadwriter says:

    I want to know why her lips aren’t screaming “pregnant.” Look at Jennifer Garner’s lips now and compare the two. Even Posh’s lips showed her pregnancy and that woman is a walking twig.

    • CT says:

      THIS! I’m due on Friday, and my lips are GIGANTIC.

      Why does this happen? Who knows? But I definitely look like I’ve been hitting the fillers.

    • Samigirl says:

      See, you can’t use just a few women as an example of “what should be bigger” on a pregnant woman.

      I’m 5 mos with my second child. I’ve lost a total of 9 pounds (up from 25-severe “morning” sickness) and the only thing big on me is my HUGE belly.

      With my first, you couldn’t tell I was pregnant in my face, as it didn’t grow at all. I didn’t get bigger lips or a bigger nose. My feet didn’t start swelling until AFTER I had the baby, and the boob fairy never came to visit. Yes, some people have those issues, but it isn’t like it’s going to happen to all women.

      That being said, I do believe that Bey’s pregnancy is fishy, but you can’t base it on how she “should” look or how other pregnant women look during their pregnancy.

      Also, congrats and good luck, CT!

  36. Gem says:

    While not a huge fan of Beyonce, I must admit this ‘fake’ pregnancy rumour is absolutely ridiculous. I rarely comment on posts but I honestly believe that people are taking this far too seriously. Do I believe she is pregnant? Yes. How far along do I think she is? That is none of my business. I just hope that both Beyonce and her baby are healthy and happy when the time comes.

    • orion70 says:

      Yeah that’s kind of where I am on this too. People seem awfully invested (and angry) over what may or may not be going on in Beyonce’s uterus.

    • Embee says:

      I’m with you on this. Beyonce is carrying very much like I did. Like B, I did not swell in my face, my boobs got only marginally larger, I wore 4 inch heels until I delivered and I was never clumsy. In fact, I did Bikram Yoga 3-4 times a week right up to my delivery (went into labor in class, actually).

      Also, Beyonce’s work ethic is legendary. I don’t believe for a second she would be intimidated out of prgnancy by the prospect of losing the baby weight.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I walked to & from work every single day with my first child, right up until my due-date. (I only swelled up at the very end, past my due date.)

        But my boobs (and appetite) were the give away. I know all women “carry” differently, but the huge painful boobs were my “tell.” Always have been, always will be. (Apparently, it runs in the family.)

      • kristiner says:

        Are you naturally skinny? Beyonce is carrying like a naturally thin woman which she’s not. She should look more like Jessica Simpson or a women who has lots of meat on her bones.

        Beyonce can workout all she wants. Genetics are genetics and she got the thick ones. Solange got the skinnier genes.

        Beyonce regardless of watching what she eats and working out can’t escape pregnancy and genetics and despite doing right she SHOULD be blowing up a good deal more than she is.

  37. janie says:

    Aaawww man! I live in Vancouver and was at Holts on Saturday.

    I especially don’t know why she would fly so late and risk having her baby born in Canada…

  38. Anna says:

    WHAT??? Her ass is supposed to be 9 months pregnant? Who is she fooling?

  39. Bopa says:

    The only thing that bothers me is the choices she’s made. I see other posters saying they flew at 9 months or still wore heels but most if not all say they did it because they had to for work. Bey doesn’t have to. Why risk your first pregnancy with all of these shenanigans. Even if it’s for the sake of her album that flight to Vancouver isn’t going to help it sell. I would believe that she’s pregnant but too vain to be seen as dowdy and pregnant and that she wore padding because she didn’t like the shape of her belly. But I also wouldn’t be shocked if she’s using a surrogate and thinks the world is too stupid to see through it.

    • orion70 says:

      People who did it for work were probably on their feet a lot more than I would imagine Beyonce, in her luxury surroundings, is. Never mind the extra pampering etc she’s likely getting.

      Being in heels all day does kill your feet sometimes, even when you’re not pregnant. But I don’t spend thousands of dollars on my shoes either, which I would hope would be a little easier on the feet than the ones I wear.

  40. Cerulean says:

    Bizarre bizarre bizarre. The only thing pregnant about her is her ego.
    She is so vain she refuses to fake it properly.

  41. venny says:

    I had questioned her pregnancy at first, but her face is clearly chubbier in those shopping photos. She’s filthy rich – she’s got a great trainer and a great chef helping her to keep the pregnancy weight down.

    I’m not defending her, mind you – I think she’s fake and annoying. But I don’t think her pregnancy is fake.

  42. Jess says:

    Beyonce (preggo or not) can do whatever she wants. If she is flying private, which I’m sure she was, she can fly whenever in her pregnancy that she wants. Like someone else said, she can bring an OB, nurse, surgeon, or anyone else with her.

    All the “pregnant women cant fly” rules are designated by a doctor and I’m sure her personal OB would do whatever she wanted and write any sort of flying permission slip (which she wouldnt need if she was flying private) because she’s Beyonce. Still don’t know if she’s really pregs but this proves nothing.

  43. BELLA says:

    Cant wait to see the baby!! Hope it looks just like him!!

  44. sam says:

    I actually lost weight in the rest of my body while pregnant. I was all bump and skinnier everywhere else! Its totally possible.
    I think you can fly until 37 weeks.

  45. trillian says:

    I don’t like Beyonce at all but all these “proofs” of why she can’t be pregnant are ridiculous. I am tall and skinny. When I was 35 weeks along a woman in the drugstore wondered why I got the meds for free (in Germany you have to pay a certain amount unless … you’re pregnant). She hadn’t noticed!!! I helped renovate the house and we moved one week before my son was born. I packed and unpacked all the boxes. I didn’t waddle and my tits didn’t get even a bit bigger until I started to breastfeed. I didn’t wear maternity pants until I was 7 months along. So no, you just can’t tell by looks alone.
    BTW, there were some bikini pictures of her pregnant. She was definitely showing there and no clothes to hide a pillow.

  46. jules says:

    i’m sorry-but, that blue outfit totally gives here away-pregnant women don’t have lines AT ALL around the rib/belly area & thru the back. impossible

  47. DarkEmpress says:

    When I follow the links I dont see any pics of Beyonce in YVR. I only see past pics of her in vegas and nyc. As for pregnant in heels, many women can do that. Isnt there a reality show called “Pregnant in Heels”? I would think the fact that Beyonce can dance in those heels means she can at least walk in them when she is very pregnant.

  48. anon33 says:

    IMO in that backstage picture, she does not look pregnant. She doesn’t even look like she has a bump!! She just looks like she gained 10 lbs and is trying to hide it with bigger clothes.

    Like if you compare that backstage shot in the leopard dress, to the photo at the top in the billowy white shirt-in the white shirt she clearly has a bump. In the leaoprd dress it actually looks like her waist is nipped in!!

    I am confused.

  49. mk says:

    One thing that makes me think she is pregnant is that if she were wearing a prosthetic baby bump, isn’t there a chance that the airport security people would notice?

    I guess she may not have gone through the body scanner or had a pat down, but still…

  50. Victoria says:

    Beyonce is not tall. She is above average at 5’5 or 5’6 but that she is not tall. I know people are just trying to be good and supportive, but stop trying to make Beybumpless’ bump real.

    It’s as real as her partially vegan diet and hair.

  51. DI says:

    She’s the only “pregnant” woman I’ve ever seen who didn’t gain weight around her face. Of course they let her fly because there’s no real danger. And, of course it’s hard to fake face fat!

  52. Nessa says:

    Two words: fake pregnancy. And one more: famewhore, desperate for attention, will sell her soul to the devil to remain relevant. Sorry, that was more than one word. I had good intentions…

  53. Jules says:

    She would be as big as a HOUSE if she were in her last trimester. This is not a woman who stays thin easily.

  54. courtney says:

    for the person who brought up Mariah she had to give up heels at like 3.5 months because she started having life threatening complications carrying the twins who were born five weeks premature. Bey to my Knowledge hasn’t had any compliations with her pregnancy and stars give incorrect due dates all the time for privacy. mind you Mariah didn’t disclose the extent of her pregnancy complications until she and Nick revealed the twins on 20/20 in October and in some cases celebs don’t always liste to their ob’s during pregnancy when recomended not to wear heels and there’s certain events where wearing flats is out of the question like the academy awards Eva Marie Saint for example wore 3.5 inch heels when she accepted her best supporting actress oscar @9 months pregnant March 30th 1955 and her son Darrell was born perfectly healthy 2 days later

  55. pacsgirl80 says:

    I will be glad when its over I think she’s not pregnant at all just look at pics from the beginning of August where her stomach is flat then 3 weeks later she’s 4 months then Sept she’s 6 months and her stomach goes from big to small then she’s traveling and dancing at clubs and concerts when she’s 8-9 months I think its pretty clear we’ve been punked.

  56. honeybunz says:

    theres an excellent post that entails beyonces pregnancy timeline and the ups and downs and sometimes even non existance of her pillowpet bump!! its on destineys rehab or i believe juicytings!! you will be fully convinced if your not already!

  57. Tiffany says:

    All of these comments about Beyonce faking her pregnancy make me worry for humanity.

  58. Richard Pryor says:

    she’s allowed to fly because … SHES NOT PREGNANT!

  59. shawna says:

    If she was really pregnant she would be a lot heavier, Im sorry. It is obvious she has to work out to maintain her weight and if she really was preggo she wouldnt be as skinny as she is.

  60. ty says:

    just look at the hair groth does that look like nine months of hair groth?

  61. LMS says:

    That bump seems awfully small for 8+ months. I’m 6.5 months along, and my bump is way bigger than that.

  62. Cat82 says:

    I just had a baby in July – I only gained 20 lbs with my pregnancy. I didn’t really have a belly until the end, most people who I worked with and saw every day didn’t notice until I was at the end. I didn’t get a full face lips, or big boobs, I just got a belly. I wore my regular clothes, except for jeans, up until I gave birth. I’m 5’5″ and was about 160lbs pre baby. So I believe she’s pregnant. Like everyone is saying different women carry differently.

  63. naturegirl says:


  64. Incognita says:

    I know it makes this site more interesting to spout and fuel the conspiracy theories about Beyonce’s pregnancy, but the following link clearly silences the rumors about her pregnancy:


    These pictures were taken in Miami in November and her belly does not appear to be the result of one-too-many burritos…

  65. Victoria says:

    Like I said that shrouded piece of shit proves nothing as another site said they saw suspicious shadows and if you goto bellymake dot com the prosthetic bumps look so real you’d think a baby was in that belly.

    And she only did that to silence the rumours, but she FAILED. Why you covering it Bey Bey? You were still rocking those tired leotards in Dance For You at six months boo boo, p-popping included. I refuse to believe that woman who spends 95 percent of the time not covered up when the weather is suitable, that she is so covered now. Especially on vacay.

  66. PIzzazz says:

    I don’t like this couple. But OMG are you bitches serious?? You think this is a fake pregnancy? So stupid.

  67. Penguin says:

    Not every1 piles on the pounds when they’re pregnant. I personally don’t believe in this gaining 30 pounds just to give birth to a 6 pound baby. I only put on 8 pounds and wore heels all the way through my pregnancy.

  68. Callumna says:

    Strange. The partying til 4am is kookie as hell too. Why would anybody endanger their first to be at a club?

    Something’s off. She intended to be an international reality model for a pregnancy/new mother clothing line so expect a few questions. Formerly private Tom Cruise suddenly couch jumped and sold his engagement, marriage and new child when his career was in jeopardy which is also still sketchy.

  69. Nonny says:

    This is what happens when you get pregnant. Your boobs get biggger and your ass gets bigger. Fact.That girl is not pregnant. I know this is not the case for every woman, say for instance very naturally slim women which lets face it Bey is not. i am skinny girl and my ass was huge when I was pregnant. Is she is preggers I’m Kelly Rowland!

    • Samigirl says:

      Not. A. Fact. I’ve stated it several times throughout these comments, and I’ll state it again.

      My boobs did not grow with my first-AT ALL, and haven’t grown with this one.
      My behind also did not grow (I gain weight in my stomach) with my first one, and has actually gotten smaller with this one.
      When I got pregnant the first go around, at 5’7″, I was 140. Not exactly dainty, but not huge either. With this one, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been-200 pounds, and I lost 25 pounds, but I’ve since gained and I’m at 191. I’m not a naturally slim woman, so there goes that argument as well.
      Not all pregnant women grow the same. You cannot make a truthful, blanket statement like this regarding all pregnant women.

    • euroschmuck says:

      I know different women grow differently but I do not think I have ever seen that the boobs would not grow on pregnant woman. Beyonce’s boobs still look the same as before.

  70. Cher says:

    She does have that prego face. The squishy nose and swollen look.

    No offense meant ladies.

  71. sam says:

    This site usually says she is due late Jan/Feb…or am I crazy?

    My friend flew plenty at 7.5 months plus. Its different for everybody.

  72. Mari says:

    Please, give me a break. That woman is not pregnant. Word on the street is that she and Jay Z are paying a foreign surrogate because “she didn’t want to ruin her body”

  73. lol says:

    She’s faking. Go to blindgossip. Her pillow changes sizes, the pictures of her shopping are released coincidentally, and she IS doing it for attention. It’s about money. Beyonce is NOT a naturally thin girl. Come on now. She is a thick girl who constanly has to work out to stay a good size. There is nothing wrong with being thick, but Jessica Simpson and her should look similar in there pregnancy. They are womanly and thick, not Victoria Beckham.

  74. reese says:

    Notice that you can’t see the outline of her belly button in any photos. Much less photos of her sun baking on a Pacific island.

  75. Vera says:

    At least she sort of looks pregnant. I mean, the face seems to have a bit more weight and at times her legs look a bit chubbier – though still fit.

    I am still leaning towards she is pregnant, but I don’t think the dates are right. If she does give birth in January, I would not be surprised if it was planned and induced or “late” and (on time) in February or something.