Diddy is “spoiling” his lover Cameron Diaz with jewelry, purses & shoes

I’ve spoken about my desire to become a kept woman before – I would love to experience that, if just for a few months. A few lovely months of luxury gifts and jewelry and maybe a vacation too. Of course, I don’t want to be a Stacy Keibler-style kept woman, or a Waity-Katy-style kept woman. There’s a difference between a dude recognizing how fabulous you are and draping you in jewelry, and simply being a doormat or a glorified escort. I have to admit, Cameron Diaz is walking that tightrope admirably well, if this report can be believed. You remember how Cameron is “dating” (boning) Diddy these days? Well, In Touch claims that Diddy is so taken with his Hollywood girlfriend that he’s splurging on gifts to make his lady happy.

They insist they’re just friends, but that didn’t stop Sean “Diddy” Combs from splurging on some serious treats for Cameron Diaz, 39, at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills. While shopping with a buddy on December 20, Diddy spent most of his time – and cash – in the women’s department. His haul? A $2,500 handbag, a $3,700 Holmes & Yang trench, a $44,000 vintage ruby bracelet, and even a few pairs of Christian Louboutins. He’s one good friend!

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Okay, anything from Holmes & Yang might be a dealbreaker, but I’d take the ruby bracelet and the purse. But what did Camy have to do to get the gifts? What’s the give and take here? See, I tend to think Camy is just approaching the Diddy hookup as “just sex” or “something fun that doesn’t mean anything.” And if that’s the case, that the gifts are just a bonus. But if Camy is falling for Diddy… and they’re trying out a “relationship”… then there’s no gift that could cancel out the grossness.

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  1. Snappyfish says:

    Holmes & Yang have items which go for $3,700? Seriously? It’s fashion dross at its v v best!!

  2. naturegirl says:


  3. Melanie says:

    Gross. On every level. Her choice in men has made her skanky – ewww

  4. Agnes says:

    I don’t find them any grosser than lots of other celebrity couples out there. To the contrary, they sort of seem to work together for me.

  5. logan says:

    This woman looks more and more like the Joker from Batman everytime I see a new photo of her. Must be the lighting and angle……..or all the work she has had done.

  6. Kimlee says:

    BS story Cameron was seem huge up on some other guy like two weeks ago Us weekly needs to step up their game.

  7. Dusty says:

    Class, you either have it or you don’t.

  8. Franny says:

    I don’t know why she would be impressed by a few gifts like that. to us mortals, getting a $40,000 bracelet is outrageous. but to these people, it means nothing. and a few pairs of CL shoes is like $2,000. Thats like pocket change

  9. Leticia says:

    Puffy and Kimmy Kakes are destined to unite. In the meantime, Puffy and Diaz make a good match.

  10. Jordan says:

    Um, I thought he and Cassie were sending I love yous/I miss yous back and forth on twitter??

  11. BigHair&Pearls says:

    Ewwww! Not for all the purses in the world. Well… maybe, the ruby bracelet… but I’d have to keep my eyes shut tight the whole time, and I’d probably have to eat a whole chocolate cake afterwards out of self-loathing.

  12. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Camy’s got gorgeous eyes and Diddy rocks the red.

  13. Kate says:

    She is not aging well. Another 5 years and she’ll look like a man.

  14. Tazina says:

    She has a lot of wrinkling around the eyes. I don’t know – maybe that’s normal for someone who’s almost 40. Plus she’s a sun worshipper. I think her and Diddy are on the same wavelength. Fun and sex basically is what both of them are after, nothing more, nothing less. So yeah, it’s a good match.

  15. Lolaluvsu2 says:

    I have to admit that I stared at that photo of her for sometime. Its bad. if she has always looked like that, how has she been considered “hot” for so long? Really? Can’t be her body, she’s flat chested.

  16. Krill says:

    I don’t see the problem with Sean Combs. Can someone inform me? From what I’ve read, he’s wealthy (net worth $500 million, according to Forbes), is involved in the lives of his children, and gives to charity – for example, in Oct 2011, he gave a substantial donation to the Harlem Boys & Girls Club and saved it from closing.

    • anonymoose says:

      His lack of talent, his enormous ego, that he wants to be called Dippy/Dodgy/Puddy whatever…is just so annoying. And yet ppl give him money for that. !?!??!!

      He looks like a 3 yr old toddler and all the accessories are like his “banky”, ie, crap he needs in order to feel secure and important. Can’t take him seriously. He’s a hustler.

      However, I like that Diaz owns her sexual appetite unapologetically and honestly.

  17. Shelly says:

    I she seriously boning Diddy?!? If so, I am done with her. I find him truly appalling in every way. Ugh. She has the WORST taste in men. She was way prettier when she was younger, but she’s still hot in her own way. She can do so much better than the dudes she hooks up with.

  18. BELLA says:

    USED UP.

    • Jordan says:

      Well, she has said time and time again that she does NOT want to marry or have kids so is she supposed to lock herself away and be a hermit? Why does it bother you so much you had to go all CAPSLOCK? I think they seem to want the same thing out of the relationship, if there is one, so good for them. Whatever.

  19. BerMan says:

    Everyone is doing the bump with each other these days. STDs anyone ? anyone?

  20. Sara says:

    I think that story about Cam getting her hair cut off is just another case of removing extensions becuse of damage. After hearing that Jen Aniston had extensions it was obvious to me that Cam did too.

  21. Lauren says:

    I cannot hate CD, no matter how hard i try. At least she does not drag innocent children into her escapades. I thik she is a good actress too. Enjoy the Diddy Ride.

  22. whatevs says:

    she looks like a terminator. or the love child of a terminator with nicholson’s joker.

  23. Vanden says:

    Apparently bathing only in Evian water makes you look like a gecko

    … that’s right, I said it.

  24. Kim says:

    They are both young & single. Who cares if they are dating. And how nice he bought her that stuff regardless if they are friends or dating.

  25. original sandy says:

    no problem with this coupling, but why must (he’s buying her things and prices) be included? so…if he was just dating her and not buying her time,love? he would not be good enough for her? what ever. if so, he needs to remember who he is.

  26. Peanut says:

    The commenter’s on this site seem to be getting more and more savage about people’s looks. It’s insane. People age. Let’s stop cutting them down for something inevitable. Geez.

  27. Amazed says:


    There’s being bitchy – which can be fun, and there’s being ridiculously immature.


  28. Str8Shooter says:

    Let’s see: two completely OVERRATED, talentless narcissistic egomaniacs…they’re a match made in heaven!

    OH yeah. And she is FUG.

  29. Kosmos says:

    Okay, Diddy has had sex with everyone under the sun. So how would you feel about being exposed to every disease that he might have picked up? Cameron has had her share of men, too, so she’s right up there with him. I’m not sure why we should take notice, since they only hookup for a while and then it’s suddenly over. Timberlake had to be her longest romance, and now he’s finally engaged to Biel.

  30. midnightmoon says:

    Teddy C is stirring up some stuff about Justin NoTalent being more bitter lately b/c he let the love of his life go due to the objections of his mom. The only fly in the ointment was Ted’s reference to a ‘voluptuous’ older woman. On what planet would CD be called voluptuous? She sounded crazy controlling & jealous & insecure when she was with him, and his friends hated her. However, in comparison w/Jessica OatBiel, I can imagine he misses the crazy good times. Ewww. I just grossed myself out thinking of JT & CB-together! Ucky pooey!!

  31. cyn says:

    What happened to her face..she used to be very pretty.

  32. whatevs says:

    stop complaining camp cameron maybe if she stopped getting so intoxicated and took care of her skin she’d look better… maybe gain a pound or two? anyway it’s not our fault that you are fugs with low standards. go look after yourselves or stop being so bitter at random commenters on a site called celeBITCHY for fuck’s sakes

  33. Meanchick says:

    I must go throw up now.

  34. coco says:

    I’ve never understood why rich people don’t shop like the rest of us — seriously. Why do they pay so much for crap that goes on sale the next day? Because they have the money? Rich people: buy property at least, not some stupid McMansion in NJ but maybe a tiny cottage in the valleys of Loire or something. Stop buying crap!

  35. MK says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Everyone who’s crapping on Diaz’s looks is probably a troll himself/herself.