Everything about Jessica Simpson looks pregnant, and she’s not due until Spring

These are some new photos of Jessica Simpson at the NBC Winter Press Tour in Pasadena on Friday. OMG. I mean, she’s so beautiful, and she’s so, so pregnant, but it’s just amazing to me that Jessica is, like, barely six months along. I don’t even think she’s hit the six-month mark yet! She keeps saying that she’s due “in the Spring”. And this is how huge she is in her SECOND trimester. I understand that every woman carries differently, but I’d just like to point out, yet again, how weird Beyonce’s pillowy pregnancy was compared to Jessica’s obvious pregnancy. Everything about Jessica looks preggo, her face, her arms, her boobs, her bump, EVERYTHING. Even her hair looks pregnant. She’s a super-cute pregnant girl, isn’t she? I like that there are still some celebrities who carry heavily.

Jessica was promoting her new NBC show, Fashion Star, which is kind of a Project Runway knock-off. Jessica plays – no joke – the Tim Gunn-esque “mentor” figure to the contestants. Like, she comes in to the workroom and tells them what to change, etc. E! News had an interview with Jessica about the project:

Cute. I mean, good God, her boobs are HUGE. They look gigantic in that video. I’m also including a photo of Jessica with her creepy father, who has gotten himself a super-creepy haircut that makes him look… ridiculous.

I’m also including photos of Nicole Richie at this event – I absolutely loathe her hair here. It does nothing for her, and it looks super-damaged and busted. I like her outfit, though. Anyway, Nicole is one of the judges on Fashion Star (like, she‘s the Nina Garcia), and despite rumors to the contrary, she and Jessica do get along. Allegedly. We’ll see.

Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. She is the most pregnant woman I have ever seen! She is so pretty.

  2. Mika says:

    Jessica looks beautiful! Wish her all the best with this pregnancy!

  3. Zombie Nurse says:

    Maybe twins? Girlfriend is HUGE and totally adorable.

  4. daisydoodle says:

    well if she’s faking her pregnancy, she’s carrying a mattress!

  5. Hautie says:

    I find it hard to believe that Jessica is not further along. Seriously. Did she do the counting or did her doctor? :)

    Jessica looks like she is closing in on her eight month.

    And if she stays pregnant till March-April… she is going to be H.U.G.E.

    (Yet, if she was carrying twins, her being this big would make more sense. But she is not carrying twins…)

    • Alix says:

      I think it’s a fair guess that at least SOME of this is not baby weight per se. Jessica’s not sticking to some strict diet so she can emerge for the hospital with all the weight gone. Girlfriend’s enjoying herself and eating. Good for her.

      • Carolyn says:

        Jess naturally is not stick-thin. I suggest she’s enjoying eating whatever she wants…she has the “security” (hehe) of that mega weight-loss contract for when she gives birth. Those high heels are ridiculous. Looks like she’s about to topple over.

    • Bad Fairy says:

      She looks like most of us do when we are pregnant. Only those born with naturally lean frames and women in Hollywood look like they swallowed a basketball when pregnant.

      • wallycally says:

        exactly. when my stepmother was pregnant with my youngest brother she blew up. she is 5’6 and normally about 140 with a d-cup, at 7 months she was close to 200 and no joke was a double f bra. i did not even know that was possible! my brother was kind of big (around 10lbs) but not crazy big. the human body is capable of some intense changes!

    • Andie B says:

      It’s like they say, every woman carries differently. When I had my daughter I was massive like Jessica at six months along. People couldn’t believe I wasn’t about to give birth. I am 5ft 4, and was carrying a lot of fluid. You should have seen me by 42 weeks when my daughter was finally born. How she can wear those shoes whilst that pregnant I do not know.

  6. Elle says:

    For God’s sake, stop picking on Beyonce. You can’t prove she wasn’t pregnant, GET OVER IT!

  7. Mimi says:

    Lookin a little Khloe K in that first pic, but yeah the girl is both super cute and super huge.
    Nicole’s hair looks so ashy, blech.

  8. Crystal says:

    She seriously is so so beautiful! She looks great pregnant. She is big for how far along she says she is, but she carries it so well in my opinion.

  9. Isa says:

    She is glowing.
    I don’t want to say anything rude so I’ll leaave it at that.

  10. Emmie says:

    If she’s due in the spring, she got pregnant around the time Nick and Vanessa got married. That Eric sure is smart.

  11. birdie says:

    I think she is having twins. That would be so great! I wish her all the best, she looks amazing and happy.

  12. jc126 says:

    She looks cute, very cute, although the heels make me cringe.
    She’s super short, so looks hugely pregnant, I guess.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Meh. Some people just carry big. I did and it annoyed the shit out of me when people would say “are you sure you’re not carrying twins?? maybe one was hiding during the ultrasound” “When are you due? I don’t think you’re gonna make it! HAHAHA” I’m more impressed that she’s wearing those insane heals while pregnant. That would have been a dealbreaker for me.

  14. Jennifer says:

    Side note- don’t try to get witty with a pregnant woman. They’ll beat your ass and no court in the land would convict them.

  15. Azurea says:

    With Jessica wearing those ridiculous shoes at her stage of pregnancy, they must have had to lower her into place with a crane, then removed her with said crane after the photo-taking.

  16. Lucy says:

    Could someone please explain to Jessica that the month of January is not considered spring…I’m sure she is confused…she is gonna have that baby soon…I hope someone told her that if she gets a really bad tummy ache, she needs to go to the hospital and not the bathroom or that kid will be born in the toilet…Jessica = stupid!

  17. mel says:

    my guess she is lying about being due in the spring and is really due any day now. I know – celebs would never lie…LMAO.

  18. mel2 says:

    She may be lying about when she’s due but the baby doesnt look like its dropped or ready to be born just yet. She’s very beautiful and glowing.

  19. Rita says:

    Well, they say there’s no such thing as being a little bit pregnant unless it’s a pillow and in Jessica’s case, that’d be a Sealy Posturepedic matress.

    I’m hoping all goes well.

  20. Jules says:

    Now THAT is what a woman in her last trimester looks like, Beyonce.

    Jessica looks adorable pregnant…but the dress is a bit much…she shoulda went with something more flowing and draping instead of form-fitted.

  21. DemoCat says:

    I was at a friend’s baby shower yesterday. She’s due February 18th. Jessica looks much, MUCH bigger. I don’t have kids, so I may be talking out of my ass, but Jessica looks much readier to pop than does my friend. But everyone’s different pregnancy-wise, I suppose.

  22. bluhare says:

    I’m sorry, but I think she looks awful. Talk about letting yourself go.

  23. Shelly says:

    She really does look radiant and gorgeous pregnant.

  24. Me says:

    I carried big as well. At 7 months pregs, i looked like i was about to pop lol. Anyway, she does look lovely and does anybody besides me think she looks mariah careyish in her pregnancy? Whatever…love love love her! :-)

  25. Lisa says:

    HOLY. Are those twins? Triplets? Everyone’s different, but she has admitted to eating the most godawful things (mac and cheese for breakfast), so most of it likely comes down to her eating habits.

  26. KateinNZ says:

    She was actually quite charming in that interview, pregnancy (and motherhood) definitely suit Jessica. Good on her.

  27. petitemal says:

    She looks great and all, but I have to say…

    …the reason she’s showing so much so early is because, well, she was kinda chunky before she got knocked up. She’s wearing really form-fitting outfits now and looks super cute, but not that long ago she was draping herself in big mu-mus to cover her chub. Pregnancy is the only time it’s socially acceptable to be fat – even celebrated for it. She’s just letting it all out now, and I’d say at least a couple of inches of her bump are not so much baby as they are pre-existing belly.

    Plus, she’s pretty short, so baby pops out sooner and more than with taller women like Gisele. That woman hardly looked pregnant until she was about eight months or so, but then she’s also like, six feet tall. Tall women’s babies have more room to stretch up and down than shorties like Jessica. I’m also pretty petite, and I got big really quickly. By the time I delivered, even my OB was a little concerned by my size, and I got the twins comment from people all the fricken time.

    I think people either don’t know or forget how big a third trimester woman can get and make stupid comments about it. I heard variations of, “Wow! Due any day now, huh? You look like you’re about to pop! Sure it’s not twins?” all the time. I remember one day an old lady said it and I got all teary and replied, “It’s not twins. I guess I’m just really fat. I’m seven months along, so I have two more months to get even fatter!” It got kind of awkward after that.

    • morganowski says:

      I think pregnancy is just different for everyone no matter your height/size, since genetics play into it quite a bit. I am 6ft and average sized (not super Gisele slim but still) I was HUGE by 6 months bc I carried everything out front in belly and boobs and no where else. From the back I looked the same. Good for jessica, I’m glad she’s not trying to stay ‘slim’ during pregnancy which could potentially harm the babys development. I’m guessing shell have a 8lb + bambino.

  28. Bobby sue says:

    I looked exactly like that when I was around 6 months pregnant (probably more during my second pregnancy) and I started with a decent/cute figure. Women can carry so differently. It was hard because people would just stare at me in disbelief and it made me feel self-conscious. When I was 6 months along, I was grocery shopping at Whole Foods and as I pushed my cart past the cheese section, one of the workers who had seen me before shouted “Good God, when are you going to have that baby already?!” as though he was offended by how I looked. I think she looks gorgeous and, more importantly, really happy.

    • Alita says:

      You said it – that she looks so happy is what’s great and smile-inducing. Happy is contagious! Far better than pregnancy being contagious!

      • Bobby sue says:

        I think her happiness is so noticeable because she definitely went through a really rough time after the John Mayer debacle. I think she felt totally lost and did that beauty reality show with Ken Paves and her friend to dig deeper into who she is and how she sees herself. When Oprah had her on I thought it was probable from her speech and weight gain that she may have been on an anti-depressant. I’m happy whenever anybody turns a corner to the good side!!

  29. Tazina says:

    Short carries big; in some cases very big. You just keep expanding and if you eat too much, it’s even worse. Finally, when the baby is squashing your lungs and bladder and you feel you can’t take it anymore, you give birth.

  30. Bobby sue says:

    Also, she may be fudging her due date as many celebrities do to keep the press hounds at bay. She may really be due in late February or March.

  31. joancrawfordhangers says:

    The E! interview is super cute.

  32. Ambergesa says:

    That’s not all belly and she’s going to have a hell of a time getting all that off. It’s healthy to gain that much weight. She’s never had an easy time losing weight either. She’ll be sorry she ate everything in sight when she looks in the mirror naked the morning after, yikes

    • quinnie88 says:

      Sounds like a comment coming from a person who has never been pregnant. And btw who cares if she has a hell of a time taking of the baby weight. Normal ppl are too busy enjoying there new arriva then they are worrying about there love handles.

    • Bobby sue says:

      Bitter, you are. How do you know her pregnancy is unhealthy? Other celebrities have been seen to drink wine and smoke cigarettes whist pregnant. Let me guess, you’re the type of woman who runs 5Ks until your last month and is already gifted with a super fast metabolism? Don’t be so judgmental. Ugh.

      • bluhare says:

        Jessica has been quoted saying she’s not worrying about her diet and eats what she wants. Which is fine, if there are no health issues for either her or the baby. But then I don’t want to read about how she’s whining about getting rid of the excess weight after the baby’s born. Can’t have it both ways!

      • ambergesa says:

        First I didn’t say I knew her pregnancy is unhealthy, I said that gaining excessive amounts of weight while prego is unhealthy(for mother and child) and there is plenty of research to back that up. There’s a difference between getting hypertension and blowing up with water weight and deciding I’m prego and can eat wtf I want. By her own words she puts herself in the second category(look @Jessicas comment #49) And I’d say a person who runs 5k’s into her 8th month wouldn’t be “naturally” thin but worked her ass off for it. I remember Kaiser writing a while ago that her friends who are “naturally” thin seem to eat smaller portions and have healthier habits overall. Which would generally be true in regards to my heavier friends habits and my own. I’d say your comment sounded a far more bitter than mine.

    • bluhare says:

      I got slammed too, but I agree with you.

    • Sassy says:

      She signed a contract to be a Weight Watchers spokeswoman after the birth.

    • podzol says:

      Agree with you, ambergesa (maybe perhaps for the last sentence). Hell, it was really hard for Kate Hudson to lose her 75 pounds, and the girl has a pretty lean disposition and tiny bones. It’s not that I’m assuming that she’s eating unhealthily and judging her on that basis; she went on the record of basically admitting to eating whatever she wanted whenever she craved it without guilt since her pregnancy!

      • normades says:

        I had GD and gained wayyyy too much weight at the beginning of my pregnancy. Like Jess, at 4 months I looked 8 months. I went on a diet and really watched what I eat for the rest of the pregnancy. At the end both myself and the baby were a healthy weight. 3 weeks after giving birth I was able to put on my old jeans. Going on a GD diet was the best thing I ever did, for the baby AND myself.

        I’m not saying it’s healthy to be stick thin, but I hate that we deam people carrying a bit more weight around as “healthy”. It’s not.

    • WorksEveryTime says:

      I do think Jessica looks pretty, but I agree — the recommended weight gain is 25-35 pounds. Women who gain 70 pounds (like plenty of women I know) are taking serious risks. Gestational diabetes is no joke, and being overweight complicates delivery.

      It’s especially hard to lose the weight when you’ve become accustomed to eating that much.

  33. JenJen says:

    It looks like I’m in the minority here, but I don’t find Jessica to be an attractive woman. At all. There’s something about her forehead overhanging her eyes and her bumchin that makes her face look round and mannish. Plus the fact that, cute and cuddly as she may be, she is dumb as a post and I can see stupidity in a lot of people’s eyes. Case in point: Kendra Wilkinson, Britney — dead, stupid eyes.
    My dislike aside, she is HUGE and yep, will be ginormous if she doesn’t give birth for another few months.

  34. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Her dad is sporting the “Dumb and Dumber” haircut. How apropos.

  35. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Like most short woman she’s carrying the baby out front, …LOL by the time I was 9 mos along I was practicaly rolling my belly around in a wheelbarrow in front of me !!!! People said twins everytime always just one baby….but she looks heathly and glowing like a woman should look..Very beautiful….

  36. danielle says:

    “even her hair looks pregnant” – lmao!

  37. Nan209 says:

    OMG! That is why I only have one child. I was huge when I was pregnant. My weight immediately shifted to my stomach and by the time was in my 6 month I looked ready to pop. The pregnancy was a tough one too…lots of weight gain, problems with BP and had to be induced….NOT something I wanted to repeat.

    I hope JS’ doctor is advising her to eat no salt food, drink a ton of water and to walk often lest she wind up with health issues. From my personal experience being large early on means potential problems later.

  38. samira677 says:

    The father’s hair looks like a Caesar cut gone wrong.

    I think part of the reason Jessica looks so big is her height. But she was carrying extra weight even before her pregnancy.

  39. Jennifer12 says:

    Nicole Richie looked best when she had the side part, shoulder length bob with long bangs. This doesn’t work on her.

  40. Tiffany27 says:

    She looks huge and adorable. Good for her. I think she’s really wanted to be a mom for a long time now.

  41. Alejandro says:

    There’s something about Nicole’s eyes that makes her look matronly, and older. I still think she’s a mean girl and probably makes fun of poor dumb ole Jessica behind her back.

  42. anna says:

    For ppl talking about health problems, I seriously doubt someone with J.Simps resources would develop chronic problems. It’s called water retention, some women are prone to it during pregnancy. I gained over 70 lbs during my first pregnancy and lost over 60 within two weeks of delivery.

    With my second I barely gained 20 pounds! Every pregnancy can be different!

    I think Jessica looks beautiful

  43. Penguin says:

    I think she looks really good. She hasn’t got as big as I thought she would.

  44. Bobby sue says:

    Btw, Christina Aguilera looks bigger than her now in the arms and face and she’s not even pregnant!

  45. marisa says:

    probably because she is vertically challenged? The baby has nowhere to grow but outwards! she looks great, though :)

  46. Rachel says:

    I’m much taller than she is, and her bump appears to be about the same size as mine was when I delivered. But all women carry differently, and she is very short. I gained under 30 lb with each of my pregnancies and never retained water — I was one of the lucky ones — and I still couldn’t have worn those heels. I’m not sure if I should be concerned or impressed…

  47. Ginger says:

    Thank goodness! Makes me feel normal. I carried an extra thirty pounds with my son who was a preemie. I would have been as big as Jess had I carried to term. I’m glad to see that she is so happy and confident. I definitely couldn’t have worn those heels during my pregnancy though…more power to her! I will be interested to see how she deals with the weight post baby. Will she be one of those celebs that goes on Nutri-System? Or will she be one of those celebs that is so wrapped up in her baby she doesn’t care about the weight? At least until she has another modeling or acting gig.

  48. Jessica says:

    It’s probably because of what she is eating while being pregnant, she tweeted that she was eating Kraft Macaroni & Cheese W/ Lawry’s seasoning salt for B-fast and then on the Rachael Ray show she admitted she was eating Toasted Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches, She also posted a picture on her Twitter about her “Sunday morning cereal craving”:

    Froot Loops
    Fruity Pebbles
    Honey bunches of Oats with Almonds

    Cantaloupe with salt poured all over it etc.

  49. Darlene says:

    She looks exactly like I did with my daughter. I was HUGE LIKE A WHALE in my second trimester. The third was a nightmare. I used to cry in the bathtub every day. People would say “are you pregnant with twins?” and at the end I would just say “yes” even though it wasn’t true.

    Also, Nicole Richie looks too thin again, doesn’t she?

    • Jen D says:

      People can be incredibly insensitive around pregnant women. One thing I’ve found is that I actually eat less than before I was pregnant (morning sickness just hasn’t gone away for me), but anytime I’m eating everyone loves to comment on how much I eat. Or people try to force feed me because “I’m eating for two.” Or at the beginning of my pregnancy when I knew for a fact I hadn’t gained a pound people kept talking about my baby belly. Nope, this is how I look all the time, people.

      • Alita says:

        Bahh JenD, people are assholes. Next time anyone asks, tell then you’re not sure but you really admire Kate Gosslin and are hoping for at least quints or you’ve been told you won’t get a reality show, even you your ‘baby daddy’ is in jail which makes it ‘more human-interesty!!’

        Best for a happy and healthy one!

    • Cirque28 says:

      I would’ve said, “Quadruplets. Now get out of my way!”


  50. GT says:

    She looks absolutely gorgeous and I wish her all the best!!

  51. Agnes says:

    jessica looks great and super happy! good for her. :)

  52. Devon says:

    She could be due in the spring. March 20th is the start of spring, so it’s not THAT much longer, only 10 weeks. She could be due that week and it would be “spring.” My best friend was due in the middle of March, and although she is a bit taller than Jessica, probably a good 4 inches, she was pretty big at 30 weeks. When I went to visit her at 35 weeks she looked ready to go but he lasted another 6 and a half weeks! She’s probably going to have a healthy weighted child! 8lbs+ I’m guessing.

  53. apsutter says:

    She has never looked better! What an absolutely gorgeous pregnant woman she is. She is freaking adorable and looks very happy. All I can do is wish her the best and know that she’s gonna be a great little mommy. I can only hope I look as good as she does when I have kids.

  54. Bobby sue says:

    Nicole’s blazer is just like a left-over from Crystal Carrington’s wardrobe on Dynasty. And she’s a fashion critic?? What?
    And she’s too thin *again.*

  55. Courtney says:

    for the poster upthread that mentioned Mariah Carey she couldn’t help the weight she gained because of all the complications she had carrying her twins who were 6+lbs each when they were born at 35 weeks last April. you never know Jessica could have gestational diabetes and not want to reveal it until after her son/daughter is born

  56. ella says:

    People are just used to seeing celebrities trying too hard not to gain weight and Jessica is just enjoying this time

  57. CeeCee says:

    Jessica is rocking it. Bless her southern sweetness!

    My friend carried like her, at my October 2010 wedding she looked ready to drop but was due (and delivered) in mid Jan 2011. She was a healthy 9.5 pounds. Au natural birth. Ouch!

  58. whatevs says:

    she didn’t gain that much weight but maybe it’s twins? ironic how when beyonce was due she didn’t look half as preggers as dumb bottle blonde

  59. Unbeweavable says:

    She looks like she may be in the 8th month.. But what do I know.

    She looks big, but she’s also short. I looked like I had twins in my uterus when I was pregnant with Lil Unbeweavable. By month 6 I looked like I was 9 months and ready to pop. My doctor was convinced I had a 10+ pound baby in there. I had a c-section after being induced and my little 7 lb bubby was born. I just had quite a bit of amniotic fluid.. Now I look like my stomach was mauled by a tiger with big ass claws. :)

  60. tracking says:

    Wow, some posters are being really hard on her. Judging by belly alone, she looks 6+ months. Her short stature and enormous boobs make her look rounder overall. She’s fine.

  61. hatekyle says:

    i think jess wants to give octomom a run for her money ahhahaha. jk. i love jess, she’s down-to-earth and naturally adorable. i think if there’s an opposite for jennifer aniston it is jessica. rock on jess.

  62. atlantapug says:

    She looks like a Magic Eight Ball with legs and a blonde wig.
    That girl is gigantic. She’s never going to be able to shed this weight without surgery.
    Well, at least she’s actually pregnant. I just can’t stand the stereotype that women use pregnancy to pig out, be lazy, and get huge fat. (and yes, I have 2 kids, and no, I didn’t oink and get huge fat.) Just like I can’t stand when women have kids, dress like crap and cut off all of their hair.

  63. Shannon says:

    Gaining too much weight during pregnancy is actually a huge problem in the U.S. and it does effect the baby’s weight and health later in life. You only need to gain 9 pounds to have a healthy pregnancy, and in a lot of countries gaining more than 15 pounds is considered excessive and unhealthy.

    EDIT : this was supposed to be a reply, I know I clicked the button. Anyway, I don’t know how much weight Jessica has gained so I have no idea whether or not it’s healthy. Just commenting on the general trend in the U.S.

    • Delleah says:

      Do you mean throughout the entire pregnancy or post pregnancy? Because you have to remember that women carry about 15 lbs of baby and water. If you meant gaining 9-12 lbs of fat then you are right. But a woman should gain about 20-25 lbs by the end of their pregnancy if that woman is of an average weight. My doctor told me to he wanted to see me gain 25 lbs by the end of my pregnancy because I’ve always been slightly underweight and my daughter weighed 6 lbs at birth. Within a week, I was only 10 lbs heavier than my original weight and I lost that within a month of giving birth.

      Jessica on the other hand has always struggled with her weight. I’m not surprised she has gained as much as she has. I just hope she is eating healthy foods and not a lot of junk food. I understand she is not very tall so she may also be one of those women who shows every single pound on her frame too. It’s hard to say. Women gain differently during pregnancy.

    • fabgrrl says:

      No, you are wrong. They *used* to tell women to only gain 15 pounds back in the 1950s. But nowadays the recommended weight gain is 25 pounds. Look it up.

  64. Petunia says:

    It’s great to see a pregnant celebrity look indescribably pregnant. It’s reassuring how normal she looks at this time. Sure, she can wear glamorous clothes but she is def. preggers.

    And I’m guessing it’s going to take her more than a few weeks to drop the weight, too. I’m not saying this in a bitchy vibe because I know she’ll get it off. I’m just thankful that she really and truly looks normal and healthy and real while pregnant.

  65. Ange says:

    She’s wearing heels! B*tch must be faking.

  66. Tifygodess24 says:

    Can you imagine the comments Nicole R has said behind Jessicas back??? Everyone knows she hates a fatty, preggers or not.

  67. really says:

    WHAT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR……….. love Jessica, sh eloooks just beautiful pregnant + one does not have to wonder or play games with her pregnancy, she is such a motherly beauty!

  68. NM9005 says:

    You only get praise when you’re (too) fat during a pregnancy. There isn’t such a thing as “eating for two”. It’s an invention for people who want to pig out with a reason and since JSimp is known for her bad eating habits… Yes, I said it. You can eat normal and have a smaller bump size (genes + lifestyle).
    This chick is loved because she isn’t threatening.

  69. Miss Thang says:

    Are we confident this ditz knows when spring starts? Maybe she’s due in Feb.

  70. Tweakspotter says:

    Adorable! See Beyonce this is what being pregnant with a girl looks like…please take note for your next fake pregnancy.

  71. Kim says:

    What is on her fathers head???

  72. midnightmoon says:

    Nicole looks awful, and next to Jessica, she looks like a praying mantis. Are the rumors about her and the Madden bro true? That would explain her weight loss. Supposedly they are not spending a lot of time together & she feels like a single mom? Where did I read that? Anyway, I am not a fan of Jessica, but I do think she looks lovely& happy, and as long as she’s not dishing advice on ‘healthy pregancy tips’ and the like, it ain’t nunya bidness how much she weighs! Man, our society is soooooo obsesses with weight. I’m much more interested in what these people do w/their wealth&celeb status, not what they eat or weigh-unless like Goopy they preach one thing, do another, and act all holier than thou about it all. In that case, fair game!!

  73. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    So you’re going to let Chilli Cook-Off Mom Jeans host a fashion show? I’m not cracking on her weight, just her complete inability to dress well. Isn’t this endeavour something like trying to introduce a line of penis pumps for the ‘discerning’ lady… or sending some uninformed piece and her hairdresser out into the world with some nebulous cause of defining the ‘price of beauty’? And before you jump down my throat (since she suddenly turned into St. Jessica when I wasn’t looking), I’m not ‘hating’ on her, I just don’t think we should give ‘duh’ a documentary.

    Now, I’m never been pregnant, but whenever go to really extreme lengths to oppose or defend anything to do with pregancy at all, the crazed rabies foam-spitters never win the argument against the smug moralisers. So it has been, so it shall be. Since both sides are very much guilty of hyperbole, I finally think that I should buy a pregnancy pillow, because if you’re going to go too far, you might as well go with the winning side. Celebrity pregnancy, is great for historical revisionism, so I think it should work for me too. Also, anyone who looks at you sideways gets the pitchfork and torches treatment from the Uterine Anti-Defamation League. ‘You ‘Third Manned’ sixteen children’s hospitals in a string of copycat crimes? That’s the most despicable–wait, you’re pregnant? I wonder what happened to all of those hospitals and isn’t it sad that we’ll never catch the culprit? Did I hear you say that had a reasonably good time at that restaurant, save for the crying child next to you for 80 minutes, Zodiak? I KNEW it was you who was truly responsible for Waco!’

    Maybe it’s time that I go catch pregnant.

  74. Chrissy says:

    Jessica look awfully big for how long she has to go. She doesn’t look bad though. Her face and hair look nice. It could be worse too. When I was pregnant I had huge swollen ankles the entire time and she doesn’t have that. Still I wouldn’t have chosen such a tight shiny dress. And Yeah, please don’t fall in those heels.

  75. Chrissy says:

    I forgot Nicole! She just looks terrible. She looks very old for her age.

  76. megan says:

    her…boobs…are HUUUUGE. i have big boobs too (34DD) and i’ve always wondered what will happen to mine when i’m pregnant. i think i’ve found out, cause jessica simpson and i have similar figures and patterns of weight gain. i suspected mine will get freakishly large but seeing it is…scary :O

  77. Reeves says:

    She’s absolutely enormous and still about two months to go. I’m guessing too much of the down-home Texas cooking she likes so much. A shame, as she’s a gorgesous girl, but she’ll find that weight difficult to lose.