Angelina Jolie looks knocked up in a sack in Palm Springs, while Brad wins an award

Yesterday was a huge day in Palm Springs! The Palm Springs International Film Festival handed out awards to several of the big players in this year’s awards season. Palm Springs is the biggest event for the Hollywood crowd right before the one-two punch of the Critics Choice and Golden Globes awards shows, and yes, I know I’m leaving out the People’s Choice. Hardly anyone goes to the People’s Choice Awards these days! Anyway, Brad Pitt was honored with an award for Moneyball and Tree of Life, and of course, Angelina Jolie got all dolled up in a sack dress for the occasion.

Angelina’s sack dress isn’t really a sack dress though. It’s a sack jumpsuit! Elie Saab makes sack jumpsuits now! And I know I’m just stirring the pot here and that I’m letting the tabloid reports about Angelina’s womb influence by opinion, but seriously, Angelina looks kind of knocked up to me. It’s the way the “sack” part of the jumpsuit is falling in her mid-section. It’s also that her boobs look big and she looks really happy – a sure sign that she’s knocked up? Just putting that out there. Also: she looks really pretty here, sack or no sack. Her skin looks gorge, and I really like what she’s done with her hair. She got a cut, and she added some highlights in front.

Brad’s other accessory (besides the beautiful woman on his arm) was his cane. We saw him with the cane last week, coming out a skin-care spa, wearing a black onesie. While Brad was on the red carpet, he talked about why he was sporting the cane. Hint: It wasn’t because Angelina kneecapped him! Brad claims that he “wiped out on a ski slope while carrying one of his twins. He twisted his knee and suffered some ACL damage in the process,” according to Entertainment Tonight. Wait, what? He was skiing while carrying a kid? I still prefer the “Angelina kneecapped him” story.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Mika says:

    Love this outfit! Reminds me of the Halston 70′s! Classy Angie!

  2. Jennifer12 says:

    If there is such a thing as soulmates, these two are it. It’s like they were created for one another.

  3. Bite me says:

    Gained some holiday weight … Not pregnant shooting a movie in April with Luc Benson… Saw pix of her out with her sons and her stomach look flat

  4. Rhiley says:

    I saw pictures of Reese Witherspoon in a bathing suit yesterday, and she really looks pregnant, but I think Reese’s body fluctuates and she probably hasn’t worked out as much over the holidays. However, if she does announce a pregnancy, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  5. lisa says:

    I like the dress. It looked lavender in a few pics. I wish the top was more fitted but I like when she not in black. Which was funny because most of the other women were in black. I love that second picture.. very sweet. They look great together as always.

    I guess they had a ski trip after that pictures of he and Pax on the bike. Boy they do get around. Anyway the report said he feel in a weird way trying to keep Viv from getting hurt. He took the brunt of the damage. Viv is fine.



  6. Jules says:

    Sorry, not seeing any evidence of pregnancy here. Pitt needs a shower and some Just For Men.

  7. Camille says:

    OMG how totally unattractive they are. Old man and his anorectic girlfiend. What is wrong with his puffy eyes and bloated face? Too much buzz?

    • Lori says:

      I agree. What is the beauty in a sack of bones? She has no body definition, literally just skin and bones, and it’s not pretty. It makes her head look too big and heavy for her frail frame. And he looks like an old unwashed degenerate who should not be allowed around children. Just sayin. I dont think either one is attractive, they both have pshychological issues … one wont eat and the other wont bathe… nice, those kids will suffer in their teens for it with these two as examples.

      • polk8dot says:

        Wow, that is just dripping with hate! Why so vile? He is not a degenerate, he clearly loves his kids and your hardly veiled ‘pedophile’ comment is just disgusting. He looks bathed, with clean hair and great suit – so you do not like his haircut and facial hair? So what – that’s not a justification for all the vitriol you just threw at him.
        And she does look fragile – but so what? They have 6 – SIX – kids for crying out loud and I can imagine all the hustle and bustle of an everyday life. Would take A LOT of energy to keep up with them, and as long as she’s healthy and able to do that just fine, what do you care that she’s skinny? Maybe all that running around with kids draines her body of fat. She does look healthy, and although I see absolutely no bump or its indications, she is glowing and looks extatic, so just based on these two factors she might be preggers. She is not hideous, she is not disgusting – that she does not fit into your beauty standard does not mean you have to try to demean her with your hateful comments.
        As is, all you did was demean yourself.

        (P.S no I’m not her employee or her personal defender. I like them both just fine. They seem like a nice couple, good people, who created a happy and healthy family, and it bothers me that someone would just leave a comment dripping with venom, and disclaiming all of the above simply based on personal dislike and not one fact. That is what vitriol is, and it is a sad state of society that we’ve come to see things and the world that way.)

      • Camille says:


        You are obsessed with her/them. It’s not healthy. Read again what you wrote. It’s ridiculous. What do you expect reading comments here? This site is called celebitchy = celeb + bitchy. Everybody has right to their own opinion. You are not better becouse you “love them”.

      • Maripily says:

        I agree with Polk8dot. You don’t have to be obsessed with them to notice the unnecessary hostility of Lori’s comments. There’s one thing being bitchy, but to imply someone is a pedophile simply off of appearance is going beyond bitchy, that’s just being cruel.

      • The Other Lori says:

        I make posts on this site occasionally under the username: Lori… So I just want to make it clear that this is a different @Lori, lol. I dont judge people I don’t know, and I especially don’t hate people I don’t know.

    • Mali_ says:

      Agreed with polk8dot and Maripily. There is a lot of hypocrisy of posters on here. If a post is made that someone agrees with, they ignore it but attack the person who replies with a different opinion. Such duplicious hypocrites. I just told one pontificating self-righteous hypocrite to shove her hypcritical pontificating and it felt real good.

    • hatekyle says:

      im glad brad is out with morph jen. otherwise, if they were still together, jen would be wearing a gown and holding a cane too. just like she’s morphed as biker chick with whoever her bf is now. same when she was with john mayer.

  8. olivia says:

    Noses stuck up in the air – check
    Smug, stiff expressions – check

    Yep, all’s well and normal in the world of the two HObags.

  9. Victoria says:

    Since she had the twins her stomach has been needing a girdle. Which is OK.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I know I’ve said this before about Garner and Holmes, but Angie could also have a diastasis recti (separation of the rectus abdominus muscles) that she tries to hide under all of the loose fitted clothing. It occurs in about 1/3 of pregnancies and you have a greater chance of experiencing one with each pregnancy (and when you are carrying multiples). She’s done both, so it’s possible she has a small “bump” or diastasis that she’s trying to conceal.

  10. Rita says:

    She looks pale and tired. Don’t get me wrong. I wish I looked that pale and tired after spending a day at the spa…not that I’ve ever been to a spa but that sounds very relaxing.

  11. spinner says:

    This color does nothing for Angie & the design itself is shapeless. Major fail in my opinion. Brad needs to stop with the Clint Eastwood squint & should never ski while holding a child.

  12. Hautie says:

    Angie never had a tummy tuck after those twins. So she has a tiny tummy.

    I had suspect she didn’t get the tuck done, cause she felt she may have more kids. So there was no need to have the work done, till she was finish having babies.

    But her hair is nice here. A good trim and some highlights does wonders. Now I am curious why Brad didn’t get the same. He needs a dang cut and some highlights too! :)

    • polk8dot says:

      For all we know he is growing his hair out for his next movie. He’s done that before, for Troy, and it is a normal practice for a lot of actors. As long as he seems bathed with washed clean hair all power to them.
      Also, on top of running around with 6 kids, she just finished shooting her first movie as a director, in a foreign country and foreign language, based on the story she had written. If that’s not stressful for a major movie star to try to make a transition like that then I don’t know stress, and that psychological drain will strip your body bare just like a ‘divorce diet’ might (sadly, talking from personal experience on both, oy)
      They seem VERY HAPPY together, and actually ENJOYING EACH OTHER’S COMPANY which is not so common in Hollyweird, so I say good on’em.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      @Hautie, ITA. As I said up thread, I think she’s hiding a slight diastasis recti under the loose fitting clothing. When she’s done having kids she can get that tightened up and there will be no need to hide under sacks anymore.

  13. samira677 says:

    I’m always baffled when somebody says a celebrity looks pregnant. I never see it unless it’s clearly obvious. Usually it’s just the clothes or weight gain. “Looking happy” seems like a dumb comment to make because she’s looked happy for 3 years and wasn’t pregnant.

    The jumpsuit looks like a dress. I actually like it but i wish she wore a different color. This washes her out a little. I doubt Brad was skiing with a child in his arms. Most liking he slipped while walking during a skiing trip.

  14. Lucy says:

    She looks beautiful…glowing…I don’t know about being knocked up, but I am so glad she didn’t wear black…sometimes the black washes her out…they look, happy and fabulous together…Hope Brad wins the Oscar!

  15. Sasha says:

    I like the sack jumpsuit or whatever it is :D I think Angie can pull it off, and she’s at a point in life where she doesn’t have to wear a slinky evening gown to every event and show off her body. She’s classy and understated and the sacks let her beautiful face take the spotlight.. *sigh*

  16. tiredofU says:

    I see the Brand put on the whole red carpet show AGAIN. It’s the same boring gestures, the same boring hair and the same boring dress, for about 8770 years now.

    • Franny says:

      Well, he has been in hollywood for…20 some years now. I would hope that a man that is almost 50 has figured out how to do his job and stick to that. This red carpet walking and publicity is his job. I don’t see anything wrong with him finding his stride and going with it. What if “normal” 50 year old men changed up their routine every 2 weeks?

  17. laura says:

    what’s he doing with his face in that top pic? he looks like a cartoon.

  18. teri says:

    Love this couple and I like Angelina’s jumpsuit/gown. Her boobs looks huge and her skin is flawless. Poor Brad fell while holding Viv on the ski slopes. I’ve never been but I’ve seen alot of pics with parents holding children. I fell down a step carrying my baby and my whole body did a twist as to not land on the baby. Hope Brad’s leg heals up, as I know how a torn ligament hurts so bad.

  19. Ida says:

    Her outfit is awful. She should stick to ‘bombshell’ dresses by Versace, she doesn’t have the looks to pull off ‘sack’ dresses…or jumpsuits. Also, doubt she got a haircut, removed her extensions more likely.

    • Sasha says:

      Umm… you’re seriously saying Angie doesn’t have the ‘looks’ to pull off a sack? You’re questioning Goddess Angelina’s face!? :P

      Also to the posters who think she looks too thin – she’s always had a slender body. I imagine she has the type of body where it’s extremely easy to lose weight and with all the running around she does, it doesn’t surprise me at all. Her arms are a tad thin but she’s not a ‘bag of bones’. I’m sure Angie would stay healthy for the sake of her children if nothing else.

      • polk8dot says:

        Completely agree. There were always comments, even in interviews with her, that her hands – especially the wrists – look sooo skinny, fragile, tiny. Even when she was pregnant, these areas of her body did not change noticeably. So she probably has just been genetically blessed with wholesome, svelt body (If you remember her pics with her mom, the mom had the same body build).

      • Ida says:

        A great deal of her features are actually quite big: eyes, mouth/lips, breasts, hair (well, hairstyle!), in short, classic ‘bombshell’ looks, and I think that ‘sack’ dresses tend to look better on women with somewhat more subtle features. Plus, Angelina’s brand of sexy – which, increasingly, seems to feature somewhat ridiculous upward tilts of the head, half-closed eyelids, squinting even!, and practised ‘icy stares’ – charming as it may be, is not suited to items of clothing, or outfits, that rely, so to speak, on a more nuanced type of sexuality. Then again, it is just fashion. -:)

  20. Mali says:

    They both look gorgeous and classy as always, much to the haters’ jealousy and fury. :D

    • lisa says:

      I know.. and this is just the beginning. They should pull up a seat it is going to be a long few weeks for them

      OK, I’m sure once again this is going to be an interesting thread. Should get well over 100 comments before the end of the day.

      let the bitchy begin…

  21. weasel says:

    i feel like brad doesn’t really need the cane; he just likes the look/attention. just like with those reading glasses

  22. deltona lakes says:

    I love the halter dress or jumpsuit. She always look elegant to me. Brad is handsome as always with or w/o a cane. Hands down the most beautiful/elegant couple in HW.

  23. ruokmiss? says:

    @laura, that’s his robert redford impersonation.

  24. DetRiotGirl says:

    The way that outfit hangs would make anyone look pregnant. Also, is anyone getting a sort of upscale southern vibe off of Brad Pitt here? He looks like he’s about five seconds away from demanding a mint julep while inviting Angelina to the Kentucky Derby.

  25. Mara says:

    Her face is unique but the body looks like old lady no shape at all I really like her style very simple .

  26. deltona lakes says:

    Happy Birthday Zahara!!

  27. Laura says:

    Hehe, they look stoned. But hot!

  28. Sugar says:

    I used to love Angie. But I’m sorry, is it just me or does she look like a junkie in expensive clothes. She is skin and bones. She always has those huge bags under her eyes. Less weight on her has turned her face from gorgeous to scary. What has she done to herself. Could she really still be on Heroin. She needs to get back to the weight she was in the first Lara Croft movie. Healthy, no matter what your weight, is always better than skinny.

    • Kimlee says:

      You do know for that movie they had her out on a ton of weight for the role right that wasn’t her normal size.

      • polk8dot says:

        Also, she was wearing the top body prosthesis, to make her boobs bigger and give her body more curvy definition. So the way she looked as Lara Kroft was not really her at all, and may be an unobtainable ideal.

      • domesticdiva says:

        Al i can say is WOW!!! You two especially you Poka strike me as cray cray!! i mean initially when i noticed you replying to soo many remarks i was like dang they like them some Brangelina. But the tone of your replies makes me picture you foaming at the mouth and screaching every time you read a negative comment. Brangelina are publice figures they know that for every fan they will have critics they’re big kids and can handle it. But id swear the way you act you’re screwing them or something. Allow others to have their own opinions. Goodness the Brangelina empire will not crumble because of remarks made on Celebitchy.

  29. Deven says:

    So Brad…why are you so in love with the “needed a bath for several weeks” look? The need to get a haircut, shave, and use deodorant just doesn’t mean a thing to you??

    • polk8dot says:

      Wow, you must have some pretty icredible computer if you can smell him from the pictures! And it is probably malfunctioning! His hair is longish, but he looks well groomed, with trimmed facial hair, clean coiffure, and looks hot in this suit. I do not personally like men with long hair, but maybe it is for his next movie, maybe he’s just having fun with, maybe it’s because Angie likes it. No matter – he does look well put together, clean, bathed, polished. I bet he smells good too – even though my computer does not have yours’ technical capabilities yet.

  30. Anguishedcorn says:

    With Rita, I agree she looks tired and too skinny. And he looks ridiculous. But they show genuine affection for each other, even in front of cameras, and that makes me like them.

  31. mln76 says:

    They both look great. I expect as Oscar season goes on the vile jealousy will be spewed at them from those that are just obsessed as us loonies. It must burn that Brad’s getting all of this praise and they both look so happy.

  32. says:

    Something is off with his face and I can’t quite put my finger on it… but she looks great. Love the haircut and highlights.

  33. Dredz says:

    I like Angie’s makeup. She looks glowing, and natural. Unlike other celebs who always plastered in paints (K.K), this is a true beauty looks like!!!

  34. Kimlee says:

    They look really happy I don’t love the dress or what ever but I really like her hair and I think Brad look good also don’t like the top photo but the rest are really nice.

  35. Dee says:

    Hope this is the first of many awards Brad receives this year.

  36. truthful says:

    uhhh, I don’t get the appeal

    Brad is starting to look like LeeAnn Rhimes by the eyes and Angie looks like a zombie–with bad racoon eyes.

    while I love their whole family thing, that’s about it.

  37. Jessica says:

    Usually I think she looks gorgeous. Here I think she looks exhausted and sallow. Not pretty at all. My first thought was that she looked strung out, but I seriously doubt she ever touches drugs anymore. She looks like shit, though. She probably could use a week away from kids, work, etc., to actually relax.

    I’m not sure how wearing a sack and “looking happy” (she just looks tired to me) means pregnant because she wears a sack and looks pretty every single day.

    Also, what is up with Pitt’s face? Besides the overdose of smug, that is. (And yeah, I generally like him well enough, I suppose.) He looks tweaked.

    • polk8dot says:

      ‘she looks strung out [...] and he looks tweaked’ ???
      Wow, you judging rom personal experience? Because all I see are too happy, though tired, people who are clearly extatic to be in each othe’s company. And if the eye-squint in a single picture makes him a tweaker, boy there must be millions of us running around high on sh!t all the time.

      • Jessica says:

        No, not from personal experience. I do think she looks a little strung out, and by that I meant exhausted. I doubt she’s on drugs (which I said already). As for Brad looking tweaked, I meant as in a nip or tuck in the face, not on drugs. His face looks tweaked. Which is why I asked what was up with his face…

  38. CHLOE WILL says:

    Nope, not buying it! this has nothing to do with saving the kid from a fall skiing…..this is alcohol related!

    they completely made up a story that would make him look good for the awards season – daddy saving a precious twin

    they are sooo manipulative!

    • Jessica says:

      Wow. This is sort of a crazy comment. Very logical, also. Full of evidence and smart commentary.

    • polk8dot says:

      Do you thinks he skied in a vacuum? That there were no people around at the time? Maybe the resort closed the whole mountain just to let him ski with the kids and not be bothered? Because if not then there would have been tens if not hundred of people who saw them and who could counter his claims of a skiing accident, both with their recolections and with iPhone pics (can’t escape those anywhere anymore, seems like even the trees are now equipped with them). Yet nobody came forward claiming that this story is bogus, so I guess the only way to make it seem so is to just call him a liar and make up the BS in your own head. What crap!

      • mia girl says:

        By this same logic there would be tens if not hundreds of people who can corroborate the accident, along with pictures from their iPhones. There would be witnesses describing the accident, perhaps even record of medical treatment at the accident site…

        Look, I don’t think there is any reason not to believe what Pitt says and I honestly hope he feels better soon… but, I am bothered by flawed logic.

  39. Me says:

    How do you know he doesn’t use deodorant? Have you ever stood close to him? I agree though, he does need a shave. He looked better when he was clean shaven! Ange should eat some burgers *roll eyes* but, she does look lovely and, i love her outfit! ;-)

  40. NM9005 says:

    - The rumours about a possible third pregnancy are flying around amidst controversy about her film (you know, Braddock) and the flop of it. Divertion…I think yes.

    - The woman does not know fashion. By now, it should be well clear :) .

    • mln76 says:

      I think you meant diversion? There is ALWAYS a pregnancy rumor about Angie whenever she shows up looking like she may have put on a pound or two. No one actually cares about the controversy and sadly when the case gets dismissed (which it will) It probably won’t make much news.

      • NM9005 says:

        Yes, I did. Thank you for the correction :) .

        Yes, true. But she herself alluded to a possible child in the future, the (planted) stories about a pregancy + now this piece of clothing that leaves people womb guessing. I don’t think she is above those tactics you know? Also the lovey dovey affection. She is bringing it right now :D .

        If he’s a fraud I hope Jolie rips him apart however if he isn’t then he deserves credit. One of Jolie’s people seem to be involved. I don’t follow the case that closely, but dude is persistent and even went on tv before to discuss the book and Jolie’s film. Oh well…

  41. Guest says:

    Well at least they are real couple and are sharing the spotlight together unlike Stacy and George.

  42. The Original Mia says:

    That is not a jumpsuit. I don’t see any pants. She looks good. Happy. Glowy. Don’t think she’s pregnant, though.

    Brad looks rather dapper with that cane. Whoever said he was going for southern gentleman chic was right.

  43. BerMan says:

    Steam heat. – Love the hand on her lower back. Securing and comforting.

  44. Maya says:

    She looks very thin and very pale. Unhealthy. Actually, she looks worse than Demi Moore. That kind of thinness.
    How this type of deathly pallor and emaciation translates to ‘lovely’ and ‘pretty’ -as mentioned in some comments – is anyone’s guess. She looked better five years ago. I don’t know what she is doing with herself, but her face just looks tired and emaciated. This type of look reminds me of a heroin junkie.

  45. argirl says:

    You loonies really crack me up! Thanks for the free entertainment. :-P

  46. A.Y says:

    Angelina looked really great and the two just seemed to love each other very much!

  47. Maripily says:

    I’d be the biggest narcissist if I had a face like Angelina’s. She is just so breathtakingly beautiful…I’d walk around with a hand mirror just gazing at myself all day. I think she looks fantastic here, and while I’m not all the way on board with Brad’s facial hair, he does look quite dapper with that suit and cane.

    • Eve says:

      I’d be the biggest narcissist if I had a face like Angelina’s. She is just so breathtakingly beautiful…I’d walk around with a hand mirror just gazing at myself all day.

      Me too!

      Maybe that’s why *SHE* was born with that face, not me.

      Here’s a (roughly translated) popular saying in Brazil: “Thank God for not giving snakes wings” (or “It’s a good thing God didn’t give snakes wings”). Meaning something like: it’s a good thing that selfish people are not given everything.

      Maybe that’s nature’s way of balancing things…if I had that face I’d be insufferable (not that I’m helpless but next to her, well…).

      • Zoe says:

        Same here. If I looked like her, I would be the vainest person on earth.

      • Mad Moxxi says:

        Puhleez some of you freaks need to lay off the worship yipes!

        The best comment on here was the one about AJ being “born with that face” lol – I almost laughed myself to pee. She has been tweaked and so has Brad. Anyone could look good with a few bucks and a good doctor to round off the rough edges & years.

        Her self-styling has always been unflattering and here is no different.

      • Eve says:

        Puhleez some of you freaks need to lay off the worship yipes!

        And you should clean the foam coming out of your mouth.

        Yes, *born* with that face. She may have had some procedures — I do think she’s had a nose job — but that bone structure is all hers (if you want to believe she has chin and cheek implants, that’s your prerogative, *I* don’t think she does and that’s mine).

        And no, not everybody can look good after undertaking tons of plastic surgeries. Just take a look at Tori Spelling (and others).

  48. mummy says:

    He should go to the doctors to see if he has Blepharospasm the condition that makes you squint and then shuts down your eyes.

  49. Psyren says:

    Co-siging @argirl. It’s plain scary how violently some of you people react to these two, positively or negatively. Speculation and being a fan (or not) is one thing but having that much emotion over two people who have nothing whatsover to do with you is creepy. Maybe get a hobby?

    • d says:

      Its hilarious – whether in the love or hate camp, they’re all equally crazy. You would swear all these people knew the couple lol

      • Meadowlark says:

        Sometimes it’s entertaining, but it’s getting annoying. Can’t we ever just talk about Brangelina in a non-serious way, positive or negative?

        If this were a normal Hollywood couple that didn’t spark intense emotions, we’d be bale to talk pleasantly about Brad’s acceptance speech; Delightful and eloquent, but he was either nervous or drunk because he slurred his words. I’m guessing drunk, because of his cane and because of his onesie.

  50. barb333 says:

    Dear Polk8dot, chill. Seriously.

    • yuya says:

      She’s been banned from a few sites already. It’s seriously creepy.

      • barb333 says:

        I couldn’t agree more that she is creepy. It’s almost like she was hoping Brad and Angie would notice she’s defending them and become her best friends. Just weird!

      • Sakyiwaa says:

        I cant figure how its normal to spew hate about something u hate but its abnormal to defend something you love.
        They are mutually exclusive.
        I say ‘live and let die’.

        Oh, and its soo hard to Quit being a loonie… Not wen IUC, FF and D-listed femmes are still going HARD :-D !

      • Scarlet Vixen says:

        There’s a difference between popping on to make a quick bitchy/snarky comment and staying on for who-knows-how-long bitching at everyone who doesn’t love your precious celebrity. Loving (or hating) someone whom you’ve never met so much that you bitch at everyone who dares disagree with your opinion is crazy. Noone except BP, family members and a few close friends should “love” AJ so much that they troll a blog constantly posting at what meanies everyone else is. That’s seriously creepy.

    • Sakyiwaa says:

      Well, I think Polk8dot is fast and witty, not creepy. And she isn’t using an insulting tone. We wouldn’t be called ‘loonies’ if we weren’t ‘crazy’ about them, think about it.

      Plus, ‘creepy’ fans can be found at your nearest rock concert. Don’t let a face tattoo-wearing, miniskirt-ed groupie trample you on your way in :-) .

  51. Shelly says:

    She looks absolutely beautiful. But not pregnant.

  52. Jackie says:

    they both look exhausted to me. looks like they need to rest and sleep for a good week.

    • lisa says:

      I think the whole awards thing is a lot of work. I remember reading that French actor from The Artist saying how much work it was when you get nominated. That he had no idea how exhausting it is. Brad and Angie both said after 2009 Oscar thing that they needed a rest. So yes lots of interviews and talking to people. Promoting the movies and the travel. Plus dealing with your children. Yes I can imagine they are tired. I expect them to take some time after February and maybe head to France. Angie is schedule to work there in April. But we will have to wait and see.

  53. lisa says:

    LOL.. Angie was asked about buying Brad the waterfall.

    BS as we know. so lets see the tabloids wrote a long story about a gift that is a LIE.

    now who would have thought it..

  54. Paloma says:

    For once, I think some other gossip; i.e., Beyonce and surrogate baby, is taking prededence of Brad and Angie. Never thought I would see the day.
    I don’t think Angie is pregnant. I always think they both look wonderful without even trying.

  55. Jane says:

    The woman is, what, 35? Not old in general, but abdominal muscles at 35 are not what they were at 20 or 25. She has been pregnant twice, once with twins who evidently were a healthy weight when they were born.

    I never thought I would say this because I am not a big fan of hers, but give the woman a break.

    She seems to have a little tummy. It doesn’t necessarily mean she is pregnant, maybe she is just normal in that area of her body. Good grief, maybe she actually decided to eat normally for a while before she had to start shooting another movie. And did it occur to anyone that other photos of her without any sign of a tummy could be because she wears Spanx (old fashioned term is girdle) when she has to look as perfect as possible at appearances.

  56. Kloops says:

    She’s very beautiful but I wish she’d gain some weight. She desperately needs it. I agree, she looks tired. I like these two together. Hope they last.

  57. bettyrose says:

    I loathe that jumpsuit. The color and flowiness of it are nice, but a. it’s a jumpsuit (hello tackiest of decades) & b. it’s meant for a much more svelte physique. It doesn’t hang right on someone with Angie’s fab curves.

  58. Me says:

    @ bettyrose…curves? Not to sound hateful but, I don’t see any there. @ psyren…that’s why it’s called a gossip site.

  59. samira677 says:

    It’s laughable that the haters think Brad and Angelina are on drugs 24/7. You would think if they were so abusive there would be signs or meltdowns. Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, even Mariah Carey and Jennifer Aniston show up drunk but the “biggest drug addicts” can keep it together?

  60. misstrishm says:

    I love them!! She doesn’t look pregnant at all. I totally wish I could rock an outfit like that.

  61. lisa says:

    This is not a jumpsuit it is a dress. You can see that in pictures and videos.

    I would hope that Beyonce having her very first child is bigger news then Brad and Angie on a RC event. One of many to come in fact. But that there are almost 100 comments on this and the Bey/Jay and baby Blue thread has just over 100.. well it seems the interest in Brad/Angie and what they do, what they wear, where they go, what they say, their kids.. is still pretty high

    have a lovely Sunday everyone.

  62. Shay Kay says:

    Her hair looks much healthier and the dress looks nice.I think she did much better on the red carpet this time around.
    Brad looks good here.The long hair doesn’t bother me and he does look like his bathed.Ever notice that he’s an @ss man?Seriously he did that hand on the @ss with his ex-wife and he does it with Jolie.

  63. mew says:

    I don’t see any tummy there, just a sack skirt and she has loved sack skirts in the past very much. Doesn’t mean a thing.

  64. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I like the dress, it does look like Halson – green is a better color on Angelina though.

  65. SHump76 says:

    She doesn’t look remotely pregnant to me. That jumpsuit just hangs a little weird in the mid section. Also, she’s had 3 children. I’ve had a bit of a pooch since my second, and I never carried twins!

  66. Original Chloe says:

    Jolie will never be forgiven for being smart, beautiful, talented, successful, charitable, fulfilled and (seemingly) happy.

    In the minds of some people you can’t have it all. I’m predicting a whole lot of bile spewed during the awards season.

    • Josephina says:

      Angie’s dress is elegant and simple–it is a very simple concept. Angie likes to wear long, flowing gowns— not Jersey Shore short, tight dresses that practically show your crotch.

      Brad and Angie love each other and their love story has been very well photographed. Anyone in a room with them has reported how smitten they are with each other as well.

      I am soooooo glad that you can see through the bullshit. This couple is unusually gorgeous, in sync with each other, very accomplished and successful. Therefore, overwhelmed haters, in the face of all this “love,” start to lose it and post some of the foolish posts that you see here…

      She’s so thin!
      She’s an addict!
      She’s a ho!

      Whatever. There are too many websites that are hosting pictures from this event and they look gorgeous together. On YouTube it is obvious that they are very much in love…still after 7 years. Fans like to see the beauty and chemistry that these two have, which is why poeple scream and holler when they arrive at any event. All you have to do is listen and hear the reaction people have upon seeing them. It’s like watching a live fairytale.

      Love is beautiful. This is one of the many reasons why they have so many fans and admirers worldwide. I am definitely a fan of Brad and Angie.

      Their star power is undeniable. Making up stories about them keep the tabloids able to make payroll. You have “experts” who will write a book about them but have never interviewed them themselves (hello, Ian Halperin!)Other actors name drop Brad and Angie all the time. Rappers sing about Angie in their songs. There are cities in the world that praise Angie to show their gratititude –no joke.

      I love how committed they are to each other, their lifestyle and their children.

  67. Paige says:

    Brad and Angelina look so good together. She can stand to gain atleast 20lbs but nothing can take away from her beautiful face and heart. I hate that the jenhens act like jennifer aniston is god. She isn’t and some of her fans need to admit her mistakes. To the poster that said she’s worn that dress a million times . So has Jennifer Aniston with the same hairstyle. Angelina is her own woman. She didn’t morph into brad when she got with him like jen does with all her partners. Angelina Jolie made mistakes and she admitted them and changed her lifestyle. The jen hens are hell bent on saying she takes drugs. Yes she did a long time ago. All they can say is she is too skinny. Yes she is but she can gain some weight. Jennifer Aniston can do nothing to change her masculine face. Brad upgraded. Angelina is a much better actress, a humanitarian, and looks 10x better. I hate whores that love to play the victim card and that is the route jennifer aniston went. Get over it haters. Brad is still with Angelina and they are happy 7 YEARS LATER and have six beautiful children. Keep hoping they break up just like the losers with no life on female first.

  68. anonymous says:

    I could imagine in person Angie must’ve look magnifcent the photo doesn’t do her justice, but from the side she looks pregnant, that is just too much kids, Brad Pitt could not even manage Viviane but they have been talking about having seven children for years, probably hurrying things up before Angie gets too old. Brad congratulations on your award hope this is your year.

  69. J Katz says:

    They are beautiful people and from the looks in their eyes, she is just slightly less stoned than he is.

  70. Moreaces says:

    Such a beautiful couple. They seem so happy,

  71. Darlene says:

    Her makeup is horrible. They both look high. I hope she’s not pregnant, in that case!

  72. Laura says:

    Is it just me, or does the last pic look like they are their wax figures?

  73. catt says:

    I want to know why more people aren’t noticing Brad’s crazy squint eyes. He does not usually look like that! You can barely see the iris’s of his eyes they are so narrow and squinty! I bet he got a bad botox injection at the ‘spa’ and it is making his lids droop. Or something.
    His eyes do not look like this usually. Give it up Brad…what did you do?

  74. Me says:

    @ darlene…wow, how hateful! :-O

  75. Eve says:

    I love her hair, skin and make-up here. Hate the dress though.

  76. lisa says:

    I just saw a couple of videos of them arriving and going to sign autographs for the fans and taking pictures. The crowds were insane when they got out of the car. One of the reporters said.. OH I guess Brad and Angie are here.

    so regardless of what some here think..they have a lot of fans that love seeing them. And I don’t recall anyone that has ever seen Brad or Angie in person that has ever said they were less then expected. In fact most accounts say they both look better in person than in pictures or video.

    so I go by that and what I see.

    Looking at videos of them being interviewed.. neither is high or drunk. Why some people love to claim that Brad is some drunkard and Angie a drug addict. There is no proof of either. They are both well respected and again show me one factual report of them being high on a movie set or drunk. Gossip is one thing saying such things should be off limits unless you have proof.

    They by the people that have seen them a very very beautiful couple.

  77. mylie1313 says:

    Knocked- up looked at the same photo-ops at the Just Jared web-site, Angie seem to be about 3 months pregnant, check it out! For some reason the photo’s on Just jared web-site is more revealing. But why? Who in the world can manage so many kids.

  78. Camille says:

    I don’t care for AJ’s dress, however these 2 make such a gorgeous and charismatic couple that they could be wearing a couple of sacks and still look better than 99% of the general population lol.

    AJ looks beautiful (as usual). I am glad she finally got a hair cut.

    Brad = Sexy. Love his suit.

  79. SEF says:

    Love her, but want so much to feed her a meal.

  80. jin says:

    They are both big phonies who go through a lot of trouble to look like they are above caring about their image. Brad Pitt was spotted leaving a spa recently and got his lawyers to immediately go after the blogs who dared to post photos of that because God forbid he looks like he cares about his skincare. But photos of him with his children and doing charity is perfectly fine. And Angelina Jolie with her whole team of people to pick out the same sack dresses because she wants that to be her iconic look.

    • Sakyiwaa says:

      I think whoever you read (lainey, who thinks he’s vain; like, u obviously do ), gave you a half-truth. I think they was an initial threat bcos blogs were putting it out like Angie beat him.
      The post and PICs are still here on CB.
      He probably wanted more truth and less speculation about his injury, not his spa date.

  81. CTgirl says:

    Neither of them looks good. She is a stick insect and he looks like a bum. Both look like they could use a bath. Any yes, they have six children but they also have an army of help. Take a batch and eat a sandwich.

  82. betteboo says:

    Brad is aiming for Jeff Bridges coolness with this look. And not quite making it. Still, he could do worse than try to follow in the Dude’s footsteps

    • lisa says:

      So Jeff invented long hair. had no idea.

      I guess the concept of having a different look for a film is lost on most people. WWZ is in Postproduction. He may have to do reshoots, so he has to keep this look. Now for actors and actresses that basically look the exact same in ever movie this would be a big deal. But Brad has had a different “look” in all his films. Something he tries to do for the character.

      So the hair will stay until he lets it go. And to say he is channeling Jeff is redic. Brad has had long hair for years. Always does something that he wants with his looks.

      I just don’t understand why people are so up over the top about this. Especially since it has been noted time and time again he is still working on a film. and his next movie Twelve Years a Slave is in he could keep the hair for that role too. Even though it is a small part in the film he is producing.

  83. JudyK says:

    WOW there are a lot of drug users and boozers in here because it takes one to know one and these haters are definately recognizing that Pitt was on booze and fell and Angie is certainly on some drug.ROFLMAO what we have in here is a bunch of strung out haters lol
    The ones bitching about her weight are the ones that need to go on a diet and those saying how ugly she is are the ones afraid to look in thier mirrors and those bitching about Pitt are married to the fat beer drinkers that won’t have sex with them unless they have a pillowcase over their faces , with the lights off lol They wish they looked halof as good as Aj and that their fat couch potatoe husbands looked 1/10th of how BP looks. They are right this is celebibitchy and they fit that last word lol

  84. irishserra says:


    Maybe it’s because I just finished reading your post about Jessica Simpson and her pregnancy, but I couldn’t help but giggle as I read this post, especially where you say “her boobs look big” and she referencing the way her sack falls over her possibly-prego belly.

    I went back and looked at some photos of AJ during her previous pregnancies and can definitely see where she does indeed gain a little weight, but after seeing pictures of Jessica Simpson, who overtly shows, I just found the post a little humorous. What a contrast these women are!

    Well, if she is, congrats to her.

  85. harfang says:

    She does not look knocked up to me. Jolie has an insane amount of body confidence, and has had it for the nearly 2 decades that she’s been in the mass media regularly. She isn’t always this thin, but when she is, she doesn’t necessarily feel a need to show it clearly, the way most women (famous and normal) do when they’re so slim. This is most likely because she doesn’t have to suffer to be that thin: she just often is. I think she likes the damn dress, is all.

    If I’m wrong and she is knocked up again, at least she’ll resume eating regularly. ;p

  86. tracking says:

    She looks pretty, best she’s looked in a long time imo. His suit is fab but don’t know why he can’t style the hair better or lose the weird grimace-smile…

  87. teri says:

    Brad does have an injury, possible he’s on medication. I adore this couple.

  88. Marianne says:

    I don’t see any bump. She doesn’t look pregnant to me. Yes she’s wearing a more flowy dress which a lot of women in Hollywood wear to cover a bump, but she has worn the style before. I think its just her style

  89. atlantapug says:

    Those two really sucked the hot right out of each other.
    The skeleton and the goat. Ewww.

  90. deltona lakes says:

    I don’t know why we bother to reply to these FF’s which is probably only 2-3 of the same people changing names. They come here because they are flagged down on JJ.

  91. janet says:

    i love her she’s not pregnant

  92. original sandy says:

    gorgeous couple, they both look in love and still smitten with one another, that second picture cannot be faked, their love is beautiful, I’m so happy for brad and Angie also. aw. so cute. congratulation brad, well deserved. hope more to come.

  93. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    There are plenty of better pics, but their sexual chemistry is undeniable.

    This is one couple that is into each other. Glad to see they are NOT a made up publicists dream match, but a man and woman who found each other and decided to be together despite ALL naysayers.

    Wish them the best. Keep winning Brad and supporting your woman. Keep supporting your man Angie and helping where you can.

  94. case says:

    A supporter and a trawl are interested in JB. It is a good thing.
    The special couple who always attracts attention.
    It is jolie-pitt.

  95. skuddles says:

    I just love how happy they look together – I truly believe they’re in it for the long haul.

  96. original sandy says:

    Thelma and Louise is on HBO tonight and i tell ya, that brad was great in it, it was filmed in 90-91? he was even a great actor back then, he honestly have not changed that much, yes, a little older but still hot, imho

  97. lee says:

    Smug & Smugger.
    No man likes to be touched on their face that way. It’s time to find some new RC moves. Always the same. Hand on back or non existent or padded butt, hands on face and stare into each others eyes (except this time, brad isn’t looking at her) Brad walks in front and drags her behind, Angie looking over her shoulder and Brad squinting. It just seems so scripted.

  98. Cirque28 says:

    A post farther up the thread said Brad could possibly have Blepharospasm. Light sensitivity, sunglasses, squinting, involuntary eye-closing… wow, yeah. Maybe it’s merely allergies, but something is up with this dude’s eyes. (I know, I know, someone is going to say the eyes thing is because he is stoned to the bone on every red carpet, but I doubt it. And I say that as a non-Loonie and non-Hen.)

  99. Priscilla says:

    What are you people talking about? Angelina looks horribly scrawny and, as someone else pointed out they are both using the exact same red carpet moves that we see every single time they show up. Their phoniness as a couple just shines out…..

  100. ladybert62 says:

    Pretty soon his hair extensions will be as long as hers.

  101. aenflex says:

    I’m sorry, she’s scrawny. It looks bad. I don’t care what the reasons are, and if she’s got an eating disorder I feel badly. But damn she looks like a praying mantis. She needs to take some sustenance.

  102. Euphorima says:

    What is happening with her elbows???? Ewwwwww.

  103. misspdx says:

    Love Angie.

    But, she does look a little tired in these pics.

    We all have our days.

    Welcome to your mid thirties..oh the fun!

  104. nan says:

    They’re obviously soooo in love. I think she looks great in anything she wears!
    I agree with everythin you said Polk8dot.

  105. Laura says:

    I just adore them together, they’re both gorgeous.

  106. caitrin says:

    Pregnant??? Based on a loose fitting dress (the kind she so often wears) and your opinion that she “looks happy”?I think it’s kind of scary that you are fixated on her SO intensely that you are actually now inventing/seeing things about her that simply aren’t there.

  107. Call Me Al says:

    I agree. I cannot understand how anyone could say she looks pregnant in the least. I hope that if she is she will gain about 20 pounds immediately. She looks terrible (her body)!

  108. mln76 says:

    She was most likely her thinnest after her mothers death. That’s when she conceived the twins who despite the demented wishes of a few are healthy.

  109. The Other Katherine says:

    Asli, I’m about 5’8″ and extremely small-boned, and there is no way Angelina weighs 97 lbs. there. Maybe 115 lbs., certainly at least 110 lbs, if she is in fact 5’8″. Which *is* very, very thin, but not automatically unhealthy at that height if you have tiny bird bones, which it looks like she does.