Angelina Jolie in leather Ferragamo at the NYFCC Awards with Brad: lovely?

It’s always a special occasion for me when I see new photos of Angelina Jolie, seen here with Brad Pitt at last night‘s New York Film Critics Circle Awards. But I feel like it’s my birthday and Christmas rolled into one when Angelina rocks some old-school leather. Angelina and leather go together like Michael Fassbender and sweetshops, like chocolate and peanut butter, like chocolate and Fassbender. They are perfectly matched, is what I’m saying. Old-school Angelina used to wear biker gear and too-pale makeup and a druggy demeanor. These days, the druggy demeanor is gone, her makeup has improved, and the leather has gone from “biker girl” to “high-fashion”. I like this ensemble so much – it’s Ferragamo! She looks gorgeous. I love being able to see her waist, and she has the figure for pencil skirts. Love the pop of color with the emerald necklace too. DOWN WITH SACKS!!!

Anyway, as I said, Brad and Angelina were at the NYFCC Awards. Brad took home Best Actor for Moneyball and Tree of Life. Congrats to him – I do think he’ll end up with an Oscar nomination this year. But will he end up taking home the award? His competition will likely be George Clooney, Jean Dujardin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gary Oldman and Michael Fassbender? Who would you pick?

Meanwhile, some new interviews with Angelina are still coming out – these are from Palm Springs, where she and Brad did press over the weekend.

Angelina Jolie is as well known for her work helping refugees around the world as she is for making movies. But she’ll let her kids decide for themselves whether they want to follow in her activist footsteps.

“I’m not one of those moms who kind of lectures [my kids],” Jolie, 36, told reporters on Saturday at the 23rd Annual Palm Springs Film Festival. “But I do tell them, whenever I go on a trip, where I’m going and why. And on some occasions, they’ve come with me to different refugee camps. And they also go to their home countries a lot.”

The actress, who wore an Elie Saab gown to the festival’s awards gala, has faith her little ones will make decisions based on what they see in their day-to-day lives.

“Hopefully they live in the world, and they see the world really as it is, outside of Hollywood,” she says. “If they really live in the world and spend time with friends around the world from all different types of backgrounds, they [will] just see things as they are.”

Even though Jolie doesn’t expect her children to take up the same causes, she does look for opportunities – such as daughter Zahara’s birthday on Sunday – to remind them about who they are and where they come from.

“We make sure we’re very aware of her culture and her heritage,” Jolie says of Zahara, who turned 7 on Sunday. “She’s an African-American girl, so we make that a part of anything she does. So that’ll be a part of her [birthday].”

[From People]

Us Weekly reports that Angelina spend Sunday morning shopping for little girl’s clothes in Sherman Oaks too – a source says Jolie “bought really cute girly stuff in bright colors… Little peasant tops, sweaters and tights… she picked out a bunch of stuff and left very quickly. Once people noticed her, everyone was staring and running to see her, so she left with a bodyguard. She had several bags of birthday gifts for her daughter.” Aw… I love Z’s style. It sounds like her mom knows what to buy the Empress too – Z will like her peasant tops and girly stuff. Meanwhile, Shiloh still dresses like an extra from The Sopranos. And Brad and Angelina accept it!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. lisa says:

    They really look wonderful. And yes she does look amazing in those kinds of skirts. they just have this HOTNESS together.

    love them so.

  2. Bite me says:

    Love her , chicken legs and all

  3. brin says:

    Gorgeous….definitely “down with sacks”!
    LOL@ “Shiloh still dresses like an extra from the Sopranos”.

  4. carrie says:

    they look good because they’re beautiful but the outfits aren’t very inspiring and Angie can thank her make-up because she looks “zombie-esque”
    she’s better with colorfull clothes and he’s better with short hair (but unless he’s not in beige)

  5. mummy says:

    I think he has a squinting eye problem he needs to address and she would be lovely if not so gaunt and thin.

  6. carrie says:

    and her necklace is ugly (i think it’s from her jewel collection)

  7. Laura says:

    Why is Brad’s suit so large and ill-fitting? He looks like an old man.

  8. Priscilla says:

    Honestly, although I’m not a Brangelina fan, I usually marvel at her beauty. Here, on the other hand, I think she looks thin, pale and her skin is too shiny – like she tried to achieve a glowing look with a bit too much “luminosity” makeup. The outfit is nice and better than her sack dresses however.

  9. Toot says:

    Angelina was so HOT last night and her outfit was just a skirt and blouse, but everything came together in a sexy look. Brad looked great too.

  10. gag says:

    I like Brad’s pepaw walking stick. And im looking for a baby bump…it could still be there…i bet she has one by the Oscars

  11. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Fassbender for the Oscar. I’ll riot if he doesn’t get at least a nom. Pitt will probably win though. Angelina looks gorgeous. These posts get old because there’s only so much you can say about AJ’s appearance-just completely disgustingly gorgeous and the bitch rocks a leather skirt like nobody’s business.

  12. sarah says:

    Angelina looks unbearably hot. but…do i see a small bump underneath that leather skirt? especially on the 5th photo

  13. Quest says:

    This is a refreshing look on Angie, absolutely amazing… I was getting tired of all the puffy dresses. I am loving the look

  14. NosPe says:

    Not seeing anything stunning. Stunning Angie is well in the past sadly. She looks homely here.

  15. Belle Epoch says:

    When you see a video of them together on the red carpet they handle it like a choreographed dance that they’ve done a million times. Fascinating to watch.

  16. HoustonGrl says:

    I think Brad always looks disheveled. I’d look disheveled too if I had that many kids. But Angelina looks stunning! I love her simple taste. And those shoes are divine!!! They are the perfect mix of sexy and sophisticated.

  17. Ari says:

    She looks fantastic, she should dress like this all the time.

    I agree with her statement that if you know people of the world then you will know more of the world. When you live in a bubble, you become sheltered and naive or in some cases, downright bigoted.

  18. lucy2 says:

    That’s a good look for her, much better than the bland sack dress.

  19. Veruca says:

    Gary Oldman for the Oscar. He should’ve been nominated every time he’s ever appeared on screen, so it’s only karmic justice that he win now.

    Brad will get one eventually. And Ange looks great!

  20. ladybert62 says:

    Sorry to disagree, but that outfit is horrible – it doesnt even fit her body correctly.

  21. madpoe says:

    She’s the hot CEO of Jolie-Pitt incorporated!

  22. vanessa says:

    Love the skirt and the jewelry, but that shirt is ill fitting. Her hair looks better than normal too.

  23. P.J. says:

    The blouse seems way too big. I realize the sleeves are supposed to be very full, but the cuffs cover half of her hands.

  24. Sara says:

    You can really see how painfully thin she is. She hasn’t gained a pound and she certainly isn’t pregnant. Girl needs some weight on her for the sake of her health as I have said before. However, the outfit she has on is perfect for her and looks her style unlike sac dresses. Classy with edge.

  25. Franny says:

    she looks amazing. this is the angelina we love (calm down jenhens, I like her too).

  26. Maya says:

    When you mentioned Fassbender…the next thing that entered my head was the idea of Angelina trading in Brad for Fassbender.
    Now wouldn’t that stop the world?
    When I think about it, they’d make an interesting couple.

    • deltona lakes says:

      I’m sorry I just don’t get the Fassbender hotness. His hairline is receding,he has thin lips, an Okay body in clothes (I can’t get over the jeans with flip flops photo), and he looks older than his age. In all fairness,I haven’t seen any of his films so maybe I’ll get it. But from the photos he is Okay. Definitely not in the league with Brad Pitt.

  27. just a patsy says:

    Angie looks hot in that skirt. She is totally not pregnant.

    I think this Oscar race is really becoming a sensitive issue for Brad and George. George is campaigning just as hard as Brad, neither of them are willing to give in and throw their support behind the other.

    If I was voting for the Academy, I would select Brad. I think he did great work this year, an art film and a entertaining box office success. But I know Tree of Life wasn’t for everyone, and Moneyball might not have the gravitas for the top award. If Brad loses though, I don’t want to see it go to George… George is like a stale potato chip to me. His whole routine is so old. He wants it to be as appealing as a fresh chip, all hot and salted and spiced to perfection, but instead he’s smothered in grease and trans fat and I know he’s bad for me and I don’t even want to go there with him and his hooker of the week.

    I could get behind Gary Oldman, or Fassbender. Just don’t ask me to get behind George, I’m not into that kinda thing.

    • Nibbi says:

      i feel like not a lot of people saw tree of life, but i thought it was beautiful. i think his acting in it was actually really powerful and convincing. i honestly think he is quite a good actor, but people have always brushed him off as a pretty boy.

      kind of the same thing for leo dicaprio, in fact- he’s a serious actor, but because he’s blond and (used to be…) pretty, he’s always been kinda dismissed at awards season, unless i m missing something.

      maybe the same prejudice women deal with applies in hollywood with men? … interesting.

  28. melanie says:

    She looks gorgeous..she really did score in the gene pool. brad looks so old next to her…I don’t know…I’m just not feeling him lately.

  29. mylie1313 says:

    Angie’s outfit simple but one of the best I have seen on the red carpet this year. Going to try and copy it,the pieces don’t have to be as expensive!

  30. casey says:

    wow, angie look stunning.a very simple outfit can make angie so hot.i love her.why is brad suit so big for him.don’t like it.i think he is hurting his leg.

  31. teri says:

    I loved the outfit on Angelina, SEXY. Her emerald necklas is beautiful and really stands out. My vote of course is for Brad to win, he’s been overlooked for whatever reasons in the past just like Angelina.

  32. casey says:

    love this outfit on her so much as i like to copy it , i don’t have a body for it.i am not fat but i dont have a lean figure as her.i have been loving her look lately .the palm spring dress is lovely on her .it is not that great in pictures but stunning in the videos that i have rock, angie.

  33. Julie says:

    I love the outfit on her. Like the necklace but not sure of it with this. I’m one of those in the category that really believes her exhausted, frail look is not just about 6 kids but something more. Not thinking she looks nearly as good anymore, for looking bad for her, she looks 20 times better than most would. He can’t ever look bad to me, however, I like short hair and a more cleaned up look.

    • Rhea says:

      I am a full time mother of two and sometimes I just don’t have the appetite anymore to eat by the end of the day. Too many chores to do, so little time, so all I want to do is just relax and sleep to recharging my power for the next day. For her, with 6 kids and a help from nanny, a time to eat is not a problem. BUT, I think her problem would be can not stand still in one place to relax. She’s busy with the kids, charity, working and so much thing that she lost her appetite too. Well, at least I would be like that if I were her. :)

  34. casey says:

    @ kaiser ,shilo may dress like an extra in sopranos but she will still be the most beautiful jolie pitt daughter and that is the truth.sahara and vivian are pretty but not as gorgeous as shilo.sorry but this is just my honest opinion.

  35. Bellebeesting says:

    The long sleeves were probably her stylist, hoping to minimize the “claw”. She looks jacked and he looks outdated.

  36. Fallon says:

    I’m a fan of both of them, but I have to admit, in these photos, her skin looks ashy and she just looks tired (which is understandable). I like her skirt and heels a lot, along with the necklace. Not so sure about the shirt.

    Brad, I wish he would just wear sunglasses. I think he’s always squinted to a degree, but it seems like it’s getting worse. I can’t imagine what all that light must feel like in your face!

  37. bgirl says:

    How does she manage to look good 99.9% of the time???

  38. Kelly says:

    I think she looks very elegant – love the skirt and the shoes. I think the blouse is a little baggy, but it’s not horrible. I think the emeralds are a wonderful touch! You don’t see emeralds too much, but she sure loves them. I think they’re a great complement to neutral colors. In fact, since I wear mostly neutrals, I think I’m going to look around for some emerald earrings (faux, natch).

  39. MJ says:

    Hot, from H2T (as batshit-crazy Tyra would say.) I would rock that outfit and accessories in a heartbeat, if they didn’t cost a year’s salary.

  40. Josephina says:

    Angelina is SO beautiful…her skin is radiant from lots of lovin’. See the close-up of her goregous face below:

  41. Josephina says:

    AND…the way the skirt stretches around her hips and thighs…she can bring out the sexy anytime she feels like it. And you wonder why Brad looks so smug all the time! Look at who has fallen in love with him and gave him lots of babies!

    This post should be rated to caution those who cannot handle their in sync hotness for one another (ie all the jealous haters—their heads are gonna EXPLODE if they surf the net and see all the pictures posted, including YouTube. I warn you haters, walk away from the sexiness of this very hot and in love couple.)

  42. MsGoblin says:

    Now THAT’s an emerald.


  43. Mara says:

    Very elegant looking and the jewelrys are very nice but her face look like wax .

  44. whatevs says:

    she looks chic! and he is rocking that cane lol he just needs a hair cut

  45. Cathy says:

    She looks nice, even though the sleeves are a little long. He looks frumpy, that suit doesn’t seem to fit him right.

  46. Wow says:

    While the outfit is wonderful, she plumped her lips too much.

    They look a bit distorted, as if they injected too much on one side of her upper lip and too little of the other side.

    The hair is also a mess. She should try for Kate Middleton curls.

    As for how she talks about her children- where is their home?
    When people say “my home country” they mean the place in which they grew up and were raised, and therefore, that is their culture.

    We all grow up in the world, but most of us have a home, and not a hotel room, or the occasional rented mansion.

    and what “friends” could those poor kids possibly have?
    Not going to school is one thing, but they don’t even get to stay long enough to have some sort of sense of community or friendship with other kids their age in a normal setting like a class in a community center or the neighborhood.

    When people visit their home country, it’s for visiting their family, the place in which they grew up in, their old school and old neighborhood etc.

    What about helping them have a solid sense of where their current home is, what is their culture and who they are, before she is amassing all that additional identity, heritage and culture, that other than Pax, has nothing to do with their family and life.

    Their family is supposed to be Brad and Angelina and their extended family.

    • Josephina says:

      Home is where the heart is. Angie and Brad seem to be keen on the special needs of their family.

      This family is always together. They share laughs, birthdays, play time and school together. They are with Mommy and Daddy and they have many opportunities to be creative and explore as we have seen many outings of Angie buying art supplies for her children.

      Both sets of grandparents ( Jon Voight and Bill/jane Pitt) visit them regularly. PLUS, they have lots of cousins, aunts, uncles and Angie arranges playdates.

      We do not see many picutres of the children so we do not know where they are much of the time. The only time we see them is if Brad or Angie is promoting a film and/or working as an actor/producer/director.

      Help or no help, a family size of 8 is quite an undertaking. Add to boot this IS a multi-cultural, multi-racial family with specific needs. Both parents, not that they need to, have explained that they carve out special time for each child. Angie has expressed on more than one occasion that she wants her multi-cultural children to see the world from a global perspective.

      I agree with her, … She wants her children to see the world as it really is and then grow and make decisions based on this truth. Knowing this, do you really think it is logical to raise a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic family in Hollywood?

      Brad/Angie’s options are a little more extensive than the next parent. By the way, they have already established culture and heritage just by doing what they have been doing.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      There is actually a LOT of time throughout the year that we don’t see them or know where they are. For all we know, they could be spending months at a time in Vietnam or Cambodia or Ethiopia or Namibia or France that we are unaware of.

  47. Charlotte says:

    Her hair and skin look beautiful

  48. Kim says:

    She needs to stop with the injections. She is bordering Kim K wax face territory.

    I like that she wants her kids to grow up normal but this is obviously not the case. Normal kids dont fly around the country & move constantly to wherever their parents are filming. Normal kids dont live out of hotel rooms or castles in France. Paparazzi dont follow normal people and normal kids arent in the tabloids every week. I think she is a little in la la land about the reality of her kids very “unnormal” lives.

    • Mari says:

      Really? Just now you noticed that the children from very rich, very famous people do not usually lead normal lives?
      The notoriety of their parents, the big money or belonging to royalty are factors that make difficult to be “normal”. Even if they had a more simpler routine, even their friend would not be “normal”.
      Living sheltered lives, hiding from papz, going around the world for any holiday or job, being protected from people who hate your parents, or even extra friendly fans, being afraid of kidnapping or death threats… Knowing your parents are famous and your face is recognizable is not normal… But they are living their lives, what are they going to do if not? Stop working? Stop living? Stop going for awards? Stop doing charity?
      If you say yes, then the royalty should step aside too, their children do not have normal lives, nor children of presidents or children of famous CEOs, etc.

      • Kelly says:

        Maybe the people who criticize Angelina/Brad’s lifestyle think the famous/wealthy shouldn’t have kids at all, LOL. Then they wouldn’t need to bring the kids on location, protect them from paparazzi, or take them on exotic trips.

        Seriously, though, what are they supposed to do – move to the suburbs and carpool with their minivan every morning? Nothing wrong with that lifestyle, but if I had an actor’s schedule and money, I am quite sure that my kids and I would be in Paris or Bonaire or Indonesia all the damn time.

    • Maeve says:

      Like being “normal” worked so well for Paris Hilton, Cameron Douglas and Redmon O’Neal

  49. mymy says:

    No this is a miss. She can wear anything. And she picks this ghastly leather skirt.Looks mad and over it also. to much attention on her man. I do love the emeralds.

  50. Ajanni says:

    Bish is so beautiful! She owns everythang she is in whether it is a sack or fitted. She has the best natural boobs in the biz.

  51. Camille says:

    I think AJ looks amazing and so sexy. I love the look from head to toe. Angelina rocks leather like no one else hehe.

    Brads suit on the other hand is too baggy, the one from the other night would have looked much better paired up with AJ’s look here.

  52. Lucky Charm says:

    I love this look on her, and her hair is really nice. She can really pull off leather, lucky woman!

  53. Mia says:

    Um old man and woman who honestly looks like she should be collapsed on a chaise somewhere. Her outfit and hair are amazing, but seriously she just looks sickly.

  54. Kara Ann says:

    I actually think that they both look good esp. AJ. Lately when I see her she has a very “lollipop” thing going on. You know the oversized head on the skinny body but that doesn’t seem so pronounced here.
    The lollipop head and the very strong facial features often remind me of Bratz doll which cracks me up!
    But her AJ look considerably better then Brad. The squinting thing is very pronounced for him. It looks like he’s in pain and maybe his eyes are watering. I mean if it takes sunglasses when facing the photogs, by all means wear them if it means that you can protect your eyes.
    Anyway, I’m not a fan but, hey, credit where credit is due. This look for her is much better. The posing pictured on other sites is fantastic. She knows how to play the game!

  55. Sab says:

    I love this outfit and the pop of green from the necklace is perfect. I’d still love to have her show up at an awards show wearing that little black leather dress, and six inch heels like she did at that one premier of Inglourious Basterds! WOW! It wasn’t that long ago…and Brad looked hot too!

  56. Frankie4Stumps says:

    Girl is underweight, period. Worst legs in the business, face like Skeletor. Oh, let’s not forget the bolt-ons.

  57. gag says:

    Does she have extenstions? Or is that her real hair. I love the outfit, hoping a little baby bump is under there. She looks tired, tho. Not one picture here shows her smiling with teeth – that big smile she has. Do other sites have her looking happier/less tired?

  58. deltona lakes says:

    Beautiful Couple! Angie is gorgeous, Brad looks good but, I do prefer the Tom Ford suits over these Versaces. They fit him like a glove.

  59. hopeso says:


  60. marie says:

    Angie looks awesome…sexy and has some curves here.

  61. Nibbi says:

    my god. best ensemble she’s worn in, like, ever. she kills when she looks sharp, elegant, professional, and sexy at the same time like this. i hate it when she makes me question my straightness- but perhaps i just want to *be* her. damn.

    kaiser, i know what you mean about new pics of them, what loonies we are ;)

    also, brad looks like he got a trim. fan.

    @ Toot & Ha – I used to have the chicken legs before gaining real weight and can remember that pain- i learned that you can actually take boots to a trustworthy shoe repair shop and have them open up the back seam, remove a strip, and reclose them- you just have to be careful that they do it nicely and open it up all the way down, so that the line is smooth as before and not sloppily chopped-looking which is what happens if they only open it partway down.

  62. Nibbi says:

    god i hate myself for commenting this much, but these pics have me all worked up :) wanted to add that i even think his dressed-up cane is kind of hot, sort of adds old-school glamour or something.
    … ok i m done now.

  63. Nessa says:

    She is so beautiful, it almost hurts your eyes!

  64. original sandy says:

    they both look great as always, congrats to brad for the award.

  65. Luckylilgem says:

    Someone make that girl a steak.

  66. Sara says:

    She looks amazing! I love her hair, the highlights and style are beautiful. I want her jewelry too, everything about this is so perfect.

    I agree, she should stop with the sack dresses and start dressing like this. The blouse and leather skirt look beautiful and sophisticated on her. She’s practically glowing.

  67. Sakyiwaa says:

    omg! she looks awesome! Jolie knows how to ‘work it’ if she wants to. Only, if, she REALLY wants to, of course :) !

  68. TXCinderella says:

    Not too long ago Brad was really hot, not so much anymore. He needs to cut that stringy, greasy, nasty hair. If he’s growing it for a roll, then he could at least have the color the same and wash it! Angelina looks great and I love the emerald pendant and earrings.

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