“Jessica Chastain is super-talented, but she needs a new stylist” links

I like Jessica Chastain and she’s definitely not like Rooney Mara. That being said, I find her rather bland in the personality & styling department. Her dress is Zac Posen, btw! [LaineyGossip]
Ian Somerhalder is casual, pretty. [A Socialite Life]
Blind items: LeAnn Rimes & Dean Sheremet had an open marriage? [Dlisted]
Jon Stewart blasts CNN, for good reason. [Pajiba]
I would love it if Leo DiCaprio was secretly gay with this dude. [Pop Sugar]
Kelly Brook covers up her moneymakers. [IDLITW]
Jennifer Garner & Marla Sokoloff hang out – remember when Marla dated James Franco? How weird was that? [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
50 Cent is an a–hole. [CDAN]
Pippa Middleton has a pair of pink pants. [Celebuzz]
Kim Kardashian‘s replacement – a dog. [The Blemish]
YIKES. What is going on with Britney in this photo? [Evil Beet]
Annalynne McCord talks about the controversy she manufactured. [Amy Grindhouse]
A preview of the new season of 30 Rock! [Moe Jackson]
Controversy over traditional Hindu swastika earrings. [The Frisky]
Some people are saying that Sienna Miller IS engaged. [Yeeeah]
Maggie Gyllenhaal is an effective advocate for Planned Parenthood. [Jezebel]
Rosie O‘Donnell and her latest fiancée. [ICYDK]

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  1. mln76 says:

    Uhhh Kaiser that dude is Leo’s dad I know you didn’t know but I gotta say GROSS!!!

  2. Rita says:

    She should get “A” stylist before getting a new one.

  3. Lenna says:

    The dude with Leo is his Dad…so gross

  4. Jules says:

    Jessica’s hair is too messy/flyaway, and she needs a necklace to match her earrings. But I like her…even though I get her confused with Bryce Dallas Howard.

  5. podzol says:

    Much as I love Chastain in her movies and how utterly charismatic she is in her roles… I was also surprised at how bland her personality is in interviews (because charisma is usually hard to fake). Still, ginger power!

  6. Veruca says:

    So have the idiots on CNN lost their jobs yet?

  7. Sal says:

    Jessica chastain is just so unmemorable or something

  8. danielle says:

    Is Jessica Chastain a great actress? I saw her in Take Shelter and she seemed solid, but I haven’t seen her in anything else.

  9. Jackson says:

    On the Britney pic…..Is that even her? It looks like someone elongated the picture waaaaay too much. It looks weird, fake. Something.

  10. hatsumomo says:

    Wow, is it just me or is Jessica’s neck really long?! It looks unnatural!

  11. Shoe_lover says:

    i like Jessica Chastains dress

  12. Justyna says:

    Why was Sokoloff’s and Franco’s relationship weird? I remeber that they were dating for a couple of years but I wasn’t following them that much and as far as I recall it was before Franco released his inner douchebag, so I never thought about them as “weird”.

  13. SolitaryAngel says:

    Good Lord!! Did Jessica ride a motorcycle to this event—or get dressed in a wind tunnel?! omg

  14. SEF says:

    She looks great.

    Extra points for no fake tan or hands-on-hips pose.

  15. Ron says:

    I really love this dress. The hair would not be my first choice..I would have picked a different earring..love no necklace, it showcases her beautiful clavicle and shoulders..But the shoes just kill it and make her look like she has short stumpy legs. The ONLY women these shoes look halfway decent on are supermodels. Ladies…just say no.

  16. JaneWonderfalls says:

    She looks actually okay to me, I think the look is fitting on her.

  17. blonde on the dock says:

    She’s beautiful!

  18. lily says:

    I love the dress ! So unique ! But her makeup is way too harsh.