Demi Moore comes out of hiding: did she get some post-split tweaking?

These are photos of Demi Moore and her daughter Rumer at a charity event benefiting J/P Haitian Relief last night. Let’s get the superficial stuff out of the way first – okay, Rumer looks good! I still hate this hair color on her, but compared to her mom, Rumer looks fresh, young and sober. Demi looks… well, she’s gained a little weight back since the last time we had photos of her. She doesn’t look like a stiff wind will topple her. But she’s gotten some post-split tweaking, and that’s sad. Her face looks like a mask.

Anyway, several media outlets are buzzing about a run-in Demi had with Ashton Kutcher. Every year, the agency CAA throws a huge bash before the Golden Globes, and both Demi and Ashton were in attendance. Us Weekly said their run-in was “awkward” but they did speak to each other:

If Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are trying to avoid one another after announcing their split last November, they need to try harder!

The exes had another awkward run-in on Friday night at a star-studded CAA Foundation pre-Golden Globes bash at SoHo House in West Hollywood.

Kutcher, 33, ran into Moore, 49, at the private party, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly. But the former couple kept it brief, one insider says. “I saw him briefly say hi to her, but that was it. They spent most of the evening keeping a distance.”

Although still noticeably “skinny,” Margin Call star Moore “looked amazing,” another source added. The former couple (whose sixth wedding anniversary in September was marred by Kutcher’s fling with Sara Leal, 22, at a San Diego hotel) had plenty of VIP pals to distract them from one another. Other A-list attendees at the soiree included Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, P Diddy, Bradley Cooper (smoking an electronic cigarette), Kate Hudson (chatting with Robert Downey, Jr.) and Bill Maher.

Moore’s pal for much of the night? Her longtime buddy and fellow Kabbalah enthusiast Madonna, whose ex-husband Sean Penn was also spotted at the bash.

Kutcher gabbed with Liz Merriwether, creator of FOX smash New Girl. He showed off a new look — a clean-shaven face and a closer-cropped haircut at a TCA panel for Two and a Half Men on Wednesday.

[From Us Weekly]

Page Six’s version is a bit more detailed – read the full story here. They claim that Ashton was the one to approach Demi, and he came over to her while she was sitting with Madonna and Sean Penn – to be a fly on that wall, eh? A source tells Page Six, “Within five minutes of them seeing each other, Ashton did come over. It was a crowded room so he made his way over. Demi and Ashton, and Madonna and Sean, were talking and hanging out. Ashton and Demi didn’t arrive together, or spend the whole night together, but it was 100 percent normal. There wasn’t an issue.” After they spoke, Demi and Ashton spent the rest of the night apart. Page Six also says that Cameron Diaz and P. Diddy were there, and they were “really cozy” together on a couch. Also, P. Diddy threw a “tantrum” directed at the bartenders because they wouldn’t serve him Ciroc vodka (the event was sponsored by Grey Goose).

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Joan says:

    Demi looks like crypt keeper. And her fake too big teeth just killin me. And Rumer – no comment.

  2. kaykay says:

    Demi needs to eat she looks gross

  3. I really don’t understand how Demis legs are so so skinny. Those are not the legs she was born with. I think she had a leg transplant. Just kidding, but seriously I cannot even imagine how much lipo this woman has had. CRazy. You Can even see the dents in the side of her legs where the instrument went in to extract the fat. Sick.

  4. Nanea says:

    Madonna and Sean Penn???

    Demi looks awful, tweaking or no.

    She should consider eating at least once a day.

  5. Jackie says:

    i think both demi and her daughter look sad and lost. they could use a good injection of self confidence. neither look assured, just uncomfortable in their own skins.

  6. moopsie says:

    she would probably look younger if she gained 10 pounds, but still she looks good.

  7. Mary says:

    Poor Demi, she really looks terrible, anorexic, with too much Botox & Co in her face, and the legs? Poor thing. I think, it is nice from rumer that she came to support her mother, although she looks a bit lost.

  8. Jules says:

    She looks awful, all of that work and she still looks old. How does she close her mouth with such oversized teeth? Poor Rumer looks embarrassed.

  9. OhNO says:

    OMG – Demi has old lady legs! Her legs look like those skinny NY socialites like Barbara Walters. Time to hide those things if she wants to keep up the illusion that she’s her daughter’s better looking sister!

  10. lisa says:

    I’m looking at her arms on the above picture.

    there are bitchy comments about many actresses that are thin. But Demi looks terrible.

    I won’t say any more.

  11. The Truth Fairy says:

    Demi’s veneers look like the ones Hilary Duff got and had to have reduced/shaved. Demi should look into reshaping hers as well.

  12. mary says:

    Did she get her teeth redone or do they just look bigger because she is now smaller?

  13. Me says:

    Like i always say, demi needs some burgers. Why can’t she look a little normal like rumer or whatever her name is.

  14. Cathy says:

    Those teeth must hurt, they’re way to big for her mouth

  15. laura says:

    Rumor looked good…for her. Sorry to say that! Demi’s lips have always bothered me. If she’s going to get tweaked, why not fix her lips – make it look like she has some! And I think it’s time for her to reconsider herhairstyle. Her hairline is getting pretty high – foreheads getting bigger and bigger. Side part w/ long layer? idkbut she needs something – she’s looking a little witchy.

  16. Lucy says:

    Demi looks terribel..way too skinny…skin stretched across her face soooo tight, looks like she can’t close her mouth..and that hair…I am so sick of her with that damn long hair…she needs a softer hairstyle…and Sean Penn needs to put a paper bag over his face! GROSS!

  17. daisydoodle says:

    nobody likes an aging hipster…

  18. Meow Mix says:

    I’m giving her a pass. She went through an extreme amount of emotional stress. Its bad enough when your partner cheats but it must be hell for everyone to know about it. I experienced something very similar and it is quite humiliating. Your self esteem takes a very hard hit which manifests itself physically.

  19. podzol says:

    Demi’s face looks mega jacked. Especially in that 3rd picture! For now she’s lucky that all those tweaks are still “subtle” looking, but one day it’ll all look obvious à la Courteney Cox (whose jacked face is looking mighty scary these days — what happened in the span of a year?!? It’s veering into Janice Dickinson territory).

  20. truthful says:

    ok, Bradley Cooper with a electronic cigarette?? LOL

    Demi’s legs are scary, she nds to wear pants–she looks weak, why is she doing this to her self..stress??? won’t let her eat??

    how old is she claiming to be?? she does not look better in any shape form or fashion. She’s so skinny, her lips are permantly peeled back and her teeth look huge.

    very disturbing

  21. samira677 says:

    Demi looks the same to me. But she always looked like she had work done so maybe she did.

  22. Shelly says:

    I don’t think Demi looks as if she’s gained any weight at all. Her legs are scary skinny. She looks bad. I agree that her face looks off somehow, but maybe it’s just because she is so terribly thin. Rumer looks cute though. She’s not the prettiest girl, but I find her interesting looking.

  23. anne_000 says:

    LOL@ P Diddy for throwing a tantrum at the bartenders for not getting a Ciroc at a Grey Goose event. Oh brother. Diva. What a little girl. Man up already. Stop attacking the guys at the bottom of the totem pole.

    Demi is beginning to look like Maria Shriver, which isn’t a good thing.

  24. operagirl says:

    And just think… the camera *adds* 10 pounds. ==:{

  25. atlantapug says:

    She looks like she is wearing her grandfather’s false teeth.

    It always creeps me out when you can see a bit of a grey outline on people’s teeth.

  26. Heather M (Heather) says:

    She is getting the skeleton look, and I just wish she’d hurry and gain some weight! Will that make a huge difference or is she just starting to show her age? :( I was always really happy that she seemed to be fighting aging so well, and it gave me hope that I, too, could one day defy aging. Seeing her look so elderly is disappointing. I hope it’s just fat loss and temporary (for her sake, and selfishly, my sake!).

    Also, IMO, I don’t think a little tweaking at her age is sad at all. She needs it right now. I mean, whatever it takes for her to get her self confidence back…do it!

  27. Luckylilgem says:

    She’s gorgeous, hope she starts to love herself and feed herself.

  28. hillbilly in the corner says:

    So she’s claiming to only be 49 ? Don’t think so…..and the Marie Shriver thing is right on..zomm in and you will see a face full of botox thats the only thing that hold it together….and I’m 65 and my arms and legs are 100 % in better tone then hers are…no muscles left at all….poor stupid woman will fall over died from heart failure rather then gain a full pround….
    Pretty soon ever woman in Hollywood over forty are going look like a botoxed army of stiff faces zombies walking around on their skinny shanks instead of legs….Nasty !!!!

  29. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Diddy sure sounds like a douche, I wonder if he got fun in his drink over his hissy fit over the vodka.

  30. jamie says:

    she is way to thin,makes her look even older! a few pounds would make her younger looking ! maybe a new haircut?

  31. juju says:

    OMG talk about beating somebody with an ugly stick !!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. gab says:

    I wonder how long she thinks she will have a hair on her head if she doesn’t eat. What a weak and disappointing role model she is for her own daughters.

  33. Aqua says:

    Honestly,from all the pictures I’ve seen of her lately they just make me want to give her a big hug, take her home and take care of her for a little while.

  34. says:

    Never thought I would say this but the Potato Head looks good, when standing next to the crypt keeper.

  35. sasha says:

    Dem could take some lessons from her daughter on how to wear an appropriate dress length. It’s usually the younger ladies who wear the short dresses (I know I did back in the day). She has chicken legs and they are sad to look at. Cover them up!

  36. sabine says:

    I am not going to join the crowd and beat somebody when they’re down….all that’s wrong with Demi is that she needs to put on some weight. That’s all.

  37. Jayna says:

    Celebitcjy, you should post the photo of Madonna and Demi together at the CAA party that is on the Internet. It’s an up-close photo, and Demi’s face looks thin and haggard. I feel bad for her. A broken heart sucks.

  38. Amanda G says:

    The weight loss had aged her. If she put on 15lbs she would probably be a knock out again. I’d also like to see her cut that hair! That also ages her.

  39. blonde on the dock says:

    I’ve seen friends go through a breakup and become this thin. She’s in AJ territory now. Give her some time and she’ll bounce back.

  40. Fue McCormick says:

    I think Rumer looks like a cartoon donkey …

  41. Mia says:

    Do the give fillers shots in the knees? She needs many, but no doc will be able to fix the faces of those two.

  42. novaraen says:

    Demi looks starved and I don’t see where she’s put any weight back on. Her skin looks paper thin and sorta extra wrinkly. Weight really does do a body good…

  43. Elizabeth says:

    Questions :
    1. why do women in Hollywood keep messing with their faces when it only makes them look worse? (Demi)
    2. are there no good plastic surgeons left in CA because Demi (and some others) are looking so “done”, “tweaked” or whatever. I thought a face lift, etc. was supposed to make you look “rested”, not scary.

  44. april says:

    She looks so much better. Her eyes are sparkling. Good for her. I like her outfit and shoes too.

  45. lucy2 says:

    She looks terrible from getting too thin. Her face is gaunt, her teeth look too big, and her legs are so scrawny! Eat, woman!
    Anyone else surprised to hear that Penn and Madonna sat together? I always had the impression that he avoided her like the plague.

  46. K-MAC says:

    um, what weight gain? I still see a skeleton

  47. Grasshopper says:

    Wow Demi cover your knees please
    And your old teeth were much better

  48. Grasshopper says:

    Btw if you are going for the real housewifes look with your hair you nailed it!!!!

  49. Funnylilou says:

    I don’t really think she has done post split tweaking, she is just way too gaunt and of course the result is really scary, she should gain 10/15 pounds and she would have a nicer way fresher face!

    To me the real problem of these pictures are the teeth!!! how awful!!too long and horsey!

  50. Kimlee says:

    When will she learn to stop messing with her face, she really needs to stop.

  51. Honky says:

    Looks like she accidentally put in Nanna’s false teeth. Maybe her teeth have grown naturally from consuming a rabbit/horse diet of raw vegies… but still, she’s better off without Ashton

  52. JB says:

    Oh my. It’s just sad and pathetic (no snark whatsoever, really). She is not aging gracefully. It is really sad. She really was once really beautiful.

  53. Tazina says:

    Demi is almost 50. Nobody looks that great once they hit that age. You can look “okay” but not really fabulous anymore. Demi is aging as we all are but her thinness emphasizes the aging face. The more fat in the face, the fewer wrinkles you will have. All these fillers and injections do is make you look like you’ve had work done.

  54. TeamGlanville says:

    Question about the TEETH. She seems pretty obsessed w/ “perfection”..why does she not have those (I assume) fake teeth sawed down? I remember getting my braces off in 8th grade.. my orthodontist told me he was going to saw all my front teeth down some. He didn’t ask me, he TOLD me he was going to do this-like it was stardard part of getting braces off. They were perfect after & didn’t even know I needed it before. so why the eff is her dr not tellin her he needs to saw those those thangs down to look normal!!!

  55. original sandy says:

    poor demi, i agree, going through that breakup publicly was humiliating, she gets a pass from me too, but she should dress better for her body/age, forget the sexy right now and be more mature, it screams of desperation.

  56. Amanda says:

    Demi needs to eat something STAT and Rumer looks awkward.

  57. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    “Demi and Ashton, and Madonna and Sean, were talking and hanging out.”

    Hollywood seems so incestuous at times all kinds of strange in that quote. LMAO!

  58. cahr says:

    Demi Moore, Beautiful woman. Love you.

  59. reeda redneck says:

    She looks like shit.

  60. skuddles says:

    Demi is giving off a forced, manic vibe. Still way too thin and needs to retire the Cher look for good. A few pounds and a new hair style would do her wonders.

  61. Lisa says:

    Yikes. How is this even a question?

  62. Ashley says:

    This family needs to stop at McDonalds on their way home!!!

  63. MyCatLoves TV says:

    When I got hit with a breakup that was a kick in the gut, I ate nothing. Could not even think of eating. I got thru the work day…barely. And I drank. All terrible, terrible, terrible behavior & I didn’t really care.

    I’ll be as snarky as the next chick when Demi gets better. I cannot kick her now. Man, I’ve been there. Mine was a private hell. To have it in the public eye is beyond anything I can imagine.

  64. cruiz2 says:

    Girl is going the Zsa Zsa way and looks like crap! Not natural at all, anywhere, ever!!! Sorry, but this is the best thing for A to live again!!! She looks very controlling.

  65. Nikki Girl says:

    She looks positively awful. Her face is just papery skin stretched over her skull, it’s scary. She needs to gain some weight asap, she looks sick.

  66. whatevs says:

    og that is scary. how about gaining a few pounds demi. you looked great before this most unnecessary tweaking. honestly i think hw actresses are looking for excuses to look manorexic.

  67. kristiner says:

    OMG! In that 3rd picture where she’s making that weird move with her mouth, she looks like the Mummy Imhotep from the 1999 movie The Mummy when he was regenerating.

  68. ILuvHotGuyFri says:

    What a bitch P Diddy is. You can’t have the (free, I’m certain) brand vodka you want because they’re not the sponsor of the event, then you hassle someone that works for a living? Get over it baby. Reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit about white people problems, only it would be called spoiled rich people problems.

  69. B says:

    Judging her against other 49 year olds, I think she looks good. She is getting up there and there’s no amount of plastic surgery that can completely stave off time. That said, I agree that she needs to put on weight – at least 15 lbs – to look healthy. And maybe accept the fact that she’s 49 and quit hacking off and rearranging parts to resemble a 35 year old.

  70. Alana says:

    Women beware: date Ashton and you could look like that, too.

  71. Michelle says:

    Ugh, I hate when people make fun of Rumor’s bone structure. I was raised to not hate on someone for what they were born with- hate on them if they’re mean or whatever. She has a great sense of style, her skin is gorgeous, and I bet she’s a blast to be around. If not, make fun of her for being “not a blast.” But anything else is a cheap shot and bad karma! :) Good luck to both of them, heaven knows, divorce is not fun.

  72. Maya says:

    I don’t think she has had any additional tweaking other than a massive weight loss that tends to make the face look smaller.
    Anyway, if we were all female celebrities, we’d do the same. Why not?
    I know that I wouldn’t want my face to look like the Grand Canyon at her age.

  73. Suzanna says:

    Never mind their looks or if they are too haggard/ too “chinny” – Rumer was born this way and Demi has a broken heart, who can blame them? – but what about their clothing?? OMG, Rumers outfit almost makes me throwing up… Looks cheap, is absolutely not flattering and everything else but sexy. Fail.

  74. Spugz says:

    I think Rumer looks good. She’s got a fantastic figure. Bless that chin but I think she’s a lot better looking than people giver credit for!

  75. Ravensdaughter says:

    I don’t think we should judge her yet-how much weight did she lose? The tweaked look could just be gaining weight back. At least she’s out with one of her -very loyal-daughters..

  76. Shelbycat says:

    Demi Moore… Gary Busey called and said he wants his teeth back. And you can tell she botoxed the hell out of her face, she can’t move anything above her mouth. He face and arm are completely different shades. And seeing her knees and how big of a gap she has between her legs… too much information. Trying too hard. She just looks desperate. Wish she would gain some weight back to fill out her sagging skin. She looks nasty.

    I like Rumer, but I still wish she’d get her Nose tip, jaw and chin done. Her face is so bottom heavy.

  77. KyleA says:

    Skinny and toothy. Not a good look. Surprised she’d flash those chicklets straight into the camera.

  78. Kim says:

    She is botoxed to the hilt and her horse teeth – ugh!

  79. Donkeys says:

    Mr. Smith;Also reminiscent of Len Deightons’ “Only When I Larf” and John Le Carres’ “A Perfect Spy.”