Radar: Cameron Diaz’s “joker face” is the result of Botox & chemical peels

Cameron Diaz has been in Paris all week – go here and here to review our coverage of Camy’s various costume changes. She’s been all over the place during Paris Fashion Week, to the point where her appearances seem… I don’t know… odd. Like, yesterday, she went to the Armani show, the Givenchy show, and the Chanel show. Before that, it was Dior and Versace, and some other ones thrown in. Look, Camy loves fashion, and God knows, it’s probably a lot of fun to get free clothes and show up at runway shows. But I’ve got to wonder – doesn’t Cameron have better things to do with her time?

Anyway, as we keep discussing, Cameron’s face is looking different. CB thinks she definitely looks tweaked, and while I agree, I don’t think Camy looks as horrible as she did when she was with Alex Rodriguez. That man did serious damage to Camy’s girl-next-door, California-Girl beauty. Six months ago, Camy’s face looked bloated, waxy and rough – but in the photos from Paris, I think she looks better. Now Radar is getting into the mix with what’s going on with Cameron’s face:

First her breasts and now her face? Since breaking up with baseball star Alex Rodriguez last year, Cameron Diaz seems to have gone out of her way to prove she is young, carefree and single! Cameron will be turning 40 in August, and RadarOnline.com has new photos that suggest she has gone to extremes to turn back the clock before her landmark birthday.

“There’s something about Cameron Diaz’s face that is very unusual,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not worked with the star, told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview. “She looks like she’s preparing to take her costar Jim Carrey’s role in The Mask!”

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, it was less than a month ago when formerly flat chested Cameron’s suddenly voluptuous figure sparked speculation that she had gotten breast implants.

The Bad Teacher star showcased her startling new look at the 2012 Versace Spring/Summer show during Paris Fashion Week, where she gave Donatella Versace a run for her money in the fake stakes!

“Her forehead is excessively smooth, a possible consequence of overdone Botox injections. Her face also looks extremely shiny,” Dr. Youn went on to say about Cameron.

“Although I do not believe she’s had a facelift,” he explained. “Laser treatments or chemical peels could account for her smooth, shiny skin. I recommend that she get some mattifying gel as soon as possible to calm it down.”

It is not the first time that Diaz has had work done on her face. In 2006, she admitted to having a nose job but claimed it was for “medical purposes,” after she broke it in a surfing accident.

[From Radar]

That’s the plastic surgeon’s big, scandalous reveal? Camy had Botox and she’s too shiny? Whatever. I guess I agree about the immovable forehead, and I doubt she had a facelift or an eye job. I think she was messing around with fillers last year with horrible results, and most of her “new look” is the result of “deflating” after the fillers.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame.

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  1. hstl1 says:

    If it makes her happy who cares? I Botox and I just spent a year on low-dose Accutane to clear up an acne problem that I developed at 40. Get over it everyone!

    • Leigh says:

      The Accutane and acne I get.. but the Botox, I just don’t. Why? Why do you do it?

      • Heather M (Heather) says:

        Botox, when not abused, looks great. That’s why you do it. Unfortunately, when it’s done incorrectly, it gets a bad reputation. She needs to get less in her forehead and more around her eyes, and she needs to stop trying to show it off at all of these events, which is bringing a lot of negative attention.

      • Petunia says:

        Heather, I disagree about her needing more Botox around the eyes. I don’t agree that erasing all lines makes for a better look. In her case, I think the crows feet look nice and give her some character without detracting from her looks. In fact, I think she looks better with them. Less Barbie-like than most other stars with the fake plastic looking skin, at least around her eyes.

        Something’s up with her cheeks. They look fuller. They were sinking down before and now they’re perky. I like the look, it balances her face more.

        I also think she looks less bloated in the face, which is a big improvement. This is the best she’s looked in quite a while.

      • Heather M (Heather) says:

        I agree that she looks good & much better than before. I bet if we saw her in motion she would look even better b/c they’ve caught her in some odd expressions.

        With that said, I do think that with her forehead *so* frozen, she should’ve balanced it w/more around the eyes (or less in the forehead, so there is not so much difference between the two). There was another (many, actually) posts about why did she look so wrinkled yet so plastic, so my suggestion was (and is) that it’s b/c I believe
        her Botox isn’t distributed evenly.

        Just my opinion. :)

    • Eden says:

      I also get botox injections in my forehead, nothing crazy just 20 units between my eyebrows & up towards my hairline. I’m 44 & I love it. My doctor suggested more but I said NO & I was right. If done correctly no one should be able to notice. Luckily I have zero crows feet so I don’t need it around my eyes. I also do LIGHT chemical peels & my skin looks awesome. It has helped remove acne scars. I believe done in moderation, botox & chemical peels are great but some people go over board. Also don’t be afraid to tell your doctor NO if he suggests MORE! I also eat healthy, exercise daily & take very good care of my skin. Like I said, I’m 44 & people think I’m in my 30s!!! Keep in mind some people in their 30s look like they are in their 40s. Just my opinion guys.

  2. Marianne says:

    I dont think her haircut/colour is helping either. She looks so much older than she is.

  3. mia girl says:

    Many of you have been saying she looks better, but honestly, I think she looks way too harsh. That haircut on someone else might look great but it just accentuates her strong facial features. She needs a bit longer hair to soften her look.

    And it makes me sad to say so, but she has the look of “desperation” in her eyes. I think she is in the middle of a great big ol mid-life crisis… Like she just realized that she is no longer the fresh young face at the party.

  4. Luise says:

    She looks great! So glad she’s not with that nasty baseball player. He sounds abusive.

    • Capella says:

      Agreed! She looks like a good and fresh 38. No over tweaking, no over pulling, and certainly no Hollywood-Lara-Flynn-Boyle like mask either.

      Glad the dirt A-Rod had tried to imprint is cleaned off. That guy was bad news… Not that getting it on with P-Diddy-didly-fiddy-Sean-Combs is any better. But at least, women tend to look their best when with him (hello JLo).

  5. Alejandro says:

    If she didn’t get something done she’d be criticized just as much if not more.

  6. HotPockets says:

    I think Camy looks better than she has in the last five years. I remember watching Bad Teacher in the theater (yes, I paid money to see that movie in the theater)and the whole time I couldn’t help but think how aged she looked. Maybe A-rod’s roidy dong aged her? gross, but point being, she looks a lot better.

  7. Franny says:

    Isn’t it kind of a bad decision for a “celebrity plastic surgeon” to be quoted in gossip sites/mags talking about celebrities? It makes them look untrustworthy, and like they would spill the beans about their own patients if they had the chance. I just think it looks slimy.

    Plus Camy has always had a wide mouth, so the Joker Face is kind of harsh.

    Her coats are amazing though. I want every single one.

  8. lulu says:

    If she were fifty, she would look really amazing.

  9. Sara says:

    I think the face work looks good, it’s the hair that is ruining it for me.

  10. Jordan says:

    She looks great. I’m glad she stopped being too muscular and just went for being athletic and toned like she’s famous for. A-rod is a disease and as long as she is getting him out of her system, great.

  11. no thanks says:

    she looks way better than the day she wore the polka dot dress.

  12. Reel Wheel says:

    she’s still sporting the “There’s Something About Mary” cut and colour, but it is just not working for her anymore. And, the fillers are horrible. She was always so cute and seemed natural. It’s a shame really.

    I agree she’s going through a mid-life shift, but at least she has always struck me as one of the rarer ones who doesn’t get caught up to much in their own hype (like Sandra Bullock). You know, someone you could have a drink with who can laugh at herself. At the end of the day I think she’ll be ok.

  13. Julie says:

    Somebody tell me is her nose that way because of cocaine use. I’m obssessed lately trying to tell the difference in noses of those who use.

  14. Happy21 says:

    I think she is unattractive no matter if she has work done or not.

    But, I also was wondering what was up with her Paris fashion week too because I don’t remember her being such a staple at fashion week events in the past. Its almost like she is wanting to get papped.

  15. emma says:

    Aw. I think she looks great in these pictures. I could give a crap if someone gets a little botox. I’ve done a chemical peel for my terrible skin and didn’t see any good results. I just finished three treatments with photofacial though and that was worth every penny. It’s just laser to get rid of sun damage and broken capillaries.

    I would bet she does laser treatments of some sort since she loves the sun and has a history of acne and then got some botox. I think she looks better than she did last year. She’s not 22 anymore. She isn’t going to look like that hot young thing. I think she knows that but the public loves to harp on aging women. If you look like you’re aging, you are told you look awful. If you get botox or whatever to combat that, you are sneered at for reacting to being told you look awful. There’s no winning for them.

  16. mollie says:

    She did a LOT of sun damage to herself and has to backtrack with peels now to get rid of it. I saw that one coming.
    Her face doesn’t look terrible to me considering the amount of serious sun abuse she inflicted on it. I do, however, really dislike the Callista Gingrich hair

  17. Jess says:

    I knew a girl in HS who lived half the year with her wealthy father in LA. Her dad is an acquaintance of several actors. Apparently, there were parties in the neighborhood. Not sure if it’s true or not, but she doesn’t seem the type to make things up. She told me that Cameron Diaz has really bad Rosacea, her face is red and blotchy without a heavy concealer. Also; Jack Nicholson is bi-sexual (she supposedly saw him in a hot tub with guys and girls, and he was making out with both!)

    Rosacea can be treated with lasers, which is probably why her face looks like that…not sure about her apple cheeks though…she looks like Mrs. Potato head (like Maggie Gylenhaal). She was so beautiful in The Mask, now it looks like she’s wearing one!

  18. benny says:

    She looks fine, but I think some of her problem is that she played too hard in the sun. It looks like her skin is sundamaged, and I believe that she really did break her nose surfing – it looks like it’s been broken in the past.

    Even though all that detracts from her looks, at least she got that way by having fun. And so far she doesn’t have that “cat” look like Madonna or Kate Winslet, so whatever work Diaz had, it was done better.

  19. Pop Rocks says:

    I find it surprising that the tabs and these celeb sites give her a free pass most of the time. She seems like a complete mess, her face, her hair, most of her crappy films, her choice in men, the fact that she’s almost always high. You’d think she’d be a tabloid favorite at this point.

    • WillyNilly says:

      I think its because she stays quiet despite being visible. If she had a twitter and did a bunch of interviews, then it would likely be a completely different story – because you’re totally right. She has successfully flown under the radar.

      • Pop Rocks says:

        But the weird thing is, she hasn’t really been all that quiet. Publicly freaking out on Timberlake at the Oscar party after he dumped her, videos of her making out with A-rod on a jumbo tron at some sporting event which she then talked about in great detail on Letterman, all her talk about how much she enjoys dry humping, doesn’t seem all that quiet to me.

        She just gets a pass from the tabs for some reason.

  20. Just U says:

    I think she looks good. I mean, if you met her at a party or whatever, and she wasn’t a celebrity, you would ask her what her secret is.
    We all have a beauty regimen and we’ve all had unflattering haircuts. She’s the same.

  21. WillyNilly says:

    She just looks like she’s been hitting the tanning bed too hard and probably overly exfoliating. She’s FINE (well, besides the skin damage that you can clearly see near her hair line. Girrrrrl, knock it off!).

  22. Justaposter says:

    I wish she would tone down her hair color.. that color only looks good on kids who are toeheads!

    Maybe she just put the bong down, and isn’t all squinty eyed from the reefer?

  23. crys737 says:

    look closely at her forehead. Shes had some serious sun damage and everyone knows that can age you terribly. I think if shes trying to save her skin, shes doing too little too late.

  24. serena says:

    I just don’t understand one thing..why is it only the forhead? lol

  25. Embee says:

    I seem to recall seeing pictures of her YEARS ago and she’s always had oily skin. I think she has struggled with acne as well.

    She wears the bob haircut beauitfully well, in my opinion. She has an unconventional sexiness that works well with that cut.

  26. curleque says:

    I think her new short haircut draws much more attention to her face, her features, and any flaws. Plus, it’s much, much lighter than usual–almost platinum without any yellow in it. It looks too harsh on her.

  27. Turd Fergussen says:

    Sun damage, sun damage, sun damage. She is not aging well. She will look rough as a cob by 50.

  28. anon33 says:

    I always hear negative talk about celebrities getting chemical peels and I don’t exactly understand it. I have horrific cystic adult acne (I had perfect skin in MS and HS, makes no GD sense…), and I have had chemical peels and IPL treatments this past year. My skin looks great now, and these are the only things (I have tried EVERYTHING) that have kept my skin clear for any significant period of time. Is it just that celebrities get these things done too frequently, and the intended result backfires (like with too many injections, etc?)

  29. Asli says:

    At first her face looked like a ”normal” botoxed face. Now she’s starting to scare me. She looks like a zombie/cat gag toy(top photo specifically). She’s nearing Kris J. territory. Creepy.

  30. sue says:

    She just came from Hawaii where she plays in the sun. It looks like her face got too much Vitamin D and is peeling. Everyone in her social circle gets botox, especially between the eyes where the lines show the most. Don’t care for the platinum hair color but maybe Diddy does?

  31. dilettante says:

    To me, in that last picture, if you gave her pale skin, dark eyes, and long dark hair, she’d look a lot like Angelina Jolie.

  32. Zigggy says:

    It’s really interesting because I always assume she’s the only one in Hollywood who hasn’t had things done- she looks (not to be mean) kinda wrinkly. If she actually has had things done then wow, that sucks- it’s not working too well. Let that be a lesson, youngins- stay out of the sun.

    (says the Canadian who most likely has a vitamin D deficiency)

  33. Maritza says:

    I like Cameron and I think she looks pretty good, she has always had a wide smile. No one can stop time and the physical changes that come with age. No harm in getting tweaked a bit as long as it doesn’t make her unrecognizable.

  34. Kim says:

    The chemical peel was obvious since she was out in public with the cream you use after a peel on her face many times. She has bad skin so chemical peel was probably good for it. She isnt aging well and i think that is due to partying.

  35. Kim says:

    Not a beauty, never was. Cute sure but not gorgeous.

  36. kimberly says:

    hahahah I totally called it!

    face it she’s aging bad and it trying desperately to do anything that doesn’t involve a knife.

  37. kudzuqueen says:

    My father had squamous cell carcinomas on his eyelids and had to have parts if his eyelids removed bc of it. Luckily, he had enough skin to graft. Because i had rough places on my face and upper body like he had for years, I went and got it checked out. Those places were precancerous, the kind that can turn to squamous cell. Short of having all of these numerous places scraped and scarring to ensue, I am getting regular chemical peels to essentially burn them off evenly. I am also using retinal bc retin A is just too strong for me. This all being said, it draws my face tightly and then peels off aggressively over about 4 days. Then my face is really pulled tight and I have to heavily moisturizer and drink lots of water. My face can look just like hers from the time I get the peel, for about 3 weeks. Then it all settles in. I have it done every 8 weeks and really it makes a huge difference with not only the precancerous places, but with acne along my jawline. When I saw her picture, I suspected the peels and retinol/lactic acid treatment right away. She will always have those acne scars though, and they just get worse as your skin ages.
    I really don’t care for her much at all, but certainly I do not blame her for the Botox. I hate the waxy look also, but when I see the deep lines it smoothed away on me, i quickly get over it and feel I would just rather look waxy!
    But if we are just being bitchy, I do feel she a very worn look for her age.

  38. Redd says:

    EWWWWE! Who’s this dumb ass trying to look like? Doris Day? Platinum hair? REALLY? She’s had ZERO taste in stylists for as long as she’s been on the map and this shit proves it – BLECH!

  39. Photo JoJo says:

    I just turned 38 and photos and reports like this make me want to stay FAR away from messing with my face. It ain’t perfect, but sheesh I don’t wanna look like some wax version of myself!

  40. Adrien says:

    Sun Damage or she could be older than her showbiz age. Also, unflattering hair color that looks gray rather than ashy blonde.
    She’s also the type who shows up at the red carpet even when she’s still swollen from all her dermatological procedures.
    She looks better now. I’ve seen photos of her on the beach and she looks lovely.

  41. Isa says:

    She’s always had a joker face.

    • Andie B says:

      @Isa – I agree, she has always looked like the Joker. In saying that, she is not an ugly woman, just not stunningly beautiful. She is the same age as me, and I tend to think I’m ageing better that her. Number one reason is because I stay out of the sun (fair skin/auburn hair). If I was rich I would probably use a little bit of botox but that’s about it. If she keeps going she will take it too far.

    • SHump76 says:

      This is EXACTLY what I was going to say. I don’t even see what anyone is talking about. She’s looked like a busted marionette for as long as I can remember her, which is back to The Mask. Other than her looking orange in that last picture, I don’t really see the difference.

  42. HA! says:

    Well, i know Cam has rosacea…i have that problen on my skin too and it’s a bitch to deal with it…it certainly feels good when using moisturizing products and non comedogenic make up like Aveeno and Eucerin. But sometimes the skin turns out lookig greasy…believe me, it’s no fun especially when you get break outs…ugh!

  43. Sunshine says:

    Can’t read my, can’t read my joker face…lol

  44. bagladey says:

    I like how she looks in these pics; I like her hair and her face. Last year her filler-face was awful.

  45. skeptik says:

    she turned into Callista Gingrich!

  46. DI says:

    FOR SURE – her face was seriously falling last time I saw her!

  47. Missy Mara says:

    She looks like an aging stewardess, anxious to hold on to a semi-glamorous past.

  48. Magsy says:

    She needs to embrace her roots and not just her hair. Platinum hair doesn’t work for most women and her cheekbones, and orange skin look odd too. I saw her on Graham Norton and she’s a camera hog and dominated every discussion. That little giggly girl shit is getting old too.

  49. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    “She looks like she’s preparing to take her costar Jim Carrey’s role in The Mask!”

    This guy is a plastic surgeon? How unprofessional, what a jerk! I’ll always like Cameron, she seems like a cool chick. I just don’t get how she looks jacked, she looks pretty to me, and she’s almost forty.

  50. mln76 says:

    I love the way she photobombed Jessica Chastain’s Oscar nomination pics.

  51. jilly says:

    sorry but to me she looks awful. that blonde blonde is too harsh for her. i don’t get what Diddy sees in her and you have no idea how much it pains me to say that.

  52. Ann says:

    She looks fine! It’s a little neurotic to go over every woman’s real and perceived flaws. No one takes guys apart like that.

  53. Sophie says:

    I think she looks really pretty in these pictures.

  54. MAMAKOWALSKA says:

    It’s the hideous haircut and color. She looks a little leather faced from all the sun she gets.

    Women and men age horribly they go to the beach all the time. Sure she’s physically fit, but even the best sunscreens can’t keep out the aging UV in those doses.

  55. Lady_Luck says:

    She is one scary looking woman.

    She may aswell audition for the next Joker role in Batman.

    Look at where her “oh I’m so carefree, liberal and independent” attitude got her: 40 still trying to be 25. Get over it, Cam, you’re past your prime time, time to act your age and carry it out gracefully.

  56. Rildz32 says:

    She has only had a chemical peel imo and she looks great. If the joker face is a reference to her smile, then she has always had a wide smile.

  57. truthful says:

    I think she looks the same–she is gonna have that sunken in look/melting face–its genetics.

    I think she is possibly older than she has admitted to the public.

    she seems happy, to each his own.
    at least she looks like herself–unlike others.

  58. Anna says:

    She looks awful. It’s a shame. Cameron used to be a pretty woman. What is wrong with these people? They tuck and pull and inject and turn themselves into ugly voodoo dolls.

  59. Meanchick says:

    Eeew. She needs to return that mofo to the store and get her old face back! (minus the acne).

  60. whatevs says:

    but she’s had the joker face ever since charlie’s angels! maybe a facial tightening surgery went bad. notice how she never smiles with her mouth open here. i’m thinking celebs either read what is written about them or have somebody read it for them

  61. mark says:

    “Can’t read my can’t read my Joker face
    J-j-J-joker face j-j-joker face” Gaga

  62. Nibbi says:

    I think she generally looks fine but that her hair is aging as hay-ull. I think the friizzed-out fine wispiness of it, the shortness (maybe she had to cut it cuz of overdamage?) as well as the color- at least she should go more bleachy yellow instead of bleachy white.
    Also, ‘nearing forty’=not that damn old, people, sheesh.
    Also, and way more importantly, ‘what’s wrong with botox’? Google ‘botox and animal testing’ to see some really freakin lovely info about how *every single batch* of that sh* must be safety-tested (it’s one of the most toxic substances known to humankind, people; to be injectable, it is vastly, vastly diluted) and guess how they do it? By injecting it into the stomachs of mice and observing them until 50% of them die by suffocation. Apparently Allergan is bowing to pressure from activists and starting to find less insanely cruel and medieval ways of testing it (check the videos! Google people i’m serious!) but i doubt the barbarism has fully stopped. Seriously, you watch that, and think about the ugliness of extreme vanity…

  63. Ginger says:

    I too am over forty and contemplating less extreme measures like microdermabrasion and possibly treatments for sun damage. I am lucky that my genetics are very good. My grandfather passed away at 83 with a full head of hair and barely any aging. He looked twenty years younger than his actual age. However, I have noticed that the further I get from forty that I need to step it up a bit. I happen to like crows feet on myself and others. There’s something so genuine about a persons smile that stretches clear up to their eyes! If there’s too much botox and the face is too smooth even when smiling I find it creepy. That said, I don’t really judge anyone for having work done if that’s their own personal choice. I do find that a lot of people go overboard on it.