Timothy Olyphant jokes he’d have dumped his wife in Emmy speech: suspicious?

Before I jump into this story, there’s something very strange that I’ve noticed about Timothy “Swagger” Olyphant, and it’s been bugging me for awhile. While he and his wife Alexis Knief have been married since 1991 and have three (presumably gorgeous) young children together, Timothy seems very low key about his marriage. As in, low key to the point where he wears his wedding ring on his right hand instead of the left. Is that weird? At first, I thought maybe he was left handed and found it irritating to wear a ring on his left hand (since I’m right handed, I have no idea whether this would be a factor or not). However, Timothy is in fact right handed and had to struggle to learn to play left-handed guitar for a role in 2008′s High Life, which is a perfectly dreadful movie despite the presence of Olyphant. And trust me, I’ve tolerated many crappy films in the pursuit of Olyphant.

So this business of Olyphant wearing his wedding ring on the right hand still stumps me. Does it seem like he might be publicly downplaying his marriage while still being the good guy and actually wearing the ring?

All this time, I’ve been wondering whether the “ring phenomenon” has bothered his wife at all, but it seems like she might have a very healthy sense of humor about their relationship. Olyphant’s appearance on last night’s episode of the Conan O’Brien show (to promote the third season of “Justified”) would confirm as much, for Olyphant reveals that he had an interesting Emmy speech planned if he’d have won in 2011:

“Kyle Chandler won the Emmy, it was lovely, I was very happy for him. I feel like he deprived some people of a good speech. My opening line — this was my wife’s idea actually — I was going to look at [the trophy] and then look out at my wife of twenty years and say, ‘Well, honey, this is it. I’m finally leaving you.’”

When I really stop and think about it, twenty years really is a hell of a long time (Timothy and Alexis were college sweethearts), so I’d think that the ability to joke about leaving his wife (and the fact that it was her idea in the first place) says something about Olyphant’s view of Hollywood. At this stage in his career, he’s finally broken into mainstream awareness with “Justified,” and if he did what many other actors do during such periods of success, well, we’d expect him to leave his wife for some hot young piece. In fact, there were some pesky, unsubstantiated rumors last year (mentioned in passing during a Lainey podcast) that Olyphant might be leaving his wife for his co-star, Natalie Zea, who plays Olyphant’s on-off love interest on the show. Maybe Olyphant and Alexis were actually poking fun of those rumors with this prospective Emmy speech. They seem like a very solid couple but also quite laid back as well. Alexis is rarely seen on the red carpet with Timothy, and the most recent appearance I could pull up was at the 2006 Flags of our Fathers premiere:

They were also photographed back in 2008 while Christmas shopping together at Beverly Center. Nice bulge, but I wish he’d get his hand off the escalator railing. Germs should never taint my Olyphant.

As for the very, incredibly alleged affair with Natalie Zea, well, I don’t see it happening, and I think the rumors might have surfaced in part because many of Olyphant’s fans really don’t like Zea’s character at all:

What’s the toughest thing about starring opposite Justified’s Timothy Olyphant? “Women don’t like me,” Natalie Zea tells TVGuide.com.

Zea plays Winona Hawkins, the ex-wife of Olyphant’s character Raylan Givens. But now that the two are back together, Zea says she’s feeling the hate.

“It’s hard to be a foil … to a character so charismatic and so liked. Winona touches on some sensitive buttons with women. They don’t like her getting on their man,” she says.

[From TV Guide]

Certainly, I see her point, and I’ve had a few fleeting moments where I want to drag Winona off Raylan during one of their many love scenes. People are very attached to the Raylan character, and Winona just seems like trouble waiting to happen, but it sucks that Natalie Zea has to deal with the backlash when she’s only doing her job by playing her role as written. Sure, Natalie and Timothy have great chemistry, but I think he’s probably keeping it in his pants.

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  1. layla says:

    He is one fine piece of man. DAYYYYUM.
    Have loved him since “Go”.
    So fine.

    People read too much into ring, no ring, left hand, right hand, blah, blah, blah… maybe he broke his left finger and can no longer get it on that finger, maybe it bugs him when he golfs, may, maybe, maybe….. low key is solid. End of story.

  2. brin says:

    They sound pretty solid to me….especially if they can laugh off the affair rumors.

  3. the original bellaluna says:

    He’s laid back. One of the many things I love about him.

    He’s not cheating on his wife, nor is he leaving her.

    Truly cannot stand the Winona character. Wish she’d left with her weenie-of-a-husband.

  4. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Hmmm..I don’t like to think badly about Seth Bullock…I mean Raylan Givens.
    Here sthe thing: 20 years of marriage is suspicious in Hollywood.
    Wife seems sweet but I secretly love the idea of him and Natalie Zee together.

  5. scotchy says:

    my guitarist has always worn his wedding ring on his right hand.. i really don’t know why, but i don’t think that stuff is all that big of a deal.

    • MJ says:

      My husband switches his wedding band to the right hand, and I put mine on a chain around my neck when we play guitar. The rings get in the way on the fretting hand. Either that or we subconsciously don’t want people in the audience to know we’re a couple (jk).

      Also, my husband’s left hand is slightly thinner than the right, so if it’s hot, etc., he’ll switch it to the right to stop it from sliding off.

      Either way, I agree… a wedding band looks like a wedding band, so who cares?

  6. NerdMomma says:

    European couples wear their rings on the right hand but it appears he is American. Where is his wife from? Maybe he does it to respect her culture, if she’s European.

  7. Agnes says:

    I have no idea who this guy is, but is he European? Europeans (some? all?) tend to wear their wedding rings on their right hand. It might be a cultural thing. Or simply a preference.

  8. Franny says:

    My dad wears his ring on this right hand, but that is how the Germans do it…

  9. birdie says:

    Does it really matter on which hand he is wearing his wedding ring? As long he is wearing it, it’s fine! Maybe his parents are european (too lazy to look it up) and he follows the european tradition..or whatever.

    • Julie says:

      i agree. if he would take it of while going clubbing that might be suspicious but it really doesnt matter on which hand he has the ring.

      to me a ring doesnt even matter that much. people cheat with rings on or stay together without. my parents are married for forty years and they are not wearing any rings since about 35 after my father lost his ring while swimming.

  10. Ruth Dunbar says:

    It was an odd interview, but I’m wondering if he just has a strange sense of humor — it reminded me a little of Harrison Ford.

    I don’t like Winona, but it’s because she’s boring.

    Now, Ava, on the other hand, can sleep with my Boyd as much as she wants.

  11. Caoilfhionn says:

    My dad busted the knuckle of his ring finger on his left hand a few years ago. After it healed he put his wedding ring back on. One day out of the blue it swelled and he had to have his ring cut off. Now he wears it on his right hand because occasionally that knuckle will swell.

  12. fabgrrl says:

    Really, wedding band on right-hand is cause for speculation? Maybe it means something special to him, or her? Something really cute and sweet, like when they got engaged he accidentally put her ring on the “wrong” finger and they decided to keep it that way.

  13. Katyusha says:

    Anyone know if they’re orthdox?
    In the orthodox religion the wedding bands are worn on the right hand.

    Although, I guess that wouldn’t explain why she wears hers on her left hand…

  14. Talie says:

    He was in one of my fave movies–”GO” also starring a pre-Tom Cruise Katie Holmes, full of promise.

    • Tiffany27 says:

      I hate when people say stuff like this. When actors date other actors they’re superficial, but the man married his college sweetheart and people are calling her ugly? Grow up.

    • Sass says:

      Wrong, his wife looks REAL. She is in shape, she is comfortable with who she is, and she doesn’t buy in to the Hollywood crap. For her it’s just the way her husband pays the bills, not some glamorous high-profile lifestyle. I can respect that. You should do better to try to respect it as well.

      • YES says:

        Thank you! I agree with Sass. But should we really care about what goes on with him and his wife? Most of the gossip magazines are wrong and are trying to get some good ratings anyways! But seriously I don’t think he would leave his wife.

  15. Kaboom says:

    I liked Zea’s cameo on Californication where she ended up burning down Hank Moody’s apartment. I guess women are just jealous of her hogging all the hot 35+ aged guys.

  16. Tiffany27 says:

    I’m sorry I have tried but I do not get a lady boner for this man. Although I love Raylan Givens :)

  17. TQB says:

    Now, see, I didn’t start out disliking Winnona, but I was positive when she was introduced in Season 1 that she was a prosecutor, not a court reporter. The idea that Raylan had this sharp lady lawyer ex wife was kind of awesome. I never figured out my mistake until the whole money-from-the-evidence-locker storyline, so I had this double-whammy of realizing how drastically I had misunderstood her character.

    You’d all like the Winnona character in my head lots better, promise.

  18. Bulldog says:

    I watched the full interview on Conan. He also mentions how he has slept with three members of the Hollywood Foreign Press, but that must not have been enough for an award this season. That seemed strange since he’s been married for 20 years, right?

    I wondered if it was meant as a joke, but it really wasn’t delivered that way.

  19. dahlia1947 says:

    Blah! He ain’t cute. He’s small and skinny. It looks like he’s done some meth. Especially in that first pic with his wife.

    • nameless says:

      He’s attractive in every sense of the word! He’s good looking, athletic, smart, funny, into art, architecture and wine, a family man, devoted to his sweetheart, hardworking and a good actor!! He was a pro swimmer before he was an actor. He’s long and lean from genetics and training, not drugs.

      I think Olyphant is fantastic. I would be shocked to find him a philanderer. He seems like such a good, grounded guy with a fascinating and fresh outlook on his success. If it turns out he is unfaithful, that will make him so much less attractive to me. I hope it’s not true.

  20. Cathy says:

    It’s to bad he’s been married for so long, he’s definately boinkable.

  21. Happy21 says:

    He’s hot.

    I’m going to think that he and his wife are all good. You don’t joke about stuff like telling the world you’re leaving your wife if you win an emmy if you aren’t.

    He’s awesome and I even more awesome because he’s been married for 20 years.

  22. dorothy says:

    I think that we just think it’s suspicious because we’re so used to seeing and hearing celebrities talk about their wife, husband, boyfriend etc.. that we don’t know how to react to someone that’s private. I think it’s nice that they are so private.

  23. Relli says:

    He is one of those guys who keeps getting better the older he gets. He was an attractive young man in his 20s but he is gotten super hot in his late 30′s.

  24. YuYa says:

    Both my Husband and I are left handed. We wear our rings on our left hands. SO. No.

  25. Jag says:

    Looking at those few pictures, the way he holds his co-star is much sexier than the way he holds his wife. Maybe they have an open marriage or something.

    The “jokes” are telling, imo.

  26. Lari says:

    In eastern European cultures, we wear our wedding rings on our left hand (and sometimes on our right). I don’t think it really matters all that much as long as he’s wearing it.

  27. Nelly says:

    I have followed him for many years. Listened to him each day on 103.1 radio too. I am pretty sure that he mentioned the signifiance of wearing his wedding band this way is something between him and his wife. He wears a bracelet on his left arm for years and now he is wearing two. Maybe she gave him another one for their 20th anniversary? I think this is also between him his wife. He won’t go into it any further. He comes off very flippant about his family life sometimes. But by all accounts he seems to be a very involved husband and father.

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, I agree with everything you just wrote. I’ve read/seen 3 interviews with him and he joked about having too many kids in 2 of them and not leaving his wife in the other. BUT, I think he keeps his s*** tight. IMO, if I were famous, I either wouldn’t talk about my family or would probably just make sarcastic remarks, b/c 1)that’s the way my husband and I joke with each other and 2) my family is important to me so I’m not going to parade any part of it around in public. To me, his sarcasm is a way of deflecting attention from his personal life, almost to protect it.

      And Zea looks a little bit like his wife. I don’t hate her character (but I don’t really like her either.) Give Zea some slack though, she was pretty funny as “Cristineth” in The Other Guys.

    • Amy says:

      He and his wife are very protective about their personal life and even more so when it relates to their children.

  28. Maria says:

    I’m Italian and the modus operandi is that no one wears a ring. Extremely odd I know. My uncle says if a man wants to cheat, he’ll do it whether he wears a ring or not.

    I’m from South African and Olifant is elephant in Afrikaans so everytime I see his name, I get a bad vibe. Plus I could not stand him in Catch and Release. He looks really good here though.

  29. Jenna says:

    The first thought that popped into my mind when I saw that first pic was: “DAYUM, you sir are FINE!”. Love me sone Raylan Givens.

    And I too think that he’s keeping it in his pants. That being said, he & Natalie look mighty sexy in their pics together.

  30. jacquie109 says:

    I very rarely say this, but…. I love him!!! Him, Cam Gigandet,, Wentworth Miller, and Channing Tatum <(but only when he's bald and in shape)

  31. Sol says:

    I loved him in Catch and Release!!! Nice to see a long , low profile marriage in Hollywood. :)

  32. Kim says:

    In some European countries they wear their weddings rings on right hand not the left. I have a Norweigan co worker w/ Swedish wife and they wear their wedding rings on right hand.

  33. AG says:

    OK – I didn’t read all the other comments so sorry if this has been said – I just finished watching Justified seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. He, Natalie and the writer of one episode do a commentary on the episode while it plays and I have to say – I’ve never heard this story of him and Natalie having a thing but he was VERY flirty with her in the commentary. He kept talking about how she was his favorite co-star and he likes working with her the most and she’s so great to work with – basically blowing sunshine up her butt. I thought it odd and even thought to myself, If I was his wife and I heard this – it would piss me off!

    • hushlittlebaby says:

      His wife is really ugly that pic of her two toned hair and that shirt and old lady shoes. She is way taller than her and has a huge belly. she is losing her hair too. No wonder is sleeps around on his wife. She hasn’t taken care of herself. Does she work and since the kids are in school all day why doesn’t she do something like exercise or something. She probably sits home eating bon bons all day while he is sleeping with his costars

    • Phillip says:

      That is why there isn’t any commentaries on the S2 DVD because he can’t keep his mouth shut about Natalie Zea and how much he loves her. In every interview he talks about her and has defended her talent but the malicious things on the internet about his wife and kids and he has kept mum. Why would he do that to her and why wouldn’t he defend his wife and Natalie Zea

      He also made the comment on the Deadwood commentary that after thirteen years of marriage all he has to look forward to his love scenes and kissing scenes and he was so excited to be with Molly Parker he almost chipped his tooth. He said it more than once and on the Season 2 episode one commentary about the sex scene with himn and Molly Parker. if he was so protective of his family why would he talk like that

  34. Kara Ann says:

    This man is just sex on legs to me. I love him! One of the reasons that I love him is a dry sense of humor. I find it attractive when people can refuse to take “it all” so seriously. Sounds to me like he’s happily married and can look at all the other HW bullsh*t with a side-eye while happily holding onto his wife.
    Also, I’ve never even seen Justified. I want to though. Anyone know if Netflix is ever going to carry it? Anyway, I saw him talk about his kids on Ellen. He was hilarious. Love his serious delivery when he noted that he’s figured out the 3 kids are there to stay. Even funnier when Ellen questions which one he would get rid of and he answered that those are the sort of questions that keep him up at night. That anyone thinks any of this is serious just shows how used to it we are of most HW people being to up their own butts to have a sense of humor!

  35. BoBo says:

    I have read, that some of his fellow actors on Justified say he has a quirky sense of humor. I think he and his wife have gotten to 20 years of marriage they must be somewhat solid and he is mocking some of the couples in Hollywood. As for the ring thing it means nothing. Many times after my husband works out or does handy work around the house he forgets to put back on his ring.

  36. madpoe says:

    *insert evil laughter*

    Natalie was just a ruse.

    Tim’s been having an affair with me!!!
    Y’all fell for it? ;)

  37. iseepinkelefants says:

    I don’t see a problem, at least he’s wearing it. And maybe it’s a multicultural thing but it doesn’t bother me whether it’s on the left or right (since it’s mostly a regional/cultural thing which hand you choose) as long as the man actually wears it. Although it does bug me that British men don’t seem to wear one at all. Maybe it’s my Americanism but a wedding ring signifies something and when a man doesn’t wear his that sends out a red flag (sorry to rant).

    That said I always loved that Robert Redford wore a wedding ring on both hands. Stopped the confusion. And I was probably just projecting, but I always found it sweet.

  38. Zozo says:

    He’s gay…im calling it now.

    • Kara Ann says:

      Zozo, don’t please! Min76 (I believe) and I were lamenting in a post that it isn’t necessary to label everyone in HW as gay. Some are, I am sure but nowadays everyone attractive male actor is called out as “gay” as a matter of course almost.
      The man has been married for 20 years and has 3 children. Does that mean he isn’t gay? No? Okay, there has never been a hint by any media outlet. Does that mean he isn’t gay? No? Since his star has been on the rise no one (male or female) has come forward with tawdry details of premarital or even extra-marital affairs. Does that mean he isn’t gay? No? ….Yep, I guess you’re right, he’s gay:) (eyeroll)

      • Zozo says:

        I love how you assumed what my reasoning was. I actually do not think every handsome hollywood man is a closeted homosexual, or having extramarital affairs.
        Me and several of my other friends, with no malicious intent, personally have noticed things that lead us to believe he’s gay.
        End of story.

      • Kara Ann says:

        Hey Zozo, you had no “reply” button so this is actually in reply to you.

        I didn’t assume anything about your reasoning. Nor, did I mean to attack or upset you. My point was that there is often gay rumors about various actors with, as far as I can see, no basis for it. If you’d like to share your reasoning, I’d love to hear it. If you just “think” so and want to state it, that’s your right too. I wouldn’t take it away from you even if I could.

        I’ll give you that I came across as snarky (blushes). Truly sorry about that, I’m just tired of hearing that.

      • Zozo says:

        Yeah I’m sick of it too. So i can understand your frustration lol.
        Annnnnnnnd yeah, I cannot say with any certainty that he is gay. Me and my friends never even knew who he was, but we all thought he was gay the moment we saw him on an interview. Other than that, I really don’t have a clue. I didn’t even know he had children!

    • Firecracker says:

      I saw an interview with him a few months back and I was wondering the same thing if he was possibly gay…but I still love him!

  39. Firecracker says:

    He would have been perfect for Joe Morelli’s character in One for the Money. He’s got that hard, lean sexy body.

  40. Tweakspotter says:

    Yeah I’ve always dug this guy for some strange hot reason.

  41. Firecracker says:

    Loved him in The Perfect Getaway.

  42. Samantha says:

    Re: Zea’s comments about why women don’t like her character–I don’t think people dislike Winona because she’s with Raylan. Part of the problem is that the character is whiny, a cheater and she uses Raylan. She doesn’t want Raylan; she wants to change him into someone else. She’s helpless.

    Her relationship with Raylan also cocked up his relationship with Ava, who’s a much better character.

  43. Rook says:

    If either of them are eastern orthodox then the ring would go on the right hand. I don’t know though, and I suspect, since I have eastern orthodox friends, that it’s not always the case. It does happen though.

  44. leslilly says:

    Nah, I think he’s joking. He says it was even his wife’s idea. I’ve seen Timothy on Ellen a couple times and he jokes about his children & pets. It strikes me that he’s just a funny guy. Also, my husband rarely wears his wedding ring, nor do I. We’re not any less married. I like having jewelry, but I’m not a big fan of wearing it 24/7 :)

  45. Shamozzle says:

    He’s hot. The show rocks and his wife is wearing old lady shoes. That is all.

  46. Cleo says:

    I didn’t know Knief was a real surname. I only heard it on Criminal Minds as an avatar name: Sir Kneif for a serial killer.

  47. Daniel says:

    You see that look the two actors exchanged in that photo? You can’t fake that chemistry, they are totally boning each other! Typical holloywood BS!

  48. zip says:

    It can be a sign of religion: in some European countries, Catholics wear their wedding ring on the left while Protestants wear theirs on the right…

    • sauvage says:

      Interesting. In my country (European, mainly Catholic) people wear their wedding band on the right hand. I always thought The Rule was “Roman country – left hand, rest of Europe – right hand”, but then one poster mentioned Sweden (mainly Protestant) where they wear their wedding band on the left hand… Now I am confused.

  49. Sara says:

    Wow, his wife is really pretty. She has a great body after three kids.

  50. sauvage says:

    After that interview I am now officially in love with him and his wife as a couple.

  51. Kristi says:

    He still seemed completely smitten with his wife and fam on Ellen last week.

  52. Jason Richter says:

    Timothy Olyphant stated Natalie Zea is his favorite actor on the show and on a radio interview stated by him he will do everything in his power to ensure Natalie Zea stays as his leading lady and will bring a baby on the show. Why else would this storyline be on justified if he wasn’t having an affair with her? He also stated on the commentary of Deadwood his excitement to do love scenes because after thirteen years of marriage it is all he had to look forward to in his life. He is sleeping with Natalie Zea it is coming out and next it will be in the major tabloids Once it his publications you know it is true. Happens to all celebs

  53. Loren Meire says:

    He is a player. He makes it perfectly clear his wife isn’t his focus in life and look at the way he is with Natalie Zea. He doesn’t look at his wife like that or even speak fondly of his wife. If he was proud he would show her off and want her by his side.

  54. chris Bassett says:

    men hate Winona too let’s get that clear and fans do want him to have a love interest and not a perfect woman but one that challenges him. Graham Yost obviously knows the fans hate Winona or they wouldn’t be trying to make her more warm now. We still hate her and the scenes make fans want to throw up! Too much personal shit on the show now. Natalie Zea is sleeping with him or why else would they include all this sappy stuff and make him so weak? He is weak on and off screen to her

  55. henry calder says:

    For the questions to be printed in articles now about the affair with Natalie Zea and Timothy Olyphant means there is an affair. The celebs that make these articles and bring questions to the surface and to the attention of the public it generally is true. Look at the past articles and publications when questions arise like this and they always end up being true. Maybe after 20 years of marriage he is bored and needs something else. He seems to have to promote lately he has been married a long time. Trying to save his image so the affair won’t go public and wreck his career. Remember, no prenup so he might have to stay in this marriage. Playboys wear their rings on the other hand or not at all.

  56. Clive owen says:

    Timothy Olyphant is so having an affair why else would he be trying so hard to tell the public he has been married for so long. He is a player!!!!! You can watch him fall all over himself on his show. SO OBVIOUS!!!!!

  57. jeffers says:

    Men hate her to. It is a copout to say it is only women. she thinks alot of herself to believe women are jealous of her. Please!!!

  58. keller says:

    This is Timothy Olyphant wife now


    Not so attractive and she is going bald and she is extremely heavy. It must be a problem for him

  59. lerner says:

    Timothy Olyphant wears is ring just to wear it for his image. He has been sleeping around in Hollywood with ladies for years now. He and his wife have an open marriage. Why else would he not flaunt her other than she is ugly and promote him being married for 20+ Hollywood is all about image and look at the direction of Justified. He has stated in several interviews his love for Natalie Zea and has defended her on several occasions but not his wife. Not one peep out of him about how cruel the posts and comments have been about her and his kids only publicly defends Natalie Zea. Why? Guess we already know the answer to that one.

  60. haleholiday says:

    Why else would Natalie Zea state in this interview that Timothy Olyphant is all hers and once again talk about her tits. She brings it up and that is why men watch her not because of her acting. This is why she got the job and as season three of Justified continues you will believe it too.


  61. livbee says:

    Natalie Zea talks about tits all the time. She even made the statement she has large cleavage with a contract and all of the amentities to go along. She has no acting abilities and her tits are not that great. Get over yourself already. Nasty!

  62. gatesbgone says:

    When a man doesn’t speak of his wife fondly in public he don’t care about her and he speaks more fondly of Natalie Zea than his own wife. The man cares more about her than the woman he is married to. You can see it when him and Natalie Zea are together. For Timothy Olyphant to say publicly he doesn’t have sex with is wife and he looks forward to kissing and making love to his costars the man is a philanderer. George Clooney who is a well known playboy speaks more highly of his lovers than Timothy Olyphant does. 20 years of marriage don’t mean shit anymore. That is when most marriages start to go south and his has

  63. hellokitty says:

    His daughters name is Kara the oldest


    He calls his wife Liz and he complained about his family while doing the sports show on indie 103.1 many times and talked about other women and there tits. He is a boob guy apparently which goes along with Natalie and how much she talks about her tits. Wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity couple met on set and left their spouses. That has never happened in Hollywood. No!!

  64. campsite says:

    Here is the interview about him talking about how talented Natalie Zea is and how he will use his power to ensure a kid


    Makes no bones about wanting to continue his relationship with Natalie Zea doesn’t defend his wife

  65. sharonS says:

    He is so sleeping with her. Why else would it start to hit the news. We will soon see pics of them together

  66. hobbs says:

    If the man was so private why would he make sexual comments about his costars on the commentaries of his shows and how he doesn’t get sex from his wife anymore and practically bed Natalie Zea on the commentary.

    Tell the woman to put a bra on she is sleeze no class what so ever!

  67. grover says:

    How does Dee know so much about his life? She is the stalker and troll!

  68. grover says:

    Dee and Nelly are the same person trying to defend Timothy Olyphant. How do they know know much about the man.

  69. gonebabygone says:

    Look at her sweater top or whatever the hell that is and the strings hanging from it. What a scrappy woman she is no wonder he is sleeping with Natalie Zea. Natalie puts her nipples out there why wouldn’t he take advantage of it.

  70. mw82 says:

    Cheaiting begins with comments like I can’t wait to shove my tongue into my costars mouth or rub my groin on hers. I so look forward to going to work to get some because my wife doesn’t put out any longer.

    Isn’t that how it all starts and progresses into an affair. Why is he any different from any other man. Wasn’t that the speculation with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They talked about each other that way. Gee I see a pattern here with Timothy Olyphant. He certainly doesn’t find his wife exciting enough after all these years to talk about her that way.

  71. keenman says:

    They are so having an affair. Natalie Zea is such a nasty woman.

  72. flachbart says:

    Timothy Olyphant’s wife is ugly. What is with the old looking clothes and shoes. She has let herself go

  73. packitin says:

    A man so private and so concerned for the well being of his wife wouldn’t be so flippant about not haviing sex with his wife and get so excited that it nearly chipped his tooth to kiss another woman. If he was so protective of his wife and kids he wouldn’t speak at all or very kindly and he doesn’t do that ever

  74. britta says:

    Have you listened to his interview about Jennifer Garner? She was pregnant at the time of making Catch and Release and he said at first he had a problem with it and then got over it and loved doing the kissing and love scenes. The woman was pregnant with Ben Affleck’s baby and he is salivating over her. Disgusting! The man has no boundaries or respect for women or his wife to talk like that. All his comments are on the internet and he cannot take them back and doesn’t seem to care. So why does anyone care what he thinks about his affair with Natalie Zea. He is enjoying himself and ruining the show in the process pitiful

  75. britta says:

    I would like to add that if there was a stalker which clearly there isn’t because people are only posting things and commenting on his comments. He has made all of these remarks and he doesn’t care what he says about his wife by saying he is hard up. He should think about what he says and he isn’t trying to be funny. No humor in putting your wife down like that

  76. heatson says:

    Dee if Timothy Olyphant is so private and in one posters comments made the statement he won’t mention his kids name on air where did you hear him say his daughters name? You are talking about knowing things about him but can’t prove it. Others have posted links with his comments. Put up or shut up. Also, he has a nickname for his wife he also has one for his daugter because that is not a woman on the air and if you listen to the tapes of him when doing the sports show he and his family sang Joe Escalante Happy Bday and he didn’t mention their names other than Liz. So which is it? Is he private about his kids or not. You seem to have the inside scoop and issues with the comments about the comments he has made.

    • Dee says:

      Can you not read? As I said above he said her name during the Deadwood DVD commentary with Ian McShane. Sorry, but I ain’t buying you a copy if you are so hard up for that evidence go rent them yourself. And the only thing people have posted on here are links that prove they are liars.

  77. Just sayin' says:

    I was watching Timothy on Conan the other night and his left ring finger looks messed up. Couldn’t tell if it was a busted knuckle or maybe he broke it, but his finger was not straight. Maybe that’s why he wears it on the right finger?

  78. Just sayin' says:

    I was watching Timothy on Conan the other night and his left ring finger looks messed up. Couldn’t tell if it was a busted knuckle or broken, but his finger is not straight. Maybe that’s why he wears it on the right finger?

  79. riggit says:

    the ones that don’t believe the affair have always stated it hasn’t hit the mags yet so it is just talk. If it was discussed on a podcast last year and now a well know publication is asking questions about it then it is a question that is out there and usually is true. Look at other celebs who have had the same issues and it generally has come true. Like I said, 20+ years of marriage and three kids is no guarantee of a happy marriage and if the man is so eager to get to work to do love scenes with his costars that is a huge sign of a unhappy man. He stated it no one made that up or put words into his mouth. All of the comments are comments about what he said. This is also an article about his cheating so why wouldn’t people be posting about his philandering ways? If you don’t want to read about it then you shouldn’t have pulled up the article in the first place.

  80. riggit says:

    I don’t feel sorry for his wife one bit. She has millions of dollars in the bank, a nanny, doesn’t work, lives in LA fashion central and can’t seem to make herself from looking old and used. She has plenty of time during the day while the kids are at school to make herself attractive and appealiing to her sexy husband. If he is talking about wanting to go to work to get sex that his her fault for not taking care of business at home. She has everything at her fingertips to look attractive if she can’t do that then her husband will walk. 20+ years of marriage and three kids will not keep a man being faithful. If there is a woman like Natalie Zea who flaunts herself and he isn’t getting any, his words, then the man is going to go where he can get it

  81. Tom Payne says:

    In all fairness this is a online article about his cheating so why wouldn’t people be posting about it? Also, the ones that seem to have information about his private life that other posters are commenting about things that Timothy Olyphant has said himnself so who is the real stalker here. As far as the statement of prvoing it has comes from both sides of the argument so you can’t say it is one or the other. If Timothy Olyphant was so concerned for his private life and his family he wouldn’t go around making the comments about them he does which sparks speculation. Even the writer Bedhead is suspicious along with others in the business. One point to make is if there was nothing going on between the two they wouldn’t care what people thought or said just like everyday people but they look so uncomfortable around one another at events you know they are trying to keep their distance. Why? Nothing going on nothing to hide. They obviously look as though they have something to hide. One last point, Timothy Olyphant did state himself no words put into his mouth that Natalie Zea is his favorite actor to work with on the show and was coming on to so and other blogs and fans have mentioned it and how the show has taken a turn since he made that statement. Why wouldn’t there be speculation of an affiar after he did that? Fans are pissed about it and it shows no respect for his wife when he wanted to bed her on the dvd for everyone to hear forever.

    He isn’t even a gentleman with his wife. If you look at clips he doesn’t open the car door for her or even gets into a vehicle before her because he is the celebrity. That is not taking care of your woman first. His actions and comments have led alot of people to believe he is having an affair.

  82. Sarah lee says:

    One piece of information you are all forgetting is Timothy Olyphants really good friend from 103.1 Indie is Joe Escalante and he is a lawyer. If there was one once of lies or it was one person stalking him his buddy would be all over it for him. No public records have been filed against one person for slandering the man. Why is that you ask? Because it is more than one person and some of what these people are saying is true. If it wasn’t and Timothy Olyphant was the man he says he is with his family he would protect them and stop this nonsense along with all of the posts about his brother and family. The rumors and posts the comments have been going on continually for over a year now and not one legal document has been filed. That says alot and how is it now that it continues and continues without Timothy Olyphant or Natalie Zea making one comment or filing one legal issue against this one person. Not one person and alot of it is the truth and here it is all coming out

  83. Kristi B Collins says:

    So here’s a scenario for you. Let’s say I saw Natalie Zea in “The Other Guys”, and I thought she was attractive and funny. So I go online and search to see what other TV and movies she’s been in. Or maybe she has a twitter account? I’ll go on twitter and search under Natalie Zea.

    WOW! That’s a weird tweet. It’s a tweet to someone with the twitter account “chrisingalls”. The tweet says “chrisingalls” is Alexis Olyphant’s mother, and the person is telling her through twitter that Timothy Olyphant is having an affair with Natalie Zea. Oh snap! – this person is also tweeting to “chrisingalls” about how ugly Alexis is! That’s her own daughter, if I’m to believe this tweet. Who the heck would do something like that, tell a mother her daughter is ugly? Well, there are strange people out there who are pretty messed up. It’s not too surprising that someone would be so tasteless as to do that.

    But wait! The person who tweeted this – Craig Swapp – has tweeted this stuff four different times. And there are more tweets… all to “chrisingalls”, and all talking about the “affair” and her daughter’s looks. And they come from: Jason Rich, Terry Climber, Peter Walker, Ron Liebeech, Robert French, Carl Grits, Clarry Maves, Matt Heimer, Mike Fery, Russ Whitney, David Clemins, and more.

    So: There are more than twenty different people on twitter, who are not only posting stories about an Olyphant-Zea affair, but copying Olyphant’s mother-in-law on the tweet. And I might add that all the posts are the same darn eighth-grade level writing. And I didn’t have to stalk anyone to find this, it was all done in a three minute search on twitter!

    So I can’t speak for everyone, but that’s why I don’t believe the rumors, and that’s why I know they are the work of one person. I’ll let others draw their own conclusions.

  84. Tig says:

    I think there has been a terrible misunderstanding here. If you listen to the Deadwood commentary at the end. Ian McShane says ” Say goodnight Gracie” Timothy Olyphant replies “Goodnight Gracie!” That is an old showbiz saying. The comic George Burns use to end each show by saying this to his dippy wife Gracie Allen. And she would say ” goodnight Gracie!” If you know any elderly folks or an entertainment geek like me, they would know that. I don’t think it had anything to do with anyone’s name at all. I am certainly not trying to start anything or get in the middle of this at all. Just FYI

    • Terry Climber says:

      Tig, you may be right about the Deadwood commentary being a reference to Burns & Allen. But did you know Gracie never said “Goodnight Gracie”? Although it was widely reported she responded that way, she actually would always simply respond “Goodnight”. You can still catch reruns on Antenna TV network weekdays from 2-3 am Eastern time.

  85. Stoddard says:

    I do not feel sorry for his wife in the least. The woman has millions of dollars, lives in LA fashion capital of the nation, doesn’t work, has a nanny, kids are in school and she looks more like his mother than his wife. She is so unattractive and if she really wanted to make sure her husband didn’t cheat she would present herself as a sexy woman not a motherly figure to her husband. She is one ugly woman.

  86. Hallass says:

    I am a lawyer and if it were one person there would be legal issues and Timothy Olyphant would certainly be pursuing it if it wasn’t true. As of today there is no record of any legal filings against this one person. Trust me if there was any chance they could nail him/her he would do it especially since his good buddy is Joe Escalante who is a lawyer. One thing to that most people don’t realize is there is always some amount of truth to the gossip that is out there or there would be more legal issues for the tabloids and the online gossip. People can’t go around for over a year or so and continually spread the same lies over and over again without some kind of proof. I venture to believe being a lawyer that there is some amount of truth to this and Timothy Olyphant is trying to keep it quiet so he doesn’t draw anymore attention to himself. Once he goes to court it would be public knowledge and his indesrections would be exposed. Right now he is giving the fans what they want no comment which in the legal world means he is guilty of cheating.

  87. nameless says:

    I think it’s pretty funny that the trolls and the Tim O fans are getting so up in arms about this. The man is an actor. He acts. He gets to pretend to sleep with attractive women. He’s gorgeous. He makes $100,000 per episode. If he wanted to be a single guy, he would be. Nothing is forcing him to stay anywhere he doesn’t want to be. I happen to think his wife is lovely. She bore and raised his children for Christ’s sake. I think it’s pretty obvious whomever the troll is spreading these rumors is a child– thinking in terms of looks and money. There are more important things to a man than how much hair his wife has. PS- Clearly, the troll is fishing for information. She doesn’t know enough to be convincing so she’s hoping people will correct her details.

  88. he jokes.. for his own shake.. he may even have talked about it to his wife and take her “ok”.. If it’s not the case i would not like to be in his shoes..