LeAnn Rimes might be asked to join ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

As you probably know by now, all of the writers here at Celebitchy read the weekly tabloids religiously. I enjoy the tabs for many reasons – first, I just enjoy the idle gossip, the silliness of it all. Secondly, I enjoy trying to figure out why a story is framed a certain way, if the tabloid actually has a source deep in a celebrity’s camp, if there really was an eyewitness to a certain event, that kind of thing. Over time, I’ve learned to just flat-out ignore certain stories – like, I rarely read anything about reality programming, because I feel like the tabloids are just recycling plots off of the actual shows. But CB called my attention to a story in this week’s Enquirer, all about “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills SHOCKERS!!” Unfortunately, it’s not about the sexual act “The Shocker”.

The basic gist is that some of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills might be leaving, and Lisa Vanderpump is definitely NOT getting her own spinoff show – she taped a pilot and she was looking forward to getting away from the other bitches, but alas, Bravo didn’t pick up the show. There’s also a little thing about a woman named Linda Thompson, who is 61 years old and the ex-girlfriend of ELVIS, might join the show.

But buried deep within the story is this gem:

While Lisa may be out, two other women may be moving in. Sources say producers have asked Elvis’s former girlfriend Linda Thompson to join the cast, as well as 29-year-old LeAnn Rimes. Rimes made headlines in 2009 when she had an affair with new housewife Brandi’s then-husband Eddie Cibrian and has since married him.

One insider says the Brandi/LeAnn match-up would be “an instant recipe for fireworks” – and that means big ratings!

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

CB asked me if I thought LeAnn would actually consider it. I do think there’s a decent possibility – I mean, think of all of the attention LeAnn would get! And she would get to one-up Brandi ON TV! Considering LeAnn wants to BE Brandi Glanville to the point of a creepy Single White Female-like stalking-obsession, I think this is a valid possibility. However, there are totally reasons why LeAnn wouldn’t do it too. Like, she’s crazy, but is she THIS crazy? Doesn’t she want to convince people she’s still a country superstar?

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  1. brin says:

    She’s insane and a famewhore but I doubt she would do it.

  2. The.princess.leia says:

    I can’t believe the NE didnt include the fact that Linda Thompson is the ex-wife of Bruce Jenner and David Foster, mother to Brandon and Brody and was on that Princes of Malibu reality show. That’s only a few degrees away from a Kardashian.

    As for the Lulu McCrayCray, PLEASE let this happen!!

  3. moopsie says:

    thats just, I dunno, so f*cked

    • originalone says:

      Would anyone ever believe that Leann would let her gigolo of a husband ANYWHERE near his ex-wife? Why do you think Leann attends all their kids’ events: Because the ex-wife is there, and Leann needs to keep an eye on Eddie.

      Yeah, that would be beyond f-cked up, “Andy’s eyes are like truth syrum” the sort of f-cked-up. Obviously, I’m still trying to get over the syrum, that diluted delusional extract from crazy Hollywood syrup.

      I am syrumming my ass off. :D

  4. horizonte says:

    if you look in leann’s twitter you’ll see that several people asked her about it and she said “no” like it was beneath her.

  5. OriginalTiffany says:

    Nooooooo. I can’t see either one of them, let alone the Ediot wanting to do this.
    It would be hilarious and I would watch every minute, though.

  6. Hootysgram says:

    I love HWBH but I will STOP watching it if LeAnn joins that show. It might be fun to watch Kyle dig her claws in to LeAnn…but I highly doubt Brandi would stay if she had to share the same space with NUTJOB LeAnn. Please don’t let her join that show..powers to be…I’d miss watching!

  7. Agnes says:

    I hope this isn’t true, for the sake of the poor kids who are in the middle of the Lyann/Brandi bitchfits.

  8. fabgrrl says:

    I would be far more interested in seeing this Linda Thompson on a show than any of the other “ladies”.

  9. Peg says:

    As compelling as this sounds, I think the tension would be too much. I really think LR would eff up the whole show.

  10. Jezi says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Leann planted that little bit of bs just so that she was talked about. She’s just that nuts. Ever since Brandi has been getting more attention, Leann has been trying to get her attention by including Brandi’s name in her tweet responses. But I don’t think Bravo would do it. Leann can’t sell her own stuff, let alone get people to watch her Lifetime and CMT movies. I think Bravo would know that the ratings would drop if she appeared.

  11. girlindisguise says:

    I would quit watching if they put LeAnn on the show. She’s too fugly.

  12. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Linda is way more than swaggerjacking Elvis’ sidepiece. She use to be married to Bruce Jenner and had Brody and the other kid who isn’t that important but totally hot! And she was married to David Foster.

  13. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    It would be awesome but I don’t think she’d do it. In her mind she is an A list celebrity and Real Housewives is beneath her so yeah I don’t think she’d say yes.

  14. clare says:

    Forget Leanne, what that show needs is to bring back Allison DuBois!

  15. Deliver Of Deceit says:

    I could see LeAnn being featured on the show in a “surprise/totally unscripted” encounter with Brandi if Brandi were to become an official housewife.

    Haven’t seen anyone’s thoughts as to Brandi saying she would return for season 3 full time, but not as a “friend”. Just a ploy, or does anyone really think if she were offered “friend” status she would actually turn down the offer?

  16. Rhiley says:

    Oh Lawd country done come to town…. Sirsly, I hope they kick Kyle to curb and Andrienne and that wackadoo Kim and that nut Tyler and Camille. I actually wish they’d get rid of RHOBH (even though I watched it this season).

    • Asli says:

      Yeah, don’t like any of them really. Kyle is the most immature b!tch ever! Kim is just… urgh, so childish! They’re all just crazy. I like watching it because it reminds me of how much I appreciate my life. I wouldn’t want to trade with any of those ladies. Too much self-inflicted drama.

      • Rhiley says:

        I totatlly agree. Watching it helps me to feel so good about myself. I may not live in Beverly Hills and drive a tacky ass Bentley and wear expensive (but tacky clothes)but I have a good job that most days I really love, I have a beautiful home, I have a solid, fun relationship, and there is very little drama in my life. All those women are tacky and childish… I can’t wait for Real Housewives of OC to start. Those bitches are my absolute favorite. So broke, so tacky, so deluded. It’s gonna be good…

  17. Asli says:

    I don’t think she would do it because that would only prove that her ‘career’ is over. It would be epic if she did though.

  18. Rita says:

    LeAnn has said it very clearly in mocking Brandi that LeAnn would never do reality TV because it is beneath her….unless of course the money is running out.

    On a side note, I see on twitter that LeAnn moved her mother from Dallas to LA and rented a house for her….in the same neighborhood as Eddie’s parents.

    I’m sure Eddie and his parents are delighted but how many people want their in-laws living across the street from them?

    Everyone who wants their in-laws next door please raise your hand….I see one in the back. Oh, I’m sorry. The ladies room is on the left down the hall. Anyone else? That’s what I thought.

  19. JudyJudyJudy says:

    a woman I dont know on a show I dont watch. next!

  20. Happy21 says:

    How the hell will LR ever go AWAY if she is on a show like this? Please don’t let it happen!!!

  21. Little Darling says:

    I would pay money to see LeAnn on this show.

    Oh wait, I forgot. I don’t watch those shows, because I actually care about my brain cells, my eyes, and my intelligence. And rich, bratty, botoxed, immature women duking it out over FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS isn’t my idea of entertainment. At all.

    That said, I would love to read about the drama that would ensue, and I would love to hear about LeAnn and the cray cray.

    I don’t think it’s true though…just drumming up more publicity for the show, which is still casting next season.

  22. skipper says:

    I will stop watching.

    Wait, no I won’t.

  23. beclove says:

    Maybe this is why she got her face and boobs all jacked up?

  24. Sarah says:

    I’m not sure my TV could handle so much craziness without tearing a hole in space and time.

  25. Kimberly says:

    Isn’t there enough white trash on that show already? I’ve been to my sister’s when she was watching that show and I was shocked at how ugly and old looking all the woman are. I mean they’re suppose to be rich, you’d think they could afford sunblock so their skin didn’t look so leathery was my first thought. Despite that they may be rich on paper, but not actually with cash, the show has a trailer trash feel to it. Maybe intended since those are the characters they casted on the show it seems.

    The most trashy needy woman they could find . . . leanne will fit right in.

    Besides she kinda needs the money since her last CD flopped.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Co sign 100%. The women are like a freak show of Fug (except for Brandi).
      Two years from now when Le Anns career is as dead as a door nail with crickets chirping and tumble weeds blowing through she’ll be BEGGING to be on a reality show.
      The title of the show can be “D-ckmatized Rehab.” Or “D-cktervention” .

  26. skilo says:

    If Brandi doesn’t come back next season I don’t think I’ll watch RHOBH anymore. I guess she probably wouldn’t be interested but I think they should ask Emma Heming I mean she’s friends with Brandi, married to Bruce Willis and step mom to Rumor, Scout and Tallulah Willis, so she’d bring a lot to the show. I can’t stand Leann, but if she and Brandi were both on I’d definitely watch. But if Leaann were on and Brandi wasn’t? Nope.

  27. kelly says:

    Again, just to say, it says a lot about LeAnn that when I twittered on her account that wearing bikinis everywhere wouldn’t stop Eddie from cheating, she blocked me from ever being able to write to Her Holiness again. The truth hurts.

  28. Meanchick says:

    In other believable news: Babboons might be asked to fly out of my butt.

  29. Gisele says:

    This is sort of off topic but a male friend of mine saw a photo of Brandi with her long legs and all and commented, “I wonder how often Eddie calls out Brandi’s name during sex with Leann.” He even suggested that Eddie made Leann wear a Brandi mask during the act just so that he could go through with it. I told him that Leann left her wallet on the bed side table and that was probably aphrodisiac enough.

  30. hateonit. says:

    Leann is just so unfortunate looking…i think it has to do with her eyebrows. I cant put my finger on it. Anyways, hope she doesnt do the show. She probably wouldnt….i also hope he strays and we get a full report and their marriage is ruined. its so evil to think that blah blah blah too bad she deserves it. neither one of them deserve true happiness. ever. and she doesnt even look that good in bikinis its like her body is going through some awkward stage. she can lose another 25 pounds and be skeletal but shell always have man shoulders and no hips. and those horrid bolt ons geeez. kay rant over :)

  31. Ginger says:

    I also like RHOBH and I love how Brandi is so different from the other women. I don’t think I could stomach watching LeAnn on this show however. As some of the other ladies have already said, I’d probably stop watching as well. Linda sounds like an interesting addition though…hmmmmm? I’m curious now. I was wondering how the cast of the next season was going to shake out.

  32. julia says:

    I would love to see that 25.000$ sunglasses biatch in the show. It would be fun to see how broke she really is since her house was empty with just 2 tacky couch on the living room. As for the country has been singer…do
    we really need to see another greedy self-absorbed skank? i think we’re just fine with kyle.

  33. surfing2day says:

    I can’t remember where I read it (some rag likley lol) that the Bravo housewives franchise was going to be making another type housewife show in Callabasa. Wives that were famous, children involved, have a strong faith with God. I’m wondering if they are actually filming now. Remember seeing Leann and Kim going to prayer meetings? Perhaps part of the show.Now Leann and Ediot renewing their vows without the paps,people mag online gets first scoop, makes me think this is going on now.