Rooney Mara in green Louis Vuitton: lovely or underwhelming?

These are some new photos of Rooney Mara at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival over the weekend, where she won the “Virtuoso” Award for her work in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Rooney wore this lovely green Louis Vuitton dress and matching coat for the occasion. I whole-heartedly approve of this look on her, and I can finally see why she gets (too many) comparisons to Audrey Hepburn. This is the kind of look that petite, small-chested girls can really pull off beautifully – the fitted, high-necked top with the architectural, puffy skirt. Plus, Rooney finally found a color that looks beautiful on her – some people look sickly in green, but Rooney finally “pops”.

Rooney is still out and about, promoting The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo internationally – she was just in Japan last week. Part of her recent appearances could be construed as an effort towards her Oscar campaign – remember, she’s up for Best Actress along with Meryl Streep and Viola Davis. Most critics/Oscar watchers think Best Actress is just that two-woman race between Meryl and Viola, with Glenn Close, Rooney and Michelle Williams not even figuring into it that much. But if there was going to be a spoiler, would it be Rooney? Or would it be Michelle? I suspect Michelle has the better shot. I also suspect that Rooney isn’t going to have a full-blown Oscar campaign. Partly because she’s so “over” the Hollywood thing (FOR REAL, she’s so hardcore, y’all) and partly because I’m guessing the studio doesn’t want to spend the money, maybe.

Maybe I would feel differently about Rooney’s Oscar nomination if I didn’t think she was such a brat. Maybe I feel differently about her as a person if she was really wowing me with her style. But isn’t she just an underwhelming person in total? Still, I love this Louis Vuitton on her. I hope she wears a good color for the Oscars.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Bite me says:

    Go Giants!!!! Mara looks nice

  2. Carobell says:

    She’s so pretty when she smiles. Shame about the attitude though.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I like the dress, especially the color. Sometimes she looks very pretty, but I think her makeup or something is slightly off here.

  4. atlantapug says:

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen a photo where she actually looks good!

    Green is her friend, her attitude is not.

  5. Mia says:

    Looks very sweet. The color looks great on her. Just wish she didn’t wear a matching coat, I think black would have been fine on top

  6. Tapioca says:

    It’s the fringe! This is one girl for whom the “bangs trauma” label fits perfectly – with her fringe off her face, a jewel colour and an actual smile she looks great.

    And I can see the logic that if she’s not going to win the Oscar, why campaign – especially when it’s seen as being a bit tacky. Anyone remember in horror Melissa Leo bent over in front of a swimming pool for her “Consider” ads?

  7. SG says:

    She looks great! I don’t know but the top doesn’t seem as fitted to me, at least at the waist area.

    I don’t think Rooney has a serious chance at the Oscars, I don’t even think Michelle Williams has much of a chance either (even though she really, really wants it).

  8. Jessica says:

    Her face just begs to be slapped. I just can’t like her. She’s plain and snotty, and Oscar noms for first movies (I dunno, maybe she did something before this, but she’s an unknown) seem wrong somehow. Choosing her over someone like Streep (with all her experience and talent) is so wrong there are no words.

    • PrettyTarheel says:

      I can’t stand Rooney Mara’s whole schtick-which is what I think it is, aloof my ass- but it’s the specific, individual performance that should be judged, not the body of work or the person doing the acting. That doesn’t mean I think Rooney Mara deserves an Oscar, or that Meryl doesn’t based on her performance, just that the actual performance should the determining factor, not the actor’s reputation or (snotty) attitude. (I know, it doesn’t always happen this way-while I love “The Blind Side,” Sandra Bullock was helped by her overall lovely personality and the affection voters have for her.)

  9. INeedANap says:

    You know, for someone that professes to be so dark and edgy and Against the Machine (TM), she sure stands like a shy 5-year-old doing show-and-tell in front of the class. I can’t stand that she is always slightly hunched over, knees knocked, hands held in front of her. Stop looking so f**king scared, Rooney — if you are going to play the part of super cool beyotch, act like one.

  10. says:

    I think this look is great- the colour, the shoes, the hair (no bangs!), the natural makeup.

    But seriously, girl needs to learn how to pose like a woman and not like a 5 year old.

  11. theotherbird says:

    yah know, there’s a number of shots there where she’s got the same look as k.middleton…

  12. demian bichir says:

    Okey, i’m not usually a hater but this girl is trying too hard.I can’t stand her fake personnality.

    Noomi RAPACE is cooler because she’ not trying to look cool she just is(too real for HWOOD). Rooney is not any different than all the others HWOOD starlets she just pretends to be a serious actress and she’s NOT.

  13. bea says:

    She looks great in that color! Love that the dress has a matching jacket. Not crazy about the fabric, but I realize you need thick material to make that sculpted dress shape. Way better than usual – a smile really improved her look!

  14. Asli says:

    I am SO over grown-ass women standing like little girls. Stand up straight! You’re not a shy, little, precious girl. You’re a snotty, entitled brat. Standing like that doesn’t make you adorable!

  15. Blue says:

    Much better, now if someone could tell her to stand up straight, that would be great. Oh yeah I forgot she’s young, shy and not used to this *sarcasm* How long has she been promoting this damn movie? It’s time to step it up.

  16. Franny says:

    It would be nice of those wunderlust ads didn’t obscure half of the picture…

  17. T.C. says:

    Love the color but hate the puffy skirt and the unfitted coat. She looks pretty though and super uncomfortable posing. Kristen Stewart 2.0 The studio won’t give her an Oscar campaign because she has ZERO chance of winning. The nomination over the much better Tilda Swinton was her prize and they know it.

    • Tapioca says:

      EVERYONE who was nominated was nominated over the much better Tilda Swinton!

      But then that’s how it goes. Gwynneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts and Halle Berry all have shiny doorstops they didn’t really deserve either. It’s funny how the Best Actor Oscar generally rewards genuine talent, the Best Actress award is more of a popularity contest.

    • .D. says:

      Tilda Swinton made the same mistake Rooney Mara did – her public comments about the Supporting Actress Oscar she won not being that important to her were not exactly brimming over with gratefulness.

      Quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Academy chooses not to nominate her ever again – I can totally see that being held against her.

      And assuming Tilda is being honest about not really caring about the Oscars, none of us really need to be upset on her behalf.

  18. Erinn says:

    I think the dress is underwhelming. It’s a lot better than some outfits she’s worn but there’s something so bland about it. And it doesn’t really come off as simple in a good way to me. It doesn’t do anything for her shape, that’s for sure. I like the coat MUCH more than the actual dress.

    She is a lot prettier with the bangs off of her face though. I still don’t find her anything more than ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’ when I look at older pictures though. She doesn’t have a sex appeal. She comes off, to me anyway, as that really shy kind of nerdy girl in high school who suddenly got pretty.

  19. NO SH¡T says:

    I’m so over these new hoes and their “I’m not that into it” attitude this shit is getting old. Quit if its not for you, don’t take millions of dollars to be in movies and maga

    • Petunia says:

      Me too. It comes across as “I’m too good for any of this.” Kristen Stewart and Taylor Momsen have the same expression. So does a typical 15 year old girl. It’s hardly something a movie going audience will find attractive for too long, I wouldn’t think.

  20. Petunia says:

    She’s a pretty girl but she does nothing to enhance her looks. Her hair is always terrible and she always has such a puss on her face. Maybe she’s secretly peeved that she isn’t starring in The Greatest Movie Ever yet. Hope she’s a better actress than she is red carpet poser.

  21. Esmom says:

    Lovely, the green really brings out her eyes. Not a huge fan of the coat but the dress rocks.

    And I’m fully on Team Rooney. Give the girl a break on her demeanor/attitude. How would you handle being thrust into the international spotlight and being scrutinized so harshly by people like us? She’s doing OK, I think.

    • T.C. says:

      She is 26 years old. She is old enough to know not to bad mouth her previous jobs in public. I knew that by age 18. I think that’s what people are complaining about when they say her nasty attitude in interviews not the way she dresses.

    • Funnylilou says:

      @Esmom: I totally agree!
      I don’t understand the hate toward this girl, I just can’t imagine how hard it would be to be thrown into the big hollywood game suddenly under high scrutinity, it is something to be an actress it’s something else when you have been propulsed as the new sensation overnight..; and especially when you are an introvert as she seems to be but I think she is improving we can obviously see that she is struggling and battling herself in order to smile, behave better or overcome the great pressure that she suddenly has to endure!

      on a sidenote she is a very beautiful girl!

  22. ladybert62 says:

    Hate the dress; hate the hair; hate the slouch – stand up straight girl.

  23. .D. says:

    Underwhelming celebrities mainly elicit indifference. They get ignored by gossip blogs because their readers don’t care enough to click on their posts. Basically, they just float somewhere in that grey mist that knows neither love nor hate, just “…oh, that’s whatsherface.”

    Whenever I see this woman mentioned somewhere, it’s usually followed by hostile bitching from people who want to stab her in her allegedly stuck-up face & defensive cheerleading by people who think she’s allegedly awesome.

    She’s anything but underwhelming. If anything, she’s overwhelming you – with the desire to tackle her and forcibly shave off her bangs, maybe, but overwhelming you just the same.

  24. normades says:

    She looks very pretty here, esp. in that last shot. Fab color and those shoes are killer.

    I think Rooney has great style which will be apparent once she stops doing the goth thing for promotion purposes.

    This girl is on the up and up and this is just the beginning folks!

  25. Sarah says:

    Looks like somebody is about to hit her.

  26. shontay says:

    I think she looks great here. I think she’s very pretty and I even like her stance. It’s different and better than that cross legged thing all the girls are doing. I like that she is pushing those horrible little bangs to the side, too.

    I like Rooney. I think she’s an interesting actress, fresh. She’s a bit pretentious, but so what? In all the interviews I’ve seen of her, she seems a bit quiet, but never comes off like some intolerable bitch. I think people need to fall back a bit.

  27. Blue says:

    How can one be so shy and introverted yet be a movie star? Being famous requires you to talk to people and be somewhat outgoing. People keep defending her because “the poor thing got thrust into the spotlight” well maybe she shouldn’t be acting on screen then. This girl comes from a very wealthy family. If she doesn’t like the attention or people asking her stuff and taking her pictures then maybe she should do something else or go act in a small theater or something. Like I said she has been promoting this movie for months, I think it’s high time she stop wringing her hands and acting so fragile.

  28. demian bichir says:

    I simply hate nepotism.Your naive if you think this girl is an introvert she’s far from it.I never seen in my life,a shy or timid girl fighting to get a role in a big Hollywood franchise + the remake of an already successful one WW.She wanted that kind of scrutiny, she asked for it. If she didn’t i mean why become a movie star?She doesn’t need the money she comes from money .You wanna be a serious actress Rooney why don’t you try theater for instance?

  29. Aiobhan says:

    Overall I think the look is great! I cannot comment on her attitude because I am an admitted Noomi-stan and just recently started to read her interviews. Previously I refused to read anything related to her because I could not stand the hype behind the film and wanted to wait til it died down before I could give it my full attention.Patricia Mara is pretty. I refuse to call her Rooney because I feel her PR team is trying too hard to make her something that she is not: edgy and dark. She is about as edgy and dark as Lana Del Rey is indie. Her real name is pretty.

    I think her stylist is amazing and always seems to find Patricia wonderful things to wear. On the other hand, the oil slick on her head and the ” I am a five year old with a pretty, pretty dwess” pose is annoying. She is about 4 months older than I am and all I want her to do is slap her on the back and bellow at her to stand up straight.

  30. Jackson says:

    Ugh. Her again? Isn’t this movie done yet?

  31. Sara says:

    I love the coat. The dress is pretty but the coat is fantastic. She actually looks good for once.

  32. marie says:

    The color is nice on her….If the dress were a sleek fitted sheath she would have looked more grown up. I do not like the little skirt on it and she has awful legs.

  33. MST says:

    The color brings out her eyes, which are a beautiful shade of green. But I think the outfit looks rather matronly. Im old enough to be her mother, and its something I would wear, minus the poufy skirt (if I could afford it, of course).

  34. Vera says:

    I like this look. Minus her hair. Her hair has been bugging me. I don’t know if her bangs are still all wonky and thus she has been slicking them down, but feel it must have been long enough for her to be able to do something else with them. Or at least wear it down. It just looks unwashed and greasy with it slicked back so much.

  35. Sam Rathlow says:

    Rooney does not stand a chance at the Oscars this year. I don’t know why but I think Michelle Williams will take the Best Actress Oscar this year. If not her then Meryl Streep. The others are meh. Agree about the Best Actor Oscar though, they usually give it to the ones with talent, not the popular or pretty boys. The Best Picture Oscar is becoming a joke. Remember Avatar’s and The Social Network’s nomination?

  36. marina salvatore says:

    this is the first time I am seeing her with no black dresses or jackets.sad. she wants people to think she is this bad-ass character from the book.

  37. Camille (The original) says:

    She looks great…from the neck down. And the posing is ridiculous. Love the shoes.

  38. ViloDeMenus says:

    She did an outstanding job in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, she really did. Not everyone is comfortable and handle so much attention at a young age well. I think she’ll grow into her talent and be very much in demand. The ensemble is lovely on her and is fun but also age appropriate. These giant gowns on younger girls are really hard to pull off for most of them.

  39. Meanchick says:

    I love the entire look and I’m glad she finally smiled in one of her pics, but I hate her posing. She tries too hard to look demure. The ‘deer in the headlights’ look doesn’t work for a girl who showed us her taco onscreen. If she’s edgy, then be edgy.