Katy Perry dedicates a song to Tim Tebow, but he digs Maria Menounos

Katy Perry continued her reemergence into the post-Russell Brand limelight by performing a mini-concert at the DirectTV Super Saturday Night ahead of Super Bowl XLVI. You can see photos from the event here, but for now, we’re stuck with the above photo of her ducking through LAX in mid-January while attempting to go incognito. With blue hair.

Of course, Katy’s already done her first (semi-sympathetic) red-carpet appearance, but she seemed to have a lot more fun at the DirectTV event. During the musical set, Katy alluded to the rumors of having a crush on Tim Tebow (the Broncos quarterback and anti-sex symbol who refuses to take off his pants for a Jockey underwear campaign) by giving him a shoutout:

She scores!

Katy Perry performed her first U.S. concert since splitting from hubby Russell Brand in Indianapolis, Ind., Saturday night, delivering a party-starting nine-song set for guests at Mark Cuban’s DIRECTV Super Saturday Night party.

And the pop star seemed to have Super Bowl fever: Sporting a glittery, football-themed top and high-cut grey spandex shorts, Perry kicked off the show at 11:45 p.m. by bursting through a banner emblazoned with her name, just like a hometown gridiron hero.

“Who else is excited for Madonna?” she asked later on, referring to Queen of Pop’s Sunday halftime show. “That’s the only reason that I came!” (Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, was spotted at Perry’s concert.)

Perry, 27, made no references to Brand, 36, throughout the set, but she did jokingly give a shout out to one special fellow who was on her mind. “This one goes out to Tim Tebow,” she said, before launching into her single “Peacock.”

Post-show, Perry partied with her pals in a roped-off area in the center of the room. Says an insider, “She was having the best time and was in such a great mood.”

[From People]

Naturally, People takes special care to characterize Katy’s dedication as “jokingly” delivered (Us Weekly further reveals that Katy added, “Hi, Tim. My parents say, ‘Hi’“), but I’m not so sure if her words were completely said in jest. In some strange way, I think that Katy would truly go there if Tim was into it. Just look at the song she dedicated to him! Here are some of the highly illustrious lyrics from “Peacock”:

I wanna see you peacock, c*ck, c*ck
You peacock, c*ck
You peacock, c*ck, c*ck
You peacock
I wanna see you peacock, c*ck, c*ck

Are you brave enough to let me see you peacock?
Don’t be a chicken boy, stop acting like a biatch
I’m a peace out if you don’t give me the pay off
Come on baby let me see
Whatchu hidin’ underneath
Are you brave enough to let me see you peacock?
Whatchu waiting for, it’s time for you to show it off
Don’t be a shy kinda guy I’ll bet it’s beautiful

Oh my God no exaggeration
Boy all this time was worth the waiting
I just shed a tear
I am so unprepared
You got the finest architecture
End of the rainbow looking treasure
Such a sight to see
And it’s all for me

[From Perry's "Peacock" via YouTube]

It’s not exactly “Firecracker,” right? Katy basically dedicated a song to Tim that says she wants to be the first one to get into his pants. While Tim wasn’t present at the event, I imagine this would have been his immediate reaction to the tribute:

Not that Katy is tying herself down to any one potential flirtmate. While handing the Rookie of the Year award to Cam Newton, she reportedly statedYou’ll be the first straight man I’ve had a photo with in a long time, so live up to it.” Still, I maintain that Katy would totally be down with the idea of Tim even though I know that many of you wouldn’t agree. Hey, we’ve already discussed how Kim Kardashian wants to date him because she basically thinks it would repair her image. After that story came out, Kim even went so far as to transparently claim she wants to start a Bible study group for the cause. Like it or not, the dude is a hot commodity for a certain species of recently and quickly divorced starlets.

Meanwhile, Tebow finds himself with no shortage of lovely ladies with whom to chat, and Page Six reports that he was the prime target for many females at an ESPN party on Friday evening. He particularly seemed taken by the presence of Maria Menounos:

Tim Tebow was the center of attention for all the women at ESPN the Magazine’s Next party in Indianapolis on Friday night. Hordes of cocktail-dress-clad ladies surrounded the Denver Bronco quarterback, angling for a personal kneeling session. But it was “Extra” host Maria Menounos who seemed to command his attention. While Tebow politely chatted with many of the girls, one source told us that “he only seemed to have eyes” for brunette beauty Menounos, who was spotted “chatting to Tebow for over an hour. It looked quite flirtatious. They were taking pictures Tebowing together.” The two, along with a big group of friends, were the last to leave well after 2 a.m.

[From Page Six]

Interesting tidbit there, for now Tebow has shown public interest not only in spending time with a lady but also in keeping a very late bedtime as well. Perhaps he’s human after all? Although I’m not sure whether Maria is technically available for the taking since she’s been reportedly been dating director Kevin Undergaro for the past decade and has been photographed with him as recently as late December during a romantic holiday getaway. Maria has also claimed to not be in any huge hurry to wed or make babies — she even claimed to have frozen her eggs just in case she waits too long. Well, at least we know Tebow (sort of) has a type.

Incidentally, Maria was also one of the participants at Saturday’s DirectTV Celebrity Beach Bowl where she was tackled by Snoop Dogg during a game of touch football. Although there were no reported injuries as a result of the tackle, Maria likely sustained a contact high, thereby tainting herself and (presumably) rendering herself ineligible as a future Bride of Tebow. Dang.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet, and Pacific Coast News

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  1. whatthehell456 says:

    Is it wrong that I kinda wish people would stop ragging on Tebow? I really don’t care for the man personally, but it seems he’s always the butt of someone’s joke or innuendo, and I kinda feel sorry for him for that.

  2. atlantapug says:

    He just needs to find a nice Christian Co-ed so these burned out Hollywood whores will go away.
    I mean, does KimK. and Katie Perry really think he’d be interested? Really?
    The boy probably thinks divorce is the devil, lol.
    Seriously though, it’s going to get old really fast listening to all the celebrity women throwing themselves at his feet. Wait, it already is old.

  3. Rose says:

    Yes, poor rich white adored footballer with a direct line to a deity, must suck to be him all right. Pass me my very small violin.

  4. lucy2 says:

    Seriously, why is everyone all over that guy? Just let him be.

    Those have to be the worst song lyrics ever.

  5. Spugz says:

    ahaaa I think it’s funny. Good on her! I doubt she actually wants to bone him but she knows how to have a laugh!

  6. Eleonor says:

    Katy Perry slammed Gaga for her Alejandro video, but singing
    “I wanna see you peacock, c*ck, c*ck”
    is that different?

  7. INeedANap says:

    If Katy Perry dedicated that particular song to him in jest, then she has a far better sense of humor than I expected.

    And really? Maria Menounos? Let the privileged boy (he’s 23 y’all, he’s still a boy) and the vacuous model/actress/whatever have each other. I’ll be over here slobbering over Aaron Rodgers!

  8. Asli says:

    I find that highly inappropriate. If I were Tebow I’d be pissed. Get off the guys d*ck, Katy! He doesn’t want you or Kim K. so leave him alone! Okay, just to be clear, I’m not really a football/ Tebow fan or even knew who Tebow was before this site but that song was just over the top. Leave the guy alone. Damn.

  9. Carolyn says:

    I’m Australian so I don’t have a clue about American football or Tim except for what is posted about him here. I’d be very upset if skanky Katy Perry got her mits on him. I’ve got the awful feeling a lot of the ladies would be after him so they could crow about being his “first”. Gross.

    • dahlia1947 says:

      It is gross. It’s turning them on that he’s a virgin and they’re all competing for the chance to be his “first.” Somebody here said that he has a big ego? No, I think not.

      Run as fast as you can Tebow! You’re too good for ALL OF EM’!

  10. Messenger says:

    those are truly vulgar lyrics. she and her family do Christians no favors by claiming to be one of us. please stop.

  11. Ha! says:

    Fellow celeebitchers: the reason why the hollywood ho’s throw their.panties to Tebow.is because he plays hard to get. A lot of this skanks are.in Hollywood for their blowing capabilities, not because they have real talent or morals. Let’s face it, everyone wants what they can’t have. Plus Tebow is really selling himself by a pretty high and unattainable (by Hollywood standards) price. He’d be better off looking for a gal outside of the fame industry.

  12. Angela T says:

    I thought it was funny and the song tends to get stuck in my head after listening to it.

  13. Peachy says:

    I don’t think his peacock wants to see her platypus.

  14. Leticia says:

    Tebow is actually a REBEL. He is making choices that make his life more difficult, because he is in a minority swimming against the sewer of contemporary culture (Jersey Shore, Kardasians, etc).

    He is abstaining from premarital sex when he could have anyone. He is trying to follow Jesus’ teachings is a post-Christian culture. He is making choices counter to our cultural norms and is getting mocked for it, yet he is not compromising to obtain approval. He is a counterrevolutionary!

    In my personal opinion, his sideline bowing is a bit over the top. But I appreciate the rebellion of it all.

    On a side note, it is now rebellious to not have a tattoo, since the majority now do. Go to Walmart and observe the 50 something yr old women with saggy tattoos, etc.

  15. T.C. says:

    Hot virgins are a challenge to both men and women. I too wish people would leave Tim Tebow alone, they make him bigger than life. Let him do his thing. If he wants to go around praying everywhere and being super religious so what? Leave him alone and this is coming from someone who hates people who wear their religion on their sleeve.

  16. Petunia says:

    Not seeing why Tebow having Christian values makes him an object of derision. It’s not like he’s telling everyone else how to live. And at least he has values. Intolerance from Christians or non-Christians is tedious.

    And not seeing what Tebow would see in Katie. She lives a completely different lifestyle and I think makes a bit of a fool of herself doing it at times. She should stick to the quirky guys cause they’re her type.

  17. Petunia says:

    If a man wrote this type of song (I wanna see your pussycat pussy pussy) to a specific woman who was not interested in him, people would say it was humiliating her and even sexual harassment. I’m not down with it when you write it about someone who’s not into you. It smacks of being juvenile, not clever.

  18. G says:

    Tebow’s Christian grandstanding during games is just another kind of famewhoring.

    What are Perry and Kim K thinking?

  19. ladybert62 says:

    I doubt he wants to get involved with trash like Kate Perry and Kim Kardashian – leave the man alone.

  20. malia says:

    that peacock song is such a huge “hey Mickey” Tony basil song rip-off.

    And I was annoyed with all the tebowmania, but the guy on his own dime brings a different family to his games and provides for air and hotel and food and stuff, usually people who are dying. So that he’s on my “nice list”–I ain’t gonna hate on a kid who is grateful for his fame and is using it for good. Who cares if he kneels and all that shit?

  21. Ycnan says:

    Why do we have to know that he is a virgin and waiting for marriage? Like dude, just keep that stuff private.

    Live and let live for sure. Personalty I doubt he will make it, if he really even is a virgin now but whatever. I do kinda think it’s odd though. Just my opinion. But I also agree, leave him alone if he is fame whoring or not.

  22. Karen says:

    I live in Denver, and I actually met him last wee. He was a very nice guy, and I kind of felt bad for him because he was just trying to get some food and people were going crazy. Also, I don’t think he that hot but his body looked ah-mazing.

  23. GoodCapon says:

    I just googled Maria Menounos and she looks just like Cheryl Cole!

  24. minxie says:

    bitch please

    a girl can’t have a good time and make a joke?
    Quoting obviously contrived pop lyrics to support the idea that she’s on his shit is idiotic at best-

  25. celine says:

    not into him, never will be. just for the fact that i luv thinking of sex, and thinking of sex with a virgin is…..akward.

    no not into it, that bitch (maria) is hot btw.

  26. dahluia1947 says:

    It’s another one of her sex fueled songs that her tween fans will listen to. I guess she really doesn’t care as long as the money’s coming in.

    And Katy you should really try to keep your legs closed to other guys for awhile. I mean you just started going through a divorce about 5 seconds ago, geez!

    I feel sorry for Tebow. There aren’t really any good girls that are vying for his attention. He’s got Kim, horny Perry, and too old Menounos.