Gabriel Aubry ordered to have supervised visitation, no overnight stays with Nahla

On Friday Radar ran three stories on the latest developments in the Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry custody battle. TMZ ran two reports on this story. As we’ve come to expect, TMZ has Halle’s camp’s side while Radar is getting the deets from Gabriel. A judge ruled on Friday that Gabriel must be supervised while he’s with his nearly four-year-old daughter, Nahla, and that she cannot stay with him overnight. This comes after allegations that he pushed and yelled at a nanny while she was holding Nahla. Both TMZ and Radar carried the news about supervised visitation. TMZ had a follow-up that Gabriel could lose all custody rights to Nahla, although Radar claims that was never on the table.

Gabriel is contesting the court ruling that he attend anger management courses, and according to Radar he feels “railroaded” by Halle and the courts. Radar also claims that no signs of physical abuse against Nahla or the nanny have been found. Here’s their “team Gabe” insider quote:

Reports say that DCFS is concerned about Nahla while she is with her father, but our source says this is simply NOT the case.

“DCFS has found no signs of physical or verbal abuse regarding Gabriel. They just want the judge to formally order Aubry to attend parenting classes with Halle and take the anger management classes. He has been resisting that because he feels like he has been railroaded unfairly. Gabriel wants the nanny to be held accountable for lying because he says he never even touched her,” the insider says.

[From Radar]

TMZ has the “team Halle” quotes that Gabe is a big bad guy who scares his little girl.

Gabriel Aubry has been accessed of multiple incidents of child neglect and endangerment … and one of the accusers is 3-year-old Nahla, TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services conducted numerous interviews with people familiar with the relationship between Gabriel, Halle Berry and Nahla. We’re told DCFS now has numerous incidents that have raised concerns about Gabriel’s ability to properly parent his child.

We’re told DCFS conducted an interview with Nahla, who talked about her father and described incidents involving him screaming at her — and how it made her extremely frightened.

Our sources say DCFS has information about Gabriel yanking the child out of the nanny’s hand, allegedly pushing the nanny while holding the child, and putting the child in harm’s way while Halle was shooting movie in Europe.

As TMZ previously reported, the Dependency Court ordered that Gabriel can only have contact with his daughter in the presence of a monitor to ensure the safety of Nahla. But we’re told that is just the beginning … there will be numerous other hearings, as well as additional requirements that Gabriel must fulfill, which will include various forms of counseling.

As we reported earlier, Gabriel agreed to anger management counseling … but we’re told the Dependency Court will order more than that.

Just a note … Dependency Court is different from the family court where Garbiel and Halle have been frequent visitors over the past year. Dependency Court is designed specifically to protect a child when there are signs of neglect or abuse. Being hauled into Dependency Court is far more serious than a family law skirmish.

[From TMZ]

Even assuming this is all true from an objective viewpoint, why put it out there? Gabriel is always going to be the father of Halle’s daughter, and Nahla is probably going to google herself and read this one day. It really seems like Halle’s game plan is to shut Gabriel out of their daughter’s life at any cost, not to get him the help he may need to be a better father. On some level I get why she wants to protect her daughter, but Nahla would be best served by parents who tried to keep their custody battle out of the press for starters. We’re hearing he said/she said stories constantly as each side strives to get their version out there. They should focus on their daughter and what’s best for her, but that’s obviously not happening here, nor will it happen without a giant maturity leap by both parties.

Meanwhile Halle is still trying to move to France, and Radar claims that the judge is “unlikely to grant” her formal request to do so with their daughter. That’s what Gabriel is hoping will happen. Will Halle marry Oliver Martinez soon, and how long will they last until we learn that he’s a jerk too?

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  1. 221jazz says:

    There are always two sides to every story….and I don’t know Gabriel or Halle. I really do believe that Halle is doing everything in her power to separate Gabriel from Nahla. She is really making this guy out to be a monster and a bad father. I am sure he just wants to father his daughter. I like Halle, but she has a lot of unresolved “daddy” issues. She grew up without a dad, she probably feels that Nahla does not “need” her daddy. I hope all this drama does not affect Nahla’s emotional well being in the near future.

    • Nilber says:

      There are usually three sides to the story; His, hers and the truth. This whole story disgusts me. If there is abuse I hope the little girl is taken care of. In my mind, if there isn’t abuse on the father’s side and the mother is lying and has manipulated her 3 year old… she is the abuser. I just pray that little girl has a trust fund for therapy later on in her life.

      • Meecey says:

        Nilber, I completely agree. The little girl is the loser here. She will love both of her parents no matter what they do, so Halle needs to wise up n get Gabe the help if he needs it not deprive a kid of her Daddy. She will run to him when she is older and resent her Mom for it, good intentions or not. Tough situation.

  2. Jayna says:

    I’m waiting for all the usual comments on here, the Halle-bashing comments blaming her for everything.

    • Talie says:

      It’s not just here, the tide seems to be turning against her. She’s just going overboard now…what next? Is she going to accuse him of the worst of the worst? I wouldn’t be surprised. TMZ would help her push it that far.

    • lw says:

      I know that everyone on this site seems to hate Halle. But there is a reason that Gabriel is not allowed to see his daughter without supervision. Let’s be clear on that.

      • Jayna says:

        Exactly. I work in the legal field. That doesn’t happen without strong evidence, believe me.

      • Alita says:

        But you’ve come up against the main concern people voice. That justice, especially in CA perhaps, is not blind to the ‘connected.’ And if you consider that possible, then everything (and there’s so much with all the leaks both ways) is open to question. Including both their history (her’s being the dodgy one AFAIK).

        If Halle’s so correct in her assertions, why does she not work through the justice system without all the ‘insider leaks?’ I personally find the timeline of his being wonderful to abusive-racist-monster difficult to swallow – sure it could be so, I don’t know, but why then the need to publically demolish him so thoroughly? Why not just win, and be done with it? From the (few) factual results I’ve seen, it just doesn’t seem so cut and dried. Because really what are the outcomes? Contested versions of ‘shared parenting classes’ or ‘anger management and brief monitored visitations for him.’ What is actually happening seems unclear.

        And as I said (downthread as it turns out) it seems clear he started ‘leaking’ (that sounds so wrong ..) only after she’d been doing it for ages. And if I were innocent (or guilty I guess) I’d feel pushed to maybe consider that recourse too.

        Hence my, and others I believe, inability to accept immediately that all this Gabe-is-EVIL stuff.

        And that was a long post from someone who, honestly, isn’t that invested in this. It’s just so fishy! And as someone who sees a lot of legalistic whatnot, I’m the last to assume a legal judgements are necessarily just.

      • Zelda says:

        I’m in legal publishing and the majority of my texts/lawyers are in family law. For the most part, I read summaries of divorces and child custody battles all day.

        It is unbelievable the number of truly shitty parents who get full access to their kids. People with a lot less money than Gabriel Aubry has to throw at lawyers.

        The courts do not take this stuff lightly. It takes something quite serious for a judge to limit access to one’s child so severely (and quickly, I might add).

        Hate Halle Barry as much as you want, it does not change the fact that SOMETHING went down that seriously alarmed a judge, and not just an unsubtantiable accusation of nanny-pushing.

      • Dap says:

        That’s when you see that HB’s campaign is working: the judge didn’t remove or restrain GA rights to see his daughter. He already had supervised visitation and already didn’t have overnight stays. These are the terms of the agreement they both agreed when they split up. GA has tried to get rid of those rules since and failed. Which is completly different than being stripped of his right by a judge.

      • Katherine says:

        There may be new allegations but I don’t recall any new hearing at which a judge has made a determination of the facts. Allegations are not facts.

        No. There does not have to be “strong evidence” for a change in circumstances. Certain allegations will prompt the court to tighten visitation terms “just in case” allegations prove true. I have been worried for a while that the level of allegations against Aubry would increase if the ones already being used are not working as Halle wants. I have been waiting for Halle to drop the nuclear bomb of custody on him and I won’t be surprised if she does.

        Halle is as transparent as just polished glass. If this is a ruse to take her daughter away from her father then it’s unforgivable and she deserves to lose primary custody.

      • Katherine says:

        “That’s when you see that HB’s campaign is working: the judge didn’t remove or restrain GA rights to see his daughter. He already had supervised visitation and already didn’t have overnight stays. These are the terms of the agreement they both agreed when they split up. GA has tried to get rid of those rules since and failed. Which is completly different than being stripped of his right by a judge.”

        Dap, thanks for illuminating this about the original custody agreement. Obviously someone is working the media to place Aubry in the worst light possible. Who could that be?

      • DreamyK says:

        @Dap Exactly. He didn’t have those rights anyway, but Halle is putting it out there to TMZ like it’s a new occurrence. The whole thing is stinky and odd. I’m glad that Nahla was included in the “get counseling” order and I’m also glad she is getting a court appointed attorney. She needs unbiased and untainted professionals to represent her since both her parents are incapable of seeing to her best interests at this point.

      • Violet says:

        The only thing I’m clear on is that Halle is batsh*t crazy and will do anything to keep Nahla to herself.

        Right up until Gabriel went on a date with Kim K after his breakup from Halle, Halle used to sing Gabriel’s praises as a father. Then all of a sudden, she insists on supervised visits, starting a smear campaign that he’s racist and violent.

        Halle has thrown every single one of her exes under the bus. She’s also been involved in TWO hit and run accidents that she caused. She also claimed to love her stepdaughter India, but basically deserted the poor girl after divorcing her father (a man she accused of being a sex addict). There are countless examples of what a selfish and unstable woman Halle is.

        Halle has all the money and power in this custody battle, and is willing to fight dirty.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        Yeah! “The Reason” is called “Halle Berry’s bottomless bag of money to railroad her daughters father out of her life!!” …..women do this all the time and never admit to it. This trick makes ne sick. And now with the way shes papping her new piece with her daughter to replace gabriel. I guess men are interchangable daddy’s to her?? She is the worst! I hope Gabe stands tuff and fights for his fathers rights. Nahla is HIS daughter TOO!!!! Lest SHE forget!!!

      • Annie says:

        That was my first thought, Katherine, that she’s made such serious accusations against Gabriel that the court can’t take any chances even before any investigation. I’m don’t know either of them so I can’t say what’s true, but my gut instinct is that these accusations are either 1)outright lies or 2)massive exaggerations. I just can’t reconcile the images of the Gabriel I see playing with a smiling happy Nahla with the monster Halle paints, and the timeline of the man’s supposed change into this monster as presented by Halle, while it’s possible for a person to hide their true colors, just does not ring true.

    • Relli says:

      Everyones entitled to their opinion.

    • Anne says:

      @Jayna. I really don’t get why Halle is so hated here. Nobody knows what is going on, yet it’s all Halle’s fault. SMH.

      • Iggles says:

        I know. It’s ridiculous. There has to be some sort of evidence for the judge to limit custody — not just unfounded accusations.

        Anyone can accuse somebody of something. Doesn’t make it true. The judge has to rule based on evidence, not just he said/she said..

      • CanadianVixen says:

        If you look at Jayna’s past posts, she is clearly working for a PR company to ‘defend’ certain celebrities. And not even a very good PR agency, they can’t seem to afford a spellcheck feature for her/him. I’ve already called her out on this, it is blatant and I think she needs to stop, it is an insult to this site and just really boring.

    • Jen says:

      I dont know what the story is here and i am not invested in either halle or her ex. But i have noticed a pattern in the comments on this site. When Seal a big black man is accused of having a temper people are so quick to believe it and talk about how its best for the kids that heidi ( the pretty blonde) divorce him. When the beautiful blonde model Gabriel is accused of the same thing its halle who is accused of being an angry black woman hellbent on destroying him. Despite there being a lot more credence to this story considering there is a court ruling. Like i said i dont know whats the true nor do i particullary care about these people. But its an interesting and somewhat disconcerting observation about commentators on this site.

      • Katherine says:

        Jen, could you point out or link to the court ruling you are referring to. The only ruling I am aware of is the one following the court hearing wherein the Court refused to change custody arrangements as requested in Halle’s Motion.

        Perhaps there was another hearing and subsequent court ruling that I am unaware of. I would be interested in it if there is a more recent hearing and ruling. Thanks.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        At this point, I have to agree. Everyone claims that they don’t know what has happened, and immediately they go on to relay everything that has happened. It just smacks of putting on an impartial disposition for show so that the unveiling of the psychic abilities looks balanced. The courts don’t care about what we think we know, the tabloids are baiting us with what *we* want to hear and PR is playing us like fiddles by choosing a tune we like. These parents seem…intense but one day everyone hitched his ride to Angel Gabriel Blue and suddenly we’re experts on how the courts work, their entire history and powerful minds who chide others for being brainwashed because they don’t hate your imaginary enemy enough? There’s not a smidgen of PR obfuscation there?

        There are two sides to the story, the truth and THE TRUTH. If they’re as crazy as they say the other is and cross-pollinated their strains of nuts for years, willingly, how can it realistically be solely one person’s fault?

        The court of public appeal is not legally binding, we can’t practice mesmerism to intuit out the truth, our word isn’t law and I’m sure there’s a lot of craziness that didn’t make it to the papers. If we think we have a lock on this situation, all that means is that their hired staffers are doing their job.

        The Seal comparison was dead on and chilling and I thought of it, too. Breakups are always messy–until we pick our champion blonde and suddenly we’re gurus and anyone who wonders is hurting the cause. Maybe it’s not exactly as we see it, we don’t know enough to be so ‘certain’.

      • nobodystan says:

        I agree Jen, but it’s not exclusive to Halle and Gabe or this site. Same thing happened with Elin Nordegren. When people thought she chased/beat Tiger with a golf club (I still think she did…who hears their husband have an accident down the street and grabs a golf club instead of the phone???), it was all “you go girl!” whereas any other woman would’ve been called ghetto. And was she a “gold digger” like Vanessa Bryant? Nope.

        Mel was toooootally innocent, but Seal? Oh that mutha is guilty! Demi Moore, other Demi and the like are “poor things” but Whitney Houston and anyone else? Oh girlfriend brought that on herself!

        It’s disgusting but completely typical of our country right now. Ignorance and bigotry are all the rage donchaknow!

  3. Asli says:

    This is the epitome of a father treated un-fairly. Usually I’m on the mother’s side but Halle is really making all of these un-necessary requests. He’s Nahla’s father, he will always be Nahla’s father. She can’t change that, unless she tries to discredit him. What is it with Hollywood people and them not getting that their children come first, not them i. e. Demi Moore.

    Edit: Look how happy they look in the third pic. How does she not want that kind of happiness for her daughter? Nahla comes first. Team Nahla!

    • priestess says:

      Just because he is her dad he should be allowed to scream and push on her? Happiness? I believe a lot of you are pure racist. If this was a black man I doubt you would see the halo hanging over his head. Bottom line “The Court” says Hell no so duh there must be some indication. Anger management classes thats where all great fathers attend right after Disneyland. Halle protect your daughter it is your only job!!!

      • polk8dot says:

        @ ‘I beleive a lot of you are just pure racist’.

        And I believe you are just a pure idiot, so there.
        It is morons like you who bring race into any argument because they lack facts and are too stupid to support their position any othe way.

      • Jamie says:

        To be honest, the racist card has crossed my mind too. It’s just so odd that so many support Aubry so passionately even though there’s a possibility of him being abusive towards a small child.

        And no, I don’t buy the whole ‘Halle is a crazy bitch’ argument, mostly because I’m yet to see any evidence for that.

        So what gives, people?

      • Asli says:

        Well, first of all, I’m black AND white. So the racisme-card is a non-argument. Íf you think that the majority of people on this site are racists then you would be shocked if you ever went on another site. The people here are kind, well-spoken and even if they don’t agree they don’t go around calling each other racists. That’s called RESPECT. You should learn a thing or two about it.

        Second of all, the comments that Halle’s a ‘crazy bitch’ didn’t just pop up. She’s been in TWO hit and runs. Not one. TWO! Yes. She IS crazy.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        So you assume everyone “team Gabe” is white? Prejudice much? racist much yourself?
        Gabe got angry and halles hired henchwoman/spy for accusing him of stupidity when her kept her out of school for being sick. That wouldnt make you mad? PUH-Leese!

  4. Romia says:

    I *** loathe this gunch, almost as much as I do Elin ex-Woods and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, or the Unholy Trifecta.


    Gabe, get your man-claws out and fight, damnit!

  5. Annie says:

    I think Halle skews every observation to meet her immediate needs…when show was with Gabrial he was the best most attentive Father now that it doesn’t suit her needs he’s a monster.
    Poor Nahle as in the short term these efforts often work and the child is left a confused pawn.

  6. brin says:

    Yeah, Nahla really looks scared of Gabriel. *eyeroll*

  7. Alita says:

    I wonder *if* Halle went hell-for-leather at me (which is what it looks like she’s done to GA) whether I’d respond in-kind. If you’re being railroaded and called an abuser when you aren’t one, in this really public way, it would be difficult not to respond in-kind given the massive influence such accusations have on perceptions and consequently real outcomes.

    I find it gross that so much is out in the public domain on this. There’s just no way to know what’s actually going on because too much conflicting ‘camp-Halle’ and ‘camp-Gabe’ info has been reported. A sad situation.

  8. TheOriginalKitten says:

    This is really not about who is right/wrong or who is the victim/agressor etc etc. This is about what’s in the best interest of the child-having BOTH her parents in her life. I wish these two adults could stop with the tug of war and create a loving, stress-free environment for this child.

    • Jamie says:

      Having both parents in one’s life is never 100% in a child’s best interests. Sure, in most “normal” cases, yes, but there are many situations when it’s better to have just one parent.

      Which is not to say that I think that’s the situation here.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Jamie-it goes without saying that I was referring to an ideal scenario. Obviously if one (or both) parents are toxic/harmful to the child then it’s not in the child’s best interest. I do not see that being the case with these two parents-both seem to love Nahla quite a bit.

  9. dorothy says:

    When the current boyfriend breaks up with her, and he will we’ll see the same kind of thing…he was mean, he cheated on me, blah, blah blah. With her track record, it’s got to be her with the problem, not them.

    • rose80 says:

      Yup, its her fault if they are abusive, they can’t keep it in their pants, they have anger issues. It’s always the woman’s fault.

      My God. I hope you were being sarcastic with your comment. Halle needs counseling and tools so she doesnt continue picking the wrong man, but blaming her for their actions is disgusting.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I think what Dorothy is saying is that right now, OM is Mr. Wonderful; when they break up, HB will demonise him too. Just like she has with her last 4 serious relationships/marriages.

        As far as being cheated on and/or abused, that’s not HB’s fault. But she is the common denominator in her failed relationships, so she is not blameless in their demise.

        There’s a reason we recognise this ugly public bad-mouthing as Halle’s MO: because it IS.

      • Katherine says:

        Perhaps what Dorothy is saying is that Halle wasn’t abused. That Halle is a liar. Plenty of people falsify allegations of abuse to get their way or to punish the accused. Happens all the time.

        There’s plenty of impeachment material through the years to undermine Halle’s credibility and good character for honesty. Too many people buy without question allegations of abuse by men against women. Nothing has been determined yet as to the truthfulness of any allegations in this case.

      • WTF says:

        actually there is evidence of her abusive relationships. She is deaf in one ear because a boyfriend hit her.(some say it was wesley snipes)
        I think it is disgusting to blame a victim of domestic violence. Predators and abusers look for victims. I don’t know if Gabriel is a predator or an abuser, but from Halle’s track record its clear she’s got a pattern of picking the wrong men.

      • amanda says:

        Rose, I must disagree. At a certain point we need to recall Halle’s history. First David Justine beat her. Then Wesley Snipes. Then Eric Benet was a sex addict. And now, Gabriel Aubry has issues too? At a certain point, its plain to see that the lowest common denominator is Halle Berry claiming all these men are just horrible. Oone has to wonder if she isn’t “embellishing” the truth a bit.

      • Katherine says:

        I’m well aware of Halle’s “claims” of abuse. My knee jerk reaction upon first hearing them many years ago was to jump to her defense and accept her accusations blindly. You’d think I’d know better. But have any of these allegations, including the ones about her ear, ever been proven in court?

        I’m pretty sure that Dave Justice has denied her allegations of abuse. But one doesn’t go around denying rumors if your accuser never actually names you but rather just leaks info to the media through “friends” and anonymous sources.

        So I guess my objection is that we are so quick to believe every woman who claims abuse. Why is that?

        There is nothing sick or wrong about making people prove their claims about others. It’s an awful thing to smear someone with such lies. If they are lies they stick to them forever. People remember the accusations – they rarely remember the outcome.

  10. Dawn says:

    It’s going to get uglier than this. You wait and see. Halle wants what she wants when she wants and whoever stands in her way will get rolled over. She had done so with both husbands and now Gabriel. But with Gabe she has the most to lose so she will come out swinging. This Oliver will have about 2 or 3 years tops before he is a beater or a sex addict or just big bad dude. It has worked for her all these years and I doubt she will change now.

  11. BK says:

    She’s getting what she wants. This is not going well for him. She’s going to be able to banish him from their child’s life, all because of this relentless campaign.

    If the judges are buying into it, then he has very little hope.

    Very sad.

  12. fabchick says:

    I don’t know what who to believe anymore. They both need to sit down and work this out as adults. At the end of the day the only person thats gonna get hurt is this little girl. I really feel bad for her.

  13. islandgirl says:

    It didn’t take long for the bashing Halle to start. As it occurs to some of you that Gabriel may not be a nice person after all. Just because he have a pretty face doesn’t anything. Whatever it is had to be pretty big for him to get supervised and no overnight visit with his daughter. And just because a child seems happy with a parent does not mean there isn’t something fishy going on. He is as crazy as Halle

  14. janet says:

    The court wouldn’t do anything If there wasn’t evidence of neglect!!!! Hate the mom as much as u want but here’s the thing. A judge is concerned. They don’t change things due to he said she said. And If nahla was able to say he scares her then that is yet another sign that the father is unfit. Strictly by the courts actions I do not think the father is being “railroaded” but rather held accountable.

  15. Cathy says:

    I feel sorry for the little girl. She is the only victim in this mess. Time for all parties involved to get some serious counseling and put the child first.

  16. rose80 says:

    CB, how is it Halle’s responsibility to point this grown man in the direction of counseling etc…? This is probably what ended their relstionship in the first place, his temper. I swear some of you are extremely naive when it comes to situations like this. Halle has EVERY right to want to remove her daughter from what is a hostile person. Father or not. Furthermore, pictures proves absolutely nothing. There are SOME children who love their caretaker REGARDLESS of what may be happening behind closed doors. My God the ignorance of some of you relying on freaking pictures as proof. Joan Crawford ring a bell??? And FYI, the court obviously has a very good reason as to why he has to have supervised visits with his daughter. That isn’t something they just dish out for the hell of it. And my God if Nahla is saying that she gets scared of her father from time to time, it has happened more than once, poor kid. How much more evidence is needed that Gabe isn’t as pretty on the inside as he is on the outside?

    • Romia says:

      Oh bullshit.

      Can I use my “experience” working in law enforcement to rebut the “knowledge” of those working within the legal/court system?

      There are far too many judges that return very obviously abused children back to the abuser – testimomy, history, medical reports, and witnesses be damned. Why the hell do you think police officers feel such apathy when it comes to handling domestic violence crimes?

      It isn’t all about the donuts and disinterest in helping women and children, people. And Halle’s level of crazy, including her emotionally abusive behavior towards others, is a damned sight more prominent (without the heresay) and dangerously consistent than Gabe’s supposed Olympian temper.

      In any case, Family Court is based on common law when it should be based on civil law, imfo. Far too many judges and bitter, angry women take historical precedent as a signal to play dead and reward the female in a custody hearing. No matter how *** crazy that woman is.

      And I personally find any discussions of Aubry’s appearance or Halle’s wealth to be gross appeals to emotion, fallacies of relevance. Lazy.

      • rose80 says:

        I’m confused at your statement, so please clarify. You say judges continuously return abused kids to their abusers, Well nahla has been repeatedly turned back over to her father with supervised visitations. He obviously presents concern to the court if he keeps getting supervised visitation ordered. Also, the court ordered anger management is tell tale sign that they have something on him. Halle has court ordered counseling also. They ALL need it and the court obviously has grounds for it.

    • PrincessMe says:

      To add to what you’ve said, google Josh Powell, there are pictures of him with his sons and wife looking happy. Two little boys are dead and the wife as well. We never know either way – we are not as privy to other people’s lives as we think.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        And he killed those little boys because he was denied custody.

      • Iggles says:

        @ the original bellaluna – What’s your point? It’s the courts fault for denying the father custody?

        Sounds like the Courts had a damn good reason NOT to allow their crazy, deranged father custody! It’s tragic that he went outside of the law to get his own way. Such a sad, sad case..

      • PrincessMe says:

        “And he killed those little boys because he was denied custody.”

        Was that a justification? The point is, he killed his children and was suspected to have killed his wife (which was the reason for the custody battle as I understand it). “If I can’t have you no-one will”. So if a husband shoots his wife in the head because she’s leaving him, can we use the same excuse… “well, he only killed her because…”. Let’s all kill people because we don’t get what we want.

        And before anyone jumps on me for the comparison, I’m not saying this is what’s happening here – I’m saying ee don’t know.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Um, no, not at all my point. Nor is there ANY justification for what he did. (I’m well aware of the point, thank you.)

        Just pointing out that that’s what pulled his trigger, so to speak.

        And I wonder what would pull Gabriel’s trigger.

      • mel2 says:

        I was just thinking about the Josh Powell situation and how he fooled everyone and now look two little innocent kids are dead.

      • nobodystan says:

        Exactly. And I bet the people who blame Halle, Oksana, and other women for trying to protect their children, blame Powell’s wife for her and her childrens deaths!

    • LAK says:

      i guess we shall have to wait for the ‘mommy/Poppa Dearest’ tell all in another 15years.

      Maybe angry GA is scary, but what child doesn’t get scared when their parent gets angry.

      I’ve witnessed a nasty divorce where the father lost his temper in a very scary way whilst the divorce was going on. Once matters had settled he went back to being the calm person he had always been.

      During the divorce proceedings and custoby battle, his ex wife could have used his behaviour at that time to get sole custody but she did not which is to her credit because the stress of it really turned him into quite the monster.

      What i see is a nasty battle is going on between HB and GA, and she is pushing him and trash talking him, making out what a monster he is. Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t, but this is a very stressful situation. It was leaked [can't remember who by] that she ‘thanked him for the donation’ in reference to Nahla. So Everything that is going on can be filtered through that lens. Since the racist card did not stick, he is now a monster. I have sympathy for why he wouldn’t take anger management. Maybe he should take them to shut everyone up but what is the likelihood that she will use that in the future to demonstrate what a monster he is?? Given what she is throwing at him, he is probably highly stressed and therefore not acting in the best way, but if he is normally a rational person, why should he be railroaded into taking anger management classes? WOuld you? if you knew/hoped that your current situation and or state of mind was temporary or an abherration due to current circumstances?

      She is systematically building up a picture of him that essentially turns him into a monster.

      If he so much as side eyes the nanny, the incident is written down and reported to the judge. And of course the Judge isn’t supervising. All they see is the catalogue of incidents, and make judgement accordingly.

      The woman has men issues going back to her Father. The way she is choosing to deal with this is a reflection of her men issues.

      GA should install cameras everywhere in his house and have recording devices on him at all times. Ridiculous,but it is the only way he can refute her claims vis a vis his temper and anything else.

    • Annie says:

      I don’t think it’s naive to assert that Halle might have coached Nahle to say her Father scares her nor is it niave to assert that as the Nanny is her employee she might have purposely escalated this issue to please/ help her employer.
      This boils down to a he said/ she said issue and the court is likely taking precautionary measures as there is little downside in punishing the Father and a huge downside if the judge favored the Father and something happened to Nahla.
      Halle has always resorted to mean spirited low blows when she exits every relationship so her character/verosity should certainly be called into question.
      In the past she used these methods to smear their character, I doubt there are few tactics she woudnt consider to get full custody of Nahla.

  17. maemay says:

    My gut feeling tells me this will not end well for Gabe. First mistake he made was messing around with someone unstable with that Kardashian mess. Second mistake is piss poor attorneys, Third is letting the nanny get under your skin. This all seems like a setup with Halle throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. Is Gabe the perfect parent? No, Heck I was afraid of my parents especially after I did something wrong. At this moment Gabe needs new representation and he needs it fast.

  18. Julie says:

    one word from me, ok 2….psycho b..tch

  19. Imelda says:

    I’m having a hard time dealing with the “whats up with these TWO” comments.
    On one have you have an unstable woman who has all the money and therefore power in this relationship.
    On the other you have a man whose daughter seems to be getting wrenched from him. And the other most irritating comment is they should put the child 1st. Where are the “THEY” comments coming from – from what I can deduce this man is desperately trying to stay in his daughters life I dont see what he’s done to elicit these responses.
    If this were happening the other way round there would be uproar – well it just wouldn’t happen at all as the Mothers rights seem to trump over Fathers (in some cases with very good reason I’m sure)
    Quit putting Gabriel in the same boat as Halle because it doesn’t seem to apply (ie there both as bad as each other etc) How can he be as bad as she when he’s not trying to take her daughter away from her.

    • rose80 says:

      Halle isn’t the one with court ordered supervision. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she has been immature at times, BUT, the court ordered supervision is clear sign that Gabe has some issues going on. Courts take children issues very seriously and they obviously have evidence YET AGAIN, why he has to have court ordered supervision. It’s very telling. And to answer your question, Gabe can’t request for full custody because Halle hasn’t done anything for him to even attempt to request it obviously.

      I know Halle isn’t perfect but this blaming her or trying to find fault with a mother wanting to protect her child is disgusting. The court ordered supervision is very telling. The court suggested anger management is very telling. Halles claims that he threatens etc…all those months ago are more believable now.

      • LAK says:

        …but @rose80, all this started because he went to court to ask for shared custody and to recognise HIS Parental rights.

        Everybody is being supervised including HAlle. TMZ and Halle like to talk about HIS supervision, never hers.

        The only difference is that overnight stays have been removed from GA.

      • Romia says:

        “Courts take children issues very seriously and they obviously have evidence YET AGAIN, why he has to have court ordered supervision. It’s very telling.”

        What’s very telling is how obvious Halle’s CONFIRMED issues are vs Gabriel’s SUPPOSED ones…legally, publicly, and privately. For such an angry dude, you’d think we’d have a decent Youtube video up by now.

        “I know Halle isn’t perfect but this blaming her or trying to find fault with a mother wanting to protect her child is disgusting.”

        I know Gabriel isn’t perfect but this blaming him or trying to find fault with a father wanting to protect his child is disgusting.

        You see, I can do this too, appeal to emotional ignorance, except that I won’t. Your type far outnumbers mine in Family Court.

        You put a lot of trust into the Family Court system. Or is that only when it’s in your favor?

      • rose80 says:

        @ Lak…I haven’t read anywhere that Halle was ordered court supervision, just Gabe. I know she has court ordered counseling as well as Nahla, but Gabe has the more damning evidence in my opinion…the court ordered supervision, no nights, and the court ordered anger managemen. The anger management all ties back to her camps leaking stories about his violent temper. Furthermore, Halle was doing normal joint custody arrangement with Gabe right after they spilt. Something happened and it was bad enough that Halle started leaking stories about his temper and fighting for full I think she should have leaked stories to the press, NO, and that’s when her immaturity comes into play and she should have put her daughter first and presented the info to the court and let them decide, but she didn’t. It’s an unfortunate situation for all involved, but it bothers me that people continue to attack ONLY Halle when everything that she was leaking to the press is looking more and more true. She has a history of picking bad men, why that is so unbelievable that Gabe falls into that category is beyond me.

      • LAK says:

        @rose80 – go read the nanny’s statement. she is REQUIRED to be present in BOTH homes with Nahla from 12.00noon till bed time. One could argue that those are her working hours, but then we would argue that it means that GA has help rather than supervision. There is no report that says he has any other person in his home whilst Nahla is with him. Therefore supervised visits = Nanny present at all times.

        Also, when this entire thing exploded into a public slanging match, they both said that they had put together an arrangement as per current arrangement, but it was informal.

        Based on the leaks [not evidence], it becomes clear that HB is doing whatever she can to push GA out of nahla’s life completely. The fact that the Judge has not complied to that is very telling.

        If GA has anger issues, why was this not a request at the beginning, when they were formalising the arrangement?

        If GA was a racist, why was all this not in the request at the beginning, when they were formalising the arrangement?

        Given all the wonderful things she said about GA prior to all this, and especially her opinion of his parenting skills, are we to take it that she was forced to say those nice things when behind closed doors he was a racist and with an explosive temper??

        if you use seal/Klum as a model of subterfuge, Seal’s alleged explosive temper is being talked about NOW. At the beginning of the spilt. Not 3 years after the fact. If he had an ‘explosive temper’ now, why did he not have it then? What could have changed to make him suddenly develop an explosive temper? ….let me see, someone’s trying to take his daughter away!!!

        Why did all this stuff only come out AFTER he demanded HIS parental rights be enforced?

        Right up to that moment she was saying that he was a wonderful father. And the leaks did not start with his explosive temper. They started with his alleged racism. They played that card for quite a while leading upto that unfortuante interview with the ‘one drop’ theory.

        The anger issues have only been leaked recently. And only after it became clear that no one was buying the racism thing, and infact it was turning public opinion against HB.

        He is refusing to take the anger management classes, which means he is in contempt of which ever organisation said he should take them, and as a result, supervised visits stay.

        HB was superficially compliant to the request made of her, but a week later turns around and requests to move out of the country which means she also doesn’t want to be railroaded into court requests. There is no onus on her to take parenting classes/therapy etc once she is in France.

        Finally you may argue that we are not privy to evidence, but alot of stuff has been leaked, most of which is detrimental to a father’s rights. Why would GA leak stuff that made HIM look bad.

        And Karma is a bitch!! it’s a pity there is a little girl involved.

    • jc126 says:

      I agree! Plus I think Gabriel IS putting his child first, but in this case, he cannot reason or have a civilized discussion with Halle. WHen one side is completely unreasonable or hell-bent on conflict, the other side cannot try to “be adult about it” or be reasonable, because they’re going to get railroaded. She wants to move her child THOUSANDS of miles away from him and take away his custody. I do not believe any of her allegations.
      Just wait til she and her fiance split, then we’ll all hear what a monster HE is.

      Oh, and she’s got way more money than he does, thus more money for a more forceful legal team. The person with more money always has more power in court.
      Team Gabriel all the way.

      • rose80 says:

        And your type that would wants children returned to their abusive parents outnumber mine. He has the court ordered supervision and anger management, not Halle. What more PROOF do you need that Gabe is not the perfect father? Halle has talked about getting counseling for years so its no surprise that she was also ordered to get counseling also. It’s still very telling when a parent gets court ordered supervision with their child. As a foster sister, I KNOW.

      • jc126 says:

        Rose80- STFU. How DARE you accuse me of wanting abused children returned to their parents – I have worked in a children’s psych ward and seen how often abusive parents get their kids back, and would NEVER advocate returning abused kids to their parents. Saying that I advocate that is downright libelous and completely FALSE.

  20. FeverDream says:

    Halle Berry is a complete bitch for railroading this guy.

    The accusations of him calling her the N-word, assaulting this nanny and generally being a monster does not ring with one iota of truth.

    He was good enough to date for years and good enough to father her baby….now he’s a monster?

    Halle Berry needs to quit being a selfish drama queen and grow up. Now that she has her prize child she can’t just get rid of the father.

    I hope that he fights like hell to remain in this girl’s life and never gives up.

    Oliver Martinez is going to head for the hills in 5…4…3…2…1
    She can’t keep a man because there is something wrong with HER. She’s a perpetual victim.

    • Zelda says:

      Yeah, it’s not as though there are women out there who repeatedly choose abusive mates, as those pesky psychologists would have us believe with their evidence.

      • FeverDream says:

        So what?

        Routinely CHOOSING (with choice being the operative word in this equation) abusive partners = perpetual victimhood.

        Its like a fat person who routinely chooses to emotionally or binge eat.

        Its like a drug addict who repeatedly chooses to continue abusing the drug knowing the next instance of use may kill them.

        Halle Berry is eternally a victim because she chooses to be.

        With that being said, her outlandish behavior in the aftermath of this relationship hasn’t convinced me that this man is what she’s making him out to be.

    • Jamie says:

      I bet Gary Oldman’s latest wife will soon head for the hills too. She’s his fourth, after all. I mean, there has to be something wrong with HIM, if he can’t keep a woman.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      I Co-Sign this 150%. I used to be a BIG fan when they were together. At that time he was “The BEST father in the world” the greatest dad, blah, blah, blah. Now hes suddenly a monster. No, shes a crazy, high maintence bitch and feels she can discard him like a tissue. “Thank you for your sperm donation now dont let the door hit you in the ass! Oh, and, by the way, I will make it next to immpossible for you to see your own flesh and blood!”
      This woman is beyond heinous and I will never ever spend two cents on her movies, career or anything. GO GABE! FIGHT FOR YOUR CHILD!!!!

  21. no thanks says:

    most of you are pathetic blaming halle, you dont know this man, just cos he looks good does not mean he isnt an asshole. halle has issues, wow who dosent. bitter partners will always say the same thing. unless you had the relationship with them you cannot say he didnt do this nor say that, YOU DONT KNOW.

  22. FOREVER says:

    Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, look at Heidi and seal, so it’s hard to judge people based on what you think of them and past relationships. I don’t think he would harm his child so she should let him see her unsupervised. Let’s assume he did abuse Halle ect, that’s between them, their daughter should not be used by either side for gain. They both deserve equal time with her.

  23. Feebee says:

    This latest report is like a gut punch and I’m not even involved. I feel for Aubry here and here’s why…. When my daughter was 8 or so we had an incident where her dad ended up giving her a smack on bum, not undeserved, and regardless of your opinion on smacking it was what it was.

    So the next week my daughter is sick at school and my phone was off. When they told her they’d have to call her Dad she started crying and told them he smacked he and he’d be mad that he had to come to school and she was scared. (he was away travelling so he couldn’t come anyway.

    So they eventually get hold of me and I go to school and get hauled into the principal’s office with the social worker and am gravely told this is going on our record but DCFS won’t be called THIS time. But on the other hand they say they understand how kids can embellish but that’s what has to happen.

    My daughter has a great relationship with her dad but I think in absolute horror what trauma would have been done to her had DCFS been called in and some ‘action’ been taken. Bearing in mind I too have given her the odd smack on the bottom also without the ‘consequences’ (I know she’ll hate me for it when she’s 13 – or maybe the opposite – whatever).

    My point is interviewing Nahla and getting a story about her being scared when with her dad can be totally misrepresented. Did anyone ask her if she was ever scared when mummy got mad with her? Probably not.

    Social workers are kept so busy with this crap yet kids in real danger fall through the cracks. Sorry for the rant.

  24. sallyreo says:

    Actions speak louder than words, the
    little girl does not seem scared of her
    father. In fact, her very happy face shows she is enjoying her dad.

    For the “legal savvy” ppl, at what age
    can the child choose who she wants to live with?

  25. jenna says:

    Halle has been on Gabriel’s case since they broke up, by using her daughter as a weapon. I’ve known many good men/fathers who nearly never raise their voice (something that ALL normal (non-abusive) people do at times, btw) who are pushed, and pushed, and pushed, until they finally snap and yell, and then get hauled into court by the wicked witch. It’s a slow, subtle attack by Halle, breaking Gabriel down psychologically and emotionally bit by bit. People can only take so much!!!! And to all those who think that the courts aren’t influenced by Hell’s (typo and it stays) money and power – you’re nuts. I feel really sorry for Nahla. Her mom is a crazy b!tch who will stop at nothing to destroy the loving bond between father and daughter.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Co- Sign to this 150 %!!! Ive witnessed all of this as well. Shes been wearing him down forever.

      • Kasey says:

        To be truthful, if rumors I heard of how their split went down are true she’s been wearing him down since before they split.
        Initially I figured that since he was the first non-abusive guy she was with, despite the fact that he apparently even wanted to marry her Dr. Jekyll 1- she got to the point where she was used to/anticipating some abuse and 2- she was self-conscious about the age difference. So she turned into Mrs. Hyde and started acting in ways she expected him to respond abusively to and basically abused/wore him down and maybe he did lash out under the pressure but ultimately it drove him away. The fact that she never cried abuse initially made me think either 1-my theory was right or 2- she was conscientious of not publicly smearing her baby daddy.

        However, if he was so bad why even allow him the freedom he had with Nahla (the nanny’s report DID say she was with both of them). I’d have fought for that from their get-go. None of this got nasty until he started wanting to have legitimate/increased paternal rights.

        Nonetheless, abused women tend to attract abusive men and he DID align himself with her for some time so he could very well be the big, bad Gabriel and she’s fighting for her child’s well-being. THAT is the part that forces me to keep an open mind about not assigning him presumed innocence and potential for his own brand of crazy.

  26. Petunia says:

    Who’s to say that both parents aren’t a little messed up, and neither is the angel they’re portraying? Halle likes to play the victim and make all her men into devils once she’s done with them. She also is involved in quite a vicious public smear campaign against Gabriel. And she wants to take Nahla completely out of his life. Hardly the actions of a saint.

    Gabriel, meanwhile, seems to have anger issues that affect his own child. He has been ordered to take anger management courses. If he’s screaming at Nahla and frightening her, and pushing her nanny, her certainly does need intervention.

    Team NAHLA and let both of these two idiots grow up a bit.

  27. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Halle can only play the game if she knows what button’s to push. Will Gabriel take the bait? Of course.

    Case in point, my mother used the exact same argument that my father’s temper was an issue and she feared for my safety. She was totaly valid. My dad did have a bad temper and while he never directed it at me as a child in a physical way when I look back on things (and we had a great relationship in my youth) he could be very emotionally abusive but he was slick with it. He called me a moron once for spelling the word gift wrong. I remember breaking down in tears with my mom and grams in the room (we were at my Dad’s moms all watching Oprah) horrified because I was s happy that I won the spelling bee and it was just a mistake. Well my mom tried to talk to him but he started cussing her out and then my mom starting cussing him out and my grams was like, don’t do this in front of her! My mother left with me and ignored the custody order for two months and my dad took her to court for it. my grams totally tried to cover for my dad in the hearing, but the judge spoke with me (I was four) in her chambers and asked me what happened. And I told the truth. The judge ordered my father to take some classes and though my dad didn’t want to(he later left a message on my mother’s phone calling her a “fat high yellowed bitch” for snitching”)he never said one word and just accepted it and did what he had to do. I only had two months of supervised visits before the judge reissued the original custody arrangement.

    That even changed the way my parents dealt with each other. They really learned to work together after that. Sure there were some serious valid issues my mother had with my dad but when my mom stopped making it about the way he treated her and my father stopped trying to hurt her by flaunting shit in her face, it was awesome. I’m probably the only child that never wanted her parents together and was perfectly happy having two bed rooms and separate lives.

    Gabriel needs to comply and not contest. The end result should be about him being with his daughter. Halle was raised by a single mom, and given her history with men, she most likely views fathers as expendable. Many are, but Gabriel isn’t, I believe that. This is why you don’t just have a baby with someone because “we’re in love.” Love means nothing in the end when the relationship is over.

    • maemay says:

      True Gabe needs to buckle down and do everything the court says and stop giving Halle ammunition, if possible he needs to get a separate Nanny, and seriously if money is an issue GO FOR CHILD SUPPORT! Nahla should be living in comparable households regardless.

  28. HannahF says:

    Ugh, just Ugh. Cali starts at 50/50 custody and then works back from there based on the facts of the case. The analysis is based upon “best interest of the child” and the parents should have “continuous and consistent relationship” with the child. Judges don’t move THAT FAR away from a simple 50/50 without good reason. We have seen posturing from Team Halle and Team Gabe but none of us are privy to what evidence the judge has seen.

  29. Jezi says:

    My father hasn’t seen his daughter in over a year because of her mother’s lies and manipulations. Parental alienation has been a significant factor here. The non stop fighting out in court constantly and the judge always taking the mother’s side became exhausting. The mother came up with false allegations and twisted truths to make my husband sound like a monster. Eventually my husband gave up. He just started talking to his daughter again and had to explain to her why he didn’t fight anymore. Judges don’t always make the right decisions. There are women out there that will do anything to destroy their child’s relationship with their father for selfish reasons. Especially if the mother is a master manipulator.

  30. Jaxx says:

    I despise Halle for what she is doing to her daughter. That little girl needs a strong father in her life and Halle is doing everything she can to ruin that. I’m not surprised Gabriel is having a hard time with his temper. Nothing is worse than a rabid custody battle. Instead of trying to bring peace in this situation Halle does everything she can to rile Gabriel up and make things go her way. Is this best for her daughter? Of course not. Halle does not care how much this damages her daughter, she just wants her own way. She is the worst example of loving motherhood I’ve seen in a while. And yet she has the gall to point fingers at Gabriel. One day this is all going to come back to haunt her. Nahla will grow up and recognize her mother for what she is and cut off all ties.

  31. Jezi says:

    My father hasn’t seen his daughter in over a year because of her mother’s lies and manipulations. Parental alienation has been a significant factor here. The non stop fighting out in court constantly and the judge always taking the mother’s side became exhausting. The mother came up with false allegations and twisted truths to make my husband sound like a monster. Eventually my husband gave up. He just started talking to his daughter again and had to explain to her why he didn’t fight anymore. Judges don’t always make the right decisions. There are women out there that will do anything to destroy their child’s relationship with their father for selfish reasons. Especially if the mother is a master manipulator.

    Edit: sorry its my husband not my father. Trying to edit comment but it won’t let me.

    • jenna says:

      You are so right. Parental Alienation of fathers is a serious issue. There are a lot of crazy women who abuse the system to revenge their exes, and it’s their own children who end up suffering for it, along with the father. I think it’s way high time that this issue gets formally addressed. It’s heartbreaking for these loving dads to be deprived of their children. I’ve seen a grown man CRY like a baby over being deprived of his daughter due to the moms vile lying in court, calling him a total abuser, when he was absolutely not. It got dragged through court for two years, before he finally got a new judge who saw through the mom. But by then, the man was broke, because it cost him everything to fight.

      • Jezi says:

        It’s really disturbing. I feel bad for women who really are dealing with an abusive father in their children’s lives and these other women who manipulate the system destroy their chances at getting true help. Their credibility gets shot because of this. We’ve spent money we didn’t have fighting off his ex wife. All he ever wanted to do was be a father and he’s been there from day 1. Most men would’ve ran away a long time ago. It’s very sad.

  32. Imelda says:

    I just want to say thanks to the maturity and intelligence of the majority of you here who undoubtedly (mostly!) are women but can see a mile away whats happening here.
    It would be easy for most of us to defend the woman in this scenario but this case is so sad, as theres a child here who stands to lose her Father and end up with a yucky lothario instead.
    Jeez this thing isn’t rocket science.
    Anyone with remaining doubts I urge you to google Halle on Oprah saying how much integrity Gabrielle has etc
    And its doubly sad considering he has been in foster homes most of his childhood and has probably vowed if he had a child he would be there of him or her.
    Little did he know he would meet the biggest psycho- beatch of them all. Words cant express my disgust at her she takes woman back into the dark ages with her shtick oscar or no.

    • rose80 says:

      Imelda, please explain the court ordered supervision and the court ordered anger management for Gabe if Halle is the only crazy one in this sad situation? People blatantly ignoring the facts that this man’s sh** stinks far worse than Halle’s is ridiculous. Some you refuse to believe the facts. Halle and Nahla are in court recommended counseling and Gabe has court ordered supervision, no nights, and court ordered anger manangement. And fyi, Halle and Gabe had a custody agreement in place, the trouble started when he went to court attempting to change it and its been all down hill since then. Her leaked accusations about him having a violent temper are looking more likely now that he has court ordered supervision.

  33. Jayna says:

    It’s kind of funny how everyone is jumping on the Gabriel bandwagon, no matter the evidence, and coming up with these stories of it’s all Halle pointblank, poor, innocent Gabriel, when none of you really know these people. Yet, many of the same people here were bashing Seal with no evidence past a tabloid that he had an anger problem leading to the breakup of the marriage, no benefit of the doubt, even though People Magazine said it was him being on the road the better part of a year. I wonder if the color of his skin had anything to do with it. Just sayin . . . .

    • Elvynn says:

      That’s what I also think.
      The parallelism in these situation are striking.

    • Relli says:

      Then why do you keep refreshing to read and comment? People are entitled to their opinions and no matter how you attack or make jabs everyone has personal experience to bring to this discussion. Its not an uncommon situation its just that these two are famous and this is a man who want to be there for his child…. everyone can relate on some level.

    • LAK says:

      @Jayna – with the Seal/Klum subterfuge of a perfect marriage, all the bad stuff is being talked about now. We don’t know if it’s true, and we are all surprised given the very PDA. If 2-3 years down the line Seal is in a custody battle and the anger issues are brought up, we may not be so skeptical.

      The thing about GA and HB is that for at least a year after the split, HB kept talking about what a wonderful father GA was. Here is an excerpt from an interview she gave to vogue in 2010 months AFTER the split -

      ‘….And while it was not a love connection for us, he was absolutely the right person to have this child with because he is an amazing father.’

      It was not until they went to court when Nahla was 2 that he became a racist and someone with an explosive temper.

      I can’t defend the racist accusation because it seems so bonkers but i can defend the temper, not because he is cute or white but because i have seen people develop anger problems because of stress and or being backed into a corner.

      It is being presented as he always had a nasty temper. Also, when the discredited nanny first brought up her accusations what was Halle’s response? strip him of all HIS rights!!!!

      When the judge told her to sit down, i thought it was odd, given her previous request, that she accepted the judgement so meekly. A week later she requests to move to France!!!! Not so meek afterall.

      If it was all him, she would not have court ordered parenting class. It would have been just him, and also if his anger issues were that bad, he would lose all custody.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:


      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        How dare this uppity person defy your wishes? Okay, most people on this thread don’t share her opinion but until this reaches threat or personal attack status, disagreeing isn’t grands for banning. Disagreement is inevitable. So it goes.

    • fancyamazon says:

      I think it’s kind of funny how you and rose80 seem to be saying exactly the same things.

    • nobodystan says:

      I think that’s definitely the case. You see it ALL the time on celebrity sites. Seal/Heidi, Mel/Oksana, Halle/Gabe, Tiger/Elin, Kate/Jon Gosselin and on and on and on. Somehow, the *fairer* always fare better in the media. Yet, if you mention it you’re “playing the race card” (it’s kind of like the class warfare thing, you accuse someone else of what you yourself are doing).

      Anyway, I think you’re right and it’s pathetic but predictable.

  34. tinker says:

    Racist my ass. If this guy was black and Halle had said the same things positive about him as she has said about the white boy. And the man had no history of anything. I doubt we would be siding with Miss Berry either.Halle IS the problem not the skin color of the daddy.

    • rose80 says:

      It would not be racism Tinker, but prejudice if that were the case, so I think the phrase you are looking for is, prejudiced my ass.

      How does Halle saying anything positive about him one yr and then saying something negative about him the next, negate the fact that he is the one with court ordered supervision and anger management? It amazes me how everyone is looking over that.

    • Jayna says:

      @Tinker, hmmmm, Heidi has said nothing but glowing things about Seal for seven years. Their eighth year they were apart most of the year with him touring. They are separating. She hasn’t said anything. But a good majority of you posters on here jumped on a tabloid article like it was gospel that it was all him with anger problems ending the marriage.

      So going by your statement about Halle praising Gabriel during their relationship so apparently according to you negating her allegations, and now switching it to Heidi and Seal, with Heidi raving about Seal for seven years, then people should not be so quick to judge Seal by tabloid stories, when there were just as many more reputable saying it was distance. But that wasn’t the case on here on good old Celebitchy. Seal was judged to a different standard than Gabriel on here, which is especially odd since Gabriel actually has issues the judge has agreed are troublesome. I still stand by my statement above that Seal is black and got harsh judgment on here with zero facts, and Gabriel, white, with hard facts against him, is painted as an angel being railroaded by the evil Halle, which zero facts.

  35. Cerulean says:

    Just because some women alienate their exes from their children, it doesn’t mean Halle is. How can you use your own experiences to suggest that it means that is what is happening here?
    Judges are loathe to order supervised visitation and don’t order anger management for the sheer kick of it. The man has anger issues and there is proof. More than just her saying it.
    Pushing the nanny, might there be other witnesses? With the baby there? I don’t care how angry you are, it’s not done. Plenty of men have endured hard custody battles and they don’t get physical nor verbal with anyone. Instead they quietly demonstrate sound judgement.
    If he is such the better parent then he would do whatever necessary to be with her. He keeps up with the leaks. Why not shut up and show yourself to have restraint. His constant leaking and arranged photo ops ratcheted this thing up and started this ridiculous tit for tat game. Halle has more to lose from this bad publicity, careerwise than he does.
    Halle is no perfect person. Not by a stretch but this poor GA thing just grates on the part of my brain responsible for logic.

    No one can make a person do anything unless they have no or little control over themselves. No one makes a person abuse, rape, attack, kill etc unless it’s an inclination or a possibility to begin with.
    They need serious counseling, individual, family and just the two of them. If I was the judge they would be in therapy too. It’s out of control and needs to get reigned in for little baby girl’s sake.

    • rose80 says:

      Thank you! Halle is by no means a saint, but this Halle bashing is ridiculous especially when he is ordered into anger management and has supervised visitation. She has a history of picking abusive men, and for whatever reason people dont want to believe Gabe falls into that category. I have dealt first hand in the foster system and I have seen children scream and cry because they are being taken AWAY from their abuser, yet people use pictures of Nahla smiling with her father as evidence that he is great dad? As I’ve stated all over this story, his court ordered supervision and anger management is very telling. It’s unfortunate that people will blame Halle for his anger issues also. It’s like the abuser telling the abused that they would not have punched them if they had only done what they were told to do. Sad. Says a lot about people when they ignore the facts.

  36. Jenna says:

    You know, the more I hear about this, the more I’m reminded of something my mom once told me. For years, my brother and I lived with the mantra “Don’t tell dad. Don’t upset dad. Dad’s not to know.” from mom about even just basic life issues. It took a severe toll on their marriage for years – until one day my dad lost it and yelled (first time I’d ever heard my dad yell at mom) “I’m NOT YOUR FATHER! Stop acting like I’m HIM.” and stormed out of the house.

    Mom had to face the fact that she had been acting like her husband was the same absent and abusively explosive person her own father had been. And had been installing an irrational fear in her kids of their father – because she defaulted to seeing men in the same light as her own unhappy relationship with her father who abandoned the family after years of abuse directed at grandma and his children.

    I think the second the man in Halle’s life lose the ‘perfect man’ shine she ascribes them, as soon as they are NOT the ideal shining knight who has come to rescue her – she instantly recasts them as carbon copies of the father she has publicly stated she has no relationship with. She has got to stop blaming all men for the sins (literally) of the father. She is in serious danger of gifting her little girl the same fears and distrust of men she has – even though their lives are nothing like what she herself went through.

    It took my mom a long time to fix that rift in her marriage, and I’ll admit there are still time my brain defaults to ‘don’t tell xxx, it will get bad’ because while I DIDN’T have an abusive father… I did have a mother that kept insisting I did for the first decade of my life. I wouldn’t want that for any kid. Time for Halle to really grow up and stop blaming daddy.

    • Relli says:

      oh Jenna, I can relate. My husband grew up with a emotional and physically abusive mother. Around the time my son become a toddler anytime I would reprimand him or he would throw a tantrum my husband would jump in to take care of the situation. Finally i had to sit him down and ask him why he always did that. He said he didn’t want me to get upset me and thought that if he got the baby to behave then I wouldn’t get mad. It was the first time i realized that he still carried that scared little boy with him.

      • Jenna says:

        It can take a heck of a long time to address the groves that get installed when we’re small. Relli, you likely saved your husband a world worth of grief by recognizing something was off and calmly having him walk through the issue until he had the “Oh… THAT’S where that’s coming from. Well. Crap. Gotta work on that now, don’t I. Crud.” moment. Folks can lecture, folks can console, but until the person in question can stop and step back enough to realize that a piece of their past is casting an unnecessary shadow on their lives NOW, they’re stuck. Been there. Done that.

        I don’t think Halle is some monomaniac striving to ruin her little girl’s life. Like my own mom, she’s likely getting a little tripped up by the flashbacks of the past that can sideswipe you out of nowhere. (While my dad wasn’t the ogre my mom built… let’s just say there were enough other, well. Let’s go with ‘character building’ parts of life. So beyond her muck, I’ve got my own to dig through, so lord knows I’ve got no room to lecture) I just wish there was a set point in early adulthood – for ALL of us – that we got a quick 5-min replay of the highs and lows up til that moment, that we could see things clearer, and be able to see what we’re carrying that we don’t need to, be able to set it down and just walk on.

        Humanity as a whole seems incredibly poorly designed to deal with its complex emotional life. We carry burdens we don’t need, hold onto scars long after they healed, and seem darned determined to endlessly repeat the past.

        I feel bad for the kid. But hey – absolute worst case scenario, she’ll have the same chance when she’s an adult to decide what she wants, and what path she is gonna take. Just because childhood was a mess, doesn’t mean you’re actually Doomed. Thankfully.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Very well said. Also very true.

  37. Julie says:

    Something is striking to me about this post. Most of the posts concerning these 2 are 98% team Aubry. Anyone notice how STRONG pp are coming to her defense now….maybe as her PR team/friends, etc. have decided to fight back?

    • Jayna says:

      Give me a break. The ones for Gabriel are objective, nonbiased? But the few of us questioning the remarks on here are PR or friends/team Halle? LOL Too funny. I post on here enough that people know I am no PR person. I am not even a real fan of Halle, except the one movie with Billy Bob Thornton.

      I just post when I find something bizarre or interesting on here as far as a pattern. Maybe you should question why it bothers you so much that two percent on here think differently than you and you have to label us PR? Kind of juvenile. Like Halle could care less about a silly forum on the internet.

      I never get people judging one person with made-up scenarios and painting another person so innocent even when facts show they’re not so innocent? That is more of an agenda to me, ignoring facts because of your bias against the other person. We all know the truth is usually somewhere in the middle in divorce and custody issues.

      I didn’t realize this thread was only for posters who agree with your version. So I will leave you to your posting with no opposing views.

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        Please. Rose, Cerulean, Jayna, and just a few more have been the only people being rational about this situation from the beginning, saying we can only speculate, we don’t know all the details, everything is not Halle’s fault because nothing is ever just one person’s fault in any relationship.

        We have said from the start that we know Halle has issues but this incessant need to paint her as this “racist evil psycho bitch,’ is kind of hypocritical and mean and unjust.

        I love how Rose and others have called out the hypocrisy of the Seal bashing when you have never heard anything bad at all about him as an abuser (maybe a little about his temper) and how Heidi praised him for years but now people want to point the finger at him and simultaneously using this argument against Berry.

        I don’t play the race card often. A douche is a douche and should always be called out. For me, as I’ve said before I feel this is a subconscious/psychological thing. Gabriel is a gorgeous man who seems to be a great father whose private life is not as public as Berry’s and that makes him seem “better.”

        These people are not your friends, family, neighbors or anything else. Stop with these statements that come off as factual, as if you know for a fact who and what Halle is and what Gabriel is not.

        I will say this one more time. It’s called a CUSTODY BATTLE for a reason. And as someone who speaks from experience in dealing with two parents who couldn’t get along, I’m saying that both will often play dirty if they feel the need sometimes for reasons that aren’t about the child itself.

      • CanadianVixen says:

        @ Jayna Are you even a real person? You sound like some kind of automaton – just press the button and out spurts the spin. I think I’ve made myself clear and will no longer waste time/energy reading your transparent self-serving drivel so that I can continue to enjoy this site.

    • rose80 says:

      Julie, please get a grasp on reading comprehension. The court ordered Gabe into ANGER MANAGEMENT and supervised visits. They obviously have something of concern on record in order to do that. It’s not PR, its common sense. Gabe isn’t as pretty on the inside as he is on the outside.

  38. Tweakspotter says:

    My goodness is there a GRANDPARENT that can just step in for these two self serving idiots. GET IT TOGETHER!

  39. trollontheloose says:

    she’s got this cast longer than Beyonce pregnancy..

  40. the original bellaluna says:

    Word. Ungrateful bitch doesn’t even know how lucky Nahla is, nor does she care.

  41. nan says:

    She must have a lot of friends in high places. Feel so sorry for Aubry!

  42. Sarah says:

    Poor kid. If you can’t put aside your differences for the sake of your child then you don’t deserve to be a parent. All this he said/she said in the press is sickening beyond belief.

  43. Indigo says:

    I actually am starting to think i’m in the twilight zone… has no one read the part where Gabriel Aubrey is a proven abuser? are we honestly going to relate our soppy stories to prove some fact about this couple that we don’t even know?

    seriously, Halle’s protecting her kid, like any mom would. why this is not enough, is beyond me!

  44. LeeLoo says:

    I think everything should be doing everything to try and keep Gabriel in Nahla’s life. Make him take classes, go to therapy whatever it takes. Nahla deserves BOTH of her parents in her life. At the same time if Gabriel has been abusive towards Nahla he needs to be held accountable. Supervised visits need tobe mandatory until he can prove he can be trusted not to get angry at Nahla in a harmful way.

    I’m so sick of this, imo, no one is right. Halle is wrong for trying to leave the country with Nahla and Gabriel is wrong for taking his anger at his situation out on Nahla. More so, both parties are wrong for leaking details to the press and not reconciling their differences so they can peacefully co-parent their daughter. I see no winners and the only loser I see is Nahla.

  45. the original bellaluna says:

    Neither of them is “putting Nahla first” in that the dirty little deets are being played out in the press. (It’s an election year; we’ve got enough propaganda going on right now – don’t need this too.)

    It’s ugly and shameful that her parents are more focused on hurting/getting back at each other than what’s best for Nahla.

  46. tinker says:

    She kept his name off the birth certificate. She claimed he was racist.She is a narcissist. Family Courts are not a good place to be when fighting a personality disordered mother with lots of fame and money. Try it without those perks. The situation has been ongoing and relentless. She has a new man. She want to move. She has disrespected and lied about all her past relationships. She has cut off all contact with siblings. And she was raised by a single mother and thinks fathers are a pain. But Aubrey has not had anything remotely close to all these issues. Was he angry over his perception and experiences with Halle trying to take he child away. Yes he was and is. Did he yell at the nanny for yelling at him. I am sure he did.
    Who amoung you wouldn’t. Halle set up the situation and she is using her kid in the process. Mothers who have souls know not to cause the other parent untold stress because it hurts the child. She shows none of this behavior. A judge rules this way and all of a sudden Halle is the victim. Throw enough shit at the wall and some of it will stick. Excuse me while I see patterns in this case and the looks of it point to Halle. Halle wasn’t lying when she said he was a good father. I saw her demeanor when she was with him.
    Gabriel needs to get lawyer ed up/ Because once family court goes down this road. It is almost impossible to switch it back.He has spent his time on the offense and he needs a good defense. I wish he had installed camera’s.

  47. paranormalgirl says:

    I’ve been a “court ordered therapist,” and I can tell you, from working in the court system in California as well as New York that in cases likely to be highly publicized, quite often the judge does order on the side of extreme caution. And reading through the details of this case, it would appear that Aubrey was required to obtain anger management therapy (decided by family court) and Dependency court upheld the currently in place custody terms of supervised visits, no overnights. It doesn’t appear that anything new was actually ordered by Dependency Court, except to perhaps formalize the current custody terms.

    What NEEDS to happen is that the person supervising the visits needs to be appointed by the court and cannot, nor should not, be on either parent’s payroll.

  48. hillbilly in the corner says:

    This is nothing but a out and out asassination of Gabe Aubrey by Halle and her leegel team aided by the best charactor asassins in the media business TMZ……..For the right money they will go after anybody….its their speciality…
    The pattern of attack this woman has used is classic and she will not stop till she gets what she wants 100 percent control and Gabe out of the picture…She used him as her sperm donor got her pretty baby and is now doing the same thing to him that she did to the three men she was attached to before him ……She is very like a Black Widow Spider….who lures the males in and plays and uses them for a while before she gets rid of them by killing and eating them……Gabe is her lastest victem and If I was the Frenchman I would be looking over my shoudler all the time..cause he is next….
    One las thing if you can loose custody of your youngun just cause you yelled at them once in a while no parents would have any of their children in their own custudy…..cause I certainly hcave done some yelling a time or three……

  49. sandcastles says:

    while I am late to the conversation, I have a couple of points. Firstly, if halle breaks up with oliver-which I don’t think she will do, I think she will put up with alot with him just so she isn’t painted in a poorer light than she already is.I think it will be a quiet break up, she knows the backlash that is already directed at her and her relationships. Secondly, nobody mentioned that kids can be coached on what to say-for either side for that matter, and I’m surprised nobody else mentioned that. Nahla could very well have someone telling her what to say…afraid of daddy?

    • Annie says:

      Actually I was late to the game to but I did mention the coaching piece. Additionally, as the Nanny is Halle’s employee her account should be suspect.
      I used to be a huge Halle fan but after witnessing her behavior after each break-up , not so much.
      Dignity and accountabity are completely unfamiliar and underrated traits to her.
      I hope one day Nahla sees her Mother for what she is…a histrionic, narcissist with a latent desire to be the perpetual victim.

      • MW says:

        No kidding, @sandcastles and @Annie: I used to be a huge Halle fan too. I can’t believe people don’t realize if you’re “accused” in a case like this, the Judge has to start somewhere and investigate to find out the truth. In the meantime, he should be overprotective and put parameters in place, just in case. That does not mean Halle or her minions are being truthful or are right. And I don’t think this is about needing a giant maturity leap by these two. He is only defending himself against her constant accusations. Where would he be in this with the Court and the general public if he’d just stayed mum and didn’t respond or deny? Then everyone would say it was a sign of guilt! And what in the world does she mean by “he put Nahla in harm’s way”? I can’t forget that one where she said GA “let Nahla eat pizza on a non-cheat day”!!!! What? That’s her idea of “harm’s way”? Halle knows GAM and is trying to push buttons to get him to erupt and do something that will “prove” he’s got anger issues so he can be permanently deleted. How about those two recent photo spreads at the beach and Nobu where Nahla’s kissing Oliver, her new Daddy? I’d be angry because I would bet that this is HB’s way of saying “Look, Nahla has a new Daddy. She doesn’t need you anymore”. And does Oliver M. actually think this is all OK??? What about Halle’s Mother? Halle doesn’t care about what’s good for Nahla IMHO.

  50. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    No overnight stays with Nahla? This is just CRIMINAL what this wench is depriving her daughter and the father of. Think of all of that quality time and tender moments that will be missed. Gabriel, you need to lawyer up and fight back HARD!
    Halle, no matter what you do your latest piece will NEVER replace Nahlas flesh and blood bond you malicious witch.

  51. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    It was DCFS that suggested supervised visitation “for the duration of the investigation”. This has nothing to do with Halle’s latest petition.

    This was ordered by The Dependency Court, it’s role is to protect a child who may have suffered neglect or abuse, and is involved due to the investigation into the nanny’s accusations, she made many allegations not just that GA pushed her, but that he was abusive to Nahla over a long period of time.

    I wonder at the Nanny’s role in this. According to her affidavit she was assigned specifically to work for Nahla, as per court order. She was to see that Nahla was cared for and to make sure she was safe in each parent’s home.

    Why was the pushing incident the first reported incident, when according to the nanny it had been going on for at least seven months? If that’s true then the nanny did not protect Nahla that entire time, or did she lie? WTH?

    The family court judge will likely wait until the entire investigation is complete before making any ruling on any petition by either parent.

    I don’t know how any news agency is getting any “inside” information on the investigation, as any records should be confidential. If anyone is leaking information they should be held legally accountable.

  52. MrsNix says:

    Honestly, the race thing never entered my mind. I dislike her and distrust her and feel disdain for her because she likes to run over people with her car and she runs through men like most women run through changes of clothing. I don’t trust the crazy sick lunatic. Period. Her skin tone hasn’t a thing to do with it.

  53. skuddles says:

    What a joke…. she with the fattest wallet and the nastiest disposition wins? When is someone going to call her on her lunacy?

  54. Relli says:

    If you knew anything about this commenter, as in read her other threads… you would know that all of what you said in reply was really wrong.

  55. the original bellaluna says:

    Thank you, Relli.

    Gypsey, did you read my first sentence? I meant as far as them not caring about how Nahla will feel when this is over and in their past, but she’s just finding out about all this animosity online or from friends. (What she’s feeling now but cannot yet define.)

    Also, I am an abuse survivor. I went to court to get a restraining order against my abuser after a particularly awful event. Then, I took our infant son & went into hiding to escape. I don’t EVER condone abuse; nor do I condone tolerating it.

    But I have also known of plenty of vindictive bitches who claim “abuse” when there has been none. And that makes me ferociously pissed, as it just makes it harder for victims with legitimate claims to get help.

  56. Katherine says:

    Please. The first thing Aubry should have done was to seek a protective order keeping Nehleh from ever being driven by her mother anywhere, anytime. Halle has a proven record as an irresponsible driver and being a danger behind the wheel to herself and others. Nothing has been proven regarding any danger Aubry poses to his daughter.