Christina Hendricks vs. Meryl Streep: who worked Westwood better at the Baftas?

Both Christina Hendricks and Meryl Streep wore Vivienne Westwood gowns at last night’s BAFTAs in London. The results were mixed. Let’s talk about Christina first, since she’s one of my favorite girls and because I’ve really missed seeing her on the Golden Globes and SAG red carpets. Okay, y’all: Christina looked like HELL. When this girl is styled badly, it’s the absolute worse. Christina is actually the face of Vivienne Westwood’s jewelry line, so it was an obvious choice for her to wear Westwood, but couldn’t Christina find something that would compliment her figure a bit more? Something that wouldn’t make her look so… lumpy? This is just not a flattering dress on her, and I’m not even talking about the Titsy McCleavage-Wall situation.

But the worst part? The styling! Jesus. Christina and her clown makeup – someone needs to take away this girl’s too-bright lipsticks and replace them with some lighter, softer shades. The eye makeup sucks too, and her hair is a f–king wreck. This is honestly one of her worst red carpet appearances ever.

As for Meryl, she couldn’t have looked any better in her Westwood gown. She actually took the time to have a proper fitting (hint to Christina). Meryl is also showing more boob than she usually does, and while I freely admit that Meryl has less boob to work with than Christina (and that does affect my opinion), Meryl’s cleavage isn’t assaulting my eyes. I also love Meryl’s little jacket. And her hair. And her makeup. And her beautiful face. Meryl won Best Actress last night at the BAFTAs too – for The Iron Lady. So maybe the Brits aren’t so mad at her for playing Thatcher after all.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Where was NATALIE PORTMAN last night? she should have been there doing her job and being a bit grateful to her peers (let’s forget about the fans, to her they are scum), but now that she has the Oscar she could not care less. In her world it must be a real punishment to take a first class flight and check into a five star hotel to attend an event, for ONE NIGHT. That woman is THE WORST.

  2. gg says:

    what is up with the ass bustle on Meryl?? Makes her look deformed.

  3. Gossip girl says:

    My my, Meryl has a rockin bod. Well done.

  4. BK says:

    Hendricks looks just horrible. Disheveled, makeup caked on with a Spackle and a pretty hideous fit on that dress.

    She has so much good stuff to work with – it’s a shame she misses the mark every now and then.

  5. Anne says:

    Christina always looks terrible and I don’t understand it. The only time I’ve seen her look good is on Mad Men, otherwise it’s a disaster.

    Ms Streep for the win.

  6. Franny says:

    whoa Meryl! she looks hot! I love it.

    Christina’s makeup artist forgot the #1 rule of liquid eyeliner – you have the fill in the gaps by the eyelashes! Especially with blond eyelashed girls, you have to go in from underneath to fill in that line…or else it looks like it does here, with that strange line between the eyeliner and the eye lashes.

  7. Cherry says:

    There’s a hilarious photo of Colin Firth checking out Meryl’s cleavage. Priceless. As for Christina: I agree that that dress isn’t flattering on her, but I actually like her styling. I disagree with the clown-make-up qualification, I think that shade of lipstick really suits her. And her skin is amazing.

  8. mei says:

    She lost a shoe while walking up the stairs to the stage to collect her BAFTA and Colin Firth (presenting the award – last year’s best actor giving out best actress and so on) retrieved it for her and knelt down and put her shoe back on, only Meryl and Colin Firth could have pulled off such a ‘oops’ moment with style, it was lovely to watch.

  9. Spugz says:

    You girls are cray cray. Christina looks gorgeous! I think the too bright lipsticks really suit her and her hair just looks a bit like she stopped for a quick shag before the red carpet. She can do no wrong in my eyes!

  10. Amanda says:

    I keep hearing about how hot Christina Hendricks supposedly is. All the hipsters dig her, and I guess it’s “cool” to have a thing for her. I don’t see it. Her boobs look like inflated airbags.

  11. CTgirl says:

    Christina needs to lose that dead hedgehog on her head. If you’re going to wear a hair piece at least brush it out. I don’t get all these celebrities that use false hair but don’t use a comb.

  12. faye says:

    I’m sorry but Christina’s dress looks like a horrible bridesmaid dress. The only saving grace is that it is done in black.

  13. NM6804 says:

    Oh, but Streep wants it bad too ;) .

    Ok, honestly Hendricks her boobs are only amazing when hoisted up under her chin. There is no way, they are not saggy when in normal mode which is fine but there are other ways to show them off, I find this vulgar and boring.

    *google search*

  14. Stubbylove says:

    Meryl finally looks like a WOman! Awesome.

  15. LAK says:

    I have been waiting for years for Christine Hendricks to show up in Westwood because she is the only designer who knows how to dress the ‘girls’.

    I think the dress looks fantastic on her. Usually her designer choices don’t know what to do with the girls and simply hoisted them up to her chin. For once you see her before you clock the girls.

    As for our Meryl, i was so happy that for once she’s properly dressed at an awards show. She normally wears such muu muus or shirt dresses and she rocked that dress. i love that she did not wear a designer who only cuts for boyish figures or is too overtly sexual eg Dolce

    So for me all things considered, this was a fabulous choice for both of them, and they rocked it.

  16. mememe says:

    Christina looked beautiful but the hair was a wreck and the dress while I could see where they were going with the bodice, it didn’t exactly make it and the rest looked like a hefty bag.

    Meryl’s hair was not good and that jacket is just sad. The dress actually looks interesting. Softer hair, dress only, killer heels, could have made that work.

    • Al says:

      Christina’s dress WAS lumpy but I’d still be proud to look like her if this is a “bad” look for her it’s a lot better than my “good” days!

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        The dress has potential, but it kind of gets lost in wrinkles and strange fit. I always find it strange when actors show up to these things. Did she present? It also seems like an odd choice for the Grammy’s. Whatever.

        Don’t be so hard on yourself, a long line bra will give you the posture and cinch, a push-up option hoists and makes the chest look fuller. Make sure the bra is too small so it chest-garrotes (I couldn’t think of a less vulgar way of saying that) you into looking like your clothes don’t fit you, use makeup to contour and shade and you can have the same effect. Heck, it’d give Divine that impression. Holy cow, can you believe Divine’s been dead for almost 25 years? And Freddie Mercury for almost 21, now. Holy Hell!

  17. Marianne says:

    I hated Christina’s hair. It looked like she rolled out of bed. As for the dresses, I think Christina’s is better.

    At least Meryl’s is an improvment from the Ranch Style she’s been wearing.

  18. LeeLoo says:

    I think Meryl looked just as bad. Eeek!

    I like Christina’s makeup but you are correct about the dress and her hair could have looked better.

  19. original sandy says:

    i like the ideal of Christina, just more pulled together, she can be beautiful, just not here, meryl looks ok, for her age.

  20. ginger says:

    Dear god, Christina Hendricks’ face!!! It’s just amazing. Even if she’s styled badly, that milky skin and perfect features turn me into green Jell-O.

  21. malathyonxx says:

    I agree with the clown lipstick remark. And I think that Christina looks like she had a quickie in the back of the limo. Her dress looks all wrinkled and pulled. Someone made the comment that she only looks good on the Madmen show and I agree with that.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


      Don’t any of the Mad Men ladies pay attention to the way they’re styled or are they just put under the ether when the hired hands are combing their hair and dying in colours that could be found in nature, put them in consistently great makeup, iron, get fitting undergarments and choosing clothes that are flattering, classy and suits their skin tone? It’s nuts, three months out of the year (or two) they’re some of the foxiest ladies on television, but then… Well Snow Miser is with her new baby, so we don’t see much of her. For all the scowling, I think she runs a comb through. Elisabeth Mosscientology (I was SO dissapointed to find out that she’s one of that tribe. So disappointing) was working in London so her visibility is lower–probably in couples therapy with her red carpet hairdos and this one’s allergic to her house so you forget how awesome she looks on that show. And that’s coming from a person who loathes Joan. I despise April Ludgate too, though, so I’m learning that I just don’t know how to like TV characters correctly. Okay, movies too: when April Wheeler kicked in Revolutionary Road I started cheering. That hasn’t happened since Brigitte Bardot in Contempt. Holy frijoles, that Camille character was a cancer.

      Oh crap, books too. At the end of The Forsyte Saga, which so engrossed me I polished it off in about four days, I realised that I was waiting for someone to destroy Irene. Frigging Irene Forsyte who doesn’t even know how to pronounce her own name. Man, I’m a broken soul.

  22. Maya says:

    Hendricks has bad hair…
    And yeah, I’ve had enough of her bunching up her boobs like that. It’s only a good look for dirty old men to appreciate. Her dress looks like something straight out of a budget mail order catalogue.
    Anyway, don’t get the big deal about her acting wise.

  23. ANON says:

    Christina’s dress is better but it looks like it’s begging for mercy.. those chichis are grotesque.. how hungry is she for attention for god’s sake..?

  24. erin says:

    meryl looks f-in hot.

    i don’t see a problem with christina’s makeup though! i think it looks perfectly fine. i’m pale and a fake ginger with blue eyes just like her, and i love a bright lip. it isn’t even that bright, really… her hair IS a hot mess though.