Rihanna in green Stella McCartney in London: gorgeous or tacky?

Here are some photos of Rihanna in London, where she attended the Stella McCartney show yesterday during London Fashion Week. Rihanna is in a Stella design – one of the rare Stella dresses that I hands-down love. It looks like one of those vintage Calvin Klein nightgown-dresses that were popular during the early 1990s – a red carpet look that always loved. I have mixed feelings about Rihanna’s current hairstyle here, though. I was loving the blonde hair on her at the Grammys, but in these photos, her hair looks really damaged and kind of trashy.

Steaming up Fashion Week! Rihanna nearly set the front row of Stella McCartney’s presentation ablaze when she showed some skin in a slinky teal floor-length satin gown.

The “We Found Love” singer, who hit London Fashion Week Saturday, flaunted her assets in the backless gown with a plunging neckline and hip-high slit. The ensemble is reminiscent of the chic and sexy custom-made black number that she co-designed with Giorgio Armani for the 2012 Grammys on Feb. 12.

The 23-year-old star is currently overseas for the BRIT Awards, which take place Tuesday evening, and to begin work as producer on her yet-to-be-named fashion competition series in the U.K.

On the show, aspiring designers will compete for a chance to dress Rihanna for her London concert in July. Along the way, they will create costume stage designs for musicians and celebs to wear during performances.

Rihanna will be joined by Nicola Roberts from the British female pop group Girls Aloud, who will star as the host for the show.

[From Us Weekly]

I hope Rihanna stays in London for a while. I hope she finds some hot guy in London and forgets all about this drama with Chris Brown. I know a lot of you hate her for seemingly letting Chris back into her life (and maybe even hooking up with him again), but… I just feel bad for her. After the incident three years ago, I feel like Rihanna went through a lot of stuff in the public eye – in her interviews throughout the year immediately after the brutal assault, Rihanna seemed so sad, so unmoored, like she was trying to be defiant and strong, but she couldn’t really convince herself. She shouldn’t have to be the poster girl for battered women and I just think she’s still trying to figure everything out. I worried about her then, and I worry about her now. I really hope that she just finds someone who will be nice to her and rock her world sexually so she can forget all about the beater.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Asli says:

    The top photo and pose isn’t really doing her any favors. She looks kinda trashy. But the rest of the photos you can really see the dress. She looks great and I love the dress. The hair needs to go, though. That’s not a good look for her. It’s safe to say that even the awful red hair was better than this thing on her head.

    I’m rooting for Rihanna to come out on top of this whole drama with Chris Brown. The hatred is kind of un-deserved. She hasn’t done anything wrong.

  2. celine says:

    she’s dirty she’s hot. gotta luv her hahaha

  3. gina says:

    I like the color and style of the dress. For the most part RiRi looks good. I feel the makeup was natural but could have used just a light shade on the lips. Also she is getting way to thin :-/

  4. aida says:

    I don’t like the hair on her.

  5. Nina says:

    Her upper body is so thin and her legs are so thick

  6. paola says:

    she looks so sad and lonely in all the latest pictures and she looks so skinny.. but finally she pulled out of that expensive wardrobe of her some really classy gowns. well done. i love this dress!

  7. Lisa B. says:

    I find this dress very similar to the Armani she wore at the Grammys. But with a different color and fabric.

    To be honest I like the Armani better. This one looks too much like a nightgown.

    I don’t mind the hair. Looks ok to me. I just wish she would do something about the roots.

    Kate Moss was also there and she looked super good too.

  8. Cleveland Girl says:

    Her body looks completely different then it used to. I Wonder if she lipo’d her hips and thighs?

  9. Agnes says:

    omg, what a throw-back to the 90s! these nightgown-like dresses were so hot when i was a senior in high school. crazy.

  10. kibbles says:

    As others have pointed out, this is another Whitney and Bobby 2.0. Rihanna has never been fat nor thick as someone like Beyonce, but she is not this naturally skinny. All of this weight loss indicates to me that she is potentially dabbing in harder drugs. Chris Brown at her birthday party is another huge warning signal that she is still dependent on him in some way or otherwise she would have gotten rid of him for good. Women don’t usually stay friends with their beaters. They are having sex and I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to get back with him. I think the only thing holding her back might be her agent or real friends concerned about her safety.

    This dress – I don’t know – it’s not my style. She looks hot, but as someone said above, hot in a dirty kind of way. She needs to grow up.

    • hateonit. says:

      um she’s always been thick. she was never skinny. the only thing about her body is her top half is tiny compared to her lower half which is thick. her hair looks like crap and the dress sucks. nice color but that’s it. the only hairstyles I’ve ever liked her with are sadly the pixie cut she had with Chris brown and that bright ass red which yu can’t deny she pulled off. this look is horrific.

    • Alexis says:

      I wouldn’t go so far as to call the shape she used to have “thick.” She used to look kinda like ScarJo does now. Small, but not crazy-skinny, and pear-shaped.

      Also: I think her bottom half only looks “big” relative to her super-tiny upper body. So sad, it seems like she’s on drugs.

      I’m also confused about her hair. Is that a weave, or what? I think it’s her own hair. (and I think it’s irrational that she’s done this to her own hair) It looks a little fried like real hair would be if you abruptly bleached brown hair light blond and flat ironed and/or relaxed it. And why would someone put on a fried-looking weave? I don’t think they even make ones like that. Busted weaves just look super-fake and way too shiny, not fried. At any rate, someone as rich as Rihanna probably wouldn’t buy fried-looking blonde hair. I guess she could have been growing her hair out under weaves for the whole red era. After all, it’s not crazy-long either…

  11. imabrat says:

    I like the dress but her attitude and stance makes it all trashy. The same dress could be worn by someone with class and be absolutely stunning.

  12. Kimbob says:

    I like Ri’s understated makeup. Like @gina said, if she’d used a better lipstick color to make her look “pop.”

    I agree w/Kaiser as far as wishing Ri could meet some guy to rock her world…they’re out there. Honestly I think Rihanna just hasn’t given anyone a chance.

    Question: Everyone’s talking of Ri’s blonde hair as if it’s her own. I was convinced she was wearing a wig, no? The blonde hair is OK on her…but that’s about all. I thought Ri looked best when she had her REAL HAIR short, w/it’s natural color. The blonde hair just looks cheap on her, really. It’s not doing her any favors, really.

    The dress? It’s OK..I dunno. I’m still looking forward to a day when Ri grows up & starts to style herself classy. She’s been going through a slutty phase lately…and it’s not flattering.

  13. I.want.shoes says:

    Again with that trashy body chain!

  14. kdlaf says:

    First of all, the dress is beautiful! Rihanna just needs to learn how to pose properly so the dress looks more flattering.

    Second, its so sad how someone can have so much success but little confidence. I feel like in about 10 years we’re going to get an interview from her (similar to whitney houston’s with oprah) saying that this “hard” girl image really wasnt her and she felt trapped in it. Looking at some pictures when she goes out makes me wonder who the real Rihanna is. Also, people need to stop saying that she needs a new nice guy to get over Chris. She needs to love HERSELF first before she is even able to realize what a good guy is. She also needs a break from the limelight. These kind of issues need to be dealt with by yourself or a small group of genuine close friends (which she may not even have)- not millions of people.

    • Maripily says:

      Agreed. A nice new guy that will rock her world sexually is NOT what she needs. What she needs is self esteem, and recognition of her self worth. If she doesn’t heal what’s troubling her, she will most likely end up with another abusive guy just like Chris Brown. How careless to imply domestic violence victims can achieve healing by meeting a nice guy or having hot sex. The issue goes deeper than that.

  15. skipper says:

    Where is she standing? The alley out back?

  16. Judi says:

    Rihanna is one of the celebs out there with the least amount of taste. She is the perfect example that money can buy you a lot – but not taste. I have never seen nice clothes on her and that dress just doesn’t flatter her physique, too. The color is nice, but it looks cheap and tacky on her. She has a tiny top and compared to that her bottom is huge. She should dress adequately but she never does that, she just ignores her physique. Combined with a terrible sense for make-up and accessorising, that women gives me nightmares.

  17. samira677 says:

    I do believe that Chris is back in her life but I don’t know if they are dating. He’s in Miami with his girlfriend so the whole situation is confusing. To be superficial, considering how much the general public hates Chris I doubt Rihanna would go back to him. That could really hurt her career. Since they had an abusive relationship, not a one time assault, I hope those close to her will scream that nothing has changed.

  18. Negirl says:

    In NO way, in no world, does she look “huge”. That’s such a ridiculous, unhealthy comment to make. She has a smaller top half and carries what very little weight she has on her bottom half – welcome to the diversity of body shapes.
    Talk about her hair or makeup or dress choice all you want but it would be lovely if we could all get on board with a beautiful body looking all kinds of different ways, and not just one, Barbie-style boring model.

  19. Beatriz says:

    I’m always going back and forth with Rihanna. Some days she annoys the hell out of me and I judge her for going back to Chris, but I also forget that she is 23 years old; Is she really supposed to know how to figure this whole mess out at that age? In the public eye nonetheless? I feel like she is pressured to come across as a strong, dominant woman and it’s wearing her down; it must also be really tiring having to be told what to do and being guilty-ed into not doing certain things–like seeing Chris, which I’m not saying is good for her, but she has to be able to come to that conclusion herself. Like Kaiser said, she doesn’t have to be the poster girl for battered women, she’s also just figuring this out. I don’t know, she’s gotten so skinny lately, it worries me. I hope she’s not doing drugs, like some posts said above, it would be too sad.

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    It’s a nightgown. But it’s a sexy nightgown in one of my favourite colours EVER!

    Ri, stay away from that CB boy. He’s bad news.

  21. Lithe says:

    I love the colour of Rihanna’s dress, but she makes everything look trashy.

  22. Sacred says:

    I didn’t like the whole look from the first picture. But, once I saw the rest, I loved them. Nice color. She is so fit and tall. I hope she doesn’t ever get boob implants b/c her small boobs fit her body.

    As for the other drama: This is the problem I had w/the Grammy’s and all these award shows treating Chris like he was a victim and praising him nonstop. It is sending the wrong message; it is sending the wrong message to Rihanna and millions of girls/women all around the world. Society is constantly tell women they are at fault for getting raped/beat. They are never the victims b/c they bring that stuff on themselves. When they see an unchanged abuser like Chris being treated like a prince, it confirms it all. If they can treat him like he never did anything wrong, then what is so wrong about Rihanna dating him again? I guarantee you that is the question she keeps asking herself.

  23. anonymoose says:

    She’s no model, she’s no talent, and she certainly isn’t Goldie Hawn.

    She needs to realize this.

    @Judi #17 and Nina #6: right on!

    the dress: totally wrong for Rihanna’s body shape, probably ugly on anyone. It’s an unwearable cut, looks unwieldy and slippery and heavy. How does one sit in it? Tuck the front flap between one’s crossed legs? Splay the skirt open? The color is nice, but the dress is tacky.

    Also, Rihanna can’t accessorize to save her life.

    • LAK says:

      that is not a tacky dress. look at the tailoring.

      That is a very sexy dress. It’s been drapped around her body. The fabric needs to be heavy so that it hangs like a dress rather than a negligee. Otherwise we would be discussing her underwear situation. The flap is to the side not the front, and it isn’t so high cut that it would show her biscuits when she sat down.

      As the article said, Calvin Klein did these kinds of dresses in 90s. The picture above of Goop with Brad Pitt at the oscars is another example of what Riri is wearing. And it’s Calvin Klein.

      And if you don’t know how to sit like a lady, even in a dress that is designed to show legs without showing anything else…….task! task! task!

  24. erin says:

    Best looking dress I’ve seen from Stella McHiddy. By far.

  25. Zoey says:

    Gross hair. Beautiful dress, beautiful bod.

  26. leetruth says:

    The dress looks nice. People should leave these kids alone and stop playing armchair psychologists.

  27. Heebeegeebee says:

    Everything about this girl is tacky.

  28. DesertRose says:

    I love Rhianna. She has a super soulful voice and I think she’s a great performer. Those pics of her in Hawaii smoking a blunt on the beach pretty much sealed the deal for me. That being said, she is looking very thin. I thought it at the Grammy’s when she was performing, and then later when she was standing next to Goop and they were in similar dresses and Riri looked smaller. Hope she doesn’t lose herself in the hardstuff. Someone above said nothing feels as good as skinny, and that can be so sadly true.

  29. Sisi says:

    She should’ve posed differently in the first pic (shoulders back maybe?) and she needs some color/ contrast in her make-up. But I like the look, it’s a good dress in a pretty color. Riri loves busy looking clothing with prints colors buckles beading etc so I like that she chose some simple tailored pieces the last few weeks.

  30. Devon says:

    She must have been FREEZING! It was so cold in London last night.

    I’m not a huge fan of the dress but that colour on her is amazing. I <3 Ri Ri!!

  31. Holly:) says:

    The dress looks tacky and cheap.

  32. hatekyle says:

    the gown if fine. she just looks ghetto with that blond locks.

  33. Mar says:

    This dress is hotness. She pulls it of but I prefer her with a few more pounds-

  34. shontay says:

    Hair is terrible, accessories are terrible. Lovely dress, but cut too low in the front.

  35. Jess says:

    Rihanna is beautiful but the blonde do she’s been rocking lately looks awful. Hated it at the Grammys and disliking it here.

  36. Willow says:

    Her face is beautifully made-up! And, while her poses aren’t the best in it, the gown drapes lovely on her.

    Shall we just cheer her move to better fashion styling? The hair is improving slowly…small steps…small steps :D !!

  37. It’s a beautiful color, it just looks like it’s a few sizes too big for her.

  38. Joey says:

    Hate the hair. It looks so dry and damaged. Remember that shiny, curly-all-over ‘do she had for awhile? Loved that. Also the color washes her out. And the dress and accessories are tacky. Sorry. I love RiRi but this is not a good look.

  39. JudyJudyJudy says:

    the dress looks cheap…but then I think SMs clothing is generally crap. A girl with that figure and face could do better than this.

  40. Diane says:

    Stella usually has all the style-savvy (sad to say) of her late mom, Linda. Which is none. If Stella wasn’t an ex-Beatle’s daughter, she’d be nowhere, man.

  41. skuddles says:

    This girl always just looks so gone to me. I don’t think she’s present in the moment, ever.

  42. gab says:

    I like Rihanna and I think she looks so beautiful in these pictures. The dress is very sexy and slinky, but not too trashy for a pop star, imvho. I really hope that she finds a good man who treats her right and that she lives a good life. I don’t want another tragic ending.

  43. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I think she’s really beautiful, I like the understated makeup, it suits her new hair color. I liked the black Armani dress from the Grammys better, this dress is a pretty color but the shiny fabric looks cheap. I hope CB is gone from her life for at least another year…or forever.

  44. crtb says:

    I love the dress
    I love her make up
    I love her hair

  45. Maya says:

    I think most things look tacky on her because she has a million tramp stamps, including the tackiest of tackiest tattoos: the neck tattoo, hand tattoo. If she wasn’t a singer people would think she was an ex-con.

  46. Rachel says:

    She looks like she’s been into the nose candy! Sad.

  47. Shamozzle says:

    She looks like she always does.

    Like a $5 trick on a corner.

  48. skuddles says:

    Forgot to say, I love the dress! I once owned a gorgeous ivory silk (honeymoon) negligee that looked very much like this dress. I don’t understand the jacket she paired it up with though… looks mismatched.

  49. I Choose Me says:

    Look at her eyes. This girl is in pain IMO. She looks so sad and defeated.

  50. Nonny says:

    The dress would have been nice if she had pulled it up a bit. That girl is filthy, as in she always looks like she needs a shower. Her hair is on crack.

  51. JudyK says:


    Don’t think anyone else could pull this off, but it’s classy on her.

  52. Ravensdaughter says:

    Show some skin, girl! I have never liked Stella McCartney’s designs-they look tacky on anyone who wears them. If she had been Stella Smith, she would not be where she is.

  53. Mimi says:

    That shot of her from the back is gorgeous! Something is off with this chick though.

  54. Tweakspotter says:

    It would look better if it was a little more fitted. I don’t hate it but it looks a little like a sexy bridesmaid dress.

  55. Allons - y Allonso says:

    She just made a beautiful dress look so tacky and cheap! *slow clap*

  56. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    Is trying to channel Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface? Epic fail.