Angelina Jolie says “maybe” she’ll marry Brad Pitt when Prop 8 is overturned

Extra released a new-ish interview with Angelina Jolie yesterday – the interview actually took place last week, when Angelina was in Sarajevo for the Bosnian premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey. What could have been a decent two-minute edited video interview is drawn out to seven minutes of real-time, unedited boringness, though. Look, I love Angelina. But she’s not half as interesting this dude thinks she is. Angelina discusses the film, whether she’ll direct again, whether she’ll ever direct Brad Pitt in a project, and around the five-minute mark, she talks about the possibility she’ll marry Brad:

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Extra is claiming in their text of the interview that “Angelina Jolie hints to Jerry Penacoli she may finally be ready to marry Brad Pitt.” Because she replied to the question, “Maybe.” She sounded unconvinced and unconvincing. But look how she lights up when she talks about the kids – “They figured out what marriage is now, they’re old enough so now they kind of like the idea of it. But we’re still convinced that half of them just want to party.”

In other Angelina news, she’s just been confirmed for Newsweek/The Daily Beast’s annual Women In the World Summit, which will be held in NYC next month. Angelina will be joining congresswomen, international politicians, Nobel laureates, journalists, humanitarians, businesswomen and Meryl Streep. Yay!

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  1. paola says:

    Again with this wedding story!!! Personally i don’t care if you get married or not, just STFU until you do it because it’s getting really boring.

  2. monette says:

    Can’t wait for the day JA gets invited to the Newsweek/The Daily Beast’s annual Women In the World Summit. Because that is the day that Hell freezes over and I can finally go skating :)

  3. Nev says:

    she is soooo running that relationship.

    hahahahaahaha poor bradley.

  4. Aiobhan says:

    What a non-story! I love Angelina like I love cake but until we get photos from the “wedding” then these entertainment shows need to stop exaggerating. It is getting embarrassing. I hope there are photos from that awesome summit.

    • Sakyiwaa says:

      But OF COURSE, this is where my real, genuine YAY is too; “In other Angelina news, she’s just been confirmed for Newsweek/The Daily Beast’s annual Women In the World Summit, which will be held in NYC next month. Angelina will be joining congresswomen, international politicians, Nobel laureates, journalists, humanitarians, businesswomen and Meryl Streep.” YAY! Go Angie!

  5. spinner says:

    She is dangling the marriage thing just like a carrot. Always bringing it back to her personal life & reliance on her connection with Brad. In the top pic…you would think her stylist would have made sure that all that padding wasn’t so obvious.

    • pamela says:

      For heaven’s sake she was asked a question, and gave an answer. How in hell is that “dangling the marrriage thing”? Please get some much needed perspective. Sheesh!!! I wish the interviewers would STOP asking them the question.

    • Karma says:

      What padding is in the top pic? It’s a good bra, standing up straight, and a well-tailored dress.

      Clearly on the last photo, where she is walking, it shows less fullness on top because she isn’t standing up straight. And here’s a tip for you, girls with larger boobs, can gain a cup size or more during that time of the month.

      I think the other poster is right on both fronts, your dislike for AJ is messing with your perspective. And she isn’t dangling the marriage thing, it is a standard question she is asked constantly by the press. So the media outlet can send out marriage teases over the airwaves/internet to increase ratings/page hits.

      • Camille (The original) says:

        Excellent comment, I agree to all of it.

        Re: this ‘padding’ bs. Some tabloid rag said it and now the loonistons/haters constantly bring it up as if it is the gospel truth *eye roll*. Its ridiculous. Personally I see no padding, the occasional built in corset in a gown- different story.

  6. dena says:

    Can this dumb slit shut up already? Who cares!

  7. Julie says:

    I just think she needs to get over herself….more importantly we all need to get over her, just a little, no? alot?

  8. Girl says:

    Wow. She looks like a caricature of herself in that last pic in the silver dress.

  9. Lauren says:

    Angie has amazing genetics..but she looked so much better 5 years ago. Her hairline is receding and her body is frightening. I like her, but if she was not with Brad, i would not pay any attention to her. They are the ultimate Media Machine. And their children are beautiful…they are more fascinating than their parents! Angie, says “UM” quite a lot, but she is obviously quite brilliant.

  10. Celebasshat says:

    Well done saint Angie until the day of the summit, the whole world will be on standstill.

  11. LoL says:

    Brad Pitt starts the wedding/ marriage rumors and every time Angelina jolie is asked she downplays those same rumors that her boyfriend started.

    First she said she would do it if the kids asked… Then Brad comes out and says the kids are asking… Then Angie comes out and says oh the kids just want a to party with a cake.


    I think it’s obvious.

  12. SO Beautiful says:

    wow- she is so gorgeous and, at such a young age, so very accomplished- what a fantastic inspiration to all, especially women!! She has the money and privilege to shop & tan all day (like most Hollywood types), but that fact that she does so much for others, keeps trying new things, and is just so kind to all makes it even more impressive. The reporter asked her the marriage question- all reporters, especially US reporters, seem to ask them that question- she was very cute & polite in her answer.

    • Camille (The original) says:


      No one is perfect (especially in HW!), but I give props to her for not living that Hollywood vapid lifestyle. It would be so easy just to shop and tan all day and to only think of ones self at that level of fame/money/success. She has more substance than most in that town IMO.

  13. gab says:

    Yeah they’re waiting for Prop 8 and world peace first. Pffft

  14. Ashley says:

    If they were to get married after all this time is it saying that what they’ve had until now wasn’t good enough?

  15. Photo lab says:

    Blotting papers and translucent powder, Angie Jo. All i’m saying is that there is no shame in using these products if you’re wearing makeup anyway.

  16. Lee says:

    I just find it really annoying and even sort of demeaning to non-married long term couples that the media KEEPS asking this. I mean, choosing not to marry is a valid decision. Did interviewers hound Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins for the 20 years they were together?

    I guess some will argue that they (Brad especially) bring it up themselves. Maybe it is just a publicity scheme. Either way, I wish it would stop.

  17. lucy2 says:

    Hey, that guy used to be a local news anchor in Philadelphia! I remember the name.

    This marriage stuff is getting ridiculous with them. “That’s a private decision” would go a long ways, but they both know stringing the idea along gets attention.

  18. pamela says:


    Not ALL questions are pre approved…obviously. It’s an off-the-cuff question and answer. Like I said..Get some perspective.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    #1. I really, really wish I could attend that Women in the World Summit!

    #2. Prop 8′s been struck down in Cali, but some idiots appealed to the Feds to review the ruling. (Or is she talking all 50 states?)

  20. Heine says:

    They bring it up so much themselves that it’s become a joke. Either do it or shut up about it; stop dangling the possibility for the poor Brangeloonies. I doubt it’ll ever happen though.

    Personally, I don’t think Jolie wants add a THIRD marriage to her record. Perhaps it reminds her of her early impulsivity and irresponsibility.

  21. you boring says:

    If she is not interesting then why you post something “Boring”? leave Angie alone. They shouldn’t be asked three things, about maniston, if they gonna have kids and when or if they marry. ask her fun questions. what is the most adventures thing she did, what it felt like when she met brad or when she felt he is the one…. many fun question.

  22. Miss Beca says:

    This is one of the most embarassing interviews I’ve ever seen. SHE is just fine, but his fawning is almost unbearable.

  23. blonde on the dock says:

    Could this interviewer have his head any farther up her ass? Nauseating!
    She has a beautiful face but she’s so frighteningly skinny. I say eating disorder!

  24. Cut the Cheese says:

    I wish they would get married, then Brad could have her put away! I’m sick of listening to this nut job.

  25. Kim says:

    Maybe they should get married for the 6 kids they have!

  26. NM6804 says:

    Wow, this guy is so far up her ass he’s peeking smilingly through her mouth!
    7min of a journalist pretending he’s BFF’s with Jolie, can’t believe I sat through that :) .

    - Isn’t it ironic that at 2:55 she talks about failure but doesn’t say as if that happened to her? Excellent dodge no?

    - What language does Zahara speak?

    - She said that the children are “stuck with it” in regards to traveling, that’s not a positive way to describe something that is defended here until eternity. Hell, the Apologists say it better than she does.

    - Jolie is so over the idea of marrying. Pitt can run out crying again because it’s pretty clear he’s the one who’s itching to walk down the aisle.

    - That last bit about the film being not a complete fail is a big lie and they both know it. The film isn’t even close to exceeding the budget and the critics are at best mildly positive about it. So no, I don’t see film execs giving her money to make another one. The purpose of filmmaking is still making money rather than making art and she fails in both categories.

    • Nikki says:

      Most likely Zahara will speak Amharic its the official language.
      The kids are stuck bc they have two parents who travel for work and they take their kids with them.
      She has spoken of not wanting fail the victims and by most accounts they say she didn’t.
      With the marriage thing it’s non of our business the American media is just looking for a scoop.
      Everybody wrote off The Tourist as well from just the North American box office then the rest of the world kicked in.
      The film opens in France, Germany, England, and all across the Balkins including Serbia this week and more countries next month.
      Why is it so important for you that this film be declared a failure?

      • NM6804 says:

        - On the language: thanks, I know there is more than one language and that Amharic is the official one but it puzzled me as to why she isn’t naming the one Zahara is learning. She might be learning Oromo no?

        - Stuck is still an odd way of describing their lifestyle (it’s a sad word to describe any situation really). Like they can’t get out even if they would want to.

        - Actually, Pitt seems more into it than she is. She’s “meh” whereas he’s the one iniationg the marriage talk (which she subsequently denies or shows disintrest).

        - The Tourist is a piece of cr* too. Bad plot, bad acting. Didn’t make any sense to me and their chemistry was way off. I figured out the ending when 15min in and my friend fell asleep. After the film we read the reviews and sadly, we should’ve done that before watching. The Tourist is widely known to be a failure and will never be mentioned in the history books of legendary films. It’s longevity that counts in the end and the Tourist is forgetable.
        Money doesn’t equal success in my eyes. But if the critics and the B-O fail than yes, it is a failure. If she was in the 70% range than I would think that the film would be worth watching for the message and acting but many critics criticize the romantic subplot, bad dialogues… all-round a good EFFORT but she failed at the execution. Would you demand your teacher to give you an A+ on a difficult topic just because you TRIED? No, so why is she allowed to be above that?

        - The film opens in Europe in limited release too. And judging by the reviews in the UK (no, not the Daily Mail, respected newspapers) they too applaud the effort but are not exactly bowing down for Jolie in terms of educating them on this topic (one review even stated Jolie didn’t tell the audience anything new about the war and this was a positive review mind you!) which was her reason to make this film (so triple fail?) and find her depiction of the romance far-fetched. Furthermore, I have not seen any buzz here (UK) for B&H nor do my friends abroad know when the film is coming out exactly but they are aware of the reviews and it’s not looking good. I will watch this film but refuse to pay for it since it’s not worth its money.
        Oh and about Berlinale, here’s a review from die Tageszeitung (yes a respectable paper):!87467/

        If you think Europeans are going to jizz over this project, you’re wrong. I know for sure that my native country is not going to like it so there will be only two countries left to make bank on or to “educate” people.

        Oh and why do I keep repeating this? Try vs. Succeeding is not the same and I thinnk it’s arrogant for people to try and lecture the “haters” on why people should see the film. Education my ass, it’s because Jolie is the director and we should all worship her because she’s a humanitarian and she gives back and she’s so pretty and she loves Pitt and she’s so happy and yadda yadda. All that apparently excuses every kind of failure or makes her perfect so we can’t judge her efforts in a negative way. She isn’t getting away from criticism from where I’m standing. She’s only human and she too can fail. And she did, very much so. Before this film came out everybody was yelling victory and saying she was going to kill it and they slowly backed down foreseeing a failure by stating that people are not going to like this film (other war films did just fine but Jolie’s is probably too educational and daring *sigh*) to not saying a thing AT ALL. Silencing the failure says it all.

    • Nikki says:

      Good Lord do you always write dissertations on a gossip blog? 😄
      I figured she didn’t name a language because they don’t know exactly which region she’s from.
      I don’t call anyone a hater and I didn’t lecture you. She’s not above reproach in my eyes she is a human after all. We probably won’t agree on the film and would go round in circles. You’re somewhere in Europe so it’s morning for you have a nice day.

      • NM6804 says:

        - Hahaha, long comments? No, it’s been awhile actually but I’m aware of the fact I can go overboard sometimes ;) . However, the lenght of my comment does not matter, this was my answer for you and you decided to take it instead of leave it.

        - I don’t know why she didn’t name a language. Wikipedia says she’s born in Awasa. Oh well…

        - I didn’t talk about you. I stated “people” and I’m not going to make you a representative of that certain group of people.

        - Umh, no it’s not morning for me. Heaven’s I won’t get up early to write on a blog :O. I get confused too about time zones ^^. Have a nice whatever, wherever you are :) .

    • Karma says:

      Thanks, I thought both of your posts were interesting write ups.

      Sometimes brevity just won’t work.

      I won’t see the film until it hits DVD but after hearing the reviews you can’t help but wish it was a better constructed story. Just due to the seriousness of war and the unfortunately timely topic of global intervention on behalf of slaughtered citizens. I don’t always agree with reviews so it will be interesting to see what inspired them and if I agree.

      • JustThinkin' says:

        In The Land Of Blood And Honey is pretty good. I hope no AJ-haters go to see it frankly because we will just get more of their spewing venoumous nonsense. Many, many fine films have met low box office. There is no way for a film that has only opened in 30 small theaters to do well financially anyway.

        Someone up stream needs to figure out what constitutes a flop because if #340 million US is a flop Hollywood needs to re-tool. And Angie didn’t write or produce or direct that one.

  27. Anna1256 says:


  28. Ravensdaughter says:

    The carrot is getting just a bit closer, Brad.
    Try this: you can tell her that the Washington State legislature (the second state north of California) voted for gay marriage and that Governor Gregoire signed the bill with pleasure earlier this month
    C’mon up here and get married. You’ll have lots more privacy! You can get married in the deep green forest or on an island (with orcas frolicking in the background) and of course, on a watercraft of some kind-water is everywhere in Western Washington. Also, we have TWO gorgeous mountain ranges, the Cascades and the Olympic Mountains.
    Persuasive enough for you?

  29. lisa says:

    Not sure why some didn’t get it. but if you listen to the video in context.. her comment about “failure” of the film was not about BO money. It was about the reception the film would receive in the Bosnia and how that particular audience would receive it. Mainly because the film focused on that place and it’s history.

    NO…fans are not fooling themselves thinking that Angie’s film has or will earn a lot of money. But it has gotten as much critical raves as negative. It has been recognized by many organizations as an important film. And she should be proud of herself for making it. It has not played in my area as of yet. If it does I will be there to see it. If not I’ll see it on dvd.

    Regarding the marriage question; if you don’t like it then contact those media outlets and tell them to ask something else. How many times do they have to be asked the same 2 question .. Are you getting married? Are you pregnant or adopting? almost 8 years and the same tired ass question. They both have answered it the same way pretty much so blame the media for not listening. When they do interviews by foreign media the questions are better and more creative.

    Thing is if they do get married nobody will know until it is a done deal.

  30. Zullie says:

    Ever since she said she hated America, I have no respect for her whatsoever. Don’t care how beautiful she is or the worldly things she does. She might as well join in on the ” We hate America” protesters that are in the other countries. She’ll be strange forever…no matter how she tries to change her image. A zebra does not change their stripes.

  31. Shay Kay says:

    I think we’re all going to get so tired of hearing the “we will marry” or “we won’t marry” game that we’ll have to storm the government offices of all 50 states to insure marriage isn’t a gender issue so THEY CAN FINALLY MARRY! So basically I’m saying that Pitt and Jolie are actual genius’ who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals of world domination…I mean of same sex marriage approval…and this includes threatening to marry/not marry well into the year 2020. D@mn now if we could only get them to threaten to do no further interviews or public appearances until same sex marriages are allowed….but that’s not going to happend since that would actually stop them from doing something they want to do. I’m also sure they won’t put off conceiving/adopting more children until everyone is allowed to marry but again that would actually inconvenience them. H@ll even Brangeloonies must’ve figured that one out.

    How much of a sacrifice are you making if the thing you’re giving up is the thing you don’t much want anyway? Oh yeah none but it reads much better as a civil rights issue than a simple case of “We’ve both failed at marriage and have not intention of failing again.”

    • Kara Ann says:

      Thank you for this! I agree completely. I do think that your suggested answer that they have both failed at marriage and have found happiness outside of a marital union would be THE BEST answer that they could give. Like you pointed out though that doesn’t get them the press that they want. That seems so obvious to me. Anyway, great post!

  32. Raven says:

    Both she and Meryl will be at this event. Wonder if they have ever met? They’ll probably dish Clint Eastwood! And maybe chances to work together.

  33. bettyrose says:

    Uh, AJ, the overturning of Prop 8 in CA doesn’t give anyone federal marriage benefits, which you and BP would have if you got married. That’s not equality, so you aren’t really committed to the cause. Don’t waste our time.

  34. Jill says:

    They both seem to be very happy the way they are. Why mess up a good thing?

  35. Nan209 says:

    I didn’t think it matters if they marry. They have kids they won’t be able to get rid od each other forever…they will always be linked whether they want to be or not….that’s something a legal doc won’t change…however good luck trying untangle your rights without the paper… So there ya go a little piece of reality in Hollywoodland.

  36. Maya says:

    She (and he) has an incredible ego on her if she thinks that people will legislate on the basis of her relationship.
    I don’t know, sometimes I wish this couple wouldn’t speak.
    I’m not anti same sex marriage, far from it, but I don’t like how Brangelina make themselves or their relationship a high priority and hitch a ride onto the issue of same sex marriage, in order to remain relevant and newsworthy (especially when her film tanks at the box office).

  37. prof g says:

    She said “valentiMes” instead of valentines