Pres. Obama sings “Sweet Home Chicago” at a White House blues concert: cute?

I’m not sure why we didn’t do a story on Pres. Obama recent Al Green cover – CB reminded me that she just made it the lead morning link that day, but in retrospect, it probably deserved its own story. Should we do the video now? Why not:

Cute, right? After he did that, Michelle Obama told a reporter, “He sings to me all the time!” When I told my mom that, she said, “Awwww…” Pres. Obama will heal us with his Al Green covers.

Anyway, last night, PBS released footage of Obama hosting a White House blues concert in honor of Black History Month. BB King was there, as was Mick Jagger. And towards the end of the evening, it seems like BB King was goading the president into singing again – and Obama took the bait with a little bit of “Sweet Home Chicago”.

Is it wrong to like the Al Green cover more? I don’t mind this – it’s cute. But he was way cuter with “Let‘s Stay Together.”

And just to be bi-partisan, here’s Mitt Romney singing “America the Beautiful”. Just think, I could have embedded his version of “Who Let The Dogs Out?”

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Asli says:

    Cute. I don’t know why people dislike Obama. He’s done a great job so far. He isn’t God, ya know. There’s only so much one person can do. Especially after George Bush basically trampled your country and made it near impossible to restore. Just saying, don’t eat me.

    • Belle says:

      Oh give me a break… typical, blame Bush. Obama wants to turn this country into a European country where everyone is dependant on the government. Sounds great huh? Until those ‘evil wealthy’ folks realize that this is no longer a country where you can achieve the American dream, but a country in which the government dictates how much money one can earn, and how much they must give away… what happens then? Well, those nasty wealthy people will either go elsewhere with their money (and jobs and tax revenue… yes, the top earners pay the largest portion of the country’s taxes), or decide it isn’t worth it to earn ‘so much’. Then who will support all those who are dependant on the government? No one.
      Oh sorry… forgot, it’s all Bush’s fault!

      • Blueflie says:

        Well said Belle. I know it’s late, but will you be my valentine? :)

      • Asli says:

        ”A European country where everybody is dependant on the state.” Hahahahah. Thanks for the laugh. I can assure you that what you think is being ”dependant on the state” is what ”European” people think is basic human rights. America is one of the most powerful countries around and people don’t even have a suffienct health care plan. How is it okay for people to die because they can’t even get treatment for cancer or when they’re discharged from the hospital after being stabilized (because that is all a hospital is committed to do) eventhough they have a life-threateining heart disease. Give. Me. A. Break. And when have European governments dictated how much money one can earn?

        And please, ‘The American Dream” is nothing but just that; a dream.

        Yes, it IS Bush’s fault. He pushed America into two ”wars” (which weren’t actual wars because there was no official declaration of war that the Constitution states is a must) you couldn’t afford, completely turned a blind-eye to New Orleans after Katrina, he brought unemployment to its highest in decades in America and presided over the biggest fiscal deficit in America’s history, and in the name of free enterprise and hands-off government, he left the government in effective ownership of much of the crumbling financial sector while giving government agents constitution-free permission to torture, imprison and spy on citizens, residents and foreigners alike. He also presided over an orgy of dollar printing that basically lead to the Recession.

      • Belle says:

        Thank you for the lovely offer blueflie… I accept(;

        Now for the other messy stuff:
        The American dream is very real for many… just because you don’t believe in it doesn’t mean it can be so easily dismissed. Our country was founded on a set of principles. If someone doesn’t like them, and feels the American dream isn’t achievable, then maybe they should move to a country they can ‘get more’ from.

        1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out
        of prosperity.
        2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for
        without receiving.
        3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not
        first take from somebody else.
        4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!
        5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because
        the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it
        does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for,
        that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

        Adrian Pierce Rogers (Sep 12, 1931 – Nov 15, 2005)

      • Relli says:

        Dude pause, revise and edit… your statement reads rushed and doesn’t make a lot of sense. I see where you are going with you defense of big government vs. small government.

        BUT there is way more important things on the line for this election, such as the protection of female reproduction rights. Here it all out just don’t focus on the things that quite frankly are buzz words to distract from the real issues.

      • Melissa says:

        The idea that Obama wants to turn the US into Europe and wants people to be dependent on the government is so absurd it is laughable. Either you haven’t done your homework about what Obama has really proposed, or you are letting extremely biased sources tell you what to think. You also might want to check out the fact that Obama proposed a tax CUT for corporations this morning.

        You are better off ignoring the hyperbole that comes from pundits.

      • maya says:

        “Obama wants to turn this country into a European country”

        Oh no! Not the Europeans!

      • mel2 says:

        I am not rich. I am a working middle class individual who someday would like to retire. Explain to me why the rich never get taxed or pays only 15% on $30 million or so and the working class pays 30% taxes and then you can tell me Obama sucks. hahaha

      • bluhare says:

        This is a reply to asli: You rock!!

      • Belle says:

        Most people who truly do their homework on Obama wouldn’t be defending his policies.

        Tax cut proposal.. ha. Two words for you: ELECTION YEAR

        For the person wondering why the rich are ‘never’ taxed or taxed at only 15%, I’m sorry, but you really need to do a little research on your own and not just assume everything you hear is true. Latest tax information from the IRS shows that the top 1% earn 16.9% of the total adjusted gross income, yet pay 36.7% of the nations income taxes. The top 10% earn 42.3% of the total gross income, yet pay 70.5% of the nations income taxes. In contrast, the bottom 50% earn 13.5% of the total gross income, yet pay 2.3% of the nations income taxes. Many of this bottom 50% do not pay taxes at all, and many of those, actually get a refund. This does not take into account federal SPENDING on programs that go to this lower bracket as well. So, what is a FAIR share??

        As for the lower tax rate… such as apprx. 15% on investment income. There are reasons for this. First, the money that is invested has already been taxed at the earned income rates (see above if you think the wealthy don’t pay their fair share). Investment income is taxed at a lower rate, partly to encourage people to invest!! Everyone benefits from investors… our economy benefits from investors, although there is risk for the investor. Anyone who invests their ALREADY TAXED income, and earns additional income benefits from a lower tax rate on this income… not just the wealthy.
        This isn’t very difficult… unless your sources of information are simply those who insist the rich don’t pay their fair share, with no actual facts to back the statement up.

        btw… I’m not one of those nasty rich people. Just an average middle-classer here(; Oh, and I would prefer it if we had a flat tax.

      • Daisy424 says:

        The total cost of “the two wars” is $1.3 trillion. That’s less than 1/11th of the national debt, less than one year of Obama deficit spending.

        If you confiscated the total wealth of the Forbes 400 richest Americans it would come to $1.5 trillion.
        Which is just less than the federal shortfall in just one year of Obama-sized budgets. 2011 deficit: $1.56 trillion.

      • Rhiley says:

        And Santorum wants to turn it into the Taliban.

      • Belle says:

        “Oh no! Not the Europeans!”

        Do people even pay attention to what is going on in other parts of the world??

        Why don’t you take a look at Greece?
        How about the rioting in Britain (as well as many other areas that have had similar rioting, but little news coverage)?

        Not really very funny.

      • kpist says:

        Belle, you are one hundred percent correct. Those who disagree are waiting for thir favorite hollywood personality to tell them how to think, and don’t really read real reports of fiscal numbers. OBAMA HAS TRIPLED THE DEFICIT ALL BY HIS LONESOME. More than all other presidents combined. And he wants more.

      • Kim says:

        kpist and belle, you are factually incorrect. George W. Bush’s major policies increased the debt by more than $5 trillion during his presidency. Obama has increased the debt by less than $1 trillion. In addition, many of the Obama policies causing an increase in debt are temporary measures, such as the stimulus package, while President Bush’s were permanent. Site:

        Lying about Obama doesn’t really help your cause.

      • some bitch says:

        and I bet you think it’s just friggin’ dandy for families to go bankrupt in order to pay for decent healthcare. or, you know, letting insurance companies who are just BLOATED from profits deny somebody coverage because of a ‘pre-existing’ condition.

        your neighbour to the north says hello and mocks your horrible healthcare system and dying empire.

      • Noel says:

        As a political scientist and someone who does not even like Obama, I can tell you that the US has a lot to learn from Western European countries. Many of the Western European countries outrank the US in education, life expectancy, income, standard of living, etc… Also government programs are not a bad thing. Some people do not have the capabilities to obtain basic necessities no matter how hard they work due to low wages. The vast majority of people who obtain wealth do so by exploiting others meaning that those people should be held responsible through taxes.

    • Relli says:

      nice Asli, always good to hear the perception from the outside lookign in.

      Kaiser ….. who let the dogs out? LOL you gave me my first guffaw of the day.

      Sweet Home Chicago, well i think you have to be native to love that song. Long after i leave the city i believe it will always make me smile and remember my adopted city. Much like Obama I am transplant but will always consider it my home.

      • Gena says:


        “Do people even pay attention to what is going on in other parts of the world??

        Why don’t you take a look at Greece?
        How about the rioting in Britain (as well as many other areas that have had similar rioting, but little news coverage)?

        Not really very funny.”

        Are you listening to yourself? Are you watching the world’s events as interpreted by the US media, or elsewhere?

        I am an American in Britain. I work for the NHS. (I also worked in healthcare in the States, too, so I have a point of reference, thanks.)

        The riots HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING. A kid got shot and people, cough, little thugs, used it as an opportunity to get crazy and steal stuff. It had NOTHING to do with ANYTHING but them taking advantage of a situation that was upsetting and using it as an excuse to cause a little mayhem. That’s it. Nothing more.

        Also, I don’t depend on the government, thanks. I work. A lot of people work. What world view are you living in?

        Greece has issues and those are Greece’s issues, only becoming part of the EU’s issues because they are part of the EU; not anything to do with how things are run everywhere else. Despite the EU incorporating many countries, a lot of these or most of these countries still do things very differently within their own walls.

    • Blueflie says:

      Still blaming Bush? They are both clueless, this one is more out of his league. At least be a little objective. He’s got a good voice though, I will give him that. Real good.

    • Dusty says:

      Anyone who has lived or experienced Chicago politics would know why people don’t like him.

      • Lisa says:

        I am a lifelong Chicagoan and so I KNOW about the Dem machine the ONLY reason he has been so successful is because…based upon his RECORD…his VOTES…what he did BEFORE he was a politician…he is the anthises of “Chicago Politics”…check out the facts…that man went from being an elected official in Chicago to President faster than the SPEED OF LIGHT…and the main reason was…the longer you stayed ingrained in Illinois politics…the dirtier you become!!!

        And I’ma put the blame on President Bush for pushing us into an unfundable war…no child left behind…a drug program that was ALSO unfundable…tax cuts for folks who could afford it…payroll tax increases for folks who COULDN’T afford it…financial market deregulation that made it possible for Enron…Arthur Anderson and everything else that happened on his watch…

        You know what…why am I getting fired up…after all the man IS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! (and will be again)…

      • silas says:

        Uh, no. You couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve lived in Chicago all my life and I can tell you we take no pride in dirty politics, which is why most of us actually like Obama.He’s nowhere near perfect but he sure as hell better than many of the politicians today (on both parties). Get your facts straight and stop making assumptions. You’re embarrassing yourself.

      • e.non says:

        oh please. the man is spectacularly lucky is the goofballs the gop runs against him … witness this latest crop of religious and corporate fascists.

    • IgorsMistress says:

      “He pushed America into two ”wars” (which weren’t actual wars because there was no official declaration of war that the Constitution states is a must) you couldn’t afford, completely turned a blind-eye to New Orleans after Katrina”

      Official declaration or not, my husband wasn’t in Iraq and Afghanistan playing GI Joe for kicks. Tell the families who have loved ones that died or were injured that “Hey…it wasn’t real”. What he did WAS and IS real, as was his battalion heading down to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast post-Katrina for cleanup. Yeah…Bush signed on to that. Where were you while the military was lending a hand checking each house for bodies, cleaning up hospitals, removing debris from the roads so the Red Cross, FEMA, and other organizations had access?

    • Raven says:

      Even the republicans didn’t want Bush 43 at the end of his administration. But there is a lot of rewriting history and some are still arguing that Obama is a closet foreigner and Muslim, which appears to be code for Black.

      It’s sad, really, as he is quite a moderate.

      • Maguita says:

        They’re just jealous because Obama can eat a pretzel without choking on it.

        Not to add that when Obama and Hilary Clinton were running against each other, within the SAME PARTY, they were so polite and civilized. Like grown ups who actually take politics and the future of this country seriously.

        Look at tonight’s GOP debate, heck, look at the last 13, and tell me what is so respectful about these delusional d-ckwads running against each other, WITHIN THE SAME PARTY.

        Yeah, I want one of those bozos run my country. Would rather they all choke on a pretzel.

  2. elfie says:

    I really dont know how much he has done for USA since I never really pay attention to it, still I’m here *facepalm*, but from what I know he is a cool president and doesnt have this image of all powerfuland important person… Which I dont know if its a good thing or a bad thing.. So power to him for not having a stick up his.. Butt..?

  3. jc126 says:

    Cute! But I did like the first song more, from the earlier event.

  4. gab says:

    The man can sing! And he’s cute too! Michelle is one lucky lady. :)

  5. Mia says:

    Our current Prez is without a doubt the cutest and most charismatic of the bunch.

  6. Aiobhan says:

    I am not touching the politics talk with a ten foot pole. I will wait until November to do that.

    Personality wise though I love Obama and his voice. I will make it a mandate that my husband or long term boyfriend will need to sing to me every night. I did like the Al Green song more than the second one. I am a little biased I just love Al Green. Glee better not touch any of his( Al Green’s) songs. I will stage a riot.

  7. janie says:

    I LOVE HIM!!! If he doesn’t win this election, I’m staying in Canada.

  8. maggie grace says:

    I love Obama too with the fervor of a white-hot sun. But still not as much as I love by man Dereck Trucks, who was there with his wife on the stage. Susan Tedeschi and Michelle Obama are lucky women.

  9. JoanK says:

    Don’t wish to get into the politics of it all. But that Obama is one sexy individual. And he can sing too!

  10. BoBo says:

    Whether you like his politics or not the man can carry a tune. Actually, I would be interested in seeing that PBS show.

  11. MS says:

    So happy he is singing about Chicago as, that is where he will be headed in January 2013!

    Destroying this wonderful Country is not an option.

  12. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I am in London now because my aunt passed away from cancer and I am the god mother to my cousins. She never had to worry about her medicine being cut off, she had the best care possible and she did not mind paying higher taxes for it. I’ve seen horror stories in the US over this type of stuff from people who have worked all their lives. Sweden seems to be a great place where the government seems fair about these policies. Am I right on this Asli?


    Welfare reform is a big thing over here, as is unemployment, overfilled schools in some areas (so I’m homeschooling until we can all back home), and immigration and this whole Union nonsense with Salamund(sp?) trying to sever Scotland’s ties with the UK (I feel bad for the Scots). So there are plenty of people not happy with the government right now.

    No one is ever truly satisfied with their leaders. Obama, I like in theory and he’s the lessor (not a typo) of two evils, but he is still part of the United Corps. of America and they are all for themselves in the end.

    That being said, God bless America and Everybody else.

  13. Va.greatgran says:

    He can take all the guff that’s out there,while remaining the best ever POTUS…and CUTE.

  14. ladybert62 says:

    I must be in a real negative mood today – hopefully, this means liar-obama will give up the presidency and start a singing career.

  15. LeeLoo says:

    I like to see myself as a pragmatic Liberal. I don’t vote Liberal just to vote Liberal as there are many policies that I don’t agree with the Dems on. However, I at this point I will vote for ANYONE who is willing to work with government towards compromises and getting things done. I do not see anyone in the GOP who is willing to even so much work towards a compromise on any of the issues at hand and that’s what angers me. Sorry, off topic. Done ranting.

    Listening to Obama sing Sweet Home Chicago made me miss Chicago. I grew up in IL. I need to go back soon, I’ve been craving pizza lately and I cannot eat pizza here on the West Coast.

    Hopefully all of us at CB can engage in friendly political discussions and debates…please.

  16. MissVJJ says:

    He’ll be delightfully remembered as the one-term president who could sing :-D

  17. Annaloo says:

    I detest all politicians. But regardless of anyone’s position, even my politically disgusted head knows that Obama is a shoo-in for re-election. The Republicans are serving up candidates that no one likes or trusts, and that includes themselves.

  18. gigi says:

    Dear Republicans, if you dislike Obama so much, then why don’t you put up better candidates to run against him? If all you’ve got is Romney and Santorum, then y’all need to stop hatin’.

  19. Lushus L. says:

    Why is Pres. Obama so much prettier than his wife? If I were Michelle, I’d have a serious complex. I like to think that my husband and I are equals in the looks dept. ;)

  20. Lee says:

    Did anyone notice that he is really starting to look old??????

  21. Dena says:

    I agree with most of the others on this panel. It is a shame, a crime, and a human failure that in this day and age, the United States of America doesn’t offer universal healthcare. Some things just shouldn’t be subject to market forces. Now, if that makes me a Socialist or a Marxist, then I am willing to wear a red shirt everyday for the rest of my life. Bring it!!!

  22. Dena says:

    By the way, I too was born and raised in Chicago. Shout out to all of former and current Chicagoans cruising the site.

  23. sandra says:

    he’s ugly inside and out
    like his wife

  24. Rebecca says:

    I was a Republican and married into a Republican family, but the GOP has left me! They are so far to the right that they are off the cliff.
    Americans want instant gratification. Our economic problems are so complex that it will take years to get back. What do people expect when we had/have 2 trillion dollar wars, Medicare Part D and over-spending by both parties during the Bush years. (Remember, Mr. Clinton balanced the budget.) And yet, Mr. Obama gets all the blame!
    Also, these Republicans want to take us back to the 1950′s. We can’t go there – we should be planning for the future.
    Any party that aligns itself with Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck can count me out. I’m voting for Mr. Obama! (And I also think many Americans can’t stand the fact that there is a black man in the White House!) And don’t even get me started on these men wanting to take away our reproductive rights.
    Those of you against Pres. Obama better start reading about Rick Santorum – he is very, very scary!!

  25. Johanna says:

    He’s a much better singer than President!

  26. some bitch says:

    I like Obama. I dislike some of the decisions he’s made lately, but let’s face it, the GOP has been sitting with their thumbs up their asses for years now. It must be like dealing with a large group of toddlers. With money. And lobbyists.

    Santorum reminds me of Nicolae Ceausescu with his absolutely INSANE ideas about abortion and women’s rights. Great candidate, y’all.

    Here’s to hoping Obama’s re-elected and people start giving the current GOP the heave-ho.

  27. Jill says:

    The GOP has been acting like the Party of No for almost 4 years now. Their sole position is whatever-Obama-wants-we’re-against-it. They don’t stand for anything positive. And their stupidity is mind-boggling. With all the issues they could campaign on (the economy, bring home the troops from Afghanistan, etc.), they choose to make their primary issues religion and birth control, each one making more outrageously stupid statements than the next to prove they are the most conservative. This isn’t a campaign they’re running, it’s a freak show. They’ve managed to alienate women, blacks, Latinos, gays, mainline Protestants, and many Catholics as well. And from what all the different polls are showing so far, Obama will be re-elected in November.

    • Belle says:

      Nice (though false) talking points. Did you get them directly from MSNBC?

      Dems label the other side as the ‘party of no’ every time they don’t agree with them, regardless of ideas or proposals that are, in fact, offered.

      As for what the candidates are campaigning on… most campaigning has been on JOBS and reducing the massive deficit. The birth control issue has only come up since RS is in the limelight… which will soon end (thankfully).

      Those who have been ‘alienated’ are pretty much those who were never going to vote Republican anyway… those who don’t believe in personal responsibility and need the government to dictate, those who want more government benefits, and those who think we should not enforce the law when it comes to illegal immigration…. oh, and those who support Obama regardless of his lack of leadership and failed policies (must be the singing voice).

      Oh, and the same ugly mud-fest goes on when the Dems have primaries… so easy to be critical when it is the other team, huh?

      I’m not a great fan of either party right now… just believe a second term for Obama is not what is best for America.