“Biggest Loser” contestants go on strike, shut off production: justified?

Note that the older gentleman, Roy, couldn’t have been one of the walkouts as he was just eliminated

This news came out yesterday, but we didn’t know how much interest there would be in it and we’re honestly a little scrapped for stories this morning. (Thursdays are usually slow before the tabloids come out, and everyone must be gearing up for the Oscars this weekend. I have the feeling that they’re going to suck, but we’ll see.)

So the remaining contestants on “Biggest Loser” apparently walked off set halfway through the season when they heard of producers’ plans to bring back some of the eliminated contestants to compete for the final prize. This has shut down production for “at least a week.”

There’s a big, fat problem on the set of “The Biggest Loser” — TMZ has learned nearly all of the remaining contestants have walked off the show and are threatening to quit after learning about a secret “twist” that could seriously affect their shot at the $250,000 grand prize.

Multiple sources connected with the show tell us … the mutiny took place this week … when the losers got word that producers were considering bringing back previous contestants to compete for the grand prize.

We’re told most of the current contestants were pissed — feeling it was unfair that prior losers would get a second bite at the apple … so they banded together and decided to protest by walking off the show in the middle of shooting an episode.

Sources tell us … show honchos have shut down production for at least a week while they figure out how to handle the situation.

[From TMZ]

Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper semi-confirmed this news, telling Radar that the contestants this season were “bullies.” He named the people he liked and I guess you can figure out whom he’s referring to by process of elimination. He said:

“They hate me saying that but it’s like you know what? It’s true. It’s nasty and it’s tough.”

The hateful drama each week on the NBC show has shown the least inspirational characters yet this season, and Bob hesitated for about one second when asked if he liked anyone on the show.

“I mean…No.”

With Conda, Kim and youth pastor Mark leading the pack of bullies, Bob did say there were contestants he liked, but they weren’t on his list.

“There are some. I’m going to regret this. Emily, Cassandra, Chism, I love them they’re really fantastic. Buddy, buddy’s a really sweet guy. The rest of them, they’re nasty!”

And the bad attitude they’re showing to other contestants isn’t sitting well with Bob, who called them out for their behavior.

“Bullies, they’re bullies.”

[From Radar]

For those of you who watch this, is it true? Is the dynamic especially mean this season? A lot of people in Radar’s comment section are pointing to Conda as an instigator, and saying Kim and Mark are in on it. What’s more is that trainer Jillian isn’t around to keep people in line and put a stop to it, according to chatter about the show. (She wasn’t around last season either when Anna Kournikova took over.)

So is it understandable that the contestants are striking in opposition to a policy that was sprung on them mid-season? Is it suddenly unfair to switch the rules around without warning? It sounds like it is, but I’m not watching this show. The contestants could just be pains in the ass this season.

On a side note, isn’t Bob Harper dreamy?

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  1. Soporificat says:

    Yes, many of the contestants this season are truly, straight up, horrible people. Conda is the Pack Master, and Kim and Mark are her minions, but most of the other contestants have let themselves be swayed by them, so they are not really all that much better.

    They made sure to kick of (through bullying tactics) the decent people early on.

    It’s really gross.

    • Jeneral says:

      Absolutely agree! I CANNOT STAND Conda, I have actually caught myself hurling insults at my TV because she makes me so irate.

      Conda is a selfish, spiteful, mean, nasty bitch, that’s the only way to describe her. I guarantee she is at the helm of this little protest. The others aren’t much better, but OMG Conda seriously makes me violent.

      I would have paid good money to see Jillian get up in Conda’s face and give her a run for her trash-talking money. Conda is garbage and a rotten person. I can’t wait until she gains it all back.

      • Kasey says:

        Conda has made this whole season total crap! They are all just plain hateful and I have done more fast-forwarding then I have watching. I am sick of Conda’s face and her family should be HUMILITATED at her behaviour. And Mark, too, should be ashamed at bullying and being mean. I think that it is ridiculous for him to be a YOUTH pastor and act like he does. He gives believers a bad name by his actions.

        I hope they bring Cassandra back because SHE ABSOLUTELY deserved to be there. I can’t believe she was sent home.

        I do not think it is unfair for them to bring other contestants back. NOT THE FIRST TIME ITS HAPPENED PEOPLE. And if they were sent home early in the game and had the opportunity to return they would be singing a different song. CHILDREN. Biggest Loser season 11 – A BIG GROUP OF WHINEY CHILDREN

      • Jasmine says:

        I am so Happy I am not the only one who HATES CONDA Can’t stand that B**ch she is a horrible person and I hope she get Bitch slapped by someone on the streets.

    • Marjalane says:

      A: Are these contestants worse than that awful, (I think?) Vicki from a few seasons back?! She was evil.

      B: It’s a reality show and anyone who goes on one shouldn’t expect it to “fair”, they change up their game every season.

      C: Yes, Bob is dreamy and I’m so glad he’s gone back to a semi normal ‘do.

      • L says:

        Yes, Conda is worse than the vicki/hebba duo a few seasons back. At least they actually lost weight. It’s week 8 and Conda’s only lost 39 pounds. It’s amazing she’s still on the show

      • joan of snark says:

        Totally! I hope they walk themselves out of the competition! I’ve been struggling to enjoy this show (and i am a serious fan) since michaels left (she was amazing), but the direction it has gone is infuriating. If the production company falls for their bullshit, i can’t keep watching.

      • shadowonfilm says:

        Conda is definitely worse than Vicki. Vicki was manipulative and cunning, but she wasn’t the raging bitch that Conda has been. I feel so bad for these other contestants. Being away from loved ones and struggling to lose weight (and emotional baggage) is hard enough without having someone snarl bitchy comments at you.

    • BRE says:

      question – which Kim? the one on the red team or black team? I’ve only seen a bit of some episodes so I don’t know all the players or drama…although from let little i’ve seen it makes me think of kids in jr high!

      • BL Watcher says:

        Funny I didnt realize that there was another Kim until now and I watched all of the episodes. Too much focus is on Condom and you really dont get to know anyone else. I do remember seeing someone on the scale and saying “Who the hell is that?” lols

    • BL Watcher says:

      My question is Do any of the remaining men have any ballz at all? How are you going to let a 24 year old teletubbie run your future on a show?

    • Monica says:

      Yes, some of the contestants are bullies this season. The worst contestant ever (and I have watched the show from season 1) is Conda. She is subversively bullying through her miserable whining and complaining. I don’t think Kim and Mark are bullies so much as competitors. However, Mark is very judgemental for a formerly unmotivated obese person. This walk off is contrived because last season the producers brought back ALL of the eliminated players to compete in a full marathon to win a spot in the final three. For those of us who watched that, it was indeed an eliminated player who came back and won the marathon. So obviously this season’s contestants must not have watched.

  2. Helvetica says:

    I watched season 7 and 8, and they did bring eliminated contestant when they are near to top 5 or so.
    Nothing new i guess

    • Maguita says:

      To be fair, the biggest turn off in “Reality TV”, and what makes me lose interest and change the channel, is whenever producers decide to add “a twist”, and bring back previously eliminated contestants.

      That always makes me mad, and stop watching the show. The loser lost. The loser did not play the game right. And the loser got eliminated. Move forward.

      Isn’t it enough that lately contestants have very low self esteem, and have to become bullies in order to have more camera time (I call “The Jerry Springer” unhuman attitude), after all this, you still feel the need to cheat and bring back eliminated contestants?

      That is why I only watch the much awarded “Amazing Race”. The real human condition is highlighted, the editing stays beautiful while exciting, and boy, the camera does not encourage “Jerry Springer-ish” behavior.

      I remember when I used to watch Big Brother, that season where they had the skinny daughter, and the bully of a punk of a father (the one who had threatened countless times another female contestant). I remember when the father was supposed to get ejected, and one of the producers all of a sudden included new rules, and got another contestant ejected, I turned off my TV. And that was that. Never watched again.

      • Em says:

        They are not losers; every single person who has been voted off this season has been voted off unfairly because they did not fit in Conda’s “clique” They should bring back the yellow line and the two people with the lowest percentage of weigh loss should be sent home and Conda because she stirrs up trouble! I hate her on the Biggest Loser. She is ruining one of my favorite tv shows

      • Maguita says:

        Ah! Sorry, I haven’t watched this season.

        I usually dislike it when they bring back ejected participants. Because usually, they had already lost at the game… Unless the game was not being fair.

    • Lexi says:

      I believe ALL the reality series are frakked with by TPTB. We stopped watching Amazing Race when they held up a flight (actually opened the doors and put the stairs back) to let 2 other couples make the flight, so that Rob and Ambuh would not have a 24 hour lead going into the last leg. A shenanigan too far!

  3. Nev says:

    there is alot of bullying and cliqueing going on this season…

  4. Bobbie says:

    I watch this show, and this season has been terrible. The people named in the article- Conda, Kim and Mark are just terrible, nasty people. Their argument is ridiculous, the producers are always mixing it up on the show. Yuck. I actually stopped watching it this season because of the level of white trash involved (I know, it’s a mean term but here its true). It’s so bad I’ve even heard racism from these people. I watch the BL for inspiration not to be repulsed by the contestants lack of character.

  5. Jaxx says:

    How is that fair? To bring in eliminated contestants to compete against those who have been there all along? I don’t blame them for striking.

    Can you imagine if they did that on Survivor? If they brought in eliminated contestants who had gotten to rest in an air conditioned hotel while the others spent every day out in the bug infested heat? There would be a big bonfire and someone would be roasting over it!

    • Flea says:

      I get your point but it’s actually harder to lose weight & keep it off when you’re at home & off the ranch, so its not an equal comparison.

      They can get mad, but quitting is childish. If they watched the show they’d know that’s a possibility. The money isn’t the real prize here! There are millions of people who would love the opportunity they have been given. Having 24/7 to devote to getting in shape & saving your life? If the money is the focus they’re missing the point entirely!

    • BL Watcher says:

      Okay but this is The Biggest Loser..Not survivor, not Bad girls club. They have always brought someone back. This is the problem with the show this season. It is resembling Big Brother, who by the way is no longer airing. This should not resemble Jr high school either.

      • Cheryl says:

        Big Brother is still on, just for the record but the BL is as different as apples and oranges. The majority of cast members on BL this season are disgusting bullies and it started hard core when they brought back the brother-sister duo after they lost the required amount of weight at home to come back in the house. Conda is a real piece of work, along with her brother and Mark. As a youth pastor, mark should be ashamed of his behavior! I hope the producer put an end to the bullying!!

  6. keri says:

    Eh, who watches this crap anyways. I’d rather eat a hamburger.

  7. Flea says:

    Yes & Conda is the worst. I have just stopped some episodes before even getting half way & deleted them. She makes me cringe & all the spineless followers that refuse to stand up to her, ugh. She controls the dynamic it seems. I can’t say there is anyone I’m rooting for this season.

  8. Alli says:

    First reaction to the headline: Conda is responsible. It’s true the dynamic this season is incredibly nasty, mostly because of her. She seems like a sweet person at heart but she seems to get some strange kick out of being a bully. It’s very junior high cruel. She always manages to get the other contestants on her side. On Tuesday’s episode she convinced her teammates to get their team to LOSE the weigh in just so she could eliminate her current most-hated contestant. They all felt ridiculous after letting her anger manipulate them. Many of them lost very little, and some gained weight. It was embarrassing. The other team lost close to 50 pounds total that week, and their team lost I think 12. Shows how damaging a bad influence b*tchy girl can be.

    I can totally see her pitching a fit when she heard this news, even though this sort of twist has happened on the Biggest Loser many times. She should be grateful because the show offers her SO much help (& special attention because she is an especially tough case with her bad attitude). But instead I can totally see her being outraged & getting everyone to side with her & storm off. Just like she has many times throughout the show, she will surely use her bully status to influence people to make stupid decisions.

    I hope she gets some help because she seems like she could be a really good person if she learned to stop pointing the finger at everyone else and taking out her frustrations on other people.

    • Flea says:

      When it comes to bullies like Conda, people sometimes go along with them to avoid becoming a target. I bet if she was gone the dynamic would change. I don’t think she’ll ever lose all the weight and keep it off. The weight & cruelty is disguising some serious self hatred.

  9. Tapioca says:

    Someone once saw fit to name their kid “Chism”? Really, WTF?

    Also – Santa Claus on a treadmill, awesome!!

    • anytime says:

      lol it’s not his real name.

      and santa (roy) was such a nice guy, that he didn’t follow the orders of the bullies when they were eliminating the black man, so they eliminated him next :( even though he lost 9 lbs that week and they lost 0-4. wtf?!

    • Carolyn says:

      Yes, Santa on a treadmill. That is a story! I like the concept of Biggest Loser but series are increasingly focussing on the “drama” and not what they’re there to do. People are deliberately being provocative and nasty to get air time. The Australian one (I’m an Aussie) is the same. Bob is great. I really liked the Bob/Jillian combo.

  10. Maya says:

    I’m pretty sure the walk off is for the season currently filming, not airing. Production would have wrapped on this season before it started airing if they followed their normal schedule.

  11. Nan209 says:

    I truly hate this show. I’ve tried watching it and it just pisses me off. I don’t like these kinds of shows simply because they are set up to be so cut throat. That is how the producers want and that is why the viewers watch it. Now it’s back fired…the mice don’t want to run through the maze and I can’t blame them. It would completely piss me off if I’ve had to endure all the stupid elimination games only to have them chane the rules on me. I think I’d walk off too and then I’d sign myself up for a legitimate weight loss program that honors the difference between fat and muscles weight. I could go on forever about how bad the show is for actual healthy weight loss.

    • the_porscha says:

      This has been one of my favorite shows, because in years past (haven’t watched this season much), it’s been far less cutthroat than other elimination shows. Bullies are usually cut down to size very quickly on this show. This season has been the opposite: nitpicky backstabbing galore. It’s definitely a reason not to watch.

  12. the_porscha says:

    I am kind of obsessed with The Biggest Loser because I always get invested in cheering people on.

    To tackle the first issue at hand: They have brought eliminated contestants back in previous seasons. I do not know the whole story with this time, but usually it’s just one or two eliminated players, not more. Perhaps the group that is left is mad because the returners are more than one or two people?

    Second issue: This is the only season I have only watched intermittently. I occasionally catch it on Hulu. This is because the personalities on the show are… horrible. It makes me sad for them, but it also makes me not want to watch anymore. They’re awful. Hopefully next season is better, but Bob is right about the bullies, Conda especially. She’s very manipulative. Based on their behaviors, it doesn’t surprise me that they think that banding together could mean them getting the best of the producers. And they’re probably right. Banding together has gotten them more screen time and has made it easier for them to eliminate the ones they don’t like.

    • thebutlerdidit says:

      Well, the way the contestants were allowed to treat the returning Aqua team this season was astounding. They had lost more weight at home than most of the contestants, w/o the trainers, w/o the special foods, w/o the ability to get away from all their obstacles that keep them from exercising in real life. Why these grown people would let some ignorant 23 yr old girl, one who cannot say an entire sentence without the word “like” 20 times, convince them to act like jackasses, is beyond me. Also, Santa’s wife Chris, and the other older lady, Gail, that got voted off fairly early, were both a**holes. It’s like they got every one they could find to put together. Do you watch the Austrailian Biggest Loseer? It’s great. Longer seasons, way better challenges.

  13. Darlene says:

    Did these participants not ever WATCH the show before? I remember several seasons where past contestants were brought back to compete for a spot. It’s a reality show where the producers hold all the cards and make all the rules. I would assume that if the existing contestants “walked”, they’d just bring back others and the absent ones could REALLY be out of the competition.

    • Tuppiv says:

      I was thinking the same thing about producers just replacing the contestants who walk off.

      I’m not a big reality show fan. The only one I watch is Big Brother, and CBS has brought back evicted houseguests several times. I figured that was just a normal thing in reality tv competitions.

  14. Jeneral says:

    No, it’s not justified! Excuse me, but this is an NBC show, not a Conda Production. The contestants are the competitors, not the producers. Ugh, SOME PEOPLE.

    If those nasty brats don’t like it, they can pack up their bags and go home. If I was NBC, I’d be threatening them to get their asses back to filming or they can get in a cab and get lost. Bring back the eliminated contestants who really want to be there.

    Conda is a grade A shit disturber. She reminds me very much of a woman I knew in my own life, and holy hell does she ever make me want to punch a bitch.

    Shut your pie hole and get back to work!

  15. Sumodo1 says:

    I don’t blame “The Biggest Losers” contestants one bit. And, I don’t blame this season’s Top Chef contestants for being upset over the nasty shenanigans producers have put them through, either. Cooking on a ski gondola? How does that show artistry? Bringing back failed contestants for on-line “cook-offs?” Making them stay up all night tending barbeque pits?

    • Lukie says:

      Actually, last chance kitchem makes sense.

      Think of all those seasons someone that wasn’t that great made it to the top 5 while someone that deserved to be there was sent home?

      If you are on top of your game, people coming back are not going. to change that. I wouldn’t care b/c it would make me fight that much harder for my top spot. I am never scared of competition….

    • anon33 says:

      ITA Sumodo.

      I have watched TC from the beginning, it used to be appointment TV for me. I even own Seasons 1-8 on Itunes and watch them repeatedly!!

      But after this season?? I honestly don’t think I will be watching this show anymore. I cannot even believe they made people cross country ski and hack ingredients out of ice blocks. Totally fucking ridiculous.

  16. Deanna says:

    It doesn’t seem fair that reality game shows continue to practice this ‘game twist’, but the the truth of the matter is, that these people signed up for this. I am sure they even signed a contract in regards to it. The shows main goal is to change people’s lives by helping them get healthy and lose weight, and along the way they have the chance at winning the money prize, and its sad to hear that this show contestants have lost the way. Seems to me, that if the remaining contestants were working out hard enough, they should have nothing to fear when it comes to some good ol’ competition, and instead they are mad that their bullying tactics are coming back to bite em in the bootie! I say let them go and bring back everyone who has been eliminated for the chance at the big prize!

  17. Jayna says:

    Fire them. Bring back earlier contestants. The contestant from a previous season blasting them had it right. This isn’t about the money. First and foremost, It’s about the journey and being given the opportunity to change your life healthwise.

  18. Emily says:

    I have watched every season of The Biggest Loser except this one, and I really love the show and am sucked in emotionally and all that ridiculous stuff. But, I’ve recently stopped watching this season. Conda is truly horrible and what she put the “Aqua” team through when they came back was enough for me to give up on the show. I think Conda is someone who’s caught a lot of crap for being heavy, and now she sees herself in a position to finally be the mean girl and is loving it.

    I also follow Bob Harper on Twitter, and more than once he’s made comments about how there’s too much “drama” this season between the contestants.

    It is a reality show, and reality shows love to pull crazy stunts to “mix it up”. NBC isn’t dumb – I’m sure it was in the contract somewhere that contestants could be brought back. You’re supposed to be losing weight, the money is just a bonus.

    • guilty pleasures says:

      Emily, well put, I was mulling my response, and you made it for me.
      Conda (Condo-Anaconda) is a horror show, can’t stand her finger wagging and ghetto head wobble, as she presents her inarticulate ‘whatever’ reasoning for the most current bullying charge she has led.
      I have loved this show for four seasons, and cannot stand this season- I don’t like these people, I don’t care who wins, I can’t imagine any of them evoking the tears I have shed for the previous contestants, like a proud mom, win or lose.
      And it’s a reality show-for cryin out loud, they can do whatever they want!! It’s not like people were voted out for losing the least amount of weight, they were voted out because a bunch of a-holes were threatened by them.

  19. Grandizer says:

    Having watched ALMOST every Episode of every season…
    I will say this.
    I hated Heba. I hated the Big guy from Boston.
    I would run over Conda in my car if she ever walked by me.
    I have seen so many nasty mean ass bitches in my 40 plus years of life to see exactly what her problem is.
    She is fat, she got picked on when younger, she formed a persona to “protect” herself. She grew into that persona.
    I do NOT ever see her leaving that persona.
    She is POISON and just brushing up against her is going to get toxin on you.

    I am wondering if the returning player is one of the AQUA team and that is why they do not want them back.
    The fact is that the AQUA team each lost more weight by themselves at home in 4 weeks then 3/4 of the contestants on the show. That is a measure of how lazy the people on the show are.
    Daphne’s brother was the ONLY one able to stay on the monkey bars for more then 1 rung, and he made it across the entire apparatus. Did anyone else? NO.
    Daphne put in the effort and the work and deserved to be there longer, as did her brother. But he needed to learn to shut his mouth sometimes. Even though I agreed with him often, I got tired of him opening his mouth. He cut his own throat.

    • anytime says:

      yup, i hated brendan too. he was ganging up on everybody whom he perceived as a threat. he and his pack mates would play the game very aggressively, in the end they didn’t win either. and brendan was a teacher just like mark who is supposedly a youth pastor, and i kept thinking how are these people being a role model to the youth they attend to, and do they ever think about what it is that they’re really teaching them by their example? bob and jill were right about hating the game, and saying that those who play the game, end up gaining it all back. i saw a video featuring crazy tracey from season 8, who now looks just as fat as when she applied for the show, if not more.

    • guilty pleasures says:

      Adrian was annoyingly mouthy, and the ascot thing was ridiculous, but it doesn’t matter what or who he was, that B with an itch was going to mastermind him out of there.
      He and his sister were hardworking, and played by the rules set for them.
      Shame on everyone responsible for letting this fire burn out of control!

  20. Happy21 says:


    I’ve watched the Biggest Loser for years but decided to give it a rest for awhile so I’ve never seen any of these bullies or anything going on this season. It sounds intolerable! I kind of wish I was watching. Seems like a groundbreaking season. Damn!

    On another note, they have often brought back eliminated players to compete to try to get back onto the show. I don’t know why this would be any different. If they don’t win the challenge, they don’t come back. Nuff said. Unless this time they are bringing them back regardless of if they win a challenge or not…

  21. islandwalker says:

    I agree Jatna- The show does not owe them anything. It’s a gift to be able to have that opportunity. I say send them packing and good riddance. Bring back people who want to be there. This is the first season I have not checked in regularly with the show and I couldn’t figure out what was different.

  22. Dawn says:

    Yes it is one hundred percent true. Kick them all off NBC please! This is the worst cast of any season of BL. I was yelling at my television on Tuesday hoping that Daphne would turn around slap that perpetual grin off that horrid excuse of human being Conda. The black team was totally disgusting on just a human being level and totally stupid for allowing Conda and Jeremy (her brother) and Mark and Chisim (who is dumber than a box of rocks) run this season. And don’t get me started on that fake and phony pos Kimmie. Please, something evil brews there, plus she is too stupid to see that she is 5th of the other 4. The only person left that I have an ounce of respect for is Chris, but she will be gone soon because she and her hubby weren’t involved enough in the drama, they simply lost weight. And if Mark is a youth pastor after seeing his selfishness and cunningness getting rid of anyone who might cross him and his son than I shudder to think what he is preaching to youth. Bullies do not cover what these people are; they are far more damaging and toxic than any bully could be. I hope NBC kicks them all off and bring back every person they eliminated for no good reason.

  23. L says:

    This season has been awful-and YES they are all bullies. Even the people he named (Emily, Cassandra, and Chism) were just awful to people this week, and Bob joined in. So he needs to simmer down.

    anaConda, Jeremy, Buddy, Mark, Kim and Chism are all in the mean girls/people club and should be ashamed of themselves. The show used to be about being inspiring, but since they changed production companies last year it’s been all downhill and nothing but drama drama drama.

  24. Debra says:

    I’ve also watched every season of the Biggest Loser and I have to say, Conda is the most unlikeable, meanspirited contestant I’ve ever seen on here… she IS a bully in every sense of the word,,, it’s sad that for whatever reason (probably fear) the others go along with her

    and the show always has twists and surprises, including bringing back eliminated contestants, so none of them should be surprised..

    I’m not sure if by past contestants, they mean from the current season or past seasons.. if they mean past seasons, then I would understand them being upset, that wouldn’t be fair.. otherwise STFU

  25. Angelina says:

    I explained this to my hubby and he has a point. This isn’t like ANTM where Tyra and her goons eliminate, on TBL you get voted off and some for the wrong reasons. They have done this in the past and this is the season of no excuses. If I was the contestants I would be shaking in my Adidas if I wasnt doing my part and working out or eating right..for those who are they shouldn’t worry

  26. Amanda says:

    I stopped watching after Jillian left!

  27. Petalfrog says:

    They already brought back an eliminated team. Bro-sis duo Adrian and Daphne were eliminated in the first episode. They never made it into the house. THEY were told they’d have a chance to get back on the show if they lost 50lbs at home… the other contestants were not. They lost the 50lbs (I think 6-8weeks in) and got back in. The contestants were instantly awful and judgmental to them saying they didn’t “deserve” to be there (despite the fact that it is harder to lose weight at home) and that Adrian and Daphne ruined the team dynamic. In reality, it was the disgusting Conda and Kim who were ring-leaders in mistreating them (it seriously looked racist at points, as Kim said “let’s talk about the pink elephant in the room, pink, blue, black whatever color elephant”). If the teams had just accepted Daphne and Adrian everything would be fine… instead they did everything in their power to make them miserable, and kicked Adrian off at the fisrt moment they could. They then SABOTAGED the weigh-in so they could kick Daphne off. It was disgusting. I do think people are starting to see how childish and ridiculous they are.

    So clearly, they have some entitled view against returning people and I am not remotely surprised they decided to strike. I am srurpised the producers would be willing to bring anyone back after seeing the mental anguish they put Adrian and Daphne though.

    • Mary says:

      I believe they had 30 days to lose the combined 50 lbs.

      These contestants are ridiculous. Conda is a horrible person and in no way a good role model for her daughter. I can’t stand her and don’t understand why some of the others don’t see this. It’s disgusting.

      I remember plenty of times where they brought back players. They won their way back on through a challenge or weight loss percentage. How about last year when Ramone won the marathon and had instantly gotten into the final 3? Did the other players walk off or quit?

      I say bring back all the eliminated and have them do challenges or weight percentage and get rid of the other “loser” cry babies.

  28. nina says:

    Bob is right, this season is full of aholes who are unwatchable and unlikeable.

    Conda needs to have her ungrateful ass sent home. She disgusts me. And fire the rest of the strikers too -these idiots got FREE help for their weight loss, and they’re going to act like divas when so many others would gladly take their place?

    My husband just remarked this week that this seasons sucks cause there’s no one you can even remotely like.

  29. side eye of doom says:

    Celebitchy, if you feel like you have some hours to kill and feel like punching your monitor or something, I advise you to look up this season’s episodes on hulu. I have never been more annoyed by anybody I have ever seen on reality t.v. in my entire life, I got so pissed off I couldn’t even tune in to the last 2 episodes but I kept following what happened next through imdb, and I am glad I haven’t watched because I would be without a monitor now. And I’m the type that normally enjoys some delicious drama on t.v. or wherever. But this is not drama, it is plain, cruel bullying. That girl who calls herself (Ana)Conda and her henchmen are such disgusting, vile creatures, I have tried really hard to see the good in them earlier in the season but guess what, they don’t have anything good going for them. Every single episode they pick on somebody whom they see as a threat, somebody who works hard and loses weight, Conda being the head shit of the ranch, begins a process of badmouthing that person to the rest of the crew. Says very juinor high stuff like “I can’t effing stand them” “I fucking hate him” “She cheated” etc. The rest of the ranch are either as mean as she is, or simply afraid of pissing off the main bully, because the few people who questioned her unacceptable behaviour in the past, were quickly demonized by her and her people and got eliminated instantly. Whereas she and Kim cannot lose weight to save their lives, they keep eliminating those who really do and harm their teams with their personal vendettas of jealousy. Adding insult to injury, Conda and her overgrown brat brother really think they are natural leaders, social butterflies who are great at anything they do. I have seen their videos on the BL website so it’s obvious they have always been extremely egotistical and spoiled. Conda also claims that she doesn’t eliminate people out of spite, when it’s on camera that she talks nasty stuff behind those people’s backs constantly! The people who were eliminated by Conda and her shits were actually decent, genuinely nice people. But they couldn’t fit in with the lynching mob, so they had to go. Now the show has lost many more viewers when it used to be one of NBC’s few remaining rating anchors and there are hate messages regarding the remaining contestants, all around the web. Which is why I assume the producers figured they would bring back the underdogs to keep the audience happy. And to those who say it isn’t fair, it was those people who kept bringing the big numbers, who were carrying good heads over their shoulders, and it was unfair that they got voted off instead! Now it’s not about the biggest weight loss, it’s pretty much Survivor featuring fat people.

    • Nev says:


      that one is gonna get her own show…watch…she’s different.

      I like to watch to see the transformations, but the Survivor aspect this season is distracting from that….they need to switch it back to the origial format.

      • anytime says:

        ughhh i hope she’ll never get on t.v. again. she would receive 0 ratings anyway. people who are extremely negative on these reality shows get attacked in real life and sometimes even get death threats, which I don’t condone. considering conda is the worst thing on reality tv so far, i don’t want to think about what would happen if she got her own show. god forbid i say.

  30. Cidee says:

    I am DELIGHTED that everyone feels the same way as me re: Conda and her posse (Kim & Mark). They are spiteful haters. I hope Daphne and Adrian come back looking fantastic and Conda still looks like a house.

  31. Msbock says:

    Hate hate hate that damned condra what a witch! Jeeeezuuussssss. I swear if I were Daphne or her brother I would have lohard that fat nasty thing up post filming…..she deserves an ass kicking!

  32. PCalef says:

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if they “surprise” the contestants with Jillian returning and gave her to Conda?

  33. Beth says:

    If you want an inspirational weight loss show, check out Heavy on A&E.

  34. Ron says:

    I met Bob once and he was really nice, it was striking though how thin he is in person. He is very thin.

    Oh Yeah, and what is up with Santa on a diet in the pic? Santa…EAT!

  35. Ruth says:

    I would say they arent necessarily bullies- The Biggest Loser is a very very unpleasant show. And changing the rules mid-season? Really unfair. Editing is king on those things. They decide the “story” of the season after an episode or two then edit to suit it.

    • the_porscha says:

      Um. They didn’t change the rules. They’ve done this on several seasons already, where they “surprise” the contestants by letting former contestants return. It is not new, and anyone who acts like it’s a sudden change of pace for The Biggest Loser has probably never seen it before. Furthermore, they brought back the Aqua team after they were eliminated in the first episode, because they lost 50 pounds in a month.

      I won’t argue whether or not TBL is pleasant, as I like it and clearly you don’t. But the only thing that radically changed about this show from previous seasons to this one have been the overtly bullying nature of several contestants, Conda most of all. I suspect she’s not upset because they “changed the rules” – they really didn’t, after all – but because they’ve made it harder for her to win it all, which is what she wants to do and tried to manipulate. Obviously editing is involved with so much of this reality show drama, but producers can’t edit something into being that just doesn’t exist, and they wouldn’t have quite so much footage of Conda being a manipulative bitch if she wasn’t so busy supplying it to them.

  36. Momofthree says:

    It’s totally fair to bring back eliminated players who compete to be brought back in to the game. Biggest Loser has done this several times. Ali Vincent was the ultimate winner one season after she had won the right to come back after being eliminated. This isn’t even a unique game twist. It’s definitely not unfair. Its been done before and is similar to the redemption island twist on survivor. These contestants were not being treated poorly. They are sore losers who only want $$ and think they can bully the producers into changing the rules of the game to make it easier in them to win. Fire those contestants. It’s ridiculous. Thousands of people would love the opportunity to lose weight with help from the trainers.

  37. Dawn says:

    I have to disagree with you. Conda is a bully and would not shut up on Tuesday night when they threw the weigh in to get rid of Daphne. And she was smiling all through it. The red team got rid of Roy (Santa) and he had lost 9 pounds at the weigh in, both Conda and Mark commented that they didn’t believe he had his head in the game or something like that. He lost 9 pounds and they got rid of him. You bet they are bullies and no this cast has not been good for the show. I hope NBC fires them all and simply brings back the contestants that were sent home far too early.

  38. Rob says:

    Something isn’t adding up here. I read somewhere that Conda had told a former contestant before the show started taping that she was to be a villian. If you ask me, I think most of this was dreamt up and executed by the producers for higher ratings. the problem is, viewers of TBL aren’t quite the same as say viewers of The Bad Girls Club. The producers have completely pissed of the loyal viewers and now must find a way to bring it back.

  39. Rob says:

    TMZ is now reporting that production is back on and two of the contestants that walked off have been eliminated. No word on who the two were.

  40. Marianne says:

    “On a side note, isn’t Bob Harper dreamy?”

    Ummm…no. Sorry but I can’t get past his weird skull.

    • PamelaJudy says:

      On the Aust show they had a contestant walk out one year. Threw everything into chaos. Every season since, there is now a clause in their contracts saying if they quit the show the contestant has to pay $50k to the producers for breach of contract. That’s why we have to put up with lousy contestants begging to be voted out instead of walking away themselves. We all know the Aussie version is a complete copy of the original show so I would imagine that these contestants also have a similar penalty clause. Sounds like a ploy to drum up interest and ratings to me.

  41. hollah says:

    The show hasn’t been the same since Jillian left. I don’t think either Anna or Dolvett have been able to fill her cross trainers. I wish the show would go back to being inspirational and focusing on peoples’ success instead of focusing on the drama.

    They definitely need to cast better people too. Conda and her whiny brother should have never made it past the first round of casting.

    I loved Santa this season. I was so mad when they eliminated him! He was one of the few who has actually lost weight. The numbers on the scale this year suck!

  42. Robin says:

    I also read that Arthur from season 11 or 12 said he met Ana-conda in person and she told him she was going to be the biggest villian BL had ever seen, guess shes living up to her ideals. However we are done watching this shitty season! We only watch for the transformations and its been a great show up until this season when things have really taken the worst possible turn. These jerks on the show are all blind sheep being lead to slaughter by Condo and her minions!! She is a toxic cancer on the face of BL!!!

  43. Mark is a youth pastor? Way to teach the kids of his church that second chances don’t exist.

  44. Hootie Hoo says:

    I wish Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper would join forces and do a show together. They have such amazing chemistry together and both are highly motivating trainers.

  45. d says:

    if NBC is making this a “villan” show with all sorts of drama, that would be too bad. It was inspirational and dramatic enough before to see people working so hard to lose weight and it was great to get emotionally invested in some of the contestant’s struggled …there were people you would really root for and wish them all the good in the world. I used to really like that show. All this extra drama stuff makes it boring and jut like every other show. Big whoop.

  46. Jessica says:

    I hope it’s Conda and Kim that are gone.

  47. Lorri says:

    Conda is worse than Heba, Vicky, melissa, tracy and john! My middle school aged kids are more mature.

  48. Ruth says:

    what upsets me is not only Conda and Kim…but Maark is a youth pastor. WOW…my son has been a youth pastor and a regular pastor also…he would never act that way. Acting the way Mark has is not showing God’s love at all…it shows greed hatefulness…as far from Gods plan as you can get.

    • Calendar_girl says:

      also buddy is a pastor and he really upset me when he told Adrien he would sleep fine..he is just as bad as Kim, condi and mark..as bad as condi is and snooty Kim. that these men who have their whole church watching would demonstrate their utter contempt for what Jesus said about brotherly love and Mark harp on and put that 2 pounds in there over and over even though his son also only lost 2 lbs that week after Adrien lost 9 pounds shows where his priorities lie. If I had kids in his class, I would leave that church and find a better one where the people running in it are careful who they pick to mold the minds of the young.

      W@hat they did to Adrian was unforgivable and it was really sad how they did Santa…he was so incredibly kind and gracious to how they were to him and truly turned the other cheek which is not easy to do..he had character and I think his wife too as demonstrated also by their being by Adriane’s sister side in apparent sympathy. The way the gang of bullies word why they eliminated such and such shows clearly it is talking points they prearranged together in some deal to not vote each other off and to all say similar things as they think this will sound more legit if they all say it.

      And a 63 guy is not going to be as spry as some of the younger people..they cut Bonnie all kinds of slack last season but Roy despite a huge weight loss week they kick out saying he lost his focus.

      Another one who bugs me is Kim with her bi– faces. OMG I cant stand her more than condi.

      There is pretty much noone I can care about left as the good ones were eliminated early. It would be nice if Santa and Adrian and his sister all got to come back and the main troublemakers were let go…I sure hope it is Kim and Condi who are the ones they let go but they probably will go for the drama unless they feel they will lose a lot of viewers and hurt advertising dollars.

  49. Cleveland Girl says:

    I really don’t understand this whole thing. Let the horrible people leave if they want. It is THEIR loss. Bring back the nice ones….now THAT would be a reason to watch!

  50. Meanchick says:

    Wait. Conda is a Nutritional Health Services Tech? Huh? I don’t watch this season, but she shouldn’t have even been on the show! She KNOWS what it takes! It’s ratings. All about the ratings. Oh and Bob, this is for you: SLURP!

  51. DiaBLa says:

    I hate Conda. She is horrible. They really need to loose all these “losers” and bring back everyone else and give them a chance. Teach future “losers” a lesson in gameplay. The whole point to this show is to change your life and that is the reward for everyone. The money is icing on the cake. Conda is not going to win anyway, she has barely lost any weight. What a waste. Thousands of people who really need help could have had a spot and get the help that they need. BL needs to go back to its roots and look for people who really want to change their life and are not just there for a paycheck. really pisses me off!!!!

  52. Wen says:

    People, this is suppose to be reality TV… if this is reality, I want off the planet!

    It Adrian had shut up and tried to listen instead of interrupting people, he may have gotten further. He and his darling sister were cutting ALL carbs – that was part of their issue on top of their bitter attitudes. And we don’t know all of the story as they usually air only ratings worthy, in the case of this season, crap. These people aren’t exactly giving them great material this season – so much for being adults!

  53. Rick says:

    You cant ignore the prize money of this show. 250,000.00 can be life changing for some. But, it doesn’t matter who you are competing against. If you want the money put in the work and earn it.

    Alliances or no alliances…strong personalities or cooperative teams still don’t matter. Consistently lose more weight (percentage of weight loss)than the other contestants week after week and you will win. Contestants with the highest percentage of weight loss each week don’t go home no matter what twists the producers add.

    This season is about “No Excuses” and these contestants still haven’t learned from that. Shame on them.

  54. Lisa says:

    This truly has been the worst season on the ranch….Where did you find these people..really Conda wow she has to be the worst of the worst and kim she a snot and Mark are you serious, a church pastor. You better hope parents are smart enough to keep there kids away from him…Please
    find better happier and nicer contestants next season or I think alot of viewers will be tuning out…

  55. Mark says:

    Someone earlier nailed it – a few of these people are nothing but White Trash
    I hope Conda was the leader of the pack and she gets her fat arse kicked off the show – go home and pound back a few thousnd calories – you can shed a few pounds – but obviously the ugly is deep down in her souless bones and hopefully her village idiot brother blindly followed her as well. What a waste of space – should have been given to 2 worthwhile committed people that wanted and needed the change

  56. rialee says:

    Every time I watch this show this season, I cry. Not because the contestants make me emotional, but because I keep thinking “If only I had this opportunity”. These people had this amazing gift and they did nothing but act childish. Mean people SUCK and this season is so NOT inspirational, I actually gained 15 pounds watching it. Bob AND Dolvett are amazing, and I know what it is like to be so frustrated at your job. I can only imagine how they have felt all season. So for now, I will keep the faith that next season will be better and truely inspire myself and others.

  57. Lee Lee says:

    It has been difficult to watch this season of BL. This group has been very mean and I thought I was the only one that felt that way.

    Normally I would be watching every week but this time I have just on-demand the show. Even then I did not watch full episodes.

    Miss Conda was not a lady under pressure. I would love to give benefit of the doubt and say that it is the strange position of being on camera 24/7 but if even Bob is saying things that I am thinking, then they are just mean people.

    I hope that they look back on this season (contestants, trainers and production) and they re-evaluate their selection process. I am usually so moved by the stories and inspired to keep improving/working out. Season 13 is the lost season. I wouldn’t hire them to represent anything for my company.

    Franchise is in trouble…

  58. Janice says:

    Every year I’ve watched this show it just seems to get worse. With the parade of sucky trainers (with the exception of Bob, Jillian and Dolvett) AND stupid antics of the producers and NOW horrible contestants that whine and cry constantly AND Conda being the biggest biotch ever… yes there were others that were just as annoying. I’m afraid the show is about to jump the shark.

  59. Christine says:

    I think they should let them all walk off and go home. Its a tv show and I am sure they all signed contracts. Bring back the voted off ones and let them finish the show and compete for the grand prize.

  60. nancy says:

    I have not liked most of the contestants attitude this season. Especially Conda. I think the producers should send them packing and bring back the top 4 biggest loser and let them finish out the season.