Alex Skarsgard and Elizabeth Olsen were getting friendly at the Vanity Fair party

Alex Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth were both at the post-Oscars Vanity Fair party. I have no information if The Bos and The Skars even laid eyes upon each other. My guess is they probably saw each other, and acknowledged each other with a little nod. The Bos was there with her boyfriend, Michael Polish. Alex was flying solo at the VF party, but he may not have stayed that way once he really started partying. Page Six has an interesting little item about Skarsgard and… Lizzie Olsen?!?!

Elizabeth Olsen and Alexander Skarsgard were more interested in chatting with each other in a corner than mingling with the plentiful A-listers at Vanity Fair’s party at the Sunset Tower. A witness said, “They were talking in a corner, for a long time.” The fresh-faced “other Olsen” burst onto the film scene last year with “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” and has no fewer than six upcoming movies. “True Blood” hunk Skarsgard split with Kate Bosworth last year.

[From Page Six]

Lizzie is 23 years old – Alex is 35. This would potentially be Lizzie’s first big Hollywood hookup. And if it’s going down, she hooked a whale, didn’t she? I would like them together – she seems subdued, and like she’s approaching her career as wanting to be seen as a “real actress” rather than a “celebrity”. As for Alex… I don’t even know. Is this his type?

Incidentally, both Lizzie and Alex were at the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday too – Alex brought his brother, and I believe Lizzie went solo. So it’s possible that Alex and Lizzie just met through these events, and maybe it will turn into something more. Fingers crossed.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Ailine says:

    I can’t get over how much she looks like her sisters!! I know that this is Hollywood, but a 23 year old with a 35 year old is kind of gross. Lastly, I liked that she chose something demure for the party. I think she wants to come off as a serious actress and not a sex bomb. I do like the occasional sex bomb, but it makes it hard for people to take you seriously when you are young. Exhibit A: Scarlett Johansson.

  2. Bite me says:

    Lizzie has the same altered nose as her two other sisters… Never noticed that before …

  3. Tina says:

    She looks so fresh and healthy. Lovely girl. I hope this is true :)

  4. Dorothy#1 says:

    No, no, no, no, no, no!!! She is too young for him! I want him with some one quirky and age apprioiate maybe… Juliette Lewis or even Renee zelwigger? Or if he could date up – everybody’s favorite Sandra Bullock??

  5. brin says:

    I like them both, just not sure together. Guess we’ll see.

  6. gee says:

    I love the idea of them together.. but I think she’d be best with like Joseph Gordon Levitt or someone like that.

    @Dorothy#1 ASkars and Juliette Lewis would be on FIRE. I love that.

  7. Dibba says:

    Not sure who these folks are so hard to comment. Feels like this third Olsen crawled out from under a rock at some point, but I am out of touch I guess. Not sure who the guy is, but he’s nothing special at least in these photos. His blue suit is shiny and sleeves are too short.

  8. eileen says:

    Well he definitely has a type….and it’s not tall red heads…to my utter disappointment. :(

  9. slc says:

    what about someone quirky, talented, and beautiful, zooey deschanel. that would be an interesting coupling

  10. Jesse says:

    They were also hanging out at the Weinstein party a day before, it’s mentioned in here (in the middle of nauseating details about Bradley COoper and Zoe Saldana)

  11. Mirella says:

    There are pictures with her & some other guy at both events. He’s going to be ‘dating’ anyone he talks to for more than a second. I’m not buying this.

  12. S says:

    I like them both. If they get together. I’m down with that :)

  13. mia girl says:

    I’m just so happy to see new pictures of Alex Skarsgard that I dont care who he was talking to at the party. :)

    • rufustfirefly says:

      ^This! Totally agree. I don’t care who he’s chatting up as long as we get lovely pics like these and he’s not within 20 feet of The Bos. I also read that Lizzie arrived with some other guy at both venues. So yeah, there’s that. People got in a lather over Alex being spotted in a car with Lucy Griffiths after the Globes HBO party too. Honestly, I don’t think there’s much more to this, if we knew the truth. But hey, they would look really cute together. They would be kind of adorable.

      • cr says:

        I suspect while he doesn’t read the gossip stuff his management/pr probably informs him of who’s he’s rumored to be ‘dating’ now, it’s probably a source of amusement to them.
        I don’t mind this Olsen sister, from what I’ve seen of her, she certainly better than a certain stage 5 clinger that he used to be with.

  14. gloaming says:

    From what I can see, she seems pretty levelheaded and she’s really talented. I found her really engaging in Martha Marcy May Marlene.

    Maybe Alex is just having some fun, but she seems too young for him whereas I’m the perfect age.

  15. Jen34 says:

    I like them together. They both seem level-headed. They kind of have a similar background. Alex was a child actor with a famous dad. Elizabeth has 2 famous sisters who were child stars.

  16. Del says:

    Not bad. Better than Bosworth, healthier looking at least.

  17. Jenna says:

    Wow. People of the opposite sex have a chat twice and suddenly they’re together? Please. The same thing happened recently @ the HBO after party with a co-star and the gossip sites were up in flames saying that he has a new girlfriend. I won’t buy this until I see pics.

  18. Abigail says:

    Sigh, while we are all likely to be envious of anyone lucky enough to grace his arm – I could see this being an interesting pairing, despite how young she is. I have to admit I’ve long been hearing about how down to earth Lizzie Olsen is and how she is trying to be a serious actress and not coast on her sisters fame and money. She seems very mature for her age. This is the first rumored hookup since he brokeup w/ Kate that I could actually see having some potential. She’s an interesting balance for him. Frankly I don’t see him with someone older than him, you never know but…he seems to like young, thin, and uniquely pretty more than a hair color, etc.

  19. The Original Mia says:

    Wow. I actually saw her the other day & thought she & Alex would look good together. Nice.

  20. kate says:

    This summer I commented that I wanted Lizzie Olson to hook up with Ryan Gosling. They are both from indie movie backgrounds, twee, and gorgeous. Oh then Eva happened. Oh well

  21. Jackson says:

    I think 23 and 35 are too far apart for anything meaningful to happen, other than sex. Eh, whatever though.

  22. Beth says:

    I would like to see him with Michelle Williams.

  23. sm255 says:

    Hmm? If they get together, well, I’m down with that. =) My parents were 31 years apart but that didn’t stop them from dating.

  24. gigi says:

    Wait, I thought from these recent photos that Alex was seeing someone else: Then again, he has a high turnover rate.

  25. hairball says:

    If he starts dating 23 year olds, I’d probably lose some respect for him.

    I don’t know why other then it just seems so immature and pathetic when you’re 35 years old.

  26. Sasha says:

    I think Lizzie Olsen seems very grown up for her age. She hasn’t got a childish look to her either. Fresh faced and lovely, of course :D But her style and the way she carries herself is very mature.

    Alex is insanely hot and he could have any woman he wanted, so I don’t see this pairing as being ‘gross’. These huge age gaps are only gross if the girl is *really* young (18 and younger) or if the guy is obviously using his age to have some sway over the younger girl. Alex obviously isn’t doing that. He seems like such a lovely guy – if he got with Lizzie he’d probably be quite protective of her!

    Ok now I REALLY want this to happen!!!! Gooo Lizzie!!

  27. Camille (The original) says:

    I think they’d make a cute couple. He looks so great in a tux.

  28. UKHels says:

    another skinny blonde chick – big sighs all round

    you need me darling, not them!!!

  29. Lotr Dork says:

    He needs to mix things up. Date a big busted brunette or somethin

  30. original kate says:

    she looks like a lizard. i can’t quite put my finger on why, but she does. there is something reptilian about her face.

    i do like that black dress, though.

  31. Sophie says:

    By Hollywood standards, she is NOT skinny. And certainly not compared to Bosworth.

  32. kristiner says:

    I’m sorry but these Kewpie doll looking Olsens are fug city. They eyes are SO damn big it’s like Kewpie meets Precious Moments.

  33. Questions says:

    Does she have a boyfriend, who is the guy that accompanied her? To both events people keep saying?there are some pictures
    And I think Alex was with his pals and brother gustaf at the party, so they were not alone..
    And did they leave together that night.
    Lots of un- answered questions.

  34. cr says:

    I suspect that HBO was providing transport between parties for some of the cast who were going to be drinking, that’s it.