Zac Efron talks about his dropped condom, did he do it to impress Nicole Kidman?

Last week’s episode of “Zac Efron Condomgate” was probably the most entertaining thing surrounding the upcoming release of The Lorax. At the time, Kaiser, CB, and myself all decided to ignore the story because Kaiser had already covered Zac’s bad hair, and talking about the orange carpet again seemed like a waste of space since no one really cares about Zac Efron. So here’s the gist of it if you haven’t already heard: Zac was walking the carpet and pulled something out of his pocket to hand to his publicist, but a condom fell out as well. The guy looked mortified albeit giggly and scooped up the offending item as quickly as possible. However, this wasn’t just any condom — it was a gold wrapped one — this led to the conclusion that Zac was packing the Magnum variety, which is used by guys who are either larger than average or want people to think they’re larger than average. Here’s video evidence of the event:

This morning, Zac appeared on “The Today Show” and spoke to Matt Lauer, who decided that a hard-hitting angle would work best on this story. The video clip on that interview is acting up, but it’s available here, and here are some excerpts:

[W]hen TODAY’s Matt Lauer confronted Lorax star (and prophylactic owner) Zac Efron about the gaffe, he got a little blush from the 24-year-old actor — and a safe sex message in return.

But first he had to get him to say anything: Lauer asked Zefron to “take me through what happened” and the actor chuckled, rubbing his mouth, and said: “I don’t want to take you through it.”

Lauer persisted, and Efron admitted he did drop something: “I never really had a pocket-checking policy when I was going on the red carpet before, but now we’ve fully instated one.”

So Lauer spelled it out: “You dropped a — a condom on the red carpet.”

“That was really hard for you to say!” shot back Efron, laughing.

Clearly, educational opportunities abound in this film; as Lauer noted over the condom-dropping incident, it’s better to be safe than sorry about such matters.

“That’s a great message,” said Efron. “To add to the many messages in the film.”

[From Today]

So was it all an accident? While we were talking about this last week, Kaiser pointed out that if Miley Cyrus had dropped a condom, everyone would probably be labelling it as a famewhore move. In this case, we’re all just speculating whether Zac really wears a Magnum. In an interesting (and almost certainly fictional) twist, the National Enquirer has printed a story (via The Superficial) that maintains that Zac did it on purpose, and he cunningly dropped a large-girth condom to impress his Paperboy co-star, Nicole Kidman because he “knew reports of the incident would get back to her” and “wanted to let her know what kind of man he really is.” Because allegedly, Zac has claimed that if Nicole wasn’t taken, “he’d put the moves on her hard.” Priceless.

Naturally, Gossip Cop has talked to a few unnamed Efron sources who claim the story is crap, but we don’t need any (non-)verification to tell us the truth on this matter. If Zac called 49-year-old Demi Moore a “creepy cougar for hitting on him, I doubt he’s wasting evenings at home daydreaming of 44-year-old Nicole. Besides, Nicole is happily married to Keith Urban, and before that, she was married to Tom Cruise, who may or may not be the owner of Hollywood’s smallest p3nis. So I doubt she’s a size queen. This story is almost worth it for the humor value though.

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  1. Maguita says:

    1 – Congratulations to Zac for staying put on his chair when asked a tough direct question, and not throwing a hissy fit, ripping up his shirt, and throwing a chair through the window. HEAR THAT CHRIS BROWN?

    2- I really looked at the video, and the guy was really-really embarrassed! But also, it kind of impresses you how well trained they are on saving face in public. Just notice after turning his back to hide his giggles, he gets himself back together, and faces the cameras.

    Never was a fan of Zac, too pretty, and more for the younger people. But this, I find quite… endearing. Wish him a great career.

    As for the big, hmm, guns? Anyone thought it could be to wrap up his partner, not necessarily him?

  2. podzol says:

    Please, as if Zac Efron was groin-erific! You can just tell by looking at the jeans.

    I kinda get the feeling that his team is REALLY trying to make him happen as a movie star. Not with CondomGate (heh it is funny even if it’s a non-story) per se, just in general.

  3. Talie says:

    A Magnum?! Who does this bitch think he’s fooling!

  4. j says:

    there’s a brand of non-latex condoms that come (no pun intended) in gold wrappers. could that be what’s going on here?

  5. Really? says:

    So you would rather have the story about his hair than the story about him dropping a condom at the premiere of kids movie??? The condom story is much more interesting

  6. heatheradair says:

    You know how clothing sizes are getting bigger while the numbers stay the same (so that girls can say they wear a zero when 15 years ago the size didn’t even exist?)

    I think condom companies are doing that too. Boost the male ego. The “regular” sized ones are too tight to be comfortable on even regular-sized dudes these days, so they go up to the Magnum. And the bigger dudes get to buy Magnum XL’s.

    Either way — I think it’s condom-company ego inflation.

    And I prefer not to think about Z’Efron’s package. At all.

  7. Ron says:

    Mothers of the Universe, at least you know when your daughter or son goes out with Zac, he’s prepared.

  8. layla says:

    Ummm, I kinda hate to admit this…. but I saw Zac on some entertainment show interview last night (can’t rememebr which one) and I TOTALLY had to do the double take!

    Publicity ploy or not, boy was looking FIIIIIIIIINE, and dare i say, like a man!


  9. Nina(: says:

    I was wondering why you hadn’t posted this earlier. Beats the hair story. :/

    I think Zac handled the situation really well. Dropping a condom in front of all those cameras and people – woah! :O I’ve always liked him, and this just made me like him more. :) He is so cute! :D

  10. skuddles says:

    Poor Demi is probably feeling a bit like dog doo right about now… Wasn’t there a story just recently about how she went all cougary on him and he was grossed out? Yet here he is sprinkling the red carpet with gold condoms to impress Granny Nicole.

  11. marge says:

    I have to ask… who carries a condom in their pocket for a kid’s movie???????

  12. aquarius64 says:

    No, if Miley Cyrus or any other female dropped a condom on the red (or orange) carpet she would have be called a whore by some, period.

  13. lilred says:

    Holy hell it’s only a condom, he didn’t pull out a box of them and throw them out into the audience…non story move on.

  14. Andrea says:

    First – I LOVE ZAC!! Second – I agree, there is a total double standard, if Zac’s ex Vanessa had dropped a condo it would certainly hurt her career. I don’t agree, but such is life.

  15. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Zac looks high – maybe he smoked a fattie with brangelina backstage.

    • normades says:

      Possibly. Check out the Reddit Disney Child Star IamA and they talk about Zac being a stoner.

      I have no love for short pretty boys, but despite that I really do like Zac. By all accounts he is a super nice professional guy and I wish him the best of luck in his career.

      and I loved 18 again. I watched it like 3 times on cable.

  16. hatekyle says:

    he’s a famewhore and he’d do anything to push his dwindling career.

  17. Rav says:

    When I worked at the Post Office a man I served said he wanted to do some banking. When he opened his wallet a condom fell out, I looked at him and said, “I guess you’re not making a deposit?”. He laughed but he looked a little embarrassed.
    If everything you hear about Hollywood and S.T.I’s is true, I think it’s a good thing he’s carrying a condom.

  18. Saffron says:

    Hi if this is troy i mean Zake efron I will give you my phone number so we can keep in love for the rest of are lives .love saffron moloney

  19. Saffron says:

    Hi if this is Zake Efron I will give you my phone number so we can keep in love for the rest of are lives .love saffron moloney